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TUE HR 1 083022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 31, 2022 12:30 am

TUE HR 1 083022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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General insurance presents shower valid/everyone does better in the shower. Turns out general is a quality insurance company saving people money for nearly 60 years since you called rhetorical general auto insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right with subprime radio pastorally centers, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 30th day of August, only got one more day left.

Summer is flying by 2022 and tonight we have will we like last night. We have a backpack program and so we held as a producer limit other than courageous. And we have way out yonder none other than the Parson Pastor Joe Larson during Bible believing flag-waving government, loving patriot. So I'm here ready to go to work and I'm just like I'm just a whole strike against your heart forever, but it's almost seems like sometimes I don't doubt that after almost a year, almost like we have been done for the 50 now so here we've we've got to start out this way.

Joe, you know the newsletter we get every week and every month it's a great new we get a lot of oh a lot of commentary people telling us how much they liked the newsletter would and because of the content and send the put this whole Lotta work to goes into putting that newsletter and there's a couple Bob and Marilyn Newberry printing who been doing. I newsletter forth now for a long time there. The elderly couple and well here. In fact, you know what Joe I've actually known Bob of their four for 60 years for 60 years of known Bob and was happened here and now. Marilyn, his wife is a had a heart attack and I find out not just today that she also has lung cancer. She's in the hospital and so were going to do like we did last night were going asked folks to join us in the square folks if you if you only knew how just if you knew what can be accomplished by prayer. I've seen things are just unbelievable accomplishment. Prayer what would when God's word says something you know that's is the most authoritative source of information and knowledge in existence today and if we would if you week join with me in that prayer. God's got a good memory. He's got a really good remembering.

He remembers those that do take the time to pray for others and so if you would take your time and pray with me for Marilyn. She she needs right now she really need your prayer so if you just take a minute and joined with my heavenly father Lord God, we come for you this this night Lord we want to hold Marilyn up at such time as this right now and that's why the God Lord that you would intervene on her behalf. Father God that the that you would bless her in every single area Lord that you have a blessing for Lord, that you might you might give her a clear mind. Father God in a pain-free body and you might touch her and heal and lower we know all you have to do you don't have a problem cancer Lord, you have a problem with any of that. All you have to do we know that that all you have to do is say be healed and is healed and that's what were asking for you to do tonight and so again, we would ask also that you would be a comfort to the family to Bob in the family and friends and in every way.

This we ask in Jesus precious name. Amen. After 1 quart per what was reported Turbid happened pardon. I didn't didn't get to say that again. Oh, you're such a hard body had she had a heart attack and heart attack, spend per minute and then based on the capturing you yeah yeah and those so there you go and you know well. We need to to get into our Scripture and let's pick up where we left off and let's go over work camp told by God.

Example culture canceled by letter to yelp canceled by God and here let's pick it up where you not to be preaching on the truth. There is so little of that today I've been watching the the left coming out with their propaganda. They've got the propaganda machine on hi. What this tells me is they're afraid the left is afraid when they turn the propaganda machine up in size.

They have and so are pulling out all the stops were real creditors. Mary R. Cryer Nair throwing everything up the wall opened something strict so you know God's Word, the Bible has a whole lot to say about truth and you know truth or consequences, and I think that's what were going to be his truth or consequences, and what's going to happen.

The left out there is going to realize when when God says that all lawyers will have the place a lake of fire. That's exactly what he means a the find that out in space.

One thing, unfortunately, they will find out the little correct. Hopefully from of the moral law) and turn around will not have to learn the hard way already.

Let's let's pick it up where we left off in Revelation 17 and in chapter well starting with verse 1212, Mark warned about foster care and caring which I received no kingdom as yet to receive power as kings one hour with these have one mind, and shall give their power and strength. Under these very shall make war with the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome for here is Lord of lords and King of Kings and they that are with them are called and chosen and faithful okay stop right there.

Jim okay now here we see this is something taking place there the course to the 10 horns represent the 10 kings of nations that are yet to come. But they're here now. Okay. When this was written no here you going to notice something in there, how not to see if this sounds like the dumbest Democratic kindness collective party.

