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MON HR 2 091222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 13, 2022 12:22 am

MON HR 2 091222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 13, 2022 12:22 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR back and you know what will he do we see what we have here. I can't read that will get him anyhow will besiege Jericho.

The Newberry pledges $50. Hey Jericho listen you. We gotta give them credit where universities know that the indoctrination was because these girls in these please guys that are coming on Stanford and what is the other one can California Berkeley Berkeley let's hear from some of these college kids yes will again turn it up bulimics to the people in Idaho number five yes I know times during the same time one dollar $1.01. Yes, here's the thing. Our young are young rising star in radio Kragen nurses. He has friends went to college and they're smarter than that. They're not like that ma'am I went to college to, but you know what, I also went to elementary school when I was in third grade I cadets was correct. I got up I could've done it.

That was to this. We just had a woman who was put on the Supreme Court, and that woman didn't know what a woman was. I know what a woman it was okay.

I know that for fact I could infect I can now write in the church. I just end up like point out every woman in their and Everyman and listen to this. They think that men can have babies and I was one of the first one to say if they're having a baby there not a man leaving that the deep XT pastor is around faster is way over the heads of the scouts kits its way over their heads. Now it's pretty sad when you visually see the expressions on their face. You know they're not taken it and I know the voice we're watching this in the you would've thought that this but if you but here is Gordon talking to these kids. Random this is. This is sad very sad already.

888-281-1110 of folks we got it we got a hurry were down tonight right now. 36. We need 3000 know of 30 to 46 4600 24,600 C8886779673 classroom in a comment on the education issue. It's bad and it's gotten worse over the last 60 years. We know right now it's not a question at all. We know that education the last two years has tanked. So these people were watching this video, who were twentysomethings are going to seem smart to the children who are preparing to graduate from school because of her covert there two years behind ending places like problems of Portland.

I was at the whole state traffic count working yet they their side they waived all requirements for high school graduation then you have to be able to read a book correct sentence and not think that we know were there isolating all college testing to waving college testing this I don't I don't want it to be all doom and gloom, I will say that nationally, there are huge efforts to turn that around. Because the public is aware of the issue, but we need to be prepared for that we need to prepare that think this next generation of children coming out a case for out of five primary school government schools right now are going to be woefully unprepared for real life.

Okay, so don't first of all, it's you got to give him a little bit of credit because both the board and incidentally they put Tampax machines in the boys bathrooms and and and you know that was like ahead of everybody else not relevant right now those boys are that thinking about winter.

What to do with them because they're really not sure. Okay. I guess maybe if we had a nosebleed or something you know you have an emergency use of a nosebleed or vendor instructing between four euros by way of the storybooks what to do with the Tampax on another kid and I'm afraid homeboy I think there's some word thing connected with that but everything has equity at the end of its direct menstrual equity or something and then there's others that you could go on. There's a whole list I don't know this but there's not only has tree there's tree equity or something like that. That's basically relighting the dictionary again.

Now you have the right in the dictionary and that tree equity is other than its there's appear to be more trees in white neighborhoods and black neighborhoods. So therefore trees, skimpy trees are racist and neighborhoods are racist yet Tampax tampon equity menstrual equity women are getting more attention at one time a month than than boys. The whole thing. It's just it's an endless parade of madness. It is back grafted since 19 you make a big excellent piece of paper and you start at the upper left-hand corner on the extra go down. That's the test scores there done nothing but go down since 1950s. Then if you look at the other side you start at the bottom part of the X going up to the right-hand corner is the cost of education. What we've done is a total inversion quality has gone down equal to the cost going up to this story. Next to this right now with what you're saying. This past year rumored to million homeschoolers known America 2 million homeschoolers and that's growing in a very fast rate. For obvious reasons you and I know this radio program is really up to go into because were telling things and parents are deploying the kids at a public school because they don't want to have to go and fight with the school board because they know that that Mayor Garvin will send the FBI into arrest him for standing up. I mean it's it to them. You know parents have no right not wanting their children to three pornography to be evolving.

That's how it is really been reduced to pure paganism. I mean it anyhow.

So now you have this this evening to have these two techniques Christian schools that are giving people a real education and then the homeschoolers that are getting very good education so they're going to be considered to be the bourgeoisie and the others that are going to the public schools are to be the proletariat. In other words, the way that remember Karl Marx said that it's it's morally okay for you to for the proletariat to kill the bourgeoisie and take your property because they earned their late.

They earned it off the backs of the proletariat. That's with the referring to the working-class people of the middle class people.

