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FRI HR 2 090222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 3, 2022 12:45 am

FRI HR 2 090222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 3, 2022 12:45 am

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Don't do it yourself fiction water heater is doable to the pressure tube is interesting to think that we should just bundle our home in Ottawa with progressive we could save big and pay someone to do it for us.

That's cool. The stools were also genuine. One biblical little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself you purporting to respond to situations and listen to the podcast WR were back right now.

Couple things here want to remind this Disney Amazon Kroger all will they promote with their employees. Their female employees. They pay them to kill their children. They pay them. They will pay them $4000, and though the pay the expense. Where were they have to travel to go kill their children. This is evil now of folks if you support that that's okay. You just have very very low morals only near your standards are low.

If you support these people drive and so you know if if that's as good as you are okay but if you have higher standards. I wouldn't jump too good for that I'm better than that, I won't I won't have anything to do with Amazon Kroger why because they're dirty just like these politicians that we have so many of them out there the entire deep state and so here you know Phil is 25% of the children in America today live in one parent house. One parent homes, you know that's America 25%.

You know what would the percentages on a world basis in the world basis is 7%. One is Antalya failure that there people in America certainly are not following biblical standards and so here you just some examples of simile. The insanity were talking about.

Enter today. I just looked at you use you've had this Kershner Donald Trump's son-in-law going around in and for most part would even say I would listen to his been going is made some sense without now he's come out and he says that he's going to live forever that the that the he believes that the because of AI artificial intelligence that he's he he believes that he's going to live forever will we believe were going to live forever, but that's after supporting tall men once to die, we got it die first. Okay and that we have we have that promise of eternal life.

That's not what he's talking about it all is run transferring trans-humanism so he's talking about trans-humanism to find out the hard way. Boise so that you are talking about are asked about this truth matter anymore in 21st century America doesn't, as evidenced by speech but if you look at the difference between King Solomon where he basically got off track with the concubines and the pursuit of gold resulting in the loss of 10/12 tribes of Israel that basically left him working to be a worse shape because our politicians are not motivated by colder women. I think motivated by pure evil.

So God is going away down on us, that harder. That was the message that you Obama was showing These people look like on a 1984 at the will of the satanic heat of the fiery red brick and the Internet. Again, the Democratic Party is is seeped in pedophilia and a lot of people don't know that in the this is this is what we we try to expose her all the time was going on there were were were in worse shape than King Solomon's empire. Yeah, we actually actually are. But God has raised us up for such time as this right and so we've got everything to gain and nothing to lose by running to the battle. If we run to this battle, we place of crowns in glory gently yet, and if we don't rent to the battle than what were in trouble.

Working to lose the battle but we won't lose the war. So all of these years, what would you eat what you guys are doing their best agreement with the liberty pastors is what we've been doing here for 50 years and this man and and I'm hoping that that people are surviving going to awaken, pardon partner together yeah and do that together. I like that idea of opening up the church is for the homeschooling get the children into the churches and build upon. I think that's a great idea will we had homeschooling co-op in our church for years and then there was that they open up a bigger one just down the street so we just moved it down there with the actor Blair had for homeschool associations that are using their building. There at Fairview Baptist in Edmonton just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and it's been in fact they don't even charge him any rent they let allow them to use the facilities because they want to see young people, train, and the word of God. Now they have some standard of course make sure who they're inviting and it's going to be biblical but nonetheless it is been very effective and that's one of things that are encouraging liberty pastors all over the United States to do things like this that liberty is is right from the Bible we have liberty in the Lord Jesus Christ and that comes right out of the Bible you know there are churches that license they will license a pastor before he gets ordained. We don't give a license.

