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FRI HR 2 091622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 17, 2022 12:32 am

FRI HR 2 091622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Fitch water during college and zero or maybe you were just the same class. Anyway, my man water you always liked snacks and stuff so I can totally bring some chips when you get about you also get new friends picture progressives. One of them and get coverage today for as little as $100 a year. Also a little short of cash section you cover the chips thanks. I can feel at it like you donate and listen to the podcast you are right were back in that we would return Brad Smith and Brad tell tell us what we need to do up there would what can we do to stop this during Michigan.

While we write again. We have gone done polling and we've done some focus group testing and because of how extreme they are on that they gave a role area to be able to attack what they've done in this amendment, and so were we created commercials. We got some run and we actually spent $1.1 million. Last week we spent $1.333 million this week were looking to go to one and 1/2 to 2 million next week and so on and so forth.

We are trying to raise over $25 million battle that amendment and to educate the public, because what we learned from our focus group testing and our polling is that goes the point if we hit on them and people understand what this bill. What this amendment actually does, how it will affect so much and destroy so much that people hate pretty quickly if we don't do anything. If we sit back and do nothing. This will pass and and will have a constitutional amendment making portion believe in the constitutional right is saying is that found on by. We have an opportunity which we can actually beat here in Michigan we really can't but we need help. We need we need money we need people to help. Help us get this message out to the media. So where do they send the money.

Okay so there's there's a couple different ways that could be done. People can go. We've got a coalition website is called support MRI, women and and that's got all the information for this proposal. Three. Here in Michigan. That's what it is the worst thing no proposal three and and people can go to that website. There's also I just set up, then go campaign gift and I think Michigan so that that one actually out of death kind of bill for out-of-state folks.

So if the people just want even go to give thing Michigan Deacon easily make donations there. In fact, I would mind having people go there and help us get that thing going so we can get more more people seeing that because work work in any people from across the country about what it would get that I mean that we get the money were pretty confident that we can actually beat them and and and make that a really hard difficult fight for them already very good.

That is, give thing go Doug come RTL in Michigan. During the boiler room. We were to go 020 who does the still form and remember that okay because we need to we need to get the stop no. I'm going to be playing the clip here. You guys hang in there because got a lot to do with what were talking about where were going in Michigan you guys. Michigan is really known for for election fraud timing. They really went out with election fraud. Having cases of fully bellows Centrex the load bell boxes saying valid boxes on their okay unbelievable with the just amazing how how corrupt, how much corruption how much corruption there is with election fraud in Michigan so anyhow we we've got will be showing you a clip here are playing the clip in a minute though we get is to say this here we have Linda and Kevin Brooklyn pledged 200 Carolyn and Illinois pledges 150 and Doug and Carol in New Jersey pledge 1000 leg of the bag don't think so now we are where we are at right now we need 2300 we need $2300 but we can do more. Craig says we can do more if we could do more.

€2300 short of our goal. No little play this this clip and by the way, read before you go again.

We want to give this out to gives given go Doug come RTL Michigan and and what you can go with this. It just gives and go over the Gibson go out yeah just the word give and okay so the crowdfunding tour site for Christian and you're more conservative thing because you had what what you know there's a big crowdfunding fund crowdfunding fight that was taking everybody's money and everything it in this organization was created several years ago and and they actually help refund million dollars for the truckers up in Canada when it got when their stuff got frozen in the other one and and so that's why I you know why I grabbed a hold of this one they couldn't freeze it on so give send EL like right to life Michigan RTL/RTL Michigan all right if they go to if they go look it up on their should be pretty easy to find when we gotta stop that flows we got the stuff of the week that we stop it there in Michigan. Well, you know, we it's going to hurt the Planned Parenthood.

They are wicked, they are evil they are killed more human beings than any army in the world, and John returned and he walked them out in your PHP will turn the Nguyen went back up the whole county where the city of York the county of York turning America children and the police are all just books and we fought for thought recruitment to court they want to only one repeal the one we got them in the Court of Appeal and they gave us an incredible victory over the corruption and your County juvenile and in Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel. What they did.