That wasn't the case but and that's not the case here, but this is what the fake news media and the Biden regime. This is the message they're trying to get out to the people is not it absolutely is quick to tell you what your take that one step further. You want to hear some while irony in how this whole thing is shaping up river. The very first thing that parents were alerted to that was alarming and schools a little over a year ago. Now that had parents in an uproar with CRT critical reality and critical race theory is one of those things. When Mr. Parrott started to see that education wasn't what they were expecting when they were looking over the shoulders. Looking at the zoo called exam classes online, etc. but then suddenly CRT showed up and we have this whole wave of Americans systemically racist and it's built on the backs of slavery and we need to we need to make amends for all her past sins as a nation that they etc. fast rate of got some really exciting good news for you and it's ironic good news you want to know of those those new home school families you want to know who's leading the charge who black America. Black America has increased according to the John Birch Society and the American freedom project Academy at last check has increased from 2% homeschool to 16% homeschool. They are by far and away the vast numbers of people who were pulling out of public schools and say forget this and have done with these government schools in Glamorgan. It actually get our kids a proper education.

The group think the the that leading the charge in that in America is black families black America all them uncle Tom's. Let me ask you this because if the if you and I can have a woman date and we feel like where a woman and so we can be. When can we feel like were black and ended up be a part of that. Well if you're if you're a Democrat politician that you can be in the end, you can pretend to be black. You can whatever he wanted and then you get a free pass when you're found out all right.

They do what you could just do that and I noticed two noticeably public fools simply kid thinks that said, maybe your puppy if you feel like a puppy in a given little places to sit and be puppies and and they can beat all the little animals to if they feel like that in the public school well and then it's compounded because I'm getting phone calls from parents whose children go out to college or maybe to a career vocational school and hearing Cleveland and Cuyahoga community colleges we masking along with couldn't State University as we masking and a good number of the colleges and universities are coming out again with mandatory vaccination to attend their school all right there you go.

Photos of Evans. So what does that tell you what would tell me that I would go to school or college, they didn't do that. There are those out there. Yeah I know and and were going to make sure people know they're out there already foes listen the voters have not been ringing.

I guess you don't love me you don't want me here on the air.

I got to hear from you.

88828111108882811110 or an S&S credit card line to give the credit card PayPal you go up to WR and it'll tell you WR the different ways you can help us help you because we want to be here. You know 50 years. We have never betrayed you never steer Jurong. We've always wished underground under every kind of a threat, and a whole bunch of the communist done everything they could gel you remember how Bloomberg bought those stations just to get us off their day out of New York and I go radio network entire thing and will you handle Howard Stern sports yeah they turned it over to Howard Stern's with the news Alex Jones that was us than the number of Adriatic Christians on their legally bottom just to get a soft but a pastor for the new listeners tell them how long you been doing this program. 50 years we've been doing it 50 years and here across the country. Coast-to-coast Monday through Friday yeah and we bent. We went telling bringing you the truth without compromise without compromise podcast. The podcast here.

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And that's why they can't stop as long as you donate there cannot shut down Christian talk radio. This program I Chase away sponsors.

They can't do anything to get rid of this as long as you the listener support. I listened to our newsletter. It's free doesn't cost you anything and again check out what we compare what we are telling you with what you hear in NBC, ABC, CBS look at the research that we do 88828111108882811110. The newsletter is free. All you have to do is is asked to be put on the list and send this to send us a little letter with your address really clear okay we actually will get newsletters ask people asking us in the send the little card but they'll have their address and not the night just the return address and asked to send the newsletter okay and but we we need your whole name. We need your address and a phone number helps to and so the address you would send that to his WR WL 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry, any WBUR why OH 44065 okay really do lightning rounds Larry Jonathan, the it tells what you have than the FBI though, my gosh, the FBI are just a quirk of mass they headline here. Stunning national archive refuses to turn over Joe Biden's vice presidential records on meetings with Hunter and James Biden the same leftist tax behind the mar Lago rate Democrats tech giants if you'll remember in mainstream media refused to allow any reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop so they can bring the election. Remember that Leah McNamee had 51 former intelligence officials signed and publish this letter baselessly claiming that Hunter laptops back to the laptop from hell was just some Russia Russian disinformation operation. They told us that they sign the letter and everything was purely a lie. We all know that now and they for sort of duck covering and run the tech media were were behind this thing. They packed up the hiding of this information from the American people but that was 2020 number in 2022 and we have the national archives and records administration are playing the same role this time.

