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THUR HR 2 012623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 27, 2023 12:09 am

THUR HR 2 012623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 27, 2023 12:09 am

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Donate today. Massey Pelosi could no longer get away with insider trading in all the other hell she gets away with. That's what you're talking about. We have to be persistent, persistent, persistent, persistent. Am I right? No, persistence doesn't get the job done. You can be persistent and make a mistake. and make a mistake.

You can be a persistent and miss the mark. You have to have the knowledge. And if it was rocket science, I wouldn't be talking to you about this tonight.

If it was differential calculus, I wouldn't even bother trying to explain this to you. But if I can teach this to an eighth grader in a weekend, how to use the rules of evidence, what they are, you know, if I have time, you remember the story we had as children that was chicken licking and turkey lurking and duck and gloop, all the, you know, we saw the sky was falling and they went to tell the king. Well, you know, if one person tells another person, tells another person, tells another person, we don't want that to come into our courtrooms, but it does. Circumstantial evidence is nothing on earth but a guess. It's allowed into our courtrooms and people in prison right now because their lawyer either didn't know or he was too chicken to stand up and challenge the judge when circumstantial evidence was being abused. And if I can teach this to an eighth grader in a weekend, why on God's green earth aren't we teaching it to our children?

And why are we not teaching it to adults in our churches on Wednesday night after church supper and a little bit of a Bible study? Why don't we get down to brass tacks? If you want to deal with America, it takes a whole lot more than best wishes. It takes knowledge. It's not hard to get that knowledge.

If it was hard to get, we'd all be wasting our time. We might as well go pack it in. But it isn't. And the American people, once we understand how to use the courts and stand up to these people with the spirit of diographies, and stand up to these people like Caiaphas, and stand up to these people like Stevens, who I actually met, one of the authors of Roe, stand up for what's right, but don't just stand up and say, oh that's wrong.

No. Understand the rules that make laws justified. Alright, very good. You can't just... Every law that has ever been written should have been controlled by a very small set of rules. America can learn these rules.

Or, America can just complain because things aren't the way we want it to be. Alrighty. A rule of the phones is giving the number out. And I'm going to do that right now. The phone lines are open at 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. You folks out there, if you have questions or comments for Dr. Graves, everything you're saying, I'm agreeing with here. We need to do that. And now I've, in the past, we've done that. Now, I didn't know all of the rules, but I just did what I thought was right and found out later that I was within the rules, okay, whether I knew it or not. And in all my cases, and I mean many, many many cases, we've won every one, okay, in the courts. Like I said, they tried to recall me three times. And in other words, for saving babies, for saving babies, the opposition with their big money lawyers took me to court saying that I was costing the bloody abortion mills money, but the case was, our lawyers defeated that easily because I was losing money.

I wasn't making any money saving babies. But let's go and take some calls. Let's go to Rick in Chicago.

Rick, you're in the air. Thank you. Good evening. Good evening. Gentlemen say that we should not be pursuing some things legislatively, but through the judicial system.

I say both. And I know about the Born Alive Protection Act. Because the Constitution says if you're born alive, you're a citizen, and you can't be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.

So why do they have to make a law about it? Go ahead, Fred. Dr. Graves, do you want to answer that?

I guess I don't understand the question. I mean, you have these rights. You have the rights. Now, the question that I challenge the American public is, what are you going to do about it? You know, you have the rights.

You expect somebody else is going to enforce it for you. You know, we have children that are, I found out the other day, if it's true or not, maybe it isn't true, but it's in with other things that are going on. Some ridiculous politician has the idea that we ought to put women's monthly female appurtenances into the boys' bathroom. That's in Minnesota. That's a Minnesota state legislator.

That's the third state. Then go to court. Go to court.

Learn how to do this without hiring a lawyer. How many people... I worked on a fishing boat. I didn't have money to hire a lawyer. I scraped barnacles off to be able to buy a sandwich when I was in my 20s.

