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FRI HR 1 020323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 4, 2023 12:12 am

FRI HR 1 020323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left on this February 3rd, 2023.

And well we have a lot tonight and so we're gonna get right into it. We have courageous Craig as our producer tonight. Good evening everybody.

And we have way out yonder, way out yonder in Texas. The long tall none other than Chaplain John McTernan. Hello Pastor Ernie. I'm excited about the show tonight and God bless you and everybody that's listening.

Well thank you very much. And live here in the studio with me we have Ron Ritz. Good evening everyone. Right? I got Ron Ritz. Okay. Correct. The Ritz. Yep. The Ritz.

Yep. We're at the Ritz. All right. Do you have a, do you have any special music for us tonight Craig at all? Happy birthday to you. You ready John? It's Ron's 60th birthday today.

Are you ready John? Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ron. Happy birthday to you. There you go. Thank you.

You're welcome. 43rd birthday not 60th. What? 43rd.

43rd? Yeah. Wait are you sure?

I think that's what it is. Because that's not, that's not what your Mrs. told me. She likes to exaggerate. Oh does she? Okay. All right. She got you.

She got you. Well we're going to get right into the message. The title of the message this week was if the foundations be destroyed what are the righteous to do?

We always finished each message with an uplifting positive message. Invert passages of scripture and that's where we're going to be tonight. So John we're going to be in 2 Corinthians chapter 5. Would you read verses 17 through 21? 2 Corinthians chapter 5. 5 verses 17 through 21.

Okay let me get, I'm getting over there right now. Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. All things are passed away. Behold all things have become you. And all things are of God who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation. To it that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses unto them and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Uh oh.

It's that confounded electronic fiber. I knew it. I knew it. Now then we are ambassadors. I'm here. All right. I wish that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trespasses unto them and committed to us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ as though God did beseech you by us. We pray to you in Christ's stead that be reconciled to God.

