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What's Right What's Left HR 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 10, 2022 12:04 am

What's Right What's Left HR 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Once massively leading to the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society like the entities of freedom to steal your rights as children and enslaving what's right faster.

What was left on this 99 related to 2022 tonight will we have on the board. We have Lily tonight say hello and good evening everyone good evening Pastor good evening Lily and I don't know.

My guess is there yet. Yes, you're just as their coming online now.

Okay. Both of them. There is John there okay all right what about Tony is Tony there yet.

Okay Tony if you listing out there: and will maybe hold: the boneyard right we have big job returning and big John was cofounder and big John are you there John currently just introducing you and the children cofounder for cut cops international calls for Christ International and author of many books of very well-known nationally known speaker of this man is so talented I'm Tony put it makes me puts me at all, just to be his hero. So what you already want to be rid of the role we got low. We got a lot to do tonight. Boy do we have a lot to do and I got your blog think they are to so Morgan Gilligan flying that will start tonight in the first Kings chapter 3 starting in and out overs 16 John first Kings chapter 3 verse 16 augmenting on getting her signature Obama Biden.

He's been saying the Republicans didn't realize that we have a secret weapon. He didn't realize women in other words, Obama, Biden known as a pedophile by his own daughter. Okay this is a very wicked man.

I'm not saying that to be mean. I'm not saying that to be nasty.

The fact is this man is wicked, he is is wicked and what is been doing is just plain evil. Now he says that more American women are in favor of killing babies than they are giving birth to babies. This is this is his mindset. He believes there's no you don't. These women that are in favor of killing babies. God's Word, the Bible calls unclean that he has a few more words form and so let's start in the first Kings chapter 3 verse 16. Read it all away through verse 28 of a burden with great detail what you all pick it up on verse 22) 16 then came there two women that were part of the king and food important in the one woman said oh my Lord, I am this woman dwell in one house and I was delivered of a child with her in the house and came to pass through third day after that I was delivered that the woman was delivered also and we work together there was no stranger with the house saved to the house and this woman child died in the night because she overlaid it and she rolled at midnight and took my son from beside me while, but the handmaiden slept and I deleted in her bosom and laid her dead child in Michael's when I arose in the morning to give my child talk, behold, it was good but when I had considered it in the morning, behold, I would. It was not my son, which I did. There you that the eye that were considered there a lot of people in the in the English and Hebrew means means I look at it very carefully carefully examined it.

I very carefully examined, but another woman said they let the living is my son and the dead woman is Thiessen or the debtor is Thiessen and this said no, but the debt is Thiessen and the living is not my son.

Does this make for the king then said the king, the one saith this is my son that liveth and son that is dead and the other saved neighbor with the sun that is dead and my son is the living and the kings that bring me a sword and they brought a sword before the king indicates that divide the living child into give half to one and half to the other. Then spake the woman who is living child was, until the king for her bowels, you learned about her son and she said oh my Lord, give her the living child in a nowise slip but the other said let it be neither mine or hers mind but dying but divided wisely. Slaves, she is but the other said, let the I'm having a little. I got I've have a shadow here tonight. Let me be neither mine or thine, but divided then the king answered and said to give her the living child and didn't know way slated. She is the mother thereof, and all Israel heard of this judgment with the king had judged and they fear the cave they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to do judgment now here we take a look at aces than then there came to women that were harlots. The master this today. If you asked of a lot of our young for college students today would a heartedness to think they would know I ordered earlier yeah but is a bit but I'm talking about biblical illiteracy, although they would never quote the case of and in this is this is the this is a place that where Aetna's country now and so here now you have the student to women now both of them were horse, but there was a difference between these 211 wanted to choose life and the other wanted to choose death. She was willing to kill an innocent child now the Lord said, I set before you life and death and blessing and cursing. Choose your life in a blessing and not death. Now let me ask you this today which the woman that wanted to to divide the baby in half kill it and then you had the one you want to keep it alive. Which one of those women would best represent people like Antioch and the squat or Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Warren today which one of those women. She would their heartless and wicked have all you okay now did Solomon when Solomon says bring me a sword now they had to be something there because when when he says divided in half and the king speaks usually go in the action okay but but that his service must've known that he was yet something is mine and a pie looked at him, waiting for the signal because that would've been a horrible thing if they had just gone ahead and divided the baby how yeah I mean I'm a good flow of the water right right mix of everyone so so here that's where the Bible says that these women that I had them guy said to me today who said well you know what would lower talking about about this election fraud and that the conservatives want to take a woman's right to have an abortion. Is there any right did God ever give any woman the right to kill her baby no pattern in the makeup of United okay now this man that I was talking to he was.