That's why I scraped barnacles to make money to eat. There aren't people. The people can't afford a lawyer. Learn how to do this yourselves. When you see this stupid stuff going on in your schools, stand up against it. If it's wrong, take them to court. Make them answer questions. Make them produce documents. Make them answer under oath.

If they don't follow the rules, have them put in jail. That's part of your power that nobody even told you you have. Rick, I think what Dr. Graves is saying... Yeah, let me answer, Rick, Dr. Graves. I think what he's telling you, instead of waiting... Now, legislation... Yeah, you push to pass legislation, but what Dr. Graves is saying is you don't have to wait all that time. You've got the ability to take this and beat them in court, to beat them in their courts. And see, the left has used the courts against us very, very successfully and in the most corrupt ways.

But I'm surprised that pro-life organizations want to pass laws to protect babies who survive abortion, whereas if they went judicially, they would say that because it's born alive, it's a citizen. You can't kill it or deprive it of anything. I think that's what Dr. Graves... Well, I think that's what Dr. Graves is saying. We have it. It's called the Bill of Rights.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is there. All right, well, thanks. Thanks. Let's go to Ryan in Michigan. Ryan, you're in the air. Hi, I've been listening to your guest and I just...

I just wonder if you could give like an example of of the situation. Do you mind if I ask what state you're from? I think Dr. Graves, aren't you from Michigan or... I know you're in Florida now.

Yeah, we live in Michigan, but here's an example. I don't have... Do you want me to talk or not? Do you want me to talk? Okay, yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. All right, if you...

I don't have any children of my own. I have a couple of step sons, wonderful people, but if I had a little girl and she was in the sixth grade and she came home and she was in tears and she said, Daddy, the boys came in my bathroom and they saw me and I was, you know, I was in a private situation and they saw me and they said that they they really felt like they were girls and it was okay. You know, if that happened to me, heads would roll and I would be in court in a heartbeat and what I know, like you can know, you can know everything I know and you can take control of these things that are going on in your country because if you do not, they will get worse.

I think what you're talking about just recently happened there in the state of Virginia where that father, for that very reason, when his daughter was molested by one of those trans things, that at first, you know, he was roughed up by the police for standing up for his daughter, but I guess he's come back from what I understand has a major lawsuit against the school board and the district there and a major lawsuit by doing exactly that, taking him to court. Well, this is where I'm at a loss, where I'm not following you. Okay, so you have a case. Okay, let's say Michigan. I don't believe our governor really won legitimately.

What do you do? The judges won't hear any cases. Do you think they care whether they follow the law or not?

Do you think Mike Pence cares whether there's evidence there or not? They don't care. What about that?

They're sitting there, so what do you do? Well, why don't we all just complain about it? That'd be easier than actually getting to Google and looking up the rules. I'm not disagreeing. Well, no, what I'm doing is you're just telling me what's wrong. I don't know why you're telling me what's wrong with the world.

I don't need to know what's wrong with the world. I'm trying to tell you, I'm trying to tell you, there's too much complaining, too much pointing our fingers at people who are acting things and doing things that are wrong because of what they believe. But, I mean, what is your solution?

What is your solution? Let me interject here. What he's telling you, Dr. Graves, is that in the courts, when the courts won't hear you, you say, I guess... Nonsense.

Yes. Nonsense. They won't take care of you. You have to know how to make the courts hear you.

You have to know how to get your foot in the door. As I was talking to Rawland Brunson, I was talking to Rawland Brunson just last week about the case that they brought, the Brunson versus Adams, and I explained to him that if he had done this differently, it would have had a different outcome, at least so far. But you're not saying, you're not... Okay, if you want to talk to me, I won't talk. Okay, here's here's what he's telling you. Here's what he's telling you, Ryan. He's telling you go to his website, because before you came on, before you called, he gave that exact information out how you could do that by going to his website there, and the, or Word Wars, go to his website and it tells you on there how to do that. But does it say what does it do if the judge don't hear your case?

