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MON HR 2 122622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 27, 2022 12:48 am

MON HR 2 122622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Excludes Bike, Bike Plus, and Tret basics. See additional terms at Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're back and I just want to remind folks about remember what Joe said. He said that here if you voted for Trump, you were a white supremacist. Remember what he said he was promoting. He was pushing upon us, pushing us, baby killing, abortion, pushing sodomy, pedophilia, and the children in the schools and drag queens. He even had drag queens in the White House trying to smell their hair.

Every sixth sin that you can think of, he tried to push on us. He set the FBI on parents who cared about what their children were learning, didn't want their children to be exposed to pornography in the schools. And again, he's keeping the border open right now so his fellow crime cartels can continue to bring in smuggled children in here, drugs, enough drugs to get fentanyl to kill off the entire country. And he's bringing in thousands of terrorists now and their job, these terrorists that Biden is bringing in now.

I'm not the only one that knows this, believe me. You know, these terrorists are going to start knocking down, tearing down our grid systems. And he's bringing them in to do just that.

He's making it profitable for his fellow pedophiles to have a good, good supply of children. Let's go to Ana. Ana, you're in the air. Hello.

Are you there? Yeah, Ana. Okay. My big concern, Pastor, is in counseling people who want to know, and that is about the injections for COVID, they don't believe that they can actually die from this. Now, of course, I say it off the cuff, I'm a healthcare professional.

I can't say it in a clinic setting, I wouldn't have a job. But what do you do about something like this when the general public doesn't believe what you're saying about it? Well, you know, you've got to tell the truth, and this is, you know, you know, it's hard for them to wrap their brain around the fact that there are people that want to depopulate the planet. We've been talking about that since the 80s.

I was talking about that back in the 80s. We were quoting these people back all the way back then. But the fact of it is, even, you know, even the CDC now is admitting people are dying.

You've got the, what is it, theirs, that have come out and admit that they only give between one and ten percent of the actual amount. So, I mean, and it's not like it's not news. I mean, if you listen to the European over there in London and the different countries, they're talking openly about people dying from COVID.

They're dying from COVID. So, in fact, let me just give you a little bit of, here's an article, you see, I just had, well, I did have an article here. If I could pull that article up. This is Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and I could just play a little piece here. It's a little hard, but I'm going to play just a little piece of her. It's an article that she had with Todd Callender on her program.

In fact, it was just today. And, you know what, I think it takes too long for me to get to the point where she's talking, where they're talking about how many people are dying from these shots, but it's obvious, yes, it would take too long. Maybe I'll play that piece tomorrow. But, yeah, what do you do? You tell them the truth. You can lead a horse to water. You can't make them drink, can you?

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Exactly, yes. This is a dire situation. This is not something that is lighthearted and, oh, it's going to go away. And yet people seem to want to just believe the easy fix. I don't understand why, after all of this that we've been through, that the easy fix is going to make it okay. It's not.

What are you talking about an easy fix? Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Meaning the injections. They're going to keep you healthy and safe. That's not at all. I mean, yeah, you might get something, any of those, the Moderna, the Pfizer, any of them that don't have that in there, but I wouldn't take that risk. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Well, you wouldn't and I wouldn't either, but the thing of it is, is you got to remember there are a lot more, well, you know, the vast majority of the people in this country are not the enlightened ones.

No place in the Beatitudes does it say blessed or stupid. That's what you get from the mainstream media out there. And basically these people have been convinced by the mainstream media to go ahead and allow themselves to be killed off.

And so, I mean, what can I tell you? You know, we've been talking about, if you've been listening to us, we've been talking about this here for years. How many people have been dying from these shots?

Eight times as many people, eight times as many people have died from the so-called Vax than have died from the COVID. We've known that. We've been telling people that. We're not the only ones, but, you know, again, and not only that, but here there's some of these shots, these people that have taken this, their entire personalities have changed. We're getting more and more stories in from around the country, more and more.

And some we've had that are local here, that are firsthand accounts right here locally of people whose relatives have taken the poisonous poke and their entire personalities have changed. Okay. So I don't know what else to tell you. Okay. Is she still there? Do we, I think we'll, are you still there?

No. Okay. Let's go to Vince. Vince, you're in the air. Hello.

You're in the air. Go ahead. Thank you.

Thank you. You know, you did talk about the Christmas thing the last couple of days and last week. You quoted the verse, John 1, 1, in the beginning was a word. The word was with God and the word was God.

