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THU HR 2 082522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 26, 2022 12:22 am

THU HR 2 082522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Welcome to today's show. I had discussed this many times over my short period here on YouTube. I've discussed the Satanic Temple and the image that they're trying to present to the media, to society. Remember, they use the Baphomet, they use the upside-down pentagram, they do actual rituals, they do mock rituals, but they come out and they say that they don't actually worship the devil. Now, people are so stupid, they actually believe this stuff, that these people aren't real devil worshipers because they're recruiting people. And when the Roe v. Wade stuff happened and began, I talked about how they were going to step in as a beacon of light. And that's exactly what happened in Texas.

It's been happening in Texas for quite some time. Anytime there is any type of anti, you know, anytime there is anything that is against Planned Parenthood, they will show up and they will be looked at by society, the majority of people, non-Christians, as wonderful, amazing people. People automatically disregard the fact that they worship the devil because they tell you that they don't. They're like, yeah, we wear the devil, you know, in our clothes. We say, Hail Satan, every time we speak. We have a movie, Hail Satan. We're a nonprofit. We were expedited to become a nonprofit, you know, or a church, a legalized church so we can avoid being at tax exemptions, all of those things.

But you know, we don't really worship the devil. Well, because of these things that are occurring and the image that the media is portraying, they're seeing their membership go up. This is a story from Ohio where they're actually putting this in the news. I wonder why, because this is just free advertising for them where they put this in the news. What would provoke a local news affiliate to even cover this? Post-Roe, Ohio, Satanic Temple sees membership grow.

Why would they cover? Somebody just called up and like, hey, I'm from the Satanic Temple. Like, okay, this is the news station. Where are we have a spike in our membership because of the Roe v. Wade. I guarantee you, you will see a lot of these affiliate local Fox News, NBCs around the country start covering and doing the same exact story with their local Satanic temples.

And this is how they expand upon it. Take a look at this propaganda. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24th, the Satanic Temple of Ohio has seen their membership grow exponentially. First News reporter Desiree Gosselin spoke with a Boardman man who is a member of the Ohio Congregation of the Satanic Temple. He explains why their numbers are growing. If you are a rebel, you don't fit in. You don't align with the beliefs and ideals that the people around you tell you that you should align and believe with. Many would refer to you as a Satanist right there.

Kyle McCullough joined the Satanic Temple about three years ago and tells me there are many misconceptions about his religion. You know, I hear frequently the first thing that comes to mind a lot of people is sacrificing kittens. We've got cats everywhere. One of our regions does animal shelter volunteering on a regular basis. Since late June, they've seen their numbers grow much more quickly than before the SCOTUS decision on Roe.

We went from, we'd average about two to three applications or so a week through our application through our group page. So after, you know, Roe, that jumped to anywhere from 15 to 20 a week. Members of the Satanic Temple believe in seven fundamental tenets, not unlike Christianity's 10 commandments. The third tenet is about bodily autonomy and states one's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will. You know, they put together a abortion ritual per se, which is basically just stating it's an abortion that within, um, Satanic communities within the Satanic Temple, it is a protected religious act. McCullough says this religious protection for abortion is similar to how other religions are protected by the first amendment. You know, the Hobby Lobby stuff with the contraception, stuff like that, that those are their protected religious freedoms that they should have protected by law. Abortion is the same within, within the Satanic Temple. The Satanic Temple is always accepting new members, but they do vet them to make sure that people don't mean their members any harm and to ensure that people believe in their seven tenets. Reporting in the newsroom, Desiree Gosselin, WKBN 27 First News.

So it isn't a surprise because their recruiting methods are pathetic. I mean, just imagine that we all, uh, you know, I came on here, you guys go to church and you went to a church service and then at the end they're like, yeah, but we, none of us really, you know, we don't worship Jesus. We don't believe in God. Huh? You just go, wait, what?

Huh? Cause that's what the Satanists do. They go, oh, we don't really believe in the devil. You know, we just say, hell Satan, because it makes no sense at all.

We only, the only things we care about are Planned Parenthood. And we make sure that anytime there are victims of satanic ritual abuse, meeting together, doing anything together, we go there and we torment them because that's what they do in this, you know, woke world that we live in. You would think people would say, uh, this is really harsh. These people were abused and the Satanists go there and they mock them and they make fun of them and they call them all lunatics.

You know, like if we did that, you know, to people who ride the Hershey highway, then we'd be, you know, run through the mud in the mainstream media. So this whole thing that you're seeing going on now is again, going to shine light at Satan being the protagonist. These are things I've discussed over the years with how they've inverted everything. The Bible talks about this in Isaiah chapter five, verses 20 through 21 woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight. I mean, how much more obvious or how much more, you know, we're talking about good being evil and evil being good. I mean, we can all look at certain things, right?

