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TUE HR 2 090622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 7, 2022 12:39 am

TUE HR 2 090622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Find out more at slash Auto Navigator. Donate and listen to the podcast at This is Dan Dix here reporting for Press for Truth, coming at you with this exclusive, and I would say bombshell report, proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines, then deliberately covered it up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the leaked video of a panel of experts who were hired by the Ministry of Health in Israel to look into the safety issues surrounding the vaccines, and they discovered some very, very troubling information, at which point the Israeli government covered it up.

And why is this important today, ladies and gentlemen? Because these things are continuing to go on. Right here in Canada and America, for example, the FDA is expected to authorize new COVID boosters without any data from tests in people. The lack of human data means officials likely won't know how much better the new shots are, if at all, or maybe they're going to be worse. And they're not going to know this until the fall booster campaign is already well underway. Guys, this is not good. Meanwhile, China has just approved the world's first inhaled COVID vaccine. They say this is going to offer protection after one breath. That's pretty scary.

We're going to talk about that. Meanwhile, China has just locked down 65 million people. China has locked down 65 million of its citizens under tough COVID 1984 restrictions, and is discouraging domestic travel during upcoming national holidays. Across the country, 33 cities, including seven provincial capitals, are under full or partial lockdown, covering more than 65 million people.

And we know they often use China as a blueprint for the West, so if you think we're in the clear here, guys, you better think again. So we're going to cover all of that and much more in this video. But right before we do, guys, I'd ask that you check me out here at slash donate, if you appreciate my efforts to bring you this information. Here you can do one-time donation with PayPal, you can do Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can join me on SubscribeStar. It's a great Patreon alternative.

I have been kicked off a Patreon. Here you can sign up for a monthly reoccurring contribution. You can also send an e-transfer to Dan at, or if you like to keep things old school, you can send stuff to my P.O.

Box, guys. Links for all of this are located in the description below. Once again, thank you so much to anybody who does take the time and effort to visit slash donate.

It's greatly appreciated. All right, guys, let's take a quick listen to this video that has just got leaked, and this is pretty groundbreaking bombshell stuff. The reported side effects were known before. No new signal was observed. This is the message recently communicated by the Ministry of Health in Israel to the public. Unfortunately, the research team commissioned had very different conclusions. As you will hear next, in the discussion in which the research team reports its findings to the Ministry of Health, they found many long-term side effects with casual relations to the vaccines, not listed by Pfizer.

This is huge. Of course, as always, include links to all the sources to this video in the description below if you guys want to give this a video a watch for yourself. Look at this, what it says right there. 65% of the time there was no actual end, and this is when they're talking about neurological issues. This is the kind of stuff that the Israeli government has been covering up in this exclusive bombshell report. Here's some of the key facts in a nutshell. The Israeli Health Authority knew that the vaccines were harming people. The side effects of the vaccines are neither mild nor short-term. In fact, in 65% of the neurological cases that mentioned duration, the symptoms are all ongoing to this day. They also established causality.

The side effects were caused by the vaccine. This is something that no one else has been able to establish before. They don't know how serious the harm is because they only looked at the data of the top five categories. Cardiovascular was number six, so they've only looked at a fraction of the data here.

This is pretty impressive here at this point. The Israeli people themselves have figured out that these vaccines are unsafe and ineffective and are no longer compliant with government directives to be vaccinated. Check this out. Just 2.4% of the Israeli population is in compliance as of September 2nd, 2022.

Look at this chart. Only 2.4% of people are currently up-to-date on their vaccines. You got 68%, almost 70% of them are expired, so they're not interested in the boosters. They're not getting the follow-ups. They've had enough of it. They realize they're probably more concerned about dropping dead from the couple of Pfizer vaccines they've gotten than they are worried about COVID.

It's nonsense. This is pretty impressive. 29.4%, almost 30% of them, are completely unvaccinated entirely.

That's really impressive. Here in Canada, I think there are only 5% of us. Don't quote me on that. I haven't checked the numbers in a while, but the last time I looked, I recall seeing there was about 5% or so of the Canadian population who were completely unvaccinated. I'm proud to be in that camp.

If you guys are as well, let me know in the comment section below. Let's get back to this. As of September, no one's being held accountable. Everybody's ignoring this huge bombshell story. It gets into it about the press, but specifically, the Israel Ministry of Health, or the MOH, took 18 months from the launch date of the vaccine before they looked at any of the COVID vaccine safety data to see what it said. They only started collecting safety data in December of 2021, one year after rolling out the vaccines to the public.

