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TUE HR 2 091322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 14, 2022 12:35 am

TUE HR 2 091322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 19 20 popular telling family and relaxing.

Great for veterans and bathroom.

40% of all of her other colors. They'll align your neighborhood serving William start to learn more and listen to podcasts you are guerrilla mindset versus all things are starting today just your thoughts on the 16 bull composers. You've always been. As for social media. Your lawyer also cutting edge thought leader in this movement you're not sure about your opinions. What will me for your your thoughts on the on the 16 local prisoners adjust the process about not not even what they did with the process about how to be treated. The fundamental principle of the federal justice system is as follows you to beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride that's something that every lawyer knows to tell you this, the department of justice made mass arresting/bank innocent people to kick down doors they terrorize people who knows what else. He did not just what we had a poor so far. They put people in solitary confinement date in sensory deprivation were talking about their work on happening in Russia and Ukraine right if the Russians were taking outdoors, probably you get on someone's door, take them from the family throw them in a dark room and deny them all interaction with the world your work right this way works less happy here in America. So what they did with that shocking not my words. That was the work is 60 best viable prosecutor. What they did.

By that process was destroy people's lives and that made it so that you can't afford to have a lawyer defend yourself. And that's okay your destitute reputation destroyed. You can't have a bank account. We completely nude. You now want you just plead guilty to misdemeanor. You won't get jail time or you won't get much jail time is only a misdemeanor, was a big deal and then people started plead guilty right away and have a resource to fight these false charges now that apartment just is just a lot we've got 100 convictions. We got 200 convictions were really taking action against this insurrection that happened on January 6 but if you're actually lawyer you go. No, these are all chicken crap misdemeanor offenses that were fabricated were not legally viable. But what you do.

These people are poor, destitute someone. Joan actually was able to fight in court. He had the resources for doing fine and court that he was acquitted because he was let in by capital police and it was testified Please also testify under oath that order was given to laypeople. We all knew this right.

But what you do if you just lost your job in Life Is Destroyed Your Way, Danny not able to fight it with the department justice is doing is is I consider a major war crime and I rather McCarthy said that he is a module buying a piece for" political reasons and to say that I'm furious about that. I never liked McCarthy all say that that is an insult to everyone who's been a victim of these crimes. I want war crime tribunals.

We know that when Julie readings power. We know that there is a [past buys $4.5 trillion budget. Inflation jabs is blah Lozada Paul Ryan and Barack Obama.

We all know how to stand verify a little bit. All this is terrible deficits and then another. To do this right that work on tribunals for the for the people who died of suicide in opioid crisis and for the shop the shock and awe department justice.

None of this like rocket if you try to argue you want to speak of the house of representatives and your you're afraid to take on buying the regimes I don't I think is the biggest problem right now is a Dr. Oz of Pennsylvania who, though obviously that's a shame with Sean Parnell. What a great travesty for judge to do that. I'm way more worried about McCarthy become speaker house and some TV goobers going to be another young vote in the Senate to vote along with copies of Ronnie and Susan Collins been a big what McCarthy will problematic. Let's go over to go to Michigan as your lawyer is so shocking. What we found out to Michigan this this was an FBI and DOJ operation write to me that the logistics around what they had to get towards what is the dozen that lead us to say we've got to get to the bottom of six January in the fence erection coming to get a quick stop playing games here and get to the bottom of what the FBI DHS, the national security state and DOJ under it and this was great and Bill Barr right Bill Barr the same guys suppress the heart the laptop from hell were in back of this what you think has happened.

We sort of edge that was October surprise. How do you not investigate the mission kidnapping hopes as and less interference that would be my first question is how do you McCarthy not investigate October surprise election interference. Talk about election disinformation. Let's talk about election disinformation that was election disinformation. Kim orchestrated by the highest levels of the FBI, the highest levels of justice and how do you not hold immediate tribunals on that now. I will say that when the arrest happened.

