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THU HR 1 010523

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 6, 2023 12:12 am

THU HR 1 010523

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned, my radio broadcast What's Right, What's Left is coming up right now. Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio.

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This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabassively cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you.

This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. As you know with a new year sometimes comes a few changes. A change for us is that we will be taking a hiatus in several markets at the beginning of the new year. Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Little Rock, Orlando and Tampa. At the start of 2023 we will not be broadcasting in these radio markets. However if you are in those cities you can still listen to What's Right, What's Left online at the word That's the word

Cleveland as you know is our home market. We expect that this hiatus will be temporary but we need to take a hiatus while we catch up on a few bills. We are a donor supported ministry so thank you to those of you who have been supporting us from those cities and we look forward to getting back with you on the radio in those cities as soon as possible. Alrighty we are back and folks I wanted to just say those those stations that were just mentioned we still have 19 days. We have 19 days left.

Now let me tell you it would take a miracle actually. I can say this we've done all that we can do and I mean when I tell you when I tell you I've done all you wouldn't believe what is what we've done trying to stay on those stations. Now we built up some real friendships over the years and here well I know many of you aren't on the internet so with many of you you might have a hard time getting us but we we would love to stay on the stations but now it's up to you on all of those stations that you've listened to us. If we had a big influx I mean we would really need to get some major donations from you if that happens we can stay on those stations. We've got 19 days so pray for us that we can do it if we could continue our job you know it's not going to be over till Lord returns as we're in now there's never been a time never ever ever been a time that we've been needed as much as we are right now today and we'll be talking more about that we've got some things coming up some real stories coming up in the very near future so anyhow with that we have here pretty much live in the studio.

Who are you people? No we have Little Lisa. Good evening everyone. Okay and we have Radical Randy. It's good to talk to you for the first time because since I've talked to you last a year has passed so be blessed no stress. Alrighty and in there across in the glass they're in there together we put them in there and watch them to see see if they'll fight but they're doing okay tonight and it's Craig and style all right there you go they're okay they're doing okay.

Now joining us out there from Illinois we have a Dr. Peter Glidden. Ho ho ho ho ho. Oh wait a minute I'm a little late on that.

Happy New Year. Alright very good we've got a lot of stuff to get going so we're gonna get right into it and tonight the title of the message there Peter was a royal priesthood in a holy nation now later on I'm gonna ask you some questions about what's happening with our food and I don't want to forget that because we're there's a lot of things going on out there but I'll talk to you about that the end of the program or the end of the scripture so as we go through Randy I want you to read verses 18 we're in 1st Peter chapter 3 through 20 read verses 18 through 20. For Christ also hath once suffered for the sins the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit by which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison which sometimes were disobedient when once in the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the Ark was being prepared wherein few that is eight souls were saved by water. So now here so who was the just and who was the unjust? Obviously there were eight just people with Noah and his family and the world was unjust.

Well not really okay he's saying for Christ has now once suffered for sins the just for the unjust okay okay so Christ was the just Christ was the only one yes there was nobody else that had not sinned okay that's right but now what you're talking about those eight were through Noah were considered to be righteous right but there there's a difference between being just and righteous so now okay here so that that included all all mankind okay he had Christ had suffered for the sins of all mankind now often you'll hear people and Peter if you have a question just jump in you'll hear people say well Christ died for everybody did Christ die for everybody no he did not see that's one of the most unknown misunderstood statements out there in the Bible let me ask you this if he if he had died for everybody what would have been the purpose of him dying for everybody well to be to save everybody for everybody would be safe does God accomplish his goals yes you mean in terms well God's goal is for everybody to be saved but he does he doesn't accomplish well what I'm saying if his purpose to die for everybody so that they would be saved and then everybody would have been saved right came no well how do we know that no he tells you in Romans chapter 8 starting with verse 28 exactly who he died for okay it was not God's will that any should come short right that any would die unsaved but he knew that and they were predestined now Jesus said in my father's house so many mansions if I go to prepare you a place I come back for you did he prepare a place for the wicked no well he did it is called hell yeah well I'm talking about in heaven yeah so here now you know these are these are things that