Few people know this. In December 2021, they tasked an outside expert panel led by Professor Matti Berkowitz, a leading Israeli expert on pharmacology and toxicology from Asa Harov Hospital, to examine the safety data that they collected over the next six months. The panel presented their findings to the Ministry of Health personnel on or around June 6, 2022, in a Zoom call that was secretly recorded, and they found that the COVID vaccines were much more dangerous to people than the world authorities admitted. They found serious adverse events that were never disclosed by Pfizer or any world government. These adverse events were also not found to be short-term, as the public was told. They also determined causality, something no other world health authority has ever been willing to do, because other governments never looked at the data either, and causality was both obvious and easy to prove using the re-challenged data that was collected.

You can't do this using the VAERS data, for example. In short, the panel determined that the government was misleading the people of Israel. We still don't know the whole extent of just how dangerous the vaccines are, because the outside team only looked at, again, five of the most frequently cited events. This should just be huge, groundbreaking news. The Israeli Ministry of Health was informed by their own hand-selected outside group of experts, headed by this professor, that the COVID vaccines are not as safe as the Ministry of Health had been claiming to the Israeli people. I mean, this is groundbreaking stuff. It was just the opposite. Instead of mid-short-term events, the events were very serious and long-lasting.

For neurological side effects, for example, 65% of the cases didn't go away, and the researcher admitted they had no clue if they would ever go away. Guys, this is a lengthy article. I will put a link, again, in the description. This is corruption, pure and simple. The response to this story has been crickets so far.

This is why I'm trying to bring it to the PFT platform. Hopefully, you guys will help make this go around, make this go viral. Here's an introduction to the whole situation. They didn't know they were being secretly recorded, obviously, and that was leaked.

Again, I will have the video. You can check it out for yourself, as well, that this is all stemming down to. Causality was proven. Additional points, the outside team was hired by the Ministry of Health, and they're the ones who ended up denying their findings.

It's just wild. He's got a whole bunch of references for further reading. Again, I would encourage you to actually watch the video. This is just the tip of the iceberg right now. Two Israeli researchers found that the vaccines kill 40 times more old people than they save. Like I said, a lot of people right now are probably thinking to themselves they have far more of a chance of just sudden death syndrome or dropping dead from these vaccines than they're worried about catching COVID.

That goes to say a lot. Let's get this information out there, guys. This is a serious problem for people who live in Israel. Not just that, for everyone everywhere. Like I said, the FDA is now working on these new COVID vaccine boosters without any kind of actual data from tests and people. This is beyond not good.

The updated COVID vaccine boosters, a reformulated version targeting the BA5 Omicron sub-variant, could be available around Labor Day. That'll be the first COVID shots distributed without results from human trials. Again, when we see that they're just rolling it out without actually looking at the data of how people are getting injured and you're finding out these expert panels are discovering that there are severe problems here. Hello, hello, big problem. Warning, warning, warning. And then the government's like, no, nothing to see here. That's just a nonsensical report there.

Just never mind that and carry on. And what ends up happening is you got governments going completely tyrannical, locking down millions and millions of people like what's happening in China right now. And like I said, we have to understand this is a blueprint for the West and it is coming back here. So 65 million people. It said that outbreaks have been reported in 103 cities, the highest since the earliest days of the pandemic in early 2020. Despite a relatively low number of infections, authorities have adhered to a zero COVID policy requiring lockdowns, quarantines and the confining of people suspected of being in close contact with any confirmed case.

That's just crazy. China recorded 1,500 new cases in the latest 24-hour period across a nation of 1.4 billion people. Most of the 21 million people in the southwest city of Chengdu are confined to their apartments or residential complexes. 21 million people not allowed to leave their homes right now. While in the city port of Tianjin, classes have been moved online after 14 new cases were reported with all but two showing no symptoms. It's like, oh man, I mean, yeah, it's just, it's crazy because I know it's coming back here in the West. Chengdu lifted the lockdown for about a million people in the city, in the district, two areas in the southwest.

Three more rounds of mass testing are being held throughout Wednesday and the schools are remaining closed. They do have a big holiday coming up. It's their largest, sorry, second most important holiday after the lunar year and the antivirus measures have taken a major toll on the economy, travel and society in general and obviously it does. I mean, I remember, you know, two years ago when we had the harsh lockdowns, businesses were being destroyed, everything was getting locked up, locked down and I said, you know, we're not gonna truly feel the economic ramifications of this for probably a couple of years.

