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MON HR 1 092622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 27, 2022 12:28 am

MON HR 1 092622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 27, 2022 12:28 am

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What up there in college zero or maybe you were just the same class.

Anyway, my man let the water you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get a boat. You also get new friends picture progressives.

One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year, and also a little short and Can you cover the chips thanks. I can see why had he liked you the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Program may be three recorded right now and I welcome additional what's right what's left this 26th day Monday, 20, 22, and tonight we help with this because Monday night. We always have way out yonder before we go there.

Remember who we have tonight on the board. None other than courageous, everybody will be of good weekly notes do it. Let's get it done and tonight we have way out yonder.

We have none other than the person Joe Larson occurring Bible believing child quickly lost what it is they should just say this old hillbilly that eight today is going on so I'm not going away. We will do that yet. Okay: yeah will will even go no that everyone can own a meal with the you know you're from Missouri right one right there you go anyhow the title. The message was God's righteous vengeance.

Joe, this is the message you know that you will Harley Harvey ever here preach today have never heard about this couple people that I heard priestess, so going back. John Weaver was wonderful environment already and of course will the preachers of old Lord Jesus Christ was the one preach at first but to him than what they had us with the title the messages because the word of God really has a lot to say about God's righteous vengeance and so I haven't preached too often on this over the years over 50 years. Maybe two or three times myself.

But let's get after tonight let's pick it up.

The title of the and and as we go through here. I just wanted probably mentioned this week several times just what just one of the pastors of today had the courage to do like Jesus. Like John the Baptist, like Paul and Peter knows and call out the wicked people by name: out by name and remember how John the Baptist called out Herod. He said Herod had you taken your brother's wife. The apostle Paul called out several people I meet. He called out a number, especially those that were into cold and and with soothsayers within the court the Lord Jesus did more than anybody right and so called her names.

Mary yeah he did and so anyhow. Just think of the pastors they just imagine this Franklin Graham: out Joe Biden know we called them out many times but can you imagine Franklin Graham: Joe Biden Joe Biden abortion is murder Joe Biden's pedophilia. Joe Biden is a horrible sin, sodomy, Joe Biden is an abominable thing.

Could you imagine Franklin Graham was was calling out Joe Biden that way. Shock people around the world. Yeah well that very summer break up yet without being aware to be salt and light.

That's what word were here to do and so we're gonna do all the world or discredit burner young and so remember Joe Biden what he referred to us as fascists for fascists getting kinda clear other things and so remember what he said about preaching the gospel, the old-fashioned way. In other words, preaching against sin.

Preaching is the sin of abortion, the sin of sodomy and all the pedophilia that will be considered a hate crime.

Well so far. I know they've they've used the lesser people you know in the FBI and of the dirty 30s, not the not those that that were decent enough, the decent people is still there. There's and there's a handful of them still there in the FBI that have not gone to whoring have not sold themselves out by Keyport, but those others knows that they know where you take 30 of them and they rate somebody's house in the middle of night the cowboys they are and that you are working 30 revolving 2013 or 20 well yeah Linda those guys there. There punks there punks. That's what they are and that but but I don't want to. I don't want to. And I know that John returned and things that they've all gone and haven't. There's still a few out there. Every now and then you're watching some of those with some decency and integrity will come out in the in fact will play Clinton about one but don't stand up to the defendant. The fellow that came out the friend is his last name has honor and talk out loud and clear. Praise the good Lord for people like that. You guys in the FBI.

Is this what you signed up for. Did you sign up for to be to be horse. That's what the word of God calls those that have sold yourself out for money or even even for the excitement of being a bully and going against doing what was wrong.

Believe me when I just sign itself up for think about this when you get older. Let me ask you this.

Are you are you proud to let your children in the eye and tell what you do if you don't want to look your new children in the eye and tell what you've done you been a part of that and I'm talking about dirty cops like Mary Garland and talking about dirty cops like Chris Ray. You want to be. You want your children to know you like that I do want children to know you're like FBI agent friend who had the integrity to stand up and be a man.

The Bible says gird your loins and play the man and so men have honor men have integrity and so you have to ask yourself that question you want to be one of the cowboy bullies in the United and we need to turn cowboy executives cowboys a bad name or character Margaret cowboys.