people misunderstand okay in Scripture so again he tells you exactly now how did he know that because God is omniscient meaning right he knew exactly who would receive him he knew exactly who would reject him right that's right yes okay is God angry with the wicked every day every day every day so now he says here so being quickened by the spirit by which he went and preached into the spirits in prison who were the spirits in prison you know what I it's funny when I went over that I realized that I really didn't know okay those were the fallen angels the fallen they perished during the flood and so he and so he says here which sometimes were disobedient when once the long-suffering of God weighed in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing wherein few that eight souls were saved by water so here the those when he went down and what did he preach to him do you think in Hades he went to Hades Christ when he died remember when he was on the cross he said it was finished he ascended down in the Hades and what did he preach to those okay condemnation he had finished him when he died on the cross when he said it is finished he defeated death and hell okay so he had gone to those spirits that were in prison and he preached their final condemnation now and so here he goes on to say waiting the days know they are preparing there and a few and eight souls were saved by water they was how were they how were they saved by water the the few that were saved were in the ark okay you would have thought of the ark saved him actually see now how how does when you have the flood and the ark it was a type of the rapture of the church how would the flood in the ark be a type of the rapture of the church well it's it's like us in the end as they taught us as a kid God gave Noah the rainbow sign no more water fire next time so for Noah they were saved from the water like we'll be saved from the fire is that correct that I don't know okay during the rapture of the church what happens okay the church is taken up up into the first heaven and immediately what takes place on earth the tribulation so the tribulation period done on the earth you've got judgment taken place now during the flood when the waters rose up to the first heaven above Mount Arden so that they rose up to the first heavens they were taken up no one is eight we're taken up off the earth right so I'm understanding like the rapture will be taken up off the earth okay what was taking place down on earth at the time judgment judgment was taking place so it was a type of that right okay you said that people are are being the people the will harm the righteous if you will are being separated and being removed from the judgment that's happening on the earth yeah and so you're gonna have so actually the the ark was a type of Christ the ark was it okay because we're saved within Christ that's right now here he goes on to say the like figure now listen to what he says the like figure we're into even baptism death now also save us not putting away of the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience towards God okay so now here we identify with Christ in baptism it's not the ceremony that saves us right that's right you get baptized because you're saved not to be saved right what is the purpose of baptism is our profession right of an inner man's profession to the world of an inner possession of what salvation right that's right and so here baptism actually it's like it's a symbol of the transformation of what's already taken place well that what happens in the hearts of men that's that's what he's referring to okay so he goes on to say but it doesn't when the symbolism as you go in and why why is the symbolism of baptized by immersion the only one that makes any sense at all because it's like burying somebody and you don't bury somebody sprinkled in dirt you tuck them into the into the earth if you will underground well that probably could have an application but really what it is is you take them under with their sins okay they go under the water with their sin and when they come up their sins are washed away washed okay and they come up clean that's that no that only works with immersion now how do we know that immersion is the right way of baptizing not sprinkling or well Jesus was baptized and sprinkling was never mentioned in the Bible okay there's not one instance of anybody ever being in spray well how do we know that you don't baptize difference because how can an infant profess his faith confess his faith so there's not one one example of anybody being baptized unless they was done on their profession of faith and Christ as a Savior right it's correct so we know that then that doesn't work so with that okay I think I think we're gonna stop right there for tonight in the scripture and I wanted to again tell the folks out there Peter we're gonna have to go off about six stations come the 25th unless we get a miracle and that's what we're God's good at miracles isn't he and God's really good at miracle and so and if we do go off them well you know they could still leave us listen to us on what the word Cleveland calm right if they're on the internet but anyhow my car I would encourage the people out there listening right now while they can if they don't get our newsletter to get our newsletter it's very important because we send out a lot of information now I wanted to say to this coming Sunday we played a clip Peter I played a clip last night which we had played about a month ago just a little pieces of it talking about what where all of this is coming from here the VAX and it's all it's all coming from the Department of Defense the reason these courts and everybody were so afraid where they all back down it was because of the Department of Defense and because according to the FDA and others you supposed to put the list the ingredients you put into these VAX's unless so ordered by the Department of Defense the Department of