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THU HR 2 091522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 16, 2022 12:16 am

THU HR 2 091522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back. You know what?

You've got to do, Wayne. Tell the folks how they can get the entire list of your books because here you've got United States Armed Forces. It's another dynamite coloring book for kids. It's just really positive. And it's the truth. That's it. It's the truth. But now you've got here... The adults need it too, Pastor Ernie. Pardon? Sounds like there's a lot of adults out there who need those books.

Yeah, there are. You can get all of these books at Real easy.

Just go to And one thing our company excels at, and I really am passionate and I love it, is making books for other people. I take their words, their mission, who they are, what they do, and I put it on paper for them. And I give it back to them in the form of a book. Even a hardback book.

It doesn't matter. I just did a book for some famous singers like Ronnie Milford. And so we make books for other people as well. But my passion really has been, throughout the years, is taking topics like the 50 United States or, you know, the cultural event books that reflect the true America, the real America as we exist.

I don't varnish anything in these books. I find these books to be the best books. I find the facts and I put them out there. And that gets me in trouble, but that's the way it is. I can accept that.

I have tough old skin. Well, let me ask you about this, because you've got two books here. One, the U.S. Constitution book, just for kids, and I'm looking through his dynamite. But then you have the Republican Party book, the grand old party, but I notice you don't have one for the Democrats. They have their book. They have their book. I made a book for the libertarians. No kidding?

Absolutely. And there's a libertarian party. And somebody's got to publish their book factually and accurately, without any whitewash, so to speak, and just publish it. And I did. I made one for the Green Party.

You know, it's not really that popular, frankly, but I did. It's a book. And so I make books for Democrats, because you know what, Democrats, they're not evil people. They're people. They're Americans. They may do things that some people don't agree with, but Democrats, they can be your family.

They can be your grandma, your grandpa, your cousin. Well, let me ask you this, then, because I don't know how that, God's Word, the Bible says, come out from amongst them, be you separate from them. Today, the definition, if you're a Democrat, if you hold to what the Democrats believe in today, then you're for abortion, you're for sodomy, you're for pedophilia, you're for bestiality. And today, yeah, for sodomite marriage. And then if you are an actual Democrat today, according to their definition, one, you don't know what a woman is, and you think that men can have babies, okay? Well, none of those things are in the Democrat Party book that I made. Well, then you probably better say this is the old Democratic Party. It is.

It is the old Democratic Party. I made it pre-Clinton, I think. Okay. I really did.

And it's out there. Okay. I couldn't see how you could make one today.

After listening to you, I thought if you could make a coloring book for them today, I don't see how you could do it. No, that would be different. It would be, if they wanted it, I wouldn't tell them that I wouldn't publish it because I'm a publisher. We're like a newspaper. We are part of the media, just to let you know. We're a media company, and we tell stories about other people.

It doesn't mean I agree with this or that, because there's a lot of things I don't agree with, hardcore. Well, if we got enough people, like John Hagen on the school boards, we might even have some of these coloring books in the public school system. Wouldn't that be nice? That would be awesome. Amen. That would be great.

I would love to do that. I mean, that's what we do. I know that I have sent, like the Republican Party, I know I've sent it.

I've published a lot of those lately, and I've sent them to schools, and they just hand out, turn them down. And that's okay. But it doesn't mean I won't do it. At least I exposed somebody to the grand old party, and that's okay, because they're just about national defense, economy and jobs and freedom and equality. That's really the history of the Republican Party, is economy, jobs, freedom, equality, national defense protecting us. And so individuals, not governments, make the best decisions for people. And those are things that are in the grand old party coloring and activity book. So those things, I think the schools would be well served.

That's why they hate you already when you say individuals make better decisions in government. They're just offended half the country. I could just see this here. One of those coloring books is called Gun Safety. I could see how that would go over real big in the public schools, huh? Well, believe me, that book got banned.

I don't doubt it. Oh, it did. You know, because in that book it talks about gun safety. Just to let you know, I grew up on a farm. I got a.410 single shot shotgun when I was nine years old, and I was taught how to hunt. I wasn't an evil kid, a mean kid, my dad wasn't evil.

That's just what we did. And so there were safety issues with my father teaching me what to do with that gun. And some of those principles are in the gun safety book. But that one truly, I tell you who buys a lot of that are police departments.