The corruption, the Bible says they were going on a whoring is going to Maureen and José's calls them. Those that have done these great things that Horace so let me ask you this, for though for those people of their York guys that did that if God calls you a horror. What are you all got final authority early. There you go, what he called her okay what else he says repent or perish written of the repentant wish he had right grown-up. Okay already. It will play this clip that you guys listen to them because I need your commentary because you guys are two pretty smart fellows will be back right after this years back. Yes that's right. And actually you know since I mentioned quickly clip from Dr. Corsi's investments evil of answering the tannic nature of the pedophilia is going on in the combination of Satanism with the pedophilia is shocking to the average American Dr. Corsi. I don't know the year that we recorded evident around 2018, but given everything that we now know about Epstein island Jeffrey Epstein dear Prince, it's very close to Epstein talk about since then and is actually more going to come out on some fairly extensive. I would say that one of the real problems of this errors all of our institutions are largely corrupt, including churches. Churches are going to neo-Marxism with liberation theology. I was born and raised Catholic Catholic Church I think is dominated by pedophilia. Don Don it's sick is court also penetrated by Marxism was Pope Francis.

I'm not entirely sure is Catholic and he's supported some anti-position On normally support including same-sex marriage Americans recently suggested. They're not disappointed not opposed to Italian abortion law is pretty shocking I know that I think the I think the sulfur of Satan is in the heart of the Catholic Church and I hate to say that but it's where I and I've got to find it throughout his shocking but it is always shocking. Prepare to be shot. No Archbishop Pagano would agree with you to recall that letter to Pres. Donald Trump warning about the children of darkness yes very much do. In fact, I wrote a novel on how the shroud of Turin, which grew our thinking about making a new movie I got the rights back.

Simon & Schuster probably republish it. I'm running a second novel which is going to be largely about the corruption in the church got a pretty well underway and I see much of my future years as writing, including some for, right I've been 20 years have involved in the day-to-day politics even slugging it out with Mueller wonderfully imprisons you recall, I wouldn't take his plea deal, he never invited me over the Russian collusion hoax, and on dogs. I had my run-ins with the part of justice and beat them on ill wrote a book on occult silent no more. And again, so Sean, I'm deeply appreciative of where we are and deeply concerned and encourage people to increasingly turn to two Chronicles 714. I think were point were we got to pray without a repent since 1940 reflect, inch by inch neo-Marxism take over starting with getting God out of the churches and today we are in an age of disinformation on the first of these three will come when the right trilogy which appointed great awakening trilogy is on the climate and climate lies and again the neo-Marxism, which dominates the agenda to talk about your persecution at the hands of molar. Just a second player soundbite Tucker Carlson about the weaponization of the DOJ under Joseph Stalin fighting but first let's plug the book. This is a very very important book and we are going to talk about it in some detail. I have a passage of the page 193 underlined.

Here's where you get the buckeyes Dr. Jerome get booked directly, not hardcover has been sold out. This thing will be published moving forward in paperback support the author support the truth and spread it far and wide because the enemies of humanity what they want us on their united nations agenda 2030 serfdom plantation, and that is exactly what it is friends if they destroy our access to affordable energy. We will live as serfs and I think that is exactly what now King Charles wants will talk about it.

Let's concentrate first on the weaponization of politics, weaponization of bureaucracies and organizations within government. Dr. Corsi you suffered persecution at the hands of molar and now all of the Trump allies at the top level are being persecuted by Bidens DOJ listen to this initials obtained a subpoena for Marilyn's DOJ issue in the past week and what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history.

The subpoena claim to be investigating what any claim that the vice president and president of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count presidential electors. Keep in mind that any claim you make is an American citizen about electors and can you make that American politics. It is protected explicitly under the First Amendment that the core freedom. It's my belief if were part of the American is why so many American servicemen died protecting our country because of the freedoms that they fought to preserve nobody prosecuted leading Democrats in 2016 when they sought to reject electors for Donald Trump.