Now what they're doing is refusing to release the treasure trove of Joe Biden information and that the what is this media organization is trying to get a release of this from the national organ that archives organization and they are not releasing this information.

There are out there refusing a freedom of information act request. These are the same people. Keep in mind that rated trumps mar Lago home legally had the dirty 30.

The very same FBI agents that were there with their instigating January 6 that with their they were the very same ones that were part of that that whole that whole full flag thing with the mayor there and and Michigan have not met Amanda Gov. Witmer yet and that was another whole fake thing that was made up and then the very same 30 from the call. The dirty 30 crooked cops were the ones in in the Merrill article that I think Michigan was a trial run near they wanted to see how we go. So that's the here's the name it's the America first legal.

They're the ones that are suing for release of the documents from national archives the national archives is refusing to release those documents. It's ridiculous week. We have we have private legal organizations suing our parts of our government to get them to release information that there legally obligated to release that impact a a an election and they are refusing to do their gently Jonathan.

It's not our government anymore. That's the way it was supposed to be what you have there is total lawlessness. You have a coup that was a coup that was put against Pres., Pres., is still the legitimate president of the United States. The gate that whole election was nothing but fraudulent and anyone and everyone who says it's not as a liar and is no truth in them, and is not one of them that would come and sit across from me right here and debate me on that and in the whole point of this is is that it does this war that were in is going to be one at the state and local level because the states are fighting back the states are fighting back and listen close. The only answer we have is God okay the Republican Party that can help us that the guide to many rhinos in there to begin with. It's gotta be God. No folks with we been trying to tell you this. Here's what Jesus said repent or perish, repent or perish right, repent or you will likewise surely perish right to know what is repent me. Repent doesn't mean simply ice saying I'm sorry repent means to what is a military term that turn out to be a bit about face that needs to go undo what you've done and if you have been guilty of sins of omission. In other words, if you you haven't done which was supposed to do. Remember what the citizens James 417. Those that know to do that and do it not to them. It is sin. There you go, what are you, you know what the biggest story of the day that's not on any of the major networks are know I know I know one thing though. I know that there there doing Queen Elizabeth of the day keeping that out there and people's focus to keep your attention off whatever dirty business thereof to go ahead Tellos I know what really going on as read a couple headline breaking FBI raid homes of 35 trump supporters. We didn't care much about it but not only did they raid they have arrested they have been confiscating phones, laptops next deadline is missed. Many as 50 high-level supporters have been rated or subpoenaed and then brought in, taking their phones and computers trusting people with armed FBI agents stopped the secret police Gestapo Nazi tactics. Think about this way, Biden came out in that speech called America supporters enemies of the state extremism that threatens the very Republic.

Our pursuit of power is before all else were out to destroy the Republic. This is Joe Biden a couple days ago. I know how we know the enemy always accuses the communist always accuses the other side of doing what they're doing. So we have Biden doing this we have here at Harris out there. We are the greatest threat to the general democracy we have Mallorca's out there talking about how domestic terrorism is the greatest threat the false narrative the violent extremist these domestic terrorists where we are fostered by the eight we hate the government case talking you go down the list and what you see is rumor. They talked about. There was a new war on terrorism.

Well that's anyone who questions the 2020 election and they're basically saying this is what Biden said they should be in jail. The greatest threat know I'm sorry Harris the greatest threat to America IDs 11 Republicans that are running for election as attorney generals that 11 states would elect one of these back to Republicans is the greatest threat. What they're really saying if you don't agree with the Obama and you know you're a terrorist. If you say the election was stolen and this is what really there after they've rated the subpoena's what you're looking for. We found out now as they're looking for any phones, email any records having to do with the January 6 and this all comes down to the idea of quote in the claim on the subpoena of the subpoena looking for any claim that the VP and/or president of the Senate had authority to reject or choose not to count personal elect doors that the basis of this, Merrick Garland, DOJ issued subpoena I'm coding right from the subpoena. This again is looking for any claim on email phone call that the vice president that states are the president of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count these personal lectures.

There's been no news coverage of this is but nothing on Fox. There is no reason given for these subpoenas.

These subpoenas are ill. That was the whole purpose of that was to before you certified me to legitimize his whole purpose and that again thing is the Republicans are not fighting back the news is not talking about it Newsmax other than talking that I've seen. Maybe somebody on Newsmax that I didn't catch.

I haven't seen anything on Fox that looked on the Internet and it's only a few of the extreme right by Josh Holly Jim Jordan like Marjorie green like a Ted Cruz in the process of putting what they're saying out there speaking out, but there is a lock down in the press on the story.