Defense is immune for many of these so this is what has been taking place and people don't realize it and not only have they been behind killing and depopulating many in this country but also they're behind it you know throughout the world okay our America is not the good guy anymore our intelligence agencies President Kennedy President Reagan they wanted to do away with the CIA and President Trump also did and so anyhow no there's a lot of things happening right now that I don't think are coincidental tomorrow we have the case the hearing with the Bronson brothers that how does that coincide with what's taking place right now with with the Congress with electing a speaker there's a lot of things that are happening going on out there and maybe we should play a little bit of a Randy I'll tell you what why don't you read that that article you had to see if you can find that okay sure and this is one of the reasons Peter and that they here here is what the Republicans have learned the Republicans have learned that one you can't win Trump taught them they can win Trump taught them if they fight they can win okay too I think it what is happening when you have AOC and that the squat these nasty I mean really vulgar vulgar women I mean I've never seen women with such vulgar mouths all of those women they cuss they swear continuously vulgar mouths but they can make a lot of noise and they screamed and they hollered and they scared old Joe Biden and you know they scared old Bernie Sanders and so the Republicans have learned that maybe if you dig in and you learn to scream and you learn to holler you could take your advantage too because we have we have a real problem with the rhinos there the rhinos are the ones that betray us and people are being tired of being betrayed go ahead and read that little piece that you have their flashback Kevin McCarthy had dinner with Klaus Schwab spoke at WEF with McConnell's wife House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had dinner with Klaus Schwab while attending the World Economic Forum in 2018 and and that that's the we'll call it the intro representative Kevin McCarthy revealed he had dinner with billionaire Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in 2018 during remarks he made on the panel with Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao a shipping heiress of Chinese descent McCarthy attended the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland in 2018 the same year 45th president Donald Trump spoke to the elite group of wealthy business and politicians and journalists during the 30-minute panel discussion with Chao formerly with Chao formerly Trump's secretary of state and transportation and that's Kirstjen Nielsen formerly Trump's president of Homeland Security McCarthy remarked on having dinner with Schwab during the World Economic Forum while describing what quote America first unquote means to the audience he says as I sat around class dinner last night that's interest what's interesting is that the number of countries who are now taking now talking about their tax system and it kind of goes on from there but I think you get the idea that there's a relationship here yeah that's the that's that's the idea and this is one of the things that really have a lot of people really concerned and so those 20 because you know we've been betrayed and betrayed and betrayed and betrayed every time you know we we thought we were going some place we find out that whether it's McConnell or whoever the Rhinos seem to be you know sticking it right between our shoulder blades now in a few minutes we should have a guy called Mike Petrocelli Mike is running for the head of the board of elections he's just gonna call and he's gonna just make an announcement on what we need to do tomorrow because there's an elections on Saturday and you've got Mike who's gonna be running Mike is the founder of the jug on a tea party he's a hardcore Christian patriot a hardcore Christian patriot very conservative the people that he's running against the Rhinos so he's up and and so there's gonna be he's gonna make a plea to the people out there to call their central committeemen and the central committeemen are the ones that votes on whoever the board of elections speaker is gonna be and it's very very important because they're the ones that decide which candidates our party supports okay and so it's very important that people listen tonight when this is for the state of Ohio and actually for the county jog for people listed out there tonight you really need to listen and if you can help if you know who your central committeemen is give them a call and tell them to vote for Mike Petrocelli so Mike should be calling in on that here in a few minutes hopefully meanwhile before we come up to a break Peter I was gonna ask you here I'm understanding now that they're giving this mRNA the vaccine to cows to hogs to sheep and chickens now they're putting that in in our meat supply fantastic pardon fantastic yeah I mean whatever and here too I also understand well you know what hang tight we've got Mike real quick bring Mike up Mike I just gave Sanders how are you my friend well good tell the folks what they need to do I was just telling them that you're running for the head of the board of elections out there and tell them what they need to do I'll tell you if they go to the website or be all elections that geauga dot Ohio dot gov they go on that website there's a menu bar they hit the menu bar and they can go down and a menu pops up then go to elected officials on that and tap on that and that brings them up to a screen that says display officials it says please select the district type you go in there and you put down it and you scroll down and be a drop-down go all the way to the bottom it'll say central committee members and then right below that there's is another section says select the district name and filter results click that and go to Republican Central