And then you folks talked about it and I'm glad you did. But I read the verse a bit different. I mean, I read it how it is stated and I take it that way. The word was God. So just like I was my father and you were your father. That's how I take it. Jesus was the essence of his father.

Well, that's what he said. He said, I am my father of one. When you've seen me, you've seen, you know.

Yeah. How many times did someone ever come up to you and say, oh, I see your father in you. So, yeah, people see your father in you.

His spirit kind of carries over. Well, we're triune. God created us in his image or as a lightness and made us triune beings. We're triune and we have a body, soul and a spirit. After the father, son and the Holy Ghost, which are a triune. God is a triune being. He's one person with three personalities. Yeah, well, if I see that our Lord Jesus Christ is the son of the living God, well, then he's got to have a mother.

No, no, no. God doesn't not have a mother, okay? No, God doesn't have a mother.

Of course not. But our Lord Jesus Christ, he had a earthly mother. And it kind of shows to me in the Bible that the Holy Spirit is feminine. It's gentle. That's the dove.

It's the shape of a dove, which is like an hourglass. It's pretty convincing that it's God the Father. You have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Three and three and they're a family. Well, the three and one, again, you're right, there's three beings in the Godhead. The Godhead, there's one God, but there's three personalities, three persons of that Godhead. That's what it tells you over in Colossians and in Acts that you see the Godhead is found contained bodily in the person of Jesus Christ.

Sure. But I've never seen the Bible where it says how the Holy Spirit is violent, but I do see the Heavenly Father being violent. And violent is normally a masculine characteristic.

What are you talking about where you see? I'm talking about like in the New Testament, it's normally it's about the Holy Spirit and God the Son. And it's usually a gentle, more of a gentle read rather than in the Old Testament. Psalms and Proverbs is kind of like that too. Psalms is violent.

Proverbs is more gentle, much more gentle. Solomon wrote most of Proverbs and you can see it's a gentler book and David wrote most of the Psalms and it's violent. Well, because David had the Spirit of the Lord in him, which primarily is the Spirit of our Heavenly Father. Well here, you have to understand this, from Genesis to Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation, you see the same thing. God the Father gives the marching orders, God the Son carries him out, and the Holy Ghost provides the power.

You see that in the very start with creation. God the Father gave the marching orders, God the Son was carrying him out, and the Holy Ghost provided the power as the Spirit of God. So from that all the way through, so they're all working together. It's not like the Father's having a bad day so he's bringing his wrath on people and the Holy Ghost and Christ are involved. No, they always work together. They're always working together in that.

But anyhow, that's a good observation. Thank you for calling. Happy New Year.

Okay, there you go. Let's go out to Detroit with Dennis. Dennis, you're in the air. Hello, Pastor Sanders.

Hey, Dennis. I'm one of the supporters here from the Detroit area and I get your newsletters and what I want to know is who is the good guy and who's the bad guy in this war with Russia and Ukraine? Sometimes I look at your material and it looks like you're kind of down on the Ukraine and I thought we're supposed to be rooting for them. No, there's no good guys in this war, okay.

It's not at all what you think. What you see in the mainstream media, do not believe, never ever believe the mainstream media, okay. What you've seen, this guy that they've made, first of all, when Obama had sent, had gone and removed, he had had the legitimate president of the Ukraine removed and replaced with Molenski, okay. Molenski, Zelenski is a puppet, okay.

He has outlawed in some of the religions, the Russian Orthodox, he has outlawed free speech in a number of places. He's done a lot of things that they're not going to tell you about because he's the puppet government they set up. Money laundering over there is unbelievable. Look, look, let me tell you something, you can send, you've got, the corruption is so heavy duty, the corruption is so heavy duty. When you're sending all these millions and billions of dollars with the arms over there, you've got the industrial, the military industrial movement out there, they're sitting there, a lot of these arms never go, they never get to war, they're sold off to arms dealers that are just standing, waiting in the shadows to buy them up, pick them up. Everybody's making money, just like in Afghanistan, again like you said, when they took off, you don't think that the Taliban was willing to get to spend a couple billion dollars for 85 billion dollars worth of material. These people are crooks and the love of money is the root of all evil.

They are crooked to the very core, okay, that Biden White House is crooked to the core. So over there in this war in Ukraine, there are no good guys, there are victims and unfortunately the victims are both the Ukrainian and the Russian people that want no part of that war. They're the ones that get killed, but don't fall for what you do not believe. Listen, if you see someone in the media, NBC, ABC, CBS, if they tell you, if they say good morning, don't believe it, okay? They are highly paid, credentialed, they're highly paid credentialed liars. They agree to tell whatever lie they're instructed to tell, but they call it a narrative and that's what they do. And if they don't tell the lies, they're instructed, no matter what it is, they get fired.