Well, yeah, yeah, he tells you how to get it in. You're not hearing me. I'm trying to explain it to you, sir, if you'll stop... Can you stop talking?

I will explain it to you. You have to understand what a cause of action is. It's a very simple thing, cause of action. Breach of contract is the cause of action. That's just one. Trespass is the cause of action.

These things are easy to learn. This is what I want you to understand. We can point at it and say, oh, you can't get justice. The courts are all crooked. We can all go down that road that the liar is trying to do. The false accuser is trying to drag us down that road with hopelessness. And I say there is hope. There is opportunity.

But it is going to look like work. Well, this is what I'm saying. Okay, say you wanted to go to this and the judge won't hear your case.

What would your next move be? Why do you keep saying that? Okay, Ryan, Ryan, listen. He's telling you if you know, if you know the rules. You see, that judge knows that Ryan is not a lawyer. That judge knows, okay, that you're just a a plaintiff. So what happens is the judge snows you.

He snows you. And so, but if you know the laws and you know the rules and this works because I've been there. And that judge, when he realizes that you do understand, then you can get your case in the court. That's what, that is what Dr. Graves is trying to tell you.

Once the judge realizes and the court system realizes that you know that I've had this happen to me. But anyhow, that's what he's saying. I got to move on. Thanks. Let's go to Bob. Bob, you're in the air. Hey, Pastor. You're a great show and Dr. Graves, I went to your website and it's a good website.

I happen to be able to. How to win in court, one word. is one of them.

And then WordWar and then American Justice Foundation. But we're not trying, we're not trying to sell anything tonight. All I want you to understand is you can't play baseball with a tennis racket.

The umpire, they won't put up with it. And that doesn't mean they're crooked. It doesn't mean they're deceitful.

Doesn't mean they're the enemy. You can't play baseball with a tennis racket. So why don't we all just wake up and learn these things. You've got Google. You've got the ability to do something that was not possible 30 years ago. Now it's possible. There is nothing keeping the American public from going to Google and putting in Mississippi rules of evidence.

And whether you go to my website or go somewhere else, I don't care where you go to learn it. But for heaven's sakes, stop complaining and learn how to go to court and get your foot in the door. Make people answer your questions under oath. Make them produce documents. Be able to call witnesses and put your case on in a proper way.

If it was science, I wouldn't waste my time with you folks. Dr. Graves, let me jump in here for a minute because let me just tell you, the fella that you're talking to right here, his name is Robert Lynch and he is a lawyer and he has never lost a case for me. I mean in the most hostile ways he has been out there and I gotta tell you, the guy is a straight up lawyer for life and I think what he's trying to tell you is he's agreeing with you. So go ahead Robert. But there's one issue that you can address doctor and that's the element of the human element involved in dealing with the judge and with a jury, especially dealing with a police officer in cross-examination.

That doesn't include specific roles. What I want people to understand brother is that we have civil procedure we have civil procedure even when someone is falsely accused in a criminal case. A civil case can be brought when it's done properly when the cause of action is stated properly with the essential fact elements and when all this is put together in a proper pleading we can control the judge. We can make the judges do what they need to do. I've had judges rule against me and I've had the appellate court when one case, you won't believe this, but the appellate court overturned the decision.

I think it took five days. That's unheard of. But all you have to do is be making your record for appeal and people can't, they don't know these things because the bar, even in law school we were not taught 90% of what we need to know to win a court case. The thing I learned with my practice law is the human element. I can memorize all the rules in the world but you need to know how to deal with an incompetent, corrupt judge. I agree.

You might be a helpful pastor. Maybe you could review a little bit of what you remember about our McMonagle case that went up on appeal. Oh yeah, absolutely. Here you had three, in the appeals court you had three democrats, three pro-death democrats and you took that case in there. Do you remember what happened when when uh he awarded the case, Dr. Graves, the judge says that I'm going to give the ACLU, I'm going to give you a twenty thousand dollar judgment.