I was one of the first people to say that I thought it was fate, I worded a little bit was, you know, if you read my tweets I can be a little crass at times but the substance of it was that the FBI couldn't stop 9/11. So what they do is find some Muslim was schizophrenic and say, oh, don't you want to do the hard here you go, I will help you out of a five only Muslim in use on the fake female profile the sale of your real man really and take action right if you're real Muslim in his or you have to do the next thing you know, the guy shows up to a site and he's rated you as well that we stopped another step, another jihadist preyed upon your emotionally vulnerable and mentally ill young man. So right away with mission thing happening between us all timestamp receipts all available they think they found some you know destitute guys I know what my all I do is I understand the FBI. I understand the way the government really works. I knew right away only found some young ne'er-do-wells with this case happen for the demographic of the much hated white man they were able to set him up and then sure enough that you know as it turns out that delete FBI agent was a swinger with the BDSM thing a piece of his wife gets drunk all druggies right yet you can honestly make it up except that you realize that we live in such a demonic world. It does what you expect is this is who it is.

These are who these people are right away that it would be uncovered as essentially a hoax and sure enough as it was. I feel bad for the people have to go to that process because again you like us at the beginning of the segment you can beat the rap, but you can't be the right is a lot of stress, a lot of destruction of family relationships. A lot of lost finance is essentially up in your life forever and that again with the department justice is doing people so I don't really like to hear McCarthy explain why there's not to be human rights tribunals you wiper summary asking when you don't want to be fine for the full political reason for what he talking about. Who are you what world you live in you.

You think lunch is out some whole different lunch commission with a bunch of people on 14th St. and DC.

It shows no show cigar lounge is often told you much about his old you wonder where people come up with this kind of stuff that you you were here not to have a human rights Tribunal or your king who are you where you come from, who created you serve it if if George order I served would take oversight or taken the skin a special commission the start looking impeachment on the invasion of the southern border on what happened here with their whole issue of domestic terrorism. On the whole Felty situation on the laptop from help with the can we count on you if they if they issue would you volunteer become.

I want the special counsel for the euro euros on our your top for which you would you volunteer for that you have absolutely what it would be a great public service. Even knowing that they would try to make a martyr out of me. We all know the best thing to do is make a martyr out of me and that's what they need. We need to pebbles on the right.

We need you.

Where is Andrew Wiseman the right to call this what is to call this a human rights violation. Call this work on Scully's crimes against humanity. To call this election disinformation is subpoenaing DOJ on their phone. So start looking for start looking into that right based on again. Just the facts.

This is not my concern of edge stay home dad comes up the cookie conspiracy theory. This is just me saying I knew the date of the arrest happened that wasn't to be what they said. I knew that it was you to be exactly the opposite of what he said. I knew it was election disinformation election offense, and they should be prosecuted as a crime is a felony should be treated as felony election disinformation. There should actually try to have you not have trials to get the people understand about these people right the conservative Christian base surveys more broadly. They know there and get railroaded on the budget they know just you just know by now, right, you gotta give people something or writing about what was the incentive. Oh, you have Dr. caucus with Mitt Romney and Susan Collins and they can vote for a judge gives lenient sentences and very serious cases all your $4 trillion budget ON your you double-digit inflation all your your war may be well to call the Russian spy Democrats did that ghastly for five years now. I can be ghastly and emotionally abuse another five years and when I get impeached by because that's not really appropriate. Right.

That is, we don't really want to do this, why were asked why would you go out to both your public and this is not a question that they can answer that they want is like why was the .0 great more deficit budgets will give you headlines on the wildest bad okay budget budget to high-value slice off 100 million maybe if if you are lucky, but really cares about that anymore because they know there is a change. I don't know how you don't promise and you don't run on human rights tribunals and I mean that language I don't hear I when you become a hearing your old overhead hearing. We want human rights trials we want. We want hostile trials and we deserve them to. The American people deserve because there's a genocide happening is a genocide happening with that. This is this is genocide.