And then those that get fired, they're whistleblowers. But that's reality, that's the way it is. So no good guys in that war, just victims. So do you have an idea how you want this to work out or does it matter one way or another?

How it works out, yeah. I would like it if, pardon? Would you like them to take back the Ukraine or how would you like that to work out? I'd like to have the people in Ukraine make that decision to decide whether or not to be, a lot of them want to go back and be a part of Russia, others don't, okay?

But I would like to see the people make up their minds to make that decision. And so Putin has, he's a little paranoid because of the location of Ukraine and they were talking about America, talking about putting up missile sites there. And here again, remember if they become members of the United Nations, then they're right on her border.

And that's a threat. You can see that you put yourself in Putin's place. I mean, I don't trust Putin for a minute, but you know, Putin, if I were given the choice of having to be put in a jail cell with Putin or Biden, I'd go with Putin.

He's much more honest, even though he's a corrupt, he's much more honest to Biden. Do you know, let me ask you this, do you think sodomy is a crime? Do you think it's a sin? Oh, yes. Okay. Well, so does Putin. In Russia, if you get caught, perform sodomy, the sin of sodomy, you get fined the first time.

The second time you get deported. Okay. Do you think abortion is murder? Absolutely. Well, so does Putin.

Putin says that abortion needs to be stopped in Russia and they pay, they actually pay young couples to get married and have children. Okay. Uh, there was this rock group that Biden would have them in the White House. If they were here, Biden would actually have them in the White House and they were called Pussy Riot.

That was the name of this female and they were lewd and rude. Okay. And Putin had them deported out of the country. So when it comes to, uh, to this, at least Putin, or at least he professes to believe in God and uh, believe me over in Russia, there's more freedom of religion than Biden wants in this country. So when it comes to morally Putin, like I said, I, I don't, I don't trust either one of them, but if I were given a choice of having to be, uh, locked in a cell with one or stranded on a desert island, I'd rather be with Putin than I would Biden. Putin is, is more moral than Biden.

And, uh, he's way, way, the lesser of two evils. There you go. That's my opinion. What do you think? Well, I think you're telling me you're neutral.

So perhaps I should take a neutral stance and let whatever happens be the will of God, I guess would be a good way to deal with this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I think, yeah, I do. I, I know what the reality is. The reality is not what you're seeing on the national news. Things are, they've been using the Ukraine for money laundering operations, every kind of thing, sick things over there.

In fact, uh, have you ever heard of the, uh, heads off battalion? No. Okay. The Biden regime said it had voted against the UN resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism over freedom of speech issues and concerns that Russia was using to carry out political attacks against its neighbors. This is an article by Joe Hoffman.

Okay. The Ukraine's military A's off division. Now this is real. I'm holding a picture of these Ukrainian. They're, they're A's off division and they're all wearing the swastikas and they're, and they've got the big swastika signs and flags out there. The Ukrainian military A's division is famous for promoting Nazis and Nazi symbols. Meanwhile, at home in America, the Biden regime is also famous for labeling its political opposition as white supremacists and other supporters regularly referred to patriotic Americans as Nazis.

Okay. So just as it continues to happen in relation to communism, never condemned by the countries of the European union, which limited themselves to sensory and Stalinism, Nazism too becomes the subject of controversy and political debate precisely at the moment in which it is most developing in some countries. And that's a growing movement. Nazism and Satanism are both growing movements.

And in fact, the, this, the church of Satan has become the official church of the democratic party here in America today. There you go. So what do you think of that?

Uh, I, I, I, I've never voted for a Democrat in my life and I never will, you know, so I'm 72 and I've, uh, I, you know, I've been on the right, uh, the Republican side all my life. So, so we got to get rid of the rhinos, right? And we got to, we got to get some real people in there. All right. Well, thank you. And have a blessed, uh, happy new year.

Who do we have next? Dan? You're in the air. Uh, good evening.

I hope it's going good for you being alone and whatever. Yeah. I, I just told you or somebody would bring to the attention of the Christian community that there has been legal legally in the last year I could check was 2019 there were 73 million legal abortions in the world. Now, I don't know how long God's going to put up with that, but if you sit down and figure that out, that's 200,000 legal abortions daily in the world. And it's just, it's just pathetic that nobody's bringing this to everyone's attention, not just the number of abortions in the United States, which is disgusting, but 73 million legal abortions.

