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FRI HR 1 092322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 24, 2022 12:12 am

FRI HR 1 092322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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General insurance presents shower valid/everyone does better in the shower. Turns out general is a quality insurance company saving people money for nearly 60 years since you called rhetorical general auto insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now to another additional with rising star really producing these outrageous encourages none other than Craig to be married, but there you go with the enthusiasm that's in Susan's right to drill enthusiasm. I try right there you go. No twos load and lock with a shaky Glock. None of the little Lisa. Good evening everyone waited all day to say that she says it was with confidence to know he's out there. He is none other. He's a statesman is a matter of a great reputation admired by many, none other than big John returned well by clustering of God bless you and all all will look good to have you here today because I know that you are just loaded with information and coordinate getting get it out there tonight or we Ernie.

I mean, the court events are accelerating at a very very that we delay go after the left. We get a demo (I John all all right.

Let's get it.

Let's get it done hired your old right right we will get it done tonight. Listen the title of the message this week was who's right and who's left and tonight where we are over we went through a number of places throughout the Scripture were talked about those on the right and those on the left and we were saying how that applies today. Today, if you believe in God, country if you believe in things it a good clean and honorable and decent they call you well. Joe Biden causes right wing fascists fashions because we believe in things that a good clean, honorable, decent and if you believe in killing little babies have if you want to run and killing babies innocent little children of Ann Horta every kind of boredom of sodomy and in pedophilia and perversion of marriage. If you believe in those things will they say you're on the left your Democrat today. So, working of us picking up where we left off.

John in first Timothy chapter 6 and could you read verses three through 10 with first Timothy chapter 6 earning starting in verse three, a man otherwise not the whole word even the word of our Lord Jesus Christ entered into the doctrine which is according to godliness is proud, knowing nothing but building about question and stripes word wherefore whereof, and reached right railing evil surmising perverse disputing the men of corrupt mine. I gotta stop a minute. I think one of the ascription of vomitus.

Later all it takes all especially Washington is what we're here Kate, I mean I'm reading it I read it because I haven't read in a while you will allow a lot of weight and truth supposedly gain is godliness from such drawer life that will withdraw the godliness with contentment is great gain where we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we will carry nothing out men having food and raiment, but it's great there was content, but they will be rich fall into temptation and a snare into many foolish and hurtful laws which drown men in instruction and predation for the love of money is all evil, which while some coveted after, they have erred from the fate and piercing themselves through with many sorrows already.

Most of the words that they people play much understand. Here, the one that they might not his surmising surmising is the translation of today's mining leave Ms. his suspicions as to say more that we use for suspicions and that's why he saying here. If any man teach otherwise consented not to hold the words.

In other words, talking about today. You've got the language language of illusion, delusion and collusion you've got, where they take words and they twist them in a spirit of to make the most vile violet transgressions against God, to make it palatable and Inouye say that course nobody wants to rip the heart out of a live baby, but that you want to evacuate a product of conception. This is what they used to lifted the left and this describes them perfectly, doesn't mean it really does our thinking of the Lord, you man, I would like your happy with like light would like a light feeling and not now. It could try and gate homosexuality, conflict looks out of a nice word and turned it into percent.

Lately when I was a kid often weakens large family they would have birthday parties in those and especially for the girls. The girls really like birthday parties that there was a book shelf. This is how to throw a gay party and believe me it was nothing like what would it be today.

I could tell you that back when I got ERNIE Fontenot yeah but we go in our lifetime gate went from a nice word like Bill Gates today word being representing the file being vile Gina with the new definition. The left is for pedophile yet something attracted minor attracted a person of minor attraction in other words, yesterday they want to use these different words to the make make sin more palatable and so the fact you remember who Bernard Nathanson was archer he told me one day after he came out of the killing. This is empty was converted. I had lunch with him and Dr. Jack Wilkie and he was telling me how would they knew what they had to do another worse if they were going be successful in their abortion. They had to to make it come up with the terminology of the language of illusion to make what they were doing palatable, but they weren't sure if they could get a bite immediately so the thing that amazed them is how eager the left.

David the what they call mainstream media was to use this language of illusion and confusion in delusion is so that's where they they came up with all of the late Kelly came up with all of these are not the same thing. They called it the agent or helping the children something like that.

William and they will go to all where people had the baby down syndrome children or children mentally redid letters.

