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FRI HR 2 121622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 17, 2022 12:53 am

FRI HR 2 121622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 17, 2022 12:53 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Change their future in just one click. Start walking with your new friend today at slash walk. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're back. It's not all bad news nowadays. There's a lot of good news out there today. And the good news is we're seeing the Patriots. We're seeing God's people, the Christian Patriots. We're seeing them standing up in larger numbers and fighting back. Now with what's happening, which we've been telling you all along about the corruption, the election fraud, and how just absolutely corrupt the government has gone. Just how how just how absolutely corrupt we saw the so-called Justice Department from top down, the FBI right now, all of this is coming out. They're all getting caught, okay?

The chickens are coming home to roost. And that's the good news. The other good news is we're seeing people like Carrie Lake who will not stop. Yeah, keeps fighting.

She keeps fighting. That's the kind of people we need. Oh, if we only had that kind of spirit in the Republican leadership in the Senate. If we had that kind of spirit. You know what? If we really had that kind of spirit of where it belongs, there's only a very small amount in the so-called church in the pulpits in America.

Maybe, you know, I would be amazed to say if there was 10% of those, it would be maxed that had the spirit to stand and fight. And so let's listen to what Carrie Lake's doing. She's going after old Katie Hobbs. If Katie Hobbs thought she could just waltz into the governor's mansion after all those shenanigans, she is in for a rude awakening. We're going to see the latest legal challenge against Hobbs. We're going to see the shocking statement made by Arizona's Attorney General at the certification ceremony. And sticking to the very end of this video when I'll reveal the groundswell of support for a recall petition that promises to plague Hobbs and her very possibly brief tenure as Arizona governor.

You're not going to want to miss this. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certified her own election win over Carrie Lake on Monday. This after threatening to arrest Mojave County Board of Supervisors as they didn't certify the election by Monday's deadline.

This according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller. The Mojave County Board of Supervisors were of course extremely concerned about the insane number of irregularities and interruptions that occurred throughout Maricopa County on election day, as well as the obviously intentional slow walking of results and the stonewalling of handing over information on precisely just how bad the election day disruptions and irregularities were. So Katie Hobbs who remember refused to recuse herself from overseeing the election and therefore by necessary entailment was in charge of counting her opponent's votes took such insanity to the next level by certifying her own election win.

So she was in charge of counting her opponent's votes and then certifying her own victory. This of course after one of the worst disruptions throughout Arizona's largest county on election day. Nothing to see here at all gang according to the lamestream media just move along just business as usual in the politically pristine state of Arizona.

Well unfortunately for Hobbs the Republican Attorney General wasn't very keen on these theatrics. Check out what Mark Bernovich said at the certification ceremony. I should know I didn't know we were giving speeches today but the governor and I for some statutes serve as merely witnesses to the certification. We do not actually certify the election and I'm reminded of what John F Kennedy often said that those who ride the tiger to seek power often end up inside. Wow that that was awesome again note he reiterated neither he nor the governor certifies the election it's the secretary of state that certifies it and of course the secretary of state is one Katie Hobbs and Bernovich just paraphrased a line from John F Kennedy's inaugural address inaugural address when he said that those who foolishly seek power by riding the back of the tiger often end up inside the tiger meaning that the quest for absolute power leads inexorably to corruption. Now of course we were all treated to seeing this corruption for ourselves firsthand with the twitter files. Here's Tucker Carlson on the bombshell revelations at Katie Hobbs office pressured twitter through an agency known as CISA to delete the free expression of citizens concerned about elections on twitter.

This is brilliant. At the beginning of the election cycle in 2021 staffers for the secretary of state of Arizona ordered by gubernatorial candidate and then secretary of state Katie Hobbs also directed censorship through CISA quote I am flagging this twitter account for your review wrote someone in Hobbs's account to the center for internet security CISA was later cc'd in the email. Why? Well according to Hobbs's office the tweets were quote an attempt to further undermine confidence in the election institution in Arizona. Okay so you're not allowed not to have confidence in elections?