Let me posit there's any comments of our Dr. Corsi because I recall very well Clinton and her allies saying Trump did not win and they tried to sway electors to vote for Democrats to vote for Clinton. Well, I again I want this entire clip from 200,000 earlier today and unattended houses are to be commended is very brave is out there is telling the truth he so far not been stopped even on Fox and largely have stopped watching Fox. I think it's on again given into the new left local culture largely publican party, not the reporting party to specifically answer the question you asked that is that justice is now no longer department of justice.

It's a political enforcement hours like the Stasi, the Gestapo. When I dealt with the Mueller prosecutors is very clear. They only wanted information that they could use to destroy Donald Trump.

I had to be absent throughout the are the Russians dusty old emails from computers and the Democrats was a dead Corsi were not interested in your theories about who did what they they had their own politically motivated, also called fax to deviate from them so Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or Biden's son or anyone else object anything does whatever they do they can get past this department justice is out and and Joe binds many clearance because he's out to demonize the modern movement in particular and Trump in either still aiming to indict Trump if they can they can figure out a way to get away with it. Our courts are also now when the telling time is named Graham she is to be my second book in the series. I'm writing about the neo-Marxism, the cultural Maoism Graham.

She was an Italian communist was in prison and he said that they wait for time is take over was to attack the culture called it a march through the institutions like Chairman Mao's long march taking over China for communism and likely that's happened I we have now our department justice is completely a political arm of the death of the Democratic Party. So in fact, if you question the results of the election because legally and again the marking of his marches was penetrated the critical law theory Larry tribe and those in Harvard Law that this going back to when I was, however, they were beginning at absent goes back to the 70s, but the ideas of the usual egg engineer law so the only way you can say the election was fraudulent as if the state decertified since estate has not decertified challenging the election you are by definition are not accepting a legitimate election process. Even though they have good reason to believe it's fraudulent now the Democrats questions fraudulent to get past when the NT file destroys Portland, Oregon.

They get past. But if the Mongo movement is baited by Bidens and responds the way the other. The walk be voted on the whole is only a marches of and is predicting that they will respond. They will fall right in the grips of the Justice Department. It's a losing strategy.

Is it Senate debate everyone and I'm constantly saying organizing protest organ organizing rallies certainly getting mistreated all the wrong things to do right now it's a matter of getting back to working local level taking over the school boards working for elections are getting out monitoring elections, filing lawsuits, but again any overt political actions is viewed as threatening of the power. This new world order group is an end, by the way, I think once the globalists world economic forum takes over, they will have no use for the woke generation them a lot more these reportable generational to go to cause disruption they can destroy they can build on and once there successful destroying capitalism and destroying our freedoms on the world economic forum globalists, financial corporations, Bill Gates of the world will tolerate the woke 20 seconds I'll be really surprised that they will be number one to be eliminated. That's the history of comets revolutions worldwide. The gulags first get filled up with the woke generation who got the communist and the power the first place. As 100% right. And so when you all know Harare sidekick to close Schwab says we don't need to people anymore.

He's talking about the left and the race talk about everybody I don't understand how these communists don't understand what they're supporting. To find out soon enough me back up on one other thing Dr. Simone gold who found herself in the rotunda of the capital in January 6, peacefully gave a speech there and she's doing 60 days in a federal prison as we speak. As a result of her free speech is the result of finding herself in the capital in January 6. Furthermore, you mentioned the DNC emails.