And I told him, I said you might you might as well make it 20 billion because I won't give him 20 cents. And he said even if this court orders, I said even if this court orders, I will obey God and not this court. Okay and so then they asked, they asked for a listing of uh the the supporters, my supporters, a list of their their names and addresses and I said I don't keep one.

Yeah but what happened was uh the the judge said will you supply that list and I said no I don't keep them but if I did I wouldn't anyhow. And he said even if the court orders and Bob took this court, this case to an appeals court and you had the three democrats and you did such a a job on that Bob. I remember what they said. I give credit to the holy spirit on that case because like you say we're dealing with three democrats and uh we were fortunate because there are like over 20 judges that they could have pulled from the pool and two out of three of them voted in your favor.

Yeah that was amazing. Bob you must you did a good job making the you Bob you did a good job making the record. You know what I mean by making the record. Sure. Children don't know every person every person within 100 feet of me right now here they they have no idea what making the record means but they could know if we were teaching it in our churches in our schools and and every way we possibly can to get people to understand what's been hidden from them forever. Could you say a couple of words about how you would cross the game on a police officer who's really against you?

What would be your advice? Well I don't want to get into that that's not really my bailiwick. I have a message. I'm trying to I'm trying to get the this country to understand that we can find fault we can say well that's too difficult or I don't want to try let let somebody else do it and that's why this country is going down the tube is because too many of us are taking the attitude of let somebody else do it or why doesn't somebody else do it or how come someone won't fix this instead of rolling up our sleeves and learning how to go to court in civil court civil court and make these justices do what's right and fix these laws and fix these leaders and get things back on an even keel so as I said earlier in the program so Bill and Sue can get married and have babies and have a house and have a job and drive a car and enjoy what is supposed to be America. Okay let me ask you this because it seems like an above I think you'll totally agree our opposition the other side has learned what uh what Dr. Graves is trying to teach us to do they they're way ahead of us on that and we need to rectify that would you agree?

