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WED HR 2 011123

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 12, 2023 12:07 am

WED HR 2 011123

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 12, 2023 12:07 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at As you know, with a new year sometimes comes a few changes. A change for us is that we will be taking a hiatus in several markets at the beginning of the new year. Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Little Rock, Orlando, and Tampa. At the start of 2023, we will not be broadcasting in these radio markets. However, if you are in those cities, you can still listen to what's right, what's left online at the word That's the word Cleveland, as you know, is our home market. We expect that this hiatus will be temporary, but we need to take a hiatus while we catch up on a few bills.

We are a donor supported ministry, so thank you to those of you who have been supporting us from those cities, and we look forward to getting back with you on the radio in those cities as soon as possible. Speak now to those who rule the former Republic of these United States, for you know your crimes. I do not intend for this to be all-inclusive of the charges for which you should be brought to justice. Time does not permit me the luxury of an all-inclusive indictment.

Only those which an average man, a free man, finds most abhorrent and deserving of your arrest, conviction, execution, and eternal damnation. We, the American people, are your enemy. Not because we want to put your throat under our boot. Not because we want to loot your life savings. Not because we are allied with nations, powers, and institutions outside of the constraints of the original Constitution and common law. Not because we wish to write laws, rules, regulations, to tax and criminalize you while exempting ourselves from any manner of law.

Not because we have written a law that denies you a day in court with a jury of your peers before execution. Not because we have pre-positioned war materials across the nation in case you object. Not because we wish to plunder the wealth of other nations and distribute the booty among our friends and sycophants. Not because we wish to destroy that we may then offer salvation, our iron fist enclosed in a velvet glove but only for a time.

Not because we wish to be our enemy but because you have given us no choice. Through the use of subtle and blatant law, you have systematically destroyed the Constitution of these United States. No, we are not all ignorant of the meaning behind the gold fringe on the flags in our courts of so-called law. Nor have we ignored your passing of massive unintelligible legislative tomes largely unread and written by the very industries they are purported to regulate with the effect that now international corporations wield the power of law and as such the gun to enforce and guarantee their profits to the negation of individual choice, liberty, and the security of the American people. Through lies, deception, deceit, and disinformation, you have systematically destroyed our monetary system, necessitating the use of force to coerce not just your own citizens to use this worthless and worse, a debt instrument as currency, but have killed millions in other nations in an effort to force them only to use this totally debauched and worthless currency. Through lies and disinformation, you have erected a vast army of tax enforcement with a court system of its own and a monumental collection of ambiguous and fluid regulations insurmountable by mere citizens, but that can be overseen by an obvious tax cheat.

Such is the fairness of a system which was never ratified by the states, a fact acknowledged by but held to be de facto law anyway by a corrupt judiciary. You have caused revolutions to install puppet regimes so your corporate masters could feast on the carcasses of nations, installed corrupt and brutal dictators till it was advantageous to you to replace them. Again, more blood on your hands, more profit for the military industrial complex, commodity corporations, and of course your gods, the bankers. You have stolen trillions of dollars from the American people to bail out corrupt financiers and gamblers of Wall Street, trillions more of the people's wealth has gone to domestic and foreign banks.

Audits of the Federal Reserve money printers are denied to hide this duplicity. Trillions more go to corporations whose ineptitude should have led to their demise, but instead they received bailouts and they did bail out. Closing plants here and relocating overseas, our money paying for our people to be thrown out of work. Mussolini, the father of corporatism, said that fascism should more properly be called corporatism, the joining of corporate greed and government power over the people. It is a fact that now America is a classic fascist state. You have codified into law for the first time in the history of written law where there is a constitution, the power of the executive branch and military to kidnap, torture, and kill a citizen merely on your claims suspicion that they are affiliated with terrorists. Then, claiming national security and forced signings of non-disclosure agreements, all involved in the disappearance are silenced and an American is just gone, disappeared. And who are these suspected terrorists? By your own homeland security, a partial list reads like the best America has to offer. Christians, veterans, constitutionalists, libertarians, Austrian economics advocates, gun owners, preppers, survivalists, citizen journalists, and whistleblowers of your lawless actions.

I speak of course of the 2013, 12, 13, and now 14 NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act. You have promoted racial hatred within our borders and promulgated that division, that the American people are at odds with one another because of skin pigmentation. The fact is that you have built these divides and exploited them. Divide and conquer is a strategy as old as a Roman Empire. You have through false flag attacks vilified a race and religion that has not attacked the United States. On the contrary, the United States is demonstrably the aggressor. Just as General Wesley Clark repeatedly stated in 2007 and I quote, we are going to take out seven nations in five years.