For he has made him to be sin for us sin for us whom you know sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. Amen. All right. I finally got it. I did it. You did. Now remember what happened last week at this very time when we had some problems. So this week if you go we go down on your end we'll keep it up here and vice versa and so if we should be go down here on our side just keep on going John until we get back up okay yeah all right guys we yeah we know that uh you're one of the ones now it used to be like Larry Nichols but now whenever we have you on here um it's the same thing they they seem to want to run it yeah yeah you know why because you have a lot of interesting things to say and so yeah the truth it's the truth Pastor Ernie that's what's so interesting yep so now starting with verse 17 therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things have become new now a new creature the miracle that's the miracle of regeneration being born again and baptized by the holy spirit and to the spiritual body of Christ that's what it's talking about right there then he says in all things are of God who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation God has reconciled sinners to himself by virtue of what the sacrifice of his son could would anything else have done in other words was there anything else that would be acceptable to God to take away the sins of the people other than the totally completely sinless sacrifice of Christ no well no pastor Ernie because the bible says the wages of sin is death so anyone that was born of through the lineage of Adam they have the sin nature so there is nothing that they could do I mean they they everybody needs a savior and then the wages of sin is death so the it took the death of Jesus Christ on the cross because he was sinless virgin-born sinless only begotten son of God so that when he died this scripture says his sin was placed our sin was placed on him and then God gave us his righteousness amazing pastor Ernie so when he died he paid the penalty for our sin amen so it says we're ambassadors for Christ we're so be an ambassador if you're an ambassador to a country if you and I go to a foreign country do we have kind of special privileges as ambassadors well you've got immunity in that country and you represent you represent well in our case the United States so our citizenship is from heaven pastor Ernie from whence we look to savior the Lord Jesus Christ so are we are ambassadors really of heaven here on earth telling them the good news about the gospel so here now if you're an ambassador ambassadors were not to be placed under well any ordinances of man that are contrary to the teaching and the will of God is that not true well right we should be representing uh heaven and living according to heaven pastor so in that sense we should be given diplomatic community like right good good example in the bible right did uh Nebuchadnezzar end up giving Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego diplomatic immunity yeah and so did Diarius with the uh Daniel and the lions then yeah and so here that's what we are we are actually to have that this is what God is telling the world is he not yeah oh yes here in these scriptures we're ambassadors yes so when he says touch not my anointed that means again we we can't be replaced under pagan rituals pagans laws in other words when they try to for example being a pastor and the state tells me that I have to marry two sodomites would that be a violation of that absolutely no doubt about it we're beyond reproach okay and so now if you're if our children are in public school system and they have the critical race theory and uh all of this stuff that they're teaching out there should not our children be immune to that have immunity against that well I think they shouldn't be in the public school's best earning you're absolutely right to begin with huh yeah okay all righty well let's go over to we're gonna go over to Ephesians and Ron's gonna read on his birthday are you really 43 I think so yeah okay somewhere around there it's his wife told me he was 60 she got you she got you yes all right Ephesians chapter 6 18 through 20 okay praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit and watching there unto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints and for me that utterance may be given unto me that I may open my mouth and boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel for which I am an ambassador in bonds that there and I may speak boldly as I ought to speak so what is the mystery of the gospel he's speaking something very specifically here what is that mystery that he's talking about well it's Christ descended into hell for three days he preached to those that perished in the flood they returned to his own body in Joseph's tomb he rose again on the third day the graves were opened the bodies of the Saints that slept arose and ascended with Christ into the third heaven was this to reconcile all the folks previous to Christ yeah the mystery pastor and he wouldn't that be Jesus was incarnate to doesn't that wasn't and that was sort of like the great mystery that he was going to become sin for us well that that too and then this specific thing also the other part of that mystery is the fact that the Gentiles would be brought in to given as a special people as they as those were the Jews that we would be reconciled to Christ just like the Jews would be and so but in here he's talking about the the fact that Christ this is what the the Apostle Paul had referred to earlier so anyhow what does he mean as an ambassador and bonds well he was in prison this is one of the prison epistles so but now that has to that too has two applications