Committee then you can they can display the officials it lists all the officials that are elected central committee people will be making these votes for this position come Saturday morning now it doesn't have the phone numbers on this list but if they know any of these people they should contact them there's 72 of them they know contact them and ask them to support me I mean that's basically it okay now again you know we have we have two options you you've been a hardcore Christian patriot you were the founder of the tea party and then then the opposition the opposition would you say would be right no yes I would say that's the opposition is the chairman of the Jordan County Republican Party and causes a lot of division in the Republican Party in Jordan County was that chairman was the one that was encouraging Democrats to register as Republicans and vote for the candidates the Democrats that they were running as Republicans that's exactly correct and and did we not warn people here before any of that happened on this radio program that that was not not only going to take place in our County but statewide the Democrats were running there and they were encouraging people to register in the primaries Republicans and vote for it for these Democrats who were running as Republicans and so right you know in passing you're exactly right and you know that's the strategy it's an ancient strategy done by the Chinese infiltrate and go in and deceive and take over and that's what the Democrats have been doing in our County for a long time okay so in our County in our state and in our country all right Mike I listen I want to get and encourage the people out there all of you folks out there I hope you know who your central committeeman is there is no phone number to call but they're listed on there to find in their district to their central committeeman is but you they should know Lord I would hope they would know and so for example if they live in Munson and they and they and they're in precinct a that's frankly yeah now frankly as numbers probably in the phone book someplace okay very good and if they if they live in say novelty that would be that would be Russell and what you're gonna I'm gonna scroll down this page because it lists all the townships okay and that would be a Russell Township and they live if they live in Russell Township and they vote in precinct a they you know they when they go to the voting polls they have to go to their precinct and vote so if they're in precinct a that would happen to be our County Commissioner Tim Lennon okay and also precinct B that would be Carolyn Heather Cooper yep well I'm not Cooper copper copper I'm sorry yep that's that's she happens to be my secretary and there you go there you go I mean so you know those I mean I wish it I wish they would they should put contacts names on these public documents because we represent our constituents in our precincts they've elect us to do to petition our government for them you know and that's what we should be doing and we wish I mean people should call me all the time and talk to me all right folks and I appreciate it right now I want to endorse Mike because I'm good I've known him for a long time and he's one of us we're tired of rhinos we we've got to we've got to stand up so get in touch with your committee precinct remember and tell them to support Mike out there all of you in Jog County so do you want to say anything else Mike no I just want to thank you for all you do for the conservative movement for Republicans in our County and in the preaching that you do and all the events that you so wonderfully managed to handle I don't know how you find all the time but God bless you for all you do well thanks thank you so much for those kind words God bless my friend and I got to get going to a break so hopefully they'll be out there I know you got our vote I know that for a fact all right thank you very much thank you everybody God bless all right let's go to a break I had this crazy dream about some folks who love this country who all began to dream the same dream and when the morning came there arose across this nation people thinking one and the same and they all find their freedoms and all their liberties and gradually been taken away and when they realize the danger to their posterity I heard those patriotic people say we want this country back we ain't just joking Jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore remember golden days when the stars and stripes forever symbolize her glorious name America but now it's all been changed and when we gaze upon the glory it's hard to fight that feelings of shame we're fed up with lion politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again and we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win we want this country back we ain't just joking Jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore now we know our cause is right and our victory's on the way and we won't give up the fight till we hear two hundred million say we want this country back we ain't just joking Jack we won our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back and we ain't taking any more back we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore that's right we're not gonna take it anymore we said we're not gonna take it anymore that's right we're not gonna take it anymore we said we're not gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore some of us have been fighting from the last 40 years and we haven't taken it no we're not about to take it and I've got got Dr. Peter Glidden here with me and he's gonna tell you what you can do to avoid all of that food that they have that they're putting the mRNA in. I don't know Peter what do they want to do they want to um they want to now start regulating holistic medicine. Are we gonna allow it or are we gonna fight back? No we're gonna fight back it's a big fight you know I floated an idea to the Trump