That was the next thing he said was constitutional right to attempt. He considers himself to be fairly intelligent, but I asked him, don't you do that, don't you believe in God, his answer was I don't know if there's a God not let Lemaster this would would you say a person that would say I don't know if there is a God. I get which you would you say that that person is intellectual or would you say that person is very oblivious to his entire surroundings that he walks out amongst all of the creation on earth, mountains, trees and sees and everything is there all all of these things that exist because they were created, and he yet says, yet he doesn't know if there is a creator.

Would you call it individual and intellectual on the gurney and getting pretty close crew only part of God. Well that's that's pretty much what he says okay when if you say I don't know if there's a God who can no here he was talking about. And by the way, I never get a chance to answer them put constitutional right anyone and everyone that says that that that is the right to kill a child in the Constitution is a liar and is not a bit of truth and would you agree to that made up made up, but the main thing about most people Terminated Bill say no right to owning a weapon in the Constitution, the Second Amendment doesn't say that when it clearly says it denotes a given health right to have an abortion which is not in the So interested in their upside down on an assignment on the this is this is exactly what what I was telling this individual today and lately that ice is first of all when I talked about having standards and morals and peace is what makes your standards and morals about higher than ours legate meeting the left and this is one of the things is that that we to us.

Lying is wrong is is repulsive to us what line is a sin is something that we don't want any part of because it's wrong to you to your site is not the lien is something that you embrace is something that you desire to do okay and all you have to do is turn on NBC, ABC and CBS and watch watched with with these people are saying and he said there any you know that looking straight into the camera.

And you know and they know that their line okay and they know that their line but they don't really see anything wrong with line duly crafting their narrative a happy marriage ended and the relative anyway so allying is part of why equipment case of beer what he's talking about these women. The seven women that would would kill that baby the women they killed her babies we go over to Jeremiah and Jeremiah chapter 2, first of all, he before he gives you a little bit of the kind of these women that is referring to nieces in verse 23. How canst thou say I am not polluted. I have not gone after bail him now he's actually talking to the nation of Israel exactly talk to the nation of Israel buddies. These using in this case is completed.

As a woman should always computer compared to his will and how they get thou say I am not polluted and not going after bail.

See the way in the Valley know that thou dost thou are a swift dromedary traversing her ways. In other words, she's like a camel of their and heat a wild ass used to the wilderness that snuffled up the wind and pleasure knowledge talking to about a wild ass wild and heat in her occasion who can turn her who can turn her way the all that seeker will not weary themselves in her month and they shall find her.

It's like not have you ever seen a female dog in heat walking down the road you drive beneath the always male dogs following along behind her. Well that's what the victim compared to these these women because if we go down here and we wait. Verse 33. White trim is another way to seek love know the words he's talking about having relations therefore has that all taught the wicked one. I ways. In other words, he's just talking about wicked wicked women teaching wicked people. Her ways. Also in the high skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents. So now he's talking about these women that who blood guilty, blood guilty K and then says this I have not found by Secret Service, but upon all of these and other words he's telling him that he didn't have to look about her heart. He didn't have the reader hard to to know of their wickedness that their wickedness was by their own actions by what they did so do you think that applies to these women like we just mentioned the entire Democratic Party and these women who are professing to be Republicans and are pro-abortion, pro-death, God says their unclean gases are unclean. So if God says you are unclean are you unclean the final standard to go by legate God says there wicked their wicked then and that he didn't even have to look upon their hearts to know that they were wicked. If God says your wicked do you have an argument these women as they will. It's my choice there argument is with God when you think the odds are that they can win an argument zero pretty much zero okay so the Bible also says that rebellion, feminism is the same as witchcraft the same as witchcraft.