Absolutely. Okay very good let's get her done. Well I can let you go to your next caller and I'm going to go to that website doctor I think it'll be real helpful even for lawyers. Well yeah you're the guy that can teach us so um all righty very good thanks Bob let's go to Jerry and get no that's Gary in New Jersey. Yes hello can you hear me? Yeah we can hear you go ahead. Okay I'm I'm very upset uh like a lot of people throughout the country about all those people that are being held in solitary confinement in Washington DC from the January 6th mess uh and I'm just amazed I'm just amazed that nobody nothing is being done they're in their two years solitary confinement yeah and all these people in congress they're right there and senate nothing's being done no I don't understand it how can this be how can this be going on and why isn't anybody doing anything I mean can't can't anything be done to get these people representation due process you know it's ridiculous they're being held there and it's uh it's absurd I it's this is not America what you know why can't something be done why isn't anything being done all this time but let me tell you what what God is saying to me right now lay the axe to the root of the tree now what does that mean it's in the bible lay the axe to the root of the tree what does that mean you know you you can trim off the branches you can trim the leaves you can pick the fruit off the tree you can scratch away at the bark or whatever you want to do but when you lay the axe to the root of the tree that's the end of the tree the people in this country need to understand we need to lay the axe to the root of the tree and the root of the root of the tree is the root of the problem and and the root of the problem is public ignorance it's always been the problem it is every time ignorance raises its ugly head then tyranny comes in and does what tyranny does now if we would simply illuminate the American people to understand that all of this that I talk about can be learned in a weekend or certainly over a period of time on Wednesday nights at church suppers or or you could have special meetings on Tuesday nights how many churches are sitting out to church buildings complete buildings with air conditioning and lighting sitting empty while we could be teaching America what justice is I don't understand that well I mean I don't know I'm not I'm very upset I mean you know I've been here for a long time and my you know lived in America and I've you know you and I know I mean we're probably about the same age I think and we see you know we see this our country is is upside down I mean we know that Isaiah chapter 5 says in the last days they're going to call good evil evil good and that's what's happening and it's going to get worse and the you know we're moving very quickly no it's not no not going to get worse if we don't know turn that cancel clear let's get rid of this negative stuff it's going to get better well I'm speaking I'm speaking you know biblically I know what you're talking about of course you know but all right okay all right I just want to know I mean is is can't some something be done there I mean how can I what can I do you know I'm you know learn what can learn the rules that's exactly what he's telling you Gary Gary he's telling you what what you can do he wants you to go to to this website on that website it tells you exactly what you need to know and you know he's got a good point if we understand the rules in the court uh you know just just imagine a dozen people going in in a case like this going in and understanding the rules and forcing it uh I think that's what we got to do we got to learn that we've got to really start our side is is behind we have a lot of catching up to do the opposition well it'd be good if we could if we could hook up I mean not one person with another person you know so a bunch of us could get together somebody could you know if we can organize something like this I mean one person from New Jersey you know that's why that's why we have him here tonight to tell you how to do that okay all right yeah you can do that I'll tell you what there's a whole lot more people in New Jersey than yourself and and I'll I just got a feeling you know a bunch of feel the very same way you do like we do yes yes I've even seen some protesters at malls recently um I want I you know I wanted to join them myself but yeah I want to go please don't I know please don't join the protesters please don't do that go learn how to get a complaint learn how to follow a petition learn what a cause of action is learn how to state the essential facts of the cause of action in a pleading and file it with the court and then they have to deal with you instead of walking around let me just tell one quick story back when I was in college and back 1962 it was at Florida State University a bunch of them wanted to go out and lay down in the road so that the governor couldn't get out of the airport and it made me angry because I guess at that point God had given me enough of a noggin to understand that laying down in front of the judge is not going to change a whole lot but when we have the ability to file this thing called a pleading it's so simple and once you do it it may only be a page and a half it's not hard to do so once you file the pleading now the judge has to deal with that the other guy has to answer he has to he has to come back and say well that isn't true or this isn't true and then you've got five tools to force them to produce evidence requests for admissions requests for production interrogatories depositions which we do last and even subpoena power you can even get a court order I got a quarter order one time to have a drug store shut down all the employees and customers had to leave and the sheriff put a padlock on the door this belongs to you people say I say they're Americans what I want you to understand is this is what you have this is the power of being an American for heaven's sakes and the American people they don't know it yet and I'm so happy for this opportunity god forgive me for being angry but I'm yeah I feel so happy for this opportunity to share with more people what is an opportunity really this is an opportunity it's not a responsibility it's an opportunity to make a difference in your community and much work I'm so glad that you know I listened tonight um you know I until this until tonight I thought like most of us not listening on this radio broadcast or not you know