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FRI HR 2 011323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 14, 2023 12:53 am

FRI HR 2 011323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 14, 2023 12:53 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at them with the jail pister? They didn t. And if any of them did go to jail, they were getting bailed out by our politicians.

The camel hare. She was bailing out the worst of them. One of them actually committed murder afterwards. So this is why we have to resist. The Bible says we resist in the blood. So that s what we have to do. But we have to call our Congressman and insist. All everybody call your Congressman and insist. That number again is 202-224-3121.

202-224-3121. And tell them to put Mitch McConnell there too. He deserves to be with the rest of them because he s a rhino and he sold us out.

And we re tired of being sold out, aren t we? Pastor Ernie, my Congressman here in Texas, Crenshaw, he called the 20th patriot Congressman there. He called them terrorists and there was another word he used, terrorists and insurrectionists. And he did it on I think it was a CNN show. Yet not once did he call any of the Democrats there and all the things that they were doing and Nancy Pelosi and all, he never called them terrorists and insurrectionists.

But within the Republican Party, he did. So, you know, again, let s just refer to him as Rhino Crenshaw. Rhino Crenshaw. That s his new name.

Yeah, we re just that that s too soft. We have to get another name for him, Pastor Ernie. I think someone called him I-Patch McCain. That s pretty low. What if we called him a Democrat?

Can he get any worse than that? I don t know. Sounds fitting. Okay. All right.

Something also that s happening here. Well, you know, before I go there, I just wanted to say about betrayal. You know, to us, betrayal is repulsive. Betrayal, you know, but to the Democrats, betrayal, if you can betray and this goes all the way back to Karl Marx. Remember what Joseph Stalin said? To rest your head on the breast of a friend. To gain his complete trust and then thrust a dagger in his back.

There s nothing sweeter. You can sleep good at that now. That s Joseph Stalin. That mindset is within the Communist Collective. Remember how Jimmy Carter, after all those meetings and talking all those nice good things about the Shah of Iran, how he betrayed the Shah of Iran? Oh yeah, he threw them under the bus and ushered in basically radical Islam into the 21st century. Remember Barack Obama when he made all those gestures to Barak, the President of Egypt and all of the things working together and this and that and then what did he do?

He betrayed him and Barak ended up in prison. Remember when they were praising Muammar Gaddafi, remember? Oh yeah, both Obama and Hillary and when they brought him to see if you can bring down someone of stature within the Collective and you get away with it, then your stock is raised up in the Collective as being someone who can do that, as being a Judas. To them, being a Judas is a good thing. To us it s repulsive, but to a Democrat it s a good thing. The dangerous thing about that is both Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi basically kept radical Islam under control for 20-30 years in their countries. Once they got rid of those two leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood basically took over and in Egypt the military actually had to go in about six months later and get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it was devastating what Obama and Hillary did in the Middle East.

We re still paying for it. Okay, I m going to give you guys a quiz, okay? The quiz is this. Who is the biggest threat to Americans, to everyday Christian Americans? Who is the biggest threat? Is it China? Is it Russia?

Is it North Korea? Or is it the Democratic Party? I was going to say our own politicians. Oh, yes.

The Democrat Party without a doubt. They re the biggest threat, the biggest enemy of free America, aren t they? Yep. Well, look what they re doing at the border.

Okay. Now we ve been telling people for a long time, and we ve been telling them, and now I heard some of the Congress, John, I actually heard talking about they suspect that Biden is working with the drug cartels by keeping the border open so that the drug cartels can bring in the drugs, the fentanyl, and kill people. And they suspect, too, that he is keeping a supply of children for the pedophiles.

Now let me ask you this. There s one political party that s flush from top to bottom with pedophiles. Which party is that? Well, of course, it s the Democratic Party. Okay.

It s flush. Now, a lot of people wanted to know why I often would say, Adam Schiff, leave the little boys alone. Adam Schiff, leave the little boys alone. Look at Biden. Look at Biden with his hands always on the little girls. Yeah. Even to this day, there s some meeting, or, you know, like a group meeting with him, he makes a beeline right to the little girls.

Yeah. He s got his hands on his shoulders, he s got his hands on their hair. He literally, if you look at a lot of these YouTube videos, he ll push the parents away to get the little girls to be right on top of him.

