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MON HR 1 091222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 13, 2022 12:21 am

MON HR 1 091222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 13, 2022 12:21 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now on this. Would they do that is the will to just say that that was little he knows what they do. That is right getting the one CO2 did the Luckett load leaves the leaping lizards. Lisa arrived back in the boiler room. We have locked-in their on the telephone so you can get away. That's right is pledge wakens pledge we quote we are and were ready to do government to try to get the funding to keep fighting the deep dark dark state. The deep state. The antichrist system and so in the boiler room.

There is Randy and his partner will Randy was the Lone Ranger. Eric would be Tonto and their our producer tonight.

None other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody and right here live in the studio going from right to write because there is no left alone or tolerated here in any time for any reason. Okay, anything that you of idiotic like that like okay there you go. Okay that well is none other than Jonathan Broadbent hello Revere the way out way way out in Missouri there is none other than the Parson Joe Larson right here redeemed by the blood of the lamb child and forever. I am in the work, write a whole lot prettier than the three of us. We have with us and hear the rows between the thrones. None other than our nurse Elaine Conley and she is with wealth and wellness out wealth alone. She's here today to try to keep his will and will write wealthy and healthy right right okay getting can you do anymore. I'm thinking what about handsome will work on that other than a kid there you go. She's a nurse not a miracle worker.

There you go away, for only God can do miracles basically because humans are beautiful.

Okay. Speaking of God, don't you think we need to call him tonight because is a lot happening out there and we've got so much plant we know the opposition does not want to send their tonight my right so you're right. So again the numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 already. We got one pledge slip to Lisa pledges 125. Why you want to use your credit card that would be the 281111 line for the credit cards card all right. A reminder about already very good. What'd you lead us in the people around the nation opens in a prayer that the they would keep us on the air tonight and on all the stations and that we would have a good night that we need to continue as we get deeper and deeper into the great apostasy and as we continually looking for the return of our Lord, which is imminent. So go ahead and lead us in prayer. Everybody pray with me. We need all support we can get Dr. more praying the mortgage lessons dear heavenly father, we know we are under attack. We have been out there preaching your word.

We have been watchmen on the wall, warning, and we have entered many of the enemies here in this country and Lord. Many times the enemy has tried to not call stations attack computers all kinds of things and we we can see the enemy now attacking all those supporters of Donald Trump raids on people's homes, scrubbing phones, computers, threatening and intimidating the resting putting people in jail holding them without fail receive the enemy growing stronger Lord we ask that you would put a hedge of protection around this ministry all those minutes the radio station tonight all those who work there that the enemy will not be able to disrupt the program. Stop your word for being preached up there would not be able to stop the truth from being told.

And it you would keep your faithful servants safe and we ask this in that precious precious name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. No joke. The Bible talks about the evil day, the evil day, and God has raised us up with such a time as this in the woods where here now at this time and all of this evil is coming. We see the deep state Joe Biden Joe Obama Biden if you will, is a dictator. He is an antichrist now I'm saying is a dictator. The Bible says he's an antichrist and his daughter says he's a pedophile and he's so very, very, very wicked man, and what he's trying to do was see not just him with the entire collective Communist Party out there with with this is absolute tyranny with her trying to do what they did with January 6 people now going after homes that they want to push us into a civil war through not going to like it.

They're not going to win and I'm I'm here to tell you fellas the people at work up there at the FBI and the IRS limited limits tell you something, God is real, that you might not believe that God is real, but you will believe that God is real, there's no chance not a bit. Not that any chance at all that you not going to God's Word, the Bible is very, very clear these people out there those that hate the truth of the court hate speech because they hate the truth. The Bible says that all nations that forget that God will be turning to help with seeing our nation and bloating were seen what's happening is turning into hell in the public schools is it's it's it's absolute health is it's getting evil, more wicked every day out there and believe me, God is on the throne. God is long-suffering but he is not.

