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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 13, 2022 12:24 am

WED HR 1 101222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed on this 12th day of October 2022, this is the voice of the Christian Resistance now more than ever. Now more than ever. As we get deeper and deeper into as the Bible says, we're in perilous times, folks. Perilous times. And tonight we have of course on the board, the board op, an engineer, and none other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. And then we have our country preacher, none other than the partisan Joe Larson. Let us labor for the master from the dawn to setting sun. That's been what we've been doing for a few weeks, isn't it?

Yep. And then like a rose between the thorns. Never mind between all the thorns and bushes. We have out there now, she's an all natural, an all natural woman with all natural medicine. And she is nature's marm, nature's medicine marm, Ms. Wendy Wilson. Oh, good evening, pastor. Good to be with you. It's good to have you here with us.

We always look forward to windy Wednesdays. Oh, thank you. We have a lot to get into tonight and the title of the message was Joe remembers, right, Joe? I sure do.

The devil's diary. Okay. You hear that, Joe Biden? Joe Larson remembers things. Yeah.

Even with brain damage, I remember. Well, well, you know, I, I, I know. All righty.

There you go. I'm not going to say anything else. I'm not going to say anything else. You know, the doctor there, you know, when it come to my, my falling at the, I was at the hospital, my wife said to the doctor, what am I going to do?

She told him wife to wrap me in bubble wrap. You know, so you'd look kind of like the Michelin man. Yeah. Well, anyhow, we'd be worse. Yeah. But let's not talk about that because we might end up there already. Let's get into what we're talking about. If it's the devil's diary, if the, if Satan kept a diary and Wendy, in a sense, Satan has kept a diary, uh, and we'll take a look at that.

Well, I've actually kept it for him. Right. Isn't that a little closer to the truth?

Yeah. And, but here, and we're going to take a look at that, but first let's start, I'm going to throw you off some jokes to start in Genesis six. We're going to start over in Genesis three and take a look at here at, uh, starting with verse four.

And the serpent said unto the woman, you shall surely not die for God doth knoweth that in the day you eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as God's knowing good and evil. And Wendy, you can just jump right in there. You can just jump right in here. So, but, um, go ahead. What's your question? All right. So what we're saying here, here's the question.

I'll ask the question. What was Satan doing here when he said this? He, what was, what was his purpose when he says, um, is God said that you should die. You should surely not die.

You should surely not die. And so what, what was his intention here? Well, he was, he was to put doubt in her mind.

Absolutely. To have her doubt. They call him old deluder for deluding people, for deceiving them, tricking them. And you shall be as God's knowing good and evil. Do you think he's trying to tell her that God's keeping the good stuff away from you and Adam?

Yeah, he, he, he's kind of created a little bit of jealousy there. And so here now, and so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to, to be desired to make one wise, she took all the fruit thereof and did eat and gave it into her husband with her. And he did eat and the eyes of them were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons. No. Hey pastor, I have a question.

Go ahead. Well, I mean, okay. So she ate and she gave it to Adam who was with her. So he was standing right there when this all went down. Yeah, he was, he was there.

Yup. Because I had heard other, other stories that, you know, he wasn't a far off, but Eve came to him with the fruit, you know? And so here now he was standing there and see, here's where Adam failed.

This is why we always hear how to sit in the world through Adam because Adam was, uh, that was his garden. That was his domain. He had full authority. He had the authority in that garden to take the head off the serpent. That was, God had given him that authority. And so the serpent knew that.

Okay. And do you think this, the serpent just showed up? Do you think that Satan just showed up? By the way, when he showed up, he wasn't a snake when he showed up, was he? No, he wasn't a snake.

He, he showed up. He was, he walked like us on two legs at that time in his vesture. Uh, he, his vesture was made up of, of, um, uh, rubies and diamonds and precious stones. And he, in fact, Ezekiel 28 tells you, he was the most beautiful creature that God ever made. So was he not in the image of God that he was some other creature? No, he was in the image of angels, of an angel. God made man in our image. He didn't make the angels in our image. And so, so he was, now the angels can appear in different images. They can appear as men or they can appear as other things too. And so you're now, how do you think that he, he appeared to Eve that it wouldn't alarm her? Well, he would have appeared to what you would be used to, that she's only seen one man. And although they walked in the garden with God, okay. And God made man in his image. So it would have had to have been in like a man that, or, or she might have been alarmed.

