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TUE HR 2 112922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 30, 2022 12:25 am

TUE HR 2 112922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Yes. A little bit of a stretch to hope people can break that all down, but if you think about it, right, Hillary's emails, it wasn't that they were private emails like they were emails that she had on Gmail. It was that the server itself was proprietary, right? So no one can own that data or have that data without potentially getting in trouble or being prosecuted. And the proprietary of the privatization also includes all of the very sophisticated surveillance technology used utilized by the NSA, but the NSA has a lot of constraints as to the Constitution, you know, the Fourth Amendment search and seizure.

But there was a time frame and I want you to explain this. There's a time frame around 2005, 6 and 7 where James Comey at Lockheed Corporation, General Counsel, and of course, John Brennan out there at the Alliance Corp as a private contractor. The Alliance, the analysis, what is the Alliance? The Analysis Corporation.

Thank you for correcting me. John Brennan in the private sector and James Comey in the private sector before they came in with the heavy hand to join the Obama administration, that was an important set of events, was it not? Because Lockheed, talk about Lockheed. It's not just airplanes and the military industrial complex. They handle a lot of data, don't they?

Absolutely. And so this is where this is where it starts to become between a rock and a hard place because we don't know what these corporations know and what they don't know. So we have to start filing lawsuits. We have to start filing challenges. We have to start sending them documentation and then certifying that they've received it.

You do the same thing with all the politicians in the country and anyone that's involved in our political system or the front to our political system. And now they can no longer say they didn't know, right? They can no longer say we weren't aware of this.

We didn't know this was happening. You know, you have eight people at that conference that Jovan spoke at and all eight of them are supposed candidates and yet all eight of them had no idea. But Jovan literally said in July, two months after I put out my my report with Erickson, you know that there's a backdoor and that it's connected to the sheriff's office. So hold on. Why didn't any one of those candidates say, wait a minute, General Flynn knows about this. Jovan knows about this. What the hell is going on?

Right. And so then there's always the people who say, oh, there's white hats in control and the white hats are doing something behind the scenes. You know, at the end of the day, if you do not take the time to try to understand this and if you do not take the time to try to break it down and comprehend it, then you're just as guilty as the enemy because these people are literally playing God using this technology to manipulate your decision making and try to get you to do things you normally wouldn't do.

And that's just a corporate, you know, that's corporate psychology. I'm going to play this and we're going to come back to it and speak to it. I'm going to play the short clip.

We played it this morning. And let's talk about how significant this is. Everybody concerned about Arizona. You need to be really concerned about this relating to Arizona.

Turn them over. No, no, no. I had this heart to heart discussion with General Flynn about this because it disturbs me finding it. Russia, Russia, Russia was not about Donald Trump.

No, no. Russia, Russia, Russia was sold to the nation to activate in our own country, a backdoor system where they activated old programs that they dropped in every law enforcement agency that allowed them to see all of the traffic of the vote through the law enforcement agency as a protection measure. That is the backdoor.

It comes through the sheriff's department. That's what they're hiding. And let's talk. A, about the significance of the back dooring. OK, not the significance. Hold on a second.

Let me just get right to it. There was an instance where Sheriff Penn Zone, the sheriff of Maricopa County, was asked and actually they subpoenaed the servers where the election data during the audit was stored. And they said, oh, my goodness, it's co-located on the sheriff's department servers in the county.

And they said, what are you doing? It's co-located. They said we need a special counsel because it's got a law enforcement sensitive. There's a reason why it was co-located, wasn't it?

Can you not theorize? Talk about why that's co-located and what that actually is designed to do, sir. So these are co-located through Erickson, right, which is through the Numbers Portability Administration Center. So this is when you dial out different digits or 911, for example. That's a state of national emergency in terms of when you're making that call.

So that system has to be ported, right, and connected. Unfortunately, in that FCC contract, you have that awarded to Erickson, who at the time was literally doing business with ISIS. And the FCC, you know, in the Erickson report, which is we're like a light years past that report at this point, but we're still having to go back and explain it. So when you dial out to 911, these people have access to all of your data, right, before it ever gets to the NSA, before it ever gets to the FBI, before anyone ever accesses it. You have this company in Newstar and Erickson who work as the in-between, right? They're the inter-exchanges is what they're called. So before it ever gets to the telecom, you have an inter-exchange that has to point the node directionally. Now I'm speaking a little too far.

I got to stay on Earth. So when that information needs to be given to the police department or the sheriff or the fire department, right? You have Erickson and you also have Newstar that would direct that traffic, right? Newstar would do it on the Internet. Erickson would do it for phone numbers.