I said that back then. Here we are a couple of years later. We're in a time of high, high inflation, possibly running into hyperinflation or times of recession. I mean, everything is getting so much more expensive, your purchasing power is going down and this isn't a result of some flu. This is because of the COVID 1984 nightmare that was unleashed by the government. They're the ones who shut down mom-and-pop shops. Not COVID.

They're the ones who put you in your home and made you not allow to see grandma and have them die alone. It wasn't the virus who did that. Let's remember that, guys, moving forward. The government is the ones to blame for all of this and in China right now they are going hard on their people, completely locking down 21 million people and, you know, 65 million altogether are on some form of partial lockdown in China. Again, more reason for you to see this is a blueprint for the West.

It is coming back here. All the more reason to focus hard right now on not being reliant on any kind of a government institution, not being reliant on any kind of banking or financial institution and to not even be reliant on the grocery stores for that matter because they're coming after the food as well, guys. We've seen the protests happening, protests with the Dutch farmers.

That's coming to Canada as well. Trudeau is going to be cutting farmers, you know, emissions by 30% by 2030 or something to that extent and this is going to absolutely demolish Canada's food industry and it's not just Canada. I mean, this is a global phenomenon right now that is happening. The UN has openly talked about this, you know, this coming global food crisis. So we're seeing it happen again.

This is why if you're not yet to the point of having a self-sustainable garden that you can rely on for your food source, then you're following two steps behind. I've been working on this myself and I'm continuing to try to make this, you know, a 100% solid reality for myself and I really hope that you guys are doing the same. That's really what it comes down to that we need to be focusing on moving forward, guys, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Here's the leaked video.

It's only four minutes long. Again, I'll put links to all of this stuff in the description below so you can verify all this information for yourself. Again, don't take it from me. Check the links. I'm just bringing you the information.

You can go in and do your due diligence and check it out for yourself. Again, if you do appreciate my efforts to continuously bring you this information, don't forget to check me out at slash donate. Thank you so much to everybody who does take the time and effort to do that. It's greatly appreciated. I can't continue doing this work without your support. So thank you so much for that, guys, and that's all for today's video.

Don't forget to click that thumbs up button. Thank you for watching. Once again, share this video with all your friends and family who you think really need to see it the most and stay tuned.

We're gonna have more video reports coming very soon. This is Dan Dicks reporting for Presta Truth. We all want truth.

Chinese vaccine manufacturer Kinsino Bios inhaled inhaled COVID-19 vaccine received emergency use approval in China. Here it goes. You know, again, we've been telling people since the 1980s about the depopulation project. This is this is working.

These are with Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Fauci, George Soros, all of these people. They're doing this. They're killing off people in this and all and they've got the full approval and the full cop cooperation aiding and abetting the mainstream media, ABC, NBC, CBS, no matter no matter how deadly they get, they will not tell you.

If they if they say anything, they'll blame it on Christians or patriots and call us white supremacists. Chinese vaccine manufacturer Kinsino Biologics Incorporated announced Sunday that the China's drug regulator had given the green light for emergency use of the company's newly developed inhaled COVID-19 vaccine as a booster. Does this mean that they might be used to vaccinate people without their knowledge or permission if they were sprayed in the air? Absolutely.

Kinsino Biologics announced that the National Medical Products Administration of China has granted the company approval of its recommend COVID-19 vaccine for inhalation inhalation, a trade name COVIDisa Air, to be used as a booster dose, the company said in a news release. Okay, so you can expect that to come here, Joe. Yeah, I would just I'd mentioned that thing way back in February. We talked about a funeral director, Richard Hirschman, who was seeing he and a dozen more than a dozen colleagues were seeing these big blood clots that were showing up. And he said he'd never seen these white fibrous structures, nor did anybody he knew in the field. And then in June, Dr Ryan Cole, who runs a cold diagnostics in Boise, Idaho, uh, said he was finding these unusually long blood clots, some as long as a foot in the bodies of deceased people who received the Vax. And now these doctors and the, uh, the funeral director Hirschman and the doctor, the pathologist Dr Ryan, people are calling them from all over the country, sending them pictures and samples for morticians from other hospitals. Uh, they're saying now there's a lot of pathologists who are seeing this, but they're afraid to speak up because they don't want to lose their jobs.

And, uh, this is happening. They said this, you know, these are no wonder people are dying. If you have a foot long, two foot long blood clot in your leg, people die from little bitty blood clots causes heart attacks. Remember, you get a blood clot.