How does God consider which is all their abomination impact paradigm in the Oprah meant they were to be thrown absolutely wicked stones not like it is today. Today when they get stoned and went when marijuana or drugs in the Old Testament, they did it would rest on some yeah yeah is that penalty and you'll absolutely already we are going to live switchover that we got a lot to cover tonight we get together we get kindly start sorting in early to get going early without a lot of our information that we have to get out. Are you ready to roll on running okay here here's some good will is not goodness with my good news think I had some goodness. Okay, here's the good news. Another when Missouri versus Biden lawsuit federal judge orders White House 5G NIAID and HHS to turn over hidden communications with big tech there you go. Note you know what that is that mean they are so corrupt and were going to get to them were in a play clip coming on the top of the hour and it has to do with the another raid where Gestapo Gestapo has been rating the homes of the patriots again 35 of the Trump Associates and had their homes rated regularly. It will take a look at that here, but anyhow victories of freedom lovers have been aplenty in Missouri versus Biden case and this week is no different gateway part of this is the lead a private plaintiff in the suit and we been covering the suit from its inception previously reported in May that Missouri Atty. Gen. Eric Schmidt, along with Louisiana Atty. Gen. Jeff Landry filed a lawsuit Missouri versus Biden against the Biden regime, including Biden himself, Anthony Fauci, Julie say what what what was Magdala, so we saving at the Magdala Fauci and I am so quiet and propaganda.

It might not with the Department of Homeland Security in nearly a dozen federal agencies and secretary Missouri in Louisiana just filed suit against Joe Biden Jen Saki Dr. Fauci and other top ranking officials for colluding with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech under the guise of combating and misinformation. Is it that something they call they call the truth. Misinformation and in the Bible is is what to do. Those that that hate the truth. The truth is what it's eight or not is a called hate speech on anything but try to insulate them so so you are holding something about them while they coded three and now they would been got all skill agenda to try and anyone that goes against the narrative of order or exposing the truth on them. This information hate speech must be shut down. I get to go to a quick break will be back right after this the song you are about to hear some of the events described had not occurred in the life of the other. They have occurred in the life thousands of other revenue Americans things any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a consequence of using an application is not right. The purpose of renting any legal advice is another dishonest totally frivolous and without merit in that last game along women in the family. In the message they were thrown and told my second play in their home and had Rico over the under their link to me only I designed you to know one thing I found in my plan is being way down the family farm in danger and you and I and that is applied because the mission of taxpayer's exclusive lead in reality the banker in America is in my hand. The debate on Asian United down by Jackson around United down nine and down there and all right without prejudice you cc one – 207 all right amen to that already. We have with this Tony soprano Cipriano Tony soprano and he is a state trooper in the city Connecticut and he's here to tell us about tunnels to towers and what tell us about Brighton Mall was my classmate directory Academy in 1994 Brian Lowell last year on September 2 and we know we had a really bad winter storm all storm heavy heavy rain Brian without it. About 3 o'clock in the morning, drove across the road.

He thought it was just that look from the other trooper told me and it was about 3 feet of water in it… Cruiser unfortunately and that meant the river in any year he died at night night for everybody. I want to praise a good look for in full thank you to get out and did do the job. No incidents today were limited such a time and it's good it's it's hard to be today did with the with the appetite defund the police and and it's really a shame because what happens is I know here in my variances in the pro-life movement. Many, many, I've had to deal with with corrupt police and the people that supported me the most when I had to deal with these corrupt police. As I turned the men I mean I went on the air.