Our prior yeah but to me that's that's what's used by actually within the agency by Wilcox; cowboys with the anyhow I know that them Ted Gunderson Called Him Rd., Road constantly called in some of things I Mentioned in the areas he was unhappy with them in the well and he was he was that an FBI agent of integrity man who who was a man who stood for righteousness and decency. But anyhow, let's get into the message the start read in Luke chapter 18 readme versus one through eight are fairly comparable under them. That man ought always to pray and not think say or 130 object which appeared not God made or regarded there was a little in that city and she came under him saying of rendering of mine adversary. And he would not for a while, but afterward he said within himself like you're not God nor regard man yet because this widow couple of me. I will avenge her lust by her continual coming she weary me and the Lord said here what the unjust judge and shall not God avenge his own elect, cry every day ignited him, though he bear long with them.

I tell you that he will avenge them speedily.

Nevertheless when the Son of Man, shall he find faith on the earth will joke the purpose of this message is tonight is to scare the hell out of all of those fools that have said there is no God, and to scare them along with the lukewarm professing Christians scare amount of help to keep them out of the rack and out in the time that it takes to preach this message. A great many people will have a leftist life and mood on some to eternal glory with God and his holy angels and with the saints and the others into eternal torment that Joe is a reality as we go.

Here in verse one Jesus said and he spake a parable to them, saying to the settlement ought to always pray the faith, not he wasn't saying that we are to keep praying whole. All in endless repetitions prayers. Okay he saying that where we are to keep praying until we get an answer is what basically telling you hear the word in Hebrew and right and so at all) order pray continually where you can faith of mile. You get seven. Thank you Lord for a safe trip. Getting me home a short prayer doesn't mean you are the long requirement that all you say a great blessing over your mail you, thank you for getting you somewhere deep in your white paper and she comes in from a day of traveling with her friends or something.

Those are things you can do all during the day and continually remind him, Lord, I need you to guide and direct me that's a prayer. I pray often guide directly Lord now follow you.

Your will and so that continually right right and so is it a good idea to be the first thing you do in the morning when you get up is to to before you get out of it is to thank God for another day. My service into referred to as father-son Holy Ghost, and then the last thing you do a nighttime. The reason we weep with the last thing we put on his programs. We give an invitation. We want people to remember the last thing he said was look United could be tonight tonight. Your soul may be required of you this very night. Are you ready in case of anyhow. He goes on here and when 827 not.

He ranked outward heartfelt words are least talking about here.

The list of this we could judge. He said, and and there was a city judge that we are not God, neither regarded man and there was a widow in the city and she came into insane avenge me home.

I adversary not master this. Do you think that that would apply today and with most of the judges in this country today.

There, illegal activity going on so much strength what the government breaking the Constitution very break the law and about daily.

You and I talk about something on the radio that I was ignoring the law. The common search and regular. Let me ask you this. Would we ever have had Rosie wait if it were not for wicked judges that didn't believe in God or not, were everywhere that never come up.

When we ever have what they call same-sex marriage if it were not for wicked judges that didn't believe in God everywhere nodded That we might've had a civil union figured out some of the benefits they wanted not God holy matrimony networking so so illegally we see the application today greater than ever now here he says, and there was a widow there was a widow now. It's interesting because widows and orphans Jill were among the most vulnerable of all God's people and if we go all through the Bible all through the Old Testament diverted to Martinsville are very vulnerable. Yeah, and if we go all through the old and the New Testament. Receipt and the Old Testament prophets and the apostles that he insisted that they be properly cared for me and I can give you verse after verse: back in the Old Testament to Isaiah chapter 22 and also Isaiah chapter 1. First Timothy five and James the 127. If I remember all of those referred to taking care of the widow now in the orphans okay so the father was here, so now so why did he did that, I mean you had, even if he didn't believe in God when he believe that he needed to be respected by the people are concerned about well in regard man that remained made in regard man's opinion and power and authority and he wielded it the other to see this.