It's a serious thing. And they're finding in these dead bodies, huge blood clots, along with some other complicated spike protein things that I don't quite understand. But they're talking about seeing some other weird things that do not belong in the blood. In fact, the morticians were saying some of the blood in those dead bodies were so sick they were having to put dissolving fluid in to break up these quads because they couldn't get the blood out to get the embalming fluid in. That's scary.

You can't even bleed a dead body because the blood was so clotted and sick. Um, there's so much going on, folks. Don't take the Vax. Let me let me read.

Let me read this to you, Joe. Here were deadly COVID vaccine lot shipped to red states on purpose. Ah, shocking 196% excess mortality recorded in Florida and Georgia in third quarter of 2021. Um, the Society of Actuaries Research Institute S O A gathered the data on excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic April and through December of 2020 during the emergency use COVID vaccine roll out January September through September of 2021. The report compared the group term life insurance mortality results during 2020 and 2021 to baseline mortality results from a period prior to the pandemic 2017 to 2019.

The data sets include over two million claims worth over 93 million in premiums. The excess mortality data provided shocking results. The first shock result was that the young and middle aged individuals died in excess of 208% in the third quarter of 2021. They were coerced into taking the COVID vaccines. The second shocking result was that the red states Republican led states saw extreme access and mortality. 196% after the vaccines was rolled out in one quarter, uh, in quarter three of 2021.

Now excess would tell you insurance companies have very accurate actuarial actuarial tables. They've been doing it for a very long time, and that's how they stay in business. That's how they make money by knowing what's gonna happen by, you know, following everything closely. So they were shocked, and this is gonna be a big hit to them, right?

Well, one thing the Democrats were much, much more likely to take the shot than the Republicans. Thank goodness. Well, here, court documents.

Now check this out. Court documents suggests Joe Biden had lied. He had lied about the FBI FBI raid on Trump home. Joe Biden claimed his reporter by the hill that he didn't why he didn't know anything at all about the about the FBI raid on Trump's home at Merrill Argo home in Palm Beach, Florida. But I didn't have any notice. None. Zero. Not one single bit, Biden told reporters.

I remember hearing him do it. But he goes on. This, of course, is from the president, who had many times has claimed that he had no discussions with or knew anything about his son. Hunters International business schemes, despite the abundant evidence. He routinely met with foreign actors during business, and Hunter identified and participates is being in line for 10% of the share of at least one major deal.

In fact, probably boasted of using a threat to coerce Ukrainian officials into firing prosecutor looking into the corruption of charisma, which was then paying Hunter a million dollars a year to be on its board. Well, here, the bottom line is the court rules that the Biden was behind it. He he authorized the raid on Mar-a-Lago, which we knew all along, didn't we?

It's online. You can see it's on pages two into page three in Judge Cannon's ruling, it says plainly Joe Biden, who ordered the FBI access to the Mar-a-Lago documents and President Trump's personal belongings. And meanwhile, the White House folks woman said the president was not briefed.

No one at the White House was given a heads up. I mean, folks, this is about as blatant lies as you can get. We know our president, United States is an outright phony. He's one of the biggest liars we've ever seen.

He's not even good at it. And people should be passing this on. We do not want a commander and you know, the commander and thief that's a liar selling out his country, you know, uh, forming a, basically a dictatorship government, right?

A dictatorship communist government. This has got to stop. Okay, here you go. Brainless.

This says the articles is brainless. Gay activists hang top secret nuclear documents inside a banner on Trump Tower doorway. Now, Joe, this this banner here, uh, it looks like it's about 20 ft high in about at least probably 15 ft wide, and it's hanging out. In order to do this, you had to have some real professionals. First of all, even to make this banner of this banner is professionally made. This would cost a huge amount of money, and it's not something that some simple minded sodomites could get could do on their own.

And just to hang this thing, you would have to have a lot of help. In other words, to do it because it's boom trucks and several people that knew what they were doing. Yeah, this is organized. We know it's totally organized. And again, the idea that, like I said, the headlines on Drudge were that, oh, Trump had nuclear secrets.

Was he going to sell them? I mean, there's such a huge lie. It's just unbelievable.

But that's the trouble. You tell a big enough line loud enough long enough, you're going to have some idiot that actually believes it. Well, that's that's what gonna sell out his family that he loves dearly. His son and all his family members, uh, you know, to the Russians, to the Chinese.

I mean, that's the most absurd thing I've heard. Now, Biden is we've already seen Biden's already done it. We know we've got proof that he's sold out and made deals and always, always accused the opposition of doing what you're doing.