That's 200,000 abortions a day. Okay. Here, here's where you start. You ready?

Here's where you start. Yeah. Have you ever heard the term? Whoever frames to debate wins the debate. Okay.

Yeah. You see, in all my years, I've never lost a debate. And the reason I've never lost a debate is not because I'm so brilliant, but because I will not allow the opponent to frame the debate. And what I mean by that is I will not let them use the language of illusion, delusion, and confusion. Now you'll hear me say this, but you won't hear me unless I'm reading an article, use the word abortion very much. You hear, you'll always hear me use the word killing babies, killing babies, killing or murdering babies.

See, that's what you have to use. Don't use their terminology. When you refer to it as a bloody, I refer to the abortion mills, and when I get in these debates in that bloody whorehouse of death, and boy, you ought to see, because see, they're conditioned by the mainstream media, okay, to use the language of illusion, but when you hit them hard with the truth, it shocks them. So don't use their terminology.

Let me just tell you this. Since Roe v. Wade went down, plant predators increased the amount of babies they're killing, they're murdering. Plant predators is murdered more, more human beings than any army in the world. Plant predators is a creeping, crawling, cancerous disease of murder upon planet earth. It's evil to the core.

Plant, they're evil, their name is a lie, and there's nothing about plant parenthood, nothing, not at all, they've never done any good. They've only done evil and wickedness, and people need to know that. And this is why seven, I'm sorry, go ahead. This is why they have to be defunded.

Go ahead. Oh, I'm talking, but worldwide, if you think about that, 73 million babies were killed in 2019, that's the last year I could find. That's 200,000 babies are murdered every day, and we've got to bring this to everybody's attention.

Not only what we're doing here in the United States is disgusting, but worldwide. In this ministry, since the beginning, I was in that battle since the very, very beginning. I was with Dr. Jack Wilkie in the very beginning when we made up our mission statements, back when he started National Right to Life, International Right to Life, and Ohio Right to Life here. And for 45 years, I would be on those streets in front of those bloody abortion, for 45 years. In that time, you know, we saved over 24,000 babies from a cruel and painful death.

The fact of it is, yes, go ahead. I'm sorry, that just absolutely shocked me. 200,000 babies are murdered daily in this world. The Lord's not going to put up with that. He's given, God is most, most merciful. He's given us, He's given people enough time. I mean, He's given them more than enough time, much more time to repent than they need. But, you know, here, well, then I probably would say, I don't know, I can't say that they need, that's not my call, but anyhow, it's a horrible, horrible crime in America.

Our sewers from coast to coast run red with the blood of the babies. And I can tell you this, the one place where it could have been stopped, if they had had the courage, and that's in the pulpit, if the pastors in this country, they had the responsibility to lead the people, they were called by God to lead the people, okay? God has expectations of them. That was to stand up, be bold, and run to this battle. And guess what? They failed God.

They failed God, and they failed the country. And I've been preaching about that for years and years. There's just a dearth of courage there. Oh, I know you have. But the numbers that are, you know, 73 million a year, I haven't heard that said. And I'm not saying you, I'm just saying I haven't heard that said as much as it, I think, needs to be brought to everyone's attention. 200,000 babies are murdered every day.

Take 73 million and divide it by 365. I tell you, who's keeping a perfect account? And that's God, but I got to move on.

You have a happy new year. Who do we have? George, you're in the air. Hey, how you doing?

I just ran across your station. I love what you're saying. Hey, thanks, George. But my comment is, when you said about, you know, the Chinese having people everywhere in the United States, and they're basically running the country, I think it's very true. They're buying land near, they're buying farmland and meeting people and they're buying farmland and near military bases.

They're buying land all around our military bases. But my question to you is, how many, you know, it's changed, things have changed so much in the last four years, so fast. And the Democratic Party has become so strong, and they're really in step with Nancy Pelosi and everybody else, where the Republicans are so weak, they can't get anything done. And everything is changing.

We're living in 1984. I don't see, do you think, like in the book of Judges, where, where the, you know, they, the Jews fall, because they stop believing in God, and they come back up, they fall, they come back up. And my question to you is, do you think this is the last fall that we're gonna, that this is it? Like, it's not getting any it's not getting any better, and it's just gonna get worse and worse? And I mean, what's your opinion?

It doesn't have to. The Lord tells you, if you'll just listen to him, if the people would be obedient to God, you know, God keeps the remnant. And if his people, if the those that are professing Christians in the church can do what he says in Second Chronicles 714, we could have revival in this country. But the fact of the matter is, the vast majority of those that fill the pews of so-called churches aren't saved. They're not.