The fact that she was a widow if it's harder out they came to him and he would make himself look good by handling her case or not make himself look bad by their not handling okay so here it so he says no but if you're not God nor regard millions is widow traveling I will avenge her list. Continue coming on. She weary me know the opposition. Our opposition antichrist people know that they work on that they beat them down.

They continuously like the sodomite community when after the national the American psychiatric industry. They went after him.

They intimidated me continuously. They continuously one after the fact that there was a saying you have you had a saying by I guess it was a poet or somebody you talked about, remember that if you fax in the wall. Remember what that was sure Carl Samberg yeah they're perfect for you. Argue the law of lot redemption here argue that back it up along the facts, or both against you. Your pound the table and yell like hell. That's exactly what the left does. They have both the law and the facts against them now here, so they do a lot of yelling and threatening anger priority. I'm angry right to use emotions. Prayer write a logic or truth. So now here is what he says in the Lord said here with the unjust judge saith, and shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day United to him though, they bear along with him. Now here he's telling you to listen to what the unjust God said, should we not wear to be salt and light show. Should we not trouble the wicked shall we not trouble the wicked like this with what women did to continually troubled so shall we not continually trouble can we not continually tell Joe Biden Joe Biden you need to repent or you go to Paris, Joe Biden, you need to repent your very sinful man, Joe Biden should we not tell those out there that God's Word, the Bible says very clearly without stuttering.

It would be a sin is a sin to vote for a man like Joe Biden it's a sin. Okay to vote for people like Nancy Pelosi or Chucky Schumer God has said it's a sin right. Should we not continually tell these people. Well, primarily about them quite often.

If you don't vote against agreement tier 3 mapping you are giving your implied consent that they are doing what you want. They are doing something right so silent give an implied consent and you're saying there's evil that's going on is all right with me. When you're silent. Okay, so when when the apostle Paul similar in second Timothy chapter 4, to reprove to review with all long-suffering operating right that right along with so was that he made in or was he just stuttering.

I mean better network or you find out I was and what second Timothy chapter 4 abstract okay and so so is this a suggestion or is this a commandment, are we not to be salt and light that we not to be aggressive and very very Christian militant, how we not to be Christian militant Turks relative work' out there on Dr. reprove as a correction review correct when they won't listen to the reprove the rebuke is a much stronger word meaning no you shall not, it must not go there and the church become milquetoast afraid to stand up and preach the gospel with authority. We have kingdom authority, but most people are afraid to use it. So here again we are to I get I get when a trouble trouble the wicked when the trouble is wicked continuously. Now here again, he says. Nevertheless, when I when the Son of Man coming, shall he find any faith on the earth, and Kate said no that's a question that the Lord Jesus is asking to everyone who's listing out there tonight current peer out here what Charlotte by your work.

You're not willing to run to the battle fight the fight reprove review eyewitness all those things are God is that you do when you're not showing much of your faith by your work right so should we be more fun to think of that we want to know, take care of the widows and orphans and all the hungry take care of the second but all those other things he said those get out there and fight the antichrist system. Those are the things people are afraid to do and willing to do well first of all, should the pastors be more concerned about offending God than they are about offending the media in the offering plate that would be far more worried about offending God until winning a life in his hand. The media and the collection plate don't have my life. Marianne my eternal life. So I've heard preachers say that they don't believe that a preacher should call out these people. So does that mean that what Jesus did was wrong. Who would John the Baptist it was wrong of the apostle Paul did was wrong. Her record. Margaret got their father that he was perfect right when Samuel and called out Saul. Nathan called out David with a wrong no. They were worked out or told him to do.

Okay so if we look at we see what they're doing and what we just read here is not the message that we are to call out the wicked by name to call amount by name writing simple anyhow were going to stop right here and we got a little bit of a clipped within plates about a two minute clip and Solomon here are not disabled in the Bible is a different one. He's going to be called amount by name so go ahead whenever you're ready and play that clip John Solomon last week.

We now have a copy of his whistleblower complaint in the office of special counsel. The whistleblower protection office here in Washington, and Eli alleges that these he is aware of activities by the FBI that violate the sixth and eighth amendment rights of many of the January, six defendants and one of the things he raises grave concerns about is a member of the SWAT team is at the FBI's been rolling out SWAT teams as a shock and all psychological pressure tactic to arrest people on misdemeanor crimes, which he says is one of several things that violate the FBI's manual labor of the Bible that have guidance used to govern their conduct when he tried to bring this forward.