That's exactly what you're doing. And who was it that sold our uranium to the Russians? It was the clintons. Yeah, 20% of our uranium made a deal to give it to the Russians. And if you don't think that that 85 billion 85 billion would have be 85 billion with the be, uh, amount. Any $5 billion worth of military equipment weapons that were that so called were just left behind in Afghanistan that they weren't just left behind. There was somebody that got paid very, very well for that.

There were. How about Bagram Air Base that the big Air Force base there? That's one of the largest air fields in the world. The hangers, the equipment, everything was left there. The machinery, all the different things. The money. I have no idea what that cost, but I'm sure it was in the billions to be built in a location far away like that and then have a big enough perimeter around it to be secured to be defended with the all the outposts and everything necessary.

That was left. The Chinese are now using it. They have a beautiful, beautiful airport there, one of the best in the world.

I mean, and the list goes on, right? Here's something you didn't hear any of the fake news media. Listen to this. Government admits that the oath keepers did not lead the attack on the cap capital on January 6th. Okay, the Biden regime admitted in recent court filing that the oath keepers did not lead an attack on the U. S. Capitol on January 6th. Uh, the government admitted this in their most recent court filing. All we heard was the oath keepers and the proud boys, the oath keepers and the proud boys over and over. The mega, mega, mega. These are all mega people.

Listen to this joke because this is where you from your state of Missouri fact. I have I have this on a clip. The recordings that the problem of it is, uh, it's hard to tell what these people are talking about. I'm I'm almost wondering if I should try to play some of this. This could not be a good clip.

Maybe we can get back clear and play it later. Yeah, well, it's 31 Missouri judges rescue themselves or recuse themselves. 31 Missouri recuse themselves from lawsuit, allegedly family court guardians and psychologists orchestrated money making schemes. You hear these judges saying, Well, this money came in as you know, excess money, money the court collected. I didn't know where to put it. So I just put it in my own banking account and they're laughing.

They're laughing about that. The judge is 31 and this one woman says, We one thing we do is we stick together. We cover for each other.

She's telling you. Yeah, let me I'm gonna try to read just a little bit of this because, uh, here it says, uh, in ST Louis County, Missouri, Evita Tullo has finally lost it against family court and guardian and, uh, light light him. Gail Flain goes on plaintiff contacted parents from four cases which were pending. At the same time, plaintiffs case in ST Louis County and ST Louis City courts were put law ski was a court appointed uh, guardian that light him right. That's an attorney that especially presented usually to defend a child in a custody case, divorce case, anything. They are there just for the child and the court pays them.

Yeah. Okay, plaintiff. Well, you know, they used to be Joe. You didn't have to be an attorney.

You could you could be a friend of the family, a relative, somebody. But then they found out once they became attorneys. See that before it was attorneys, you didn't get paid for it.

It was it was a voluntary thing. Once they became attorneys, all of a sudden it was paid for like $300 and, you know, $300 for a few minutes in the court here. Now he goes on to say plaintiff talked to redacted, uh, who filed a motion to disqualify after Podlowski recommended custody to father who was sexually abusing the child. Despite the defense's finding of abuse and pending criminal investigation, but also interfered with the defense criminal investigation. And the court, however, did not disqualify Podlowski in a redacted case. Another parent told the plaintiff that she filed a motion to disqualify Podlowski in her case. After Podlowski placed the child with a father who molested the child and who had a well documented history of substance and drug abuse. In the case of Podlowski violated every single jail, uh, G. A. L. Standard guardian of light of standard.

But the mother's motion to disqualify Podlowski was still denied. In that case, Podlowski's bill came to a 71 whopping $71,000, which had to be paid by the parents. There you go. Whoa, paid by the parents to put down silly. It was the court would pay them a bit and then the both parties would pay part of it. Yeah, well, this and so what happened here? Way to make money. They're gonna cheat, steal, you know, well, be damned, right? Well, here's not just that, but these judges are both there bragging about how they're ripping off the tech player. This is what what has come to this. It's come to this. The corruption, the crowd. What do you want to bet that say about out of the 31 at least 30 of them are Democrats. I hate to.

I wouldn't want to argue with you. Yeah, I mean, they will get some more information, but often on judges, they keep that rule close to the vest. What the politics are, whether Republican or Democrat. Yeah, well, like I said about Merrick Garland, probably the same applies to these.

It would be hard pressed to to prosecute anyone is corrupted themselves. It's just unbelievable. The corruption of the judicial system, ain't I just saying, you know, here's a story that the people don't know. Here's another one. Remember, hold on to it.