But if you look at the difference between an IP address and a phone number, you're looking at digits at the end of the day, ones and zeros. Okay, sir. Right now everybody is, and this is no disrespect to everyone because we only know so much, the election was screwed up and it always will be. As long as they have top level control of all the information, this is what I want you to talk about.

Let's set elections aside. When Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, this secret cabal of, secret, they're right out in the open, this secret shadow government has been operating their own private Internet, their private NSA. They have access to all monetary transactions. They are intercepting all traffic, including to the CIA, you know, the FISA courts, the FBI traffic, all of our commerce, all of our banking, all of our corporate, this corporate espionage level stuff.

Okay. When these guys have access to all of that traffic, just to set aside the election, what would happen if Newstar had the ability to surveil all corporations, for instance? And could they perpetrate corporate espionage?

I know the answer to that question. Corporate espionage, describe what they could do. I mean, they do, they're listening in on everything. They can, so just look at Newstar and say, I mean, the N is there and the S is there, so we're just missing the capital A, right? So just look at Newstar as the real NSA, right? Like there's a corporation that stands to provide the services that these different companies, these different, you know, there are companies at the end of the day, NSA is a company, right? But truly, it's supposed to be a US government agency. But you got to remember, like there's a corporation that provides the service that allows NSA to do what it does, right?

There's a corporation that allows Amazon to sell you so many books and get such an awesome deal from China to sell you all these products, right? There's corporations that are involved in all these processes, but everyone is so hyper focused on the voting machines and Dominion. It's like, why don't we go a little further? Let's check the data. Let's look at who operates the data, because that's what John Durham's doing. That's where he's pointing the investigation. So that's probably a good indicator of where we should be looking. Is it safe to say that if we're really to, you know, of course, we're not going to tell everyone what you're doing is wrong. I mean, like, for instance, yesterday, if you were there and you were invited to the stage and you got to the microphone and said, hey, this is really big and it's even bigger than what you guys anticipate, but I'm here to thank you for coming and just hear me out for a second. This is a great place for us to convene and assemble legally and peacefully.

But the real place, and I'll lay out a case where we should be protesting is right here. Yes. Should we not be? I mean, every single plumber, carpenter.

They're all under contract. If you show the image, pull it back up. Yeah. Show people right down in the bottom right on that little pillar.

Go down a little bit right there to the right. What is that? What company? Perkins Coi. So they share the office with New Star and NASDAQ, right? So we're literally talking about these people control the Federal Reserve.

This is these people. This is that's the corporations, right? And then show them what's across the literally kitty corner, all the same complex. All these buildings are interconnected. They all share contracts. They also share.

It's very strange. We'll have to go there in person and look a little further into it. ORIC, PWC. These are all major corporations as far as securities law are concerned. But the big one is BlackRock, right? You have BlackRock literally sharing a street corner along with PWC. So all those buildings are the same, right?

So whoever's subleasing those buildings is, you know, we should probably look further into that because there's probably some very fruitful information. All right. Now, now I'm going to take us down a rabbit hole and I wanted to do so, you know, within this one hour ish. We're going to end naturally, of course, presentation here.

When you start considering that I'm going to lay out a case here right now, I'm going to show this to you. This is not conspiracy theory. This has been, by the way, wiped off the Internet. There was a hearing that was conducted on May 6, 2004, a subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, talking about what this thing is filled with New Star being in charge as a neutral company, setting up the kids Internet domain. Now that's dot kids.

We want to have children over here. Then let's factor in what the FBI has also been doing by running 20 something services. This document is in the court system running child porn servers. They're communicating over there. And why the dot kids domains are so important is because of their very protective nature, that you can do stuff over there in secrecy, almost without the security.

Just think of it right. If I report you to the courts, right, because your child is being abused, right, the state can literally come and take your kid away. Why does the state have that much jurisdiction over children? You know that that should be something people should probably be asking questions about. None of those courts are any good, right?

They're nonsense. At the end of the day, it is children that was excused for passing the Telecommunications Act. It was the protection of children's rights and the information they're accessing to make sure they're not saying bad or naughty things. But yet that was that we've never addressed that.

OK, this act has never made children safer. OK, so regardless of what everyone knows or doesn't know, I think we can ask the question that every single person hearing my voice, including those that are working at the FBI, know that the FBI is corrupt, but they are used and have been part of this. They've set up special branches, the Science and Technology Branch itself was set up to help them with their law enforcement army arm to perpetrate these crimes on the secret side of the Internet. Is that it's a mouthful of stuff I just said. Am I inaccurate in the way I said that?