Of course there is. That's why we're here. That's why we're here.

Here, right here you go John Obama pledge 100 baba New Brunswick pledges 75 Bob in Oregon pledges 105 John in Minnesota pledges 77 in the what is at 80 80 yeah good Bible number. Very good). Right now we have a privately 22 minutes left 22 minutes lived Kate out at one more.

They are also going after some of these people. They are saying. They want to hear what the idea, they make the supporting trump so costly will break them financially. Anytime you have to fight the government you have to hire lawyers that breaks people that liquidated the general plan that broke and they went bankrupt. They are also threatening jail time for anybody involved and if you don't believe it.

Remember that state judge in New Mexico just removed an elected county commissioner because he participated it in go inside the capsule. Becky was worth the outside protesters at the capital. He has been removed from his County elected County commission job in the state of New Mexico by a state judge because he was there. Joe is you remember a couple years ago when I was that I spoke their liberty University. There was 250 County Sheriff's there and those who have 50 County Sheriff's. Some of them told me how that they had posted in their County.

Now Joe Obama has made he is he is turned his weapon eyes the FBI. He has weapon eyes was I goes back to the Obama Obama nomination him they were doing. Yet we would told you to see what he's doing now remember it for eight years every day and see what he's doing now and see what he's doing now but the County Sheriff's have posted a number of posted in the counties when federal agents coming to the counties there to check in to the Sheriff's office so they do not come in there and harassment and persecute the people in that county. So Sheriff's Deputy goes out with them. They come to see people and I County to make sure because they've been weapon nice against us. There is a co-there's a coup and got all fired or got rid of an elected County special that was electric. Since the revolution people you got understand and then there was a lady on Tucker tonight. She wasn't even there he was awakened at 5 o'clock in the morning. Her daughter Sen. are men down at your door demanding to see you and they came in. GQ is a scared out of her mind. She was told there was an anonymous tip she was at the camp on January 6. This is just a couple weeks ago etiquette was a couple days ago actually, and that she had to prove to them that she wasn't even there. Now that had two years facial recognition and software testimony from other people dirt dirt harassing trump supporters. This lady was a trump supporter big time and all this was is a made up claim that we had an anonymous tip you were there participating in that measure no resurrection of the insulation they called now. Biblical.

Joe visited Job is coming here Friday.

He's coming right here to Youngstown Ohio on Friday, not far from Laurent right now. Well, because the heartbreak will be back after this.

Folks call call call he is my still, I no leaflet so that I can set about all of but I remember when the guy with a new English church is for my long they wanted. I better you. I never read about a child seem to be in. He's coming back but I know I you I am I better I better I she's not paying attention snap inattention where any energy or whether you got you there you go right PA Democrat John Fetterman a total mess according to Christina Lelia and the she writes that them at an abortion rally. He introduces himself as John Fetter woman this guy okay and getting he's never had a job that we know of, and here you know what what does God's Word, the Bible.

What does God's word to buy will have the say about people that are pro-death and sacrifice your children what is what is it have to say about their evil there devils there, not human says hell has opened its mouth wide for these people okayed those that would Jesus said you been better off than a millstone.

The right neck and thrown into the ocean right then to do the these people are wicked Fetterman I would tell you right now I Fetterman was right here. I would tell you the wicked person he sees wicked to the policy people you pastors out there are supposed to be preaching the gospel state that the point of it is like.

Jesus said repent or you too will surely perish. Folks were living in the evil day the wicked day you pastors. You gotta step up to the plate. You gotta get some backbone. You gotta do what you supposed to do you know that. Listen if you had had courage had you had courage and the bylaws of the righteous. Hezbollah's line, America would not be in the shape and said we would not have over 100 million dead babies. Our children would not be being abused in the public school system.

The boys would know that the boys and the girls would know that the girls that the wives wooden and Horton daughters wouldn't be Horus out there. We have so much of that. Why because you pastors one have failed to do your job to and and that you know in the Bible says they got a given false teachers and that's what they wanted.

They wanted that that's the way they would have it, okay there you go.

Jesus said, many are called but few are chosen.

Many will come up you will enter without you better listen to me out there. God's Word, the Bible is real.

There is a lake of fire of their and that is for real and and you can end up one place and the other when you die you the go to heaven. I go to hell and you people in a pushing child killing. Believe me, that's not the road to heaven right 888-281-1110 Joe Wheatley down right now we we are down to 4150. We need $4150.

