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August 24, 2022 12:26 am

TUE HR 2 082322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Visit for a dealer near you. Donate and listen to the podcast at The big question is who is Dennis Montgomery? And as Mike said earlier, everybody who was approaching him, his family members, me, they were all saying that he was a fraud.

And that's just not true. And so the first document we're going to start off with, or actually the first we're going to start off with is a little video that seemed to be memory hold. This is from 2017 when two investigative reporters, Sarah Carter and John Solomon brought something to Hannity that was explosive. Joining us now with their special report and more, Sarah Carter, John Solomon. John, we'll start with you.

Anything I'm saying here that's wrong in your view? Well, listen, we have a man tonight that filed a lawsuit that walked out of the NSA CI and FBI with 47 hard drives, 600 million documents that were classified. This is way larger than Snowden.

He gave it back to the FBI and said the reason I took him is I want to sit down and show you all these mass civil liberties. And nobody's heard about this in the last two years. I think it's a pretty important story and it goes to this larger issue of how much abuse may be going on beneath the intelligence community's cover. And we need to get an answer about how often our identities are compromised, how often our privacy is affected. We've been looking at this for three months and there's a lot of concrete evidence, facts that there are violations going on that need to be addressed. And Sarah, so what your report is saying here is you had an ex-Intel contractor suing Comey saying that the FBI on a mass scale covered up mass civil liberties violations against Americans and he has evidence. Isn't that a little bit bigger than Russia collusion with no evidence as I just proved up to this point? Yeah, absolutely.

This is on a much larger scale. We have seen the itemized reports of the 47 and we posted them on our website at of the itemized list of hard drives that he gave to the FBI, signed by the FBI. We have all the documentation to show this and think about this, Sean. He said, and I just spoke to him before I came to see you. He said he unmasked with the technology that he had with the NSA over 20 million Americans, 600 million documents. He said, if you stack those up, that's 30 miles high, 30 miles high, but over 20 million Americans.

And I said, well, what was it you were unmasking? He said everything from their bank accounts, their homes, their records, phone conversations, emails. He was able to take down every single firewall. And it was so distressing because, you know, this is what he was directed to do. And when he tried to do the right thing and he did in his opinion the right thing and got the immunity agreement from the FBI, the FBI decided to not move forward, to not move forward with that investigation. Did Comey know about this?

Because the headline is that he's suing Comey alleging this mass coverup of civil liberties violations. And you're telling me 20 million? 20 million? This is the biggest. 20 million.

Wow. Did Comey know? According to Dennis Montgomery, who is alleging that all of this happened and who is willing, he said, I am more than willing to tell anybody, face anyone, face Comey, face former director Robert Mueller, who was working at the FBI at the time when he began his work because he spent nine years, nine years working with them, started out with the FBI, then went on into the CIA, NSA realm. And so when he began this, he said that, you know, he was willing to talk to anyone and testify before anybody, face Clapper, face Brennan, face Comey, and he would not back down, even though he is right now, he's struggling with some health issues. He just wants to get the story out.

John, I'll give you the last word. I'm imagining that if it's more information than even Edward Snowden, that there's beyond smoking gun evidence here. When will the American people see this? Well, it's going to, it's been assigned to a very well respected judge, judge Richard Leon here in district of Columbia. He's the judge that previously ruled that the NSA had violated American's privacy and the court process is going to play out now. And there'll be a venue now where Americans can find out if these things are true and if their violations have been going on that have been swept under the rug by our government. And you've been able to see what evidence? We have been able to see that he did get an immunity agreement, that he did turn documents over to the FBI. So that part of his story is confirmed and now his lawsuit lays out the actual predicate.

Sarah did a great interview with him with some really fascinating insights on what he witnessed during his nine years as a contractor. Guys, we'll have you back tomorrow. This is huge. Thank you for your hard work.

This is important for our constitution and you, the American people. We'll continue on this story, I promise. That was Dennis Montgomery that they were talking about.

Okay. So let me tell you a little bit more about Dennis Montgomery in his own words. And what's going to come up next is a declaration that goes through what exactly he did for the government and how it affects the 2020 election. So this is a declaration that is sworn and it's quite long and it's full of over 20 exhibits.

And I'm just going to blow up a few key passages for you. So this is Dennis. For more than 45 years I have been engaged in software development and written software focused on developing data compression, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, object detection, identification and tracking technology, and biometrics and analyzing massive volumes of electronic data. In companies I started, we have developed and then licensed various technologies to the U.S. government intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the Department of Defense, SOCOM, which is Special Operations Command, Homeland Security, Department of Advanced Naval Research, and the Air Force. Dennis founded a company called eTrepid with a partner. And so he says in 2002 eTrepid was approached by representatives of the United States Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency who expressed an interest in various surveillance technologies eTrepid had been developing. These federal government representatives conducted independent tests of eTrepid's technology and then advised us that they had decided to integrate eTrepid's DCAD and PR technologies into various programs in the federal government's intelligence community.