Really? This is the state where the biggest county took more than a week to count the ballots and the printers didn't work on election day though they worked the day before but you're supposed to have total confidence in fact you're commanded to and if you don't have confidence you'll be punished. The email concluded quote thank you for your consideration in reviewing this matter for action and of course twitter soon censored them. Thank you we will escalate twitter replied. For the fifth time this isn't just offensive this is illegal this is a crime a crime is being a very serious crime a crime against our democracy not trespassing in the capital or gazing upon Nancy Pelosi's desk influencing the outcome of elections it's beyond belief it's also very common much more common than anyone thought.

Much more common than anyone thought. So here we are I mean the very part the very permanent political establishment that accuses patriots of being insurrectionists and anti-democratic authoritarians are demonstrating themselves to be nothing more than projectors imputing their own anti-democratic actions and impulses onto others and so in the midst of all of this what do we do? Well the wonderful news is we're seeing patriots rising up and fighting back. Kerri Lake is officially filing a formal legal challenge to the outcome of her gubernatorial race with Hobbs promising that if necessary she is going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. And I was running against the woman overseeing the election then when when these counties outside of Maricopa County looked at what Maricopa County did and said wait a minute when you run an election that's a sham it affects and disenfranchises our voters can you please prove to us what's going on here explain why the machines didn't work and the tabulators were all broken surprise surprise on election day they all seem to break down and when they said we're not going to certify this Katie Hobbs office threatened them being locked up it's like lock up or you know certify this election or you'll be locked up. Talk about you know working under duress with a gun to your head that's exactly what happened this whole system is a mess here in Arizona it's not just an embarrassment they're trampling on our sacred vote and that's why I'm fighting it you know we had a movement here Katie Hobbs conversely didn't even campaign she was we called her basement Hobbs because she pulled the page out of basement Biden's playbook she never campaigned maybe she knew that because she was in charge of the elections it was going to go her way but the people don't trust the elections they don't believe the outcome she sat there and certified the sham of an election and we will be fighting it in a court of law. Now the court battles will be interesting we've talked about how President Trump transformed the judiciary during his tenure into a far more conservative federalist judiciary having appointed an inordinate amount of federal judges so we'll see if Kerry gets some justice here but in the meantime patriots are rising up and they're organizing something that may end Katie Hobbs illicit tenure long before any court decision you're gonna absolutely love this but first gang I have to admit I got to admit to you I don't always make the best food choices right if I'm honest with myself there is zero chance that I'm eating what the doctor what's the recommended six cups of fruit and six cups of veggies each and every single day I'm supposed to have if only it were in a powder form that I could put in my already we are back and uh so here what do we see now Katie Hobbs she did like Biden she did things for the basement yeah now where did that start who was the one that came up with this mindset instead of going out avoiding going out avoiding the crowds avoiding going out where people could ask you questions it was Obama Obama said if he he could run an election if he could run it from the basement and have be in his basement have his candidate with with little microphones in their ears where they could under could take his instructions that's the way he that's the way he would do it well Hobbs looks and says look Biden got away with this she had all the help of the deep state you know Biden had the fake news media in his pocket and just to lay low and not get out there and there's no way in the world you know he's going to be able to draw the the crowds the Trump crowd I mean they knew that right yeah the Trump was drawing clouds 50 60 000 people Biden couldn't do 10 or 20 people so so what they did the election was totally corrupted yeah they they had that all pre-planned from top to bottom there's no way in the world no way in the world that Biden got more votes than no Trump okay uh the people at NBC ABC CBS you know the CNN they're professional liars they are literally professional liars okay and I remember one day we had I was up on it was the night before uh a man one of my men who I was on I was his pastor for many years was to be executed and his lawyer was there and he asked she she we were sitting there together we had to see him together and she was telling him she concocted a big lie for him to to call the governor and he looked at me and he says should I tell that big lie and I said it's never right to lie okay and um so here uh she she turned around and she yelled at me she said we are paid to lie for you I said no you're not paid to lie for me you get paid to lie and that's what you do okay but that's exactly what NBC ABC CBS they uh they are not sure there's no journalists there no no journalists there at all okay anymore there's a video on the website and in the blog session that someone pieced together it has to be about 20 to 30 news stories and they are literally parodying the same line this is all you know ABC NBC all of them in different markets you know Chicago they use the very same word yeah it's the echo chamber it's the echo chamber and you turn and uh let's see remember who said a lie told long enough and loud enough becomes the truth okay probably gerbils yeah and so you have and this is what uh yeah I mean that's just you know the way they do that no yeah with Merrick this county Maricopa county over here what they did they continued with the uh ballot harvesting that never has been fixed but what they did unique this time and this is probably why she figured she had it in the bag is they just totally jerry-rigged the day same day voting crowd so you did the tabulators all the headaches 30 