No, you're absolutely accurate. And that office was founded by Robert Mueller. He creates it in 2006. So you go and you look at everything that the FBI Science and Technology Branch. So it's like, OK, well, what does what does that have to do with? Well, Internet Governance Program, access, criminal justice information systems. I mean, probably stuff. And if you go to the next page, right, which tells you all the stuff they also are intertwined with, that'll also disturb a lot of people as well, because it will I don't know if you have that image, but it's DNA. Yeah, there you go.

Terrorism, child pornography, crimes of violence, trade secret theft, theft, financial crime, propriety or property crime, Internet crime fraud. Right. Like, hello. This is probably this is probably the answer to a lot of our questions. Right. All right. Now, let's now here we go. And if you don't mind me tying us this all in together, when I say this is a matter of national security, they have set the paving stones for this thing.

Prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there was an organization on the law enforcement side. What is that called? Kalea? Kalea does what?

Explain what Kalea is. Well, it allows for the access of information for basically fucking warrants for police and sheriffs and all that. And so that is based the system that Joffe, Joffe and Neustar have technology that allow them to access those ports, ports, right. Internet protocol, portability, right.

Maritime ports. You know, so it's crazy. But at the end of the day, when you look at this, this is literally digital human trafficking and digital trafficking of children. Their information, their rights, their protections and yours, too.

Right. So your digital information is literally being sold to this trusted third party and Neustar. Now, the contract is now going to Ericsson. So now it's Ericsson. The SEC is blocking any sort of investigation of documentation that would do with financials, because, of course, you know, John Durham is trying to do an honest investigation. So the SEC has to do their thing and step in and be crooked. So, you know, they're going to make it seem like, oh, yeah, we're looking at Ericsson.

We got we got them under our thumb. No, they don't. The SEC is terrible.

The SEC is completely fraudulent and corrupt. Most of the cases under the Southern District of New York have to do with the Epstein files, the just like Maxwell case. You have the Trump tax returns. You have, I mean, the Ericsson information. Southern District of New York took Wiener's laptop.

I mean, this is literally the cesspit in the, you know, armpit of the world. Probably something we should just completely get rid of once this is all revealed and people are properly understanding what they did on September 11. And I think I think September 11 should prove to be the meter stick, right?

If you can't publicly accept and come out and state that those buildings did not fall the way that they're, you know, purporting to tell us. Also, by the way, SAIC, the company that investigated the 9-11 Commission, also happened to be the company that provided this conceptualization of Telecordia and New Star. So the SAIC is also... By the way, by the way, stop, pause, pause for one second, because right now the average person is like, oh, my goodness, stop.

Guess what? It is easy. Just think it took them two decades to get to the point to where if we came to work today and we lit up the stream and said, ladies and gentlemen, great aliens are in charge. They speak telepathically. They have absolute control, you know, mind control technology.

They've got the most of it. We would accept that. Right. And that's pretty sophisticated.

What I just described is that there is an entity of being outside of the planet. So don't tell me that you're confused. It's just brand new to you.

It doesn't feel comfortable because you've never heard these things thrown at you before. But you have a duty and an obligation to know what they've been doing right out the open through the Telecommunications Act, I might say. Right. Yeah. And that's and that's separate. Again, that's separate. The jurisdiction of that act is separate and apart from the rest of the jurisdictional United States codes laws.

Right. So when you look into Title 47, you see that has to do with telegraph, submarine cables, monetary exchange. And then you look at the Federal Reserve and you see that it all ties back to the Bank of New York and the Bank of New York.

BNY Mellon, describe BNY Mellon, but not a small bank, ladies and gentlemen. Well, you see all the things that are covered, right? National communication, information administration, you have interception of digital and other communications, satellite carrier, retransmission eligibility. Those are all really important things. And the document, which I guess you don't have, shows literally subsection five times that all the jurisdiction for this is under admiralty and maritime court. Right. And that the jurisdiction thereof is for district courts. So all of the district courts.

This is the panic that they're about to be going through, because what they're going what's going to be revealed is that they've been operating under separate jurisdictions, corporate separate corporate charters and committing fraud at the end of the day. It may not be constitutional, but they don't follow that anyways. But it's also against their charter. So that's where you have to get these people. You have to go after their pocketbook.

Right. You have to stop what is providing them their ability to do what they do. Fortunately for us, Warburg Pincus, Telcordia and New Star all basically are the entire pie to this corruption. You know, it's the ingredients of this corruption pie. And they've all essentially been caught. So so we can we can allow them to institutionalize corporations being able to commit terrorism. Yes. Which is super dangerous.