and beyond that I would have absolutely no standing I'm a citizen of New Jersey yes but I this is a federal matter in Washington DC with all these people there and I feel so bad that nothing is being done and I just felt powerless you know but you're saying well okay now that I I don't I do I can't have power you can okay where's us you're gonna have to hang on to that because we're up against a heartbreak we'll be back right after this don't go away once a man's home was his castle only his foes would violate and the border of his property was the moat round his estate all these kingly rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by god have been lost somewhere in history in the fine print and the frog once a man and his religion was protected by the law in america the constitution formed a verbal wall now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached now the worried watchman on the wall is crying heavens under siege heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and when the gentle vams of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government with heavens under sea heard the watchman sound the warning call back in 1992 when they murdered vicki weaver just like they'll murder me or you when they stormed the church in waco women and children burned alive and now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and when the gentle vams of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege now a voice cries in the wilderness as the lord pairs his church will his called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth will we pass the test of heaven's quest never counting earthly loss will we fight like christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and then the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege i said corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege boy you're not kidding about that corruption is raiding the government but god has raised us up for such a time is this and the fact that we're here at this time that means that we are to run to this battle and there you go so now let's go over to uh texas and we have gerald gerald in texas you're in the air yes sir uh i've been having trouble getting a title for a motorcycle do you know anything about texas uh vehicle title law sir as nicely as i can say it to you i don't want to talk about that tonight there's other things that are more important yeah the theater of the theater of the power of the people blackstone said that in his book commentaries on the laws of england the theater of the power of the people is the courts and by the theater he means i was in world war ii we had the european theater we had the pacific theater it's where the battle is fought for heaven's sakes people wake up all right very good uh let me see you scared all the callers away here tonight okay well we got one he's he's pulled bring on pastor hell yeah how you doing tonight we're doing all right now or you know i was going to say there's probably millions of people that wanting to know what they can do to fight this corrupt system and uh get america back to the way it used to be and i got a flood discussed you got tonight because he's got an answer you know telling them exactly specifically what to do and uh it's a matter of the knowledge he's given the websites to go to and everything else like that if people that have been wanting for a long time to know what they can do uh follow his advice and and learn this stuff which like he said isn't hard to do uh and then apply themselves uh and go to the courts and everything uh i think we're going to see a big change but it's going to have to be learning and then application of of what they learn and uh it's really great to see you know it's a good show tonight all right very good we'll start some start some classes in your church building sitting empty four nights a week uh a bad idea our church doesn't set empty four nights a week i'll guarantee you that but uh all righty but uh you know but we are exactly what you're talking about this is this is the main reason i got i've had you on the radio program tonight because we were talking about what you've been talking about and how to how to go about this so we thought we'd bring you up in this way all of those people that should be listening will be hearing you and most of them will listen to it because this program will be replayed tomorrow they'll be hearing it tomorrow and and that's when we're going to start doing exactly what you said we've we've got to we've been very active politically very active but i think we got to hit hit it with both sides we got to hit it hard we got to use every tool we have and again we've been behind uh the opposition where it comes in the court system that's that's why they did what they did this is why uh you know this is why they're trying to pack the supreme court um you know i think with what 15 or 16 people on that court instead of getting around that's how they get around the constitution but you're absolutely right let me lay something out for everybody to understand and i'll calm down a little bit if i can you know they they took god out of the law school and that that's not it has nothing to do with religion the very idea of of god whether it's our the way we see god or the way the muslims or the indus or the plains indians whatever god is and what we do on this planet decides how god is going to to do things in consequence of what we do and they've taken these things these fundamental principles that no reasonable person can oppose they've taken them out of the law schools they've stopped teaching a whole bunch of things because what they're doing now is they're turning out technicians they turn out technicians today not statesmen not philosophers not people that even stop even think about that law is really a set of it's it's philosophy justice is a philosophy jurisprudence is a philosophy there's a there's an article on in on one of my websites about the etymology of that word jurisprudence and it all comes down to taking god out of the very concept of foreseeability and a whole lot of other things i could go on forever pastor i absolutely could well you can't hear because we don't have that much time that's why we got to move right the cliff okay but but so blackstone said the theater of the power of the people is in the courts it's not in the voting booth it's in the courts and they've kept the door locked for you the bar has by making you have to go hire a