percent they estimate did not get their votes properly cast and most of the majority of those people are republicans because they don't trust their vote you know putting their vote in the mail they vote same day so this is why they figured they had it in the bag but it's the ultimate um if anybody should have ever recused themselves it's that lady and and well I don't think she's not a lady she's not a lady by any means term used loosely well look it's not only should she that's the law yeah the the law states uh that if it's a major conflict of interest okay in fact in some states if there's even a hint of conflict of interest you have to recluse they're preemptive yeah right but today we live in a lawless society yeah but what it's almost like we're always a step behind you know what are they going to pull this time like we're we're actually trying to fix our defend against the problems that we saw last election well a good example would be like um all of these lawyers that come out against you know trump these these were anti-trumpers I mean they all had a conflict of interest all of them yeah look at the ones that were defending Hillary the judge that inherited the case were was appointed by Clinton I mean it's it's they're totally corrupt I mean there's it's like in your face we're in charge we're gonna do whatever we want and there's really nothing you can do about it yeah remember uh Jeff Sessions when he was attorney general he had to recuse himself because there was a slight conflict of interest he there really wasn't one but he actually stepped down you know just to so there was no appearance because he was pressured he was pressured but he he could have took a stand I think he should have well yeah he should have taken a stand but see he uh I you know we don't know see what they do what the communist party does the the deep state if they can't compromise you they'll go after your family they'll find somebody in your family that they can really hurt maybe you've got a son or a daughter maybe there's something about they they've got a skeleton in the closet and that's the way the deep there's no integrity no integrity and that's that's where what the FBI has been reduced to is uh yeah I'm hoping with Kerry Lake the other piece of the puzzle is the stinking party republican party actually get behind her and start you know helping out with this it's like she's on her own which it just sickens me well you know trump has come out and said that she she needs she should be uh placed as a governor right away I mean just like everybody knows what happened everybody knows look look the vote came in you only had 17 of the registered democrats voted 17 now you have 51 of the registered republicans vote now how can 17 of the registered democrats end up with 51 percent yeah okay so it just shows you right there it's uh it's look it's we're going to do it right in front of you now you're right about people getting really fed up with the republicans okay uh they're looking out there I mean we're going to see what happens because uh we're totally completely fed up with rhinos we've had and so well yeah I've knocked on doors 20 30 years for the republican party I don't consider myself a republican I'm a conservative anymore but they we've been voting for the lesser of two evils for decades now and all we got is evil well in my lifetime krump was the best president this country had he kept his promises yeah delivered well he was in we were no longer a laughing stock amongst the world the the their the world the other countries out there respected us and feared us yeah uh our borders were secure we didn't have we didn't have uh all of these terrorists that that abidance bringing in terrorists for the time that he needs them uh we didn't have all of these human smugglers you know these little girls traffickers these little girls are getting raped and they know that they're along the way they may get raped four or five times or more along the way uh here you know it's bad enough 25 of the women end up getting raped and that's bad but not nearly as bad as as with these little girls that's that's beyond bad okay and so uh here for the first time that I can remember America was totally energy independent that's that's the first time ever yeah yeah we didn't buy a drop of oil from anywhere but America our military was building up it was we were making we had uh this guy or the space what is it uh the the new military space what was um I know yeah should I know it's one you're talking about yeah yeah but he got that up and running he got that up and running and people say why in the world did he bring the shot well he understood something he knew it was the coming he knew if he tried to stop this that he was going to get blamed for people dying for the covid when they could have had a vax so what he did he understood something he knew if the vax was experimental yeah they could not force it upon us yeah well but you see he was figuring too that was under a lawful that we got you know total lawlessness now okay in this country your woke corporation so on and so forth people now are figuring out they're waking up to realizing this thing is killing people uh 40 000 marines said no we'll get out before we'll take that okay they they totally destroyed our military so now they've stopped here what they've said is um the house on thursday overwhelmingly passed the eight uh eight thousand eighty eight hundred fifty eight billion dollar defense policy bill that would resend the pentagon's mandate that troops receive the coronavirus vaccine uh now here I don't trust him I don't trust him as far as I can throw them I don't trust milly I don't trust um Austin uh you know these guys are not on our side they're not on america's side okay and so in fact I'm they're trying to literally destroy our military they're doing everything they can to destroy our military in fact here's an article right here harsh news for thousands of u.s troops booted for refusing the covid vax and he goes on now is that the the bill that the house of representatives just signed is that going to negate this no thousands of troops allege already discharged for refusing the covid 19 vaccine won't return to service after congress last minute defense bill sought to overturn the pentagon's mandate the army air force navy marines have separated at least 8 400 active duty and reserve troops for spurning the departments of defenses uh august 2021 requirement that all service members receive the covid 