Joe we've got about 10 to 12 minutes to get 4000 wouldn't have to be here little while after the programs over tonight to get them $4150. What we need right now that's a goal for tonight so Tim and Joe Chula Vista pledges 30 and the number is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 we got here from Pastor talk about the duties of the pastor and pulpit and these the failings of some churches. There's an expression that I heard a while ago talking about these woke these organizations and institutions that have gone woke and the expression is lurch to the left you hear a lot live adapted that term I call the church to the left.

Now these churches that have gone to the left there adopting all of this nonsense and gone woke it's to me it's mystifying their church is out there and you see on the there's the murky out on the streets there at their advertising now trying to somehow present themselves as still being a church and stand being biblical in some sort of sound in the pasta sized seat. You know that that were the pasta sized as a medical term when when and if you get a cut or you have a wound and he gets infected.

That means is been up it's a pasta sized gate now. They that apostate church world national Council of churches are infected with sin. They been affected with sin and that's the problem. There you have one. I just had an article you somewhere on out. It takes a supposedly a Baptist church. I think they call themselves the national labs whenever have up there about us and all the Protestant, but there apostate lien of this this difference between actual back to very few people understand that only about 10% of those are listed have Baptist in her name actually Baptist. The vast majority of Protestant and most people don't know that because of biblical literacy out there today, but that there they've apostate size they've gone infected with sin, while they've accepted that the payment to become vaccination centers, there's still pushing vaccination. You know with their community members so disgusting when you have a guy like this done Fetterman if you devote for the God's word said if you vote for a guy like John Fetterman that's a sin that is a sin if you do that if you vote for a man like John Fetterman, the Bible says let's let you be accursed, let him be accursed for forcing you guys think there was a new survey out by the American worldview inventory.

Their annual report coming from the cultural research Center at Arizona Christian University. There are supposed to look at over a thousand pastors surveyed, 39% of these pastors said quote there was no absolute moral truth and each individual must determine their own trip. 1/3 of the respondents also said the believe the Holy Spirit is in a person. It's a symbol of God's power presents and the same proportion preferred socialism over capitalism and one third of those surveyed believe having faith matters more than which the faith you have listed that having faith matters more than the faith you have and 39% are rejecting their the idea of absolute truth and basically there according to the Christian Post. These individuals believe you get the determine your own truth and these are supposed to be so-called pastors, their hirelings, but that's what's wrong we don't have a lot of pastors out there. We have a great many hirelings and they have gone through liberal theological schools and they have drink the Kool-Aid and they are no more Christian than not the ones who don't profess any faith at all. Moral relativism and it's the reason for that reason that this exists, and we are where we are now is I think when you start when you look at the evolution of communism in Marxism. It's it's plain apparent. The church was the stopgap. It was the, the thwarting of the spread of communism because it gave people the true meaning of true purpose, and gave them enlightenment and those are they paid the communism can't flourish when there is belief in enlightenment and individual thoughts. You have to have collectivism all that and it so that for several times and went around and that communism tried to spread itself and grow.

They would be it. They would be abolished by the church and so I think they they figured out that they need to. That they need to infiltrate the church and neuter it and that's what they've done to a large extent that's what you're describing. Those are churches that are not in fact doing what they're designed to do and what they must do their there just they've turned into their there the church equivalent of rhinos absolute worse than that. We were one of the first radio programs in the nation to talk about culture Marxism to explain what was work started and what it started the cardiogram. She was on the subject and all for the rebel communist revolution succeed we have to destroy road of Western civilization. Remember Berkeley's chap, a hollow Western served Western civilizations got to go and they realized that it was the Christian faith in the family that was the basis of Western civilization. So what you gotta do.

You got to that. Get rid of God, and you gotta break up the family and they have been trying to do that since the late 1800s through their Fabian socialist society. The cultural Marxist that is always been the attack you got to bring in communism. Get rid of God break up the family and you can have your communist revolution that we are watching take place right in front of us in our very own country in our very own government that we are waiting time for tonight.

Right now, we get six minutes left the liquid and had to stay here for a while afterwards functions we got here from you because we are way behind. All right, please. Good Lord Jim in Randolph, Massachusetts displayed 600. Thank you, Jim and Carl in Cleveland just pledge 700. Thank you, Carl. 1C of the night.

I will John in Garland Texas I didn't get that okay blow 40 and kid in Massachusetts, 200 on this was very okay get a Missouri okay now so right now we we need approximately 2700 redundant. We need 2700 pastor I can give you hundred okay, okay, we need 2630 go to thousand 600 some people out there that God has blessed where the good incomes very good income, ability to have a private practice professional practice business. Some people donate more than that.