I'm surprised he wasn't given a exploding Mercedes for that one. Then again, he's not a journalist, but possibly just a mouthpiece sent to give us the requisite warning. You are behind schedule. That internet is a hindrance to you, is it not? And to that, you are at this moment considering legislation to the effect of licensing journalists and free speech. To license is to give permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal. Such licensing destroys the Fourth Estate whose most important role historically in this country used to be watching you, but no longer. Now you wish to give your lap dogs golden collars and in your typical fascistic fashion limit the free speech of the real and growing new Fourth Estate.

Bloggers, independent journalists, YouTubers and any not under your influence. We who are not the recipients of your stolen largess and who would never accept a role of controlled opposition for three million pieces of silver, let alone 30, to protect your great treason are the reincarnation of the pamphleteers at the founding of this nation. And just as King George could not stop the spread of the idea of liberty, neither will you be able to stop the truth. Your growing use of free speech zones notwithstanding, your every tyrannical act adds fuel to the fire which will consume you. You are admittedly poisoning our skies and soil with barium salts, aluminum and other toxic compounds. You long denied it, but now you say it is classified. Masters don't explain their actions to slaves. Classified.

None of your business. Even how our so-called representatives vote on military action is now classified. You have corrupted our food supply while you make it against the law for a food product to be labeled contains no GMOs.

Your congressional cafeteria is a GMO free zone as is the cafeteria of the British Parliament and as is the cafeteria at Monsanto where they create these frankenfoods. More hypocrisy. Our voting machines are owned by private corporations and no one, not even you representative, are allowed to see the programming as it is a proprietary secret of a corporation. The ease of vote rigging exposed in the video hacking democracy and Ron Paul supporters can tell you firsthand about your voter fraud Republican style. Yet you who have destroyed the sanctity and security of the vote here have the hypocrisy to point to other tyrants and demand fair elections of them, but only if the tyrant is not of your making.

There is much more. Health insurance, fascism, pharmaceutical, fascism, environmental, fascism, big agra, fascism, the prison industrial complex, fascism. Virtually every aspect of an American's life is now directly affected by the merging of government with international corporations, but for the sake of brevity I will address only one more. The big lie. The great treason. A foreign nation ever aggressive and violent to its neighbors has suborned the so-called representatives of the people of these United States to treason.

Further, it is with the people's money that this bribery has been perpetrated. A nation formed on exaggerated guilt over an ever increasingly exposed exaggerated occurrence. The very questioning of the validity of these claims now criminalized in some European nation.

What truth needs the power of the gun to defend it? A nation-state who never lives up to a treaty obligation nor ever pays back alone. A nation-state that receives billions of dollars annually in grants of cash weapons and loans which you will never ever be asked to repay. A nation-state racist to the core who abuses its own citizens, is apartheid, has even sterilized minority immigrants, yet who wears race on its sleeve as a deception. Any questioning of the actions of this nation-state is called racist. A nation that has killed Americans in international waters in an attempt to false flag the United States into war with Egypt. A nation we had no quarrel with.

Ironically, the attack was on a vessel named Liberty. A nation-state in possessions of hundreds of nuclear weapons has admitted in documented discussion in its own legislature and the delivery system sufficient to threaten any point in the world yet who refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. This fact alone makes it against American law for it to receive aid from the United States.

Additionally, this state has been exposed for attempting to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa. But what does law matter? When to run for high office in the United States a prerequisite is to take a pilgrimage and show obeyance to this nation-state. To whom do your duties lie representative? For whom do you concern yourself?