19 vaccine according to the information the dod provided to the daily caller news foundation while the compromise legislation released late tuesday directs the pentagon to resend the mandate it stops short of requiring the military to restore discharged troops to their prior positions or provide reparations let me ask you a question who would you consider are the brightest and the best the ones that were smart enough not to take the backs okay yeah and so so in other words they're saying look uh the bride we do not want the brightest and the best we do not want we will reduce our standards down as low as we have to go you know we'll take whatever we'll take drag queens we'll take you know yeah and that's what they're doing actually yeah all righty you know what we're going to do i'm going to open the phone lines uh at eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three you have a yeah one more thing that trump did uh he basically renegotiated naphtha which bill clinton signed into law and joe biden signed when he was in the senate in the senate and then he actually renegotiated our trade treaty with china and if you think about it trump did all these things basically on his own he had very little help from mcconnell and we didn't have a republican congress for the second two years so he all this stuff he did on his own it's just phenomenal what he did yeah this makes you know all the more they all the more they attack him it makes people like me all the more ready to support it yep and and the same thing we carry lake uh this is um that one article it's kind of good news we'll just see if they follow through but it says gop house members launch probe into esg investment schemes and those are esg is the one world order wef uh program that is just destroying every financial institution in every country so on tuesday six gop lawmakers sent a letter to the leaders of climate action 100 a group of describing itself as an investor-led initiative to ensure the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action to claim change the climate hopefully jim jordan's in charge of this and hopefully they do follow through because if if they let esg basically take over not only are the corporations they're already in their bag but we're not going to be able to buy uh a piece of coal we're not going to be able to buy cars we're not going to buy buy anything that doesn't meet their um climate change utopia it's it's a complete disaster and if it doesn't get reversed we're finished well the thing of it is is we have to this is where what we've been trying to tell people for the longest longest time we have to take it back to you know in germany right now they're tearing down chopping down wood yeah well no no well they're chopping wood they're chopping down the trees but they have acres and acres and acres and acres of these pandy solar panels and they're tearing these solar panels down a lot of them falling apart and they're digging coal they're digging coal back to coal okay and so um here un votes overwhelmingly for israel to give up its nukes this ain't gonna happen yeah the united nations has condemned the state of israel more than any other nation on earth according to korra oh by the way this is an article from bob in fact israel has been condemned more than all the other countries in the world combined the the report explains i wonder why that is huh yeah for example in 2020 the united nations general assembly condemned israel 17 times compared to a total of six for the rest of the world in which there was one resolution of condemnation for north korea one for iran one for syria one for mayamar and two for crimea now the campaign against israel is being expanded the un vote demanded that the middle east leading democracy give up its military defense according to the blaze the votes was 149 to 6 to demand that israel surrender that nuclear weapons the report explained only a handful of countries supported israel's right to uh nuclear self-defense in the recent un vote well here the international organization was moved to extreme left positions on many issues including abortion in recent years assisted that israel renounced possession of nuclear weapons and is sent to the non-proliferation nuclear weapons truly are treated thereby placing all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive international atomic energy safeguards yeah did that go through the security council or is that just a um that's a un just a un resolution okay un vote yeah un vote yeah and so oh here's you know here here's what i wanted to do very quickly because we're coming up to a break well you know what yeah let's just do the break i'll do it on the way back okay we're there anyhow so i feel so certain about this faith of mine i'm hanging in there doing fine king jesus is a friend of mine i'm blessed by you you saving babies teaching sinners hell's for losers heaven's for winners this work is not where it begins i am blessed by you i'm coming home someday heaven's my way i'm blessed by you where the saints all stay and little children play i'm blessed by you oh where the saints of all walking streets ago i know that i will see that heavenly prize it's no surprise how happy i'll be so i'm gonna see my family again i'm gonna be with one lost friend maybe soon i don't know oh gaming treasure preaching sinners hell's for a loser heaven's for winners this work does not work i'm blessed by you i'm coming home someday heaven's my way i'm blessed by you where the saints all stay and little children play i'm blessed by you oh where the saints of all walking streets ago i know that i will see my mansion Where his glory shines, there I'll abide On those golden shoulders, I'll be satisfied Oh, some bright day, gonna fly away It's there I'll stay I'll be there with you, cause your words are true I'm blessed by you Blessed by you Fauci couldn't name any study showing masks work against COVID-19, so he took a deposition and the lawyers asked him, we want, can you provide for us, since you put this order out, you put a mandate out, that people must wear these masks, can you give us any scientific studies at all, any that showed that those masks were effective against stopping the, and he could not give one, which we knew that all along, but they sure did a lot of damage, didn't they? Well, he did say at the beginning, don't wear masks, they don't do nothing, then he changed his tune, I think he went back and forth twice, and then he went to two masks too, I thought.