The particular candidate level around all political campaign and you gotta remember, we are reaching millions of people through this radio ministry and waking a lot of them up so you want to put your money to good use. Gifts and blessings from God and that help the country just to be a good time for you to donate to this radio ministry.

Well Linda, but my money woman is a doers of the word church will pledge 1000 1000 1004 doers of the word that places down to about what 1600 in your congregation doesn't revolt right now that bag] I know I'm back in humorous the congregation goes along with it. Based support this radio ministry for many many years and that's got to be a truly a blessing that the they're willing to support this ministry and you all these years and they are big data. Thanks to them talks we don't you know Joe did the apostle Paul talks about it when he came to the time when he was ready to die you so that when a good race of identified and you know I can honestly say over all these years that I have running.

I have fought and I've done the best I can. I can honestly say I didn't hold back anything in this indent and those I tell you it's a good feeling because today is not too many things to be that you that we can really believe in Creston but I can take one thing God's Word, the Bible. I gave his absolute truth and everything that's in that Bible over eight 1800 prophecies, most of already come to past. 580 and for New Testament and it and and it has done exactly what it says prophecies made 4000 years in advance came down exactly when exactly where exactly how Jerry Lucas wrote a book called Theo Maddox and he took the Bible and he put it together met and ran the mathematical logic work with Stanford math department in the mathematical odds of of of honestly been able to even fulfill of man will technology three of these prophecies is one with 32 zeros behind it means it's pretty impossible. We can do that and so God's word. You know it's it's there. Jesus in heaven and earth will pass but his words will stand. And that's why the enemy has done everything you can to try to destroy the word of God, but it anything can happen out. Proverbs 3 says this trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not after thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy pals. That's why most of us that work with you over the years are here we have two minutes to A 1602 minutes week we have two minutes we need folks we need to hear from you. Pardon 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 again. I want to remember remind you to mount doers and were Baptist Church with open RI cut archives. We can have these articles that you people always ask for them to be laid out hundreds of hundreds in income and you can just take a right with you and that's all that documentation. We spend a lot of time to us telling the truth is very very important. It's it's it's very important to our opposition out there and it doesn't whenever what ever the narrative is that's what they're going to tell you so. How much time do we have right again we have a minute give it a limitation. We have four minutes and we need to hear from you were so still $1600 short and I don't see any anything lighten up in the screen right now, we deftly got to hear from you now folks, here's reality what we been talking about tonight reality we were talking about the the only one thing in this entire world that you can absolutely, complicate his is right here is the word of God and so we you can't even trust yourself. Sometimes we do things sometimes in the we don't even know why we do it we do things.

Sometimes an impulse or that you can completely and totally trust in order God now again everybody that you know is going to die related.

You know, skin, and I know what if we get caught up in the raft.

He still died because he that would change the old body dies, and so when that happens, God's word does not stutter does not that I tell you very clearly and supported to all men once to die, and then then then folks the judgment right right and so and what is the judgment, you're either saved or you have all of eternity and wish you were right correct incident. To receive your crowns and creditors are. You get that place that you do not want to go, not a tragedy to die world and indict to Dionysian it don't get any worse than that right. Well Joe how long is eternity for much longer than we can comprehend it forever and ever and ever and ever. And so folks at Dennis and this is why it's so important for you tonight. To do this, the Lord Jesus made it very clear he did all the heavy lifting for you. He didn't eat he took your sins abundantly.

Did for you which you can never do for yourself. He hung up on a tree and he did it so that you wouldn't have to his what he says. He says that you need to pray to the father played his father ask for forgiveness of your sins. Now the good news is only sinners can be saved right.

As for forgiveness of your sins and then once you've done that is got always, can we always trust God to honor our commitments. He's the only one. Number two, you asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservations. If you do that in a few minute he will at that time, you become a new creature aborting human labor and air of the kingdom and you be and what with the Holy Spirit and you will be on the road you be on the road to what immortality calorie immortality might not where do we have God's word on that. Yes.

Is there anything as sure as God's word now know so there you go do it don't run out of tomorrow's tonight a whole lot of people are there went all across this world begin to run out of tomorrow's tonight don't be one of you will never regret the coming born-again with right and you will love were out of time for tonight folks were still going to hang around here. We gonna get a $1600 more. We still got to get 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 until tomorrow. Good night God bless. And always, always gain by naming fine. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right.

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