Children with oversized ears.

They got that right, and they would pick the children up and I told the parents whatever they were taking them to a medical examination that they had new ways of treating this that the other and then about a month later the parents will get a letter sorry to inform you your child develop pneumonia and died in the parents knew that when the case with the news they said anything that the Democrats of that day the Nazis would come form a what happened was so many children were killed like that. So let's say I have a child like that you had gone and six months between that that and I met you and we were talking and I that I open it might my son went to this clinic in the died there. He got pneumonia when you said the same thing happened to me. My son and then you had contact with someone else begin to spread throughout Germany and the parents rights against the Nazis had to be curtailed and continued related to link with the parent throughout Germany were on.

Also, the ethnic cleansing, ethnic cleansing, anyhow here so he eases of any man teach otherwise consented not to those words. Even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the doctrine which is according to godliness. He is proud, knowing nothing but doing but doting and questioning stripes of words.

In other words said that's exactly what they would use is in and that would be heat to was talking about within the church talk about within the church here that they would they would bring up doctrinal issues.

Things that were really not matters of salvation with things that they would when it lightly today. For example, baptism will know the Bible doesn't stutter is very clear.

Every single case in the whole New Testament where someone was baptized, they were baptized on the profession of faith in Christ is the Savior. Every single one and they were all baptized by immersion. Every single one gate so but today will you have sprinkling or they baptized babies and other things work which are totally not biblical.

The people would one argue whether or not Nina just needed to argue that it was even though the Bible is coming very very clear that his and not all poster though. Then he goes on to say bye-bye godliness with contentment again. I listened to this by godliness with contentment. Contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world and it certainly can carry anything out so is warning now about the prosperity preachers of that day. Now here's something very strange today because he goes on to say, but they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts which God men in destruction and perdition will be seen that in the Word of Faith movement. The we've seen is prosperity preachers. I mean there's there's within that movement for less. The money they also have a lot of wife swapping goes on and other things within that movement had cake and I mean just strange strange things where they have them. Dueling tongues will you get two of them and know the get up and and in each other's face and they start speaking in this gibberish. In his jabber is like to dueling in tongues is is really it's it's really is and Saturday and then some of the other things that they they do it all.

I'm trying to think of them. The one prosperity preacher out there today that says that God calls him for advice and he asked yeah yeah I'm not kidding you burning a longer call you. It could be that avid I'm not Of all of try to think of his name. Boy it was like an Italian name but anyhow he's the one he didn't made all these DVDs and talking about him in how he needs a new new Learjet in all of these things so but another something happening. John is something happening within the prosperity preachers.

The movement and people like Joyce Myers, Joe Alstyne and others there jumping ship there, leaving the prosperity movement in their going into corporate will corporations there selling products to getting out of the ministry and there selling products know what you think that is the I don't follow them at all.

I think I have a very good idea why that is, if you'll turn to Revelation 17 the readme verses 15 through 17. Revelation 17 verses 15 through 70 okay for me, the waters with South Florida or the poor are people and and multitudes and nations all the 10 horns which South Florida on the cell ankle or and shall make her desolate and naked shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire God and put it in the heart in their heart filled his little into a green and give the kingdom unto the beast of the word of God. People will well there in Babylon the great harlot Babylon the great, the horror is the religious that is the apostate church or the one world church and now these prosperity preachers that they they know this passage of Scripture there seen this anti-Christian sentiment that is coming, they know one thing they know enough about the word of God that the they know that the mainstream media and the left out there, they like to build these people up so that when they bring them down. They bring them down really hard and so they know that and I think this is white. They're starting to jump ship. I think you get to see more and more of get away and they know that with the with a woke politicians with Biden and 87,000 new IRS agents out there.

They can be going after what greed is great and they know that the legal and after these these that prosperity preachers stated that health-related jets and so on and so forth.

So what to do it is to getting getting out while the getting's good anti-development looking at you know full well the IRS is going to be all over the meat on yeah I think I think Iraq already let me ask you question here if the pastors today.

The pastor today had the courage to preach like the pastors of old do you think things would be a whole different in this country. Absolutely. I like to mention some of those because just in of course with the course. We have the number one preacher of all times. Lord Jesus himself, but you had John the Baptist get Peter Paul and their more recent times, to Jonathan Edwards, you had Spurgeon you had Moody and in our times. It was Ralph Lenz and Pastor Lily would be pastoral black pastor Peter directly.