because he was an ambassador and bonds to the Romans but he was also in bonds as a bonds slave to the Lord Jesus Christ they referred to himself as a slave for Christ okay but we're weird to be what we're not slaves were servants for the Lord right yes what's the difference between a slave and a servant servant is voluntary I would write and in this yeah in that sense we we we call upon the name of the Lord we received we asked him to be the Lord of our life didn't we yes already very good okay I'm gonna I'm gonna stop right there for tonight and make some fast announcements that we have people are always asking about the schedule for the church so let me just give you the schedule for the church and that is this coming Sunday at doers of the word Baptist Church at 147 81 Sperry Road in Newberry Ohio we start at 830 in the morning with a with the in-depth Bible study the first Bible study goes from 830 to 930 then the second one picks up in 930 and that is Randy Randy teaches that second one and then the morning service starts at about 11 15 and then at 1 at 1 p.m. pastor Fred Haig teaches his class and he's always got a very very interesting Fred is one of our senior pastors he always has a very interesting class we're really into biblical literacy aren't we yes I mean we really are into understanding the doers of the word Baptist Church folks there's no greater source of knowledge and wisdom than God's Word the Bible and and so we're really heavy duty into studying the Bible and so and then at this week at about four o'clock we start with them the we have a class the Bible and current events now what's happening is Satan is some John Satanism is growing rapidly with spreading rapidly it's all around you now it's right here in Ohio they're trying to get a big foothold like they did in New Mexico you know what's going on in New Mexico right yeah pastor Ernie there's an abortion center in New Mexico that they're calling it Satan's temple and they're literally forming like rituals abortion because the ritual and so what is what is that what is that done for the state of New Mexico well it's made them given over to Satan now they are they are they going to outlaw abortion so they don't do it are they going to say you can't do abortions for religious purposes so that I think the Democrat Party thinks that's fine pestering they do because Satanism now is the the actual religion it is the actual religion of the Democratic Party right now Satanism is and so then that makes New Mexico now they've got a very very wicked governor there don't they yeah we don't hear too much about New Mexico but do you know pastor Ernie that Albuquerque is one of the most it might be the most violent city in the United States and the highest murder rate I didn't think it was I know it was it was up there but I didn't think it was one of those guys yeah it's right up there in fact it was listed in the top 10 50 most dangerous cities in the world well that's do you remember I'm gonna I'm gonna age us John do you remember some years ago when you had that fellow called red writer on television he hit with the cowboy do you remember red rider no I don't this one is that the one named for the BB gun yeah yeah but the red rider had he was the guy that he had the guy that played a Paletta they used to be intelligent the guy the detective would a parrot do you remember him I know that I know that serious I think it was Paletta Baletta whatever not Beretta Beretta yeah yeah the guy to play Beretta the one who they accused him of killing his wife yeah he was a little rascals he was that but before he was a little rascals his name was little beaver and he rode a pony a paint pony and and he had a little bow and arrow when he was a kid and he played he rode with a guy who was red rider and the reason I said all that is because he used to sign this song going down the trail to Albuquerque and then they would go into Albuquerque New Mexico that's where everything was taking place back in those days so Albuquerque is not the same as it was is it no pastor Ernie I'm trying to think of the time frame I'm gonna say in the 1980s that I can remember Albuquerque was one of the places to go to retire if you wanted a sort of like an expensive cost of living and you could get houses relatively cheaply and all of that to retire Albuquerque was the spot but not anymore not anymore piston what about the state gun okay what's happening here in Ohio right now like where we live out here it used to be a house would go on a market to be on the market sometimes a month I knew you wouldn't the house was on the market for almost a year nowadays a house goes up for sale it's usually gone in a day or two very very rare as it does the last one a day or two here and and you know where all of these people are coming from the reason for that pastor and he is Ohio right now is one of the top five most desirable states to move to it's Florida Texas Tennessee Ohio and I don't remember the the fifth one but yeah for whatever reason Ohio is very desirable so you probably have a lot of people moving there from Michigan and I guess New York and Philadelphia new New Jersey they're coming in from New Jersey yeah from Pennsylvania from Philadelphia yeah yeah they're coming in and from California we have people coming out here now he can't be for the weather John that's for sure but like 10 degrees today it's it's like right now it's 10 degrees out there and where we live it's out in a snow belt so you really we sometimes get really hit hard but let me tell you what what I believe it's all about we have a very very strong Tea Party movement in Ohio probably one of the strongest Tea Party movements in the entire country out here in other words so but we're