That's a rhetorical question for the answer is all too clear. No, we're not your enemy because we wish to be. We are your enemy because you have left us no choice. For the future of these United States to not be a corporate gulag controlled by an international elite. For these United States to not be the greatest threat to world peace. For these United States to not be a threat to the food supply of the world. For these United States to not be the next destructive empire. For these United States not to be the reason for thermonuclear war that destroys humanity. For these United States to not be the club by which millions more in the Middle East and Africa are murdered in the lust for profit and at the behest of a cancer we ourselves planted in Palestine. For these United States to be a place where my grandson can have equal justice under the law. For these United States to return to a republic for justice and the rule of common law and respectful of natural rights. We the real Americans must declare ourselves your enemies and as such enemies of the police state you have so craftily and illegitimately created. My name is Chuck Smith Texas USA and I say to you openly and without reservation I pledge my life my wealth and my sacred honor to stand in the defense of the original Constitution of these United States. To expose you for the war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity that you are and with my last breath to spit in your lying eyes. Cry havoc and loose your dogs of war on us if you will I am not alone for we the real American public are your enemy. Alrighty we are back and Joe and Wendy you know something that and I look at and I just scratch my head today I was listening to the Republican congressman and they were talking about if we could just get Joe Biden you know when they finally got him to go to the border right and but of course they sanitized everything so they made sure that Joe Biden didn't see one single illegal alien you know I mean this this was all all Hollywood all set up but they're talking about right they're talking about it Joe Biden can only talk to the oil men understand that we need and they would talk to the people understand that we need we need cheaper gas we need the farmers the farmers need they need to be able to plant their crops now so they've got to have the manure they've got to have the height yeah and so all these things but see here it's cut like saying if Hitler only knew the damage he was doing to the Jews if we could just talk to him you can see people somehow and I look at that and I think to myself congressman how stupid are you now Joe and Wendy now you are pretty smart folks and if I was to ask you what is your most right now the most serious threat to you China Russia North Korea or Washington DC in the Democratic Party what what group out there wants to take away your freedom they want to take they want to control you every aspect of your life they want to kill your children and depopulate your the planet the our country who is it is it China Russia North Korea or is it the Democratic Communist Party that's not even a real question the enemy is within the enemy is our own government that has been you know we have been taking over there's been a revolution going on and most Americans don't even realize they're in the middle of a revolution and they're losing well you know I keep watching these people and on Fox News it seems like they have been inflected they've come down with a really bad case of stupid it's it's like they just can't it's in other words until they're told out there by their trainers they're in an NBC ABC CBS and the mainstream media until they're told now you can believe this now they even though it's right in front of them the idea is what are you gonna believe what they're telling you or your lying eyes things that you see right in front there are people out there listen there's Democrats out there I know someone will tell you that the border secure that the border secure even though five million people have come through there and they've got a really bad case of stupid you know the Bible what is the Bible referred to them in Proverbs to the simple-minded simple-minded and so anyhow sometimes I just sat there and I just scratched my head thinking you know when are they gonna wake up to the reality of what's happening all around them you know we saw a case of this I'll just say this and I think what we're gonna do Joe if you leave you have give any major articles you want to get out tonight before we open the phone lines yeah I think we should bring out the fact in the military let's see where the trouble is there so many things here um yeah here's the story I wanted terrified children won't even go to the bathroom all day long with the woke rule you know girls this is Joe Kovacs writing girls spend more time in the restroom they're more vulnerable and there's a pastor Anthony Cooper at the Life Church in Shelby Ohio and he's saying right there that the school children are terrified about the new transgender restroom policy there and in the Shelby City School District in Ohio and he said I'm really devastated about what's taking place we're finding many of these girls won't go to the bathroom all day long because they are so afraid and he is trying to get clergy and parents to stand up he said we will not sacrifice the safety and privacy of children on the altar of political correctness and they're fighting this LGBT movement he said we're not hateful we just want community to be safe and the school board is doing nothing but assisting the evil the wickedness and you know this is happening all over America we've listened to this political correctness people tried to go along with what somebody said is right or wrong instead of any old days going to the Bible looking at God's Word and right now the same just to go with this there's a new book out called in the schools this book is gay and it's being put out all over and it's in the New York City middle schools and it starts out one of the it it's so profane I don't know what I can say on the radio but one of the chapters is all about strap-ons and it just this is being given to children from 11 to 13 the book is gay uses slang and edgy it talks about anal sex trans genders different all kinds of words that I can't do on the radio and discusses orgies kinks all kinds of things how to have girl-on-girl sex etc one of the passage starts out let's talk about dildos and then we turn around and see majority of teenagers report consuming pornography the average age is around 11 to 12 years old and it talks about 73 percent of our teenagers