Greg Dixon, Roy Thompson, Bruce Pfeiffer, Bruce Musselman can send the mother and he wasn't a pastor, but he preach the word of God and that was our friend John Holman well religious true so here if if they were there because you see this week we went through the the Bible.

There's like six different categories of of horrors that the Bible talks about you talk about what you just read one about the religious or the gray church in Revelation 17 but you also that also speaks of the religion sword Hosea chapter 4 also of several other places in Isaiah, but then you had the political worse than political wars that's that's spoken of. Also, Hosea and then you had the judicial horse and the judicial horse first Kings 21 where Jezebel had her her out apostate or false court that you set up there, but of course we know that there was none so great is that the night that false trial that the Lord Jesus had his or with this and hundred thousand years ago, probably, and nothing strange about remember that they call the Star chamber. Yet with Great Britain and London. They would get preachers that were preaching the official doctrine of the state and they bring them in there and there was nothing more than a sham trial and cut their noses all you and so they had that and I was like an hundred and then communist Russia was known so the Nazi communist Russia was known for those type of trials they would just make things up and get it on public giftwrap obligates usual leave things you had no defense, and then they would find you guilty and do whatever they wanted to. So I mean it's always been all through history tyrants. That's one of their that's one of the the ways to identify and identify the tyrants in this so we got it today. Now the Lord like Lord recent times, she had MP Richard Lewis, who was one of little blurb pastors in a church.

30. He was charged with paper terrorism which there was never such a crime, but because he can challenge them, and asking the court to show him the law shall they couldn't do that because they were trying him love the didn't exist so so they came up with a skull paper. Terrorism. In other words, if you petition the court indicated the they don't want to answer your petitioner and then you get to Judges 1 to grade. I'm terrified by U visas, you have the next paper.

Terrorism and so that's one of the things in the judicial corruption of today real corruption within the I don't know. I think you do that got away. The creationist remember oh yeah can align yeah yeah that's that's another judicial code in a horde of corruption because the reason they actually put him away as he was going on college campuses and he was challenging all these evolutionists he was destroying him.

He was just tearing them apart with an actual real science and the league communist control government, the economy is controlled and cannot cannot handle at their say look, you know were losing the students to their listing to this guy in there there.

Realizing that this whole evolution scam that we been promoting. This is nothing but a scam so they had to put them away and that's what they had trial CONVICTED of found out they were child molesting one left leg and raping a five-year-old girl he can. He ended up committing suicide. After earning really except show and a few others. Probably I don't think many people would be made aware that things were saying that no that's why were here right and that's because that is things that there's a lot of chatter out there that there is a try to take the Internet down before before the November election like that there is nearly you got to and under you now were always talking about spiritual warfare going on all around us we can see that we know is to complacently some time he can feel it can't you and so it's the same thing with what's taken place between the white hats and black hats. You can't see a lot of it but you know it's out there okay and that that's what's happening there now here, for example jail you know you had to John when we talked about these. The different types of flooring.

There was of course you you start out with the unclean women of the unclean women and you find that over in Proverbs 913 to 18 but did then you had the religious wars we just talked about that the political wars we talked about that the judicial horse and then we talked about that then you had the corporate horse the corporate horse is spoken of you just read that in Revelation 17 and that's the work will corporations where they went together with the political horse to burn the great horror the religious horror the woman. The set of the bond. Many waters and then today it doesn't mention them by name, but do you think, and in Revelation 21 verse eight where it says all liars will have their place in the lake of fire. All lawyers you think that applies to the mainstream media. All I can stay already. Where it gets a heartbreak hang tight big Baptist John will be right back John. He was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah 7 my God the father claim #he was as bold as a lion in the needle an awesome man.

A big Baptist John in the wilderness of Judea. There he was, regionally, and it was very loud and generation of life is the rent thatů There is increased to the center only one way out of that burning leg fire. The truth under this righteous man, and those that believe the promise land Baptist John Johnson, chosen by the father to baptize the sun. It was there in the Jordan this awesome thing was the Holy Ghost is wet with mighty voice thundered. This is my son in whom I will leave John is none greater than eight told people about God's son he never great job was done. Big Baptist John met 2000 years later in the story is being told how he was going to prison been so bold was my God him. It was on the earned himself a man is definitely out. John Johnson. Amazing. They perished in the shame John to his place in the saints.

