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MON HR 2 010223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 3, 2023 12:47 am

MON HR 2 010223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 3, 2023 12:47 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at See you next time. In the world, they're now reporting HIV numbers. Ireland is the latest and they have the highest number of new HIV cases ever in the history of the country.

Philippines had the same thing and you're going to see it anywhere that starts reporting the HIV cases and we all know why. My name is Angela. I have been a nurse for 23 years. 17 of those years I was at a trauma hospital in the Bay Area, Marin Health.

It's a branch of UCSF and, you know, first of all, before I begin, I do want to thank you Dr. Gu because I think you are in the Bay Area as well, if I'm not mistaken, and I just really appreciate you being here having this conversation. But I'll tell you briefly what happened in one of our departments. So I managed women, infants, and children, which included pediatrics, labor and delivery, NICU. And when the vaccines rolled out, all of us doctors and nurses wanted to get vaccinated. We wanted to do the right thing. We believed in the science. We trusted the clinical trials. And one of our previous CMOs of our hospital, Dr. Willner, got his vaccine, immediately went into AFib, didn't connect the dots, did not connect the dots, and needed an ablation. So had an ablation two weeks later, and then two weeks after that decided to get his second dose, and immediately went into AFib after his second dose, and we had to defibrillate him to get him out of it. Shortly thereafter, one of our top pediatricians, Dr. Jan Meisel, went in for her vaccine, and she ended up with cardiac issues immediately, and was hospitalized, and is no longer practicing because she's still deathly ill almost two years later.

And I didn't know about either of these cases. You would have thought that in our little department, they would have told us that doctors were being harmed. And so I went and got my vaccine. And within 12 minutes, I was in the back of an ambulance being worked up for a myocardial infarction. I was on my way to the hospital. They were worried about pulmonary emboli. So in our department, we had two doctors and a nurse go down within a two-week period. And I've never seen anything like this in my life.

You're a nice priest of that religion, and you're not allowed to question them. Starting with AIDS and going through everything, SARS and MERS and Zika and bird flu, they have one thing in common, Fauci at the center. We had the anthrax flu attacks. We did SARS in 2002, MERS 2003, bird flu in 2005, H1N1 2009. This is the same playbook, different virus. And how is it killing the immune system?

And this is really important. The Pfizer shot is able, because of the way that they created it synthetically, allows the messenger RNA to passenger inside your cells and be replicated indefinitely by the ribosomes. So you cannot get it out of your body. There's no detoxing from it. Now, can you detox your body and make yourself overall healthier? Yes. Are you going to eliminate the spike protein or the antibody to the spike protein or the stupid monoclonal antibodies that they're advocating? No. Because you sensitize your dendritic cells and your B cells. So spikes are going to be there probably forever.

Now, this one is really important. The messenger RNA ablates, wipes out, destroys, tol-like receptor 3, 7, and 8. The tol-like receptors are like, if you've ever heard my talk on tol-like receptors, I love tol-like receptors. They're like God inside our body, right?

They're these little radars that are constantly vigilantly looking around and getting rid of viruses, bacteria, and things that don't belong there. They are our innate, God-given, what we are born with immune system. The messenger RNA shots destroy tol-like receptor 3, 7, and 8, which is our primary first line of defense, making us more susceptible to getting COVID. And this is why all the people that get the shots suddenly are sick, because they're more susceptible. We know the mechanisms. And the doctors are illiterate and not reading it. We know why people who get the shots are more likely to get sick and more likely to be hospitalized.

And if they're in the hospital and they get remdesivir and they put on a ventilator, that's a greater than 80% mortality rate. We know the mechanism. Number three, we know the mechanism of this, too. The spike proteins enters the nucleus of the cells and binds to our DNA. So anybody who says that it doesn't irreversibly bind your DNA are wrong. They're not reading the scientific literature. And when it binds to the DNA, it blocks the door. And when it binds to the DNA, it starts making it into an abnormal cell that, if that cell replicates, will turn into cancer.