He is not a bit okay slack when it comes to judgment and and you're going to find it on Spates and my advice to you men right of the W people work for the FBI is to repent of that I'm telling you need to repent. You need to repent now if you think what I'm telling you is not to get a Bible and waited get God's Word the Bible go and start and read it in effect I was I would start there and in first first Corinthians chapter 3 and read it and do it now. Okay, we have pledges come in and praise the Lord above and they are pledges 500 Deacon John pledges 100 Jerome in New York pledges 220 in Toronto pledges under 25. Thank you think you think the right after yes or tonight. I want to look people comes from Jeremiah 315 and this is the word of the Lord, and I will give you pastors according to mine heart, but she'll treat you with knowledge and understanding, and you have for nearly 13 years been God's watchmen on the walls been 50 years. The summer the summer and he also says in Isaiah 54 no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper, prosper, and we prayed that tonight. God is good as his word.

So we asked that no weapon come against us and with all the people supporting us in prayer out there article gravel wonderful evening of truth and God's work were off to a good start speaking to God's word.

Let's get to it deliver the title of the message America and W recapped he does for you shall surely shall likewise perish right let's start in Luke chapter 13 and lists the blues can read it and take verse at a time and take a look at it the seed there were one through not yet go ahead and and read one through 31 through four that were present at that told him of the Galilean blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifice and Jesus answering said under them's apology that these Galileans were sinners above all, the Galilean, because they suffered such things I tell you name it, except ye repent, you shall all likewise perish or those 18, upon whom the tower in phylum fell and threw them make you that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem Bible site five I tell you may, except ye repent, you shall all likewise perish right so here's the point he's making these people when he was talking about Galileans, the ones that the pilot thought that were were guilty of insurrection that they were going to rebel and so he killed. He hadn't killed and that the note, the Pharisees, the religious leaders there and they wanted to control things in the name wanted to make sure that the Romans knew that they were part of that is silly.

They spoke out to say that well. They deserve to die because they rebuild they should rebel against the lighthouse again and then on the other end of that you have the zealots of those who were were were zealots who were rebels and a and they say will yeah they deserve to die because they actually work on the aqueduct.

They were working with the Romans they cooperate with Romans and so they deserve to die for that. But the Lord Jesus Ethan. He said do you think that they were worse sinners. Let me ask you this, Jim. Okay.

If you have two sinners, one oval has committed all kinds of crimes kill people beating people up, burned down houses but he was an unrepentant sinner then you had another center and another was people that are not saved, who won that one. Not bad okay.

The worst thing he did well he voted for Joe Biden that was bad with the anyhow so which of these two sinners.

Unrepentant sinners are going to help out so makes clear God for the wages of sin is death, and God and on a scale of one, 200 all sin is worthy of the penalty of death. Silly Jamaican grade level standard. The expander in God's eyes.

The same Phillies, making the point there then that repent or perish. It was was the point that he was making altogether right cannot read me verses six through 91, Dr. people out there that think they're good. One of the things in Scripture's top media made it plain that more people stand by the sin of omission spent by the sin of cognition, another worst doctors ask us to steer things we have not done those things that he's asked of us would spend more by that, then we have of the deed that it which goes nicely with this six or what 629 he spoke also this parable, a certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard.

He came and sought fruit thereon and found none density under the dresser. This vineyard the old these three years I come seeking fruit on this victory and find none. Cut it down. Why encumber it underground and he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also there till I so think about it and then it and if the bear fruit well and is not then after that thou shalt cut it down okay so let me ask you is this The application for both the saved and the unsaved was them that he was telling me there. Those that not the fruit tree in the Old Testament fruitful tree was often uses a symbol of godly living.

Okay, in fact, if you go back over in Proverbs and Psalms Psalms 1 verse three in the details you'd like a fruitful treatment that does run on the side of the river waters in that nation.

Jeremiah 17 to verses seven and eight a believe, but here, so is making this point that a fruitful tree McKay a good tree will bear fruit. Now an unsaved person. Let me ask you this what would confer an unsaved person, what works do they have that will buy them grounds and eternity phenomenon architecture enter the kingdom of heaven.