I would say probably not more than 10 percent of the pastors in the pulpit in this country are actually saved. And so what I'm saying is, it seems like we're living in 1984, you know, the thought police is out there. They're out to get us. They're gonna get us to, you know, you can't purchase, you know, guns with your credit card, visa.

They're gonna, you can't, you know, go to work because, you know, you're against LGBT, this and that, and it's just infiltrating. It just seems like it's a total collapse, and with our Republican Party, we don't have a Republican Party. We have RINOs. There's really no real Republicans, and it's just, it seems I hate to sound- No, you've got a handful. You've got people like Jim Jordan.

You've got people like Louie Colmer, like Matt Gaetz. But are they gonna actually do something? What are they gonna- Those guys will.

There's a handful of them, just a handful that will. And they see that the people are behind them, that the people will be behind them. What I believe, what I believe is gonna happen, I don't know if it's in our lifetime, but it's, you know, I've studied the Civil War, and I'm not saying there's gonna be an actual Civil War, but it's gonna be where blue and red, blue and red is just separate. We're separate. I think we've come to that point. We're at an impasse, I believe. Well, yeah, pretty obvious. It's everywhere you look.

And so, when the Church of Satan has risen to the point where it's at here in America today, look, here's the way it works, right? Okay. Have you ever been in the military? Yes, I was in the 82nd Airborne Division. Okay, so then, when you got an order, did you ask your commander, well, wait a minute, I'm not sure if I should go out there.

I don't know if this will work out or not. Or did you just- No. You just do your- take your orders? You gotta jump out of the plane, yeah, and go- Okay, so, that's what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to obey. The Lord said, look, do- he's given us three missions.

He didn't stutter. And our job is to carry out those three missions. He said he would bring the victory. He would bring the victory for us not to worry about the victory part.

He would bring that. What you and I are supposed to do is we're to be running out there, taking to the field, and placing up crowns in heaven. You see, we are to be placing up crowns. It's like- it's kind of like, we don't want to- when we leave this world and we enter into the glory, we don't want to enter in as a- as a private E-1. We want to enter in, right? You want to- do you want to go in and maybe a Lieutenant General or something, you know? Right.

Okay. Yeah, you know, I left a church that I was going to because they were soft. They got- they never talked about sin.

They never, you know, it was just all about goody, goody, goody, you know, I'm gonna get this, I'm gonna get that, and just really soft. I had to leave that church because it was like, when I was in the- when I was in the audience, I thought I was listening to CNN. And I had- You were in the audience because you were in an entertainment center.

You weren't in a church. And so, there you go. But listen, I gotta move on. But thanks, thanks. You listen. You- go ahead, I'm sorry.

No, I'm just- I- I thank for- thank you for what you're doing. I'm gonna keep listening and supporting your station. We just came across in it. You know, I just pray that the Republican Party really steps up because right now, I don't really see too many leaders. Maybe there's a handful, but we're not like the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is lockstep, and we are not. And that really worries me. Yeah, well that's- that I think is about to change. They do have some- they are lockstep, but their Iron Woman, Nancy Pelosi, she's gonna be gone.

And there's a lot of division between AOC, you know, and those that- who the radical- they see that the things that- some of them are gonna start going to jail. We have to be behind people like Jim Jordan. We gotta be right there behind Louie Gohmert. We gotta- We're behind them all the way. We're behind them all the way. It's just- Boldly.

And we gotta do something about it. Yep. And so- All right, well thanks a lot, Pastor. You too. God bless.

All right, who do we have next? I didn't hear that. Say that again. Harold, you're in the air. Whoa. Hello. Can you hear me?

Yeah, I can hear you. Okay, listen, I just want to say what an honor it is for me to speak to the Lion of God right here. What an honor. What an honor. Well, thank you, Harold. It's an honor for me to speak to you, too. What I did- you inspire me, so I got the letter off your- off the internet about the Brunson brothers, okay?

Uh-huh. The Brunson brothers were supposed to send a letter to the Supreme Court and to- one to them, and that is to support what he's doing. Is that the purpose of the letter? To support- support their- To get the Supreme Court to let them know that the amount of people out here that want- that want them to hear the case and listen to the case, because we understand the election- the election fraud, and these people were in dereliction of duty and were tired of being betrayed by people that do not- that refuse to do their job. And so that's what it was all about.

And you know what? I was- you just reminded me to give that announcement, and I had- I just had that announcement here, and I can't find it. Okay. Okay, let me just get a handle around everything that's happened. So they got it to the Supreme Court, and then did they- did they give everyone their suing- is it a lawsuit against the people that did not- that did the dereliction of duty?