Isn't it interesting that as Mueller persecuted you Mueller did not want to hear from who said he had evidence that Seth Rich was the DNC email leaker Mueller didn't want to talk to and to this day nobody seems to know why or how Seth Rich was killed. I would say murdered by the deep state why I had excellent analysis of Edward inside information from couple sources about how Democrats put together the computer system 2016 Corsi FBI knew that I went and I gave them my laptop to give the my cell phone to help the FBI from Quantico to do the double verification I gonna follow clinical nature to get in anything they wanted. They thought for sure I had a connection to Julie massage because in 2016 because everyone wanted to know. After doing a signed release. The first batch of emails and Debbie Wasserman Schultz blew up i.e. show that the dissident international convention was starting 2016 that she had conspired with Hillary to make sure the Bernie Sanders did not win the primaries and then he signs it has second batch release later will I figured out second batch was Mindy Podesta, like an attorney for that wedding anniversary going to Italy with family July and August of that 2016 Alan Dam on the airplane. I figured out while the justice was confident that I had a source and they wanted that source letting him source Salerno indict me for lying because I wouldn't give them a source if I could allied credibly, they would've been I can make somebody up that they could've validated their women happy with that. I refuse to do it and I'm I wife to break credit at time of November 2018 rated right Thanksgiving when they were pressing me to take this plea deal, or else go to prison for a long time been indicted for DC court, they would certainly find a guilty put away for a long trip by dying legit out I wife woke up she said rather visit you in jail.

The rest of your life that have not been the man I married. She said that I said want to tell these people take a hike and I marvel, I did. I went on the went on one American news next that Monday. Thanks every weekend. I had not even told my lawyers are not technically the wave of imprisonment.

Did I do Doug and Carol yet. Okay. All right. You can cut it right there. Take me back.

All right, good right we had them anonymous from Toledo pledges 1000 anonymous Brandon from Texas weighing 75 Geraldine from Michigan 50 and James in Illinois pledged 30 thank you thank you thank you thank you enough. Going back doing to say that the clip we just place the Mongolians get ended jail, I think earlier this week about the first of the week and then. And so, with everything he said no. We have been telling people for a long time that the Democratic Party is ripe with pedophilia. I mean, pedophilia from the top ranks of the Democratic Party is is unbelievable but how many are involved in. This is why they they are so afraid of Donald Trump. They are scared to death. The turncoat was very very aware of this and this is one of the areas where he is was concentrating and to to start cleaning the snakes nest out but they didn't.

The Democratic kindness party has got completely totally corrupted and there's nothing nothing about the, the party that anymore.

They've actually Satanism the Satanist church with the cold Church of Satan is actually now become a cell of the Democratic kindness party a part of their their collective. So that's where they're at right now out there, and folks were going though. I think play married about an hour clip on the Pope. We forget that one is ready, because the Pope now, and we been warning you about this guy that women tell you for a long time, and will come out when we're talking about the pedophilia site is coming out little by little waveguide to fight with everything we have. We've got to do it for the children. We really do so. John and Brad commentary while a ball extracting that he was talking about that what they're doing with abortion, and in all the it directly directly enable sex trafficking and rape and incest because you're immediately when you do the abortion you're destroying the evidence of of the crime and so I don't believe that it's unintentional, you know, something that they're not trying to really do absolutely think they're trying to do them back. I can tell you from experience we have, what got me involved in and doing nothing because I was a lineup at the Ernie at the radio worked in radio for 20 years and I left it to do that because we have a little girl with significant disability and and what we have been happened to the disabled is just disgusting but one of art.

We learned working through hospitals in particular, this is just because of where we go to University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital. They have a policy that when a child reaches 11 years of a debt that the 11 years of age that you know you have the portal medical portals were you can get all their information right at you convict your own information without the information and everything medical but it 11 years of age they start blocking the parent act that any information related sexual behavior. Hello 11 and and so did not unintentional.

This is so they can push their demented Dick pervert behavior and and then be able to cover it up there. There is no other explanation and in the whole abortion thing typed and this you cannot separate it from the sex trafficking.