Okay so then if he if you're a saved person. If you become a saved person but you don't have works and always have a lot of people that make a profession of faith, but they don't have a position or that they profess that they are Christians, but there's no fruit there. Okay the Bible says that that faith without works is what their their their their works are proof of their fruit you will want to serve, you will want to be obedient.

Do the will of the Lord works are proof of salvation written on the phone. See you guys in here. You give a question, you can ask me.

And so we see this so here God is long-suffering right and these make an appointment on that that over and over. He's come and they haven't responded. They haven't responded and so that applies to people I know for for years and years and decades you know if you've taught people and they sit there and sometimes they'll agree with you as though the mother had an agreement, but that's far as it goes. They don't they don't they don't produce now and so than them when I see that that I got a question a person salvation. I can't just go and say nothing. Nothing is not really a Christian. So when you talking about sins of omission be you a doer of the word, not a hearer only DC being your own self deceiving yourself right okay so you say will you and I I go to church. I say to to our Sunday morning God should be satisfied with that right well it from a nursing and medical background. We would call that ideas of grantor. I basically it's all in your mind and no action and no talk and no outward demonstration doesn't count the case of the see how this works. God says that he has expectations of us and we have obligations of him right track again.

Now Josie's website is not about God, it's about us would waiting God finds out right again.

So me that in the Bible yeah well don't be a surprise to God is yeah but anyhow, so lease telling you here folks wouldn't remember those verses be doer of the word, not a hearer only DC being your own self. These are things called sins of omission right you know I did so well. You personally I would never have an abortion personally but I'm not going to condemn those that do, or I'm not going to interfere with that work. Try to stop it. So what is that the Bible says when that we are to resist tyranny and to what blood mean death okay and so these people to make the statements what about this. I've learned how to separate my faith from my politics. I was at work. Well, it's pretty hard to separate any part of life from another section about it. It's all just one big comprehensive experience. Well, from Genesis to Revelation. Every prophet, every priest, every preacher their faith and their politics were totally inseparable. None ensued, that like the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He was the one word. The best example of that ever.

And so folks gotta be one. He can't he can't separate your faith in your politics. That's called what was hypoxia.

See if you try to do that okay while the other piece that is also uniting have your personalities and you have your characteristics and there are some people that are more shy than others. That really takes a lot to step out of what their comfort zone is, but that's why we haven't gone and that's why we have the Bible and its basically did to be the best that we can be when were on this planet. Absolutely, there you go.

That's why we have her here. She's pretty smart energy already. I just been taught right right there you go Harold in Illinois pledges one that 150 150 close. Listen, I don't see the phones and stuff 888-281-1110. There is a flutter in a sweater. Let me see what the lease already.

Okay, we need it now. 40 were 4800 4800 right now we need for gold tonight so somebody out there. Jonathan, would you have no 4800 we ultimately check with the doctor you got there about 4800 sort of a gold tonight. We need that so 888281111048886779673. Ice drilling can I chime in with a comment on here is where Bible and charting a course in life.

They are one of the things just putting this for moment and in lay terms as we navigate our course in life as husband, wife, father, parents, mother, child, business owner, whatever it is, in life or trying to find the best possible path and do right by the people around us are families. There there are very few things that are rocksolid mooring for us to use as it is a guidepost in the Bible is one Bible. The Bible is it the Bible tells us, and instructs the decisions we make and absent that we can bounce around drilling ping-pong and fuel on warden untethered to the lives around us. One of the things for me.

That drew me back to religion years ago when it came father get involved in in trying to be the best dad in the best husband that I know how to be is that the guidance that the Bible offers. So, for this is that's my kind of bike layperson might person perspective on what the Bible should mean to those people who embrace it and choose to bring it into their lives as as 1/3 of a unloved fishing for the right word for it. I'm trying to save sort of at that that guidepost listed white to the true North in your life went when you take a look at this and this is mathematically which is a true science in reality is this. There is no greater authority in existence on this planet than this Bible right here and you know who said that God he said that the heaven and earth will pass but his word will stand forever now.