Right, okay. And so, and so he didn't just show up one day. He was there in that garden and he watched and he, he appeared and he looked and he, he looked for weaknesses in Adam and Eve. And he found a weakness in her and that, and of course, that was discernment. That was her weakness. He found Adam's weakness. Adam's weakness was it was her beauty with her. His pride.

Well, he had, at this point here, it wasn't so much his pride is that he, he just, he listened to her because he loved her. And remember, look, remember Adam was given a chore of naming all of the animals, right? So, and God says, pick one for your help, maybe. And you're looking at hippopotamuses, porcupines, and duck-billed platypuses. And then all of a sudden comes Eve, the most, the, the, the prototype, the most beautiful woman that was ever lived, right? And what do you think? Do you think Adam said, wow, right?

Twitterpated is one word you could use on the radio. Yeah, no. If, if Satan had showed up, if Adam had been alone there in that garden and Satan had showed up, there might have, there'd have been a whole different story. There would have been, because remember Adam was, he was the king of everything out here.

That was his garden. He, what he, when he said went, but now here and Satan would have been like a rival to him, a competition. And then that garden, Adam had the authority, but Eve was not the competition. Eve was his weakness, weak spot.

Okay. And just like remember Samson and Delilah, where they used Delilah, remember Abraham's weakness, you know, the fact that we take a look at that, we see that and every time one of these men did not take the responsibility to, did not make the decisions knowing, look, this is what I, what I really need to do. Uh, it always turned out bad. We have this where in this case, uh, sin entered into the world. And because of that, you know, Adam and Eve, they would have lived forever.

They would have lived forever. So what Satan virtually did was, was in a sense, he murdered them, didn't he? But they were murdered by consent, weren't they? And so yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I didn't give any consent to that for sure. And so here now, so this is what he did. Uh, he turned, uh, Adam and Eve, uh, he made them doubt God.

And so now I want to go over to Genesis six. Now here, Satan knew that God being a holy God would require a perfect, innocent, sinless sacrifice as a savior to redeem mankind from the sin that he had brought, you know, upon the earth. So he decided to corrupt all of mankind with his demon seed so that a redeemer could not come forth out of humanity. And how does, how does that kind of work?

Wendy? How do we have a, what's our demon seed? Remember what the demon seed did.

It changed your DNA. Okay. Let's read Joe. Read me. Versus one through all the way through 13.

All right. And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born into them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair and took them wives of all which they chose. And the Lord said, my spirit shall not always strive with man that he also is flesh yet his days shall be 120 years. There were giants in the earth in those days. And also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear children to them.

And the same became mighty men, which were of old men of renown. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart.

And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast and the creeping thing and the fowls of the air for it repenteth me that I have made him. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. And these are the generations of Noah. Noah was a just man and perfect in all his generations. And Noah walked with God and Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. And the earth was also was corrupt before God and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth and behold, it was corrupt for all flesh, all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh has come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Okay, so now here, we see what happens right there, right?

Yeah, there's a whole lot. And what we see, we see that when these, when these sons of God took the daughters of men, of course, they were fallen, they were talking about fallen angels, right? And it took the, and that, and Peter verifies that again, and so in the book of Jude also. And so when they took them, as wives, which they were forbidden to do, and they had offsprings, the DNA was changed.

The DNA was changed. In other words, they were no more the human race that God had created. And so here out of this, remember, the Messiah had to be totally sinless. Do you think that the, what the DNA of these fallen angels would have had some sin in it? Well, we've got the doctrine of original sin, don't we?

Yeah. Born into sin. Well, why are we born into sin? Because it was there because we were crossbred with the fallen angels. Okay, so here now, well, we weren't crossbred with a fallen angel.

Well, way back, the ancestors, yes. Okay. And so here, so what you would have, the idea was to keep the Messiah from coming, and other times during history, also the enemy attempted to do that too, okay?

Right. They tried to kill all the babies, you know, twice. Okay, what about in the days of Esther, Queen Esther, when they wanted to eliminate, they wanted to kill every last Jew. Yeah, kill all the Jews. That would have done it. Get rid of every Jew there.

Okay. That would have come if there weren't any Jews. Well, before that, remember, Pharaoh wanted to kill, destroy all of the male children, and then in the days of Jesus, the very same thing, wanted to destroy all the male children. That's twice, yeah.

I was thinking twice they were going to go after the children. Okay, so now here, God says, and it repenteth him. How is that repentance of God different than the repentance of men? Well, we regret it, but God didn't. Well, yeah, he did.