He suddenly got suspended when he started to raise questions. He started to get suspended in marijuana conversations with his leadership before he got suspended. They should we care about any of the five cops that were killed on January 6 and he said there were, generally six, which by the way is truly knowing he was actually killed in the accident and resent people bite afterward from other ailments about this battle between his front mind agent Stephen friend in Florida and the leadership of the FBI really significant is going to stumble into Congress could tumble into the courts in the next couple of days, and FBI agent wants to do his job the right way saying there are many Americans whose rights are being trampled by the FBI right now as we speak, John. How do people get to adjust the news in the show on rumor divorce.

The suggestion is that Tom is the URL and the shows at 6 o'clock every night. If all you right after 6 o'clock. I just knew the noise of my good friend Amanda had every night Monday through Friday to right there. We are back and there you go.

This is again another message we need do we need to continue to give the message to the FBI that the they should man up and be like the Stephen friend that is a big difference between him and those with little boys who put on their toys there. All the little toys and go break down peoples doors and they go in with 34 amount of time in the middle of the night.

You don't have much. I mean, that's not the kind of person I'm I would if if my son was that way I would not be very proud of my son did that I would let them know Junior grow up what you think it correctly wrote your talk about the request require the extent a large lot. There Like a pro-life speaker have Mark help and they prospered in and work all their vehicles early in the morning with their rifles and started yelling and pounding on the door and securities white graph yet at the same time. We've got the remember are all those attacks, the release 17 big attacks on pro-life organization.

Yeah, they call that James Jane's revenge attacks and unclean people and decent people and pro-lifers. The third in a pro-abort organization at the very left wing and gray cleft claim they have coined themselves response ability for 18 arson and vandalism at that on crisis pregnancy centers and other faith based organizations and yet all the FBI is running around not taking 20 to 30 agents to prostate pro-life advocate his family and a bunch of seven kids in the house.

Cheryl will dangerous all the little children universe. The FBI agent and yet they have been able to get any arrests on all of these attacks on the crisis pregnancy centers in the church is in the of that they don't have the time you're too busy going after misdemeanor cases. I am trying to make fun and if you had any self-respect you would want to be going out there looking at who tried to firebomb a building new and out. Did something cause damage or kill people not posting Amanda because he pro-life and antiabortion. I mean, shame is not even the word that comes to my mind alone.

I can use on radio Johnny turned nasty Friday night about about my talk. Now I remember. Okay, I had met him once before and when that happened about a year or something ago when they attacked the blade.

We had a when the program and that we talked about that went with this incident took place when he would when they were going after him because he was protecting his son out there to buddy abortion mill and primitive funds.

Work threatening spreading and character traits. They were threatening neutrality. Probably the children alone, and all stairway and told him repeatedly and he didn't get out your character fag and her screaming things were true, vulgar, the reporters were invited down people were there because it's so gross 20 fag your dad was a black light. I Even say it.

So anyway, there was a case that tried to serve Mark and Aaron went nowhere was thrown out. The case was thrown out of court because all he didn't purchase man away from respondent and these horrible filthy things he was telling the boy in a Christian way and the courts right now that you had every right to do that as a father and booked course, our wonderful Justice Department said all that was no salt in this man's dangerous and mail to send the SWAT team to arrest the father the protections 12-year-old boy. But here's the thing that that they used the face that I know they did that against Alan Smith.

They never try to face me, but they did try to recall me 3×3 times they don't try and connect your prayer that in these people out there these protesters okay these are unclean.

Most of them were women have a price 80% of whom, and these were about as unclean women as you he gets many times they would come out when we would have Operation Rescue think they come out to go topless, they would try to push up against you.

So when you would push them away. You then they would scream that you molested and then they just happened to be wandering around out there topless right that is the degree of character B you you now grab their breweries when you're trying to get them off with their phone back. Remember, no running around burning and looting receptor wants to burn the car dealership. All these car flame. I don't remember. I remember watching you had you had one of those fools from the blameless in our Nola yeah yeah and on there saying how this is a peaceful demonstration it in the back read ahead abilities and fire and are here to fire him and that was a major.