Super dangerous. But let me ask you this with with their and I'm sorry to interrupt your flow here, but you just mentioned something like, for instance, this is not just a one off anomaly with Kevin Clinesmith having access to all of these connections on the Internet and manufacturing evidence. Let's talk about when you have top level domain access to all the information, let's say everything going to WikiLeaks or stuff that's on the Internet.

Can you make up a fake and a fraud and a lie of a world on the Internet if you control everything flowing through the Internet? Explain that to everybody. So absolutely. That's what they did. Right.

So I put this report out in May. Right. So that's quite a quite a ways away from where we are now. And if I am a public citizen who has no additional ability to look into information or access to systems I shouldn't have, if I'm able to put this together, then when you look at the Durham investigation, what they did was they circumvented the NSA. They went around it.

Right. But you had good people in charge, people like Admiral Rogers over at NSA. And you also had the ability to to put this data just like they can sell this data to the NSA and just like they can sell this data to the CIA. They can also sell this data to people with the clearances and the access for it.

So that's why I'm pretty excited to be connecting with some of these people, because if we can bring this to them, maybe they can further investigate and find the answers instead of the nonsensical lies that were being fed through the news. Which, again, Pete, if you pull up that chart that shows this is not we're not talking about like a few corporations. I'm not just talking about Lockheed Martin and Newsar. This is every telecommunications company in the United States.

They're all in on this. And whether they know of it or not, I would say the majority of their workers obviously don't know about this. But whether they're fully aware of this kind of fraud being perpetuated or not, these are all the companies we're talking about. SAIC, you can see in the top right corner, that creates Telcordia, which is also in the top right corner. SAIC, Belcorp, AT&T.

Is AT&T important? And the powers that be, are they affiliated to and connected to things like Ameritech and all of the baby bells? Yeah. Yeah. And how do you know that?

I know the answer to that question. The National Security Act in 1947. That's also when the Portability Administration Center was created. So we're going to go through all this information. We're going to break it down.

We're going to understand. But on 9-11, the Portability Administration was switched from the Building 7 and moved over to 60 Hudson Street. And so you go to that building and you look into the origination of that building and when it was built, it was built before 1933. So the United States went through a bankruptcy in 1933, which a lot of people aren't probably aware of. But we stopped being sovereign when we stopped printing and distributing and controlling our own currency.

So that's a big year. And the first chair of the Securities Exchange Commission, the first maritime chair, is Joe Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's dad. So if people are wondering if he's not aware that there was a bankruptcy and that the United States formally became a corporation, think again. And there's a reason probably why they went after John F. Kennedy and his brother. Listen, this is not they've been operating right out in the open. They've been telling it's just a fake of fraud and lie. I mean, even the Internet.

Everybody needs to know this. Like, I'll use an example that everyone can relate to. Your Facebook feed, if you're still on Facebook, is literally manufactured by them. It's absent of other information and it only includes what they want you to see. It's their version of reality that's being presented to you. And they keep telling you that, you know, that that's your freedom over there when, in fact, you literally have a cable plug into the back of your head and all they're doing is just sucking all of your information, your patterns, all that stuff and selling that.

Why? Because data, ladies and gentlemen, is the new currency worldwide. Yep.

This is digital human trafficking and and human enslavement cradled the grave with access to all of your data. Already, we are back and we have Pastor Joe has joined us. Are you there, Joe? Hello, Joe. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. Yep. Okay.

I'm late, but I made it. Yeah, well, you know, we're talking about what we were talking about, the servers, you know, here now. The good news is and I hope they're right. I hope they're right about Durham having a handle on this now. And actually, he is going to this new star and to the fellow in charge of that telling him that he is going to be indicted. He's under investigation. I hope that's for for real.

You know, these guys are pretty, you know, they're Corey and he's been pretty reputable. And so I hope that that is really going to take place because here all of this time, the manipulating, manipulating, manipulating. The Bible says my people are destroyed.

They're destroyed for lack of knowledge. And so we're trying to bring you the information out there that the opposition, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the opposition does not want you to know. We've been the watchman on the wall.

He tells you the Ezekiel Chapter 33, back to Chapter 3 and 33 to warn the wicked and the righteous. And we're trying to to tell you what is happening so you have some idea of the reality of the time you're living in today. And so I wanted to do a couple of fast up articles here, Joe. Did you talk about the what's going on in Arizona with Katie Hobbs and Blake? Well, let me get into that right now. Arizona County's threatened with a class six felony charge if they won't certify the rigged election. You want to take it?

Go ahead. Well, the Katie Hobbs is the secretary of state. She should have recused herself from the beginning and she threatened all those under her. Ron Gould is the chairman there of the Mojave County Board of Supervisors. And he said, quote, I found out today I have no choice but to vote.