And the parents just stand there and watch. Well, one did, I was watching, that was one of the new senators wives, and she had this little girl about nine years old, and, uh, Joe Obama was trying to smell her hair, and this woman s trying to pull the girl away, and she s got this look on her face, like, what s wrong with you? And she s trying to pull over, and Biden s trying to, you know.

Yeah, there s one, it s an older one with Jeff Sessions, and he actually slaps Biden s hand and pulls the kid away from him. Yeah. I mean, it s just horrible. But, as bad as all that is, Biden took it to a new height. Yeah.

He recently had a drag queen at the White House and smelled the drag queen s hair. Did he really? Yeah. That s pretty bad. Yeah. That s bad. Jeez.

So. It could be perversion, it could also be dementia. Maybe he just can t, he doesn t know any better. A lot of people have dementia, but very few of them smell people s hair. Well, he s been a hair sniffer his whole life. Well, you know.

He gets off on that stuff. You know, I could ve been in real danger, because, so when he was a senator there, and I was at the Russell Building there, the Senate Building, I was walking down the hallway, and when I got halfway down that hallway, you know, it s the first time that I ve never seen anybody that nobody was in that hallway. And just as I walked by, right next to me, the door opens and Biden steps out.

He steps right out and puts his hand out and says, m Senator Biden. And I come on Pastor Sanders and he asked me, what brought you here? I said, I m here for the pro-life conference. And he said, well, you know, not everybody s pro-life. I said, God is.

And I said, as far as I m concerned, you re pro-life or you re low-life. And with that, he started walking real fast, and I was walking real fast with him, and he walked faster and I walked faster. And he broke out in a flat-out run, okay. I mean, he ran down and got in the elevator.

I actually thought he was going to stick his tongue out, but he didn t. But I pictured that. And believe me, if he was to go behind the gym with Donald Trump, it wouldn t go good for him, okay. So Uncle Joe is not so bold, you know, when they try to Yeah, he said he d like to take Trump behind the gym, I remember. Yeah. But what if he had come out behind me? He could ve run up and smelled my hair, and I wouldn t even have known it. I could ve been in real danger. Yep.

Okay. Pastor Ernie, have you seen the latest video of Klaus Schwab saying all laws against what do they call them? They don t call them pedophiles anymore. They call them about Minor Attractive People.

Minor Attractive, yeah. Not only did I see it, we played it. We played it here this week, earlier this week. See, and see, this is how they re out in the open now. They would not have said that, well, I don t know, five years ago they wouldn t have said, but we knew it.

We knew it from various ways. We knew that they were deep into pedophilia. Now, Klaus Schwab comes out promoting it and saying all the international laws should be dropped and pedophilia should be protected, like a minority group and all. So there s not a word about the children. It was all about the pedophiles, how terrible it is that they re treated like this. Nothing about the horror, what they re doing to the children. It s like, I saw it the same as abortion, Pastor Ernie. When you deal with the abortion people, all they talk about is the women s rights, women s rights, women s rights. Nothing about the baby that s being treated. Now, Klaus Schwab, all they re talking about is that you want sympathy for the pedophiles and nothing about the monstrous things they ve done to children. John, if I m not mistaken, I think it was Schwab that took the whole concept one step further, even more gross, and was using pedophilia in the context of his depopulation agenda. Yes, he is. Yes. He was saying. They re the only hope for the world, the pedophiles are the only hope for the world.

Yeah, that was Klaus Schwab, right? Right. Because children can t get pregnant. The reason for that is pedophiles don t have big families.

That was it. They don t have children, the pedophiles. They don t have children. They don t marry and have children. And he said something about the youth that were involved in pedophilia, they don t get married either, so it s destroying the family unit. That s why he s promoting it, because pedophilia will destroy the family unit. By destroying the child. Yes.

All righty. These are monsters. You know, there s some things that we know they are planning to do. One of those is going back to the schools. They re planning to do some more of those lockdowns and things, aren t they, in our public school system? Yeah.

You know what, I ll step in there, Pastor. One of the things that s come up on my radar, and this is in the context of my volunteer work with Protect Ohio Children, word circulated within the last couple of days of a local school near us. I believe it was West Geauga Schools. The school went into lockdown, which is basically they sequester all the children and tell them they have to shelter in place in their rooms. And it came out later that this lockdown was in reaction to a child passing out. That s the word that went around. So the kids, of course, are sheltered in place, and they re text messaging each other and their parents and everything.