Great. They use that and then they'll give away a safety lock and that gun safety book. Or they'll go to a school with the gun safety book that I sent you, Pastor, and they will give those away in neighborhoods. And people love them. They really do. I mean, the parents love them. And they're like, well, the parents don't even know half of what's in the book because they don't know about gun safety. And I'll tell you right now, everybody in this country, just from my point of view, needs a gun because then we'll never be taken over by anybody, especially the government.

Not that the government's trying to take over the people, but I'm just saying it was the guns that made us independent to begin with. All right. I'll tell you what we got to do. Give that again.

We're talking about, give your address, the We're going to be changing direction. John, how can, very quickly, how can the folks help you get reelected? Well, obviously the first thing is to vote for me. The other logical thing is get out and tell all your friends that I'm the right candidate for this position.

There are two people in this race. I've been a lifelong Republican. The other has not. I have been in elected office in my 31st year in elected office. I've served at the local level as a township trustee.

I've served as a state representative for eight years. My daughter, Christina Hagen. I know, Christine.

What's that? I know, Christine. Yeah, Christina is the, was the youngest woman to ever serve in the Ohio legislature, and that still holds that record. She started at 22. Interesting story, Christina ran when I was term limited in 2008, and the current lieutenant governor was speaker, and he called me into the office and said, you need to get your daughter out of the race. And I said, John, we don't, I don't have my daughter in the race. She's an adult, and she can run as any adult can run for that position. And I said, but if, if I had control, I would have her in the race. And he didn't like that very well in the Republican caucus outspent her 10 to one in that primary. And she gets still at 19 years old got 42% of the vote.

Well, you know, I always say that God works in our lives and, and things that are otherwise by by earthly means inexplicable happen and it's God all the time. The odds of me being in the legislature as a plumber. Pretty unlikely. The odds of my daughter being in the legislature at 22. After being pushed down by the Republican caucus, tried to you know tried to squash her. She was appointed to that position. When the person that they backed in that other race was appointed the chair of the PCO. Needless to say, great legislator she carried the heartbeat bill for the whole eight years she was there. She got it through the system twice. John Casey vetoed at both times. We were able to go down. After it passed the following session after she was out of the legislature, and it passed the second house on my birthday, April 11 in 2019.

So that was that was quite a joy to all of us. And of course, if you saw on the news today. A judge has now put a say on enforcing that for 14 days. While they're, you know, trying to fight the heartbeat door, or the ban on abortion altogether in Ohio. But big progress all across the country and of course, the fact that row was overturned at the at the federal level.

Awesome news. And I will concur with you pastor the people like you and, and I and others are way in the minority from a financial standpoint etc to get word out. But the people of the public. They are conservative but hard in general.

And they believe in the same principles we believe in Christianity and federal in a, in a, in a general term. But most people are too quiet to stand up and fight about, you know, I wanted to say this. When I came came to that I worked very very hard, along with Jan Porter, and I know Christine and Sarah Fowler was another one. But I worked very very hard I really worked hard with along with these ladies to get the heartbeat bill pass so. Yeah.

And you have one of these. So called judges that just think about this we're talking about killing babies we're talking about killing little bitty babies. And here to come and do that, you know, and you wonder I mean, it's like, I don't know what what is what has happened to our nation I'm going to go after them big time I was saving a lot of this for tomorrow because we're going to be having a fella on tomorrow. From Michigan, and his name is Brad Smith and he's with Michigan right to life. And what they're trying to do in Michigan. They're trying to take away all all bands on any abortion, all restrictions on abortion. In other words, you can kill a baby at any time anyway.

Born or, you know, before birth or after birth, that's, this is what they're trying to do there so I'm going to have him on with us tomorrow we're going to go after this big time and I want to go after these so called judges out here. What kind of these are not decent people, they're not decent people in, in, in the whole picture is so evil. And when we look at our society and how how it has degraded any intelligent person has to know that not valuing life is a big piece of where we're headed as a country. You know where we've gone downhill in the way children think and all the problems they've got with depression and all this, you know, if you if you don't think that life is worth anything. Then, how do you convince someone to stay alive if they're feeling down and out. That is very important and, and if we believe in trust in God. That's very easy and clear to see right. But for those that don't, they're they're lost.