I or I will be arrested and charged with a felony. So here they're being forced. Now, there are a bunch of people that testified in front of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors there. And no matter what they said, they voted nope that they would certify the election. Now, on the election day when the polls closed, there were close to 700 people waiting in line at this voting location. Only 150 ended up voting. Another poll observer testified that a tabulating machine was found not to be working the night before the election during a test run. Nevertheless, they used it the next day. Number three, a third poll worker described complete chaos as machines broke down, angry voters said they had to get back to work and concluded it was voter suppression. So here at the end of the big meeting, this Maricopa County recorder, Stephen Riker, insisted no voter was disenfranchised.

Well, we know that's a total lie. If there were 700 people waiting, 150 got the vote, the rest were sent home. And that first day there were hundreds who couldn't wait.

They were there sometimes an hour or two. The machines didn't work. They left in droves, so we know that that's not true. So they said, well, that wasn't perfect, but the count was accurate. Well, when you have hundreds and thousands of people that couldn't vote, the count is not accurate.

So these lies are so obvious, a junior high student could figure it out, something's wrong, right? You know, hundreds and thousands of people couldn't vote, the count can't be accurate. Well, absolutely.

But, you know, we went through that yesterday. You had only less than 17 percent of the registered Democrats voted. And so with 17 percent of the registered Democrats voting, how do they come up with 51 percent? Well, even if all of the unregistered voters, we did this last night, I worked it out mathematically, if all of the unregistered voters or the independent voters and all the Republican voters voted for Lake or voted for Hobbs, there still wouldn't have been, you know, there would have been a vote count difference. It couldn't have come to the percentage she won by. There wouldn't have been enough votes to do it.

So we know something's really wrong here. Well, they've got her, first of all, the law says if there's a conflict of interest by law, you have to recuse yourself. The woman is the secretary of state. Her job is to count the votes, right? And certify the election, yeah. Certify that there was nothing wrong with the election, which she did. Even though she's having to sue this one county, Cochise County, because they refused to certify by the deadline, so she's having to sue them, they didn't like what went on.

So this is going to be one of those things that they get away with this. We're not going to have another honest election. Well, Carrie Lake is not one to give up. If I could get a hold of her, we want to stay on top of this. Never let it go. Never let it stop.

Keep reminding him, and not just us, but all of us conservative Christians out there, patriots. Now, Trump is fully aware of what's going on, but Carrie Lake has spoken out against the rigged and conflict-ridden Arizona midterm elections, which were certified by mere COPA board supervisors in several other counties yesterday. The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that the corrupt, very, very corrupt, mere COPA county board of supervisors voted unanimously to certify the rigged election. Those people, every single one of them should be in jail. Every single one of them should be in jail. It was overseen by MAGA-hating rhinos Katie Hobbs and surrogate, a radical leftist gubernatorial candidate. Now, today, mere COPA county certified its rotten election despite hours and hours of witness testimony of wrongdoing and an extremely flawed election in the public comment portion of the meeting. Many in the audience... There's no there there, right? All these people that said they saw this, knew all this. It kind of reminds me of the Trump election.

We had all this information, facts, people wanting to testify, but none of the courts allowed the testimony in, so the liberal media, all they could say was, there's no evidence, no evidence whatsoever, because they would not allow it to be presented to the public. Exactly. That lie is what they call their narrative.

Yeah. Another article here, Joe. Government regulatory agency dictatorship. How the US federal agencies are armed to the teeth for war against America. Here, the FDA, the FBI, the CIA, the DHS, the EPA, the USAD, USDA, and the IRS are now fully geared up with assault weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition, thanks to the Obama-Biden regimes, ready to battle Americans to the death over their food, land, and core, their crops, and yes, unpaid income taxes. Got some food the government wants to seize to send disturbing kids in Ukraine? The FDA and the USDA have SWAT teams that can function under NDAA and come and take your food and seize your land at any time for any length of time.

Thank you, Obomination, man of great, great sin. Got an opinion? Just the one agent, just the, what was it, the IRS, and there were just two or three groups together had more troops and more weapons than the Marine Corps. Well, that's true, but there's something else, though, you've got to understand is you have in this country right now an estimated 10 million Americans, well, there's over 100 million that are armed, but there's estimated 10 million that will stand and fight for their freedom.