And say, well, you know, I don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn't call it a good thing. You could look at something and have a perspective and at your own perspective, I should say on it, but we're literally talking about Satan being portrayed as a good guy and God being portrayed as a bad guy. We see mocking of Jesus all the time in these movies, these Netflix shows, the mainstream media. So they're flat out in an open marketing campaign, recruiting people by doing things like this, showing up at these events now and they could go, well, we care about everyone.

We care about everyone. And this is how they start recruiting people. Now these people will be like, oh, they don't really worship the devil. Just like with Freemasons, right? Well, they joined the Freemasonry.

They're like, that's stuff that I've heard on YouTube. That doesn't really happen. Oh, what degree are you? I'm a first or second degree Mason. Oh, okay. Keep going.

Keep going further. Get down in your tighty whities and let them hold swords up to your throat or wait for the part where they make you do something that you don't want to do because you have to do it, whatever they decide. And you know, you got to do it or they're going to have a problem on your hands. Wait till those parts happen and then come back and tell me about how it's not what we all say that it is because we've all read their teachings and see what they do because we know the enemy.

Be as wise as serpents, as innocent as doves. So another thing going on in addition to a spike in memberships in these, you know, and look, people join the satanic temple. I mean, in the big picture of things, the satanic temple's whole purpose as a CIA operation, because who do you think really funds this? These people don't have jobs. They sit around. They have money. They go places. I mean, they have no following.

They get no viewership on YouTube. They get no interactions on social media, which is really a way you can gauge these people and these fronts when they're not working and they're still getting, they're still making a living and they don't have any social interaction. They don't have a following or a base, but they're trying to grow their following and their base.

And these are ways that they do it. They do things like, Hey, did you hear there's going to be a nativity out in front of town hall? And then they all show up with their Baphomet statue and they say, well, we're going to bring our Baphomet here.

And everyone goes, Oh, okay. And people get real angry and upset, not realizing their whole purpose and the whole goal of the organization is to have Christianity removed. They want people to come in and say, we want this statue gone. So then they can say, Hey, we'll get rid of our statue. If you get rid of your crucifix or you get rid of your Bible and you don't mention the 10 commandments ever anywhere on public ground. Oh, okay.

That's how this thing works. Now, another thing going on with the Satanists is that you may have heard over the years, there's a lot of these like events like comic con and all this stuff that's gained ground. Well, the satanic temple, I covered the one that they recently had and they're having another one, a Satan con. The con's really on them though.

Cause Satan's the one who was conning them. So the name is pretty fitting. And they're holding that in Boston in 2023, April 28th through the 30th with the theme being hexanal also known as witches night, a German holiday that occurs on April 30th. And it's similar to Halloween.

Oh wow. You mean Beltane? Let's not tell the audience that right. That May 1st that's when the veil is second thinnest. According to these scumbags who worship the devil, they perform a lot of rituals on Beltane May 1st.

So the fact that it's happening from the 28th to the 30th, it works out perfect. And it's also known as witches night, but they're not Satanists. They don't worship the devil. Satan con, nah, hail Satan. Now it's all marketing boys. Oh, right.

Right. And this is the mindset of the world that we live in now where people can flat out call themselves a satanic temple. Yet people would actually believe them. And they do actually believe these people when they say that they're not devil worshipers.

Pretty incredible how stupid we've got as a society. Now, people like me and you, we're not stupid. We see through it. We don't get conned by things like Satan con. We don't get conned by the devil because we're smarter than all his minions. His minions are just puppets, but all right, we're going to, we're going to cut it right there.

Let's go. Uh, and uh, Michelle Leah here, you see what they call mainstream media, NBC, ABC, CBS. Now, uh, they have been doing their best to try to, uh, portray Satanism now as legitimate and put it on, on the same level as Christianity.

In other words, uh, they're saying, well, you know, Satanism is, is legitimate and, uh, is just another choice of religions. Uh, and yet people don't get it because they come out and these people on television, they're dressed very well. And, uh, and they're trained, you know, when, when the echo chamber opens up, uh, and they, they have the lie that they call their narrative. Uh, and, and, and the reality is this, these people are actually contracted liars. They're, they're conned.

They sign a contract agreeing. They, they use the word narrative to, to, uh, parrot, whatever narrative they're taught to parrot, even though they know it's a flat out lie though, they're trained to look in that camera and try to convince you that's their job. And so here now, do you see what has happened within the democratic communist party? Satanism has become, well, they become flush with Satan's.