It's, it's a, it's a tough situation Bible says I've said before you, life and death blessing and cursing choose life and blessing, and not death in a cursing. And there you go I often tell the story about here, how Joe Biden how I met Joe Biden I was there in the in the Russell building in the Senate. Some years ago when he was a senator.

And I was walking down that hallway and you know there was not one person in that hallway every door was closed that entire length. And I got about halfway down there. And as I'm walking door opens up and Joe Biden steps right out where I'm at right there puts his hand out and says I'm Senator Biden and who are you, and I told him I'm Pastor Sanders. And he asked me what are you doing here, I said we came down here to for the right to life meeting. And he said well you know not everybody's pro life and I said God is. I says, you know, if you're not pro life you're kind of low light, aren't you, and with that he started moving faster, and I would like to see that.

Yeah, well he did he actually before we got broke out into a flat out run down to the end. And I'm thinking, here's the guy that said he wanted to go behind the gym with Donald Trump. You know what Biden did the past couple days he is redefining a whole set of rules and word changes, and he is making a change on abortion, he's making it part of pregnancy. And the idea of abortion what he's saying should include all aspects of pregnancy, make it, he would make abortion the moral equivalent to carrying a child to term giving birth and breastfeeding, because they can get medical leave and all kinds of other things so he's actually changing, redefining pregnancy to include childbirth, lactation, and terminations of said pregnancies. They're going to change a whole bunch of things under that 1964 Title IX law, expanding the gender identity, transgenderism, all kinds of things, but he's busy so abortion now is the equivalent of being pregnant.

Well here. Yeah, okay. Christ in chief, he is an anti Christ he is an anti Christ to the to the health. And not only that, according to his own daughter he's a pedophile in chief. Now, here's what else he wants to do. He wants to push he's got an executive order, pushing trans humanism so you guys hang in there, we've got a clip, and then after this clip if you want to do some commentary with us. So we're going to go with that, that transmit humanism and by the way before we go. Folks, I want to say thank you to Betty and Michigan pledges 100 Henry and Illinois's pledges 100 Terry in New York pledges 100 folks.

888-281-1110. We are still right now, hold on, I'll tell you what's coming right now. We are down, we need about.

We're still about 4500 short we're 4500 short of our goal. Right, so for we, it's not about us it's not about our paycheck or income nobody in this ministry takes the dime never has never will your donations pay the bills pay the big bill is the air time. And that's what keeps us on the air without sponsors without having to worry about that.

It's a partnership between the listening audience and those of us that work in the ministry. And so really the fate of the ministry is in your hands folks right move done all they could try to get us off there, because we don't have sponsors they weren't able to do that. So, you saw what happened with Bloomberg there, and he bought off several stations just to get us off the air, along with some other work. Yeah, yeah, but the entire thing off. And then turn it into what who was it that that weird guy he put Howard Stern and some others.

Yeah. So folks, we don't listen we're here because I'm going to tell you, if we're not bringing you the news we're bringing you how are you going to know if you're only got the fake news media, but we got to hear from you. Believe me, it's not an investment in us it's an investment in your future and your freedom. Our country that we love.

Yes, 888-281-1110 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We're going to play a clip, and this is what the fake news media does not want you to know, and that's why we're here. Go ahead, and the transhuman executive. On Monday, Joe Biden the illegitimate pedophile allegedly occupying the White House signed an executive order titled advancing biotechnology and bio manufacturing innovation for a sustainable safe and secure American bio economy. Follow those bios, we'd be confused don't worry that's why we're here. This executive order is about advancing transhumanism, the use of genetic engineering computers and other advanced computers to make us less and less human, and instead make us more and more machine like Karen Kingston joins us now to discuss all of this Karen.

Thanks for having me, Stu. Yeah, you're correct. It's to make us more machine like and more controllable, whether it's me, Dr. Jean Ruby, even Cyrus Parsis, everyone, Dr. Arianna Love, we've been on your show for well over a year now warning the American people that the COVID-19 pandemic and bioweapon injections were nothing more than a movement to surveillance under the skin and enslavement. And I'm glad that you opened up with a definition of transhumanism because a lot of times people go, oh, that's a conspiracy theory. And really transhumanism, all it is, is using biotechnology. So genetic editing, small medical devices, nanotech, combined with supercomputing, okay, to allegedly augment the functionality of humans.