I believe that there are enough policemen, enough sheriffs, there's enough cowboys and soldiers and Marines, retired military that, yeah, and they know how to fight, they have fought, they risked their life before, and I'm sure most of them are willing to do it again. The article goes on, got an opinion that doesn't fit the narrative you see on fake news? The FDA and the CIA have armed teams that can show up at your house before sunrise and take you away as a terrorist in front of your kids and detain you for as long as they want. I think anyone who even came near the Capitol building or talked about it on January 6th, 2020, the government regulatory agency dictatorships now function as an armed of the military, ready to attack Americans and further fund the Communist Party-led Biden regime. And that's what it is, the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party owns Biden, they own Biden, they own him.

Their instructions to Biden, look, it's time, and guess what, recently, just again, George Soros and Klaus Schwab had met and they said, it is time now that America decline and China now become the world power, and here we've got China's little pedophile, Mr. Joey Biden, in there, right in there to do the bidding of his masters, the Chinese Communist Party. Stay tight, Joe, we'll be back right after this. A Quaker man whose name I will not mention, went out to milk his cow early one day, but that old cow acted like it had a demon, with its tail it slapped that Quaker in the face. And he said, cow, they know that I am a Quaker, and anger is a thing that's not in me, and cow, they know that I am patient, but I could use a little help from thee. Hold these still, he said, and slowly started milking, and things were going real good for a while. Then the cow stepped in the bucket and she spilled it, and on that old cow's face there seemed to be a smile, and he said, cow, they know that I am Quaker, and anger is a thing that's not in me, and cow, they know that I am patient, but I could use a little help from thee. Time and time and time again he tried to milk her. You might say there was some tension on the farm. Then the cow moved out real loud and then she kicked him through the air and through the side of that old barn. He laid there and tried to pull himself together.

He looked up and said, thee know I've tried my best. He could see the cow through the big hole in his barn, and with a different tone of voice the Quaker said, cow, thee know that I am Quaker, and anger is a thing that's not in me, but now I'm gonna sell you to a Baptist, and they're gonna beat the devil out of thee. I believe they have a day they call homecoming, and I hope they make hamburger out of thee. There you go, there you go. And you know what? Real Baptists, those real Baptists, Joey Biden and you liberals, you communists, new Antichrist, the Lord's got some real Baptists.

I'm not talking about those with just Baptists in their name, but I'm talking about real Baptists down here. He keeps a remnant. And we're not going away, are we, Joe? I don't think so.

Not until the Lord removes us. Alrighty. Did you get a chance earlier to talk about what's going on in Brazil and China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela?

Nope, I did not. I've been going through the lightning realms on these articles, but I know in China they're having major, major in Brazil, and they're having major, major riots. China is having a rebellion that the China experts said they have not seen.

It's interrupting in different cities, and they haven't seen anything like it. We have, it's been covered a little on some news media like Fox, but Russia's having massive protests against their war. Iran, massive protests.

Biden administration hasn't said anything, hasn't backed the people that are risking their life in Iran. And over there it's dangerous to protest. Same thing in China. Venezuela, you risk prison and death. They're having a huge revolt in Venezuela. So what's the U.S. government's response? Crickets. What's the media's response?

Crickets. Whatever George Soros tells them to say. Yeah, if you think about this, this riot down in Brazil, they say it has been going on now, today would be the 30th day. And they did not want a criminal for president down there.

The military is standing with the incumbent there, Senero. But these protests, they say that there are millions out protesting. This is probably one of the largest protests in the history of the world.

A couple of people that were down in South America as journalists. Think about that. One of the largest protests probably ever in the history of the world. And what have you heard about what's going on in Brazil from the media? Crickets.

Think about this. All over the world they're having riots for freedom from Brazil, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela. And our media, our government, everything is silenced. This tells you, folks, something big is going on. They are trying worldwide to suppress freedom in every country. They're doing it in this country by going after the January 6 people, by the voter fraud that's going on. And of course, you know, nobody's talking about the voter fraud in Arizona except Fox.

And probably, what's that other one I'm thinking of? Well, the new one, David Bowie's Newsmax. But anywhere else, you look at the major newspapers. Well, World News Daily is picking it up big time.

And of course, programs, we're hitting it hard. And we know that a number of the patriots, Stu Peters is all over it. What's his name? Oh, the fella we just played a clip I heard tonight. You know, I'm talking about Bannon. Steve Bannon's been on top of it.

Steve Bannon. I got in too late to hear, yeah. Yeah, so a whole lot of us are really on top of it. We're meeting only a group of people, the conservatives, the conservative Christians. And most people in America have no idea that the world is revolting against its masters.

And I've talked to some people today while I was waiting between different appointments at the hospital, the EA. And they had no idea that there were massive human rights protests in all these countries. You just looked at me like, what, massive huge protests?