And then it bars the door, blocks the door, and doesn't allow our God-given immune system repair enzymes to come in and repair. Warning, I got an article here, Joe. Warning from Ed Dowd.

7,500 Americans are killed or disabled each day as VAX jobs take heavy toll. Remember, several years ago when it was all, they were all coming out, we had Sherry Tenpenny, which you just heard. We had Dr. McGill on there.

We had, I don't know, probably five or six different doctors we had on the radio program here, telling you what was going to happen and they were saying, anywhere from a few days to five, six years, they said around five or six years is when the main thing. Well, we're seeing it here. And he goes on to say, U.S.A. imploding under the civilization assault.

Now, he goes on to say, now Ed Dowd is the author of Cause Unknown, and he was on the Mike Adams show. And he says this, the short version of that conversation is that each day in America there are about 2,500 excess deaths and about 5,000 excess disability victims due to COVID-19 vaccines. That means an average of about 7,500 Americans are removed from the potential labor force each day. Granted, not all 7,500 are currently working, but most of them theoretically could contribute to the workforce if they chose. Our conversation goes way beyond the mere numbers. However, we look at the microeconomic implications of the daily removal of 7,500 people from the potential labor pool and what it meant for American economy, the military security, among other things, to hear the full conversation, listen to the interview, and you can go that, well, I don't have the interview. I don't have the interview here, but anyhow, there you go.

I'm just going to let it go there. Well, the backup is I've got several articles that say the same thing. The world's mortality rates are the highest in history, far higher than even during World War II, and these deaths are only since the vaccines were introduced. There were a few people died of the virus before the vaccines, but almost all of them have been those who are vaccinated, and the data shows the mortality rates are among the not the unvaccinated, and this is from countries all over the world, same statistics, 80, 90% of everybody dying is those who have had the vaccination.

Unbelievable. Well, you had, they had that, what's his name, Brutus, the head of the World Health Organization. We had him, oh yeah, what his name was, anyhow, we had him last week talking about how there are countries that are using the vaccines to eliminate their population. They have too many children, and they're using this, and he's saying, he said, this is not right that they should use the vaccines to kill the little children. So they are admitting, they're admitting that that's, yeah, and yet.

Well, here's where they get that stuff from. You and I have been around a while. We remember back in the, back in the 70s, there was a Stanford University professor. Paul Ehrlich. Ehrlich, yeah, and he was just recently on CBS 60 minutes, and they opened the 2023 Sigma, you know, about the dangers of population growth.

Can't believe he's still alive. I'll be doggone. He is, and here's what he said. Oh, humanity is not sustainable. To maintain our lifestyle, yours and mine, for the entire planet, you need five more Earths.

Not clear where we're going to get them. Anyway, he said resources that would be required, the systems that support our lives, which of course are biodiversity that we're wiping out. Humanity is very busily sitting on a limb that we're sawing off. Now, if you didn't know who this crazy person was, you'd think, boy, that sounds really scary. But you and I remember, he wrote a book in 1968. I have the book. And, yep, called The Population Bomb, right?

Yeah. And he recommended we tax children. He recommended mass sterilization of the masses, abortions to limit the population growth, whatever it takes. And earlier, he predicted that hundreds of millions of people would starve in the 1970s.

You and I were around in the 70s, and there was not vast starvation. He predicted in the 70s that England would not exist by the year 2000. He said there would be an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity, and this would happen by the 1980s. Let me talk for a minute, Joe, because I remember, I remember when he was making his rounds, they would pull him out every time the left wanted to pull.

NBC, ABC, CBS, they would put this fool. This man was a complete fool, okay? What does the Bible say? He that says there is no God, what does it say? A fool says in his heart, right?

The fool says there is no God. I remember some of what he said. One of the things, now remember, when he was making his rounds at NBC, ABC, CBS, we were taking real scientists, real scientists, meteorologists, and we were putting them on.