That's the definition. And we know now, because they're coming clean, that these injections are gene editing technologies. We know, as I said on your show on July 28th of last year, they contain nanotechnology that's made in China by Fossum Pharma and Sinopeg containing graphene oxide.

We've gone through the patents. Happy to show the world again that they have nanotechnology to help in future to connect us to the Internet. And we also know as of August 22nd, just a few weeks ago in Nature magazine, they launched the Qubit quantum computing system. So now they've got the system, the machine learning to actually accumulate and analyze and secure the data. And now they've got the technology to now unleash on the human population under the skin. And now we also know through Starlink, as well as 5G, they have the ability to then send the signals to and from the technology.

So I know people don't believe me, but let's take a look at the executive order. So when Biden writes in his EO, we need to develop genetic engineering technologies. Oh, by the way, they already have and technologies to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers. We will unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence. That is the definition of transhumanism. They have the gene editing technology.

It's called the COVID-19 vaccines. And the power of the biological data, we know, is through the lipid nanoparticles that are in there, as well as the new quantum computing system. So ideally, transhumanism should be used to augment our functionality so that we are better contributors to society and have a more enhanced lifestyle. But we know by this executive order and by the World Economic Forum that that's not the case.

It's going to be used for totalitarian rule. And I know this because it says again, in verbatim from the executive order, Biden states for biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals. The societal goals are those of the World Economic Forum, the new world order, as Biden has sometimes slipped up and said. And he says for biotechnology and biomanufacturing, this is about helping business. This is about helping biotech.

This is the definition of fascism meets technocracy. He goes on to state that the United States needs to invest in these capabilities. So the government's partnering with private sectors and advance the science of scale up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization.

What is the what are the obstacles? Well, it's our unalienable God-given rights under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Food and Drug Consumer Protection Act. The obstacles that were removed that allowed the unleashing of the bioweapon, the neural weapon, the nanotechnology on the American people was a declaration that there was a virus that was a threat to national security.

And because of that, our Bill of Rights and the Food and Drug Consumer Protection Act was null and void. That allowed them to have a maybe safe and maybe effective vaccine unleashed on the American people that skipped animal trials. What does that mean? Just because a thousand professional athletes drop drop dead after being injected doesn't mean that you're going to stew. There's a chance you're going to make it.

There's a chance. That's what that means. It means that crimes against humanity are not only legal, but under this new executive order, they're going to be mandatory.

Make no mistake. Biden is furious that his mandate for employees for 80 million employees in America to be mandated to get the jab was partially turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court. And now he's saying we can no longer have those obstacles. I don't think that Biden is furious about anything.

I don't think he has any idea what he was signing. Actually, his handlers put this in front of him. These are the global elites that sit at this roundtable that we've also been talking about when we've been called crazy. Wait, Elizabeth, before you say this is the global elite. So and I agree with you.

Biden doesn't know what he's doing. I just want to read this from from the executive order to wartime of the global elites as if they're this foreign evil entity. No, they're here in the United States. Oh, I agree. 100 percent.

Yeah. I mean, it says right here, it's the policy of my administration to coordinate a whole of government approach to advancing the biotechnology and biomanufacturing industry. Towards innovative solutions and health, climate change, because, you know, climate change is the problem with everything. Energy, food and agriculture. And he goes on to list that the whole government approach includes the executive branch, the entire intelligence community, the National Security Department, the Department of Defense, the secretary of state, the secretary of education, the secretary of labor, the secretary of energy, the secretary of agriculture, the director of office management and budget, the assistant president for domestic policy.

And the list goes on. And by the way, Antony Blinken, our secretary of state, is assigned to work with non-government organizations. So that includes the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, NATO, the World Health Organization, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which is Ted Turner and his billionaire friend who gave us the monkey pox tabletop game that they put out there.

And of course, the World Economic Forum. These are not a few handlers. Exactly. And you said it to yourself. You said it to the audience just a minute ago.

You said it yourself. The former government, the government that's colluding with the corporate sector. We no longer have a government that's representative of the people. We have a corporate government crime syndicate.