Police and EMS show up. We don t know for sure, but this is a prediction. The concept that s circulated now among the parents who were looking at this and concerned is that some of these kids in these woke families have heaven knows how many different jabs they have.

One, two, three, four. Are kids on five jabs now? I don t even know. And so the fear is that that s going to be the next shoe to drop. That s the next wave. Instead of watching these well-toned athletes dropping on football and soccer fields, that maybe we re going to start hearing a lot of these school lockdowns, quote unquote, and kids going into shelter in place with EMS showing up for children who have, you know, heart issues or who knows what kind of smoke screen they re going to put up. It s heartbreaking. And, you know, of course, I d love to think that that s not true. But it s a possible prediction, and it seems to fit with the facts and pattern. So we re always urging people, if you love your children, get them out of the public school system.

If you love them, get them out of their homeschool, put them in a private Christian school. But, folks, you have an article right here. In fact, Jonathan talks about a study shows that COVID vaccine damages heart muscles leading to death. And I had just we had just had a study prior to the COVID vaccine, if you call it a vaccine, prior to that there was an average worldwide of athletes that die in the field, whether it s tennis players or soccer players, 28, 28 a year. Afterwards, after the shot, now it s the last year was 20 and the year 22 was no, the year 21, that was the last one they had, was 1600, 1600 had died around the world, either playing soccer, playing football or basketball, and you re just not hearing it. Just in the past couple of days you had an Air Force football player, he just went down, you just had another one, I just heard part of that. But you re not going to hear it reported on by NBC, ABC or CBS.

Can I interject something there? You know, to me this is a very telling sign. I have a very close friend of mine is a commercial pilot for one of the airlines, and we talk regularly about what s going on with the pilots and the jabs and everything. I don t know if you saw this, but you know what one of the most highest paid, most desired and sought after people of these uber wealthy, these globalists like Klaus Schwab and everything, you know who they re paying the big bucks to? Unjabbed pilots, because they don t want to go up there and die. They don t want the pilots passing out. It s telling. It s a crystal clear tell to me that they know what s going on. They re not even pretending to hide it. They re going out there and advertising for unjabbed pilots.

Well, something else, Peter McCullough and others, they re trying to start unjabbed blood banks, you know, for people that need blood that they can get unvaxxed blood. But here, again, they re showing more and more. We re going to see more and more of this. We re going to see these kids are dropping dead. They re dying from these, because their parents did not listen. They did not listen. They trusted them.

Yes. Do you see all these celebrities that are dying also? Look, if they ve got long-term cancer or something, all right, but a lot of them, they re just they don t tell you what they died from.

If they don t tell you, then it s pretty well sure that it s all of a sudden they died in their sleep or they found them dead in the bathroom or something. And this is the warnings that we received from the real true doctors and scientists. It s right in front of us right now with all these deaths. There s a big increase in cancer, because the shots weaken the immune system, and it s throwing like gasoline on the fire of cancer. So this is all going to increase. They ll blame that just on cancer. No way are they going to connect that with the shots.

They just won t do it. Well, we re seeing people that I know, you know, they re dying every day, family members, people in the church, who are family members that took the shot are dying all the time left and right. Do you remember that member in your church that you I think I don t know if you pleaded with him, but you told him not to take the shot, you gave him he watched the video you had?

No, I didn t plead with him. What happened? We showed the video. We showed the video on this RNA COVID, the spike proteins, and he was there and he saw it, okay? And that was on a Sunday evening, and Tuesday he went and got the shot, and Thursday he died, okay? I also told now I did tell some of our death row inmates.

I told them don t don t take it. They were offered him $10 and extra food, $10 and extra food to take the shot, and they took it and died. They died with blood clots, and yeah, so they are dropping left and right, but you re not going to hear about that. John, in a normal year, I do two to three average, two to three funerals in a normal year, you know, and I ve been doing that for about the past 50. This year, or the year 2022, I did nine funerals, and the funeral homes tell me that they are busy. They ve never been so busy. Guess what the insurance company said? They said that the life insurance claims are up 40 percent, 40 percent. Yeah, they re running out of money. Yeah, and so, and yet, how much of this do you hear anything at NBC, ABC, or CBS on that?