I think it was a car lot that was burning when the cult of a mostly peaceful protest yeah and so you again these people in the media.

There they contracted their contracted liars.

They literally are under contract to live okay and so it's an interesting thing because you know sometimes you know intelligent Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse two, three, that went when a fool speaks, he lets everybody know is a fool and so here is this fool stating the front of buildings on fire say that they got a peaceful demonstration going on would, but that's what you would want to meet in a character.

Picture yourself as an editor running that film on the nerves is going mostly peaceful protest and behind them. You see that huge fire people throwing things, breaking things, smashing and burning loading and cyclical, mostly peaceful but you wouldn't wondered your wife and kids walking through the middle of that peaceful protest at Evelyn and the editors factors that already, but the style like you said, they are hired a liar only way that stuff got out that way. You already went crazy.

Good luck for Murtaugh.

Thank you. You know we need more people like Mark Pooler who are godly people who believe in a God's Word, the Bible have honor and integrity and just imagine, let me ask you this if you put him down next to each other is is the kind of people that Mark Houck is the kind of man he is a compare him with those 25 lesser men, lesser men that came to his house to the to try to intimidate his children so I can tell you I'd like to have those 25 men I like to get them in the room where they couldn't get away and preaching with the word of God says, having you know what I mean. You just say here you better understand something here. You know you know what what you're doing God's is not to touch is anointed and remember what he said.

He said I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing you little boys you have gone out their new chart chosen death and so you're asking God to curse you and let me tell you, you don't impress God with it with all your toys okay you put up on all your combat gear and you go in there to try to intimidate children well if you think you got God's intention you did. I know you you certainly impressed me right you throughout their very imperfect as are your masculinity. By the year guys there on September when the current tolerance turned down the firemen and policemen running in and around burning, crumbly building, trying to straighten them out there somebody asked me yet.

You need both real men all right very good you have an article about the children and all you know what happened today Pastor, how is your listening out there past to help Colin here today if you're listening and give your drugstore account that that while pastor house the list into this was trying to call in how companies await elected or about yeah if he's awake breaking mirrors and it's interesting, story. You won't find on Fox News I'm throwing this out because you just don't seem official Scripture speaks compiled by the European Union. This comes from WorldNetDaily shows a massive increase in the excess deaths among children.

Since the European Union approved the experimental code 19 kill shot article that the alarming increase reported by the UK UK-based investigators tightly expose found they altered the data even even with all current data. There was a 755% increase in the excess deaths among children age 0 to 14 and 2022 yeah they claimed it was the little lower. But after looking through the data they admitted a few things and this year, children five and older across Europe were offered the coverage shots. Despite all the studies and data showing they have virtually no zero risk of death or severe illness from coveted it not as bad for them as the common fluid. In other words, it's better if your children got the flu.

The velvet reinforces your children got was that if they got called it cancer here.

They took a look at the desk all the reasons children die and there's been an increase 755% and all the children that died taken back to the poison punk joke. You have to understand something that that's that's the will of the world economic forum and so remember the idea that you we have to cut down with its right in the ark of the globalists there. They have the lark and that they've got this in there that we have to cut the population of the planet down to 500 million half a billion.

And so besides that. So what if the children are die. This is the important thing is that Pfizer makes a lot of money and does a lot of advertising and NBC, ABC and CBS out of Paraguay all about. Her love of money right.

Yeah, seems like I'm finally being the root of all evil.

Boy, I think you're very careful look pretty reliable sources far as I remember, try to cancel God yeah and if you start not caring about the children.

I remember what Scripture also something about it here on the little ones love him that he narrative they belong to him. The little ones a 10 have not gotten old enough to decide whether to accept or reject made it quite clear be better that a millstone is a really big everything 4000 pounds. Jill millstone weighed 4000 pounds that. 2 tons actually energy the drag that hung around her neck to the depths of the sea accompanied you, trying to tell people something that sounds kind of scary to me that one of 4000 pound rock tied around my neck and tossed in the three-mile devotion I don't think he's saying he likely what many vendors children right here at the he said also be better off if he had never been born.