And there's an exhibit attached to the declaration, which will be a publicly filed document that anybody will be able to view in its totality. Skipping ahead a little bit, eTrepid Technologies was supplied millions of dollars of hardware by the FBI to begin our surveillance work. Our surveillance work was running on supplied computers by the FBI during my work in Reno, Nevada.

Again, it's an exhibit that validates that. eTrepid Technologies was awarded a surveillance contract by the CIA, DOD, Air Force, and Department of Homeland Security starting in 2004. Beginning in 2005, I became aware that the CIA and the National Security Agency had started using the eTrepid technology that I had developed for locating terrorists abroad to conduct surveillance of citizens of the United States, including members of the Supreme Court of the United States and thousands of other federal and state jurists, members of Congress, state office holders, numerous public figures, and religious leaders in the U.S. and other Americans. Fast forward a few years, eight members of the FBI, IRS, and DEA raided Dennis Montgomery's home, his home, and storage units looking for all evidence of FBI, CIA, NSA involvement in operating surveillance programs, foreign and domestic in Nevada that target foreign and domestic individuals, businesses, and elections. The U.S. government would only supply the name of the special agent FBI Agent West. The U.S. government refused to produce the names of the other agents.

Does that sound a little bit familiar if you remember Tina Peters? After three months of testimony, Judge Cook, who was the federal judge in Reno, Nevada, responsible for the case that was involved when Dennis got into a dispute with his partner at eTrepid, Judge Cook concluded that he did nothing wrong and that the FBI filed false affidavits, tampered with the evidence they collected, made up false information against Dennis, and that the FBI violated Dennis Montgomery's constitutional rights. When Judge Sandoval, later Governor Sandoval, was confronted with the illegal domestic surveillance programs, he recused himself. And again, I'm skipping through some of the declaration to get to the, I think, the most important points here. Dennis testifies under oath on January 13, 2009, Blixware contracted with the U.S. intelligence community to continue their prior work at eTrepid to be conducted at a new facility in Fort Washington, Maryland, which was under the direction of James Clapper. And again, there's an exhibit validating that. Dennis continues, when I learned of CIA and NSA's domestic surveillance using technology I developed, I filed whistleblower complaints with the Inspector General of the CIA, the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Air Force, Director of National Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and others.

And he continues on. He says, in those complaints, I objected to the misuse of this surveillance technology to monitor private communications, bank records, attorney-client communications, voting information. And other private activities of American citizens. During the eTrepid litigation, the Director of National Intelligence, and we'll get to that in a minute, that was then DNI Negroponte, filed a motion asserting on behalf of the United States a state secret privilege.

In response, on August 29, 2007, the court entered a protective order that prohibited certain discovery in the eTrepid litigation. Again, Dennis was raided. On March 4, 2010, the DOJ and the FBI raided the law office of his attorneys, the Leinard Law Firm, without a search warrant or any probable cause, and seized millions of pages of attorney-client documents, U.S. government communications, election data collected in FBI, CIA, and NSA domestic surveillance programs he had worked in, including proof of U.S. government election surveillance and tampering. Seized documents and electronic media reflected voting machine manufacturers' vulnerabilities to hacking.

Voting machine manufacturers' communications and intellectual property were hijacked by the U.S. government numerous times over the years I worked in the FBI, CIA, and NSA surveillance programs, foreign and domestic. This is under oath, by the way. On August 3, 2014, Dennis met with federal judge Royce Lambert in his office in the federal courthouse in D.C. with others present and discussed FBI, CIA, NSA domestic surveillance programs I had worked on, including election tampering and abuses of high-ranking U.S. government officials who directed and supervised this illegal domestic surveillance programs he had worked on, first in Reno, Nevada, and then at Fort Washington, Maryland. I presented information to him to support the claims I was making in my previous whistleblower complaints. Dennis continues, I was seeking immunity to allow me to present my evidence of these super-secret surveillance programs I worked on. He's referring to, he says he reached out, he's referring to Judge Lambert. He first reached out to Senator Grassley and then to FBI General Counsel James Baker.

I provided Judge Lambert proof of election interference, both foreign and domestic. FBI General Counsel James Baker later denied any knowledge of such FBI, CIA, NSA domestic surveillance programs he had worked in, but had to walk back those comments in his testimony before a House committee on U.S. government surveillance matters. Dennis continues, on September 8, 2014, I had discussions with Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staffers John Dickus and James Wolfe.