It is an absolute enabler effects traffic 818 folks listen, I've gotten approximately 30 minutes left 30 minutes left tonight and we're still like the last look was like 2300 short so 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. Do not get to hear any of what were telling you from the mainstream what they call the mainstream media. Why will because they're all a part of the collective and the people at the top, pedophilia. Let me tell you white nobody within the collective in the higher ups of leisure involved in pedophilia and that's what is happening. That's sad as it is so sad as it is. This will rent today and it's going it's across the borders we have such corrupt judicial I mean since Grove judicial now don't say what was me when we can and they were outnumbered know you're not in that right now all around you. There is spiritual warfare going on right now.

Now God has said if you belong to him.

The Lord Jesus that you're more than conquerors. So, if God tells you you're more than a conqueror.

What are you more than a conqueror and so he also tells you the Philippians 413 we can do all things through Christ who strengthens folks now is the time this is it. It's now or never. It's now or never for you to run to this battle. Remember the freedoms that you've lived with all you folks out there. You live with a lot of freedoms. I mean, you have an unit and obtain those freedoms on your own. They were paid for with the blood of good people once going for us. You have the responsibility you have the obligation to Almighty God first and then to your children and their children and their children to provide for them the freedoms that you enjoyed folks don't let them down. Do not let them down, and so how do you answer all that John returned go ahead well earlier 100% of their movement gone that long, cruel and flavorless in every way you can imagine in order they they hate God and his creation. They actually pastor and want to redo the creation.

I know it sounds like bizarre when you understand the agendas of the New World order. They want to do.

They wanted to completely do away killing the baby God say, be fruitful and multiply, and marriage between a male and female he created us male and female role under attack today because they hate God and they hate us because we follow God and his word so early on a great job getting this truth out lesion.

I can hear it pervert I don't know where you hear it, except really for men, highly suggest that everybody is able to make donations so we can stay on the air and get this out little being shut down for Stern. If you're not giving the truth out of the much harder to find.

Well, it will be the lead elite again in this ministry. There is no quit as they say in this ministry were not 50 years we have not for 50 years now.

We have not once once compromise not one time that we stood down a leaf that I ground this whole time and we will continue to do that and in weather were here now depend if if we don't get the funds we need to stand there will wherever we will be as long as his breath in me still be standing that ground. We were not going to give up okay again, our Lord has expectations of us. We have obligations to him and we can never do more for him than what he did for us so we had to get after right now. Again, God has raised us up for this time.

Right now the very fact that were here right now at this time means it's up to us now. We have let me see, we have done a claim in pledges 200 and Joanna New York pledges 200. Thank you, thank you, Joanne, and so close.

The phone lines are open at 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. I have you show you some of the headlines here. I've got this school host LGBT club for four years old. That's blue grows belligerent transgressing queers. They put the queers in the California school district is hosting LGBT Q club for kids as young as four years old according to their school website. The unified school district kicked off his first rainbow club meeting of the year. On Wednesday a club targeting lewd grows belligerent transgressing queers now what they're doing is that school district is saying what God has called an abominable thing what God has called an abominable thing five places in God's Word, the Bible, sodomites are referred to as dogs. This is not a good thing now again they there's hope you know if your satyr might just like if you're a drug dealer have here rapist and fear whatever you've got one option repent that that's the only remedy for sin is repentance no that's that's the hard truth in you need to do that with this. This shows you a retina unless both you men out for the people that have their children at school district if they will not pull their children out what is that say for the way they care for their children well earning they don't.

They made on the grand children below the if we if we can have a nice house and everything out and lose our child to the world I want I will not understand before the Lord, like Dr. Brandt, a game old soul. "You lost a family looking they didn't follow Christ. You didn't train them in play on a little thing down the Lord all located work this whole time alone in Kampala for the small I will not so crucial in college. Those parents in their school district right there. The very fact that they've got two children in the unified school district tells me they don't care much for your children. All right, we've got to we've got Susan Illinois pledges 200 Leslie in Wisconsin pledges 200 Joanna New York pledges 200 and were going to see okay. Leslie Wisconsin is 57th grade. No funds. We were at.