Melissa Martin. Speaking of money, not perfect storm forming under the Biden recession. By the way, no I haven't heard today, but last week last week and this includes John Fox news to they were talking about Biden's numbers in the polls, improving another was there telling you okay with with the amount of money the average. The average family of four. The effort to spending $7400 more this year than they did when Biden got in office 7400 more for the very same things. The download yeah and and then they did under Trump throwing not getting more popular morning hurts.

I yell in the CNBC Asia ABC CBS with her to try to convince us that we we like pay higher prices.

You know and you know that that if we don't even have heating oil in the wintertime of units because we would like that okay and so hi Linda and went out to California when you're running into root running where we have blackouts, power failures, over and over which we may have because of the rest of the country. The people in California like those power outages in the Lakewood Newsom is doing so much that they're all moving to Texas or Florida or other partners familiar and moved around or I am well. We've had a number moved here to the point where you can't even buy a help find a house for sale here anymore is a very very care that we talked many times Scripture talks about. All wires are special place in hell for wires, but the Bible also talks about the standard of omission about not telling of the nurse calls to and I'm looking at Fox News right now and there's all kinds of the weird bearings reality star daughter in some about Kim Kardashian's breakout just kinda goofy stuff but Sunday was a world event that happened in Italy.

This your Gia Giorgio Maloney came from, nowhere mother and she is a female version of Donald Trump well know she's actually far more moderate, more Jews are conservative, moderate to conservative but she does stand up and tell the truth she's I heard her speaking. She didn't sell moderate to make the okay. What I mean. Some of her other things. I read her platform if I would just look at her platform.

It's kind of moderate to conservative but when she spoke she was very articulate and powerful about God, family, country… You're right. Anyway, she won the election and her party and she will be installed.

Big time. They won. They went daytime both houses of Italy.

What's interesting.

I looked up a bunch of the articles and are all in different newspapers and all but many are mainstream media is talking about this at all their calling her a fascist their calling her.

I was listing to P MSNBC and only their calling her a fascist there and then Lakewood Hillary Hillary did. She came out and she talked about Donald Trump being here in Ohio last week and she said she was remembering is that as a child watching Hitler the films of Hitler standing out there shaking his hands putting his hands and and and speaking in and out. Note, just exciting.

The crowd, and she compared Donald Trump to Hitler help out if there's ever been a wicked, evil woman coming, I bet Jezebel of the Bible might not have anything to do with Hillary okay that would be a good contest between the two of one of her work, but what I found fascinating news articles, Calling her alright alright alright, closer crew what the left.

Been doing for many many many many years a picture in your mind a vertical and horizontal line meeting in the middle of a piece of paper in all one line up and down one line side side and where they make where they meet it or they troubled the founding fathers were and we conservative Christian conservatives keep going far, far, far to the right and the liberals are going to the left are where founding fathers in the kata mixes two triangles are fairly similar versus what the transferrin works. What's really true is you go to that same article of perpendicular line bets for the founding fathers were, but like pastoring. I haven't gone anywhere. We believe in the Constitution.

We believe in the same kind of things that the founding fathers taught proposer ideas, their philosophy, their belief, it's the last gone and farther and further till they're so far out there to the left. You can hardly see them but they tell this lie. Like most seismic gone someplace but Christian conservatives, we haven't gone anywhere from the founding fathers were holding that worldview were holding those ideals of the Constitution of the declaration were holding fast to those so we haven't moved extra like when people say well you know God's left. You know if your far apart from God. God didn't go anywhere.

You did, you left again immediately you you never did. We've never left the values and principles and ideas of the founders if the other side that is gone way wacky off the end of the year and I thought it people need to understand that we have got anywhere faster.