That's what he said. He regretted it, but you see, we repent of something when we do something wrong, don't we? Right. And in God's case, God didn't do anything wrong. You see, he gave men a free will.

He was fully aware of the outcome. He gave men an opportunity. So God didn't do anything wrong. What men did was wrong, right?

Right. And so, was God very unhappy, the fact that men did not take the opportunity and use his free will to obey him, but disobey him? Right, so I guess he's talking about disappointment. Well, when he said, you know, yeah, you're right.

That's what it would be. It would be, he was totally disappointed, but... He was sorrowed. He was sorrowed, you know, felt sorry. We called sorrow over watching what happened to his children, how they felt prey, and how they fell away from him. That would be called, we'd call it emotional pain.

Yeah. And so, remember now, God is omniscient. It wasn't like he didn't know what it was going to be, but he has a plan, and you have to follow the plan anyhow, right?

I mean, are there times in our lives when we give others opportunities, when we're pretty positive on how they're going to react, as far as when it comes to the opportunity we give them to do one thing or another? And we know that, and you know, being in the prison ministry for 45 years, you know, I've seen a lot of that with inmates that get out, and I saw within the system how the system wanted to get them for their full number. They wanted to get them for their full number, so what they would do is they would take the guys they knew would be back in a heartbeat, that they were not reformed, they were not ready to be released from prison. They would go right out and commit another crime, and once they'd done that, then they would get them for their full number, and that was money for the state.

And those would be the guys in the prison system that would be paroled first, because they knew they were coming back. It's pretty pathetic, but that's unfortunately the way it worked. And believe me, our parole, our Department of Corrections, there's some good people working at it, but boy, it is corrupt. It is corrupt. And I can tell you what else is corrupt is that Ohio parole board here in Ohio.

Well, I'll have to remember the old saying, a fish rots from the head down. When we have corruption in our leaders in Washington, and quite often a lot of times state government, when the leaders are corrupted, all keeps going downhill, and we shouldn't be too surprised when whole institutions are corrupt and fail. You're correct, Joe, except for in this case here, they're supposed to be getting their teaching from the pulpits in America. That's where it's supposed to start.

It starts right there. The watchmen are failing their duty. The watchmen are failing, and the people are failing.

So the reason is the people didn't like to hear what those that were preaching the truth and those that they soon found out that, you know, if we preach what the people want to hear instead of what they need to hear, that'll put more money in the offering plate, unfortunately. Oh yeah, like the other night I tuned, there was something, I was going somewhere and I accidentally hit Joe of Joe Osteen program. And here's this huge theater.

It's like a major, major, major theater and just totally full. And he's talking and talking and talking. And I listened for a few minutes and he never mentioned anything out of scripture, never mentioned anything out of the Bible, but going on, getting excited how you can this and that and the other. And it was like, all these people just enthralled, but down the road, there's some pastor trying to tell them the truth and they didn't want to hear it. And they're flocking to hear this guy, just tell them how great they are, how wonderful, how God wants them to have everything and wants it now.

And you can have it, you know, and I just listened to a few minutes and it was repulsive and sickening, but the people just were enthralled. Well, it's because again, that's man's greedy nature, Joe. You know, see God made us, okay, to obey him again. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches God has expectations of us and we have obligations to him. The prosperity preachers teach that in reverse.

They teach that, and I heard Kenneth Copeland hold up the Bible and say, he can take this book and we can make God produce. In other words, you can, yeah, I heard him say it. He held up the book and he says, we got it. We got his word. We can make him produce.

We can make him give us the things we want. In other words, in that Bible, but the problem of it is that what he claims, you know, the Lord Jesus preached, place up your crowns and your treasures in heaven, not on this earth. They're preaching totally the opposite, but the vast majority of people are so biblically illiterate, they're clueless. They're absolutely clueless. Pastor Ernie, how can you take, if you love me, you will obey me.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments. How do they turn that around? Oh, they never mention it.

That's tough. Right. Well, I was on a plane coming back from Utah, and I was sitting next to a gentleman, and Olsteen came up in the conversation, and he was saying his wife loves that guy, and, you know, he was on a connecting flight to go back to Dallas, or I think that's where Olsteen is, right, headquarters in Dallas?

Yeah, I think it's in that area, Houston, sits in Texas somewhere, yeah. Okay, yeah. So he's talking about, and I said, I was saying, I can't follow the guy.