Let's see if this sounds like Nancy Pelosi because what we are reading their is the antichrist system is demanding Joe is demanding absolute complete allegiance by the ruling raw power of oppression of oppression and's and that slavery in other words, did Nancy Pelosi. Does she keep where people wouldn't she do with over the shape the house with right they fall in line and lockstep around your work. And K, and so is that is this not but this is Joe Biden not a total tyrant, is he not become a dictator.

He's an easy dictate his ruling by dictates is he not 1/4 whole thing worth the money for your payout wrong Congress of the power of the person. I think what he did was unconscious.: I'm waiting for somebody take the court because I don't think he had the power to do this or the authorities that he is claiming that he doesn't have the companies he's become totally lawless. The entire Democratic Party is lawless. They think the weapon I used the FBI the justice all of these agencies they weapon eyes that they're doing there. Absolutely lawless and breaking the law through breaking the law. Okay, but here, so pick it up where you left off their and read over right right down to and stop in verse 16. Offender Mary Waters worked out far where the Lord are the our people. Good night and promise and the 10 horns without fault on the base.

Our and shall make her desolate and naked shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire's okay now we talked about that yesterday when is referring to the three parts. The three parts of the Babylon here, the New World order. Babylon the political the economic unity and the political is the deep state. Today the corruptive state the economic as the wool corporations we see these will corporations and aligned themselves with a corrupt government and of course the great horror is the apostate church to the apostate church. And so, and not just the church with that of the apostate religions now one of the things Joe remember one of the things the in the opposition that we have. It's always totally opposite of what God's Word, the Bible teaches.

Whatever the Bible teaches is good. They they will will use it for evil. In other words, would God cause good they call you home vice versa. For example, the hypotheses we was high hypocrisy is repulsive for the bad things that a good thing, but to them. It's not high. Hypocrisy is something to be embraced. The other thing is is betrayal to us betrayal, right to us, betrayal. Betrayal is wrong. The very first betrayer was Satan himself) directly and so here's what I've got right and good creator. You had Alyssa feel betrayed King David. You had Judas obviously betrayed Lord Jesus himself.

But but now here today in modern days that we've had. I remember our ally, the Shah of Iran who was an ally of America. He might not of been the nicest guy in the world, but he he was well, he wasn't considered to be a tyrant either, but he was betrayed by Jimmy Carter was in very much so.

And then you had remember of Barrick, the Egyptian prime minister and he was betrayed by Barack Obama Obama and requite you.

One of the problems wannabe puppets then then you had Gadhafi you he was. He helped get Obama elected head and he was betrayed by Hillary coloring now so within the collective.

If you can betray someone of power someone of authority. If you can betray those people and get away with it, then your stock within the collective goes up because betrayal to us with betrayal is repulsive and so is a bad thing to them again is something to be embraced betrayal and so on.

The better you are.

And so what are we see president trumpet was betrayed by everybody was in a menu had his first attorney of record party establishment out who was who was the first who was the first Atty. Gen. that was appointed to remember all of you out file you through their program, the former Sen. yes and I was not there. I know maybe he betrayed him. Okay he was the last Atty. Gen. to betrayed from our grandmother Garland right now. Yet welcome that we we know that one here but before him who was there having a senior moment his heart isn't having a senior moment for the person on the radio accompanied was what he was betrayed by the was betrayed to by everybody there in the FBI call me: all the and then there were several people there that all were part of that tritium looks sturdy and temporary. Pretty much everybody in the state's lawyer betrayed everybody was bought in other words, they went. When the FBI went to him and said you're going to betrayer you going to turn on him, or else okay and so that's what happened in the we see how good (on here exactly so we saw him being betrayed even by his own VP Mike pence, right, and so we see that this is a part that they wear that where that betrayal comes from now. So they turn on the apostate church. And so that apostate church is not just the apostate, but it's also we take a look at and an elite we see the prosperity church we see these huge mega churches.