And crimes against humanity will be mandatory. So when you're talking transhumanism, what kind of control will the people who have the remotes have over those of us who previously were not transhuman? So there's a breadth of control they're going to have. If you look at what Professor James Giordano states, he's out of Georgetown University who is an expert in neuro weapons.

He started working with Obama in 2008. He says we can control a person's emotions. We can control their thoughts. Their dreams. We can make them look insane.

Pardon me? Their dreams. The things that they dream about. Their memory.

The things that they recall or don't recall. Yeah. Yeah. He also says we can actually manipulate their data without them knowing it. So we can say someone has HIV whether or not they have HIV. If you listen to Yuval Nohrari, I mean, he talks about basically we're able to control your tracking you.

Right. Wherever you go, it's under the skin surveillance. If you go back to the patent that I shared with your viewers that was filed by Gail Elric in last year and granted on August 21st for all World Health Organization COVID-19 vaccines, which was the plurality of devices that connect to one another under the skin to an external device in a server. It states there that they can then choose whether or not someone in their body produces a vaccine or a more potent vaccine if they're not compliant with social rules.

So they can actually induce death. This is going to be interesting to see now as this segment makes it out into the social media sphere, particularly Twitter, with people like Ron Filipkowski, who are going to say, look at this crazy Stu Peters and this dingbat Karen Kingston talking about this crazy conspiracy theory. This was published by the White House.

It was published by the White House. Let's not talk about the data they're going to collect. The data that they are collecting includes genomic data, multi-omic data, which is all your data. It's everything your body produces. It's also your tracking data.

It's your interactions with other people. And it states here that they're also going to use the data to be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable in ways to standardize, secure, and transparent. So the reason why I'm bringing this up is because keep in mind that the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, I went over this on your show last October.

They've taken down the website. They said that their mission is to transform the Department of Defense through artificial intelligence. But more importantly, they say that they're going to establish a common foundation that enables decentralized execution and experimentation, evolving partnerships with industry, academia, allies, and partners, and accelerating delivery and adoption of artificial intelligence throughout society. And Dr. Lynn Parker said that at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, she is the head of the White House Task Force for Artificial Intelligence. And she said that last October as well. So this, I mean, they can call me crazy, but the fact of the matter is it's in this executive order.

It's on our DOD database website. It's actually in the Cures Act as well. You know, so on September 11th, Biden gave a moonshot talk at the Kennedy Center. And what he was talking about, he's like, I actually became president partially because of this cancer moonshot.

What's the cancer moonshot? Well, under the Cures Act, it's $4.8 billion to NIH innovation projects, which is mRNA technology. It's $1.5 billion to Precision Medicine, which is using technology to track and trace everybody. And another $1.5 billion to the BRAIN Initiative. And the BRAIN Initiative is neural implants under the brain that can be delivered through a small injection and then connected to an external server for signal exchange.

I'm saying this to you right now, face to face. Your production management team is going to show the slide from the BRAIN Initiative from the DARPA website. And I have all this evidence here.

So now our government is simply telling us the plan that they have for the American people. Well, you always bring receipts. And you'll be controlled. And I've got to get out of here.

You always bring receipts. And we certainly appreciate it. I mean, hours and hours and hours of research.

Karen Kingston, thank you so much. And you know what? A lot of this technology being delivered by China. OK, these are our stated foreign adversaries, if you believe in that construct. What about the PLA officials and the CCP that are infiltrating our government to the highest levels, including the president's former chief of staff? Remember when we talked to Mark Meadows and I confronted him? What are you doing with this ridiculously named Humpty Dumpty Institute? What are you doing with the Taiha Institute?

What exactly were you doing with these Chinese communists? There is development already. There you go, folks. We're we have some lightning rounds right now.

So get ready for this as we go through the lightning rounds. Delaware. This is good news here.

Good news here. Delaware judge rules. Vote by mail violates state constitution.

Cannot be used. That's good news because wouldn't it be really nice to have a fair election, an actual legitimate election? And so a Delaware judge yesterday ruled vote by mail violates the state's constitution and cannot be used in November election. The judge also upheld Delaware's new same day registration law AP reported. Go ahead. It says the Ohio Supreme Court.

Our Supreme Court and this court have constitutively consistently stated that those circumstances are exhaustive. Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook wrote, therefore, as a trial judge, I am compelled to be by president to conclude that the vote by mail statutes attempts to expand absentee voting must be rejected. There you go. How about the commentary, fellas?