Right, well, it's because I think you might see he may have invested some money in the companies that make the masks, and that's the way it normally works, okay? All right, let's go to Florida and have Jeff, Jeff, you're in the air. Yeah, hello, can you hear me? I can hear you, yep, you're in the air.

All right, all right, I got some good comments for you. First of all, tell that guy Cliff that calls in all the time, tell him that I heard him earlier this week on the coast-to-coast program at four o'clock in the morning, I heard him, but he used a different name, he used the name Joe. Yeah, I know, I know, we know, we know, Joe. You knew that?

Okay. We got Cliff on the air. Listen, Cliff is standing, he's standing by right now, so. He used the name Joe on George Norrie's program. Anyway, this is my main comment, and that is if everybody will go to YouTube and look up The Gunner's Wife, it's called The Gunner's Wife, she's a professional lip reader, and she read the lips of everybody, including Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Pence. This is Trump's State of the Union address, this is his last State of the Union address, and she read everybody's lips, and Pence and Nancy Pelosi were talking secretly, but they made sure nobody was looking at them, they were looking at the cameras and everything, and they started whispering with one another about assassinating President Trump. So it was Pence and Pelosi together. All right, I would have to take a look at it. Yeah, we'd have to take a look at that and verify that we...

It's called The Gunner's Wife, and it's only been on there since the State of the Union happened, and she exposes Pence as being part of the deep state. Well, we know that Pence had, it was his job, he had the responsibility before he certified that election, right in front of him you had people standing there saying here, we've got all kinds of evidence of corruption here, of election fraud, and it was his responsibility to say look, I'm not going to certify this, let me take a look at what they have before I certify this. He failed to do that, and I noticed something too. Afterwards, Nancy Pelosi handed him something that looked like a coin, and we wonder what that's all about.