We'll be right back after this. Mm hmm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Well, there's people on the left and people on the right, and there's people that's in between. You better hope you're right when you leave this life and bow before the king of Kings.

Bobby for the king of Kings. Mhm. Some say I'm a little bit too far, right?

When I write and sing my song. But on judgment day before God's throne, I'd rather be right than wrong. Lord, I'd rather be right than wrong.

You say no one murdered more than Hitler did. Most people would say that's true. But over 50 million babies that were never born might disagree with you. Yeah, they might disagree with you. Some say I'm a little bit too far right when I write and sing my song. But on judgment day before God's throne, I'd rather be right than wrong. Lord, I'd rather be right than wrong. We got a right to feel the way we feel.

We got a right to make a stand. And I'm proud to say on my wedding day that my woman was not a man. A great big ugly man. Some say I'm a little bit too far right when I write and sing my song. But on judgment day before God's throne, I'd rather be right than wrong. Lord, I'd rather be right than wrong.

Thank God I'm safe on judgment day. I'd rather be right than wrong. Lord, I'd rather be right than wrong. I think we're back now.

I'd rather be right than wrong, too. That was Julie Dator, Danny Ray, and Yours Truly Past Journey. And you know, Danny's supposed to be working on a song. Him and I were going to do it, make another song or two, because see, Danny's not getting any younger. And I wanted to do it while he could still cut the muster, so.

Neither one of us are getting any younger, I thought I might remind you. Alrighty. Do you hear me, Danny?

Get to working. Alright, we're going to open them. Let me open the phone lines and you go ahead while the callers are taking. Phone lines are open at 888-677-9673.

888-677-9673. Go ahead, Joe. We all know about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. And they came in, they took medical records, which were not allowed. They took accounting and tax information that wasn't allowed. They took passports that wasn't allowed.

They went through the son's stuff, his wife's clothes and everything else. But what you don't know is that here recently, the FBI has been involved in, they were investigating a group called US Private Vaults, a corporation that offered safety deposit boxes, safe deposit box services to consumers. Well, the FBI kind of put a bullseye on 80 million dollars worth of contents inside the boxes, even though the issue was with the corporation that provided those boxes.

And we've got the Institute for Justice in court against the FBI. The government planned to seize most of these private items, money, and notes. And they took an inventory of everything, all this private information that the government's keeping. They went in, and anybody that had cash in the box, $5,000, oh, they started accusing them of drug dealing. They brought in, Postal Inspection brought in numerous drug dogs to go through.

And you know, almost anybody, if you take a bill out of your wallet, a drug dog can almost always find a trace of drugs on a dollar bill in the United States, you know, on a 20. So here, the FBI violated the court order. They ignored the siege warrants command that it was not authorized to do a criminal search or seizure of the contents of the boxes. They could only identify the owners to notify them about what they were doing with the company.

And anyway, it's just another example here. They were doing anything they wanted. They were searching, took money, tried to arrest people to classified information, private information won't return it. They still have a lot of the stuff, money and goods they're holding, everything against the order of the court.

They did not care what the search warrant said. Just like at Mar-a-Lago, they took all these things that were not allowed, and they're getting away with it. We are no longer a constitutional republic. We are already kind of in a dictatorship, aren't we? Yeah, we are. We're working on it. But now, the reason is, like Ronald Reagan said, he was amazed that people that had the most to lose did so little to prevent it. Joe, some of us have been fighting our whole life, 50 years we've been trying to fight this, and a lot of people were just too busy, you know, they were too busy living the American dream, while others were warning, listen, do you see what's happening?

You know, the house is on fire, you better wake up. I'm hoping people are starting to awaken because they've got to stand up. If they don't If we lose this election in the fall, I think America is gone. Well, the thing of it is, too It's critical These people that say, well, it's going to be rigged, what's the sense of me voting? It's going to be rigged. Listen, if you don't vote, you've got no reason to complain, you didn't have a vote stolen, so you better get out there and vote. The Bible says, be you a doer of the word, not a hero, only deceiving yourselves, so you better get out there They can't cover up masses of people voting, they cannot, especially if you do it in person, the Dems will cheat with a mail-in voting, we know that, but they cannot stop you if you go and vote in person Alrighty, phones are all lit up, so who do we have? John, you're in the air Yeah, I think both the Democrats and the Republicans are a part of the deep state, and I think there's a real fundamental misdirection when only one of the two parties of the military industrial CIA complex are indicted constantly, 24-7, on over a thousand right-wing radio stations, both the Democrats and the Republicans are right-wing, and Biden and Obama, with the total support of the Republicans, are responsible for causing transparency Okay, well listen, go ahead, thanks, I'm going to comment on that, go ahead I'll comment on what he just said, first of all, here's my commentary, this is that, Republicans, yeah, we have some rhinos, we got some bad ones in there, but the Republicans have some good people, like Josh Hawley out there, like Ted Cruz out there, like Jim Jordan out there, like Marge Green, the Democrats don't have any good people, none, so yeah, as the Republicans have a lot of bad people, but they have a lot of good people too, the Democrats don't have any good people, and there you go, that's the long and short, who do we have next? We got G.B.