Well, I want to add something before the audience forgets that quip you played. If they want to have that information, they can go to WND dot com. WND dot com published the 13th of September. Biden launches new executive order that should give Americans chills.

So you you're always asking, where do we get this stuff? World News, World Net Daily, WND dot com, September 13th. And it's by the WND staff. Biden launches new executive order that should give American chills. I would recommend you all go get it printed and hand it out to everyone you know.

I've got something else here to give you chills, Joe. But first, I got to say, Tony in Massachusetts pledges 200. Lou in Michigan, 200. Mary in Ohio, 100. Margaret in Ohio, 200.

Kurt in Portland, Oregon pledges 200. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The numbers are 8 8 8 2 8 1 1 1 1 0. Now, that's the number if you want to give by credit card or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3. By the way, the information that you get here, we we also give out in our newsletter. The newsletter is free. It's information that you can get.

Get it while you can. It doesn't cost you anything. All we need to do is you need just to send us a little card. Our email is very carefully with them.

And you can go up and get all that information by going to WRWL dot org and with with the exact address, your name and address. And we will send you that newsletter. But you really need to take advantage of that while you can. Because I could tell you, I, I really truly expect, you know, at any any night. And this has been going this way. You saw what happened to the pillow man, right? They nailed him yesterday. Yeah, I saw that.

OK. And so we expect it could be any night they can kick it in my door. But anyhow, Facebook was spying on personal messages of Americans. This is an article by Jim Hoft, who questioned the 2020 election and turned them over to the FBI. And so there you go. Facebook joined with the Democrats to swing the 2020 election away from President Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg donated a half a billion dollars to help Democrats in battleground states and their brain dead candidate, Joe Biden. There you go, folks. We, you know, which we we knew all of this.

I mean, he's come out in a minute. Yes. And so, again, the FBI is no longer an independent organization.

They're simply a branch of the Democratic Communist Party. And we've been urging all of those those agents in that in that construct. If you have kept your integrity, if you look, you're better to starve with with integrity than to stay in that. The leadership has gone bad. What you need to do is two things. One, keep your honor. Either get out of there. If you stay in there, blow the whistle on the corrupt and let them know those corrupt leaders. You will not go along.

You're not going to betray your country and your country's men like they're doing to us. All right here. Yeah. You know, Pastor. Yeah. I may have I may have sent you one of the books that I did called Donald J. Trump. The Real Man Making America Great Again. Yeah, I've got that.

Yep. OK. That I made that book in March of 2016. He was elected, you know, November 2016. And what I did, I started talking to people about voting. I mean, we have a lot of customers in all 50 states in Canada. And I talk to our customers a lot and the people we deal with mostly are moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas. I mean, and I ask them a lot of questions through email. And so I asked a few thousand people what they thought about this candidate, Trump. And the response was incredible. So I told some of the people I know in the media and they laughed at me.

They just I mean, they Stone Code mocked me. And but anyway, I made the book and it was a very popular book in March of 2016 because it was really he did a 21st century campaign and policy like no other that I've ever seen. I'm 63. I've seen a few elections, but it was all about voting. And I thought this man is in office.

He'll never get away with being able to stay there. That was exactly what I thought about two years into his his presidency. And I also made the Donald J. Trump Michael Pence coloring books.

I may have sent those to you that they got the presidential seal on them. They're the official books of the government, the White House that I publish and and voting. And so while a lot of people don't really look at it, it's one of the most real sacred things that you can do for the nation. One person, one ballot, one vote. And somehow or another, people have so complicated and polluted that system, people die over it.

And people don't think of it like that, but they really do. And I'm working on a book right now and it's about voting. You guys listening to you talk and the gentleman that's running for school board, John Hagen, that's it makes me think about this book because I listen to people. That's my job is to listen to what other people have to say and to turn it into a book or a product.

And then but a lot of books like the Tea Party Calling for Kids, I wrote it because I wanted to. I got to jump in here for a minute there, Wayne, because we're this is our pledge night and we're we're still thirty four hundred below what we need. We're thirty four hundred short. So, folks, we we really got to hear from you if you're going to continue to hear from us.