These huge mega churches in our area. Here we have a churches had the incentive a Methodist it's it's in apostate is today goes long since but it's it's a huge because of all the money that was left to it years ago from people and and since then we've seen apostate size and getting worse and worse going farther and farther away from the word of God and and so here he goes on, and he says this and it says that they put their hearts to fulfill his will will know for God has put in the heart to fulfill his were willing to agreeing to give to God is the one that is turn the apostate church turned the woke corporations and the corrupt, deep state political against the horror directly and so here rendered judgment. Your donation and found it to be very simple, very lacking and very unrepentant and so it goes that it says that forgot to put in their hearts to an to fill is willing to agree and to give their kingdom into the beast into the word God should be fulfilled in the woman that though solace is the great city was the radiance over the kings of the earth, and so with seeing this here when it's referring to what were seeing a lot of types and shadows, no, he's talking about in the building of a one world order. The great war should cover the entire right exactly okay. I'm going to stuff way to really pick it up in tomorrow in the 1890 little commentary maybe we should do this commentary several times this week that I started yesterday.

I'm a in a conversation with a leftist individual I noticed what appeared to be a hint of reality sitting in. He asked me why I thought that my reporting for my news sources had more credibility than his left-wing sources. My work, my response was that we believe that it is a sin to lie is what we told remember yesterday when a course Revelation 21 verse eight says all liars will have their place in lake of fire, and so again we talked about worth the left wing news sources literally are contracted liars simply people are starting. I think more more understand this.

They literally contracted to die, they signed a contract agreeing to go along with whatever and they use the word instead of lightly use the word narrative. Whatever the narrative and then that's when you also see it's where the code collective comes in and the echo chamber starts work. If you change the station. Also in exactly the same thing and they will tell you if we all say the same thing at the same time people believe us and in here basically what they're saying if we all tell the same lie and they do that in a collective matter why we because there all alone. Now China right now, China has the Dragon out there. The symbol for China to is the Dragon and so that the Dragon if you will, and I'm not saying that's the that that Satan I'm just saying that that's a symbol they did, they virtually old what the media does and they own the Biden family crime cartel they own it lock stock and barrel soap limit go on with the commentary says that we believe that killing babies is murder and child sacrifice does exactly what it is to kill babies the child sacrifice. They believe that it's a constitutional right, and a convenience.

That's what the the left of the wickedness of the hardship and I remember you not, I can tell you I think I would hate to live in New York City. I would hate to live in that there legislation in the state of New York, though state legislators of New York seem to be extremely wicked people harming wicked people and will be hearing from probably some of the those that are from New York in the very near shoot future literary for office, but when I saw them stand and cheer when that that absolutely corrupt men that Antichrist.

He is an antichrist. Gov. Cuomo when he when he was say we can you not kill babies after they're born delete do not have to just kill them days. Whatever after their board and they cheered.

This is we can kill. We could offer up these children sacrifices that New York state legislator is a court really are corrupt and a very wicked and evil thing okay and so and every pastor in New York knows that and if if they were good good and godly men. They would say that they would tell the truth. Remember this truth or consequences. Truth or consequences.

In some, we believe that organ harvesting is a horrible, horrible sin, they believe that it's a profitable industry. Of course Joe's long as they're not the ones be harvested, right and we were to as I preached on this site.

I was talking about what happened when we had the mountain yard mountaineer pastor.

These are the true natives of the Vietnam.

These are the people of the indigenous indigenous people of of Vietnam. Then the what they call the Vietnamese and there really came down from China. Most of but that these people have these pastors that we were with 22 of these pastors is mountaineer pastor's and when we were having a dinner and I remember what happened. One of them come up. His daughter had been sold from the Vietnamese government to Saudi Arabia.

She was sold because she couldn't pay her taxes and while we were there. They had the phone where he brought up and it was his daughter that the Saudis allowed her to have one last communication with her father and she was saying that this is the last time you'll see me. They're going to harvest my organs today and that took place at our dinner. Remember your talk about that was so horrified.

I wonder how many people really aggressive going on today. Integrators slavery people selling people involved in the slavery harvesting organs exploit the thing turned her partner.

I don't want to see or hear the desiccated Communist Party here. This is flush with pedophilia. It's flesh is flesh would benefit the but they don't call pedophilia. Nelly called minor attraction. And a lot of these children that are missing there missing for organ harvesting.