fighting we have we definitely have our enemies out here one of those is NAWAKA and NAWAKA is the Ohio version of agenda 2030 or used to be agenda 21 do you remember that oh yeah and so this is what we have here in Ohio in fact oh I had I wanted to see oh let me let me just read you this here very quickly if I can get it well I there you go I can get it bigger on my phone where I can just pull down a letter that they wrote now we had this is a letter from NAWAKA the board of directors members of on February 2nd from John H hammer check the president of NAWAKA board of directors see the Lake County and Commissioner I I think he may be yeah and so here is the safety and security at NAWAKA meetings and I'm going to tell you what they wrote and I'm gonna tell you what really happened are you as you are aware we had approximately 50 people attend our January 20 board meeting in protest of the development of the climate action plan although NAWAKA encourages public participation we have specific process for such engagement unfortunately the process was not respected at that meeting however several board members and staff observed and heard hate speech and gestures from some of the individuals in attendance let me tell you if there was hate speech okay it was coming from their side I was one of those people that was there and I was there to report on what happened and that's what I'm doing right now any hate speech was coming from their side and let me tell you what they did you had you signed in if you wanted to speak each person would get speakers would get about three minutes to speak and you would sign in well guess what they just so happened to lose the sign-in sheet and but here NAWAKA is agenda 2030 or it used to be agenda 21 these people are the globalists they're affiliated with the World Economic Forum and also the World Health Organization they're all a part of that NAWAKA they go on to say NAWAKA is concerned for the safety and security of persons in attendance at our meetings and we will not tolerate such behavior we have taken action by filing an incident report with the Anti-Defamation League okay okay that's that's all you need to hear right there right John that's enough to know who they're in bed with absolutely so these are communists to the bone I mean NAWAKA is a globalist communist Antichrist believe me very very anti very Antichrist organization they're corrupted to the bone they're every bit as corrupt as it the Deathocratic Communist Collective Party so anyhow that's what really happened and they set out this memo I was there and there was no there wasn't any any hate speech at all from our side our people were very very respectful we asked they don't like to ask questions you know why NAWAKA they have absolutely no authority in any way shape or form to deal with with the environment what's happened is several of their meetings lately when people are aware anytime that the people are aware of their meetings they usually try to keep them toned down a secret people show up and ask them just to leave we don't want you in our County we do not want you in our County we do not want communism we in our County just leave and leave the people alone because John these people are very shady they work very shadowy figure words undercover and they and what they do is there a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and they use lobbying techniques every kind of their deep state let me just put it that way their deep state so and with that we'll be back right after this and with that we'll be back after this well there's people on the left and people on the right and there's people that's in between you better hope you're right when you leave this life and bow before the king of kings bow before the king of kings some say I'm a little bit too far right when I write and sing my song but on Judgment Day before God's throne I'd rather be right than wrong say no one murdered more than Hitler did most people would say that's true but over 50 million babies that were never born might disagree with you yeah they might disagree with you some say I'm a little bit too far right when I write and sing my song but on Judgment Day before God's throne I'd rather be right than wrong Lord I'd rather be right than wrong we got a right to feel the way we feel we got a right to make a stand and I'm proud to say on my wedding day that my woman was not a man a great big ugly man some say I'm a little bit too far right when I write and sing my song but on Judgment Day before God's throne I'd rather be right than wrong Lord you'd rather be right than wrong thank God I'm saved on Judgment Day I'd rather be right than wrong and so would Barb Ritz Barb Ritz just texted me and well she has a confession and she says somebody here needs to repent who do you think that is right well she says 60 I say 43 but she'll have to produce a birth certificate and I know it's not out there because it wasn't made of paper it's made on papyrus so it fell apart all right there you go you hear that she got him he's 60 years old 60 years old Wow all right big John listen to this now there's a famous buyer for the billions was an 85 billion u.s. weapons that were left behind in Afghanistan now Jim we keep hearing how Biden gave gave 85 billion dollars worth of weapons oh there were 85 billion worth the weapons but do you think that the Biden crime cartel would give that to the Taliban without some of that money coming back to the Biden crime family not pastor Ernie that I wonder how much of that hundred billion that was given to Ukraine is in the pockets and about a Biden and his you know the whole hard love the deep state oh yeah you you're I've got it I got an article here I was watching Molenski on the