There is no greater source of knowledge you've often heard people say the Constitution is a living breathing document is not the Bible is there are things that are revealed to us on a timewise basis you know when the time is right. It's here it's been here all along, but we can't see it until God allows us that to be revealed unto us at this time.

It is right here. The King James Bible and by the way folks there God and give us 100 different Bibles gave his one and right here. It is the King James Bible. And so it is the greatest source of wisdom and knowledge that ever existed right here where the God of Daniel or Karen creating a Christian. It ain't no owners manual) got covers little absolutely get really go to a fast break and will be back right after this, and I know I you go now another talent revealed. Yes yes yes yeah I've written a lot of fun and there's different parts of you that your sharing with people you Joe never expected much out of me would and I didn't disappoint all right. John in Ohio pledges 100.

Thank you John and said no were down 246 4650. We need 4650 and we've got about an hour and 15 minutes to date to get that in there so right. His close dado 888 I getting it to getting you the number out number 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 post we need to hear from you because we when we have some interesting times, not tomorrow, Monday. Take this very quickly tomorrow. Sheriff Scott Hildebrand is going to be and doers of the word Baptist Church Lord's will. Employers willing and 1 PM and he's going to be telling us what we can do to protect ourselves from working with the people with what is coming.

We are we are in a situation know where basically we are that we are at war, the Joe Biden in the death or credit kindness collective is declared war among Christians and all conservatives.

Anyone who anyone who believes in God and believes a country believes that life is precious believes in things that are good and decent believes that there's only two genders, male and female anyone who is decent good clean and honest well. The left hates and so and especially to church. Now Joe Obama has his hiring 87,000 IRS agents armed because they want to completely eliminate the middle class folks like they wanted to do away with all small business they want to do away with the right to life all the right to life offices. They want to do away with churches like ours actual New Testament churches now camp Kamal Harris as I referred to her lovingly as camel hair has come out and said if if the if they can stay in office of the Gwen that Congress they're going to push child killing this wicked woman.

This woman according to God's Word, the Bible.

Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34. She's an unclean woman, not God says she's an ugly woman. These women okay that it depth promote and push child killing and selling feckless go over there and misread Jeremiah chapter 2 and this this refers to those people like her that are wicked and actually she she slipped away into the office to that of the letter here you go Jeremiah 2 verse 33 white treatments to thou the way to seek love. Therefore, thou hast also taught the wicked ones of thy ways.

Also in night skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents.

I have now funded by Secret Service, but upon all of these things so he's making three points that one. She's a very wicked woman here to let away. He's comparing this with when with Israel's inner sins.

And so here he's telling her that her skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent. What happens with the blood of the innocent went to they do they cry out to Almighty God, to bear witness against now here, but he says this I have now found by secret search, but upon all these things we think that means that I have now funded by secret search shelter worker: unplanned predators shelter abortion being happy about it, promote it there if they don't hide it. He didn't have to look upon the heart that he didn't have to read up on their hearts that they were right out front with inwardly right there shouting it from the rooftops. Is there enough money from George Soros and Lou and the Biden crime could tell. Is there enough money out there to buy any of these people one minute on a hell. Okay, so if you were there. Second, if if if we can walk in the Congress locked the doors when Congress is in section like the door so nobody would get out and preach to them, what would you preach to them the very first warning you, we give them what what was the very first thing Jesus said the first time he preached repair or you shall likewise perish very okay.

What was the first thing John the Baptist preached great Repent for the kingdom of God is what at hand at hand.

Okay, so they need and he was talking about what there was an opportunity when Jesus preached that there was an opportunity for them to receive what he said or rejected if they had received him, he would've ushered in the millennial kingdom.