I mean, I don't think he gives enough, you know, spiritual meat, in my opinion. He goes, oh, I agree. He says, he isn't a preacher. He said, he's a motivational speaker. Exactly. And I said, you're okay with your wife going to a church that doesn't have a preacher. Well, she enjoys it, he says.

Yeah. Well, Gloria Olsteen. That's the bad part. You can enjoy yourself and end up in hell, and that's not that enjoyable. Well, Gloria Olsteen said, and I heard her say it, it's not about God, it's about us.

She said that. It's not about God, it's about us. In other words, just exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches. But you see, there's something happening, and we talked about that before in Revelation, chapter 17 and 18, where it talks about Babylon, where we're coming into. You're seeing a whole lot of these prosperity preachers jumping ship, they're getting out of the pulpit, they're getting out of the ministry, and they're going, they're joining, going from the prosperity ministry to the woke corporations, into woke corporations. And do you know why that is?

Well, it's because it tells you in there that the political Babylon and the corporate Babylon join forces, and they burn the whore, the religious Babylon, they burn her with fire. These people know that. They know that this is coming. But you're not going to out-slit God. You're not going to get over on God. God looks upon your heart.

He knows what you're doing. And if they think that by jumping ship, that's going to save them. Well, they're in for a very, very rude awakening.

We'll be back after this. Once a man's home was his castle, only his foes would violate. And the border of his property was the moat round his estate. All these kingly rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by God have been lost somewhere in history, in the fine print and the fraud. Once a man and his religion was protected by the law. In America, the Constitution formed a verbal wall.

Now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached. Now the worried watchman on the wall is crying, Heaven's under siege. Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now Heaven's under siege. When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets, and when the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs, you know corruption reigns in government, but Heaven's under siege. Heard the watchman sound the warning call back in 1992.

When they murdered Dickey Weaver, just like they'll murder me or you. When they stormed the church in Waco, women and children burned alive. And now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive. Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now Heaven's under siege. When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets, and when the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs, you know corruption reigns in government, but Heaven's under siege. Now a voice cries in the wilderness as the Lord prepares his church. Will his called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth? Will we pass the test of Heaven's quest, never counting earthly loss?

Will we fight like Christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross? Heaven's under siege. Whoa, now Heaven's under siege. When the Bible and the Bill of Rights have been trampled in the streets, and when the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs, and when the gentle vams of Jesus Christ brought in jails for their beliefs, you know corruption reigns in government when Heaven's under siege. I said corruption reigns in government when Heaven's under siege.

And boy is Heaven ever under siege. ...ready for religious freedom, 501c4 political action non-profit opened a Chase account in April. Three months later Chase went, oh you're saying things we don't want to hear? They closed the account. Banks, we've talked about several banks now, refused to do accounts for Christians or like, what was it Mike, Mike Lindell couldn't get bank Stan on his business, so what you were saying, it's happening and it's happening now. Well we, that happened to this radio ministry, we had the PNC bank and they wouldn't even, they didn't even, they were very very arrogant about when they canceled us because of what we stand for. The PNC folks out there, if you're in a PNC bank, you're in a bank that is not pro-life, not pro-God, not pro-family, they are just the opposite of whatever what you believe in, they're LGBTQ, just totally the opposite of what we stand for. That's the PNC bank. Now here, I wanted to say this, this coming one week from today, one week from today, October 19th, Wednesday at 7pm, Pastor Ernie Sanders, that's me, will be the speaker at the Freedom Fighters, that's the Freedom Fighters at 7291 Stone Road in Medina, Ohio, 44256, so I'm asking you to come on out and meet me, that's the Freedom Fighters at 7pm at 7291 Stone Road in Medina, Ohio.

So come on out and say hi, all you folks out there in Medina. Well, that song that we just heard, Joe, when it says, when Christians have rotten jails, well, 34 US political prisoners in DC, that's dirty district, you know, dirty Columbus, what song? Oh, that song was by Carl Cling. Didn't you know that?

No, that's Carl, my good old buddy, he's singing the Heaven's Choir now. Breaking 34 US political prisoners in DC, Gulag demand transfer to Guantanamo Bay to escape intolerable conditions in heartbreaking letters. They want to be there with the Muslims who get treated with kids' gloves, and they want, they want some, they want to be treated like human beings and not like animals by the dirty district, the dirty cops in Columbus, you know, Washington DC, the dirt of Columbus, that's what that stands for. The dirty cops there in Columbus, those that murdered the Christian patriot, they murdered Christian patriots there on January 6th, and that so-called committee, they're corrupt.