news on the program and he was saying how talking about the war and in that he says and he was asking for and he says look we can all make money and in fact I've got that article here I'll get to that hopefully in a while here but um now check this out the Taliban wants to sell some of that some of that 85 billion worth of weapons okay and guess who one of the top the very top bidder is you probably heard of him his name is Valdemar Putin yep mr. Putin wants to buy those arms now now you have guns of course the thousands of guns humvees helicopters tanks you've got the whole shooting mag 85 billion dollars worth and it's it's mr. Valdemar Putin who needs he happens to need some of that in the Ukraine and the member how President Eisenhower warned us against a the military what was it industrial complex industrial complex and guess what they had they had a big big party over in Ukraine and they were celebrating in fact no I'll get to that here to that article hopefully in a minute or two I find it you know it's kind of interesting talking about these numbers we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars of corruption and it dawned on me because I was looking up censures and reprimands of our crooks in Congress it was back in the late 80s early 90s they had what they called the house post office scandal where they were actually oh yeah I remember office right on ten thousand thousand dollar check ten thousand dollar check for a couple stamps and then they would pocket the change we're talking thousands of dollars then and these people some of them lost you know their seats in Congress some of them got reprimanded or censured but we're talking hundreds of billions of dollars here almost daily and nothing happens yeah I know we've traveled yeah it's it's because people have got to the point where you know what happens is kind of like we expected almost yeah they're used to it they you know what's the the rage is gone yeah and they're the righteous indignation is only held by a very small percentage that was left to that righteous indignation yes and you know and we're the ones that they look upon the kooks as the kooks because we've kept it we've kept our sanity right yeah we expect them to be accountable okay election under investigation after votes double counted that's right in the wake of along the suspicious circumstances surrounding the integrity of the 2020-2022 elections officials in New Jersey have announced a formal investigation into the general election from Manumov County a statement from Attorney General Matthew that can confirm a full investigation is warranted based on the evidence at hand protecting New Jerseyans right to vote in a free and fair election is paramount to our democracy and ensuring the integrity of that process is essential but you know it would be easier instead of trying to find out you know where there was voter fraud election fraud it would be easier to find out where there was where it didn't happen yeah yeah where it didn't happen because it is so widespread in this country yeah I mean yes yeah yes you're absolutely right it looks like Arizona and Georgia I mean these states are gone but then as far as election and of course Pennsylvania with Philadelphia and other places are some Philadelphia's been corrupt it seems like forever past during yeah in fact I just in fact we I have an article here but you'd mentioned Georgia someplace I have an article here on that and the elections and George you have that yeah that article go ahead so in Georgia they call it voter GA so they're suing to prevent all Georgian voters information from being shared with third parties outside the state this is terribly dangerous it's similar it actually happened in Los Angeles County this is the group that they subpoenaed conic servers currently being held in Los Angeles County District Attorney investigators after the arrest of the chief executive officer Eugene Liu they were taking personal data and storing it on Chinese servers and they're trying to pull that now in Georgia so now they're suing to get all private data off any third-party agencies outside the state we just talked about Kerry Lake there in Arizona they're trying to prosecute Kerry Lake for exposing for bringing out saying here they are the thousands what was it 250,000 illegal votes okay and so instead of the state prosecutors saying okay let's go after these people the that have that have done the election fraud they want to go after Kerry Lake for exposing for bringing it out that's how corrupted I was that's why I was saying about Arizona being so corrupt yesterday if you get corruption that the Attorney General and the governor and those that are in charge of elections it's all over the state will go completely Democrat concealed I don't know how you can get out of it well here in Ohio one of the things that we've been fighting and like I said but we're very well aware of it is the Rhino problem you've got in Ohio and you have that the Rhinos were actually mailing out flyers to death of Kratz telling them to register as Republicans and vote in these these Democrats these death of Kratz that we're running as Republicans the primaries in the primaries and I mean right in our in our County in Geauga County out there you know which is a very conservative County that's exactly what they were doing yeah the heads of the Republican Party and so you can't you mentioned how corrupt it is that the Kerry Lake is actually being prosecuted it ironically think back to Project Veritas when they exposed Planned Parenthood with the video of how they're harvesting baby or organs they exposed them instead of going after Planned Parenthood they actually went after Project Veritas and made them pay 