We give certificates of liberty to be called to preach the gospel before before we ordain and so in this way, when should be and that's what that word means liberty RK verse that liberty church Orlando is second Corinthians 317 now the Lord is good spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. A man we have our key verse is doers of the word Baptist Church. This ministry is the doers of the word not hearers only, deceiving your own self and in and with that you know people. It's an interesting thing because I have to hear people say, well, I'm not called to do that. I'm not called to know for the 445 years. I went out there on the streets. I pray for 45 years to three times a week. I would go and preach in front of abortion mills out there and I wouldn't be able to tell me I'm wasting my time. You know you couldn't unit you can go the places in the vast majority of the pastor simply didn't have the courage because bad people said bad things to them out there. I praise the good Lord for that. The small percentage of men that had some spine and backbone came out and would stand out there with us, and preach the gospel and and that bring the people from the church is out. I remember one day do you remember Chuck Swindoll Charlie window.

He adamantly was that my program live and to his credit heat right in the middle of the interview. He stopped and he took my hand and we bout it and he prayed right there on air and asked God to forgive them for not doing more than he has done to stop the killing of the children to be net. We need more people that would do that today please stand up because that's America's national sin kill his children right John return learning and leading the way alcoholic along the wheat and concluded in Texas and in the Supreme Court 40,000 babies of inflated crazy good Lord you know it, in Raymond and New York State Derek Florida pastor. Just last week who has a homeschooling hoot who has a homeschooling is churchyard, a Christian school, a Christian school. He was he's been receiving death threats from the antichrist and Communist Party for because he want will not allow any LGBT Q you know, no transient unity.

He's staying. Believe it or not, check this out right to God's Word the Bible right and so because of that he's been receiving death threats and you know what would you Obama Biden said that those people that are preaching the the old-fashioned way the old-fashioned way. In other words, the way we were preaching God's Word, the Bible. If they continue that if they condemn abortion of the condemns sodomy then there negatively charged with hate crimes of this is again this is that the antichrist system is here. It's upon us right now.

The incident I'm sure that you're well aware of this part of the liberty pastors and almost every training camp is attorney Max Weber that is headquartered in here in Orlando Florida and also in Washington DC acting as an office right across the street from the Supreme Court has won many battles there. I could name a number of them, but these organizations and I can share with you about 25 what I call missionary attorneys that when you get into a problem and again there could defend you for no charge course they have to have money in the appeal to those who are concerned that they will not charge the church nor an individual.

If you stand for what the word of God says they will defend you when whenever something like this happens so that a pastor really shouldn't be afraid if he standing for the truth because there are those who are on the legal side and they went most of their cases that the joy of it, realizing, and you know I think all through the word of God.

There are those stalwart Christians well and they were Christians and call Christians in the old and the New Testament there only call Christians three times but they were disciples and followers of God, and God saw them through you call them to the task and he saw them through. Not that they didn't suffer persecution. But they took a stand and God bless them for that we need to do the same thing today. We are absolutely right. P without Realizing Tenant Works His Way, God has expectations of us. He tells you that without a starter in the Bible. He has expectations of us.

We have obligations to him. That's how it works okay is that, like with the prosperity preachers they are preaching the 10th, who was at the Kenneth Copeland said that the you can take the Bible and you can make God pay up. You can take his word and you can you can extort you can make him pay upcoming I have that power. He out yet we have the power would when God finds out that but here again we feel we have obligations to Almighty God lives in the blessings we have not buyer merit the blessings we have a by grace and we have so many blessings and and and on it just like right now do realizing that Barden just took another pull and he found out over 30% of the professing Christians are not even registered to vote registered to vote okay and you know what when these people tell you that you have to and I've heard him say I learned to separate my faith for my politics this note from Genesis to Revelation. Every prophet, every priest, every preacher and then visited this more than the Lord Jesus, their faith and their politics were inseparable. They were one of the same. The only one of the sadness and that's the way God's Word, the Bible says is supposed to be right there. Yes, and so on are not your one of the first messages that pastor Paul Blair preachers. Compartmentalization of Christianity is not biblical and not what that means is, and Pres. Obama Saying we have freedom of worship. No we don't.