by the time they're 17 have been consuming pornography 54 percent are watching it online at age 13 or younger yada yada yada you put all these three things together the three stories we are destroying our children the most precious thing that God has given us children our grandchildren and I do not hear the anger from the parents the grandparents I hear silence I see this I'm in a rage and yet nobody seems to want to stand up and fight and do the joke the only reason those parents in that Shelby School District would leave their children in those schools is that they don't care anything for their children now you folks in Shelby I know you we have a lot of listeners in that area if you disagree if you if you think well it there's nothing wrong with leaving your your children that that is a degenerate that Shelby School District is run by that school board by degenerate people degenerate people now if you have a disagree with that you welcome to call me I'd be glad to have you come on the air with me on that but you won't okay but anyhow you see Joe people that love their children listen to this because I'm gonna venture right into something that is really you know I could get censored for that is common sense I hold the common sense yes that's right that's where I'm going and if you love your children get them out of there Wendy just like would you allow if I had a daughter I would never let my daughter go into the military I would not let her I would tell you go into that military how would you like to be going into a shower and having some naked man come in there standing next to you would that intimidate you a little bit yeah I would be on my guard plus since he's naked I have a clean view of my target I'm gonna kick them where the Sun don't shine already yeah but here's the thing with the girls not going to the bathroom they they're gonna get urinary tract infections exactly now my my daughter who's now 30 she she said when she was in high school now the school on the outside looks brand-new but they didn't maintain anything these people you know they hire janitors and stuff but you know and they even have security guards that don't have any weapons and the schools are wide open they're not locked they're not secure you know I forgot my key one day and the school the high school was a couple blocks from my house and I was out walking my dog and I forgot my key so I had to walk my dog which was a lab a black lab and I went in through the bus parking lot and straight into the double doors that weren't locked and I'm walking probably two corridors before one of their security guards notices me and we'll get this pastor you know I'm just in blue jeans and a t-shirt right and sneakers walk in a black lab he thinks get this he thinks I'm there to check lockers with my sniffing dog oh and I didn't say anything to him except I need to go to the office and he escorts me to the office and then leave and then I had the ladies in the office call my youngest son because he had a key to the office that I can get back in but my daughter said this the school's bathrooms were not attended to and nobody wanted to use them this is before you had this gender nonsense going on this is like 2010 okay this is we got to go to the break we have to go to before you do how many lockers did you and your dog check we didn't check any all right we'll be back right after this don't go away and now the end is near if you're not saved then you're hurt it's him that you should fear and that's the truth I know for certain he gave me life that's eternal he kept me from going astray he's God and this I know he did it his way regrets he's had none not even one that I can mention he saved you and I he brought us through without exemption plan each charted course a guiding light for sure not more or less he did it his way throughout ancient times I know it's true there was never anything that he couldn't do never was it a doubt what he said he lived he suffered and died but he arose in him I know a pie for history it's just his story his word is where life's at and may I say oh no no not me he did it his way a broken heart he can heal and in his word the truth revealed his word shows what we all know he did it his way a broken heart he can heal and in his word the truth revealed his word shows what we all know he did it his way boy did he he did it his way he's doing it his way and in the end oh you liberals are gonna be in for a real rude awakening because God always gets his way now 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 the phone lines are open and we'll just go ahead and take Brian Brian you're in the air how you doing pastor Ernie and Joe we're doing okay good hey I want to kind of chime in with you know Joe's really ahead of me on this again but I was actually want to call it in we all know that Obama signed that marriage bill to authorize you know here in the United States our beautiful United States that is to recognize marriages between different sexes and right after that all across other countries in the world we live in all a bunch of other country governments started signing the same bill and here it is now Joe Obama whatever you call him but he's been consecutively announcing that everyone should marry whoever they're attracted to etcetera and you know retailers stores and companies are now when you go to fill out a job application they're adding not just male and female but they're adding other you know what's your other sex and very lightly almost every night when I turn on the local news the school districts here in the Dallas Metroplex they're having these school board meetings and the parents are arguing and fighting about you know it's not getting physical at each other about you know which bathroom their daughter or their son they should have the freedom to enter whatever bathroom that they choose and then in the schools you know they're taking God and Jesus out of the schools they can't pray in the schools but they can have this going on in the schools and the other day I was in Wal-Mart and here in the Dallas Metroplex and I witnessed a uniformed Wal-Mart store employee on the back aisle where the back stock they keep the back stock and he was she was on her knees with a burka you know the type of clothing that they wear this was in a retail store and I'm like what's going on here so and then recently I was reading the New York Post and there's a Norwegian actress named Tanje Jeevajan she faces up to three years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians and it states that a woman in Norway is facing up to three years in prison on criminal hate speech