You might remember the name James Wolfe. He was the one who was charged and convicted of leaking one of the FISA warrants, if you recall, against President Trump. So Dennis continues that he met with those individuals regarding targeting congressional members in FBI, CIA, NSA domestic surveillance programs that he had worked in.

In 2021, Dennis states I agreed to convey certain assets that I acquired and developed for eTrepid and Blixware to Mike Lindell's management company. These are the concluding paragraphs. And I'll note at the bottom it is certified under the penalty of perjury.

Dennis concludes in the final two paragraphs of this declaration. In the recent 2020 election, terabytes of data comprising Internet transmissions sent during the 2020 election were collected by the same technology I developed and previously licensed by the U.S. government. The U.S. government and their agents continued to use the election technology I licensed to them previously.

The U.S. government has refused to pay the license fees associated with the technology as they continue to use the technology and have paid for it in the past. Because the DOJ asserted that the eTrepid litigation protective order, quote, remains in place to preclude disclosure of the categories of information and related materials described in the order, I believe when I owned eTrepid and Blixware and continue to believe today that the DOJ asserts that the protective order applies to the FBI, CIA, and NSA domestic surveillance data, including election data, and that public disclosure of the election data would violate the protective order and the state secret privilege. That's his declaration under oath.

But you don't need to just accept that. We mentioned earlier, as Dennis testified, that he's been under a state secret protective order covering the information relating to his work for the U.S. government since 2007. It's a little bit hard to see, but this is the declaration that was submitted by then acting DNI Director John D. Negroponte. And to show you exactly what we're referring to here, this is Mr. Negroponte's sworn declaration and some highlights. States, I, John D. Negroponte, hereby declare as follows. I am the Director of National Intelligence of the United States. I've held this position since April 21, 2005.

From June 28, 2004, until my appointment as DNI, I served as United States Ambassador to Iraq. Now, mind you, this is the DNI's declaration. The purpose of this declaration is to assert formally, in my capacity as DNI and head of the United States Intelligence Community, the state secret privilege to protect intelligence information, as well as a statutory privilege under the National Security Act, to protect intelligence sources and methods from unauthorized disclosure. Unauthorized disclosure of information covered by the state secret and statutory privileges reasonably could be expected to cause serious, and in some cases, exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the United States, and such information should therefore be excluded from any use in this litigation.

And again, this was litigation in a dispute between Dennis and his business partner, but I would remind you exactly what Dennis Montgomery swore to under oath, what was comprised in that information, which included election data. The declaration is quite long, but the meat of it, of what they are trying to preclude, is defined here, where the DNI wants to preclude any actual or proposed interest in, application, or use by any entity in the United States intelligence agency or any current or former official employee or representative thereof, of any technology, software, or source code owned or claimed by any individuals or entities associated with this lawsuit. And he continues, I have determined that any unauthorized disclosure of the information described in paragraph 11, which is what I read you a portion of just before, reasonably could be expected to cause serious, and in some cases, exceptionally grave damage to the national security, since the United States can neither confirm nor deny such information without compromising the effectiveness of intelligence sources and methods. The court, in response to DNI Negroponte's declaration, did enter that protective order. There's one point I want to bring out in that order, which is quite fascinating to me. That order states, the United States supports its application for protective order under the military and state secret privilege by the declaration of John D. Negroponte, formerly director of national intelligence.

You just heard some snippets of that. Notice the next sentence. And a classified declaration, which has been reviewed by the court in camera and ex parte, which demonstrate that disclosure of information at issue in this litigation subject to the proposed protective order could be expected to cause serious, in some cases, exceptionally grave damage to national security. So for those of you who do not know, when the judge refers to in camera and ex parte, it means that he reviewed additional information that the public never saw, was never filed in any court proceeding. It was all secret. Ex parte means it was just the judge.

The other side was not given it. So anybody who says Dennis Montgomery is not the real deal is either ignorant or they're lying. Thank you, Kurt. OK.

I'll let you know, the smartest man I've ever met in the world is real. Already, we are back and there you go. We're going to continue to expose the things that are happening out there the best we can while we can, folks. This is the time. We need to win this election this fall and we need people to get out there and get involved from anything they can to work with their local election boards, to be a poll watcher, to get out and work for your candidate. We need to get the right people in to clean house, don't we?

Absolutely. Keep your eyes up and learn in the cities like in Detroit and Pittsburgh where you had such corruption where they barred the windows. The Democratic Communist Party is completely corrupt. There's no part of it that has not been totally corrupted. So everything they did was illegal and it's like, we can do it and there's nothing you can do about it.