We have freedom of religion is not there is a difference and that as we understand this, that God is given to us the challenge and we need to realize it. What part of your life is God not have control over. There's no part of our life but God does not have control over. So let's give him all of our life.

Pastors need to be preaching this, people need to be living this cleanup. I may not think about this here Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. These people check issue lurking out there there professing the I've heard Nancy Pelosi talk about her faith with in her relationship.

We so one of them. Horrific thing in San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi was standing out right in broad daylight on the street there when they were headache sodomite with a call Southern decadence day there and then, there she stood right next right next to two sodomites that were sodomizing each other out in broad daylight. There and there was a cop standing there in uniform Corsi with his job was to protect the sodomites and Nancy Pelosi said this on camera to the two sodomites that were sodomizing each other that the Lord Jesus must be very pleased with the love that you show for each other, all while Katie if we could get that clip to show people around because you you always hear her talking about how strong her faith is right. It's an and so here and she there's not enough blood running through the veins of innocent children in this country to quench the thirst of the Democratic Party third demon possessed.

Amen. And John when we saw one in New York City. When Cuomo came out when they pass that that New York state legislator is wicked to the court. I mean there is in there and I I don't even know if they're redeemable there. They are absolutely wicked to the core when they cheered when they found out they can kill babies you after they were born to not just before but after they were born. They cheered Kenny. Can you imagine that how how wicked people are that we shared a meal and kill babies innocent little children are older American gurney. I remember vividly your watching that and it was Cuomo finding the bill, but he signed it like in front of the legislature. And they were cheering and clapping and standing and it it it it was incredible to see and it with dread came over me as I watched her and then Cuomo then said that you will pro-life.

He wanted you to get out of New York. You don't belong here.

Let me in the arrogance now look at him. He is not too long after that God had a working through but he was removed from office already quit accumulating yes please get Hochschild now and you know what her religionist out to the governor of New York that just came out and GG said basically if you're decent person leave this thing go to Florida now.

Okay. Would you like a form of witchcraft or you ain't something your weight witchcraft something like that.

Yeah, and we see that we see the silly we we know we were the first was to expose Hillary Clinton Hill going only back to about 1990 or so week we told that she was the head of the will which company California and I remember well she called it on the radio program and remember I believe her five times but the she was caught set in her limousine and traffic there with them. That woman heard name which name is Drusilla and she was on C-SPAN. They had her on C-SPAN she came out and she spoke to a group of lesbians and she introduced herself as Drusilla, the witch of the West and they applauded her and undresses you and so here gurney who that organizational group was one contest. Emails were leaked there during the election. Yeah it turns out that she was involved in that spirit, cooking all yeah yeah and that was that mean she was a disciple of Alex Crowley who that Acrobat comes from and he was one of the wicked, wicked men who ever lived. He was a real Antichrist.

Whatever the Bible could do it. Just the opposite, and enter mock God and horrific things for burning him and he was a good he was so bad with killing children, talking about babies in the womb.

Children. But he was in Italy and oldest children with goods appearing because they were sacrificing them and they couldn't pin it on him, but I knew with him for Mussolini for himself, had Crowley thrown adamantly that how bad the sky with a number of women near him committed suicide. He was really wicked in that spirit.

Cooking comes from him and that's what Hillary was in his involvement that our contestants than others. Yeah, and that the Destin sampling when they had a reporter had managed to get inside Podesta's house and he had full-size life-size portraits of portraits of young girls nude hanging on the wall and then again the those of the upper echelon and I think this is what what Hillary has depth with the with the FBI and of the in the upper echelon date. They are so seeped in Antichrist sin so seeped in pedophilia and I and and Hillary knows knows that she has it on. This is why again. I've said it before, but it reminds me you know that movie the Wizard of Oz where that that which you had that which you had all the monkeys that whatever did that her bidding was flying monkeys. That's what reminds me of the FBI today.