Every time they would have him on, we would counter with a real scientist, okay? But he was saying that, if you remember, back in the 70s, he was saying that here's the reasons. First of all, acid rain, acid rain was going to kill off all of the vegetation, it was going to kill off all the trees, the trees were going to be gone. Then he said, because when the acid rain would do that, it would run off into all the lakes and the ponds and it would get into the wells. Then he said that Q-tips, disposable diapers, okay, and flatulence from cows was going to lower the temperature, was going to bring us into an ice age, to an ice age. We would be totally, and by, and he said by 1988, we would be Right, and the government didn't step in and take control over everything, that we would all freeze to death. Yeah, and you had some of the woke people in those days saying, you shouldn't use those Q-tips, they're going to kill us, they're going to kill us, I'm telling you.

You really had, just today we got the woke idiots out there, same thing, unbelievable, but I can't believe that that guy is still alive. He's got to be, he's got to be close to 90 or at least. I think he's in his 80s, if I kind of get taken a guess, but the folks, what the point is, they're going back, here's CBS, 60 minutes starting the new year with the same old fear, they're using the same old fear monger, who's been wrong so many times, he should just be laughed off of the program, people should just laugh the minute he opens his mouth.

I mean, he's been so far off, the world is going to be gone three or four times, you know, before the year 2000, and you know, mass starvation, no England, blah blah blah blah, and instead of laughing at the fool, they're bringing him out, they're using the same scare tactic, this fear, and the young people are listening to this stuff, we're having around the world, young people are committing suicide, young people are depressed, because they're killing Mother Earth, they're killing the planet, it's their fault because of their carbon footprint, these people are evil, they're wicked, they're anti-Christ, and instead of taking them seriously, we should be standing up screaming, there is a fool, there is a damn fool, you know, an ungodly idiot, and no, instead people are putting him out there and praising these crazy environmentalists, you know, God's in charge of the Earth, and will be until he, it's going to be here until he decides it's time to get rid of it, and then it will be gone, and it's going to be gone by, I think the Bible says by fire, right? Yep. Joe, here, the US Army vaccine mandate repeal does not apply to National Guard reserves, but here's what they're doing, Joe, they said, all right, they don't have to take the Vax, but now, on the other shots, like the smallpox or whatever, they're putting MRNA in there, they're putting that stuff, they're putting it in the other shots, the other vaccinations, yeah, they got it, they want to kill off the, you know, as many as they can. The Army's latest COVID-19 policy states that Congress 2023 defense bill, which overturned the Department of Defense's military vaccine mandate, does not address orders given to the National Guard and reserve, according to the documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. A November 2021 memo addressed to the defense bill applied to mandate National Guard and reserve troops.

This is a pretty egregious, retired Lieutenant General Rod Bishop, chairman of the stand together against racism and radicalism in the service, told the DNCVIF. The Army's largest, the latest guidance on COVID-19 states that a provision in Congress defense bill overturning the service-wide vaccination mandate does not apply to orders given to the National Guard or reserve, according to documents obtained by Daily Caller. The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act of the Department of Defense to resend the August 24th, 2021 memo ordering for all COVID-19 vaccination for military servicemen, including the Ready Reserve and National Guard. However, an update to the Army's virus policy dated December 2022 says the provision does not address a second memo from November applying the mandate to the National Guard and reserves, preventing unvaccinated members from mobilizing under state and rather than federal. Look, Joe, everybody knows now, even the Cleveland Clinic, even the Cleveland Clinic has come out and said that the people that have taken the vax are four times more likely to get the COVID. Okay, now if you're more times, four times more likely to get the COVID, how many times more likely are you to die from the COVID? Four times, right?

Right. And so here, they know this, they know this, but you've got Austin and Milley, the drag queen guys up there that are pushing, they want to kill off as many as our young service people as possible. Here, look, Joe, Biden did this, undermined the U.S. military, now accepting ADHD and other behaviorally challenged individuals. Turns out, politicizing the armed forces has consequences. The Biden regime now faces a recruiting problem so severe that they're pursuing people with mental health issues. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the Defense Department will now allow individuals with attention deficit hyperactive disorder ADHD, ADHD to serve without a waiver.