No. That s why we keep trying to tell people, folks, you sit there and you watch them and people are still being conditioned by them and they re a part of the collective. They are the enemy, and I don t know, to me, people doesn t seem to register with people. So I think they re actually starting to pick up on it, though, because if you go, like, read comments on websites, news sites, or social media, you don t have that rabid, you had better get the vaccine or else it s like they re quieting down.

I think it s, I think even the people that have been vaccinated are starting to see something s wrong. Should we let Jonathan read an article on the air? Yes. Okay, Jonathan. He s got a good voice for radio. Okay, look here. Well, thank you. Thanks for not saying that I have a good voice for radio.

Start with the headlines. Okay. Well, actually, I want to ask a question first. Sure.

Okay. Jon or Pastor, you guys, anyone know, to the best of my recollection, all of these waves of immigrants, of these migrants coming across the invasion at the southern border, are they still not subject to jab? They re not subject to jab. They re given hotel rooms and fed and everything. There s no When our veterans are dying in the streets.

Yeah. In fact, they even transferred some of the money from the V.A. Biden wanted to do that, to give some of the veterans money to give these guys coming in food and a place to stay. Because veterans might And health care. And health care. College education to the Arizona governor, I think, is trying to push a bill for 40 million dollars for the illegal immigrants for college education. And so, meanwhile, there s still push going on all over the media and commercials and everything, trying to get people to go out and get more jabs.

But the people that are coming across the border Yep. Nothing. Not a peep. Correct. No interest in getting them to go out and get jabbed. Now, read the second article.

The second article is the one that you should read, because it s got to do with Here s what they re doing, what people don t realize, but go ahead, read the headline. Science finally admits that artificial sweeteners cause sudden death, but only to deflect from COVID jabs. That s right. Ah, okay. So it s the sweeteners and not the jab. Right. Yeah. It s all of a sudden the sweeteners, you know, those that s sitting on the table at the restaurant, they cause sudden death. But that s just all of a sudden.

Remember, it was saccharine back in the 1970s, so they were finally there right. But that s all of a sudden, but we re still not hearing about the jab, have we? Isn t it, I m pretty sure that we what are we calling climate now, climate adjustment or climate change or climate circumstance, whatever they call it.

Is it the climate thing? Is that s what s leading to all these people dying. That s right, that s right.

That s doing it. Well, Pastor Ernie, the real cause, the real cause is we re saying all these things about the shot. It s putting such pressure on people that took the shot. It s raising their blood pressure. It s causing heart problems. So their hearts, their hearts are dying.

They re dying from heart attacks because of what we re saying about taking the shot. Oh, I thought it had Oh, it s our fault. Yeah, because Yeah, okay.

It s our fault. You know, I was concerned about, you know, one of these, some of them maybe being affected, you know, by driving down racist roads or racist bridges because I saw Buddha Jay was talking about that we have racist highways in this country that that needs to be, equity needs to be done. And so, you know, I never know. You know, if I go to a, you know, get on a highway that I m not familiar with, what if it s racist? And you never know these bridges. You go over a bridge, you could be on a racist bridge, and that s why we ve got good people in government looking out for us.

Okay. They ll take care of those racist bridges. Plus, don t forget that I m sure that a lot of the excess death is Trump s fault.

Yeah, well, the Russians were involved in it too. Yeah. But, you know, one of the things you one of the promises with that is that these people that drive across these racist bridges end up thinking they know what a woman is. Well, of course, we know. Right?

I mean, who knows what a woman is, right? And so, there you go. These are the woke we need a list. I need a list of those woke corporations. I need the biggest list to put out that we need to absolutely boycott.

I know that when the CEO coke came out and said we have to be less white, okay, well, I stopped drinking coke right at that point, and I m becoming whiter and whiter ever since. Look at what I have now. Okay. So, Pastor, is a plug for one of my volunteer activities, Unwoke Investing. That s the company that s we did deep dive into all of the companies that started boycotting Twitter when Elon Musk took over.

We re doing all kinds of stuff to reveal those companies that you re talking about. Well, get me a list of them and I ll reveal them here on the air. All right.