What do you think? You know, I actually really love that this is happening and it's kind of what I referred to before the break that when the devil comes at you just blatantly the devil, then most people can see through it. And Lee and I actually had an encounter with a legitimate witch this past weekend. And I want to tell you guys something. They don't have a lot of power.

We have the, the breastplate of this. And when we go at them, I'm telling you what they will, uh, they will cower at every turn. We can, we can beat them. So I think it's fantastic that they're, they're finally coming out and showing their true colors because we can beat them when they finally say, listen, we're of the devil.

And we say, Oh, get deep behind me, Satan. Well, they are, you know, it's an interesting thing because I had, uh, I kind of got the, uh, the feminist a little bit angry at me. Well, quite a bit when we were talking about some of the, the best known witches here, cause I, I did a message on witches and wizards and warlocks and, uh, people that are, and then I mentioned Hillary Clinton as being probably the best known witch. Now, Hillary actually is, was the top witch of a witch covenant.

She heads up a witch covenant there in California. And, um, she actually came out, she was on C-SPAN. She introduced herself as Drusilla, uh, the witch of the West.

And so, but here's what happened now. I, after that, when she came out, she calls in on the radio program, I've got Larry Nichols on there. And uh, when she heard us, I, and she said, this is Drusilla. And, uh, I says, well, where are you cried right away?

Uh, both Larry and I recognized her voice, but when she let loose with her cackle, she's got that strange cackle. And so, and so, uh, I said, well, where are you calling from, uh, Drusilla? And she said, I'm on a beltway sitting in traffic here in my limousine.

And, um, I said, really? And, uh, I had to believe her like five times. Now it was an interesting thing because see, she, Larry Nichols at one time was her handler and he had a, uh, and she hated him. He, she destroyed his, his marriage because of, she hated him.

Hillary does never liked short men. Okay. Larry Nichols. I don't know. Do you know who Larry Nichols was? Yes.

Yeah. He was the guy behind. He was the real strategist for the Clinton mob. I led him to the Lord and he, he came out of there, but he was the real strategist to, to Bill Clinton.

They put Dickie Morris out front for public consumption, but Larry, they kept in the background and it was his strategy. And what, what happened is, uh, when he, he, he wanted to come out of there and, uh, they wanted him to end up like Vince Foster. And he contacted me back about 1990 and we, we spilled the beans on everything, uh, on the whole Clinton mob back, you know, and from that time on, they were out to get him. But in fact, they, they did get a number of other people that worked with us and exposing the Clinton mob. And when I went to Arkansas, they use 14 different Dixie, uh, mobsters trying to run me out of there.

In fact, the last night I was there, they were outside my rooms all night with ball bats and shotguns and running trucks up against my window. So anyhow, it's corrupt as corrupt can be. Now, Hillary, she's kind of like the queen, which they're, she owns, she owns the FBI. China owns the Biden Clark crime cartel.

I mean, they're bought and paid for by the Chinese communist party. And this is what, what they're doing. Well, this is why Biden is doing everything. He was sent in there to reduce us to third world status and he's been doing a good job of that.

And also you've got Millie and Austin there. Their job is to destroy our military and they're working to do that day and night. And so this is where we're at. That's why we need again on nine 11 we have a nationwide nationwide. We're asking the pastors all to, if they would come and they would preach a nine 11 repentance that they would preach all across the country at the same time from the pulpits. If it's real, God will hear it. Remember, Nineveh bought themselves a hundred years by repenting.

We can do it. God is telling us second Chronicles seven 14. He's told us how to do it right there. And so that's what we're hoping people will do because, uh, again, we are now in second Timothy chapter three, we are now in Romans chapter one and second Thessalonians two where we're there right now. Uh, and we in second Timothy chapter three, he's very specific. It's not like any other places where it says in later days or end days and times here is very specific. And the last days it says the last days and everything that is listed there, we're seeing right now, fulfill before our eyes.

That is exactly the characteristics and the attributes of all the, of our society today is very, very clearly delineated. So what do you think about all that? You know, I, okay. So what comes to mind, especially when you talk about nine 11 and this repentance and then that clip that you played and us talking about how they are pushing a satanic agenda. It reminds me of Matthew 17 when, when the, uh, boy, you know, is throwing himself into the fire and the water and the disciples tries, tried to cast the devil out of him and they can't. And, uh, Jesus rebukes them, uh, and says, Oh, you faithless and perverse generation. How long will I be with you?