One hundred and eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero, that's eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero also eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three. We have to hear from you. We got to hear from you or you won't be hearing from us. And that's just the way it is. So we want to say thank you to Norm. cargo pledges 100 and so all right there you go now we have to rapidly hit some of these really fast articles tonight and one of them is daily do we talk about the election recap nine nine fourteen twenty two democratic leader implicated in ballot harvesting and this this is an interesting thing here because she was in charge of the voting of regulating the voting integrity there you go where's the here you go it's a Democratic Party Party chair and current candidate in Tarrant County Texas is implicated in a ballot harvesting by police body cam footage Donald Trump's special master pick is very strange it could be incredible strategy so these are some of the things that you know we have actually we have this on a clip but we don't have time to play it we we've got the whole thing there so anyhow that we're gonna have to go ahead on the voting and the absentee ballots first of all I would say that we're beyond ridiculous on absentees you know why why we need to have applications mailed to every registered voter in Ohio is nonsensical but beyond that you know why why we have to go to ridiculous measures to make it easy to vote people should cherish the the fact that they are allowed to vote that we're in a country where your votes can count and hopefully we can get it where we really trust that but the idea that we mail out these applications to everyone rather than having people request them is asinine and the money the money wasted on that is stupid but the the one thing I wanted to point out is if people haven't seen the Denise D'Souza movie 10,000 mules I know it's 2,000 mules let me let me talk about that because we have you know we've sent out over 300 of them already now I know you folks have asked for him and you've said in donations where what we we heard that they were coming they told us that they're there and on their way is the very day the very day that we get them they'll start coming out we'll start shipping them out to you but we've ordered hundreds more and so we need to get them out now when we get them you'll get them once you get them make sure people see him now think about this this here they were looking they were they were hoping that it taken they could sell at least two million they've sold over 22 million like 23 million now now think about this if just every person had seen just two people had seen every one of these 23 million DVDs that's that's gonna be 46 million people that know the truth that means the the fake news media failed miserably to keep the truth from you and we've been promoting it and radio programs like like this one here we have got in hundreds and hundreds and thousands of those out to you but so when we do get a man you will get them and and make sure you take them to your library show it there if you're going to be showing it someplace let us know we've showed it several times we will do it again people need to hear this they need to come out they need to realize just how how much election fraud there was and this is why you need to go vote don't don't I don't want to hear saying well what's the sense the elections are rigged no if you don't go and you don't vote you don't have you you've got no reason to complain if you go and you vote and they steal your vote then you've got a reason to fight like Christian soldiers so that's that's the reality go get her done so already very good but I I would like to see early voting shortened way up I would like to see the number of absentee ballots go back to being people that actually need them you know someone someone who can't be in the state on voting day or someone who's ill and can't get out to do it those are reasonable but when you talk about the ballot the harvesting there's lots of cases of the nursing homes etc where that happens and I've seen I've seen testimony from people that are saying that their parent voted and they're not even coherent at all they couldn't know what they were doing but yet the vote was cast in their name and you know our elected officials are often saying oh no you know we didn't have any voter fraud that's ridiculous to make that statement even if we didn't have all this obvious things that are brought out it's impossible there's never any voter fraud on November 8th of 2016 this radio program right here the very night that Trump won on the election we told you Joe do you remember did we not tell them that was you made a prediction and a warning and it's true we told them that there on the next election the voter fraud the election fraud would be unprecedented it would be unlike anything you've ever seen why well we were listening to all the chatter we were hearing Zuckerberg and these others saying they they failed they thought that they could throw that election they failed and they weren't going to fail again they would spend whatever they had to do to throw the election and and so now they had to get rid of Trump all right we've got anonymous at Cleveland pledges 200 Joe and New York pledges a hundred and all right folks eight eight eight two eight one we're running low we're down to five minutes eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero two one six nine zero one no no that's the wrong number okay eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three all right let me see what we have here already we are three thousand short we're still three thousand short we only have four minutes left so we really need we need some of you folks out there pray about it listen while you're on there right now pray and ask the Lord if you think that we're needed that much on the air to bring you what the fake news media will keep from you folks you're at a time when this nation is divided and the government we have is as corrupt as corrupt gets that government is as corrupt as corrupt possibly can be and it's your job remember from Genesis to Revelation God's