Lightning G.B. Lightning, you're in the air Hey Pastor, just wanted to ask everybody, next time they see this guy, this candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, this Fetterman, whatever you call him Yeah He's like 6'7", if you painted him with red, you know, like red cosmetics, and had two orange coming out of his head, that guy would look like the devil Yeah, I know, I've seen him, you know what, Trump is going to be He looks like it too President Trump is going to hold a rally right here in Youngstown on the 17th of September, right in Youngstown on the 17th of September, he's going to Tim Ryan's backyard, right to his, and he is going to hold a rally for J.D. Vance, and so, there you go Yeah, have a blessed night everybody You didn't say, how have you been, how have you been feeling, I know we prayed for you, you had some, how have you been doing? Okay Okay, well that's good, alrighty, very good, God bless, who do we have next? Christie Christie, you're in the air Hi Pastors, thank you so much, and may God bless you both for everything that you're doing, Pastors, whenever there's a time, maybe we can pray for all of us who are believers, because with everything that's going on coming out of the Democratic Party, especially Mr. Biden, who is not my President, we have to remain in the faith, and we have to remain in God our Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, because if we stay calm and in the faith, and we pray, then we will remain calm so that we don't get under martial law, because I believe this is what Biden wants, and that's going to put us into deep, deep trouble That's what he's doing, yeah, let me tell you, Christie, this coming Sunday, 9-11 nationwide, we're asking Pastors, all the people out there listening, we're asking your Pastors to tell your Pastors to preach on repentance, we need, look, Republican Party can't help us, even Christian Talk Radio can't help us, the only thing that can help us is God, God can help us, but he's waiting to hear, he's waiting to hear from us, okay, he said his ears would be open and attentive to the prayer, and so, this coming Sunday, encourage your Pastors to preach on repentance, to preach on revival, and so, do it. Yes, let's do it, okay, thank you, God bless you.

God bless you, Christie, thanks, who do we, now we have clips in the air. Yeah, how you doing, you know, one of the things I heard from some of these podcasts for these blood clots was Sarapectin, it's an enzyme, you can get it on Amazon for like 20 bucks, it's called Sarapectin, that some of these holistic doctors are using for the blood clots for these shots, but also, Lifesight News had an article that was very alarming on the excess death, it said that the title of the article was the COVID shot elephant in the room on the excess death, and two of the things were very alarming, one was a study of some children in Thailand that took the second shot, one in six had detectable heart issues like rhythm, etc., etc., and the other thing that it said was people's arteries are aging 50 years, 50 years in several months, but I also want to quickly cite, it might relate to Stern, it would be, I think it was Isaiah chapter 33 verses 12 to 16, I think that relates to what he was saying about Stern. Yeah, we're seeing everything that's happening is getting ready right now, I mean, we're marching right now to the tribulation period, but so. Yeah, so what do you think of that, Isaiah chapter 33, 12 to 16. Well, what you're talking about, it says here, and the people shall be as a burning of lime, and as the thorns that cut up shall they be burned with fire. Hear you that are far off what I have done, and you that are next are near, and acknowledge my might. The sinners in Zion are afraid. Fearful has surprised the hypocrites. Who among us dwell within a devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? I think probably what Biden did, that whole thing with the Moloch scene, you know, with the fire, those that were sacrificing their children and putting them in, making them pass through the fire.

Those people in that mindset, and I think the entire deathocratic communist collective are going to be passing through the fires of hell. And that's what you saw with that whole certain thing. See, we reported on that while it was taking place, all the way back, abomination was in office there, and now I was surprised that he wasn't in attendance. They had Merkel was there. You had the former president of France. You had all these world leaders were there. They attended that thing, and that was a very satanic thing. But all around the world, they're talking about Biden's speech with the Moloch wall behind it. And again, that's a message that the deathocratic communist party has put out, that they're involved in Satanism up to their eyeballs.