That reminds me of those flying monkeys that were doing doing Hillary's bidding to wear whatever they can to protect her and the corruption is there, but we're we're here. This is why we really have to week we we got a somehow get that message out like you're saying the rubber we gotta get the message out. Did there's no more time for ignorance and apathy we have to do like God's Word, the Bible tells us we got a repent of that and this is why were pushing so hard for 9/11 on that one day we can get all the pastors to preach on repentance in other there are those out there that are teaching at Word of Faith movement did they actually teach the repentance is not necessary for salvation. What was with the Jesus in the first message he appreciated it. Repent okay but limited again but they're attacking Frank yeah guy I want to print a warning out to about our Crowley. I mean he would buy contractual are you name it and with evil.

Everything, and the beetle or the Led Zeppelin. There's a butler not interrupt, but there's a bunch of them yeah yeah Lady Gaga got I'm the guy kind but we think David yeah they were all cycled of Alex Crowley about Eagles did they have a picture of him was that to the Satanists them. Oh, what was the will and his daughter took over Marilyn Munro and Marilyn Manson are no Marilyn, not Marilyn Munro.

The other blind.

What was her name that she was Madonna. No, no, back, and she was back with Jay Mansfield Jay Mansfield was decapitated, but she was attending the church of who was the other when there were the Eagles. They had that song Hotel California.

I don't remember any of that. I am not a good nap and I remember yeah that you member a guy named Bob Larson yet okay yeah Bob, but I used to have him on the radio program adding here the studio several times and that he would. He was really exposing all that stuff that was a part of what his ministry was to dispose of the and you had them so that they were many of these people were involved in that and I'm trying to think of it was the.

The other Satanist a very well-known Satanists is his daughter took over for him but they were all evolved, Sammy Davis Junior was one of his disciples, Jay Mansfield was one of his disciples. There were a number of its of those songs like that.

Hotel California that was this that's always talking about going to hell yeah okay and that Sammy Davis Junior's son, the candy man okay that was that was satanic was a secular in the Jimmy page and Robert Plant were with Led Zeppelin, but Jimmy page actually rented the house that Aleister Crowley lived in Noel there and there is influence on media and especially rock music in the 60s and 70s is profound in our pain for yeah. You see, and I remember who was at the wizard John Lennon. I believe it was this that he was that where more power popular than Jesus Christ at his work. Yet he was in the bed were better known in Jesus and he also said he looks forward to the day when Christianity exists no more. Ironically, he didn't live to see the day plays a believer now yeah that's right there's no unbelievers in heaven or hell. They all believe all day You wanted to learn. There is one in torment, but that's reality, right. So you not you just wondered the accuracy of God's word some years ago we used to have an irregular basis about twice a month I would have us different nuclear physicist. There was a group of these guys there was about 10 of them and different ones would come on and they would talk about the different dimensions and things like that and that one of one thing they all had a comment that you believed in God. They all knew that it was that mathematically, it would be impossible.

You you there's never been a creation without a creator is mathematically and classically, and no one's ever seen a creation and when you have an intelligent creation. That means you have to have an intelligent creator and so is into wheat wheat we have something that that that just really aggravates that the Democrats and that's common sense, sent right yeah they can handle common sense can help or the truth no more, the truth, you're absolutely right in the distance. This is what we get up and I was telling you what I started out with my conversation, my commentary when I had and had a conversation with the with an atheist of and that he was talking about how he wanted. He wanted to know why I thought that my news sources had more credibility than his new sword. We you know it we were having these conversations and I was explaining to him and I said well, look here. Here's here's why we have more credibility.

I said your news sources are literally contracted lawyers.

These people actually sign a contract until whatever narrative they call the narrative that they don't so they don't they don't care if it's if it's true or not, they're going against whatever the split from. We believe that lying is a sin, is repulsive to us to lie you people don't believe that. And this is why our news sources are more credible, much more accurate and truthful than yours and you know he said you know you got a good point there.

He didn't deny that he realized that.