Word the Bible makes it very clear resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and folks failure to resist tyranny is disobedient your job right now listen the very fact that you're alive and you're listening to me God has raised you up for such a time as this listen the way it works is this we have obligations to him he has expectations of us it's up to us to run to this battle right now run to this battle your options are running to the battle or wishing that you had those are your two options and where's pastor hell he's supposed to be calling in and giving an invitation there should be I've got a quick story that goes along with what you're saying New York City all of you in New York and we're in all the different boroughs they are getting rid of all the good guys they have a VAX mandate still requiring firemen policemen teachers EMT sanitation workers pastors rabbis you name it you can't work unless you get the poison poke well if you're terminated for claiming a religious exemption you cannot get a job in New York City this is according to attorney Barry Black who represents thousands of religious exemptees there but here's what New York has done they have made exemptions if you're an artist or an entertainer or an athlete or an adult worker you're exempt from the VAX mandate but if you're a policeman or a fireman or an EMT who risk your life and limb to help people you can't get one you can you are being fired relieved of your job losing your pensions you cannot get another job in the city of New York but if you're an adult worker or an adult entertainer you don't have to have the VAX well you know Joe first of all the the the governor said made it very clear if you're a decent honorable person if you've got morals and values she wants you to leave for that state and go to Florida someplace else because they only want the degenerate I mean the mayor of the governor it absolutely is how much time do we have there okay hell are you there yeah okay you've got three minutes to give an invitation okay everybody listening to the show tonight a year's disgusted as anybody else but the way this country is and it's gonna get worse under the Democratic Antichrist Party but the good news is Jesus is coming back soon to take his own out of here so a place where it's heaven and bliss and then enjoy forevermore and you can't get there by your good works when Jesus died on that cross God was allowing him to pay the payment in full for every sin you and I have ever done he transferred your guilt for your sin onto his son Jesus and when Jesus said it is finished that means all the work necessary to get you and me to heaven's been done but now whether you go there depends on whether you by faith repent of your sin that means admit to God that you're a sinner and that you're sorry about the fact you're a sinner and ask him to come into your heart and cleanse you and make you whole John 3 3 said accept the man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God that means you asking Jesus in your heart and being spiritually born into the family of God John 1 12 said but as many as received him to them gave me the power to become the sons of God just knowing what Jesus did for you on that cross ain't gonna save you you got to receive that payment and how do you say and another thing too is a free gift Ephesians 2 8 9 says for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself it's the gift of God you can't do nothing to earn it the Pope can't save your soul he can't even save himself your good works can't save you your church membership can't save you your uncle Harry and your aunt Sue can't save you only Jesus can save you because only Jesus had the purest in this blood of God himself going through his veins that he shed on that cross for you now the revelation 320 said behold I stand at the door knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in and hear his voices hear his word and you're you you're hearing it right now so right now Jesus Christ is dead the door your heart he's knocking he's offering you eternal life that you can't get no other way Jesus said I am the way the truth in the life no man comes to the father but by me John 14 6 so if you want Jesus in your heart he's not going to door your heart right now what do you say I can lead you in a simple prayer of faith or you could pray on your own but if we pray together I'll lead you a few words at a time and even though we're praying together it'd be directly between you and God is only you can open up the door your heart and let Jesus come in so let's pray he's talking he's letting you open that door and let him come in and give you that payment pray this prayer with me oh dear God I confess unto you that I'm a sinner and on my way to hell because of my sit being a sinner and then and then being full of sins but I believe you died on that cross and shed your blood to wash away my sins and I hear now ask you to come into my heart forgive me of my sins and save my soul from hell believing you died on that cross from my to give me eternal life in Jesus name Amen now I'll tell you what if you prayed that prayer and meant it first John 5 13 says these things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God that you may know you have eternal life believe on meant that you received it your Savior not just believe up in your head that you reach that and by prayer and faith and estimate come into your heart so according to God's promise who cannot lie and your prayer if you were sincere just now when you admitted to him you're a sinner and need salvation you have eternal life according to God's promise and go ahead pastor all right Jill we are thank you very much for that we're we are out of time for tonight want to let the folks know we're gonna be here for another 10 minutes and and so we will be taking calls for another 10 minutes we still come real short we need to hear from you you know we've never compromised in 50 years we need to hear from you right now and so until tomorrow we want to say good night God bless and always always thanks for being our fills thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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