She's not far right, she's just forgot family country normal belief system. What does first of all, the Bible refers to the right wing is righteous and those on the left is the enemies of God is the enemies of God dictated notes will note also the Lord said that in the end times that the right those on the, the righteous will become more righteous and the wicked will become more wicked for record electrical work plan right now. Well master this just takes yourself what kind of people. What kind of people would have the killing of innocent little children as the referendum for their number one issue on in the election. What kind of people would have killing of little innocent little children without the Bible says that these these kind of people he refers to was abominable that there are abominable people their abominations right) and seven Fed. What is the one-of-a-kind creates most that editing of innocent blood, and there can be no more evidence of blood and out of an unborn child.

Let's go back to what if the preachers in this country were preaching what we just we were preaching tonight about that about about the about what God's Word, the Bible says that if you vote for one of these people. If you vote for a Joe Biden or Chuck Schumer or Kamal Harris if you do that the Bible says you should be accursed. You should be a curse for doing that. Let the let the patent nation of skill. You are you are promoting them, encouraging them, helping them, you are guilty of like being the lookout for a team of robbers in a bank. Thank you for the lookout you're still part of the problem with her that the forks are not part of the solution you're part of the problem and again I collect that the idea of the if you don't say anything, you are encouraging your letting the others. I think you have may have your approval. If you don't tell them no stop what you're doing in your silence.

They take that as approval and the politicians of the net forever have a base 17 verse 15 he that justifies the wicked record and he that could Timothy just wanted first about the vote for Biden you justifying what is Biden say about us. What does Biden say about us. He causes fascist right even they are even they even they are abominations to the Lord. So God is calling listen God as God has called the entire Democratic Party and abomination. What if all the pastors that are actually pastors that I mean the real ones were preaching this that God has called the entire Democratic Party and abomination. Like. There were quoting Proverbs 1715 and then I `chapter 16 there in verse 25 of Proverbs 16 there is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. After things of the left. There are always results in yeah this is in the Bible says all of those that hate God, love, death, all of this in a God looked at them over here every storm forming under Biden recession puts millions of jobs at risk… In an article here by Todd of Houston and so coming off the tale of the disastrous government response to the coronavirus which is which mandates lockdowns job loss. Economists fear that millions more will lose their jobs by next year as small businesses begin the fail in every great and even great numbers now forgo any any further wanted to say this to remember these the lockdowns. Remember they locked down churches. They wanted to lock down pro-life centers. They wanted little to lock down the good good to clean in the decent but with the developer Mary abortion clinic liquor store and all and then the popstar is what I sell pots on the massage parlor goes down the start because because these people that have done that are abominable. The Bible God himself has called him abominations that Whitmore that Gov. Whitman are there and in Michigan, God has called them unclean woman. First of all, unclean unclean Gov. Whitman in Michigan at urine unclean woman, but also in abomination. Okay so here he goes on to say this a June report from CABG, the small business loan lender owned by American Express found that 20% of all small businesses don't think they can survive on the Biden downturn.

The looming small business crash coincides with the housing crisis with soaring mortgage rates since have been seeing that's not of which have not been seen since the housing crash of 2008. This is extremely bad news because small businesses are the engines of the US economy. By the way, Biden just recently made a statement somewhere to hear that things are not as bad as what you think you see, believe Biden or your own wire knives right and that was that was slick Willie's favorite saying that there are about 31.7 million small businesses in the country, according to federal data. Those businesses are responsible for employee nearly half of Americans working population above 58.9 million workers, according to data reported by the pie insurance company. We have way, way too many federal workers way way way way way to anything this month. About 80,000 IRS second remaining to be hired regularly cutback that in the US small business administration reports that 99.9% of all firms in the US small businesses that employ less than 50 people so clearly small business are extremely important to the health of the US economy, and of course I want to stop right there. But we happen to know that the big box stores the wall corporations that have that of going a whoring they did their working and we saw this young this and in Revelation 17 would end at 18 Babylon the great Babylon the economic the political and religious system combined the big box stores like Walmart and Coca-Cola and all them there. They want to put the small businesses out of business there working together.

They didn't have to do with this with this. The government demanded that the small business to come in until breakout the money the attorneys and accountants to Robert yeah and you can bet this is why that that Obama naked.

He hired 87,000 IRS agents they're going after churches and small businesses there working in hand with the big box businesses with them with a new world order will be back after this dog away a lot more to come. Be right back you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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