And so, so with that I think I got to them a little bit with the right and so were coming up to break. I think you guys want to open the phone lines and Tatian calls because we need to get the message out and see what people think about what would been doing here tonight. We really got to get her. We gotta get gotta get repentance if we don't get repentance this country is absolutely positively doomed and were coming up to very cold and I can take this.

Nobody arm our military can save us. The Republican Party surely can save us. The only hope we have the only hope is got and a God, God has told us what we need to do right and the set there waiting for us to do it is any already will be back right after this one cements on this is canceled by and the ball is insisting on risking the sovereignty once bestowed on us by have been Larson's thing once a man in his religion. Take anime the Constitution will outlaw the dissent is that staining green now. The snow is going to see the man is smooth and sin remains in his sound morning when they dislike them when there's gold in Waco and in June I Netherlands is visiting by the sea by Jesus is the hopefully surprising, as the moon is called sentence on this pass accounting Christian with RI McCraw Devon disease will now by the rain and see you correctly stated that January 6. That was a coup that took place and we have the entire liberal lighting media including Fox News, for the most part lying about that and what took that took we still have all of those patriot Christians writing in jail and those people we had our people were murdered by racist dirty cops they were.

That's the truth. There were racist dirty cops.

They killed those two ladies okay and and you know what, before we take a call, you, we need to pray and imprecatory prayer we really do we need to pray because listed to the student that heavenly father where he got the wicked the wicked the corrupt, they continued to come against her people and continue to persecute your people might my prayer father got his every body every single one that is on that corrupt so-called committee their father God, those wicked, evil, ungodly people.

I pray father got bored that you would bring them to repentance. Bring those wicked people to repentance, the less they find out that Lake find themselves in the lake of fire Lord. If they refuse, my prayer father got is this. If they refuse that you remove them, take him out whatever it takes to come out and remove them because Lord God's love is that they're there to continue to persecute your children these things we ask in the name of the Lord of lords and King of Kings and Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Amen was going to take. Let's take at edger and there.

I don't@I'm doing okay and how are you there original call at the actual program late but it was aunt holiday that allegedly founded churches. They yeah that's what I was thinking of that time of day. He was the one that had those Eagles they went there. Jane Mansfield was one of his, Sammy Davis Junior they all that was and they had a picture of him on their picture Albert standing up in the balcony and the illegals that when they made at some hotel California yet and mad about it. Usually when Lucifer get there with you. You use the in a pretty bad way and I hear that they with pretty and a bad way. As far as I know, but a lot of time. By the reason I call I heard a lot about the and I went on YouTube and look it up. Don't live the rant and rave and man really getting to the point of really, like I say frantic because it comes down to the point that whether you are Democrat or Republican, allegedly say that word Mary Lou allegedly you supposed to believe that you're in the game for the best interest of the country which we noted that anyway God went ranting and raving that we we played we played about a 10 minute clip doing basically everything that he accused us of doing is what they were doing. Yeah, you know. And beyond that, I have never in my life five years ago you could pretty much planning thing you want to know you point now to the point that whether this challenge that I don't agree with everything that he has to save it but I like good information. Your program anything that they don't agree with it to the point that if blah you can't get into it with you.

I know I was. I was on. Therefore, they did not me down and took me off and it was funny because in twitter. We set an all-time record. It took him 15 seconds 15 seconds to deny me on twitter so that the main thing that when people know where you live in a great nation on American I can even listen to what I want to know Donald Trump social media platform truth. Social they just got knocked off of Google.

Google will will put up won't allow him now and know that's true social monopoly have any control away from monopoly that we have right now. You always do the opposite of what to say they're doing okay and so here like Donald Trump was accusing us you know where the ones where you have this corrupt levitate is that this is absolute true.