And how long shall I bear you? Bring him to me. And he rebukes the demon. The demon comes out of them.

The child's cured, right? And the disciples come to Jesus later and they say, how come we couldn't do it right? How come we couldn't cast them out?

And Jesus says, first of all, it was because of your unbelief. Um, because when I tell you, if you have the faith as small as a mustard seed, you will say to a mountain, move from here and there and it will move and nothing's impossible. But then he adds this, however, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. We need a nation that is repentant, prayerful and living a fasted lifestyle. And when we have that, there is nothing that is impossible for us because I'm telling you what, whether it's the LGBTQ community or agenda, whether it's Klaus Schwab, whether it's the satanic movement that's trying to push into schools and society, whether it's this cannibalism that they're pushing, all of this stuff, it's all propelled by the demonic hordes and force of Satan. And so the only way that we are going to beat it is if we are a righteous nation that lives a fasted lifestyle, a prayerful lifestyle, a righteous and repentant lifestyle, and then we will be able to take out these demonic hordes.

So it actually is all tied together. And I just want the body of Christ to understand that we can do this. And Pastor Ernie, we can't stay much longer.

We've only got about five more minutes that we can be with you tonight. But I want to encourage your viewers to continue, or listeners to continue to tune in because this program is empowering people to do just this. Jesus cast out this demon and we can too.

And that's exactly what this program is doing, is telling people, listen, you can do this. We can fight this force of evil and win. Well, if you ladies have to leave, it's all right.

I'm used to rejection. You're killing me. You're killing me. Now, if we could say we would, we've got an uncle that we promised a little something to tonight. So we got to hold up that end of the bargain.

Well, we don't want to disappoint the uncle. Very quickly, I wanted to say you girls aren't old enough to remember this, but back in the early 60s, you had that German enlightenment movement come in. And that was about the time when Ernest Block came along with and the others with their new book, basically on the socialist gospel. But anyhow, when that happened, this movement came in and I thought to myself, what in the world is going on here? Because it was being picked up in the neo evangelical movement. And even James Dobson recognized what's going on here. And that was the teaching that the pastors had to learn to be to get in touch with their feminine parts, with their feminine parts. In other words, the mindset that, you know, and here that that happened, I saw a lot of feminizing in the pulpits and I saw these prissy preachers where they wanted to be sweeter than Jesus. I mean, just and I thought, what's wrong with you? Don't you understand what they're doing?

But apparently they didn't. That movement started. So now, you ladies, how do you want these pastures to do?

I don't want to be manly. OK. Or do you want them to be a question, Pastor Ernie? You know, you really hit the nail on the head. And that's why we love your show.

That's why we love you is that you are on the ground, you're fighting, you're doing what the founding fathers have done. You're absolutely right about the effeminate preachers. I go to most churches and I think to myself, what are you homosexual?

And not just Catholic churches. No offense. This is a very open broadcast. We can say what you say, what you want to say. But yeah, what we're seeing and we do.

But they do have some effeminate. So before you guys go, why don't you tell people how to get a hold of you one more time? That's OK. Thank you for that.

So it's so simple. Resistance Chicks dot com. There's contact forms there. You can sign up for our emails there. And you can do anything that you guys want to submit questions or whatever.

I will get back to you. So Resistance Chicks dot com. And you can always remember that because resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. And we have a homestead. We raise chicks. We literally have chickens in our backyard.

So it's not derogatory when you're a farmer. Definitely. Thank you, Pastor Ernie, for standing up for what's right for being a model of biblical manhood. That's what we need.

We need more men to rise up to take the spot and to begin to speak what's right and do what's right and take the sword and charge forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ. So thank you for all that you're doing. And your co-host here, who we didn't catch their names, but are awesome. Randy and Lisa.

Randy and Lisa, I hit it out of the park tonight. I love hearing your voices and your contributions. It's been awesome. Well, thank you very much. Yeah. Be blessed. I used to live down there. So I know exactly where you're at.

I lived there for 20 years. So. All right. God bless you to stay. Stay in touch. Don't be strange. Just stay in touch. You've always got an open invitation here.

Yes. Thank you for having us tonight. Good night. All righty. Randy, we got a ton of stuff we got to take. Oh, yeah, we sure do. All righty.

I want to start off with this one. Biden denies, but records show White House approved of Trump raid. Why they did it is just sick.

That's right. President Joe Biden. Well, he's not the real president. Acting President Joe Biden permitted the FBI to review over a dozen boxes holding classified documents obtained from the the real the legitimate president of the United States, Donald Trump. The move was allegedly in response to news.