2.1 million dollars to Planned Parenthood yeah it's evil and wicked as wicked as wicked yes is it godly okay big pharma mainstream media the big tech Intel Zelensky World Health Organization deep state all working together to cover up bio weapons in Ukraine this is what we've talked about now I'm looking at I'm standing here I'm holding watching looking at pictures of these big big disposable containers for the bio weapons okay and here blogger Jacob chick the work of war clandestine is back on Twitter thanks to Elon Musk who who first broke the Ukrainian Bible a bio labs story and then let me get into this bio lab story and that is here it says which Gateway Pundit was one of the only media reporters to report accurately now Creech has released a Twitter thread detailing how World War three already started to COVID-19 was the first weapon fired great said that he would address why US establishment politicians are sending tanks jets weapons equipment and 100 plus billion to Ukraine it has nothing to do with the Ukrainian citizens it has everything to do with the deep state assets and secrets in Ukraine this is what we've been trying to tell people and you keep seeing even a Fox News they have they run these commercials because we're Americans we're supporting Ukraine yeah I'm not supporting Ukraine okay and I'm not supporting Russia but I'm not supporting Ukraine either we can use the money over here yeah yeah now that I have everyone's attention allow me to address why US establishments politicals are sending tanks jets weapons equipment 100 billion plus again he goes on to to say the same thing flashback to 2005 here's a picture of Senator Obama and Senator Lugar visiting former Soviet biological and chemical facilities in Ukraine and established the US deep state routes to Ukraine to counter bio weapons is a picture of Obama here standing there with all of these empty containers now that I have everyone's attentions allow me to address why US establishments and politicians you know continue here he goes on well basically you get to get the picture what do you have big John I know you have some articles there well pastor Ernie I didn't want to it's a little out of order but what the way you're going but I think we should discuss that the balloons there yeah Chinese balloons John you don't supposed to think that those balloons could possibly carry a nuclear weapon do you yes I don't think it's now they would have probably used it already I think it was a test but just before the show I looked at the news and apparently pastor Ernie the Air Force shot down one over Montana and they don't know if was US Air Force or the Montana National Guard because Biden wouldn't authorize it but there's another one up there and you know things are getting stories are that there is one in Canada and there's one someplace else Central America there's one down in Central America yeah Central America but there's more over the United States and this is as serious as you can get because if China did it it's kind of a I would look at it as an act of war because these are they could be spy balloons but also they can carry small nuclear weapons and they can fly as high as 200,000 feet and ignited and that would add the the electronic glass coming from it would wipe out all electronics for its huge area so they could put ten of these over the United States and take out half of the United States with them so yeah this is this is like a trial run so what are the Chinese doing with why are they doing this well first of all look it's this their guy is in the White House the guy in the White House is working for China he's not working for us okay I mean is there anyone who doubts that he's gotten he's gotten billions of billions now my guess is this and we talked about this a year ago a year ago John and we said if this was to happen remember we were talking about because there these you had these Chinese generals that were making a statement that they were going to evade invade America here in fact it was this year I believe it was in March or so and that what what you would expect Austin and Millie to come out and say we could not win a war with China and we will suggest that we surrender okay and I and I really think that that's that's that is what they would like to do because they're not on our side no look look what they've done to the military in the last you know four or five years with with all the wokeness and all that stuff well since it no since they've tried to but since when Trump was in office the military was being built up correct but he was in there when Biden came in they started tearing it apart in fact if Trump was in office you wouldn't have any balloons flying over America no they would have never got past our board our airspace no they never would but but you're right John you know I mean you could they keep doing these things and they know that Biden you know Biden's their boy Biden is their boy he's gonna do what they tell him to do and so yeah they could take out our entire see remember how Trump wanted to harden the grid that was one of his major things was to harden the grid and of course of course the Biden being the enemy of America the enemy of freedom he's a communist to the bone he wants to weaken America he wants to reduce us to third world status and I mean that's that's just reality and he's got the entire help and the entire cooperation help of the mainstream media the mainstream media will they will betray the American people to the utmost won't they yes and that like John said well you could see the way they acted with the COVID-19 test Ernie and the death shots I mean whatever the whatever the establishment said whatever Fauci said and the others they backed it up