Yes. You know, Brazil, one of the largest in the world. And they were kind of like, you know, we didn't hear anything about it. We haven't heard a word.

Yeah, they said there was like 3 million people marched in Brazil, as far as you can see. Now, let me ask you a question, Joe. Right now, the Pentagon cannot account for 4.4 trillion, I'm talking trillion with a T dollars, according to the Department of Defense audit. And it's raising alarm bells, not just because of the obvious lack of accountability and oversight, but remember what happened the last time the Pentagon lost an enormous sum of money. You know, and the last time that enormous sum of money was, it was 2.3 trillion, and all of a sudden you had 9-11. You're right. All the attention had forgotten about that because it got so dropped from the news and everybody's attention went elsewhere, and they never really got back to that story, did they?

No. So now, this is the story out, that the Pentagon, now, can you imagine how much money that is? 4.4 trillion dollars.

The Pentagon lost it. Now, you don't think that money just got lost? You don't think it ended up in the bank accounts of people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama, and others, do you? Oh, it ended up in a lot of bank accounts, and a lot of it was probably not even U.S. citizens. Probably a good part of it, yeah. A lot of it went to pay off people around the world. A lot of it was, you know. How about buying, how about buying attorney generals in the states?

You know, both state attorney generals and county prosecutors. Do you think a lot of that money went to buy them? Yeah, media personalities. I'm sure somewhere, a lot of these media personalities, a lot of the mainstream media, they're not very big anymore, like they used to, and their profits are way down.

But yet, most of their stars are living very large, aren't they? And they're being very wealthy, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there wasn't a lot of money flowing to the media. Well, you'd be surprised if it wasn't. I mean, there's... Yeah, I'd be more surprised if it wasn't going somewhere like that. But there's just so much on that lack of knowledge. When you say lack of knowledge, part of it is the media in this country is so corrupt, so deceitful, and we know that Jesus talked more about the lies of omission than he did the lies of commission.

Most people, a lot of good people out there, are kept in the dark. And one of the things we learned is, remember the story of Hunter Biden, the Biden laptop. There were several polls taken, and eight people said, I think it was one out of six Biden voters, said if they knew about the laptop and Hunter Biden, they wouldn't have voted for Biden. Well, that's one out of six Biden voters. That's a lot of voters.

Yeah. That almost could be enough to swing, even if it wasn't, that could swing an election, just one of anything. So we have to tell people it's one reason to keep listening to, you know, conservative Christian talk radio, keep supporting what's right, what's left, keep us on the air, because we are going to bring out this information regardless of what we're told or how often we're dislocated. But people are going to have to realize they have to be very, very careful about their source of news and information. We know now from Elon Musk, Twitter's been lined to people, deceiving and whatnot. We've done that all along on Twitter. I've been saying it, but now he's in there, he's going to hopefully hear the word is he's going to be putting out some big truth.

But you can see what he's up against. The App Store is threatened if he puts this information out. They're going to shut down his account. And if people can't go to the App Store and get an app, they can't go on Twitter, is my understanding. I don't go on Twitter, so I'm not sure.

But that's what I've heard. They're threatening him to shut off the App Store and shut down how people can become part of Twitter, and of course, advertisers are threatening to flee. So the world is terrified of truth-tellers. Oh, absolutely.

Huge! Twitter to stop enforcing its regime-endorsed COVID-19 misleading information policy that was based on a bag of Fauci lies. An article by Jim Hoft. As the global community faces the COVID-19 pandemic together, Twitter is helping people find reliable information, connect with others, and follow what's happening in real time now. And that's effective starting November 23rd. Twitter will stop enforcing its bogus regime-endorsed COVID-19 inflammatory policy.

There you go. Anyhow, that's some decent news. Just a couple of days ago, there was another cardiologist, an Australian cardiologist. He was calling for the halting of the use of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine. He's seeing a rise in heart conditions, and he's sure they're caused by the shots. Dr. Ross Walker of Sydney came after two other prominent cardiologists, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Asim Malhotra, and stated that the best explanation for all the sudden and unexpected deaths and cardiac events in otherwise healthy people is the COVID-19 vaccine. Daily Mail in Australia reported his concern, and the article I'm looking at had several examples.

One lady right after the shot was rushed to the hospital with terrifying chest pains just hours after her vax, diagnosed with pericarditis, and she missed the exams for her school. And the doctor said, I've seen over 70 patients from my own practice just recently who have had similar reactions. So here we have doctor after doctor coming out. But again, the lamestream media crickets, most of these stories come out of WorldNet daily, places like that.