There is merit Carlin America would be very very hard-pressed to find somebody to prosecute as corrupt as himself. He would be hard to do that because this medicines corrupts his corruption gets the same thing with Chris Ray and you have all those whistleblowers over 20 of them have come forward in their demanding because there's so ashamed now of being a part of the DOJ or the FBI because of the corruption in their demanding Chris Ray Reese resign but then they even lie about all of that. I mean it's unbelievable how they lie about everything okay. It's just that, unbelievably, Althea got a guy like you. Before all the way it just the opposite of what they do get beyond that point that and I get off and that by you, but for almost about 95% of the long, that they may, they yeah yeah the ultimate slap in all my hypocrisy to less hypocrisy is repulsive to them as something to be embraced.

But I gotta move on it. God bless my friend was sleeveless go to to Bob Bob you are near Nevada property is one of the Lamb guy joke eventually line the top tennis players in the world will not be allowed to play in the tennis championship in America because the center for CDC has not wavered from policies that are vaccinated non-Americans Kenneth and Bob man from coming a United States people, not about all he has to do is go there, go to the border. Tell them that he's a part of the drug cartel. Not only will they bring them in Toby's partner Biden the Biden drug cartel Bill, the flighty men in the flame to a city someplace in Panama Hotel Monday morning question what happened about that moment when it was about to destroy the Jan 2020 by remember that yeah what were the five we had those five states there. I know what I can look into that and see if we did. I know the number. The states were I believe it was Arizona was one of the states and that said that they were not and I and I think I think they did that I think would Louisiana I think it's good that they got two or three very linking), 22nd I thought it was the third, 22nd, now had a number of those states that they're not going to do it that they will not allow it to. That's a good thing that you talk about the correct link Jimmy page. You're right by the chorale East Castle which is which is in constant God 24-hour a day and good work you guys could do a little night club godlessness go to to Jill Jill again. I entered I think a big electronic house.

I'm also going to go bear with me spiritually by the grace of God alone. I was wondering if you can count on Matthew 1230 think that get that. But I tell you that men will have to give an account for every idle word that they will make United States Socratic society that where under and also if you could expound in Romans 828 which says all things work together for good to them that love God's example, the called according to his purpose.

And one more is Colossians 313. I believe it said, let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all within teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the Lord wants gratitude was just wondering if you could on on that and I'm just letting you know that I'm trying to tell a lot of people to listen. Show I'm deftly really promoting what have you heard of true news by any chance do they think the same things you speak against yeah yeah yeah yeah there's more more coming out we were getting our site is building up where the alternate know in a get of the one for us, people would be getting a true news to the interview I did NBC, ABC, CBS, even their contracted layers contracted liars Revelation 21 eight Hall liars will have their place in the lake of fire, fire.

I love what you just said it would.

That means exactly what it says but I say to that every word that man shall speak, they should give account thereof in the day of judgment guys got a good memory. Okay and and yeah you going to be working to be accountable for what we do know in Romans 828 when he says all things work together for good to those that love the Lord Friday. Eventually, the date and what he's talking about. It may not be at the present, but in the end it'll work together for good on right. I gotta move on because we we don't have much time. Let me go.

Did that you fellas went for take another called you fellas want to come in on those earning okay you want to come in until there know that you've done where well already. Let's go to Clifford Clifton near hello your near Cliff Lathrop Hampton 99. Within those three talks about this people with with phase now brutish talks about enemies of God and it says destroyed forever. That's something to take heed of what will he think about spleen forces together from 90 brutish man no. If not, neither does a fool understand this when the wicked screen as the grass. When all the workers of iniquity. Do floors it is they that should be destroyed forever without Lord are most high, forever more rollover the enemies of the Lord for low that enemies shall perish in all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered and means exactly what it says look these people embrace the apostate church type. We preach on the apostate church a while back whenever it evinces sending a bracelet and and I you know I truly believe that if if a new sin. If a new sin could be invented tonight by tomorrow. The Democrats would have it in their platform because it when you take a look at United church. Then I cry through the national Council of churches where they embrace abortion.