If you look at the definition of genocide. If you look at all chemical weapons. Russia dumps Airgas will now we have to go to World War III if some you know the house of Italians is a rush to use Airgas and someone yet have will bring out why would you call fit in all chemical weapon of mass destruction being imported the border. Is it that is not worthy of something on here and snowing within people you Franklin since focus group by the Frank Luntz work for member he was. He was big and bushy box. So I think it's all very interesting and I think a lot of people need to get their heads on right or go away if you want to be like Mitt Romney in March with domestic terrorists, go right ahead and do that which is get on the order we are back in the question trooper to a one will limit to say bring it on down. I don't know who Louis Kubik to where we start okay.

We want to say Claudia and Illinois pledges 50 delays in Philly pledges 50 Carmen in Connecticut pledges 100 Hector in Michigan pledges 15 student Stephanie in New York pledges 77 Sabre and Beverly hills or saber and Beverly what Michigan okay there you go. Pledges 100 and like in California pledges 200 right right no we we are. We need 04 thousand and $700 were $4700 short of our goal for tonight. We've got to close the lower Teresa $4700 tonight and so those numbers are 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 no given one until the posted. We have out there. But you have to ask for you to tell she wanted. We have attempt to cure dynamite dynamite books good old information is the only different bill elements of their folks, we ask a donation of $40. It's got a lot of over 300 pages. Also everybody sick and and I know why.

When donation of $30 in the two is a Dunaway book you hear the songs played on his radio program.

We get orders all the time for people like they want they want us to send the one song middle: once only come one on the CD they come about 19 or 20 songs in the third. We ask a donation of 20.

The Redbook next to the Bible's one favorite book folks are located about 10,000 books next to my Bible.

It's it's my favorite books called the Redbook and it is really a handy it's it's right there would've made it is really even when people get Joe's age and they stir forgetting things. The book really helps a fine description on Joe and I will admit that I have trouble with memory and their audience knows the do you remember any of the things that you forgot to pick up for you okay Larry Nichols 28 years to know where we has been donation is a good book 230 and then get two or more those things. We will give you a mystery gift. We got some really good news to Chris and Mr. Gipson don't forget 2000 mules 2000 meals with those who donation of $40. Right now you know right know were waiting on was supposed to get a new order and we get that order in the very next day we get it and will*note 2 phones we've already put over 300 of those out and folks people are what you see people know their nothing about the slaves they put out over 22 million have been sold and that many people just think about this. At least if if each one of those of two people washed it is 44 million people that know the truth 44 million people that know the truth and the tribes of fake news media crazy. And if we get these up there if you get them in his showroom showroom in the library showroom in your church which is shown if you haven't gotten it yet. You really need to get it and we ask a donation of $40 and that were told that we we should be getting those in any day now and so joy table. We need to do before I answer the question on why should we go vote was split spray because we're way behind and so I wanted just to other folks out there listening to pray with us if you would join us in prayer. We need we need we need your help. If you say what you can afford to give them at least pray with those because there are many many people out there listing of their with deep pockets and in the record as part of their giving them the right all over the country okay and it's an investment in the work of the Lord and folks you can't invest in anything better than the work of the Lord some spray only phone forgot it again as we come before you, Lord, you said ask and you have not because just not where we been asking we been doing exactly what you said and Lord you know and all of these years and all these years that we've been Lord, you know, we haven't ever given you any list of their best Lord right now for the guy, just like I want to thank you for those people that the FBI is going after the FBI's arresting because Lord knows those are people that have courage and have integrity and honor, and they stand up for and were living in the time these the FBI's become just like the KGB or the Gestapo out there today and Lord, we we wonder every day of even those of us.

I wonder when they're going to come in the middle of the night 30 or 40 of them and and kick in my doors because because these are jackbooted thugs. They become that way. And so, Lord, we have to wonder about this yet we know one thing you told us we must obey God rather than man.

We must be doers of the word doers of the word not just hearers only, and in a given horde.