The paper notes also that this might provide a pathway for those who have confronted mental health or other development conditions. Well, that's all we need, right? Look, if they really have mental health issues, why don't they run for Congress? You know, be up there with them. Yeah, like they are. Yeah. Okay. Under the new rules of the U.S. Senate, that's what you have to do to be a U.S. senator. Yeah. Under the new rules, a potential recruit who has completed high school or college successfully held a job without counseling or medication for three years for ADHD would be able to enlist.

The symptom-free period is reassuring that they would make it through the initial entry training and hopefully have a military career, said Army Lieutenant Colonel Kim Hejimo, a member of the Pentagon's Association policy, an office that sets medical admission standards to the force. Oh, my. But, you know, here we're sitting by, and every day you've got the fake news media out there, championing Biden, all of Biden's, what this guy has done. You have that communist that goes on Fox News contributors on there saying, this guy has done more, passed more legislation than both Obama and Trump combined.

These people are total idiots. Well, anything numbers count. You see, they, you know, it's the number of things we've done, not the quality, not whether it's beneficial, harmful, but we did all these numbers. See, they have nothing to brag about, so they, again, kind of make up. We've got a record. We passed more bills.

Well, I'm one of those. If they passed too, that would have been better. Right? We would have been much better off. We'd been much better off if they were all take permanent vacations.

Yeah, true. There's a headline that just came up. The Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlin is in critical condition. After collapsing on the playing field, the Bills and Bengals matchup postponed. He was out on the playing field. He's in critical condition. He collapsed. He needed CPR and AED to be used on him before they even rushed him to the hospital. And they are talking about praying for him. They're worried that he's in extreme critical condition. And here is a very, very healthy young man just totally collapsed on the field and had to have his heart started, had to have CPR and AED. You don't suppose he took the shot, doesn't it? Yep, it sure does.

Here you go. Dems weaponizing of government to be probed. Finally, finally, the federal government has been weaponized for some years already. It's evident that the FBI interfered in the 2020 presidential election by telling social media to suppress damaging information about the Biden family. And the government considered parents who object to radical leftist agendas in the schools as domestic terrorists. And the fact that the FBI colluded with the conspirators to create the now debunked Russia, Russia, Russia claims during the 2016 election.

The fact that pro-life protesters are being rounded up by SWAT teams for opposing the baby child molesting, baby murdering industries wanting killing of the unborn. Now a report at PJ Media reveals some Republicans are seeking special committee to investigate that. The request is being made by the dozen conservative members of the House GOP who will determine whether Representative Kevin McCarthy is elected speaker as he is seeking. You know, McCarthy, see, the chickens come home to roost with McCarthy. McCarthy would go one way or then the other, okay? And he, you know, we need a solid conservative Christian, someone who doesn't waver. And McCarthy would waver.

Now he's wondering why, you know, these people are so dedicated he don't get in. He's making all kinds, he's promising he will be totally conservative. If they'll vote for him, he will not waver. Well, that shows he's wavering.

He can't, he won't even stand for what he's already said he was. I think that's tomorrow. I think that's tomorrow. The votes today, they were supposed to be determined by tonight. So we'll hear tomorrow. No, I thought it was on the third.

Today's the second. Wait a minute, the House, right, they were supposed to seat the Congressman tomorrow, weren't they? Yeah, they were supposed to seat, and the headlines like on Drudge, man who would be speaker, fate decided today, headlines on Drudge, fate decided today. Apparently, they haven't been able to do it. And everybody said, well, it could bring extreme chaos to the Republican Party if they can't fix this tonight.

So we'll know tomorrow. It could be quite a mess. I don't ever remember this happening in my lifetime.