There's not a thing about them, not a thing about them, and it's not totally corrupt. There you go. And so with that, we're going to go with Miss Wendy Wilson, turn her loose, and then we got a bunch of other stuff to get to, so Wendy, go for it. Well, if you insist.

Yep. You know, I have a question for everybody. Who owns the science?

Take a guess. Well, I know the answer to who, really, I know the real answer to who owns that. You find that right in God's Word, the Bible.

And Pastor Joe, want to take a stab at it? Your question was who owns the science? Right. Well, other than God, I'm sure you're looking at who thinks they own the science. Right. And that's actually not people who are scientists, they're people that are using science to control man.

Well, you're close, really, really, you are. You know, we've been led to believe, you know, science would, well, they conduct research using, you know, supposedly the gold standard, and you're supposed to be able to duplicate such research to confirm the findings were actually supported and proven. But that's not happening today. So a lot of corruption in your scientific research community. And it's not just the United States, this is kind of a global issue. So with doctors and patients being ill informed, ill informed on treatments, what can you expect? Well, fewer resolutions to your illness is what you expect. So this is kind of frustrating patients and physicians alike, as the drug therapies are really not reliable. And without drugs, doctors really don't have too many tools. So we can't really blame it on human error and expect artificial intelligence to fix this. And, you know, I read a lot of medical journal articles, and I've been, you know, I've seen an increase in arrogance in a lot of those articles, what science says should not be even questioned or challenged. So the heavy handed approach like this has a majority of physicians really unwilling to risk their medical license standing up to this kind of stuff. But the reason I asked who owns the science because recently, United Nations took the credit for that. So if we read between the lines, we can find less and less of the national dominance within our research, as most of all of it is shared internationally now.

Therefore, your international authorities like the UN and the WHO are asserting their power over countries, telling them how they should operate. Now, pastor you once told me, he who frames the debate wins the debate wins the debate, correct? Correct. Right. So this is especially true with our current media environment where you know, censorship is affecting truth.

I want to give you an example. This is Melissa Fleming. She is with the United Nations. She said we own the science and we think the world should know it. And now the platform themselves. Now, what did she mean by the platform? She said this, we partnered with Google and started a partnership when we were shocked to see distorted information at the top of the search engines regarding climate change. So we're becoming more proactive, end of quote.

So they're taking down anything they don't agree with. Well, we know this is a huge lie because last night we did a story where the Pfizer executive came out there talking to the European Parliament and she verified that her company's vaccine was never tested during clinical trials for the ability to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. That they had no testing, they had no idea.

She said no, nice and clear. And kind of to follow that up, Wendy, headlines today, sponsored by Pfizer media, ignore the executive's bombshell admission. In other words, all over the world, anything dealing with Pfizer, the media, there's been no coverage of this lady, her name was Janie Small. Quote, there was no coverage of Small's remark, remarks by the establishment media and any other comment from Pfizer, unquote. So here we have huge breaking news that no, they didn't test the darn stuff at all to see if it really would stop the virus. And now that the truth is out, that she spoke the truth, nobody's talking about it. So we're going to talk, I brought it up again tonight because nobody else in the media is doing this story.

Yeah, well, I mean, it's, it's par for the course, you know, they don't want the truth, you know. But that goes with what you're saying that the who's doing the science then and then I found something else out. These big drug companies, we brought this up last night, they are really not in charge of anything anymore. They farm out drug development, they farm out the manufacturer, they found five, five, I can't talk tonight, farm out distribution, all to third party.

Right? This is the big secret. These big pharma companies have outsourced. One of the people said they've outsourced every physical activity if possible, until big pharma has lost its ability to develop any new drugs. Only small now people develop new drugs. And if they're not bought out by big pharma, they shrivel and die. Because big pharma no longer can develop anything, everything is given out to a third party all over the world.

And they're losing control of what happens in those other parties. Well, they have contracts. And the contracts are very interesting, to say the least. I covered a show on that.

But yeah, you're right, they don't, they may develop an initial product, but then they don't manufacture it for mass distribution. This is true. Yeah. But, but you know, this all brings to mind what Paul warned against, you know, fake teachings that have no basis in truth.

Science so falsely so called. That's it. That's 1 Timothy 620.