Absolutely. 380 congresspeople. And everyone was served by the U.S. Marshals then?

Everyone was put on notice of this? Well, no, when they- when they hear that this is what their suit is, the court has to decide that. The court has to- it has to say, okay, you've won your case, you're correct, we award, and then- then they go after those people.

But guess what happens, you see? What'll happen is, for dereliction of duty in Congress, that'll go by- according to the Constitution. We still have this thing called the Constitution. It's not used much today, but what'll happen is that the sergeant of arms in the Congress will remove those people, that he will remove them from their position. If the court rules- rules according to the Constitution, that'll be the biggest case in the history of the- of America. Okay.

Now, I don't remember what I was going to say. So- so they rule on it, but I think I heard that the- the- what is it? They refused the hearing. Isn't that what I understand? They waived the right of the hearing of these people in the suit, because it was all under one person.

Isn't that what I heard? In other words, the Supreme Court would be able to rule on their own without anyone putting up evidence against the case. Yeah, yeah, the opposition- the opposition- yeah, the opposition, the attorney general refused- waived the right to- I don't- this- this- I don't know why that happened, but it must be an act of God, so I can think of it and we'll see. They waived it, so then it's up to the Supreme Court taking the evidence that's- that's presented by the Brunson brothers, then they'll make a ruling on that. And is it- do they need all the judges to approve, or just the majority, or how does that work for something like this? No, they need four of the judges to decide to have a full hearing. When they look at the case, if four judges says, all right, we want a full hearing on the case, then they- then they all hear the case, and if there's any that have to recluse themselves, they recluse themselves, which I don't think there would be in this case, but there have to be a full- then- then they would rule. Now, the problem of it is, is sometimes- now this case was set under emergency, it was under an emergency, it's not like a normal case, because sometimes they might rule, but they might not announce it for months and months and months that their decision, okay? But in this case, they would announce it right away.

And because it was put in there under an emergency, that's how we got it in there. So, anyhow- Well, we'll see what happens, it seems like, who knows, who knows where it's going. You get so discouraged because of all the election fraud, and no one's been prosecuted, and there's been, like you say, over and over again, overwhelming evidence. And not anything, not one person from this 2020 election, as far as I know, has been prosecuted for election fraud, and it's just so disheartening.

And this Arizona case, it just gets to you after a while, you feel like you're getting beaten over the head over and over again. So, I hope this works, uh, what's happening. We need justice in this country because we are really, really in trouble here.

We need justice, absolutely, and people need to pray. Go to our website,,, and it'll tell you exactly what you need to do. You need to do exactly what it says upon that. We only have, uh, it's coming up on the 6th, January 6th, is, um, so we don't have that many days left. Okay.

Before they, they need to get as many letters as possible. Okay, I'm gonna go out and get them. Okay? Alrighty. Thanks, God bless. Happy New Year.

Who do we have next? Wes, you're in the air. Haven't heard from you in a while. Well, uh, bless you, uh, Pastor Ernie, and, uh, I want to say, uh, I, uh, really enjoyed your calls tonight.

They echo some of my feelings, but, uh, you know, uh, you're one of the, you and your ministry, they're one of a few things that really is a bright light. Uh, I gotta tell you something, I'm a little older than you. I started voting in the late 50s, and, uh, I've been disappointed like anybody else many times, and the results didn't go my way, but I never gave up on voting. But, uh, frankly, after this last rigged election, I, I realized, unfortunately, that my vote really doesn't matter anymore. This election system has been completely corrupted by the Democrat party, and I must say, brilliant, on their part. They took, took, uh, 50 years to do it, and, uh, they've got it lock, stock, and barrel, and, uh, Obama, when he was interviewed in 2008, he was running for president, uh, they asked him about election fraud, and he said, uh, uh, I come from Chicago, so I want to be honest, it's not as if just Republicans will monkey around with the elections. Sometimes Democrats have, sure, whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to choke things in their direction. Well, he was honest about that, and I gotta tell you, Ernie, uh, Pastor Ernie, I heard, uh, Sean Hannity, I listened to him for years, I got so disappointed with him because he was blaming the Republicans for, uh, not showing up to vote. I, honestly, in my heart of hearts, and talk me out of it if you can, I think we've seen, uh, I don't think we're going to see another election for Republicans, and I'm, I'm like you, I feel identical to you about the Republican party. I don't, I really don't look into the future for, uh, any significant Republican wins.