I ll get it to you. Well, we can. Craig, take us to the break. He said in the back of the church one Sunday morning, you could see the conviction in his eyes. The preacher tried to talk to him, but he never did give in. He said not today, maybe some other time. He said, Why don t you just give your heart to Jesus?

He said, I don t know, maybe some day I will. But he ran out of tomorrows today. He died all alone out on an old highway. No one knows if he had the time to pray.

He ran out of tomorrows today. I remember when I was a kid. I remember how he loved the gospel singing. Sometimes he would even sing along. Sometimes he would sing along.

And the singers seemed to reach him with their songs. Then the preacher gave another invitation. He said, Sinner, without God you ll surely fall. Though he went with tears and the Lord was oh so near, he walked away from his final altar call. He ran out of tomorrows today. He died all alone out on an old highway. No one knows if he had the time to pray. He ran out of tomorrows today.

He ran out of tomorrows today. Alright, we ve done a number of programs on this here. Ed Dowd, who we ve had on the program in the past, he is warning that 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled every day as the Vax jabs take heavy, heavy toll, USA employed under a de-civilization assault. And that s exactly right. And so weapons expert Mark Steele has warned the public that the 5G weapons system designed to kill people masqueraded as being advanced technology for enhancing communications and faster downloads.

An expert, Robert Steele, said 5G represents the heinous crime of a person understanding the, understands the motive behind the deployment. Well, tell me, John, is that just another one of the conspiracy theories? Or has that been proved by a number of scientists? Well, it s actually starting to be proved faster, Ernie. Well, I mean, in Japan, they re proving it. In Germany, they proved it. Great Britain, they proved it. That s just off the top of my head.

I think in India also. And here, we re proving it, but the government absolutely, it will not pay any attention to it. None. They want the people to die.

It s obvious, best earned. They want the people to die. Well, this is why we re going to be showing that film at 4 o clock on Sunday, all the documentations there right from the Department of Defense. And so, folks, this is why we re here trying to warn people, you know, you ve got to come out of La La Land.

You ve got to get awake. Yes. Can I interject something? Sure. So, here s a perspective that I encourage everybody to consider. It used to be, when you look back a couple hundred years at the way warfare was conducted, we all have seen those movies where like the soldiers all line up in bright uniforms and they march and then they go up and they shoot muskets and then they fall and then the other people shoot. And then suddenly, there was a change, a huge change and we went to guerilla warfare and then new weapons are created and then there s chemical warfare and then there are bombs and airplanes.

It s constantly evolving. Warfare is evolving. So, for people out there looking at this stuff that s happening and the jabs and all these things and thinking, boy, that might lead us to war one day, I would encourage anybody thinking that way to change your thinking. We are at war presently. We re absolutely at war.

You re absolutely right. And they re knocking, they re knocking the simple minded off left and right. They re knocking those off who didn t listen. They got the jabs and people, so many of them that have gotten the jabs, they feel, even because they were warned and they didn t listen and they feel so embarrassed that even when one of the relatives, I had a guy call me, tell me that them, five of them, there were four of them, he had four siblings, they re all, I guess, all grown in their 50s or 60s, and his siblings pressured him to take the jab and he said, he listened to me on the radio, he said he would ve taken it had he not heard the radio program, we talked about it, and he warned them, he warned them about what he d heard on this program and they laughed at him and said, That s conspiracy theory. They all took the jab and they all died.

And because they all went in together and so that batch of what they had, had to be, you know, one of the bad ones, okay. You know what s happening with that and this is for anybody that works in healthcare out there, and I ve got some friends in nursing, I mentioned one of them, she s under attack, and I ve talked to her about this. You know what, it s these people are incredibly deceitful and they have incredible foresight and planning. They ve been planning this for who knows how many years.

So, here s what s happening. Those batches of all those jabs out there, they have different dosing instructions and they re very complicated and they re hard to follow and you don t really know what the ingredients are. And so, what s starting to happen, we re already starting to see this and I think it s going to get worse and worse, in order to avoid liability and culpability, the pharmaceutical companies are going to point the finger at the nurses and say the nurses didn t read the dosing properly. So, if they are able to track back and attach the death to that jab. That s what they re doing with Rindesavir. That s exactly what they ve been doing with Rindesavir.