We will say we will obey God and not man. So we know you've told us that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. We know from Genesis to Revelation.

You made it very clear that resistance to tyranny is obedience, failure, failure, failure to resist tyranny is always disobedient. So probably got us again we come before you tonight where skin Lord that you motivate your people or we we need to hear from home out there tonight. Lord, I wish we didn't have to ask for diamond we have. We can afford a wooden when order to stay on the air to and Lord to keep continued to be the watchmen on the wall because they're going to need Lord they're going to need what we what we bring to them as long as we can, as long as you keep us here and we know as long as your hand is upon us.

The FBI in Mira Carlin and every every corrupt creature from the gates of hell cannot remove us as long as your hand is upon us, and silverware is that you continue to use us and Lord as we look for your return we say. Even so, Lord, come quickly. These things we ask in Jesus name, amen. Alright.

I want to say that the here when we leave off okay.

All right. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 and Joe want to remind the folks at third the newsletter we send the newsletter out until you know what kind of information we send out that we get compliments all the time from people on electronic electric my copy of the helicopter. I make a bunch of copies and the modern church and about my family, friends, and I asked everyone I give a copy to do the same so that one cop. Mary returns under 100 or 200. I don't usually know but it reaches a lot of people say the ministry a lot of money and spread the truth very good here. Silly things that are happening something.

Remember way back when not.

We were told people about the Dominion voting machines down the problems.

Well, it turns out that computer experts and security experts warned of a serious trip to Georgia voting restraints and the sick came to him. You know the midterms are just a couple months away, and these experts are telling them to switch to a hand marked paper ballots switch to hand marked paper ballots.

The group urged them to stop using the straight states Dominion voting touchscreen voting restraints and it also suggests their mandate a type of postelection audit and the outcomes of these 13 experts that a big letter to the members of the state election board and the Secretary of State. Their bread rest.

Reference Berger on nonvoting nonvoting member of the board there in Georgia stuff.

We were telling you a long long time ago getting validated over and over and over the just put the plug in the main, I don't mean to what protocol you don't count ourselves on the back, but we have been putting a lot of truth out there already is of the media forehead and then we tell you what it's been validated by other news stories will you know it was Pres. Trump that that really expose Ratzenberger. He was the one the first one, and boy they attacked him and he would have to them and we told you that they words describe to scrub kits out there again. We we saw what was happening in Georgia when they kicked all the Republicans out the polling place and then they pull all of the boxes out from underneath the table is called to serve. We saw him in Michigan where where truck came in a big box truck and then loaded thousands and it is said right on the trucks, Biden ballots. These are fake Biden ballots in Michigan actually boarded up the windows.

They boarded up the windows of the election board of elections so and would not allow any Republican sin and then they use dirty cops right there in Michigan. These dirty cups to go out in force the Republicans out so they couldn't see them working in switching the pallets and unbelievable but see that our current running around Dr. Tim Ryan Democrat from your home state of Ohio, think about really American to kill and confront Republicans. The heroes talk about on bipartisan blah blah blah. But he said the some answers will come from the GOP they won't be from the quote extremists that were dealing with every single day. We've got to kill and confront that movement is talk about any Trump supporter any begging the person that you remember pastor Biden got up, called, and five finishers were terrorist were the ones that are angry and hateful were the dangerous ones. I remember when the 2016 election. There were riots in the street.

Hillary Clinton had people there were 25,000 people marched on Trump tower.

There were over 12 about 12,000 people were Los Angeles Wilshire Boulevard there were people attacked and beaten up on the box got about five or six examples of some of the electors had the were bombarded affected were demanding the Republican electoral college members ignored their vote and dump Trump and the like Hillary people on the electors received threats thousands abusive phone calls thousands of emails, death threats, one of the guys Michael veterinarian so that people talk about polar putting a bullet in the back of my mouth people call not only for the burning of myself with my whole family to be burned.