Some of those bitcoins could be worth a lot of money. I don't know what it was. That was the State of the Union. Well, anyway, when she was reading their lips, Pelosi was talking about poisoning his water, Trump's water, and Pence was going right along with it. He was saying, yeah, something needs to be done.

Wow. Yeah, I'd like to, we've got to make sure that's not a satire. I looked at it many times, and you can look at the original on ABC or whatever, and everything that she read is exactly what they said. ABC and all them, they would show the close-ups. This was the cameras that were inside that belonged to the Capitol that was doing the close-ups. They somehow got the copy of that video, and she was able to read their lips. But, yeah, they were thinking of Pence and Pelosi were plotting to assassinate Trump.

They wanted to do that. I don't doubt it. Alrighty, thanks, Jeff, and have a Merry Christmas, but there's only one guy that we know would know for sure, and that's Clifford Joe. Bring up Clifford Joe. That's my Irish grandfather.

His two names are also on my birth certificate, so I can use that as their middle names. But what do you call it? Yeah, well, one of the things I wanted to say was there's a book people might be interested in called The Psychology of Persuasion. I had an audible credit, so I said I'll get a longer book from the psychology section. And it seems like they took the template for hawking this shot right from this book. It talked about using social proof, where you would get people to think everybody else is doing it. Then, you know, it's okay to do it. You know, they'll get the idea that, hey, a lot of, like with the shot, oh, all these people are taking it, so it must be good.

But it's uncanny. It's almost like this whole, you know, enlist the experts. So if anybody's interested in that, it's a long book.

It's 20 hours on all audible. It's called The Psychology of Persuasion. Well, yeah, well, that's something that's been around.

Even as children, you learn that, you know, how many times you wanted to go someplace, you know, and so you go to your parents. Why? I don't know.

I don't know anything about that camp or whatever. Oh, hey, listen, Joey's mother, she's sending him. She knows. You know her, don't you? She's sending him. And use that, you know, that's been something that's been used for years.

Yeah, like I set up long lines at, like, movie theaters on purpose, so people would say, you know, that type of thing. So it is interesting. Another thing is, and then I have a question about scripture. We have time, but... Yeah, we gotta hurry, though, because the whole... Yeah, okay, I'll just do the scripture. It's Jeremiah chapter 3 verses 21 and 22, and I think right before that it's talking about, you know, it's treacherous to move away from the Lord's presence. But then it seems like verse 21 is talking about an intercessor on the land. Jeremiah chapter 3, 21, 21.

The 22, yeah. Okay, so... I don't know if that's the case, but I could read it that way. A voice was heard upon the high places weeping in supplication of the children of Israel, for they have perverted their way, and they have forgotten the Lord their God. Okay, return you backsliders, children, and I will heal your backsliding.

Well, that's exactly what it means, what it says there. Okay, he's, you know, God was, they had... Well, let me go back to show you a little earlier. But I said, How shall I put thee among the children, and give thee pleasure, our pleasant land, a goodly heritage of the hosts of nations? And I said, Thou shalt call me my father, and shalt not turn away from me. Surely as a wife treacherously departed from her husband, so have you dealt treacherously with me, O house of Israel, saith the Lord. And he's dealing with them. In fact, see, Israel is known as the wife of God.

And so, he's referring to them as that way. A voice had heard upon the high places weeping in supplication of the children of Israel, for they have perverted their way, and have forgotten the Lord their God. So, when you forget your God, God forgets you.

All nations forget their God are turned into hell. And so, then he quits blessing them, and that's what the weeping was all about. Right, but it seems to imply there could be an intercessor, you know, that's kind of trying to bridge that gap.

I think. I don't know if you would interpret it that way. Well, there's no answer here, you just have Jeremiah the prophet, but I have to move on. So, thanks.