Joe and that's that's actually taken place with you not going to hear any of that on the fake news media that we believe that LGBT Q is as God's word has is an abomination in abomination is a very very serious transgression against God of nature and all of nature, the Bible refers to this of this abomination. The very first time homosexuality was talked about sodomy it was that was the time the very first time the word abominable was used in the Bible rightly remember one of the old Hebrew definitions for that was the stench of rotting flesh cannot control over God. Yeah, that's not a good thing is gotten foundered so. But today, your your NEA the entire Democratic Communist Party Joe Obama Biden nasty Pelosi the entire Democratic Communist Party push this horrible horrible sin. The apostate church. The United Church of the antichrist. Most United Methodist Church. They push this horrible horrible sin and if you love your children get them out of the public fool system because it's right with pushing the sin of sodomy descendent and that they embrace not only do they consider this this LGBT Q to be a good example lately considered to be of an accident up superior that it's a it's a privilege to be a part of what God calls and abominable thing and you know what even even on Fox News. They won't condemn it. Fox News will condemn it right. I'm in you.

They come out.

They want to come out know some other wood but they come out and and and most of the, the prissy preacher this country don't have the courage their freight. They need the fear of the sodomites when they do God to come out and condemn but put up. Praise God for that very small percentage of actual real pastors that he has left out there. I'm in a job there to collect their work time you go ahead persevere through art.

The great work. One of the things on our side hiding out the truth because the people to tell the truth get attacked a huge crisis. We know Joe Farrell world news daily terrible pricing being destroyed by an old radio giant media of Silicon Valley, Michael Kaufman, Dr. Greg Thompson submitted people we work with those and spoke of the true have been attacked by the government some form and knock down paid a heavy price and you don't do that you don't stand up and tell the truth do to get absolutely to get ruined right absolutely and so were going to play Luke was in place when Luna break and then we get some clips go ahead take away pain sensation sees a naked man things is instead the door has been found in the main thing the three, the police man. No please please me you got no jurisdiction.

Please believe me property is getting. You may not be a family please be only daddy please me leave the condo in the me me me me me me me me know and last night I called splash reality when he was confronted by a Heckler lesson but no go. We never everybody. Washington knows it's true. They just won't admit it because they were all in on the Democrats, the FBI, CIA detected form will conspire to review election every day more evidence comes out ready it doesn't FBI whistleblower to say the Bureau buried the laptop for a whole year before we voted yesterday.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted like the Facebook about the laptop today since right before the election. Stories about Hunter's laptop. There was a lot of attention on Twitter during the election because of the hundred Biden laptop story to be at Willis or Cassie. As well switch to a different path than twitter.

Basically the background here is the FBI basically came to us in some some folks our team as a kite, just you know you should get high alert.

There is what we thought there's a lot of Russian propaganda in 2016 election we have notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump out of five on that just be vigilant spinning thing with real three-year before it was leaked to the pasta Justice Department was investigating on her for the very crimes they said was Russian disinformation at the same time the FBI was frantically trying to neutralize Ashley Biden's missing diary yesterday they sent to drug addict. The prison for finding the presidents daughters diary and trying to cash in on wanted to keep nonviolent offenders out of the diary was never even stolen Ashley by just abandoned it. She left it under a mattress in a halfway house where she was recovering from her sex and drug addiction and even rated project Veritas over your have you ever seen so much federal manpower unleashed over diary. Maybe because it has dirt on the first family not fit dirt like golden showers and Russian collision. No real first-person accounts from Ashley Biden that her hyper sexualized use a quote.