We need weird with 700 short but will take with a goal that we get we can do we actually need a lot more than that tonight so phone lines 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 fellas I would play clip to listen closely to this clip because it all has to do with the coming in of the, the, the new age. The antichrist system antichrist government now remember what we told you back in 2015 when the pole pointed the Pope. I went to Salt Lake City where they had the big conference in the world religions. The conference in the world religions and he made the statement that time he said it. We are going to have a one world government that's the antichrist system. We need a one world religion is the antichrist system.

We have two of those tote bags to those two bags left for donations of $1000 and they're going to be filled with all kinds of goodies in my personal aim to make sure this about some of goodies to go into that totebag and so play the clip will be back after this will hello listening to Hugo Stokes and here we see the pump to thank the Pope he was a big giant impairment in Kazakhstan. The pyramid to code the politics of peace and reconciliation in yellow and blue those colors again.

The Pope is attending the Congress of leaders of wild and traditional religions, and he said religions must be purified of extremism and self righteousness.

It says here, the Pope addressed religious leaders, and hundreds of delegates participating in the into religious meeting September 14 to 15th in the palace of independence. A blue glass Easily check building in the half of Keswick capital. This is the Pope, who once old assets to be returned to the Vatican bank by September 1 TFS was talking about everything he says here the event explained the use of religious feelings of people for the escalation of conflicts and hostilities websites aimed at trying to create a one world religion to go along with the one world government and one world currency for the new well due to a system and basically in his speech is full of unity. Everyone should smooth out the differences that type of thing. All religions come together. He said it's time for religions to purify themselves from evil, particularly the presumption of feeling self righteousness well and then you missed the Pope are you not being self-righteous here, you know, self-righteous standing up there and telling everyone how to carry on and what you want me to. You won't me to not be self-righteous.

You want people to be self wrong is that we assign self wellness. What is righteous, main what he says here, righteous means acting in accordance with divine or moral law. So what you saying you want people to not ask in accordance with their own defined and moral rule is that basically you don't want them to have an opinion that's what I think so you can try and lock the religions together create a one world religion and then sent room was full of them lumped together in order to control everyone know-those baby who were these organized religions infiltrated out a note and puffed up a system. I mean if we look over the years, we can see that they obviously pond parcel to be system that is playing out roaming the Pope has been banging on about aliens you hold mainstream media UFO science. Here we see the Pope is safe, that he would baptize a motion with a one and religions.

Pope Francis is speculated as to what would happen if an expedition of aliens one to convert to Christianity, but they probably closer to God than we are.

Anyway, it says here load of crap. He we had back in 2015 Jesus life ended in failure to Pope St. the failure of the cross. He said that he we have in talking about a one world currency is says here Vatican code for a central World Bank blamed money printing for the financial crises now. We don't like printing money, digital currency, that's what I want and is not just Pope Francis. Once a new window would go back to 2004, he received Pope Joan pull schooling for a new well Julia you can go back to 1951. Here, in a New York Times Pope packs playing for world government sees it as a means to establish pace space back in 1951. Yeah, he's a good one.

Pope Francis in 2018. Saying there is no panel now what you believe that clearly doesn't make any sense coming from human I mean he supposed to believe and how it mirrors the sentiments of the world economic forum, the United Nations, the media agendas. We seen the aliens the cashless society to one world government one world religion to talk with these new age computers you know and NGOs in their great opportunity to build a new world where we can all have nothing in big type like cattle and wanted 24 seven by technology, it mirrors also very much. They are attached to the Rothschilds as well. Again, as go back over the way back to 1846 you the Rothschilds loaned the Holy See, the Holy See's effects can bank city. They loaned him 400,000 equated essays here, which is the equivalent today to 4 billion same rough child's efficacy here in this photo with track and bleach house getting poked in the chest by evening their rough times coming who's the boss here the Rothschilds and co-investment bank on a financial advisory deficient. It says here known to sift British nobility as well as the royal family this evening was the Queen's personal financial advice I say here. Some people suggest that, as opposed to advising them.

I actually own the royal family.