Yeah, the same thing with Rindesavir, they re going to start doing with the choromordinitis or whatever it s called, you know, that stuff. Same thing, they re going to point the finger and try and evade blame. Well, one good thing is a lot of lawsuits taking place now against these hospitals and that, to force their people to take them, okay, because they went along with them. And so, and they re not, you notice something too, you notice some of these guys that were snowed, they were snickered, snuckered, and I m talking about people like Franklin Graham, he trusted them, he knows better now. But you notice how they re quiet, they re not pushing, you re not hearing any of them pushing now, they were out there telling people, go ahead and get them, now they re dead silence.

That s kind of what I was saying earlier, if you kind of go through the comments, the social media, you don t have that rabid, get the vaccine, get the vaccine, it s like the people that have already taken it are, I think, worried and they re quiet. Yeah, Pastor Ernie, who was that preacher who was a Baptist preacher from Dallas? I mean, he was like an evangelist with his shots, he used to be on Fox News.

He was one of, yeah, he was one of Donald Trump s spiritual advisors, and yeah, he s still on Salem, and they were using their church, he was loving people, he s not doing that now, you don t hear them saying anything now, they re very quiet. Yeah, that s what I m saying, but he was an evangelist to take the shots. Yeah, but to see the thing of it is, well, you know, Franklin Graham was telling people to take the shot. Franklin Graham, from what I understand, had got myocarditis, he had, and then his niece also, okay, and so, now he s not, anymore, he s not pushing it anymore, either. We were trying to tell people, John, do you remember this, remember this, before one person had taken the shot, before anybody had taken the shot, they had tested it on animals, they tested it on animals, and they were showing you, we told you that the animals that they tested on eight animals, all eight of them died, all eight of them died, okay, and so, here, this is, before that shot, it was an experimental shot, wasn t tested on any people, okay, and we were telling people, folks, listen, that s not a good sign, that s not a good sign at all, okay, when they tested it on animals, and all the animals that took the shot died, okay, and so, way before any of the people that took it, we had Wendy Wilson, she, Wendy did a big study into the history of those vaccines, and it s not a good study, it s not a good history.

One of my favorite memes was two rats talking, it s just one picture, first one asks the second one, are you going to get the vaccine, the second one says, no, I m going to wait until the human trials are over. Yeah, that s what s happening, that s exactly what s happening, too, there. Well, the way that I really realized something was wrong, like the vaccine, the COVID-19 had just hit, just hit, and I m watching the news somewhere, and there is Gates on it, Bill Gates, and he s all excited, and he s saying, oh, we re going to need a vaccine, everybody in the world is going to be in that, needed a vaccine for this, and we re going to need boosters, we ll need two, three shots, real excited, like I m talking right now, and when I know Bill Gates, I know the history about him, and I know what he s done with shots in Africa and Asia, and what, 400,000 kids got polio in India because of him? Yeah.

So I there s warrants out for his arrest there, and what he did, remember what he did in that, what is it, oh, what is that ailment that the girls get, I m trying to think of what it is, it s something that especially young girls get, and I can t remember, but anyhow, I was at a meeting, I was at a meeting, and I used to go in the meetings before they knew who I was, and I could sit there, between the World Health Organization, Sierra Club Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, they were talking openly, and here, eight times as many, the human papilloma, the papilloma virus, that s what it was, what was it called, human papilloma, and they were talking about eight times as many girls managed died from the vaccine as died from the virus, and they were celebrating that, that was a big deal, and so. Yeah, India and Africa will have nothing to do with the Gates Foundation, actually the smartest countries on the planet. Yeah, smart. Yeah, so right away, when I saw him behind it, and how excited he was, oh, you re going to need a vaccine, everybody in the world s going to, and Fauci was saying it too, this won t be, this pandemic won t be over until everybody in the world is vaccinated, so when I saw that, that opened my eyes up, and sure enough, the Lord was giving me insight to it, and it turned out to be true.