Well, that Trump declassified. No. Let me see.

Unbelievable. The pages are mixed up. Well, I've got another article that kind of dovetails with that. It says the decision to waive Trump's executive privilege opened the door for the DOJ to issue Trump a subpoena to turn over documents stored at Mira Lago.

And this is now on. This is an article that says that Biden says, I had no idea that they were going to do this until the last minute. Now, on May 10th, acting national activist Deborah Stadell Wall sent Trump's lawyers a letter revealing the Biden White House's involvement in this whole thing. And this goes back to May when they were hemming and hawing with Trump's lawyers about getting to get in these documents from you. And and it was it was it was actually in that in advance notice.

So so so they knew that they not violate every single word of the Fourth Amendment, every single single you know, the you know, this again, this we have such an unlawful, a lawless, lawless regime. And we know what's happening. Look. Here, Biden, when he when he wants to have eighty seven thousand IRS agents, folks, he's showing you he's telling you he wants to do away with the middle class. He wants to shut down the churches.

Pay close attention to what he's saying. And here, you know, they used the same dirty 30 FBI agents, the same dirty 30 that were used there and in January 6th. Sure. And they used the same ones with that whole thing with in Michigan, Detroit, where the so-called governor and now now the same dirty 30. So they have like a special special dirty crimes, dirty cop unit there. Yeah. Now, according to John Solomon, the investigative reporter, the Biden White House worked directly with the Department of Justice and National Archives to facilitate the to facilitate, excuse me, the investigation into Trump's handling of documents. So they knew about this months ago.

All right. We're going to let little Lisa's been waiting for the longest time. OK, well, on the same topic of Mar-a-Lago, Mike Lindell's moment of truth summit was held this weekend in Springfield, Missouri. And Trump's spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, attended the conference and spoke with Steve Bannon on the war room. She told Steve Bannon that President Trump is going on of going on offense over the illegal FBI raid on his home at Mar-a-Lago. Trump on Friday said he will be filing a major motion soon in response to the illegal FBI raid on his Florida residence. Liz Harrington said people are furious about what happened and so is she.

It's imminent. We got an amazing Fourth Amendment complaint. And make no mistake, this is an attack on our constitutional rights. Fourth Amendment rights. Don't buy into any of this nonsense. They had no reason to go in.

It was a total violation of his constitutional rights. All right. Very good.

Here you go. January six, eyewitness describes false flags and police brutality as Roseanne. Boy, I watched that. They had that in this woman. You had this racist female black cop. She was a racist and cheap and dirty. And she was beating this poor woman. Even after she laid unconscious, she kept beating. She hated these white people.

OK. And she was there because what is being promoted by this, you know, by the Biden regime, by nasty Pelosi and this critical race theory, this whole woke movement, it was it's promoting and saying, look, go out to take out your anger upon these people. We have a very an extremely in a completely and totally corrupt government here in D.C. Don't worry. You can literally get away with murder. Like what happened when Miss Babbitt, she was shot and killed by a dirty, a dirty, dirty, cowardly cop, wouldn't she?

Absolutely. And it's funny here, like I have another article that dovetails with yours. It says on Saturday, they sat down with a candidate for an Arizona Republican's third district. His son was arrested. And basically it says this is as easy congressional candidate Jeff Zink Antifa Thug let off after he was filmed breaking windows on January the 6th while his son, this Jeff Zink son, landed in a D.C. Gitmo style prison for six weeks just for video on it.

And he wasn't really even at the event. This other gentleman was it says Hunter Elke was caught on camera in January six, breaking several panes of glass outside the U.S. Capitol. And it says he was later arrested as his grandfather's home on January the 13th, 2021, and released on a forty five thousand dollar bail agreement the next day. A year later, he pleaded guilty to only one count and was sentenced to four months in prison and ordered to pay twenty eight twenty eight hundred dollars. Now, Zink's son was caught, was just caught on camera filming it, and he was arrested for six weeks. And it says that after five weeks of his detainment, he called his father and said, Dad, I don't mind being here every night at nine o'clock because we sing the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem.

But but but the guy next to me, they did for a long time. In other words, they beat him every night at nine o'clock. They were finally able to fund the eighty thousand dollars to get him out of the gulag. But he's now on the gag order and kept on an undisclosed location for his own safety.

And the guards were beating them every night. So this is quite to quite different people. One, they're actually on film being filmed. And the other guy has a BLM, an antifa sympathizer.

His own grandmother confirmed that. We'll be right back. Miracles start here. You'll take away your sin. Open up your heart. Leave your fears behind.

Leave them all behind. You'll be living there. You'll be living there.