He received lady deleting child with the Pope recently at the Vatican with something called the Council for inclusive capitalism there working together hand-in-hand in essays to create a sustainable new economic system in alignment with the United Nations sustainability goals. CSA's help. I wonder what I could think no one will digital currency so they go over these organized religions infiltrated. Profits I think is what some people: leading people, trusting, gullible people into the arms of the New World order anyone class know what you think in the comments. As always, thanks for listening, and subscribed to Hugo so I can notify when I upload videos and not have to rely on these third party platforms okay right. I remember very well with when the Pope had said that Christ, humanly speaking, Christ filled at Calvary. He failed in Calvary when you think about that John, are you there John. John fall asleep yet. I can hear you now you yeah I call the three of them across. After anywhere near overcame statement that the Maryland rules from the dead and the first groups in believe in him will will follow through with what God the right you will have a glorified body, and will have eternal life to know he didn't fail at the cross because of the great victory by the fact the Scripture says the procurement process within the parish.

So when he says there is no hell, there is no hell hope how in the world can he justify that because the Lord Jesus Christ were no than he did not believe the Bible read what you think. Well I I'm not Catholic but and I work with a lot of Catholic. What I do and appear II don't hear any of that kind of talk Like the most Catholic that I know aren't real big fan of gold so you look at that kind of stuff any thing try to infiltrate everything and destroy right that what he does become filled deal and destroy. And so we gotta be were supposed to be wary of people who come in.

You know their wolves wearing cheap clothing and and I think too many times in the churches we let ourselves be blinded and not stop the people we want to be great for the people right but that's not really a biblical concept to be much, much wiser than that and were frankly were supposed to move people from the church who are not serving and if they refused to their to be in and we don't do that and up in the church that all ironing think it's just leadership. I think it throughout the church that we don't do that now.

I will thing you hear leaders to be teaching on Friday and the obviously clearly don't know already, Lee pledges 100 Karen in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Pledges 100 Philip and Ingrid in Minnesota pledges 100 now here's the thing I know I have a lot of Catholic friends, including some priests that we can't do that. I know there actually some friends of mine and some of them actually think that the will that will actually say he's worse than the communist Italian about this Pope that is worse than a communist season is an antichrist, and obviously what he said makes him an antichrist is so there you go right folks, with six minutes. Six minutes left it. I need to hear from you. I do need to hear from you at 888-677-9673. This is very important I need to hear from you. We have two of the thousand dollar tote bags, left two of those three that we the okay so she didn't want to tell badges give a thousand okay to another so very because the least of three. We have three tote bags left and I will personally make sure that go down and look at things a bunch of good stuff in those tote bags now well the newsletter will be late this month that that's right it would be coming out should be going into the mail Monday. At least the start of it will be going into the mail Monday work where about a week late in the newsletter but listen, if you if you don't get that newsletter you really miss it outright. John one information, consult the stuff the people that that the T that the Democrats don't want you here they did, they do not want to know this and let this interesting thing.

We sell the printers that we printed up the states and I couldn't believe we need all of this. This what are you putting up there in their printing the rating information but it's just very astounding contact woman today told me. She said she she had gotten the poisonous Polk NFC got our newsletter to read it. She said that was it noble. No more to when you get a second check that we have met a number of people that have gone that way. One, one fellow said his entire family take to kill shots and he said they've all died they all died. He's the only ones left and he didn't take it because of that the radio program and because when he got in the newsletter so there you go to me civilly got here we are okay right now we are about to about $40 short of our goal, but will take all that we get. We've got four minutes left yet yet we've had several days with Mr. gold. So if anybody wants to continue.

We can sure use all the help we get right now because it's going to be a very, very tough this month has been tough for us in this because of what's happening out there in the economy because it's been tough on you folks out there to so I will take all we did that we have some new ones.

Lessee yet.