How wonderful it was not meant to be read scriptures also all of thou shall not, cannot, must not will not shared a lot in August of this year there was an article that Israeli researchers are creating embryos for organ organ harvesting in the laboratory. There's a biotech firm in Israel called renewal bio and there to be creating new synthetic embryos without fertilized eggs and they feel this is a quote from this company that this is an ethical and technical alternative to the use of net natural embryos and in Israel and many other countries such as the US and the UK. It is legal and we had ethical approval to do this with human induced stem cells and you all need to know that when Obama was in office. He lifted all stem cell research restrictions. So there's a good amount of scientists in the United States that are calling for those restrictions to go into place and I was very glad to see that one of them is from Case Western University. He's a geneticist Paul Taser TE SAR and he admitted that there are always risks involved and he said there's great areas, however. But as scientists and as a society we need to come together to decide where the line is and define what is ethically acceptable while calling it ethical because they have no ethics right but here is the thing with Israel today people I have so many people think Israel can do no wrong. Another thing they can do no right. But the truth of it is you've heard you've heard the saying, pray for the peace of Israel will what we need is a spray for the repentance we patents of Israel because Israel is is a very wicked nation they've always been a stiffnecked people always to God's chosen people, but they're rebellious and they're very stiffnecked people and today the facts are.

They've got one the highest abortion rates in the world. They had the largest sodomite parade ever okay in Israel. Prostitution is rampant and and I mean the other side there you've got in Israel you got some real true Christians. I went to a Baptist church there in Israel is been bombed 14 times while and they were still there, still in on that be keep coming back is like a fortress so you got both it.

One thing that Israel if you read Isa Hosea chapter 4. Both Israel and the United States fit perfectly into that they fit coming in this way we talk about. We need to repent or perish. Let me just show you very quickly and limit that to go over to Hosea and read just a little bit of that and tell me if this is not America today hear the word of the Lord, you children of Israel and of America, the Lord have a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth you ever listen to our media located they called because something the narrative they are contracted to lie now that they don't call line Nicole at the narrative, but they they sign a contract agreeing to whatever lies but it refundable then the reader and note note so here there is no truth nor mercy. What how much worse it could you have wouldn't do that, there's not enough blood innocent blood running through the veins of the babies.

There's not enough babies for them to kill these people are bloodthirsty and they hate us that they had their way they would kill all of us less and that's what they like to do.

And of course thought she has done a whole lot of that and his people. People are dropping dead in this country there dropping dead here there dropping dead in Israel and do you hear any of that on the fake news media number five on the narrative yeah over 500,000 at least together and set the latest statistics from the EU are just under 5000% increase in the likelihood of death in juveniles within one year of their shot so they fit skyrocket, and paraphrasing a news article I read this morning but it's like 4700% increase in likelihood of death after the poison poke and somehow that statistic is part of all the analysis in the medical journals and in the adverse event reporting within those media the people you're talking about that they're paid to simply sit in front of the monitor and read the narrative they will never touch on. They will never reveal that tangible truth. The harm that these shots to and other statistics in the United States are really coming from outside the country because our are so many doubt that you can figure out if you tried the ones we can find out are horrible.

We keep trying to take our own statistics that our own. It is likely the CDC and NIH. We take their statistics and trend feedback to him and say have, how is it that you're justifying continuing the shots with the statistics and they just look right adamant and say that they were misinterpreting them or just lie about them or ignore her question and they were actually caught changing them and that there is report you will know what happens is when the echo chamber takes in a you can chart Chase's stations and they're all saying word for word and I'll tell you night and I've said this before but the thing that amazed me that really amazed me so much was when they did this where the idea. What we had talked about the stealing the election old election fraud. The response was in the notches where's the evidence with response was, they would say that not everyone of Lois Bill Britt there.

Britt bear set up okay. Neil Caputo set up Susan's visit. They all said that before, where's the evidence so I mean even that little part. It was so you know, the echo chamber was so and lockstep it was just unbelievable.

You know that I mean it was like in your face, you know, this is what we think of you people we really think that your stupid stupid damn good actors. Yet all there, and so correct already now living living on one read a little bit more this real quick. He says there's hear the word of the Lord, you children of Israel nonnumeric of the Lord of the controversy with the inhabitants of them because there is no truth, no mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing and lying media lying and killing and stealing, and committing adultery. They breakout and blood touches of blood therefore shall the land of Moran's is not SUVs or guns. It's causing the problems with the environment and everyone. The 12th wrench of language with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven yes and the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Guess what it is that causes the problems in the environment it's man sent.