no matter what evidence was produced how dangerous these shots were the side effects of them and people dying connected with these shots they refused the media refused they would they called it all a conspiracy theory so they've already they are already the enemies of the American people John before one person had taken those those shots we were on the air telling people that they were they were experimenting with these new vaccines that they were calling that were not vaccines okay that these were bio weapons we were we were talking about that before they had anyone had taken the shot we have said that every one of the laboratory test animals died every one died and that they were gonna go ahead even though every animal died and give these shots before anyone had taken them and we were right and now here it is about six weeks ago or more Cleveland Clinic here in Cleveland Clinic came out and they said that they're doing a study that people that have taken the the shots were four times more likely to get COVID than those that weren't okay so now if you're four times more likely to get COVID because of the shots how many times are you more likely to die from COVID four times and so now listen we can it weakens the immune system best earning well exactly what it was designed one of the things it was designed to do was to cripple the immune system and then people could be subject to all sorts of other diseases because they couldn't fight them off so that's what's happening now well right here in Cleveland Cleveland clinical after after doing that after bringing that statement out they're still promoting it they're still encouraging people to take the poisonous poke you know I mean that's that's that's the reality in other words it's like ho hum you know you people are la la Landers you're clueless all we want you to do is get sick or die that's all we're not asking that much I mean that's the the mindset that's going on right here in Cleveland and so anyhow and and it's still pastor Ernie I don't watch the main media at all but I'll see clips of it and and they're still calling us conspirators and conspiracy theories and and and lying about the the COVID-19 and the deadshot it's amazing it's amazing how sold out they are the evil best Ernie so completely sold out you know I was they are completely sold out but I want to give a heads up to Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz and Matt gates and some of these Oh senator from Kentucky the doctor Paul Rand Paul Rand Paul they're actually really going hardcore on the Communist Party in fact now I see the Jim Jordan is going to subpoena Christopher array to give he's gonna subpoena put him under oath he's gonna be under oath and have to give a testimony now you know what that means Merrick Garland's gonna be watching this thinking to himself okay he's gonna be under oath he knows if he lies even though he's the head of the FBI he lies he's going down so Merrick Garland's got to be watching that thinking is he gonna roll over on me right does he have the ability to take the fifth I don't yeah I guess he I guess he would I guess anybody could take the fifth but he's a public official you know yeah it didn't well they they've some of them refused to answer oh yeah and I say they're under Obama yeah what do you remember what they call a fast and furious where they were running the yeah the guns from the United States the federal government was running guns from the United States and Eric Holder you're talking about Eric Holder yeah he refused to answer and they held him in contempt and no no one no one did anything do you remember well what about this one see if you can tell me who this is I don't remember I can't remember Clinton it was Hillary Hillary I just I just you know I just can't remember was that the pretty in pink pretty in pink it was yeah she wore the nice outfit yeah and she just couldn't seem to remember anything okay and so I think Rush Limbaugh did a parody do you remember a day in September he played it to that song yeah yeah but again there's always a double standard and and would trump we've got to clean up the deep state we got to clean up the we don't have an FBI the FBI now is simply a criminal arm of the Democratic Party they're they are not an independent earnings yeah very just today it came out where the FBI wants to build its headquarters bigger than the pentagon yes yeah like they're not doing enough damage already huh right right right so it's unbelievable just unbelievable what's happening out there today we're going to be going we're going to be going up to a break here in a few minutes when we come back from that break uh there's a woman who has an internet program her name is Mel Kay and she gave kind of an epic speech at the Clay Clark convention just recently here and um she's fiery she reminds me of Kerry Lake and so we're going to play a little bit about that speech because she was hitting the nail right directly on the head and I think what she was saying uh you know reveals you know the way we all feel that what we believe in what this radio program has been uh telling people so uh when we come back from the break we're going to be bringing some of that again that's Mel Kay is her name and that's going to be at the speech at the Clark convention center how much time do I have before the break okay well well we're we're coming up to the break so again when we come back just go right into just take us right back into this speech by Mel Kay thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to that's mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 Sperry road Newberry Ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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