No, it hasn't in our lifetime. I'm sure you're right. But the conservatives are standing up. They are not going along.

They are fighting. And some of the same, the Jim Jordans and the same ones that we've been promoting are the ones that are standing up now, forcing a change in how the entire Speaker of the House works, how the system works. They want participation from all the different elected people. They don't want one man running the Congress. They want to have more input, and they want to have it, like you said, a strong leader that has some backbone.

And it's going to be interesting. We could have a new speaker tomorrow. Already incoming Judiciary Chairman, Representative Jim Jordan. That's who people want.

I think he would get it in a heartbeat. Wants to probe political interference by FBI and DOJ. And Representative James Comer's oversight committee wants to review the Biden-created border and fentanyl crisis pandemic. This is where they're going to get into what we've been telling people. They know that the Biden crime families were working hand-in-hand with the Mexican drug cartels.

The pandemic relief fraud botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the energy crisis and the COVID oranges. PMJ media explains several other committees will be looking into Hunter Biden's nefarious business venture. So you have to wonder just what else the select committee will be able to investigate that isn't already being examined with congressional microscope. The explanation from Representative Chip Roy, Texas, is that the select committee will coordinate the investigation under one roof. It needs to be targeted the right way, Roy said. You don't need many bites at the apple.

You got to get it done right. Now wouldn't that be a wonderful thing if tomorrow we were to find out that they installed President Trump as speaker of the House? If President that's possible. Yeah, if President Trump, according to the Constitution, be elected, if he was the president of the House, oh my, if he was the speaker of the House, my gosh, guess what? Oh, could you imagine him sitting behind Joe, Joe, Joe, Obama, Biden? Joe, Obama, Biden. Oh boy.

I could, I could just see him whispering. You still want to go out behind the garage, Joe? You still want to go out there, Joe? Okay. But if he did that, okay, he could immediately impeach Biden. Okay. And, and he would do it. He would do it. Okay.

Uh, here you go. The explanation from Representative Chip Roy, Republican from Texas, is the Select Committee will coordinate the investigations under one roof. It needs to be targeted the right way, Roy said. You don't need many bites at the apple.

You've got to get it done right. The report further identifies investigation targets as the Department of Education and IRS. These are all areas with other communities have indicated they plan to investigate the reports that the Democrats ran a special committee partisan because the previous House Speaker, Nasty Pelosi, refused to seek committee members nominated by the minority GOP at the time, investigating the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

Members focused not on the causes and reasons. The vandalism developed up almost exclusively on anything they could blame President Trump for. In fact, they now insist that he'd be charged with multiple crimes for his political statement that day. There you go. But there's no evidence they can convict him. He didn't do, he didn't break any laws. So we're coming up to a break.

We'll be back right after this with more now. You've heard the story about the King of Kings, who was born of a virgin and above all things. Yes, he was. And he wasn't.

And he isn't. He's yet to come. And how he went to the desert and was tempted thrice by the serpent who was Satan and the father of lies. How he did all the things that he did because he was Yahweh's own son.

He said, I am the way and the truth and the life. So they hung him from a tree till he was crucified. Then they carried him and buried him in a tomb three days and three nights long. And where the banging and clanging and a great big boom, the angel removed the stone from the tomb. And when they all went looking inside, well, Jesus, he was gone. And now, you know, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. The father caused it for the son to be redeemed.

When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now, as the spirit moved in, the church caught fire and the gospel spread through the Roman empire.

That old devil's old world order was turned upside down. It seemed the more that he martyred and he crucified, the more the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ was multiplied until the gospel of the saving grace of Christ was finally spread the world around. All because there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet.

The father caused it for the son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now, the Muslims say it's down to all you bow. The Hindus pray they'll come back as a cow.

The Orient will say only boot is the way. But what are they going to say on resurrection day? Now, the world's got leaders that are trying to lead, but the truth of the matter is they're all deceived because they've all got secrets in their past they're trying to hide. So when Satan steps up to make his deals, he threatens to tell all the other big wheels so they all conspire together to save their own hides. But you know there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet.