I remember having sex with friends at a young age and showers with my dad probably not appropriate that you come out. I don't think Biden would one Georgia FBI site binds Wolf member Pulp Fiction truck cleanings are the cop fast fast fast manner help appreciated my selection in solving Democrats problems for three straight elections. Now the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch is under investigation and her husband secretly met with a woman investigating her for half an hour and claim the whole time. They just talked about their grandkids, but was doing during that meeting. Well, the FBI formed a barrier around them and try to make sure that the press couldn't get too close and hear what they were sent to after letting Hilary's case by don't trump and then rigged the next election for Joe and entering this one with the rate we were never supposed to know about 10% for the big iron it. Biden was taking closed-door meetings with Ukrainian gas executives knew all about Biden family corruption in Ukraine, but they still let trunk and impeached over basically impeached transfer calling 911 on job intelligence community even covered up a lab leak and the CIA helped cover up the laptop week. See how big this whole thing gets it gets even bigger was this people probably not but I'll get one. This election was decided by 44,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin. If we the people and been lied to trumpet want. This is not a free and fair election FBI rigged the 2020 election, diary, laptop, Facebook, and now the Pfizer deal.

This is the biggest conspiracy I've ever seen anyone touch it because they are complicit tonight calling on all the honest FBI agents to come forward and tell the truth about what happened in 20 2012 whistleblowers is an enough. I remember when one whistleblower got a present impeached with 12 encounter the very institutions that are supposed to stay out of politics stolen election to have the courage to come out and serve your country in the right way, but sex is a former CIA analyst and as a cohost of the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton shall huge it is Jesse, and which, when we start with how we could do cultivated and the vaccine approval process. As we seen since the first vaccine approval is not shot five shy six common shots at it without anyone really believing that they have the full data. Certain long-term studies to know about efficacy or safety measures keep pumping out to keep going, but the timing of it was rather convenient for biting and rather inconvenient for the trump administration at the time. I think that's asking people to become coincidence, there is an sent conspiracy theorist and only FBI when it be nice if somehow the FBI could manage to stay out of the presidential election as it should be that hard. You could have said there's absolutely no way that we are based on the angry letters from the library and going to raid the home of a former president.

We understand what they think, which is the president trump is a unique threat to our democracy that he must be treated fairly in the press that must be treated differently by the federal bureaucracy on the beach take extreme measures are not only warranty they are necessary. Something can be justified under any circumstances concerning our what going on six years, so it's not surprising that pecans are being crossed over and over again that are doing things it never done before.

The FBI and CIA and other officials who signed the laptop letter workforce on that they knew it was real, but they did their part for the Biden administration RDC elements within the federal bureaucracy with the intelligence agencies look at the possibility of a trumpet ministration once again is literally being capable of ending the country so the country lying about it in an article inside and into like a fool not for low stakes. That's how they justified his truck was a renegade and go along with the establishment he tried to cut deals with the Russians in the beginning he tried to do a deal with the Saudi's. He was tough on China try to close the border. The donors didn't like that for the good of the country then rigged election did not there so many ways that they rigged election. Nevermind the Facebook FBI and Twitter and Facebook suppression on behalf of you and I think there should be policing disinformation or misinformation. The first playwright someone said something mean about Joe Biden speak. People say lots of me thinks that he can't speak and that's why they had to speak for him and not for tonight.thank you so much Joe and we you it's it's like I told you so. Remember, remember God's Word the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Post tells you resistance to tyranny is obedience to God resist his and those those FBI agents. They had the responsibility, that's just to the people are the oath they took they had the responsibility to to stop attempt to blow whistles. They should've employed with us for a long time they did not understand now that Chris Ray you know that is he's going to be pretty soon on his way out height. I understand a number of agents of said that he is totally lost control and I know when they brought admin for congressional hearings that he had that little smirk on his face and then they'll try to work but Sean Hannity came out there now up to coordinate whistleblowers and very are coming out asking Chris Ray to redesign Down because she lost control of the FBI jump off and control the wealth that was lost long ago wasn't it right lately is really running things that trouble we don't know somebody's running the State Department, the FBI hold deep state and we don't know who it is. Joe we clairvoyant, I mean Joe, did we know was where we given some some great message going back to the very night the trump won the election in 2060 employed was November 8. Was this a message or delete at that night and that very night on that very night do we not tell people that the 2020 election was going to be the most corrupt person going is the election fraud that that center president far beyond anything this country said. Now how do we know that you're more corrupt. Every year we watch their revolutions build take over coming weeks, saying he was going to bring about the total transformation of America on the that we just paid attention to what the enemy said did you leave them do we not hear delete not hear Margie Zuckerberg say that he was that he had the ability to flip 15 million votes are involved and into all of the fake news media there. They realize that they messed up they underestimated the American people and so now this election fraud the election in a waters really didn't do not cover the the of voter fraud where he came to all of the ballots in which we did. We were underway. We were on top of that, to this very day. The fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, to this very day will not tell the truth, they will not tell the truth. Okay so were going to have some rapid with got some lightning. One thing after you and I have over the years the enemy has almost always told us what your grandmother going back to Dr. Carl Marx, Fabian Socialist cultural Marxist your name. They said what there were going to do or explain how they were going to do it and they went ahead and the progressive Caucus that was in our Congress and how they were gonna foment this revolution of Barack Obama. The total transformation he talked about the differences you and I hear them. We know what they're saying we believe them because we watching the actions follow the word they say they start to do what they say they're going to do and this is been going on in my entire life I can remember the enemy always is telling you what you actually do in movies. They do it. Movies remember slowly green 1984 date that they do it.