And anybody that listens to the major networks is never going to hear these stories. You know, it was an amazing thing because about a year ago, I remember when the, I think it was in the Netherlands, I believe one of the equivalent to our surgeon general came out and held a press conference and said, Announce, I have just received my vax today, and she died right on the spot. But, yeah, well, they didn't put that in the news. Yeah.

Limited, right? Well, here's another one that was just out the 28th. Top oncologist cancer in patients exploding after COVID shots. That's the headline. And another doctor there in the United Kingdom, Dr. Angus Glish, professor of oncology there at St. George's University at London, wrote the British Medical Journal. As a practicing oncologist, I've seen people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster.

They usually get the booster so they can travel. And all of a sudden, the B cell based diseases are just going wild. And he was saying one developing leukemia, two working colleagues came down with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This was a friend, people he worked with taking the booster and their cancers that had been under control are in remission, all of a sudden, metastasized very badly, very quickly. And he's putting out a warning, too.

It's not good for people that have any kind of cancer undergoing treatment. So, here another screaming something else. But, again, I could only find a couple of different references to that. Well, Joe, you know, we're coming up to the brakes, but, you know, there are people that will say, well, okay, you're bringing us all of this information. Now, tell us what we are to do with it. First of all, folks, what's going on around the country? What's going on in Brazil? What's going on in Russia? What's going on in China here? I see that China has just built the world's largest quarantine cap.

It holds 90,000 isolation pads. But what's been going on in all these countries in Iran is called protest. People are saying enough is enough. We're not going to take it anymore. We're not going to take it anymore. Okay, so what do you have to do, folks out there?

How does this apply? Well, first of all, these masks that they keep telling you to, you know, wear, you have to wear this mask. Well, say, all right, I'll wear your mask, but I'm going to tell you, these things are doing nothing. Protest.

Make them feel very stupid when you have to go to a place when you have no choice, like for the VA or whatever. Protest, protest. Now, when they tell you you're going to have to take the shot, you're going to, no, I'm not going to take that shot.

I am not taking it, no. You have to protest these things. When they tell you you have to abide by the woke laws and their woke conditions, protest, say no.

Where does that come from? Read God's Word, the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Always failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God. Joe, it's time to give the invitation. And so, we need to let people know, again, you know, all these things today, I had two people tell me today, Pastor, are these all signs? Are these all signs of the Lord's return? Yes, folks, God's been giving you a lot of time. God is very merciful.

He's been giving you a lot of time, and He's been showing the world out there. You see what's happening. You've got, you see all of what is happening out there. Go to my Word. Go to 2 Timothy 3. Go to Romans chapter 1.

Do you see what I'm doing here? And so, He's given people time to repent and call upon His name. But, folks, we're coming every day closer and closer.

There's nothing that needs to be done. The Lord could come back any time. Well, I'm thinking of 1 John 2, if I can, 16 and 17. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, not of the Father, but is of the world, and the world passes away, and the lust thereof. But he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. The will of God is to become what? Born again, to be saved, to become a child of the kingdom, and they're joined there with Jesus, right?

An everlasting life. Yep, absolutely. And how do you do that? Well, it's not complicated. The Lord did all the heavy lifting. He did.

He did it. He took, He died a substitutionary death. He did for us what we could never ever ever do for ourselves. He paid the price that the Father demanded.

The Father demanded the price to pay for sin. The Lord Jesus was the only one that could do it. And He did it. He didn't have to do it. He could have said, why should I do it for those people? But He didn't. And so He did that. And here, God the Father put God the Son upon that cross.

He died in your place and my place. Okay, folks, and that's reality. Now, see, it doesn't really matter what you believe. See, it matters what God said. God has said that. He has given us the history from day one. He said, here's how it all started, here's how it's going to end, right? God did that.

What He said, it's what He's done for us, right? Right. And so, folks, the accuracy of the Bible is perfect.

The accuracy is, it's the only thing you have out there that you can, that speaks with absolute authority. So what you have to do is this. You need to pray to the Father. Ask for forgiveness of your sins.

That's called repentance. Then ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life, be the Lord of your life, all of your life. And, folks, you've got to do that. I would do it tonight. I would do it tonight. Don't run out of tomorrows tonight.

How much time do I have? Well, Joe, we are out of time again for tonight, so as we do every night at this time, we say, good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. If you are 65 or older, you know this, watching your hard-earned dollars fly out the window on healthcare costs is frustrating.

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Very worth looking into during Medicare open enrollment, which ends December 7th. If you join right now, your second-month share will be free, so don't miss this chance. Call 833-SHARE24. That's 833-SHARE24. 833-SHARE24.
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