Give the name badge numbers out and I let them have it in the with the guys that have my back where the good cops and they came in and said thank you so much for your note exposing them because they give us all a bad name and and so here you are working with this tunnel for towers with we need to take care of the families of these people because they don't get always leave usually a wife and children all day came about after 9/11. One of the firemen died in the tower and his brother started this organization to pay her mortgage is firemen EM at that police and then they moved up the military felt the military member comes back from Afghanistan loses a lame build smart homes to help out the guy and, for towers that really chipped and when not when Brian got killed in the line of duty to pay off his mortgage so Brian was able to retire. They gave him his pension. I think he had insurance so his wife was taken care of so this fundraiser I'm doing tomorrow for some of the powers for the one-year memorial given money to the wife. I wanted to pay it forward and give all the money to come up power to pay it forward. Well it's it's good because it's an absolute because you you have here on what I'm sorry Brian. I should introduce you to John return to challenge him returning John is the cofounder of cops for Christ international and national, and them he just go ahead and say hi to Brian. Brian now start this Tony you and Antonio don't like it. But the ensuing Leah yelled, we need you here is that the shameful thing is that you got all these illegal aliens coming in in our federal government would our tax dollars is plated putting many of them up in motels and their given them their given himself owns the patent of the given them health insurance free health insurance and and and doing all of that and then somebody they want to defund the police, the same ones that are doing that and would when he had to say about that world gone crazy crazy world we live in a very adequate credit.

Pray for the best and hope people like me and you more about start coming up and stand up for things around eventually, but things get better I hope. We have to 20. How can the folks here listing were upward coast-to-coast. How can they help you with what the I'm a little older, but the newer generation.

I have been involved so I signed up for a lot of people, been given either the troopers are buying tickets or given it much little or as much as they wanted it. People wanted to give to, the power my Benbow is it that at Anthony.Branagh that the IP RI and L – 15 and met my Benbow and if anybody wanted to contribute to help. I would download that money transferred to the account I write the check to market tomorrow.

The fundraiser were evident in Connecticut that Valley classified amusement park. Could you could you give me that one more time. But Benbow called it, called Benbow BBN ML and to extend to transit the donate money, you have an account at that@thought at Anthony AN pH ONY – Cipriano BIPRI a and all – 15 admit to be just right in the notes for tunnels that our them all that money would go to, without my goal is to raise 10,000 I'm at about. I had one just one huge purse denying construction in Oxford. He gave me a check for 5000. The other day I was literally shocked actually brought tears to my eyes to give me 5000 my goal to get the 10,000 I'm at about 7500.

Now I think so. Goal is to get another 2500 for tomorrow you talking to an audience that is very very patriotic and and this audience support the police there. We really appreciate you guys and then thank you so I got a feeling you may be hearing from them now is that that's going to be going on all day tomorrow.

How long will tomorrow from 12 to 5 but Eric will ever want to donate every grading. I'll get by tomorrow afternoon. I'll write a check or by Monday out whatever money I have had it all up after you pay for the food and that the fund rate the food for the apartment. After that of on the money for it okay for the fun of the powers that they forward the right very good. You are welcome if you want to stay with us a list of the program or weekly lease template. Here we get to go. We have the rapid lightning rounds here and so thank you for the opportunity to feel printed out here in hopefully people will find a way to think of money. In order to conduct our credit will get to that goal right very good food. We just put it out in the before you leave today given up one more time we go go in a habit I thought Anthony and PHO NY at the applicable first at Anthony – Cipriano VIP RIA and note – 15 data be my Benbow and that that's how they can illuminate the thumb of the power another way that they wanted to do ticket sign-up at some of the powers.organ. I do it myself and pay. But Pam Bryant mortgage. I do the $11 a month to get to them is not. We spent $11 that that Dunkin' Donuts into Asia by I do that once a month.

You know it's funny because you only see the commercial please cards at the door shut is out in the day and I went by the donut shop on Solon and knew they were there. This is the police Is out there. Anyhow, there is like a TV commercial, right here we going to go lightning rounds, you're welcome to stay with us as long as you like bombshell investigation journalist says Planned Parenthood. We complement predators is selling aborted baby tissue to communist Chinese to develop bio weapons. We're going to. We played a clip last night was taken place in the Ukraine, and evidently expose some of that. What was really happening why that that word got started John in the you know what was taken place with the with the bio weapons that this country had open their and they were using that. And by the way they're doing the same thing here. Some of these these organizations that the that case, your family tree supposed to. They take your DNA that they sat there and sell it to China and and they know how to develop bio weapons like like the so-called vaccines that you have out there that can that will target these people with certain kinds of DNA so that was shocking when it came to light that Ukraine would like to think or fix right around there military American military BioLab in the Ukraine want in the world are they doing the court.