Movies to they show you what that one movie they did know the advocate and I think it was called which was really need to show you how they use the big corrupt the legal system. How is just totally corrupted and there had been Satan uses that but anyhow with lawyers but anyhow window lightning rounds. No trump once read two 2020 election immediately over new FBI revelations. So, legitimate president sedately keeps calling the reflow. The former, we don't never call them former Pres. legitimate president Donald Hill said the 2020 election needs to be redone following recent disclosures. How about the FBI influence reporting about Hunter Biden's laptop gone so now it comes out that and then cozily that the FBI buried 100 Bible God in Hunter Biden's laptop story before the election, knowing that if they didn't help would have easily won the 2020 presidential election he did when it they fit (the votes they flip the votes since before our very eyes. We saw him do it.

Okay trump part of the social media platform truth social on August 29 the massive fraud election interference and a lever level. Never ever seen before in our country declare the rifle winner or that this would be minimal solution declare the 2020 election in repair of a compromise and have a new election immediately travels the road without working to deal with this. I know you got questions about that. How constitutional is that the word unlimited unlimited deal with it in the second part of the second hour. Okay the enemy is coming out. They are really trying to put him down for this girl there calling him all sorts of names that I think they're currently like you said earlier, nearly very are afraid of the art now coming after this like you cannot believe what they're saying about him. Really I cannot believe I don't want you like on Fox news. No comment at all on Fox news Noel again like I told you know Jesse wanted to know was on Fox News. We just heard from Jesse wanted. We heard from Tucker Carlson to an Hannity, so at least there's three out there, but but Fox News would not even promote 2000 meals were that was absolutely fair so you can't Fox News is not my corner.

Fox News is is no more to be trusted that NBC, ABC or CBS so close. You know when I hear Brett bears a fair and balanced well. I bet that's line and in a line is a sin. By the way, what were talking about this and we mentioned this the you FBI agents. I want to pray together for the ones that come forward to say 20 of them now that have come forward and I and I know you know that that you guys a bit under pressure. But what that what is happened you got it, remember this, I gave you the still have kept your integrity member how the Bible talks about how the Lord says would.

Although Job went through and yet he kept his integrity and you you FBI agents that have said you know what this is better than that I'm I'm I'm not a dirty cop and I and and I can put up with this and you've gone forward and you blown the list of those that haven't yet. He really should now but you got understand something here. It's the best thing always always the only remedy for sin.

And believe me, it's a sin of omission that would for those that know to do good and do it. Not James 417 for those that know to do good and do it not to them. It is sin okay and so would cleaning her. It is so you fellas out there.

You know, again nothing about this, your children, your children, not real proud of you little telling their friends that their fathers, and FBI agent.