The father had caused it for the son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet.

And you can take that to the bank folks. There ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. He arose from the dead and as he defeated death and hell. Now this is a fact. This is a reality.

Guess what? He can raise you from the dead and take you into glory if you're smart enough, if you're smart enough to believe what the word of God says. You see, if you walk out your door and you look around and you see all the creation, the trees and the earth and the oceans and that, and you say, you know what? Every creation must have a creator. And you realize the reality. It's not what they're telling you, this evolution stuff.

That is absolute lunacy from lunatics. But God's word, he's given it. This is why Jesus has said heaven and earth would pass but his words will never pass away. And they've stood for 6,000 years. 6,000 years folks. The word of God has been out there.

Now, and it's not going to pass away. It is the only, the one and only absolute positive authority when it comes to power and to how everything came into existence. All of creation, why we're here and where we're going. And God's word, the Bible is the only absolute, the absolute authority on that. And so at the end of the program, when we give an invitation, I would just really encourage you to, if you haven't received Christ as your savior, to get her done. Go ahead, Joe, you got another one and we're going to open the phone lines real fast.

I do. Bernie Marcus was one of the co-founders of Home Depot. And he's an older gentleman now. He came out and he said socialism, the woke movement and President Joe Biden have destroyed this country. He gave a very pessimistic view of the world with an interview with the Financial Times. He said his business would have never experienced success had the conditions in his day been like today. He talks about being worried about capitalism and our crumbling work ethic is destroying the economy. He said capitalism is the basis of Home Depot. Millions of people have earned this success and had success. I'm talking manufacturers, vendors, distributors, people that work for us who have been and were able to enrich themselves by the journey of Home Depot.

That's the success. That is why capitalism works. And he sees that the socialism of the Biden administration is the antithesis of all of this. He said where nobody works, nobody gives a damn. Send me the money. I don't have to work. Don't want to work.

And that's backed up, Pastor, as I go on to see the things that he said. We've got welfare now where in 13 states a family can receive unemployment benefits worth more than the median household income of that state. States like New Jersey, a family of four, where no one's working, can receive $96,000 in unemployment benefits. There are 29 states where unemployment benefits and Obamacare subsidies are worth more than the wages and benefits earned by a firefighter, a truck driver. And you look at these different states, 51% of these people make more on welfare than a teacher makes. 95% more make more than a machinist does. 220% more of the people on welfare earn more than a retail associate salary and benefits.

Bernie Marcus has it nailed on the head. We are destroying America. We are destroying our system of government. We are destroying our system of economics. And when you can make that kind of money and not work, who wants to go get a job in those different states?

When you can make more sitting at home having fun and the rest of us are paying for it, well, pretty soon there's going to be more people receiving money than paying and this country will be gone over. Well, it's not we, it's they. You see, it's not we, Joe. We're the ones working. That's right, we're the ones working and they're making more than you and me and we don't get anything for doing these radio programs. We do. A lot of people don't realize the work that goes involved in doing a two-hour radio program a night.

The research. In a whole week you work harder at this just on the radio portion than the average person does at his job during the week. Seven days a week. And you work that up the hours, you probably put in 45, 50 hours just in radio alone, not including the church or anything else you do. Yeah, so, but you know what, that's, you know, doing the Lord's work. You know, the benefits are eternal, aren't they? And anyhow, let's open the phone lines and of course we have, now let's see, is he Cliff tonight or is he Joe?

Depending on which program. Yeah, yeah, I'll stay with the unfortunate German side of the family, but the two things I want to say. One is you were bringing up Ed Dowd and he's on the podcast The High Wire with Del Bigtree about four episodes back. The title of the episode deals with Australia and the excess deaths in Australia, but the whole interview which is about a half hour is with Ed Dowd and he's talking about his book which came out a couple of weeks ago called Cause Unknown. And he said it's short, it's about 210 pages, but a couple of points was he bases himself at a Maui and what he sees with this is like a glacial Mad Max where you're not going to be able to get basic services. He says some of the eateries don't have staff and he believes this is because of the vaccine and then he brought his car in to be serviced and it's still in the shop for some basic services.