Nick in the OBC when I leave off. Okay I start with Bill Bill in New Jersey pledges 100 Nick in Texas pledges 100 and Tony and Parma pledges 200 thank you thank you thank you all the help I guess it was 20 pounds 100 okay thank you all right, so that's where that set where I were running out of time for tonight so I went to John you want will want to give us a limitation got about five minutes to doing can you do it maybe leading with prayer yell for the whole everybody in the in the nation because now I got a bad feeling that and you know we talked about this about all I'm really being glad the country and it you can feel it is all kinds of chatter out there may be read. Maybe you've heard this, but there's a lot of chatter that something big is coming down on the 24th of this month. The 24th of all kinds of chatter I and that so I'm kind listing to see what that's going to be in the people may not be aware of it but the economy thinking of big diagram our timeout today. One week till 1% growth next year and prophetic might be going under because of "select businesses so the box stock market spoke the year the both are the largest increase in government interest.

Next week, great concern. Yet, go ahead. Although we come before you now in the name of Jesus and Lord.

We've already given Troupe out here and now. I'm praying now that people act on the truth Bill CQ and act on the truth, and there may be things that they need to prepare for trouble ahead guidance all Lord guide us all to prepare for anything that could coming ahead good. We would be led by your spirit. We repent of the wickedness of the country of the of the untold numbers of babies that have been aborted Lord of the elderly that have been killed in Michigan Lord and in New Jersey in the Pennsylvania New York tens of thousands of the Lord, corrupt politician, totally corrupt. Given over to wickedness. Lord we repent all of the core move of the Holy Spirit that the move of the Holy Spirit within the country and also Lord to win souls. A great end time for any work on asking your continued blessing on Catherine and blessed Brad Lord Lord will eat. We will fight right to go to be with you and you will get the victory you get the glory. So we're praying for the victory in Michigan Lord were praying for the victory in Ohio and all corrupt country that the evil would be suppressed.

Lord, because he cried out to you in righteousness will be exalted. Sin is a reproach to any people.

Good righteousness exalts a nation, we thank you Lord, thank you. Bless all the listeners. Lord, protect them, protect their health, plus their families and an Lord and also contact Pastor Ernie Gordon, his family in Jesus name I hear a man I too want to legislate and hope that just one pray Lord that you would would help Brad there with that thing in Michigan about the cutting and helpless. All of us stop the killing of the children we know that's a horrible horrible America's national America's national sin is death for 30 seconds or than three minutes that okay three okay very good anyhow so wanted to say this to out there come come Sunday morning in our Bible study doers of the word Baptist Church you asking what time do we have our services. We start at 830 for the in-depth Bible study. Now this Sunday, the smartest people I doers of the word church will be at the Bible study in the morning, the smartest, see that's why they're the smartest people because they come to the Bible study and the greatest source of information and knowledge comes from God's word to the smartest people will be there and you know what the going to be doing as their learning is there hearing from the Bible were going to be also putting the newsletter together.

We we have to be working on that and so that's is coming Sunday 830 regular service starts at 1115, or 1130 and then we always have some very powerful in between four and 6 o'clock we have a class that classes the Bible and current events, things that are happening in our society right now that hardly anybody knows about we bring you these things. Hosea 46 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. And so anyhow that takes place there and then of course the 6 o'clock we have a 6 o'clock the evening service so that the doers of the word Baptist Church appraiser.

Good Lord we actually went over our goal, but that we want to thank you I want to thank Edna and New York. Let me see when we leave off Andrea in Illinois pledges 500 Edna in New York pledges 1000 Francis in Pennsylvania pledges $10 thank you thank you thank you folks, we we needed that I want to thank him Brad, I want to thank you for being here with us and between now and November. Keep in touch with us because we wanted whatever we can to help you get that and stop the killing.

We've got a wicked wicked governor there in Michigan. I guess I don't have to tell you doing all the hard reelection door, they don't want to close on all of them were out of time. Brad so have him get in touch with me were three stations that we want to help remount rather time for tonight so until tomorrow.

At this time as we always say good night God bless and always always always understood Cape Friday night light.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right.

Left posted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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