Merry Christmas. We have one lady on the line, don't we, here. Bring up Karen. Hey, Karen. Hi, Pastor.

Hi. This has bothered me, I don't know why. My father worked at an oil refinery, and do you know what plastic is made out of? Plastic is made out of tomatoes, coal, natural gas, and crude oil. There's only, there's seven types of plastics, and you need a refinery, and how many things do we just, do we see a day that's made out of plastic?

Oh yeah, a lot of things. And what are we going to do without plastic? Well, here, I mean, the point of it is, look, Biden is not working for us. Biden is owned in the whole Biden crime family, the whole woke movement is there on the Chinese Communist Party payroll. The leaders, the military leaders, I listen to them as they were speaking to a huge group of college students and others were saying how we own the very top people in America, we own them. And this is where the whole thing with Hunter Biden and the laptops and all of this stuff that's going on with China, we have been sold out. We have been sold out, you know, and so, yeah, this is where, you know, his job, you just had Klaus Schwab and George Soros just recently came out as they were interviewed and said, they have decided that America must be reduced to third world status and China, where China will become the sole world nuclear power and the richest, you know, the new wealthy country, the world's top superpower.

Superpower, yeah. So they've decided that for you. I saw in the interview George Soros said he's there for the managed decline of Western civilization. So there you go. One of the problems is, you know, people don't, they just look at the big picture, but they don't look at all these other things that would, you know, there's only seven types of plastic and I mean they don't know about what it's made out of. They just, you know, people don't look into things. Well, you know, we know what plastic is made out of and, again, we know we need to get back to be energy independent the way Trump had put us there.

Just think about how important plastic is for healthcare, hospitals, sterilization. Yep. Everything. Yeah.

We gotta move on, but listen, you have a Merry Christmas to you. Okay, Jesus is Lord though, and we're gonna win. Amen.

Amen. Okay, who do we have next? Did you see? Ed, you're in the air. I'll be brief and to the point. About 20 years ago, I was listening to a program about a pastor. He was talking about Lucifer and the influence on the world and institutions things along those lines. And he said there's two places that Lucifer likes to set up shop. It's the pulpit and the court system, and I believe it. My point is this. When you have people like Kerry Lake, Donald Trump, nothing against them.

I think they're decent people. But when you talk about the court system, they haven't practiced constitutional law since 1933. So under the War Powers Act, which Roosevelt established, an area of the president that came in, immediately, pretty much, went under that because they wouldn't have any authority if they didn't.

And Donald Trump was the longest holdout, and I forgot the number of months that he didn't declare it. But what it comes down to is that, you know, I think it gives people a sense of false security and hope that something is going to happen positive in this satanic court system. Even if you look at this Roe versus Wade thing, all it did was just move the problem.

It didn't solve it. So, I mean, I just think that the court system, I think it's done well. I don't think America Babylon is going to recover. Give me your opinion.

Well, I don't know, but see, here's what our instructions are to work for that. You know, just like in Nineveh. Nineveh was going to be condemned, but God gave them because they repented. If America was to repent. See, God tells us very clearly, if we repent, if we repent and we call upon his name, and that means that people turn away from their wickedness and start living in obedience to the word of God, then God will bless us again, okay?

But if they don't, now the problem you have in America today is you have such biblical illiteracy, the vast majority of people don't even know that, okay? Can I say something? Sure.

With all the cell phone zombies out here and people breathing like wild animals, do you really think they're even interested in repentance? No, no, that's the point. But, you know, again, well, there you go. Have a good evening. You too.

Merry Christmas. Who do we have next? AC.