Maybe someday would a lot and and it's not because of what you did but you love people like Chris Ralph Lycoming placed Peter Strock and these people go out and Merrick Garland okay and they have they have given you a bad name and to hear Merrick Garland talk about the integrity of the FBI. Again, I want to say this and I want to make a very clear Merrick Garland would be very, very, very hard-pressed to find someone define anyone who is as corrupt as he is to prosecute. He's yet again Merrick your dirty cop and let me tell you, like we just told him the only remedy. The only remedy for that is repentance you had dearer you've taken out your angry or mad because you got passed over for Supreme Court Justice got passed over because of your record, Merrick Garland, you needed to repent of that lesson John the Baptist told Herod okay Haiti called Herod out and Merrick Garland you're being called out.

You got, you can't be God he can't. You cannot beat God and what you need to do you need in an Chris Ray and all of you out there. I think as far as Joe Obama Biden Joe Biden. I believe it is too far from him.

I think he's he's become so reprobate. I think he's become so reprobate I don't know if there's any turning back and and by the way, you know that the reason again pedophile. You remember what their they're saying that the Democrats are called pedophilia. They've given a new name called minor attraction. This is what the calling by giving it the language of illusion anything is going to somehow there calling for to legitimize that make it legally want to make pedophilia illegal Joe Biden pedophilia in God's eyes is a horrible sin Joe Biden pedophilia is a horrible sin in God's eyes, which he did with your daughter was wrong it was wrong, but again the only remedy for sin is repentance. And so that needed to be said that the Joe currently needed. Where were living in an age where I wonder how many of our listeners was never actually read 1984 and they have they need to read that all about. The concepts that came in.

Brother thought crockpot police that this novel explain exactly what they're trying to do to us today. Control all aspects control. Even our thinking the idea of a thought crime hate crimes. If you think you know where it's heading and they try to change history. History was continually in the book 1984 rewritten well that's what they'd been doing that been changing and shifting our words and changing our words changing our history, trying to redo the Constitution go back and say no, the year of the country started the state slavery ring. Everything in this book we can find a parallel to today and I just hope everybody goes on to other library or visor copy and read 1984. It should scare you because you are seeing it take place that was written above. I remember right, 1984 was written back in the 60s. I believe it was I was reading and written without okay, I think of that was under the camera right here. About 56 yeah I remember back. Back in the 60s. I II remember my science teacher teaching is that that by the by the 1980 I think my by 85 you would have no more rubber tires on cars all the cars would be floating on air, the highways would be made of rubber but not the tires that so far and I remember all of the things I didn't get right with Work with government power. It is on the head a little early to think they called a little early but still everything that that is taking place today in one one stage or another one from another. Listen DOJ says FBI agents took privileged materials in the trump rates article by Jack Phillips. This is from the epic times for the epic times officials have completed their examination of the documents that were taken during a raid on the legitimate president Donald Trump Maryland residents and is possible that attorney-client privilege information was seized by dirty FBI agents of the department it now. There was some documents or attorney-client privilege.

Raven took passport three passports he had and there was nothing that there are in the passport picture taken that they had to give those back to me. The search warrant covered every piece of paper during his entire presidency and we know that's not a constitutional search warrant search warrant is supposed to be extremely specific. You have to look and take only that pertain to let the warrant. You can't just say all back up this whole room and take it with me.

I'm trying to find one and all item that is not the way it works.

There was no legal unconstitutional and that I don't care a lot about Republican Congressman and Senators screaming out. It was an invalid unconstitutional search and we need some people out some courage. Take out and tell the truth.

That's what we're doing is going Christina Lila and Jesus teaches writing here that did Joe Biden's in Justice Department on Monday asked the court's permission to file a 40 page response the president to the legitimate president Donald Trump's request for a special master the Washington Examiner reported no can you imagine that Pres. Trump doesn't trust the DOJ right or just hearing. I don't deal. PIV IRS Biden administration Department of Education. There's nobody up there.

I trust the DOJ's is what they have a your own their own consulate does that yeah that's a is that they don't need a special master to request yeah.)

Own internal yeah I'm hoping that that did they get. If there's any any justice at all. That judge in a court should get to have a proper private master where I hope that you find when the camp he bought okay you like.

Not the FF program got an expert in the acceptor government documents for you. Yeah, right, absolutely, very quickly. Chief of chief administrator of private private Christian school in Florida receives death threats after telling parents, students, okay. Will be back right after this work ran another time.

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