That's what God said he knows of any yet it is that it's man sent and there you go you hear that Al Gore already eat he's he's got his climate change Kyle Mexicana money off of go-ahead Joe and in the book of Job. Job explains very well. He talks in chapter 26 about the water and water vapor in weather and then in chapter 37 is Artie talked about the range the clouds and storms first 13. He causes Victor, whether for correction or for his land or for mercy correction is judgment or for the land or for mercy. He has mercy on the people, but all the things in weather come they could come for correction or judgment. Deborah messages his pledges 50 Jim in Cleveland pledges 30 Maryland in Florida pledges 40 red folks a a a 281-1110, I need your help. I want little leads to the complete letter reading here is a look. We made a goal. Can you do that 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 credit cards 38882811110.

Now Joe tomorrow when Sheriff Scott Hildebrand could be dead. Doers of the word church at one 4780.

Once Mary Rhoda Newberry at 1 PM Lord is willing and also many of you over the years keep asking can for me to send you this article are that article things and we talked about, we will open our archives and we've got literally thousands of articles are going to be put out to get me set right out of the table and you can come, go through those articles and take whichever ones you want with you were going to give them to you tomorrow right after right after the meeting with Sheriff and so will want to find out he's there to tell us what we can do to protect ourselves and each other during the time that is coming here upon America go-ahead Joe that address for that Star Trek Pl. that will be at 14781 Sperry Rd. area Newberry, Ohio, and you give the cross streets are not sure I remember Joe uniforms of the didn't want to: they just want to send us a donation which we can use we really need. They can just scented WR WL is WR WL 14781 Sperry Rd. is SPE RR why Road Newberry and a W that Cindy WBURY OH 44065 and simply wonderful listless. Go over here the link. Give yourself a plug. Elaine my name is a link on the Ivan integrated health and energy medicine practice in Cleveland Ohio and my business is wealth and wellness wealth and wellness and my phone number is 440-478-4073 you can give me a call if you have a questions related to staying well in these times, or anything that you hear a note from Pastor in on the program and I can steer you in the right direction and getting calls for people looking for physicians that will actually treat them. You know the right way and then also connection you know to constitutional attorneys.

How do I get I prolactin how do I get it attracts a chloroquine in the area so I also had a resource listing and I can send you that has all kinds of resource websites on it so my number is 44047 840-7300. Thank you know one of the articles that we had was the you're talking about the whole list of losses and it would have.

I have one here pastor either elected or not. I rub it out of RAM Destin area and that's when of the things that there there are a lot of lawsuits across the country in multiple states against what's happening within the hospital and outside of the hospitals but there is a real problem in the fact that if you are in the hospital that you are not getting fully informed consent related to treatment and in the case of a there's been a file that they have one already in California there's three more lawsuits to be filed on. I just got something on my email today that here in Cleveland, Ohio, in Akron, Warner Mendenhall, who is the attorney for Ohio stands up as one a in unlawful dismissal suit. You know from one of the Akron hospitals that an employee filed so things are moving along in the direction for some constitutional justice. You know in that regard, we still have courts, you know, there are questionable attorneys that are questionable but there are people stepping up to the plate now to help their fellow man.

What you had them had sent me a clip of that woman who lived on and she had a covert end of the S-curve cheated taken the they started taking her intake and everything that a routine way, and as soon as she identified herself as being unvaccinated they started withholding treatment and her husband was a practicing Iran and he he himself could not actually never navigate the system knowing that what he knows and he had to lie to get her out of the hospital before they killed her.

Basically they already had given one shot of the of RAM Destin. Aaron and Randy right. Good heavens, and was disconnected interject that question. Are they still using rent as of yes they are still really enfeebled because God should get an outrageous amount of money for doing you right now. That's right right here the Latinate Department of Health and Human Services website you will find it. You have to eat it's buried. Let me put it that way, but right from the get-go. When they came out with that the COBIT treatment protocol. This is back in 2021 beginning at 2021.