And they've got the full cooperation, aiding and abetting of NBC, ABC, CBS, all the fake news media that people believe. Mr. Church's messages. Yep.

All righty. That's a good point, because I didn't think about that. That's a worldwide message, not only to the U.S. It's a message to the whole world. And if America is fallen, then the world is ready for the one world order. Well, you know, the Lord has a message with us in that same chapter, that same chapter in verses 6 and 7, it says, And wisdom and knowledge shall be stability of thy times, and strength of salvation, and the fear of the Lord in his treasure. Behold, the valiant one shall cry without, the ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly. So anyhow, that I think applies to us in the church.

But I've got to move on, so thanks. Who do we have next? George, you're in the air in Portland. Hello? Hello, you're in the air. Go ahead.

Hi there. Well, I just wanted to... I read many articles in the Epoch Times, the last two issues he had. They were covering how the terrible, broken down state of China. Their banks have failed. At least 10,000 multimillionaires and billionaires have fled the country. They've moved out.

People have millions and millions, very high numbers. Of course, they hide everything, so it's hard to find them. But they have very many riots, because people have found out their money is gone, disappeared out of their bank accounts.

Their retirement funds... They closed the banks. Yeah, the banks have been closed. At least 14 main banks have been closed.

The central bank of China is teetering on a brink, and there are these riots with the people demanding their money. The police are just attacking them in the streets. They're just beating them and threatening to put them into probably what you call a... We'd call them concentration camps. They call them re-education camps.

Yeah, through logs. They're suffering massive heat waves, like 111-degree weather. This is all in the Epoch Times.

Yeah, I know. It's just terrible. They wrecked the environment. They ruined the country that is the Communist. They have no environmental regulations. They have no... Their use of technology has turned out to be very bad.

They don't really know how to operate modern technology very well. They stole it all from the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, and other wet... Well, they didn't have to steal it. It was slick willy. Bill Clinton sold them the technology, but... Well, okay, they took it. They received stolen goods. Okay, that's right. I remember. Clinton, yeah, he sold them military technology.

It shouldn't have been possible. But anyway, the last thing is they're famous. They have as a symbol in China. They're famous high-speed railways. And that's their boast. The boast of it is a national boast. I know.

Or high-speed trains are just the best, you know. You know, Pete, I'm out of time. They stole all the technology.

They didn't have no blasted thing about how to do it before they stole everything. I hear you. We're out of time.

Thanks for calling. Alrighty, we're up, Ray. We are up against it like we always are at this time. And we did try to take as many calls as we could, quickly as we could. And I know folks want us to take more calls, but we have a lot of information. It's important that we get what we have out to you that you knew was happening. So much is going on, so very much. Right, right. I mean, we just got through a very small percentage of what we have here.

What I wanted to get out tonight, but at least we got that amount out. Anyhow, here's the most important thing. The most important thing is this, that folks, God is on the throne.

He's in complete control. We know exactly where we're going with this. We know how it ends.

See, we do. We know how it ends. And you out there that are born-again believers, you know how it ends. But now, also remember this, and this is very important for us.

For those of you that are saved, and this only applies to those of you who are saved, because unless you're saved, you really can't receive the blessings that God has for you, the very first blessing that He gives you is salvation. But for those of you that have received Christ as your Lord and Savior, this is the time where you run to the battle. Not that this is no time for fear. This is the time that you run to the battle. Don't worry about dying. You're going to die, okay? And the thing of it is, if you get martyred, you know, as the Apostle Paul says, consider it a blessing all to be found worthy, to be found worthy to be martyred for the Lord. So now is the time to run to this battle, because it's now or never, it's now or never, to place up those crowns in glory.

You got to do it. God, believe me, the only source of absolute truth that we have is right here in this God's Word, the King James Bible. That's it.

The only source, the only actual source of absolute truth we have. And He's telling you this. So here's my advice. If you have not received Christ as your Savior, you better get that done, because if you don't, everything else is a loss.

And you know how to do that. You pray to the Father. You ask for forgiveness of your sins. You ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life, all of your life.

And if you do that and mean it, He will, God will always honor it, and you will indeed become a new creature born again believer. For you other folks out there that have already done that, run to the battle. Listen. Do what the Bible tells you. Stand, first of all, the three missions, the Great Commission first, resistance to charity next, and stand your ground. Stand up for the Lord. Stand your ground. Until tomorrow, good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight. For another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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