Help, help me over that. Well, I hear what you're saying, I know this one thing, I know this one thing, uh, we have a handful, both in the House and the Senate, and, you know, the Lord has done a lot with very few. One could chase a thousand, two could chase ten thousand. I've seen the courage of Ted Cruz, uh, and others, Josh Hawley and those in the Senate, who, uh, you know, they, they are, they're basically, uh, out there, but, but one person, you know, that, that God has, uh, you know, called and who believes in the Lord and trusted him can make a lot of difference. So we just got to get behind them. We got to make sure, we got to let them know that we're behind them. And boy, I'm going to tell you, you got to tell the, the fake news media, the mainstream news media, you got to tell it just the way it is.

You know, stop your lying, why don't you just stop your lying, okay? And just understand how the corruption, we're up against it, like I was telling you before, uh, you know, we know what our job is. Our job is to, to charge.

When I was in the military, you know, we had a saying, when in doubt, charge, when not in doubt, charge anyway, okay? And so, uh, that's what we have to do. You know, the Lord's gonna, I don't think there's that much time left. Uh, I think, uh, I believe we'll see his, I believe that I'm, I may still be alive right now when the Lord returns, I believe is very close because of the way we're degenerating so quickly and such a rise of Satanism. The anti-Christ is getting ready. Obama is an anti-Christ. He was one of, in my opinion, the best candidate out there today to be the anti-Christ, if I could pick one. But, uh, we told people for years, for the eight years he was in office every day, and you might remember listening to us, we were saying, you see what he's doing now?

Do you see? He was, he, he took 11 four-star generals. He purged them. 260 flag officers were purged.

And we kept telling you, do you see? He's destroying the military. He's replacing these people, okay, with bootlickers.

And now he's got Austin and Millie in there. Uh, you know, again, so we've been telling him now, we're not the only ones that feel this way. People like Jim Jordan, like Louie Gohmert, like Max, there's a number of Congressmen, I would say probably in our Congress, we have about 20 Congressmen who are willing to fight. And we probably have five or six in the Senate that are willing to fight that are on our side. But that could be enough. If we get, if we get behind them, that'll be enough. One thing about these politicians, Wes, they can count.

They see enough people. My Congressman here, Dave Joyce, he'll go with wherever, wherever it looks like it's going to win. He, uh, you know, I wouldn't, I wouldn't, you know, he's definitely not one of the hardcore.

He would, I would have to put him in the, the rhino category at this point. Well, thank you, Ernie. Uh, Pastor Ernie, you made me feel a little better and may God bless you and your continued work in the ministry. Goodbye. Well, thank you and have a happy new year.

Who do we have next? Hey, Barb, you're in the air. Hi, how are you? Oh, I'm doing okay. How are you?

Very good. I wanted to say I'm a new listener and I enjoy your show very much. And I also wanted to say a merry belated Christmas and a early happy new year to you. Well, all that right back at you. And I'm going to keep this light.

I wanted to say something that a friend had told me that made me laugh. And he's a retired Sergeant major, uh, slash pastor. And he said, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. That's true. Amen. Amen.

Or I guess you could say nowadays or Ava and Eve either, or, and I found it interesting. I was talking to some friends recently and we started talking about the depopulation agenda and really pushing and promoting this alternative lifestyle. And we just really feel that it's part of, um, you know, trying to, to depopulate because a man in a relationship with another man, a woman in a relationship with another woman, they're not going to be able to create a baby. So, well, yeah, that's, that's that the whole depopulation movement is spread out far and wide and a lot of areas they're, they're using poisons to kill people off. Um, like what you just said there. Uh, yeah. Yeah.

And I'm aware of all that, the suicide jab, everything else, but I hadn't thought of it that way, you know, because they can, you know, have their relationships and not make babies. And so that's probably why they're promoting it so much. I just wanted to say one more thing regarding the suicide jab and people's attitudes changing. We've really noticed that around Tampa here.

Yeah. I've noticed it around here too. It's affected some of our people very seriously. It has.

And it's not been in a good way. It's very devastating. You're not kidding.

You, you are not kidding. So that was all, but thank you so much and bless you for everything you do. Well, thank you for being a brand new listener and have a blessed, blessed new year. All right. I, Sean will have to be probably the last call.

How much time do I have for right left? Okay. Sean, you're the last caller you're in the air. Okay.

Well, I'll make as quick as I can. Thank you for what you're doing. You know, that caller who said his vote doesn't count. I'm like, no, your vote does count. If you're a believer, stand your ground, get behind. Like you're saying, get behind these people who are trying to, it may be a small number. Hello. Look what happened with Gideon.