That's right. He referred to it as vain babbling, a vain babbling. As he did. So we're to guard against those things and guard the truth, really, and not accept all those crazy ideas. An example would be, you know, there's more than two genders. There's an example right there.

But you know, here's a profound statement. This is from a Hungarian immigrant, and an American psychiatrist. Now he died in 2012. His name was Professor Thomas Szasz. He was a professor at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. He said this, formally, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine. Now when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic. I thought it was very, very profound of him to say that.

Yes, it was. It kind of goes along with this, the old deluder Satan. In fact, I think the first law in America that I'm aware of was called, the Puritans passed, it was called the old deluder Satan law. Because, you know, Satan deceives mankind. They've put this law that we must enact, you know, that the Bible has taught into our children, and passed on all the teachings of the gospel, because Satan the great deceiver. I guess things haven't changed much since back then, right? Right. Well, nothing's new under the sun, right?

But you know, here's another thing. I call it forced adoption, because it's not just a scientific research area that would have authorities, you know, wish to control you. There is a report in the publication, Incidents Publishers, it was April 2008, and they were asked the question, when, who owns the medical information, your medical records and stuff, your personal, personal medical history. So your medical health data, your tests, all those things, became into question on who owns them prior to 2000. So questions like this were really not being asked, because your medical information back then was private, it was owned by the patient. And doctors could, yeah, doctors couldn't release it without your signed document. So the patient, you know, decided if their doctor could share any medical information with other parties. But here in Interscience Publishers, April 2008, they said this, such personal vexing questions cut to the core of personal liberty and freedom of information. They went on to say, apparently, this article was sparked by scientific researchers who wrote a journal article in the International Journal of Healthcare Technology, that ownership of medical information and related personal data should be a basic research right, a model for the adoption of personal health records. So yeah, they want access to all this information for research. Research and development, in other words, R&D, they want us to be the guinea pigs, right? That's kind of what I hear, then the underlying in that, we're the guinea pigs.

So and now you've got this bigger global system since then. So here you have the medical science is going along with this. They want to promote, you know, this is like a stampede over your human rights, really, as something that is, you know, your own good, trust us with it, you know, it'll help society in the end, that kind of stuff. So they kind of like we're here from the government and we're here to help you, right?

Yep. And they're going to say it is for the health care equity. Or they're going to say it's for making health care more affordable.

Those are the two fallback that you hear from a lot of political opponents, but they use it too. So the public has been hearing this excuse for over 50 years, and health care is less expensive and less available to a lot of people. So the United States is at the bottom of the global chart for affordable and accessible care. So what it boils down to is that these certain entities want total control over all health data. And part of that is called the health care equity data. And part of that is called the United States National Health Information Network. This is the birthplace of the electronic health record, basically, is what that was. And as we have learned since 2014, when this big data system was engaged, well, there is no records or data system that's 100% secure. Data breaches happen all the time. But it was under the not under the pretense of helping your doctor, it was actually to help the researchers designing control.

In fact, I've got to bring something to mind. Back in 1964, 65, the Congress got together and passed legislation that the federal government couldn't get involved in education, and teacher training curriculum, their paragraphs of what they could not do. And yet today, the federal government's involved in every aspect of education. And here's the key, you read through this entire bill, and at the bottom, there's an exception. Federal money given to the public full system has to be research and development. In other words, phonics is time tested, proven, the government couldn't give money to education to pay for phonics, or phonics teaching because it's proven it had to be for R and D. So from 1964-65, every federal dollar to education, which is huge, comes under the guise of research and development has to be a new idea, so that the children of the public full systems have been guinea pigs of all these different new ideas on how to do education.

And it sounds like the same thing. In medicine, you just said this was for the scientists to do research and development, having our data, our health data, was for their R and D. I see this huge pattern in the government, everything is research and development to what? Basically how to control us. Yeah, or make more money, you know. Or make more, well that comes with the control, if you control things, you can control who makes the money and who loses, right? Right.

It's not a conspiracy, these are facts we're telling people, right, Wendy? Yeah. So who has access then? You know, if they're going to adopt your healthcare record. Who are these people that have access? Right. So we're told, you know, you got the HIPAA law, or the national standard for sensitive patient health information.

That sounds great. Well, they said they've made medical records very secure, giving the patient some sense of ownership over their records still, right? So the national scandal in January of 2022, and then in June 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services of civil rights, that just two recent examples of data breaches, that, you know, they were supposed to protect personal patient data.