They had drugs listed there for use in covert protocols in the hospital and I prolactin was on the list but they refused to administer it because they got a directive from the Department of Health and Human Services not to use it. So the only two other drugs where the RAM Destin there and then there's another one that they basically let fall by the wayside, but they both were being used under emergency use authorization and under emergency use authorization. You have to have the right to refuse but they're not caring that out and the FDA is not even following their own regulations with anything down there approving vaccines left and right without human trials and and there's just not a control completely, corruption widget like every other department in the government, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the FBI, the IRS they're all running the same way and then with the new monkeypox that even gets more interesting because I know I'm sure I gutted the good amount of the listeners have seen the new monkeypox response Deputy coordinator that Biden has approved and unfortunately he is trained at New York University, Harvard and Columbia. However, he is a known Satanist he has tattoos that have pentagrams on their he and his unmarried partner started a gym that is based on the old colt and Satanism will the Satanist have become a part of the Democratic Communist Party right now they are on the list literally is so like Planned Parenthood like the fake news media are all part of the collective now is feeling thickly refer to the collective and the Satanist had no a legitimate part of the Democratic Party right now.

If they absolutely are pastoral if you seen this with her including themselves in K-12 schools in certain parts of the country. Oh yeah that that's their calling clubs and they're trying to sort of make light of it and say that well it's just so that this fun thing for some kids and after school and stuff. No, the eat that's it's so ludicrous and so beyond the pale legs like you know that you run out of words to describe just the audacity of the left to fight every every tooth and nail the inclusion of any element of any exposure to religion. I've gotten rid of prayer.

There gotten rid of any reference to the Bible like they they lambaste people to come in wearing a cross around her neck, for heaven sakes, and then the same people are now creating these afterschool seeking clubs and say well just for fun. That's it.

So obviously false. And in the ridiculous lie in their using taxpayer dollars to create these clubs in the butt, but you wouldn't have a problem on me. Merrick Garland, who is again I want to say I say it all the time Mary Carmen would have a very very hard time to find someone as corrupt, or more than himself to prosecute. He really would I get because because Mary Carmen is corrupt and crooked is cropping cookie gets now. He knows this. You will not see him sending in the FBI and and I want to say to you guys in the FBI while Italian you know what were the cuts as many of you out there have not been corrupted totally. Some of you still have some some moderate some integrity, some decency and and and what I encourage you to do. Look is to go in and and confront those you better off to the start when integrity than to to lose it, but pouring yourself there with the FBI way that they're going the they become totally completely corrupted and I apply one of the want to say has up to the whistleblowers. Those those people that have come forward and talk to you know turned up on Christopher Ray and Mary Carmen now Merrick Garland is telling his people. You cannot go and talk to Congress that's illegal but but they are so corrupt that Justice Department has become so corrupt some years ago Joe, you remember, I called him and will and when I called them I wanted to find out if they could tell me if there were any Christians at all and they have like what something what is Alex 1800 people working there and it character orders are and I found one of their lawyers did did agree to go and he agreed to go inside and find out if he can find any Christians there and he said let me go and that is that I stayed in whole and he walked around asking anybody in there if they know of any Christians if there were any they were afraid to say it because he came back so we can find one there you go to understand what the problem with our country is today. Good heavens, there you go well and then you have Rochelle Lenski saying that they CDC has made some mistakes but now you can trust us. So I don't understand what's changed if you tell lies not enough. Those lies become truth that bottom line is everything that they have said he initially was wrong, then no mask two Mass. three Mass. four is better and then later everything related to the to the vaccine, but now they're encouraging again a push for the vaccine and there now had the tactics of intimidating people to trying get them to stop talking and that directly is related to the push for communism in the violations unit with the First Amendment.

You remember Mrs. Britts, Dr. Britts okay when it was without you.

She's written a book and she's come out of the book stated she was actually the real brains behind itself.

It and she knew that the vaccines would never work to begin with to come out and said that crack there you go so close that but you know what again I don't think there is any light at all that the mainstream media would not tell if they got their orders from from the sorrows and from the collective. I don't think there's any like that they would not tell right where we get the break we need to hear from you will be back after this one more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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