The Russians have relief and it's also present with Republican government reports about what the biowarfare that was being conducted in Ukraine conducted those Ukrainians, those that lived in Ukraine that had loyalty to Russian. There were certain people there and they were they were eliminating these people with with these bio weapons they were coming up with diseases and and things that would target them and put new about this.

This is been going on for several years and so but virtually they basically were Russians living in Ukraine earlier you mentioned Planned Parenthood yeah came out today in 2020, Planned Parenthood Carol 383,000 baby Planned Parenthood is killed more human beings. It any army in the world. There is no organization that is as evil as ungodly as Planned Parenthood. There, there, virtually creeping, crawling death on planet Earth and again here right there's there's nothing, nothing, nothing that is too low for those point people to do a Planned Parenthood and some other like Abby Johnson and others that have come out of their that work to they come out into the couldn't take it anymore that it is gotten you. There there is evil is evil gets is evil is evil gets.

I remember drawing your back on Planned Parenthood will warning and commending China 11 child policy and that one child policy meant woman had one child and then she was detected over being pregnant. They had the problem, of course, abortion the I know will and Planned Parenthood little yeah I know that there is and so is Hillary Clinton. So is Hillary Clinton. She came right out and said that she was in favor they had a perfect situation and have the force abortion and in essence the CCP that the Chinese Communist Party is buying organs and tissues from Planned Parenthood and using them to develop bio weapons.

We already knew the Planned Parenthood been murdering babies for cats for many years now goes on. This is an article, youth and health. The CCP Chinese cabbage party has been using DNA. The organ tissue in the organs from aborted US babies to sell back to the Chinese cam's party, Gerber explained the director of the Chinese Communist Party national health and family planning commission lied been announced that he would contribute visit to this John $528 million to Planned Parenthood in exchange for the continue donation of these these aborted babies.

This while okay so and the question was where aborted babies from America used to develop coded vaccines that absolutely work. This is why one of the reasons that so many people have religious exemptions. As we were.

We we were given out.

We had a form religious exemption that people were asking us for because of that when the reason is that the Chinese cabbage party really is been harvesting babies from United States and using Butler body parts again is talking about here to build a race specific bio weapons that it is not much of a stretch to speculate that the funky flu shots are almost certainly all to be a part of that absolutely so there you go. When you have next year after me. Yeah, the Tiki bar all your your your name up there and I did know you are going on in their lives.

Go ahead. I got plenty to go but that whenever your rental okay lot coming up with a lot of nonstop and Ernie of the Corporation in conjunction with school, trying to corrupt the kids starting to actually going in third grade, three years old, but there trying to pamper with the. The effects of kindergarten kids trying to doubt that the little boys employer little girl.

The girl go nonstop. And right now Kroger food storage is one of the major culprits in this always that they want their employees to celebrate trans holiday earns trans holiday and then Wells Fargo target Citibank in Hewlett-Packard Olympic sponsors of a trial child drag event, but fortunately the people I got aware of it and the right very upset and they beat or room from the event withdrew support from the event. This is the is gotten so corrupted and that the you talk into Kroger. This is what they call all corporations Kroger target one of the some of the others only good thing about target sales are way way way down and there really financially on the rope right on the boat. One other thing that I want to bring to your attention. I on my blog. I blog almost daily me every day. Now I'm come across this attack on the children don't get a lot of this is from the state of Washington that had lighted teachers attend conference not break gender binary and whiteness of the quote from the article 2000 teachers there. Teacher organization: Northwest teaching for social justice hosts an annual conference were teachers attend sessions on how to greatly the gender binary binary debts, male and female and whiteness and implement racial politics in math and science. Clinton now if you're white after Ernie 2124 correct yeah it's always been that way for me now.