administration in the final term and I know that people in their side looked at it and the idea was simply to create a federal department of holistic medicine giving the doctors like myself who are actually trained in the use of vitamins and minerals and botanical medicines and homeopathic medicines etc the ability to regulate those things and to take that ability away from the pharmaceutical industry away from the Food and Drug Administration because the Food and Drug Administration is populated by medical professionals who have no training no experience no appreciation and no respect for these things and they're basically jackbooted thugs of the pharmaceutical industry not working on behalf of the American public not working on behalf on behalf of public health but working to promote the pharmaceutical agenda which is to completely control the medical marketplace the only way that we can get on the other side of this is if a meteor hits planet earth and hits the reset button or if we create a federal department of holistic medicine and that's what needs to happen so you know I'm looking for support in the Senate and Congress right now hopefully I'm going to be talking to Josh Hawley next week I have a contact there I might be talking to the Surgeon General of Florida shortly but we'll see as time goes by this is what needs to happen because this is massive overreach and I'm telling you why they're doing this they're trying to regulate homeopathic medicines now to take homeopathic medicines off of the shelf after telling everybody for a hundred years that homeopathic medicines were placebo that there was nothing in the homeopathic medicine that was all quack medicine it was all pseudoscience nonsense and there was nothing in there there was nothing in there is what their mantra was over and over and over again now they've reversed their position and all of a sudden oh the homeopathic medicines need to be regulated as drugs which is ridiculous the reason that they want to regulate them as drugs is to remove them from the public marketplace that's the only reason that they want to do it also they would they would eliminate the use of homeopathic medicines in the United States because the companies that make the homeopathic medicines would not be able to comply with the egregious testing and the amount of money that needs to happen in order to bring these things to the marketplace it's ridiculous it's overreach of biblical proportions and these people have no shame their intention here is to corner the market and take safe and effective curative medicine away from the hands of the public and they should be ashamed of themselves so you're so like what they've done in Europe where they've taken like vitamin C where they've they blow less than the dosage right they weakened it weakened it so much and not just you know all of these things and so what they did is they they weaken the vitamin and then they raise the prices on it and that's exactly what they want to do here it's it's but we've what do we get it up first of all we've got to get Congress back and right and so we're looking at what either way McCarthy is a globalist scum by the way in in this doctor's opinion okay well he's that with a lot of people right now what do you make of okay with what's taking place now this all coincides right now with what's gonna happen tomorrow tomorrow the Supreme Court rules on the Brunson case if they rule by Constitution that means you don't have to worry about those because a whole lot of those congressmen will be gone they'll be gone they'll be removed from office for violation of their their oath of office if what they're ruling on tomorrow is whether or not they're going to hear the case yeah whether or not they're going to actually rule on the case there's like 700 cases that they pick and choose from on the first Friday of the year they have to pick 40 of them that they're actually going to rule on and perhaps the Brunson case will be one of the cases that they're going to pick that was filed as an emergency case that was filed not as a regular case but the reason they they took that in so quick so in a case like that the Supreme Court could actually hear it and rule on it in the same day well that would be interesting if they did it you know what that would mean if they did that is that the members of the Supreme Court would have to rule against the people that put them in the seats at the Supreme Court and you know that's assuming that the people at the Supreme Court are not members of the swamp and I'm not so sure about that but it's going to be an interesting day well it would be there's 100 congressman 100 congressman that stood there and said look they showed up and they said this election should not be certified we're holding right now we are holding evidence right in front of you and it was Mike Pence's job it was his duty to say okay before I can verify this to certify this election I have to look at them and very quick because that's the law if you have a complaint they're supposed to look at it they're supposed to hear the complaint right and the percent and he refused to do that and so here it is the slam dunk right from a legal point of view if they're honest and forthright and are doing what they were you know supposed to do when they took their oath of office if they take an oath of office as a Supreme Court judge but then the question becomes are they honorable people well we know this we know this that those people the the Biden regime the death of Kratz a one of stacked to court they want to have 17 judges and they want to limit those that are there in fact right now they're actually pressuring those the liberals on there to to resign so he can appoint even worse okay so and they're against that so that they realize that their jobs may be up what do you think well you know I think that it's going to be a miracle if the Supreme Court hears this and you know I was listening to one of