lawyer that you can't afford and hope hope as much as you can but the lawyer isn't going to cave and give in to the judge or or just take all your money and do nothing we can go beyond that now we have the internet we have google we have legal research online there is nothing we can't find out if we want to make an effort we're with you okay let's go to cliff cliff you're in the air yeah i i have a two-part question one would be you know uh doctor you've had a lot of experience and uh how would you approach for an individual personal disarmament christian disarmament as you go through these processes so that would be one and what would you say to people that do get intimidated by it's uh by courts i mean a lot of people just feel the whole venue intimidating and that would put them at a disadvantage i would believe well let me answer your second question this this way if if you don't mind you know if i had to step up to the plate in a major league baseball game and and have a first-rate pitcher up there on the mound i'd be intimidated but you know i'll bet mickey mantle when he stepped up to the plate i bet he wasn't the least bit intimidated because he knew what he was doing and he knew how to do it and he was going to do his best no matter what that's what i want the american people to that's the attitude i want them to have this is america we will have america i will learn the rules i will get my church to teach me these rules we will all get together we will not stop until we understand what the heck are these people doing in these courthouses anyway all right very good all right thanks cliff we got to move on to bob in chicago yes uh dr graves uh it's my understanding that if you go into court you have to have a license you have to be a licensed lawyer and if you don't have absolute practice absolutely absolutely absolutely not absolutely not you can represent yourself that's impressive anywhere and you you can represent yourself but you can't represent another organization or you have to have a license to practice law you can represent yourself sir you want me to say it again sure myself but if i want to uh represent the church or some other action or other people or other causes then i have to be uh licensed to practice law to enter into the court unless i'm in pro se court and someday someday if we actually begin to do what i have been getting people to do we will change that law too because there is no reason whatsoever why that the bar should be a cabal to prevent any of us from helping somebody else in a court proceeding so there you have my true sense on it maybe that's true but as it exists now you have to have a law law uh well then we then let's just complain about it then want to complain about it or do you want to take into the facts and i want to have correct information i can't go into court law and represent myself as a lawyer no you can you can you're not listening to me you can represent yourself you can't represent a corporation the people that choose to form a corporation have to understand that's part of the deal i also say that down the road somewhere the american people are going to wise up and realize that if if i need to help aunt suzy who isn't quite all with it and she doesn't have enough money to hire a lawyer i should be allowed to represent aunt suzy whether i have a bar license or not the american people have got to stand up sooner or later sir time to stand up all right very good i think we lost bob out of chicago but anyhow there you're right uh but you know what i think is wouldn't that be a good case to take to the court what you're talking about that you have to be a lawyer to represent others i mean how would you get a case like that into the court you'd have to have somebody where they were individually affected but let's please don't get let's don't get off this this understanding that your your friend the you know a couple of your people have agreed with me but let's understand that that this is not something that was possible 30 or 40 years ago you you couldn't look up the law and find out what the law was on a dog bite case or anything else you you'd have had to go to the law library if if your county provided one for you many counties don't and you'd have to look at all those thousands of books in that room and try to figure out wow what do i do now today you go to google and you put in louisiana dog bite law i'll bet if i do google louisiana dog bite law i'll find out all kinds of things about when a dog is responsible when dog's owner is responsible for the dog biting somebody and when he's not responsible or pretty much anything i want to know about the law of dog bite now add to that the knowledge of procedure and evidence and you don't need a lawyer but you do need to stand up mr and mrs america if you don't want your your girls to have to have the boys coming into the girls bathroom stand up don't put up with it anymore quit complaining about everything we have too many people pointing their finger at what's awful and not enough people pointing their noses into a book or getting into pointing their noses into a computer screen and trying to learn something other than watching you know dancing with the stars i think in that particular case you're talking about that is happening i think people are now uh they're they've you know look for 50 years we've been telling people if you love your children get them out of the public school if you love them get them out of the public schools we promoted here i was one of the first people to pioneer in the state of ohio to fight our homeschooling and so we promoted that but and one of the reasons is because the cultural marxism the indoctrination into the public education system and we've been talking about that now here what you're doing uh lately i'm i've noticed here especially in ohio but across the country there's been some big big changes in school boards uh you know you might not have seen the red wave there when it came to the congress but when it came to the school boards we kind of did have a red wave not nearly enough but what you have seen is exactly what you're talking about uh believe it or not some parents actually care enough for their kids where they don't want boys going into the girls shower room while the girls are in there naked and uh and you know what you we need to go after but shouldn't there be i mean i think there should be some criminal charges against across these school boards that they'd come up with this