Electors accusing of doing the things that they have done and they are continuing to do. You must figure this out people they always accused the communist always accused the other side of doing exactly what they're doing. They are the ones who did the violence. They are the ones who rioted in the streets. They are the ones who were beating people up then and now that this is why we need to defeat these people right.

We want to save Mikey California pledges 200 Bill Hartfield pledges 200 Janet in Minnesota pledges 75 and Jerome in California pledges 50 things you want to know. Okay Joe, you look with the question that the we just heard in the clip we played from Bannon was that why why should people Republicans because everything is always the election is always rigged and you have these politicians like Lindsey Graham who these rhinos that always cell is so always filling out a and so was why why should even bother to vote. We we know were going to get sold out okay so what you think the answer to that is you well, I think here Strong. But I want to give a sub answer because God knows that much of the church is not registered to vote. Much of the church is never gone and voted a great deal of the church is never gotten involved in politics because somebody said all the church shouldn't get involved in politics so we don't talk about issues they let the devil run the government. They let the devil educate their children in the school system and God is waiting for his people to wake up and set things right and bring this nation back to that nation under God where all our institutions of law and government were based on his 10 Commandments in the teaching of the New Testament. I got one answer, you've got another well yeah one of the first of all, if you don't go vote if you don't vote do you have no right to complain when the enemy gets in the office but more than that God has made it very very clear he didn't eat.

He didn't make this elective. He made a very, very clear we are to be salt and light were to be salt and light weird to be to lead this and he tells you to go and be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourself know of those listen when when you go out, go to Bentley's and who will fight on the Lord side who will fight alongside you. Don't go out and go to battle when you go to war.

He knows him well I don't know for winning the war might not win is that the idea when we you answer the call, you answer the call. Now the opposition is out there. The Bible says that we are more than conquerors. If you have faith were more than conquerors through Christ to the Lord Jesus Christ tells us in Philippians 413 we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We have to take this battle to the Communist Party. They are the antichrist party. They are antichrist everything within the death of credit collective today is antichrist. It's all about death.

It's all about death and listen to you know what if you don't have the guts to stand up and and like men and say you know what I'm really going on to win this battle today. Today I was telling when the sheriff came out and it spoke to doers of the word Baptist Church and he ate curry eight. The sheriff told us to to stand up defending your property.

Defend your life defend each other, and he made a very, very clear and that in our county where we have.

We only have a couple of FBI agents, but they were quite together with the Sheriff's Department and that they don't they're not middle come in as bullies or anything they actually do their job okay on an accounting and so but he made a very clear to that we have the responsibility if if we have these rogue agents.

They come out or above burned lewd murder grant to fund you know they made the stress of the mountain in the suburbs and burned down the white people's houses well or sheriff in a very, very clear, but more than that somebody much more important. With much more authority made a very, very clear, and that's the Lord Jesus Christ when he instructed his disciples to sell the rope and by the sword and the point was that they had to be prepared to defend each other. This is the time were talking about today we know that the Lord's return is imminent, we know is is coming soon, but until then we are to stand here to occupy.

We are to occupy and hold our ground until he return of flow so again that's why so shame on you if you don't go out and vote. Shame on you. Shame on you. If you not registered to vote after timeline real quick for the brick, spraying back during the revolution at this quote. Those who profess to favor freedom, yet depreciate agitation. Remember what crops without plowing the ground.

They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of the waters. This struggle may be a moral one may be a physical one. Or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without demand.

It never did in history. It never will find out just what the people will submit to and you have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be opposed upon them, and previous wrongs will continue until they are resisted with either words blows or both are votes the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they owe press if you take it you'll be a slave you want to be free.

You better stand up and say no were not going to take this from our government takes for you to change things up a little bit of the crate. What we what would you need to do is get that I want to play that song by John Wayne wears face the flag son so I would tear that up in here. Meanwhile, Deacon Mark pledges 100. Thank you Deacon Mark okay so when you can plot that up and were going to play that. But then as we go into that too quickly near former twitter security chief to Congress. Twitter leadership is misleading public and can track any uses location at any time.