They hear the Bible condemns sodomy condemns sodomy LGBT Q and that's exactly not only not only is it is an acceptable lifestyle. Today the Democratic Party is a preferred lifestyle is preferred. Another words. Basically there shaking their rebellious fist in the face of a holy God and telling you that they're not doing it right so right about a look at the will… Talking about. Look at the protist that I'm you know why you know the monthly amount and player in the world by me or whether they captive cavalry and about what what what toys it basically takes employees. You can even come in the country and that's what it is is about control and look with a good look, look, we told you time to time here Austin and Miley really they are doing everything in their power to destroy our military to weaken our military to cripple our military and their doing it in plain sight and and and there is another words member what Bill Clinton used to say all the time who you gonna believe me or you lionize another words right with their doing in plain sight and telling you what we just you not seeing what you're seeing right and that's exactly what they're doing going to weaken not want to remind people to this is brought believe that we buy very credible sources that come around November the the Chinese military and were talking about the top ranking have said that they may announce an invasion of the United States night say hello how good that happened.

Well first of all, the Biden crime cartel are owned by the Chinese their own unit who said that the Chinese they said they come out and receive millions and millions of dollars from them. All of these arms that they were sending ammunition tons of ammunitions to the Ukraine. That's not going farther. There's going on the black market. This test be sold on the black market. We know that okay here. Look, if you think that when we pull out of Afghanistan white. It was a done that way and $85 billion of military equipment was left there. If you don't think that tons of money got kicked back to the to the Biden crime cartel. I got I got news for your Lala land or these things are happening right in and in plain sight yes or okay I would send you I have okay okay where were at. Guess what, it's that time Raymond you got four minutes to give an invitation tonight. I tell folks how they can avoid Helen and how they can make it to heaven. Well, God made it very clear in the word of God and that is all the way through and we believe in the entire word of God, not just the New Testament back in the very beginning of the Old Testament God plan salvation because he knew that we were sinners and they made it that way because he didn't want us to be robots, but he gave us a choice to choose him or choose sin and as a result of choosing said he also provided a way for us to have salvation through his shed blood that was provided for everyone we come to him would believe and trust him and was his shed blood that would take away our sin for all eternity.

And so if there's anybody listening tonight.

That is never trusted Jesus Christ as your personal savior. If you've never come to him and ask him to forgive you of all your sin and promised him that you will follow him then that you need to do that tonight right here where you are before you go to sleep tonight that you might be able to know Jesus as your personal savior God is model liar. You will keep his word and there are many references in the word of God. We can show you after you trust Jesus as your Savior and that you can be assured of eternity in heaven with him so I want to encourage you to do that also want to encourage the pastors to take part and to be courageous and be able to say to your congregation.

We may have to suffer persecution. We may lose a few people because sometimes they don't believe what the word of God says, and we may lose a few people but if they're not willing to trust the word of God, then they are trusting in themselves and that's not what God said so we want to encourage you if you never trusted Jesus do so tonight and pastors, especially take heart. Be strong as the word of God says in Ephesians take on the whole armor of God, we wrestle not against flesh and blood and we know that it's against the principalities and powers and even spiritual wickedness in high places the pastors continue to preach the word of God and ask Jesus to give you the strength and the compassion to see these things in this country come around to you to the Lord that we had, so that we missed tonight in the program and that that was that that we will do a little dedication to our wives, so I want to say I have got a wonderful wife run. Yes, just wanted to follow-up you sent. I married up as the truth, but always tell people the story, heart, her dad, how we met. Her dad told my dad a lot of money so we offered for her to give the debt pay it off if you would offer her hand in marriage, because this is the only where gal's finest bar would ever have anything to do with the likes of me, courses taken certain liberties with the truth but I think of every spouse thought about each other the same way will be able to get through any problems that life throws at you.

Alright I married up John, did you marry up and ready. Yes sir already are soon to experience our 56th wedding anniversary in and brought it time for the night. Until then God bless you always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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