charges after saying that a man cannot become a lesbian and it mentions Tanje Jeevajan I know Ryan I'm going to have to because of time and jump in but look look who is the author of confusion the Lord Jesus said God is not the author Satan is the author of confusion Satan is the God of this world now God actually spelled it out he literally spelled it out told us here's the way things are going to be okay when you see these things then you'll know what dispensation you're in you're going to know the timeline so we see all these things happening just like God's word the Bible said they would and now we're here and he has raised us up for such a time as this and guess what the people in Texas the people anywhere it's up to them to let those public school officials know very clearly very clearly that that their children are not to be taught that and they should either pull their children out of the public schools and if they don't or take over those public schools and that's happening little by little across the country I know we've had up here where I live but all across the country parents are saying enough is enough is enough and that's what I'm saying enough is enough got to move on who do we have next we have Mary from Stowe Mary from Stowe I know that Mary that's my old friend Pastor Sanders I went to the NOACA meeting last night I did too okay well I'm going to tell you what I think and you probably may not agree with this I don't think if there had been five thousand people any difference at all these people it's my understanding they are a communist they're globalist and communist yes and it doesn't matter what we say they're rolling out their program that's right and we have to resist it we have to fight it and we have to be more aggressive and attack where I was at okay let me tell you what I was at they were they were booed they were booed when they would put up on the screen where they would ask you what can we do NOACA and they give you those seven things asking you what should you do what is the how can NOACA best help the answer came up on the screen from all the people out there get out leave our county get away when they ask about now see NOACA do you know what they're they're limited their authority to the roads and bridges did you know that yes and I thought see I think that we should I think two things one is we either go to the state or we get an attorney to sue them because if they're doing something unconstitutional there's I think it's the 1851 constitutional law firm in southern Ohio Maurice Thompson he does a lot of that work I don't think what we do is going to make a hell of a difference I think that we have to have more clout well we are working on it just for example listen this radio program turned out there was about a hundred people at our meeting last night and there wouldn't have been they had like twenty chairs set up they didn't expect anywhere near and they had four sheriff's deputies there because they were police officers rather but here here's the point the point was the people came and the people let them know very clearly we don't want you now when I when I asked you about this NOACA NOACA for you folks that don't understand that is the Ohio's version of agenda 2030 and that's a whole different program but anyhow their only their only authorization is bridges and roads but now they've decided that they're going to take over the environment and control the weather that they want to control the weather and you know the question was asked what should we do with Lake Erie and all the people put up on the screen jump into it I know they had a lot of funny things from our group too but I just think that we've got to do something different to stop this and I wasn't wondering if we could sue them because if they're doing something unconstitutional something that they were not appointed for okay here's the thing they can't do anything without your county commissioners your county commissioners are the ones that can say no your county commissioners can stop them dead in their tracks that's where you have to go after you have to go after your county commissioners and your county commissioners have got to say we don't want we want NOACA out but that's what you got to do so you get after it young lady you get after it okay you got your god bless you Mary alright bye bye who do we have next we have another Brian Brian from Michigan Brian you're in the air hi can you hear me yeah I can hear you I just want to know what your thought is on this you know in the Bible it says God made man a little lower than angels but I was reading last week I think it's Daimler or Kings about God sent one angel to wipe out like a whole army of I don't know how many thousands of people one angel so it's hard to kind of reconcile that how does one angel wipe out somebody well ask yourself this what is a little to God a little to God is not like a little to us okay and so right but here's the good news we will be judging angels someday someday we will be in charge of angels yeah I remember reading that can I ask you real quick too what what is the type of church you said don't be a 41c or something like that if it's in your control 501c3 you're talking about a 501c3 that's that's a corporation for not doing that you have to pay like property taxes how they get you you're not considered a tax exempt to get the pay no you don't have to all churches all churches are not only tax exempt they're tax immune real churches say but when you become a 501c3 you cease to become a church you become a corporation you can put church on every brick on the building but if you become a 501c3 do you agree in a contract in a covenant with the state that the state not Christ is your head you agree that in contract you agree that you are a corporation corpus means non-living creation of the state and not the living body of Christ but I gotta move on but thanks Brian who do we have next Maryland okay let's go to Maryland Maryland you're in the air hi pastor Ernie hi Maryland I have a question for you at the beginning of the program you list states that are going to be dropped from the radio program and it says it's only temporary but how can that be when you said a long time ago that if a station is dropped you never get it back well we've never been able to go back on the stations that we've been dropped off of but Salem has told me that they have said that they will that they will that means they have to move everything around but if we we get up we pay back we get caught up in the bills they will put us back on the station so Joe have we ever been able to go back on program