This is what we've we've known Joe, who is known as all loan so finally the chickens are coming home to roost in twitter without hope for a a lot of things will become an out. They been learning Chinese operatives in all kinds of things that bring out. Don't let it interfere with growth.

Don't let whatever the problem is we don't want it to interfere with the growth of the company's and basically this whole nation is been filling this stuff out for the love of money. I wanted to say God bless this lady a note they would.

That's about right after this is phase the flags read what's written his progress and share our flag reflects the so much in this age is please forward shared by Homeland learn love these ministries is phase loving man. God live without fear of changing world cries out in places like what you're seeing now is the present futures being written hello underwriting flag stands speak really think our leaders might be wrong to stand intelligence.

These are the things that other never know responsibility that Freeman you don't accept that freedom is face reality. Freedom is like the world's greatest please. We want to keep these fighting to always like to thank God. Already we are back and that what we have a prayer request for coach Duane coach Duane from the fires: in the still listed as having a gallbladder attack.

Right now he's in a lot of pain so Joe would you pray for the less painful would you pray for Kothari dear heavenly father. Before we get that our dear brother coach during the problems of a gallbladder attack. She is hurting a sick or need immediate medical help. And Lord, we just that you be with him to be with the doctors and nurses are care for him to help control this emergency and say that he arrived safely through it. Here is a great warrior for the gospel.

A great witness testimony and a dear friend of those of us in the ministry and largely just ask that you bless him in every way possible. In Jesus precious name.

Amen. Coaches business soldier he's been 30s legally makes this is movies the fire.

He doesn't do well here is the list bring Coach up culture in their aerogel.

God bless you YouTube God bless you. Thanks for the there you have made a pledge $100 thank you coach and Daniel North Carolina placed 102. Thank you Daniel. I had a severe heart attack yesterday brought about 25 minutes that broke out 12 violent violence, wet. I want to go to hospital and finally let up, not begging God he were to start to act up tonight, but I didn't want to ask God. I don't want another one is attacked in their horrible they certainly are like this delete know when to go to the hospital, procure.

I think you better get yourself to the hospital. My brother yeah hopefully I can get through this and go get maybe get an ultrasound and find out the stones and there but anyway thanks for praying and God bless and love you guys think you love your wishing that this will be over quickly. Thanks for all you do you know why what he didn't want to go to the hospital.

Nowadays the again like everything else in their letter people going to hospital Mounties. We we have stories every single day.

We have people calling us and tell us that the they do try to give them vendettas of their character and here's a gallbladder work covered. Yeah they can to they can to people of going in there with totally unrelated diseases and because of the money involved and and the and if they dying and weight. We have a clip that you need to really hear and what I played one where the two nurses that were on that were crying. They were crying. They sedate they were purposely killing people and I think the one hospitals on the was New York hospital in they were purposely but because of the money involved.

They got so much money when they died from covert when they were actually dying from the vaccines I got back to when you will send out some some other stop.

i just hope i can get by, but i'm going to get off. i don't feel too good but i melissa you guyton thanks for your prayers. love you guys got blessed god bless you cochair wendy wendy's on topics that you really good already here so i wanted to say this is for this lady here pro-life mother shut down abortion every kid on the dr. phil show this fight wasn't eight despite it was a set up to favor the pro-abortion position joe in virtually every television program that i'm going on singular just didn't take the pro-life position is been a set up. everyone is been the center and but i knew that going in member plant. i knew that going in, and guess what every single time i walked every time so here, although the dr. phil show was incentive to favor the pro-death position. a pro-life mother done the entire studio by effectively shutting down a pro-death obsessed liberal and they got a picture of the two. here in william compelled to write you can tell the difference between the lady in the liberal goes on to say that the president and founder cleveland lila grace rose appeared on the dr. phil show monday to defend the sanctity of life. rose did an excellent job of defending the rights of the unborn and educating those who support abortion and the importance of the most fundamental right that a human process possesses, which is the right to life during the show.