All of not having above-named is understood John three Baptist John that there is one thing John wanted and now it's a matter lose around so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man big Baptist John the Baptist John that John think that John big already.

We are back in the ghetto only to be preaching Lord's will enlist Lord changes in output. You don't hear too many nowadays that I would be preaching on God's righteous judgment.

The Bible has whole lot to say will not not ardently change that God's righteous vengeance. God's righteous vengeance.

The Bible has a lot to say about that. John and I here know I had read you off a list of the pastors that are new or known of him starting with the Lord Jesus, and that these these men.

The preached the word of God without compromise and course if if the pastors were bold enough today to do that. Okay, we wouldn't this country would not be in the shape that is and what it right because the people that are on the pastor and I'll allow it.

I wanted I want you to turn to Leviticus chapter 20 in the readme verses one through seven. Then ask a question which is there any difference between offering your seed to Malik or to Planned Parenthood I think Planned Parenthood absolutely is. If you would go there to Leviticus 20 verses one through 91 through eight emissary income from all saying again.

Thou shall not think of the children of soever they be of the children of Israel or of the stranger sojourn in Israel that given any of Malik shall surely put that the people of the land shall stone him with all and I will set my face against that man and I will cut him off from among his people because he had given Malik to defile my sanctuary and profane my holy name. And if the people of the land doing anyways hi there, I am a man I give it to Malik and kill him. Not then I will set my face against that man and against his family. I'll cut them all and all that go a whoring after him to commit over the Malik from among their people in the solar attorney for as have familiar spirit and after wizard and go a whoring after them. I will even set my face against that old, and I will cut them off from among the people sanctified yourselves therefore and being holy I am the Lord your God and if ye keep my statutes and do and do them.

I am the Lord, which is that is God immutable.

John is the mutability can be viewed like the rock of Gibraltar.

So that means that he does things the same today, tomorrow, forever. He doesn't change it all the cake and so his so know what we what you just read you say that Planned Parenthood and I agrees Malik of today and and so what they are doing today here and there committing hoard him and their profaning God's holy name that left the entire left profane is God's holy name does not yet pastor and go on politically that support them by voting for them. Maybe donating some money.

I mean they're there right and what they are brought into this so and so is one hoard and that we didn't mention here, but you'll find here this a call to coordinate word talked about familiar spirits and the wizards now familiar spirits in wizardry today applies. Would you say that Mr. Fauci would fall in that category. Wizardry well involved in religion, pastor John Holman followed that you researched it and I I can't remember what it was about but he was involved in something concerning the farm in the family Kia means wizardry or witchcraft. And it's also use that word used also for poison of this, a word is used in it and it takes is poisoning. So far my Kia decay means wizardry or witchcraft.

And so here today. This this whole thing with these these vaccines that are not vaccines. These that are literally what they are okay.

Is there genetically modified yet they are but they were they were developed. The fellow that developed that that Robert Watson and we had a mentor program.

There Beaumont along Malone. He said very, very clearly, there are bio weapons that they were there not vaccines.

They are not vaccines.

They are bio weapons. He invented the major part of the and one other guy invented them together so sorry about your client how she and pharmacy of their right to my eyes. His involvement with what was described in Revelation chapter 28 without a doubt will love this program.

Don't you let me ask you this because they gave here the left, Biden's approved note. They keep telling us that the the so-called mainstream media is as Pres. Trump legitimate president of the United States refers to him as a fake news media. They keep telling us that the worst things get with with the Biden the now more and more, but we told people from the very beginning the very very very beginning even before he was actually in office that he's been working them.