and allow this and oh we don't we don't we don't need to get a criminal charge if if the school if the school board is is required to stop it or if they cause damage and they're required to pony up five hundred thousand dollars for doing what they did or you know and the thing that bothers me is these people that would like to make a difference who are willing to go to court for them to have to shell out fifty thousand dollars to get a lawyer to do something and hope that the lawyer is going to be competent not a afraid of the judge about half of them were afraid to stand up to the judge and object when they needed to object and and you see the people can do this they can learn this in in just a weekend you know that the my other website it's so simple how to win in court dot com how to win in court dot com hey mr and mrs america this belongs to you now you couldn't do it 30 years ago it wasn't possible 30 years ago no one could read all those law books that i read for three years in law school and then all the years it took me before the light came on i finally figured out how easy this is to do nobody could have done that but now you can already we're going to we're going to do it but right now we've got to go to because we're running up against the clock and it's time for the most the most important part of this program and that's the invitation and pastor hal is standing by he wants to give that invitation to the folks out there all across the country tell them how they can avoid hell and get to heaven how right you know everybody that uh is listening to my voice tonight uh we all got one thing in common that you know you'd rather go to heaven than go to hell and just like a truck driver if he wanted to learn directions from where he's at to some other place he could ask 20 people and get 20 different directions but he's going to go to the palace that's the official thing well our official thing is the bible god tells you how to go to heaven you know jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me that's very exclusive and if you jesus is the one that died on the cross well you see god said god's a judge god said sin had to be paid for there's no getting around it no matter how much he loves you but his righteousness uh entered into it where he allowed jesus to transfer your guilt and mind onto his son jesus so when jesus died on the cross god was allowing him to pay the payment in full for every sin you and i have ever done god allowed jesus to transfer your sin all of it no matter how bad so right before jesus died he said three words it is finished which means all the work necessary for you to receive forgiveness by god to go to heaven has been done by jesus he transferred it and eph 1 7 says in whom we have redemption through his blood god loves you but he hates your sins god wants you to come to heaven but he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of jesus christ and that took place a moment he died on that cross for you and so salvation can be yours john 112 said but as many as received him to them gave me the power to become the sons of god he could offer you salvation all day long but unless you reached out and received it it'd never be yours just like the the speaker tonight you know he's telling you what to do to have victory in courts and victory over the bad laws in this country but unless you apply yourself unless you reach out and receive what he's got to tell you it's not going to do you any good well right now jesus christ is knocking at the door of your heart if you're not saved if you don't know if you're going to go to heaven tonight if you died right now tonight god wants you to know revelation 320 said behold i stand at the door and knock if any man open to hear my voice and open the door i will come into him that means if you hear his word what you're doing right now and you open up the door of your heart and ask jesus to come in he'll come in and give to you the payment personally he paid for you on that cross and that's why right now whether you go to heaven or hell it's up to you you can't blame anybody but yourself if you don't receive the payment jesus paid for you and you die lost and he and more importantly too it's a free gift ephesians 2 8 9 says for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself it's a gift of god not of works lest any man should boast jesus paid it all now it's simply up to you whether you're going to by faith receive that finished payment or try and get there your own way and so my job as a preacher is to lead men and women to jesus and he said in romans 10 13 for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved that means if you believe in your heart that jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save your soul and you call on him ask him to come into your heart and give you that payment he'll do it so if you want jesus in your heart if you want the payment jesus paid for you on that cross he said i am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me it wasn't mary that got you there it's not that peter paul or the uh priests or preachers or anybody else it's jesus because god was in christ reconciling the world unto himself it was jesus that died on the cross it was the blood of god himself that was shed to wash away your sins so receive it right now we could pray a prayer together but even though we're praying together it's directly between you and god let's pray oh dear god please forgive me a sinner i believe you died on the cross and shed your blood to save my soul and lord jesus i right here and now ask you to come into my heart or give me of my sins and give me eternal life through your shed blood in jesus name amen now if you just prayed that prayer and meant it first john 5 13 says these things that are written unto you that believe on the name of the son of god that you may know you have eternal life not just wish think it wish it or hope for it but that you may know it and when he said these things are have i written unto you that believe on that meant that you personally received what he did for you on that cross it doesn't say that you may know that these things have i written unto you to believe about even the devil believes about jesus he does he does and but we're out of time for tonight okay i want to thank you for that and uh brother um dr graves hang tight i'm going to call you off here keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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