So he says he thinks everybody is not going to be able to get basic services due to the damaged and dead population. So that's a very notable interview. Another point he made is the ways they used people to coerce people into the vaccine. Now he cited social proof which is when they try and say, hey look at everybody else who's doing it and I would again recommend this book. I just did the audio book.

It was like a 20-hour long audio book called The Psychology of Persuasion and chapter four is on social proof. Now the second thing I want to ask you about was the impractatory prayer. Now I was thinking now let's take the example of Millie or Bill Gates and going to Psalm 144. I think the prayer needs to be extended like against say Bill Gates and anybody that's working with him say in Africa, India, etc.

etc. or Millie or anybody that's working with him. So if you look at Psalm 144, David talks, he says twice, he talks about strange children which is plural.

So he's lumping a group of people together. So I just want your thoughts on that and on expanding the impractatory prayer not just citing one individual. Well let me go to Psalm 144 very quickly.

All right. Blessed be the Lord of strength which teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight. My goodness and my fortress and high tower and my deliverer. My shield and who he is I trust and subdueeth my people under me. Lord what is the man that takest knowledge of him or the son of man that thou makest to count him.

Man is like vanity his days are a shadow and passes away by the heavens. He goes down to say whose mouth speaketh vanity in the right hand is the right hand of falsehood. I will sing a new song unto the O Lord.