I've supported your program ever since I've been listening to it and it's a shame this has gotta be the way it is yeah it is a shame but you see a lot of people out there listen they benefit but they're not they're not carrying their weight and other stations have kept them on and so they've got 14 days 14 if we can get enough of a response in 14 days but it's got to be not a one-time thing it's got to be a continual then we would stay on the air praying for pastor Ernie I've been praying for WRWL radio stations and I have prayed that some rich person out there and I mean super rich dig deep into those pockets and grant you a million dollars to where you will never have to have ask for donations again well you keep praying for that you keep praying on that and I've had I've heard from a number of people that they believe that God's going to give us a miracle and you know that's in God's hand it's not mine we've done all we can do Joe and I and so but listen thank you and God bless and thanks for calling you too one more fast call one more fast call we got cliff cliff you're in the air yeah hi one is Wendy still a uh yeah Wendy not Wanda Wendy I said one yeah I know I know Wendy's blonde too I know that you know uh but uh Wendy uh you know uh there's articles in Google scholars saying that Kirkman is beneficial for uh the cancer of the pancreas that it had a 20 uh cure rate uh again yeah and you know otherwise it's like with the with the contemporary treatment it's like two percent one percent so uh like why wouldn't that be brought out to light right well you might answer it's all things I mean these these journal articles have listed a lot of natural things that help and assist with the treatment of certain diseases like the cancer we've been talking about um yeah you're asking it's a very common sense question why isn't medicine utilizing that um because we can deduce that the the this part of healthcare is not interested in utilizing them or they'd be doing it so we then we ask well why aren't you doing it and you know obviously with scientifically tested and proven and you know so why isn't it being used so yeah good questions obviously um I've also learned that um business insurance companies are not interested in insuring products that have herbs in it like chaparral comfrey root st john's wort so um it's a it's a little you know crack in the door to get any of those herbals off the market you don't think there's being they're being pressured do you wendy uh I'm not a fly in the wall at their board meetings but you know I wouldn't be surprised okay all righty thanks cliff we got to move on we're out of time for tonight and uh you know what happens every day you know what happens in this country and around the world death death happens that's right and so if you died today folks out there even well even right now while you're listening to me right now while you're listening to me people are dying right now in this world uh let me ask you a question even if you're in excellent health would that keep you from dying what if you got killed in a auto accident do you remember the shock that you felt the last time you heard somebody you knew very well got killed in an accident we just we just had that I had a fellow just break down and a good dear friend of mine because his grandson who happened to be a grown man got crushed to death and so the certainty and most people today especially the young people the young people the young people have they just got no idea they don't think about things that we think about joe you know like you know well how many more days do we have in this world but you can't escape death you cannot and as it is appointed once to men to die and after that the judgment hebrews 9 27 now maybe you're thinking that if if i would die today i'm ready to go and i'll never ever done anything really bad i really haven't a lot of people i've heard people say this i i guess that i i've done more good than bad and somehow they think that's going to get them into heaven that won't get you into heaven see i don't believe that people will say i don't believe that a merciful god would ever send me to hell well god gives you the choice he gives you the choice folks you're the one that sends yourself there and people do people people often i've heard people say well you know what uh i'm not ready yet but right now i want to live the way i want to live but but when i get ready to die then then i'll call upon jesus i'll get saved we see folks um you may not he may not have any warning you may not i just heard today another another football player an air force football player just dropped dead and then uh of a heart attack it seems like all of these people out there many of you have taken the poisonous poke and you're you're kind of people are finding out that they're dying left and right even though they they're keeping it out of the fake news media but i can tell you this okay i know exactly when you're gonna die i know exactly when you're gonna die because the bible says that god has we're predestined we all have a pre-appointed time and so whenever that time is that god has appointed you the day and hour has been preset that your soul will be required of you that's already been preset problem of it is only god knows when that is you don't and so what i'm telling you right now is you can't be too ready and so here's what jesus said and he did all the heavy lifting he took your place substitutionary death on that cross you would not believe what he did for you you cannot believe there's no way you can even imagine because it's beyond your comprehension what the way you suffered but he did it and he tells you this if you will pray to the father pray to the father in his name ask for forgiveness of your sins if you'll do that god will always honor your commitment then you ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life all of your life without any exceptions and folks when that happens you will be a new creature aborting in believer and you will be indwelt from that very moment by the holy spirit and folks from that point on let me tell you no one has ever ever ever regretted getting saved but boy there's a whole lot of people out right now in hell wish they had yes today in hell there are no unbelievers everybody whether they're in heaven or hell are believers and you will be one someday whether you like it or not we're out of time for tonight wendy and joe so until tomorrow we want to say as we do this time every night god bless good night and always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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