Is it any different for black people. Well, apparently the Democrats think it is I want.

How do you get into racial politics in math and science located conference which are held in Portland and Seattle bring together more than 1200 teachers and educators and community members think provide resources to promote equity and racial justice in the classroom. Student also invited to the event and offered a discount rate told like a nationwide like a tsunami. Now going after especially kindergarten starting in kindergarten when their multiple all multiple victim going to believe anything a couple of really so they are after grooming them try and turn them into maybe homosexual or turn them into little boys that it may be confused at that age they want to convince them that the girls and then get the lien of good festering there was a time in this country when the country was more decent that it is now, when the standards were much higher judge. You and I are old enough to remember those days wouldn't you had a better class of people out there for the most part and what would happen if what they are doing was done 30 years ago this people at all going to prison that the CEOs were caught doing that they would go to prison for doing that. Remember these to be a crime to abuse children and that's exactly what that is is child abuse in this country after Ernie back in an hour and a want to go to jail for life, yet they wouldn't you know what and when I got to prison I know I was in the prison ministry 45 years, John, and you know that they have the different social levels in the prison system. You got on on the basement floor. You've got pedophiles in the social system, but will even below the base within the seller. If you have abortionist abortionists were always put in isolation because the other inmates. The other inmates would kill the abortionists abortionists were looked upon and that's why they hated to go to prison. They would they fear going to prison today.

Today they still they still have to put them in and then isolate them, but that is just unbelievable how but you know what all of this unit I understand is where were very clear and understanding.

This is exactly the signs of God's Word, the Bible gives us there. This is exactly the way you know everything is falling right into place.

The way the Bibles of as we get closer to the Lord's return.

People there with the wicked become more wicked and the righteous become a righteous right and me Bible the day of no more so also the coming of the Son of Man be in a talk about violence covering the face of your grade.

No, that after a violent phone at every every area of Banko will be violent. Tony, are you still with us is Tony still with us.

I did as he was still this okay because I was good having common in this.

Yet your absence exactly the way it was, as in the days of Noah, and so but but but there's something more to it in the days of Noah.

Remember, what was the reason he brought the flood on the fallen angels with with changing by taking women as wives and when they would say that they took. It wasn't like it is. You know where you ask and you propose to woman. These guys just took whatever woman they wanted and and so what happened was they had the ospreys they change the DNA dignity. Yet the Bible: no problem yeah here. I've got an article right here is shows you how. Let me just reach it. A nature journal reveals how graphene can be used to assemble radiofrequency electronics, biological system, it is showing you these things that are growing inside of people that have taken the vaccines there like long rubbery type things here. Groundbreaking information is come to light about the role of refereeing which may believe, which many believe is contained or produced by Wuhan, coronavirus, vaccines a radiofrequency electronics and a paper published in the journal nature communicated back and 2014, entitled graphene radiofrequency receiver integrated circuit explains how graphene has superior electrical properties and has strong potential as a future channel the material in radiofrequency electronics and that it shows you these things that are growing inside people's bodies that have taken that the vaccinations they came out recently there was a paint 17-year-old ballplayer" will export control appeared in tremendous pain and rushed him to the hospital and they took 6 feet felt funny but I forgot that took 6 feet of those rubbery lack of better word.

Clot out of his legs and then yet it was only from the deck shot and they said he could never play again because he is going to be on the blood thinners direct well aware that we come into break. John and we have a bombshell Steve Brandon. He talks about the jackbooted Gestapo has to show up at their door and he tells Charlie Kirk 35 trump supporters trump allies had their homes rated by the Gestapo. Very, very corrupt Mary Garland again I felt alive said it time and time again. Mary Garland would be very hard-pressed to be able to prosecute anyone as corrupt as himself. He is an extremely corrupt individual. There he he is openly, and he flaunts he flaunts his lawlessness in front of the people out there okay so will be back right after this and that will play the bombshell be right back don't go away. More to come.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR

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