God upon my psaltery and my instruments and my strings and praise unto thee. He says rid me and deliver me from the hand of strange children whose mouth speaketh vanity and their right hand is the right hand of falsehood. Now do you understand what he's talking about when he talks about the right hand is the right hand of falsehood. The right hand is supposed to be their righteousness. The right is supposed to refer to righteousness and he's saying that their righteousness is a falsehood it's a false righteousness and would that would apply to Millie and uh yeah you know you would pray to them that they would they would repent that the Lord would bring them to repentance for what they're doing if not that the Lord would remove them because they're destroying how many people have they destroyed in our military how many people they're listening to they're going under the orders of biden and and that's what they'll say just like the nazis did we were just obeying orders no how many young men are dying because of what they're doing okay and again the fake news media will whatever lie they're told to tell by the collective they will do it i don't care and they'll look you and they'll look like they're professional look like they're legitimate but they're not and so yeah you need to pray that he that the Lord would bring them down to repentance and then remove them they need no place there in our military as far as i'm concerned joe i as far as i'm concerned they've committed high treason well it's not just those they've heard it's those that uh the way they set the system up is if we have to send men into a combat situation it's not going to go well there's going to be so many more needless deaths because of who we're trying to send to war yeah i can actually see them sending out drag queens because i mean that's what they they got into all right thanks cliff we got to move on who do we have next bill i think this may be the last call bill you're in the air thank you pastor ernie and pastor joe uh i wanted to commend you when i became a teacher they threw me into the classroom so i did it the opposite way at night school they taught us three things and you do these one make the child think two make the child ask questions three three you yourself ask questions and you do that you are a good pastor and a teacher i also wanted to tell you that it would be great for former president trump to be speaker but according to the constitution he would have to be uh elected to congress before so they could vote for him so they could vote for him oh no no he doesn't he doesn't have to be a member of congress he doesn't have to be a member of congress to be the speaker of the house they would do that as as they elect him then he becomes a member of congress but he doesn't have to be a member of congress to be elected yeah well look it up when anyway uh thank you for uh my call bye all right thank you for calling all right yeah uh okay how much time do i have okay this this has got to be the last call steve you're in there hey pastor hey pastor joe i haven't talked to you guys since last year so it's been a while yeah can you admit can you imagine what it would be like tomorrow okay mccarthy doesn't get it or anything like that but can you imagine what it'd be like january 4th to find out that trump is speaker of the house that would be that would i could just see that would be a beautiful thing yeah it would just be i mean there would be there would be i mean that would be better than him being president you know it's like hey i'm going to be sitting here and he'd be third in line and but all i wanted to say was ed dowd he is another one of uh bannon's um um proteges in his circle do you remember now listen uh steve he's smart do you remember uh some years ago going back four or five six years ago uh larry nichols would would have said ed dowd we had ed down in this program probably 20 times i do remember that i do yeah i i really do yeah larry just for some reason he had so much knowledge but he just uh he he was too honest he's um i don't know he probably learned a lot from you you guys are so good on the radio people don't understand who who we have refused to be in there where you've been what you've done and uh maybe a little ak-47 uh um you know it's a gun range or something but basically it starts with bill and hillary you know with the russian russian russian all that stuff and everything's coming up now but all the stuff that's happened to russia's troop right right now isn't that the united states are covered the stuff we're sending over there the money that will they get 63 soldiers with russians on it um you know which is in the you know soldiers got shot um missile launches or something yeah they're trying to push russia into a war with the uh and more than and already and we're already involved we're already involved abandoned calls it a kinetic war no i mean a war with us yeah i know we're involved in and so i i mean i mean it's basically it's just people can't see what's going on but i mean it's talking trump trump was the guy that used to be out in florida the sheriff he didn't have the um fans he had the big club i can't remember dave county or something like eight years ago whatever the the book or the movie was i mean he had everything he's the only president that ever got us in war he was peaceful and they were afraid of him he knew that guy they said we we don't trust that man and it's just uh what happened in this country in two years no they know trump knows where yeah trump knows where all the bodies are buried see that's what he knows see he's doing a lot of things that people don't realize okay in other words like some of these people like he's doing some things like remember everybody was was uh talking about how he was he met with the with the log cabin people the the sodomites what trump has been doing i mean and and we know he's been talking to these people to finding out trying to find out who is is who and who's behind all of this he's he's trying to get to the bottom of it and uh he's he really knows how to do that when it comes to the art of the deal that's what trump's been up to but we gotta go thanks for calling and um joe you've got about three minutes to give an invitation all right we know in scripture several things that uh jesus the first word he said in his ministry was repent repent for the kingdom is at hand is really what he's saying the kingdom of god is here repent all through as i look at scripture god so loved the world at what he gave his only begotten son that whosoever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life for god sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved saved is the key word there and to be saved jesus also said in john 3 3 that unverily verily i stand to thee except the man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of god so we know that being saved and being born again go together to become born again is a process where you have to decide you have to realize that your sins put jesus christ on that cross at calvary he took your place my place he died his substitutionary death he paid the penalty the wages of sin is death and that was paid for us those who would accept his offer of mercy and salvation what we need to do to become born again and to become saved is to call upon the father confess our sins that our sins put his son on that cross that we are sorry that we want to be forgiven for that and then we can ask jesus to come into our life to be lord of our life all of our life we have to put him in first place and we have to be willing to in a way be submissive to him and obey him and then he will send us the holy spirit that is our spiritual baptism that's our down payment on eternal life and when we have that indwelling of the holy spirit we become our own temple we become our own high priest we have a direct line with jesus christ that we can then have a personal relationship with god almighty himself we become that born again believer we become that new creature a child of the kingdom a son or daughter of the living god and a joint heir with jesus christ in everlasting life it's a decision that each and every person must make no one can make no one can make it for you you have to decide if you take jesus offer of grace and mercy and salvation all right very good thing you can ever make right you could never ever do anything that will mean as much to you as that never uh never and and so again and like we always say uh there's no one has ever regretted getting saved but boy there's a whole lot of people with it wish they had right now uh so like they say there's no unbelievers in heaven or hell but we are out of time for tonight joe so as we get to this time every night we say this good night god bless and always always always keep keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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