The Biden crime cartel has worked hand-in-hand with the Mexican drug cartels and the human trafficking we told people that, in other words, is like is like the corrupt guarded the present link is paid to leave the door open to make sure that the thing the criminals can get out and so that's what he's doing is making sure that the doors open they can get their drugs there poison into this country and that, do you think that they would do anything without a big piece of that billions of dollars coming back. Do you think that the big guy is not going to get is 10%. Got a look at it like a crime cartel harming the crime cartel it comes to mind like components for cargo in the 1930s there. And of course the money they made a lot of money and crime cartel and the percentage always went to alcohol. He was ahead of the cartel. He became they were small potatoes compared to clicking in the home. Now we have a political crime cartel war the old time thinking about coming up political wanted his usual so yeah if she's overseeing the drugs coming into the country if the Justice Department, the FBI, CIA are intertwined with this and looking the other way and then the child prostitution. Obviously flow back up to him and his family waited cartel work right same thing when you talk about. Yeah, because remember who El Chappell remember Dale Chappell. I remember his number two guy as talking about it was that he was Danny Munley and it was Fox News but it might've been no C-SPAN he was saying how that he that that they had given over $2 million to Nancy Pelosi campaign that so what does that tell you now let let me ask you this, the only $2 million that that that that was several years ago. I don't know how many much they've given to one of them I get or 5 million. Yeah, now you keep hearing people say how Biden was quick to pull out any gave $85 billion worth of military equipment to the and Afghanistan to the Taliban. He did not get anyone who believes that that he gave until that there was that it there was not a kickback and that I'm sorry but you be pretty na´ve. I think all okay mommy that's all I think power involve money and power, go together. So yeah they they always have a money angle you think the FBI was very, very well aware of all that, I don't know about that, and Afghanistan. In the military will locate what about the Gurney. There was only one officer that I'm aware of the rate voice against the and they won't have to him hard and smashed and I think I may quote marks the final, good agreement for exposing what I didn't really did know them yet. He certainly disappeared.

All of a sudden the need. What about today. The is earning the attorney quite the I don't know how much Biden has given to Ukraine but I heard 40 million was given to Ukraine with not the most well-liked list of okay and we want you to do this within a data Ukraine said that 40 million to this that I did you hear anything like that. I didn't want. I heard it was sending Ukraine 40 million $40 billion so what did Ukraine do with it. Well, you have to understand that. Let's go back to Iran. Go back to a rent remember what abomination he gave what was it, how many billions was it that he gave to Iran to remember the amount that was about it was like under 20 billion light and so what happened was they they did that made plain loads aren't plain loads of cash right now, the plain loads that they were in crates of cash now, do you actually think that that at least 10% of that was not put right back here who is not given right back kickback offshore bank accounts. Yeah, I about Ukraine between Ukraine is we know what Biden was doing in the Ukraine with Solomon around these idle nephew was involved with a little thought and carries carries you every enclosing son the Pelosi's and make the Quentin global initiative that they have to and condemning reporting a lot of money from the Ukraine life like the Mafia was like chicken feed compared to people with hundred hundred and 50 million here 200 million here and maybe even a billion. The Clinton Global initiative that there watching money through an intricate Ukraine bank so there's no way that we gave Ukraine unaccountable unaccounted for. I mean no ledger sheet saying okay and give us a a record of what you bought for this course billion dollars. Absolutely no way that may be 10 billion of it didn't come back to corrupt American politics.

Okay, we send them over.

There is huge huge amounts of our ammunition that we use in our military that our military uses.

We just about cleaned out care bunkers and since his ammunition over there as you if you think that ammunition was being used by the Ukrainians. I hate to tell you that was being sold in black-market and and and first of all, they had turned remember what went abomination had done in Biden. They removed the, the elected, the actual president of the Ukraine, the one that was elected by the people in a fair and honest election. They removed him and replaced him with their puppet dad this SL familiar 2021, exactly, is exactly I remember back then that election but what it was 20 2012 something like that election it will and I think it was and I wasn't quite aware of Ukraine. Back then it was. I am now. I had I was unaware of how corrupt it was the man that they removed it was critical all potent. When he got the power he would cut off all I was doing and Clinton was doing Obama was doing anything to expose the whole thing so they couldn't have that, and I knew something was wrong. Why would John former Sen. John McCain got his reward. Now right, Catherine, who was a time New World order doing over and Ukraine protest. He was of the protesters and I don't know that Wendy Graham was with him. I don't remember that grandma and they were like twins goes to so John McCain was protesting. They wanted the government overthrown an accordion hormone that was favorable to United States and back to me all my soul McCain. There is something was really wrong United States Sen., what about there were three protesters there with them that we were there were known for something to remember what that was. I can't say I do I just remember they were they were terrorists who were wanted they would.

They had the bodies not only were wanted by this country for terrorism and with McCain was meeting with them and so here we can also During this guy was him and I know I don't.