Until the end of time. Not his door will open. See. And you will find. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask.

Ask. And you'll be given. Eternal life.

Sublime. He'll be waiting there. He'll be waiting there. His arms open wide. Waiting there for you.

You are why he died. He'll be waiting there. His arms open wide.

His arms open wide. Waiting there for you. Waiting there for you.

It was already we are back. We've got a prayer request. We have Tessa, a young lady Tessa who is 28 weeks pregnant. She's in the hospital and she has a condition.

I can't even pronounce this as almost with anyhow. They're very, very concerned about losing the baby. And they've asked us for prayer. So let's, let's just hold her up right now. Heavenly father, Lord God, I just want, I don't, I just want to hold Tessa up right now in that situation. Obviously since, you know, they're, they're believers since she, she believes in prayer, they're believers. So we just want to hold her up and ask father God, Lord, that you would intercede in this.

They have Lord for her and that baby, that the baby would be healthy, normal, would be born alive, and that she would be, she would come through this too, normal. And so Lord, again, we want to ask for your intercession that you would intercede on behalf of both Tessa and her baby. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.

All right. Now we got Lee, bring Lee up. Lee, go ahead and tell the folks you, you, you need help from the folks out there. You're asking for courtroom observers.

Am I right? Yeah, that's correct pastor. I have to be in the shaker municipal court tomorrow afternoon. And I would hope that anyone that's available would come, uh, at one o'clock the address of the shaker court, in case you're not familiar with it, it's 3355 Lee road. That's 3355 Lee road. Uh, the parking lot is on the north side of the building. When you, uh, get into the driveway, you're going to make a left turn and that's where the visitor parking is. Uh, I'm, I'm dealing with an eviction.

Uh, and I have to say that, uh, I've been having a very difficult time here. And, uh, if you're available, if you believe that Christians are not second class citizens, because that's where the whole situation grows out of. Uh, when I first got here, I requested a one bedroom so that I could work from home.

I've got a physical difficulties, disabilities that make it difficult for me to hold a regular job anyplace else. And, uh, I didn't think it was any big deal until, uh, silver tree residential, rather, yes, silver tree residential, uh, bought the property and, uh, they put a property manager in and I eventually found out that she was, uh, discriminating on behalf of, uh, Jehovah Witnesses and, uh, females. And, uh, naturally I don't fit into one of those categories. And, uh, but I still wanted a one bedroom. And eventually it got to a situation where I was having trouble with two other, uh, residents and it really, uh, peaked, uh, because these guys are so pathetic. Uh, uh, they thought they were little gangsters and they spent years hassling me and harassing me and stalking me around this building in violation of federal law, the federal laws of violence against women's act, which protects men also. And, uh, at one point I tried to prosecute them and, uh, the next thing I know, the police were making up excuses, uh, for not, uh, helping me prosecute these guys.

Uh, for instance, I requested, uh, could you hold on a second? I requested, uh, for instance, I'd request a simple police report, uh, and an opportunity to go to the prosecutor. They claimed that, uh, I couldn't go to the prosecutor. And so I, uh, the way I understood it, they were supposed to represent my case, my complaint to the prosecutor. Eventually I found out that that's not the case.

Uh, under, uh, Marcy's law, I believe it is, the, uh, Ohio constitution says that among other things that a victim of crime is supposed to be treated with fairness and respect, and you're supposed to be, uh, uh, represented just as vigorously as the accused. That did not happen. What they did was they diverted me to what they called mediation programs. I eventually found out the mediation programs were totally illegitimate. And, uh, so naturally I tried to get in contact with the mayor. Mayor David Wise started ducking me. So I started sending emails and I sent copies to the law director and the chief prosecutor. And I put in these emails that I wanted to speak to the prosecutor. I'd never got a chance to speak to the prosecutor. And I've only recently found out that they violated the Ohio constitution. I was, I was supposed to be able to talk to the government lawyer, which would be the chief prosecutor in this case.

And, uh, they've been giving me the run around ever since. And I still want to prosecute, uh, this one guy who, uh, has been stalking me. Uh, like I said, he fancies himself as some type of, you know, tough guy, gangster. Uh, he's an ex-convict. Uh, he claims to be a former drug dealer.

I don't know if he's a former or not, but I think if there was an honest police force in this city, uh, that should be investigated also. And so if you're not available tomorrow to come to 3355 Lee road, Sheikah municipal court, courtroom number two, I would appreciate your prayers. Okay.