that there was a representative from Texas yesterday I forget the guy's name he's the bald guy and he was standing up and making a great speech about why he was against McCarthy and he was talking all about you know draining the swamp and that it can't be business as usual and that they need to reinstitute the old rules that they always had in the Congress in order to make the the voting process more fair and it was a great speech and everything that he said made a hundred percent sense and it seemed in listening to him that there was support from other members that wanted the same thing that they actually understand that it's a broken system and they understand that it needs to be fixed and they also understand that they're the only ones that can fix it so I mean maybe it's time for a miracle pastor I certainly hope so because we've had so much BS in the last three years it's almost inevitable well that's that's what we're looking at God's got a pocket full of miracles we're but you know we've got our instructions what we've got our marching orders and we have got to like soldiers of the cross just go ahead and do what we were told to do God's word the Bible is very very clear he gives us three main missions and that is one the Great Commission first the foremost second from Genesis the Revelation it's very very clear resistance to charity is obedience to God failure to resist charity is always disobedience to then we are to hold to the traditions of the Apostles we are to stand fast and not give up any ground so those in other words not be conformed to the ways of this world so we have our marching orders and as we know that the people that fill the pews of what is supposed to be churches only a small percentage of them are actually saved many have a profession of faith but we know that only a very small actually have a possession if you will salvation so we're the remnant we we know how it ends you know God's word the Bible is very clear it's perfectly accurate many how after saying all that everybody is sick and I know why you have written two books and boy everybody is sick one more question let me when I when I hear that title but it's apropos because I mean you know orange is the new black whatever obesity is the new normal thank you very much is oh and everybody's sick man and you look around everybody's taken a prescription medicine for something everybody's got something and the reason that everybody is sick isn't because people are getting older isn't because of chemtrails isn't because of bad genes it's because medical doctors that people have access to because of the medical monopoly in this country are not trained in how to make people healthy medical doctors are trained in disease management and disease management is excellent for trauma care for surgery when it's necessary for military field medicine for the complications of childbirth and pregnancy but for not for anything else and while people have been under the tutelage and care of conventional medical doctors they're getting sicker and a life expectancy is getting shorter MD directed allopathic medicine is the wrong bug for the hunt if you are expecting to increase your health so people need to snap out of it they need to pull their heads out of the sand they need to look around they need to call a spade a spade they need to recognize what's good and what's bad what's left and what's right and start to withdraw their support from conventional medical doctors and seek out alternative which are science-based and clinically verified and oh yeah by the way developed developed and delivered by licensed physicians just not licensed medical doctors and this is a very important thing ironically in it it sounds funny when I say it but I guess I'm like Galileo telling people that the earth is not at the center of the solar system art you know like whoever it was told people that the earth wasn't flat that one of the best most important things that you can do in order to secure a healthy future is to fire your medical doctor because their therapeutics are insufficient to that cause they are in fact the wrong dog for that hunt you to educate yourself about alternatives and align yourself with medical practitioners who practice alternative forms of medicine because that's where in your physical salvation lies but aren't aren't aren't we saying growing numbers of medical doctors that are going going over with a holistic medicine who's I seem to run more and more we've had a number of them on this radio program here well there are but and and that tide is changing but when you look at the numbers totally you know when you it's it's it's a drop in the bucket and you know holistically leaning medical doctor is better than a regular medical doctor who is just basically a drug salesman and you know don't get me wrong thank God for insulin thank God for lidocaine thank God for general anesthesia and the sterile technique it's not the drug it's how it's used and but the problem is here pastor and this is an important point and honestly I'm one of the only ones in the world that is elucidating this point is that medical doctors are trained in a particular philosophy of scientific philosophy and that scientific philosophy is called a reductionism and reductionism that philosophy carries over when into their use of vitamins and minerals so a medical doctor who gets frustrated with drugs uses vitamins and minerals and botanical medicines the same way that they use drugs which is in a reductionistic method it's not in a healing method so it's kind of like they become you know blue dog democrats or you know rhinos republicans in name only they don't really understand the basic fundamental precepts of the holistic method and this is a problem and you know again you can make the argument and it's a good argument that it's better to have a functional medicine doctor or a medical doctor leaning towards the holistic way then not about what's even better