Grandma equipment they went to Egypt and when the Army at overthrown the Egyptian government because the terrorists the that multiple group had taken over. I can't remember the name out and they were turning Egypt into a terrorist state in the Army removed him Muslim brotherhood with the Muslim brotherhood. Yet exactly and and McCain and the Wendy Graham over there like I about the writers of the marchers terrorists.

They were with the terrorists they were telling they were telling the Army bring back a Muslim brotherhood in the Army game they got Graham and McCain. They got him on the first flight they: you get out of Egypt right away and ran it literally ran them out of Egypt. That's how bad McCain and Lindsey Graham. I don't trust them at all.

Not at all.

I know, neither let me ease Easy Rider to the court like good. Yet the here little merchant politician at a height of cooperating in Egypt and in and politically in Egypt and in Ukraine to start on the instrument. Now it's so obvious when I knew it was bad when he was doing was 2012. But now I understand the New World order anyone over there trying to help straighten things out so they can play the game that unfortunately now ended up on the property in the virtual editing will work great.

Let me ask you about this because what list take a look at what Biden is done since he's been in office because the so-called mainstream media saves keeps telling us that his rating his approval ratings is up to 45% now from down to about 20% now page will be working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels and human traffickers. He's been targeting all political opposition to be removed. He said in the FBI entities or KGB their Gestapo and their going after anyone who is it was in political opposition. Anyone who is a mega pro trump they arrested in charge and no phony charges. We've seen them weakening our military are military is the weakest it's ever been okay.

It's never been this week as it is because right now it everything is deteriorating. Okay very important for the US Academy in Colorado just come out this week and reposting this on my blog telling the cadet that they can't you see in him and mother and father got to go negative change that pronouns at all. And they got it, Google crazy, you know, I don't know. I don't know anymore the crazy really pronouns so mother father is out from the from the Academy. The Air Force Academy and so was he in him and all of this book.

They want their old vocabulary. Okay well here to assist for when you change that if you cadets are listening also to those that for the word kernel useful okay the word general use trader because that's what's happened in that they caved in the Air Force Academy out there so again I do not surprise the tape out while my guess is they probably try to force the poison spoken all those guys right offshore ring people again point out that and in 20 and 2019 the years of going by March 2019, we we were announcing here on this radio program is not a vaccine. Don't take it, it'll kill you and right now, over half a million people in this country have died from it, but you're not hearing a word about that on the fake mean what they call the mainstream media are not hearing the word about that because they're owned by big Pharma hunting. They are being like the court and here is now September 2022. Probably more like August left long and the courts are coming out and backing the middle of them.

The freedom for the soldiers not to be force to think that that shot and so many of them been dismissed and honorably dishonorably discharged, and all it took like two years maybe three years.

This is this is wrong. He doesn't like that and it took three years to work well, you know those people in the world those of the corrupt judicial to those corrupt judges those judicial horses is what God calls them, then another going to have to live with us. This society that they're destroying this country that they're destroying PK is going to come back on a mizzen mean they're going to have to live like the rest of us with that with that. And of course these are all signs of the, the, soon return of our Lord let me have because seen with Biden's approval rating the keeps Ellis is 45%. The mainstream media is saying we really truly believe that you people out there stupid because we are looking here you're saying the analysis of what is a five minute glass 6 million illegal immigrants crossing the border open borders you seen we you know how many of these were known terrorist known terrorist druggist, rapists, murderers coming into the country. We know that Biden is set up cell groups that there they're working hand-in-hand with that link the crime. All of the crime cartels and of course you know you can trust the FBI deed to totally working at to betray the people today here we use. We talked about them weakening our military there weakening our method is dangerously weak now here they just we had we had put out over 302,000 meals over to to threadably we've sent out over 24 million have been set out across the country now they've got the courts of God and the junction John and we have to wait until that is lifted where we can get the 2000 meals to fill the orders PK when we ordered those we had to pay formally ordered and were waiting on looking coming in no it isn't that we do not say that that is a violation of our First Amendment constitutional rights of anything anymore, no.

Do you think the delivery get to the court before the November election thoughtfully not okay here course.

The left is promoted everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin.

Everything is in the Democratic Party agenda everything the God's Word, the Bible calls sin. I would say Joe Biden Chucky Schumer Mary Garland Comella Harris Nancy Pelosi that what's her name that that that that Maisie Coronel, that woman is unclean. The voice she is as unclean the Bible because these women unclean.

Very unclean. Okay will be right back after this. A tight rewrite that. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance.

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