Give us the time, the time to be there again. One o'clock. One o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Okay. Now is there a phone number? There are people out there listening that might want to know, or, you know, is there a phone number that they can call and get more information or to meet up with you? Yeah.

Uh, they could reach me at two one six three one nine zero two seven eight. All right. So one more time. Give the, the, uh, the address, the time and the phone number and go ahead and give it slowly. Okay. The Sheikah municipal court is located at 3355 Lee road.

It's free parking and the visitors, uh, sat at a lot, which is the extreme North side of the lot. And again, that's 3355 Lee road, uh, Sheikah municipal court courtroom number two, and you can reach me at two one six zero two, excuse me, two one six three one nine zero two seven eight. Again, that's two one six three one nine zero two seven eight. And I would appreciate your support. All right. Again, folks, he's looking for courtroom observers just to be there and observe because, uh, let me tell you, we've made many, many, we've had many cases thrown out of the court when we've had courtroom observers there because they didn't know who he was and it wasn't going to be business like, like usual.

Uh, and because you know, they, so many times we've had cases thrown out because just because people bothered to show up and they didn't know who these new people were and they were afraid that, uh, they were going to get caught. So again, I encourage you, I really encourage you to, to show up out there. Thank you, Lee. I got past it. Thank everybody. God bless you too. Okay.

Let's go to pastor hell. Yeah. How you doing? We're doing okay. How are you tonight?

Pretty good. All right. Did, uh, did you hear that program that we talked about that, uh, the Satanism right in your, where you live? Yeah.

Right in Boardman. I have one thing to tell all the Satanists out there. You know, uh, the Bible says for us to serve the Lord in first Corinthians 15, 57, 58, our labor is not in vain in the Lord, but there's one thing these Satanists got to realize that, that, uh, the devil always double crosses his own. You can serve, take your whole life serving the devil, uh, thinking you're going to have one big party in hell for everything you do for him and everything. And you're going to get double crossed.

That's, uh, your life is going to be a big zero. And, uh, but, uh, what you do with for the Lord is never in vain. And, uh, everybody listening to me tonight, you know, you guys rather go to heaven than go to hell. Well, the Bible is the only legitimate, uh, direction to get to heaven. You know, I could tell you during my church or doing some church or whatever, and, uh, and be lying to you, but the Bible is God's roadmap. And in John 14, six, he says, uh, Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life.

No man comes to the father, but by me. And so God loves you, but he hates your sins. God wants you to come to heaven, but he says your sins cannot come with you. And the only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of Christ. And that takes place the moment you repent, like the Dixie chicks we're talking about. And like pastor Ernie, repentance is admitting something to God that he already knows anyway, that without Jesus Christ in your heart, without that payment he paid for you on Calvary, you're just a dirty, rotten, lousy, stinking center on your road to hell because our sin nature is totally rotten and one sin to keep you out of heaven. And we sin every day of our lives and thought word or deed. That's why we need the blood of Christ, the pure sinless blood of Christ to come and wash our sins away and make us new creatures in Christ. And Ephesians one seven says, in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace. And there's something else too, salvation is a free gift.

You can't earn it. You can be a member of every church in town and die and go to hell with all your membership cards. You can get baptized so often every tadpole in the creek knows your social security number and still die and go to hell. What gets you to heaven is that pure sinless blood of Christ, and you praying and asking Jesus to come into your heart. It's a free gift, Ephesians two eight nine, for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself.

It's a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. Listen, folks, the Pope can't get you to heaven. No priest can get you to heaven. No preacher can get you to heaven.

Your good works can't do it. It's when you come to God admitting you can't save yourself, but you want to receive the payment he paid in your place on that cross. That's why Jesus died on that cross. God was allowing him to pay the payment in full for every sin you have ever done. And when you ask Jesus come into your heart, he gives you the payment he paid for you on that cross. That's why I know if I had a heart attack right now and drop dead, my soul would be with Jesus before my body even hit the floor, because the Apostle Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And that's for born again Christians. Now if you want Jesus to come into your heart and give you that payment, you can receive him right now. Romans ten thirteen says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That means if you believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save your soul, and you pray and you ask him to come into your heart and sincere repentance over your sin condition, he'll do it.

He wants to. And so we can pray a prayer right now together and I'll lead you a few words at a time if you would like. But even though we're praying together, it will be directed between you and Jesus. So what do you say we pray?

He's listening, he's knocking at the door of your heart. Dear God, please forgive me a sinner. I believe that you died on the cross and shed your blood for my salvation. And Lord Jesus, I ask you here and now to come into my heart. Forgive me of my sins and save my soul. And thank you God for giving me eternal life. Thank you for giving me a home in heaven. In Jesus name.