is a doctor who's been trained in it from day one a doctor who's been brought up inside of it a doctor who understands the philosophy a doctor who has actual clinical experience with it because they in fact hold the keys to this kingdom let me ask you this because I'm here there seems to be an outbreak here in Ohio of chicken pox and from what I understand they're putting mRNA in in all of vaccines now that they're gonna be putting them in all the vaccines now here so and that's what they're trying to do to get around the military because now that now that the law is that they can't force them to take the the COVID shot but now they're going ahead and they're putting it in the ones that have already been that that there's the allowed to take or have been forced to take so it's about killing us every which way you turn around and so now here Cleveland Clinic about a week or so ago came out about two weeks ago and Cleveland Clinic and and I have a family who relatives that actually worked there and we're told that they had either take the jab or lose their job and here they took it and now the Cleveland Clinic has come out and said well you know what if you've taken it then you're four times more likely to get COVID and if you're four times more likely to get COVID guess what you're four times more likely to die of COVID right and so now some of those people are really angry okay they're very very angry and we've we've had some people that have had some really bad reactions so what do you think I think they should sue or what well they can't well they can't sue the pharmaceutical industry because the pharmaceutical industry got a sweetheart deal from the government where they they can't be held liable for any damage from any vaccine that's a great deal isn't it but I do think there there was a about a year ago there was a group of students from a university that sued the university and they were successful in their lawsuit because you know they I don't know what the grounds of the lawsuit was basically they were saying that there there was stress induced on them because they were mandated to take the jab even though the jab you know there was no informed consent for it or anything and and they won and so there is precedent I think that people need to stand up I mean it's either that or take to the street with weapons I hope it doesn't come to that but this is a big bad voodoo daddy and if you know the legal system is the way to get around this then you know I'm in favor of it there was a big problem right that one of the the Buffalo Bills player the other guy Cole Beasley who had a heart attack a couple days ago and he was playing football they they were all forced to take the jab to play well let me tell you an interesting statistic a really good friend of mine dr. Dave Jenda was one of the primary authors on who investigated this whole thing I would say it's a commode commodeo cordis is the the technical term for this when you have a heart attack from a blunt force trauma to your chest right like you're hitting the chest with the baseball you hit the chest with a softball your your tackled or whatever and he was the world's leading expert on it this was 40 years ago he testified before Congress about it he was on the Oprah Show about it he worked with the automobile industry in Detroit to change the way that airbags were configured because airbags are given people heart attacks when they were deployed for the same reason as it turns out football players adult football players are lowest on the list of people who suffer from this condition and who died from this condition and we even get this condition in the first place they're the lowest on the list it rarely happens in an adult football player and usually when it does happen in an adult football player it's because the heart was previously compromised by something in this case the heart was previously compromised by the corona vaccine the non vaccine vax the poisonous poke the gibberish jab that now the Food and Drug Administration is actually admitting that heart conditions myocarditis are a known side effect of the jab the Food and Drug Administration admits it and here's the startling statistic this is crazy when you think about it got commodio cordis this heart attack from blunt force trauma in athletes right since let me find the numbers here since hold on I want to give you the accurate numbers here hold on since 2021 116 athletes have died from this condition since 2021 1616 athletes have died from this before the corona virus jab there were 29 deaths a year from this 29 deaths a year from this now there are 808 deaths a year from this why the sudden increase because of the myocarditis that's generated by the poisonous poke and nobody's going to you know we were just talking about that last night now that dr. McCullough came out and he had he brought that up but here's here's an article since you brought it up study shows RNA COVID vaccine damages heart muscles leading to death here a peer-reviewed study published by a group of leading German pathologists showed that autopsy findings and people who died unexpectedly within 20 days of getting injected with mRNA Wuhan coronavirus kobe 19 vaccine showed clear indications of myocarditis destruction or damaged heart muscles all right these are clearly visible lymph lymphocytes that are not supposed to be there so yeah and they're caused by the poisonous poke and and it's proven now and you know so the next question is what are the consequences gonna be hang on just a minute how much time do I have okay hang on Peter we're up against our break we'll be back right after this with a whole lot more don't go away more to come thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 4 4 0 6 5 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word Cleveland calm the word Cleveland calm once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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