AC, you're in the air. Yes, last night you had a caller who was asking about Matthew 24, verse 37, as the days of Noah were social also the coming of the Son of Man be, and he wanted to know what it meant. And let me just say that Noah was given a great commission to preach a pre-flood gospel with an escape plan of one voyage out. We have been given a great commission to preach a pre-tribulation rapture gospel with an escape plan of one flight out, a pre-tribulation rapture. And that's what Jesus was trying to communicate here, that Noah is a type of a born-again Christian, pre-tribulation rapture Christian, and the things we're experiencing now are the way they were in the days of Noah, where the thoughts of people's hearts are evil continually, and we're seeing evidence upon evidence of that. Well, you have to add to that the fact that even though they were told and they were told, you know, Noah preached for 120 years the repentance, they laughed and they mocked. Okay, today you have many more than Noah out there preaching this, and people are still laughing and they're still mocking. You know, you've got the entire, you know, your entire news media. Look, all of your woke corporations, everything in the government has gone so corrupt, so everything is the same.

But here's another thing, AC. If you go back and you read, you know, for years, the estimated population of the world at that time was about 8 billion people, according to most theologians and historians. And we're coming close to that right now.

We're very close to 8 billion people. So everything is so similar as it was in the days of Noah. Yes.

The thoughts of their hearts was evil continually, and we've seen that. And, you know, Noah had to endure until the end of his great commission, and we have to endure until the end of our great commission, to be saved from the tribulation period. Absolutely. We have our marching orders, don't we?

Yes. All right, but we don't have any time. We're out of time.

Have a Merry Christmas. All right, how much time do I have there left? Four. Okay, we're out of time, so tonight. So, we are going to, what we do this time every night, what he was just talking about, AC, the reality. In this world, there's very, very little you can count on, okay, as far as reality goes.

We have to check information over and over. The Bible says in Daniel chapter 12, that in the last days, knowledge, but now you see what he says, knowledge will be increased rapidly, but he doesn't say the truth is going to be, there's a difference. You can have a knowledge of things that are not true at all, okay? Look, for example, just listen to the news media.

Listen to NBC, ABC, CBS. You'll get knowledge, but you're not going to hear much truth, right? Same with our school systems.

Right, same with a public school. But there is one source of absolute truth. One. There's one source, and it's one source of absolute authority. It speaks with absolute authority and absolute truth, and it will be here, no matter, for years, for hundreds of years, centuries, they've tried to eliminate, they've tried to destroy it, but that's the word of God. And as the Lord Jesus himself said, heaven and earth will pass, but his words will stand forever. And what he meant is, everything that he said he would do, will end, he will do, it's going to get done, okay? You cannot break his scripture. And folks, that's why we keep telling you, there's only one thing you can put your trust in, and that's God.

For all of you out there, and this is why, when we keep telling you it's appointed to all men who wants to die, and then the judgment, that's exactly what's going to happen. And you say, well, I don't know, I just can't understand why God would do the things the way he did, why does a loving God, why is there even a place like hell? Well, first of all, folks, he explains it to you in writing, he tells you that his ways are much, much higher than your ways. His thoughts are much higher than your thoughts.

The way he does things are for reasons that, for the most part, are way beyond your understanding. Now, you have to understand, you're talking about the ultimate intelligence, when you're referring to God, the ultimate intelligence, which virtually all knowledge is contained. Folks, I mean, look, he's the one that created us, and the science, he's the one that holds the universe together, there's things that, there's knowledge out there that we may never acquire, okay?

But we do know one thing, that with over 1,800 prophecies, the vast majority of them have come true, and some made 4,000 years in events, exactly when, exactly where, exactly how, the mathematical odds of that happening are zero. But God, see, there's nothing impossible for God, there is nothing impossible, and so, bottom line is simply this, he tells you, you need to repent, pray to the Father, and make sure, pray and ask him that your sin is forgiven. Then you need to realize, one, that Christ died and took your place, substitutionary death in your place upon that cross, he owes you nothing, you owe him everything, you owe him everything, and that's why you need to call upon his name and ask him to be the Lord of your life, all of your life.

And if you'll do that, okay, he will honor his commitment, you will become a new creature, born again believer, and heir of the kingdom, and you will be on your way to immortality. You've got God's word upon that, and there's nothing more sure than that, so until tomorrow, good night, God bless, and always, always, always, keep fighting the fight! Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.
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