one of one abortion advocate accuse rose of having no empathy there was nothing you can possibly say to justify the level of lack of empathy. that's the problem. i feel like this country at the moment. we were founded on the lack of empathy and we just kept it up up with that tradition. you have no empathy. she said abortion is devastating to a woman's mental health. no one talks about that rose responded yeah they don't tell you that these women that have killed her babies are seven times more likely to commit suicide than the ones that have not current. my wife and i ran a large report of a large maternity on crisis pregnancy center and we can't tell you how many women came in. had abortions that were turning to drugs and alcohol treated in their marriage destroying their lives. but guilt. guilt. guilt is tremendous and we saw so much so that i can validate every word she saying there's 120% true because the wages of sin is death. you left out the wages of sin is child stays with you forever.

all right, here you go. the top eight ways that the ama, the fda and the cdc buried natural cures.

you know what i meant to say this with the mouth.

as we have lord's will in which we stand here with miss wendy with us tomorrow and this would be a good one for her look at here. project veritas new york middle schools teacher encourages students to engage in political violence and throw bricks at old people with opposing views were anything that you sound like a public holster getting crazier and crazier just about the time you think it can't get any worse and it's continuing get your children out.

if you love your children, your grandchildren, especially in the larger metropolitan areas.

get your children out homeschool christian school. it's time to save their souls. i mean literally save their souls right. leo holman writes this little actually a leo holman biden's executive order designed to release trans-humanist l on america if anyone needed proof that the powers pushing the levers behind the mindless moron who said to the oval office are fully on board with the world economic forum united nations agenda in the biomedical tyranny and trans-humanism, look no farther than the executive order that joe obama biden signed on monday, september 12 and turn the page in the.

the trans-humanist with big pharma have completely taken over government policy in taxpayer funds to promote their own antihuman agenda of hacking the software of life would tell me it also clearly demonstrates who has the power and sense the policies in america.

the m rna injections that have already gone into the bodies of at least 70 minute percent of adults in the us. i don't believe that number joe i don't believe they keep telling us that. and i know this is where you get the stats but the people that i'm talking to and i really out there in the public and that there telling me they haven't gotten it. okay right right now. where were right here where the studio not one person in the studio has gotten the rna injections have already gone into the bodies of at least 70% of the adults in the us marked a gateway to trans-humanism. we have been told by this kingston as well as by the late dr. zeb the link on dr. malone, dr. robert malone, a coinventor of the mrna platform. leo was when the first sites to blow the whistle on madura's former chief medical officer tell that she told the world straight up in december 2017 we have hacked the software of life and that is the rna gene editing biotechnology would be incorporated into vaccines to treat or prevent all manner of illnesses we've seen. now, how well they work with millions getting sick millions dying after getting two or more doses of the covert injection offered by were darnell and pfizer with the fda and the cdc not totally on board this mrna technology is being included in scores of other vaccines including flu shots and so you hear here people are killing themselves at the we've come to this point. just like just like the bible tells you in proverbs chapter 1 there on working in australia, the great victoria as known for its rigid covert restrictions.

people in itself. 95% of the adults there have received the vaccine. most have been boosted and yet government data itself so distant auger sword to the level of ever had. the third that is very good because they have a state law requiring doctors and funeral directors to report deaths online. the drafts are registered immediately and so far in 2022. victoria's registered 32,533 deaths, which is 20% above the average. and all of those that died were faxed or double back.

so starting to show up there.

still not claiming that the vaccine figures you look at their figures, the british government.

adults 40 to 70 received the boosters are twice as likely to be hospitalized and die as those who are not so starting to come out all over the country. different studies a little different in different countries, but same results. people are dying from the shots, and many others are becoming very ill cyclical kinds of problems, especially heart and michigan pledges 300 teresa in dallas pledges 100 bob in dallas pledges 100 karen in illinois pledges 40 thank you the right foods where we just don't have much time left.