Yeah, absolutely. John, we re coming up to, how much time do we have there? Yeah, I wanted to tell the folks too, Lord s willing, okay, we found out now how they re taking it down, what s bringing us down here, and so, but the problem of it is, we don t, right now, our head engineer is in the hospital, we ve been praying for him, and the opposition knows that, but we should have this problem rectified by Monday, okay, so you folks out there, I m sorry to many of you, you know, we got knocked down off a lot of stations again, okay, and I apologize for it, but there s nothing we can do about it, okay, again, they only do it to me, and it s because of programs like this one, but having guests like you guys on there, but we re not going to quit, this, I ve been on the air for 50 years, they ve been doing this to me all these years, they ve tried everything else, and we re still here, aren t we, by God s grace, yeah, we re over the target, and we re going to, and it s the content of the program that I ve been told is the reason, of course it is, of course it is, that s what they re doing. Now, very quickly, I wanted to say before we go into prayer, folks, you don t know what s going on right on our border, our southern border, there s a civil war taking place down there in Mexico, the drug dealers that Obama, that Biden wants to bring into this country, that he s keeping the gates open for, they re fighting with the Mexican armies out there, and they ve got them outnumbered. Now, if Trump were in office, if Trump were in office, he would send special forces down there, and that would be taken care of in a hurry, okay?

It would be really taken care of, okay? But Trump s not in office, and Biden is not on our side. Obama-Biden is on the opposition side.

His job is to keep the door open so the terrorists can come in, and boy, he s bringing them in. By the way, I just had an article there, and I was going to get to that one, too. Here in our country, we re having substations, electric grids are being shut, being attacked, and you re not hearing any of it. I mean, you re just not hearing. Here you go.

Here you go. Media blackout over terror incident at a Vegas flower plant. You re having these things happening all across the country, and you re not hearing anything about it. Over in Europe, in Germany, right now they re having a crisis. They re having a crisis with food, and they re having a crisis with heating oil, okay? In France, they re ready to again, the protest, they call them protesters, but they ve had it. They re about ready to riot.

China, and China, it s really bad in China, but you re not hearing any of that from the collective news media, okay? Folks, and that s why we re here. John, you got about five minutes.

Can you give a good imitation of five minutes? I sure will, Pastor Ernie, and I think that the best way, Pastor Ernie, to know how to have the assurance of eternal life, to be in heaven with Jesus Christ, is to, from the testimony of the people that are in heaven. How about that, Pastor Ernie? Amen.

That s the best way, yep. Yeah, so we go to Revelation, Chapter 5, Verse 9, and there s the people singing in heaven, and they re singing to Jesus Christ, and it says, And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof. Now here it is, For thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood, out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. Then it goes on to say, And hast made us unto our God kings and priests, and we shall reign on the earth. So the people are telling us in heaven, they re singing to the Lord, We re there because you were slain, that means He died on the cross, and has redeemed us to God by your blood.

And then it goes to say, every kindred, that s every tribe, every tongue, every language, and people, and nation. So God is no respecter of persons, and He doesn t care if you re in the United States or you re in someplace in Africa or Asia. What He does respect is faith in Jesus Christ. That s what God respects.

And He responds. God will respond to anyone that will trust Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. So I can t think of a better witness of the people in heaven telling us how they got there. Now there s another verse connected with this, and it s John 3.16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. So John 3.16 says, For God so loved the world, and then we see in heaven the world, every kindred, every tongue, every people, every nation.

And they re there because of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well then in John 3.16, it says, For God so loved the world, and the proof now is all the people in heaven, that He gave His only begotten Son. And by giving His only begotten Son, that s Jesus Christ, Romans 5.8 says, God commanded His love towards us, and that while we are yet sinners, Christ died for us. So He gave His only begotten Son that He loves us, and the proof He loves us is that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. And then the next part of the verse says that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

You must personally, it s not enough that God loves you, His love is there, but you must appropriate that love by confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Those are the ones that are in heaven. So the way God s plan is that you have to repent, that you just can t, it s an act of the will, repentance, and God tells us, the Word tells us that we need to repent, to turn without Jesus Christ to Jesus Christ and His Word, and His Word, and then do what the people in heaven did. They believed that He died on the cross and shed His blood for their sin. They confessed Him as their Lord and Savior.

In fact, they give me a confession right there in heaven in Revelation 5.9. You re absolutely right, Judd. We re out of time for tonight. Thank you. That was a great invitation. Well, I wanted to say, folks, good night. Hopefully, pray for us, pray that we can be back on. Good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting right after this.
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