Well, it got access, unauthorized access. The reality is the patient data is less secure today. So we're talking about unauthorized access of organ donor authorization, physical exams, workers comp record, test results, dental records, eye exam, consent form, personal lifestyle information, rehab records, smokers, drinkers, and drug user information, as well as your exercise and diet record. So just everything that has to touch the healthcare area is going to be totally data harvested. And by the way, big data is a new currency. Did you know that?

Right. And now that includes your mental health records too, that the government has. So if you've had gone to the doctor and said, I'm depressed, he's giving you medicine, they can send that over to the FBI.

Oh, this person shouldn't have a concealed carry permit or shouldn't be allowed to carry guns because being a depressed person, they might want to commit suicide, right? Well, and it's a marketing tool. They're selling you, they're, they're getting information in order to market something to you.

This is like, this is like a goldmine information on profiling everybody. The government controls though, right? Well, and the United Nations says they're going to own the time. They're going to control it all.

Yeah. It's going to be a global system. I think they're going to have to fight Biden first.

I think he wants first Biden to help. Well, let's read this other quote from the InterScience Publishers, April, 2008. They said this, the benefits of adopting secure online information and allowing access to the comprehensive personal health history, which can also be used by healthcare workers, will provide a benchmark research information. So, so they're saying, you know, give us the information. Oh, by the way, your healthcare workers still have access. And at this point in time, I believe Americans are kind of used to the conveniences of all these online information apps and healthcare records being shared back and forth.

Right. Do they realize how dangerous they are though? Do you think that people have any idea that they're giving away freedom, that they're just putting link after link after link in the chain of their slavery? Do you think they see it at all? I think a majority of them are enamored with the real time access and they say, and then they kind of swallow the, it's a benefit if they, and it outweighs any risks kind of thing. InterScience said this, they said the ability to create a database is available. The desire and need for patients to utilize this technology is real, but will they come? They said that in 2008.

Oh, yes, they'll come. So wave the shiny object, we watch the shiny object and we don't see the dark, dark cloud coming behind, right? Right. Well, the question already has been answered. So, so with more technology, it comes less privacy, less freedom if we let that happen. So ask who will question artificial intelligence when it has more access?

Artificial intelligence will have total immunity and it will access all the data and there's nothing it will not know about you. Are you ready for that? No, I'm not ready for any of this stuff. I've been fighting it for years.

I hate it. In fact, I'm looking at a headline that kind of ties in. Scientists create a hybrid brain using human and rat cells, which they say will help them study, blah, blah, autism, epilepsy, other things. But they've now created a living brain that's a hybrid human and rat cells, keeping us alive, playing God. And I wonder if this information from the rat brain will go into the database? Well, I don't know, but the reason medical science started using mice and rats is because somewhere somebody started the rumor that those animals have an immune system and metabolism similar to ours, which is not true. True. So they're also cheap and easy to work on.

They're defenseless and they breed well, so they're not going to run out of specimens. Well, and to be, to be perfectly fair, there's thousands of scientists and doctors that are really saddened by all this, what's become of their science, their profession. So here's just a few statements from such folks.

And by the way, if you've got several of them saying the same thing, they all can't be wrong. So here is, this is US Department of Veterans Affairs. This is the Indiana University School of Medicine, March, 2022.

They said, healthcare technology continues to evolve and has the potential to significantly change the relationship between providers and their patients. And then Daniel Swartz, Arizona State University School for Future Innovation in Society. He says, science, the pride of modernity, our one source of objective knowledge is in deep trouble. Most scientific findings are false or useless, end of quote. False or useless. Wow. Yeah. And then the Lancet said this in 2015, the Lancet journal, they said, a lot of what is published is incorrect.

Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half may simply be untrue. I'm saying this right now, we're up against a heartbreak. So we will be back after this. Lord's willing, be right back. Don't go away.

A lot more to come. Thank you for listening to What's Right, What's Left, the voice of the Christian resistance. To support this ministry, head to That's Mail your donations to What's Right, What's Left Ministries, 14781 Spearee Road, Newberry, Ohio, 44065. If you missed part of tonight's program, you can check out the podcast at, Once again, thank you for listening and supporting What's Right, What's Left Ministries, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next. So no matter what's inside your trash, you can stay one step ahead of stinky. And for bigger jobs, try the superior strength of hefty large black bags.
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