i can tell you we didn't be here for a few minutes after the program tonight is okay so all right there you go. should know we have right now we are about 36. we didn't. we need about 3600 to about 3600 shortly can about we get about five minutes to raise in 3000 credit card number is 10828111101 aaa 281-1110 main line at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. remember were totally dependent on you, the listener accepted here at your hands so we just ask you to prayerfully consider if you want to hear from us here this radio ministry on the station you're listening to. you must help us pay the bill. nobody in this ministry takes any money any salary and your donations pay the bills or keep us on the air were dependent solely on you and we Get kicked off of the twitter and facebook or anything else. it's in your hands so we just it's up to you folks like joe, you know what i tell you what we do is of the were not hearers only going to i'm going to let you know that we have blue pleasure thousand last night we pledge another thousand dudes in the word church and and were going to ask.

we can ask people to match it. we just need a few people to match us out there right now we need actually about three people the matches we get three people to matches where were home free. right when you said about being doers of the word your churches.

churches very aptly named scripture also says be a doer of the word here, doer of the work that's what got assigned you to be a cure of this law and basically he says keep his commandments. if you love me you will obey me, and it all comes down to do the will of my father just that the will of my father which is in heaven and everything that jesus is ask us to do witness to testify, reprove, rebuke you now pray stand in the gap render the battle fight the fight you will go out and every word he's uttered that he's asking us to do the work as an active verb and then in scripture it says very plainly if you support the ministry or profit and you get to share in all the blessings that anything the blessings god you get to sheridan and remember we have the king's words, of the bible the right to life, ministry of the prison ministry, we have a cooking ministry. several of us have been in hospice are still are anything that we do the blessings of god in the ministry god says you get to share in the blessings and lamps from crowns and treasures in heaven, we can thank you god can give you those crowns and treasures because you're serving him. i wanted to give our most sincere condolences to the harmon family there and in florida where norma hermon has passed away yesterday. he passed away.

i believe norm was about to see you play was in his early 80s and again, our most sincere condolences to the entire hermon family for norton's death.

right joe, we had about to three minutes left and so three okay there you go, we get three minutes left, hudson get out and i can tell you the most important thing curt tells us to trust in the lord with all your heart trust him, trusting in god and if we are to trust him. he tells us that jesus said you must be born again felt you trust jesus you have to be born again because he commands it. what you do to be born again. well, the first word we talked earlier tonight jesus preached in his ministry was the word repent. because the wages of sin and death repent. we call upon the heavenly father we repent for our sins, your sins, my sins, past turning our sins put jesus christ on the cross of calvary, he took your place. he took my place. they did as subs substitutionary death. they paid the price for our sins so we have to first repair, but our sins placed them there that he had to suffer and die for us and asked the father to forgive us for that truly repentant heart. and then we ask the lord jesus, that we want him to come into our life to be lord of our life. all of our life. we can't have reservation. we are to give herself to him and then we asked for the indwelling of the holy spirit of god that gives our spiritual baptism and that indwelling of the holy spirit makes us that born-again believer that child of the kingdom, a joint heir with jesus and everlasting life that makes us a son or daughter of the living god himself and adopted child of god and we become that knew what the scripture says new creation new creature. you will be changed. that repentant heart. god will change you that repent means to turn from your wicked ways and walked toward the lord and away from your sin and that will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. my wife those that are truly born again are the happiest people i know you have a piece that well. scripture said to surpasses all understanding, and you have a down payment on everlasting life. what a wonderful opportunity picture after claimant after claim jesus as lord and claim his mercy and his blessing right joe you said it. we are out of time for tonight phones we'll be here for little while we still need to hear. good night god bless and always always always k fine dining fine.

thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance is right, left, hosted by pastor bernie sanders to learn more about our ministry. please visit us online at www.wwm please tune in next time for another nation was right once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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