Amen. Now if you prayed that prayer just now in a minute. First John five thirteen says these things were written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God. And that means more than just believe in your head. That means you received him into your heart.

That why? That you may know that you have eternal life. That word, it didn't say that you may think it, wish it or hope for it, but that you may know. That's a hundred percent certain because God cannot lie. And he says that you have eternal life.

That's a present tense verb. Not might get it someday, but you have it right now. The moment you sincerely opened up the door of your heart and trusted Jesus and Jesus only for your salvation. Not Mary, not Peter, not Paul, not your next door neighbor, but Jesus and him only.

So God be praised. Go ahead Pastor. All right. Very good. How much time do I have left there? Tell me. Okay. Very quickly. We, you know, cliff cliff missed us two days in a row. He may have withdrawal, so I'm going to give cliff.

He got about three minutes. Yeah. Uh, yeah. Just one quick thing to reference those, uh, a podcast union of the unwanted, uh, episode 53, uh, uh, of Pfizer whistleblower Brooke Jackson, uh, uh, see what she has to say.

It's just incredible. Uh, what she said was published by the British medical journal, uh, about the abuses and one of the sections of the phase three or phase two clinical trial. But, but she apparently is saying that 6,000 people were cut from the final results of the trial.

And God knows what happened to these people, you know, but also my question for you guys is the common denominator and the word I would say, uh, is insulated people that are with these organizations, you know, satanic plan, parenthood, Pfizer, the FBI, they all think they're insulated from anything happening to them and they're somewhat correct, but are they really insulated ultimately? What's your opinion on that? Uh, well, I actually, I'll tell you this, if you, if you don't mind, let me interject something here right now, in terms of, for instance, let's, let's look at Fauci who announced his retirement. If the Democrats retain the Senate, he's kind of going to be home free, but if the Republicans get it, then I think they're going to get him because basically now the, uh, the chairman of the committee that investigates Fauci, if you notice, they only allow you to do it for three minutes, but you can't accomplish anything. But if the Republicans take over, he'll have to sit on the hot seat for three hours and he won't lie his way.

Well, if we get a new majority leader in the Senate, if the Republicans get somebody like Rand Paul, Fauci's cooked. Oh, he's going, he's gone. Yeah. Yeah. So he, and he knows it.

So anyhow, that's, what's happening right there. Now cliff, uh, there's, there's, uh, somebody has called and they live right about where you live and they want to communicate with you. So here's what you need to do. You need to call our office and leave your phone number, a number where, uh, this is a lady who said she lives in the same area that you're, that you live in and she wanted to know if she can get her phone number. So, uh, call the office at four four zero three three eight one three six seven four four zero three three eight one three six seven.

Leave your phone number so that lady can, uh, we'll give it to her and then, uh, she can contact if you want to do that. Oh, okay. Yeah. So I'll call the office.

I don't think she wants to borrow money. Oh, okay. Oh yeah. Yeah. But the other thing, uh, uh, one more thing was I was thinking you only got about 30 seconds more. Hurry up.

Go ahead. If you look at the wheat and the tares, you know, that parable, the wheat and the tares. And I was thinking the tares are pretty rough, you know? Uh, you know, the tares are as bad as the people pre flood right now. You know, uh, I don't think anybody before the flood was as bad as some of the people or worse. I wouldn't say they were worse than some of the people are out there right now. I think you're right. Yeah. It's because of right. They've carried sin to a new level because of technology with technology, exactly what happens, what it says there in Daniel chapter 12 verse four about knowledge being increased. And when that knowledge evil has been increased and now, uh, with AI, with artificial intelligence, they're taking it to it.

In other words, they've completely trespassed God's dominion completely and totally. So anyhow, thanks anyhow for calling and don't forget to leave you a number. If you want to contact, if you want to talk to this lady, she sounds like a very nice lady. We are out of time, uh, for tonight. Uh, pastor how that was a very good invitation that you gave. Amen.

Yes. And so, uh, folks again, the time will come when this will happen. There's no chance that it won't not have been a chance that it won't. The time will come as it does every day when the only thing that will matter to you, the only thing is you're standing with the Lord Jesus Christ.

So pay close attention to the invitation to pastor how gave you can go to King James Bible and go into the Gospel of John chapter three, read it and do it. I would tonight if I were you don't run out of tomorrows all across this country, people are going to run out of tomorrows tonight, aren't they? Yes.

And so you don't want to be one of them. So there we go. Where are we at? We have how much good night. Good night. God bless. As always, keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance. What's right? What's left? Hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders.

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