How many soldiers and they took over how many others that were twice or three times as many of them. If we say we're believers, we got to let the board got us. Yes. Stand our ground where we need to call. Right. Oh, however, contact your senators and governors say, Hey, I don't agree with this. I don't agree with that.

You know, I heard Colorado is like 84,000 registered voters and something like 44,000 didn't vote. I'm like, what is wrong with these people? But you know, we got to stand our ground. So we say we are do what's right.

Let the Lord guide us and, you know, support the ones that are doing the right thing. Cause yeah, God can take two, three people and wipe out a hundred thousand people. Look what he did.

He got prayer knocked out of the school with Madeline, Muriel air, one wicked old woman. Right. And you're right. But see here, here's the thing. If you don't vote, then you don't have a right to complain. Then you haven't had your vote stolen. Okay.

If you vote and, and they've still your vote, like they've done now, you've got a reason to go to war. Right. Exactly. Yeah.

And that's the thing. You, you go and vote, you're getting your conscious clear. And I'm not saying just for that, but you're, you're standing for the right reason. You know, you look and say, okay, I'm going to vote. Cause I'm going to do what I can to get the person that needs to be in there.

You know, the one that God, God will put in it, but he wants us believers to stand our ground, you know, and say, Hey, you know, no, we're not going to put up with this thing. No, you're not going to keep these transgender people in our schools. You know, messing up our kids and everything. Cause yeah, look where they're going. You're going after the kids. That's absolutely right. And it's up to us to go after them with everything we have. Right. Let's do it. Hey, have a happy new year.

You too. All right, folks, where we're down to the most important part of the radio program, when I'm telling you that I think the Lord's coming back soon, believe me, I really believe the Lord is coming back soon. And here, you know, there's something called death and it happens in this country every single day. And, but the question we always ask, what if you died today?

Even while, well, even while listening to me right now, but while listening to me right now, you could have just a slight pain in your chest or your head. Within a few hours, you could be dead of a heart attack or a brain hemorrhage. You might think that you, in fact, today there was one of the, an NBC, one of the young producers died. And of course they're not, they're making sure that nobody's talking about the fact he took the kill shot, but dies. And they say he died of and they say he died of a heart attack. Well, of course your heart stops beating, but what caused the heart to stop beating? Anyhow, so what happens, right? Whereas you know not what should be on tomorrow, for what is your life?

It's a vapor that appears for a little time, then vanishes away. That's in James 4, 14. That's right. If you are in excellent health, you could be killed in an auto accident today. I remember a friend of mine, he was a pastor, a good man, and he was out. He loved us. He was into this jogging thing, into this running thing.

And he was out jogging and he got hit by a car and killed, just boom. Anyhow, folks, we cannot escape. You cannot escape death as it is appointed unto men once to die. But then after that, the judgment, Hebrews 9 27. So maybe you're thinking, well, if I would die today, I'm ready to go.

After all, I've never done anything really bad. I don't believe that a merciful God would send me to hell. The Bible says, for all have sinned that comes short of the glory of God. Romans 3 23. For the wages of sin is death. Romans 6 23. But the fearful and the unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremuggers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire. Folks, here's the bottom line.

This. This God makes it very simple for you. The Lord Jesus did all the heavy lifting. He made it very easy.

He did for us what we could never, ever do for ourselves. And he tells you, here's how you can escape that eternal lake of fire. You're going to die.

That's reality. And when you die, you'll end up in heaven or hell. And you don't have to go to hell.

Okay? You don't have to. The Lord made, he gives you an escape route. He tells you that if you'll do this, if you'll pray to the Father, pray to the Father, ask for forgiveness of your sin. And folks, you're going to mean it if you had any idea what hell is like, you would mean it. Ask for the forgiveness of your sins. Ask the Lord Jesus to be your Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations. If you'll do that, if you'll do that, you will become a new creature, a born-again believer, an heir of the kingdom, just as the Lord says, and you will be entwelt with the Holy Spirit. Now, you've got God's word on that. You've got God's word on that. And you say, well, that seems too simple. Listen, just listen to what he tells you.

Just believe in what God has told you. And do it. I would do it tonight. If you haven't done it, you may not have it tomorrow. In fact, a whole lot of people around this world is going to run out of tomorrows tonight.

You don't want to be one of them. I've run out of time for tonight's radio program. So, as we do every night at this time, we say, good night, God bless, and always, always, always, always keep fighting the fight. Tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.
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