Well, yeah, there is. We're going to resist into death. We're going to push back and push back hard. So remember, you folks out there, they're totally and completely corrupt.

Whatever they can do, they will do. So when you go to the polls, watch, keep your eyes open, look for things like this. And I know one thing, we've got to get back to paper ballots to get away from these machines. They can flip these votes so easily with these machines. But here, Joe, the Biden regime and fellow Democrats, along with their lamestream media lapdogs, have falsely claimed for months and months that there was no election theft or vote fraud in the 2020 election.

Despite massive amounts of evidence proving other ways. Now the regime is working hand in hand with China in an attempt. Who was it that told you this was going to happen, Joe? To steal as many elections as possible during the November midterms amid reports that the polling showing that the Democratic Democratic Party should be swept out of power by a massive red wave. But according to announcements by TikTok, the China-based socialist media company that was banned by legitimate President Donald Trump and shunned by the FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr in June, the social media platform has partnered with the Federal Voting Assistance Program. That's a very, very, very, very, very, very corrupted program in the U.S. government by, under the Biden crime cartel, established to assist overseas voters in the upcoming midterm elections.

Yeah, well, they really assist our military. They make sure that their votes don't come in until way after the election. And so it goes on specifically, TikTok has established midterms election center, which will no doubt give the Chinese access to U.S. election information and electoral systems.

There you go. Well, you mentioned Biden again. Folks, here's one other thing that's going on with this election. Dear Biden is expected tomorrow and they wouldn't have put this, it was on several major news like Fox and several others.

The word has gotten out. He is going to announce a $10,000 student loan forgiveness program tomorrow. And this is a $300 billion deal that you taxpayers get to pay for. And they've got a, like, limit if you make less than $125,000, a one-time forgiveness of $10,000 in debt.

And there are different things. The nation's federal student debt is at $1.6 trillion. It's been ballooning. They keep adding up, you know, the more the government helps with the student loan program, the more they've forgiven here and there and do what happens. The colleges and universities just keep upping their tuition and their prices. College gets more expensive. The loans get bigger. And what he's doing, he's trying to buy votes.

This is a vote-buying thing and you get the pay to have some student out there so happy they're going to go vote for Biden. I think they would have loved to have just canceled all of it, but they can't afford to because, like I said, this is on their balance sheet, $1.6 trillion in that kind of debt if they were to cancel it all. Our national debt would increase by that amount instantaneously and the results would be terrible. So they're just going to do $300 billion now. And they said there's, let's see if I can get the right figures, 43 million Americans have federal student debt, with a third owing less than $10,000 and more than half owing less than $20,000.

So about half owning less than $20,000 of all those 43 million. So in other words, their debt isn't that huge now, half of them, but this free payoff is going to be a lot of votes needed. Now, this is also messing with the election.

Buying votes is illegal, but if the government does it in a giveaway, oh, it's the government being kind and helping these poor students. But it goes back to the same thing. It's corruption on a government level.

Absolutely. You know, but see, here's the big story. Here's the biggest story, Joe, that's out there and the biggest story that's out there nobody's talking about. And what that is, is this whole thing with Merrill Argo coming exactly the right time to keep the focus off of all of the information that was on Mr. Biden's computer, his dirty computer, when you're taking a look at... Hunter Biden, yeah. Well, Hunter, yeah, well, that was heading all of that that was right to Daddy.

All of that stuff they had goes right to Daddy. The very, very corrupt, the very, very corrupt, the very, very corrupt FBI, those that gave cover to Hillary Clinton, what they did is they wanted to make sure that they want to keep it quiet and keep that out of the news. And again, all of this stuff, not just because it's not just Hunter Biden and the Biden crime cartel, but also in there it connects to Pelosi's, it connects John Kerry, it connects all these other, this big web of corruption. People too, yeah. And so, not only that, but they've got, you know, pedophilia is still a crime, even if you're Hunter Biden, even if you're Hunter Biden, pedophilia is still a crime.

And you know, when you're having sex with 13-year-old girls, that's still a crime, okay? And all of that stuff that he was doing, the drugs, but again, here, remember, all of the money that went from the Chinese Communist Party, all of the money into the Biden crime cartel, they bought and paid for. China has sent him in to totally destroy the economy, to reduce America to third world status, and that's what he's doing.

And they didn't buy just, go ahead. Back to China again, look at what the Chinese have done, they set up those institutes and the major universities, they have all their scientists studying over here, working with a lot of our projects that tie in with government and military stuff, and then they go back to China, take all this information and bring it to the Chinese Communist Party. You know, basically it's open spying, we allow them to work in our laboratories and universities, we allow them to work on federal projects that, like I said, tie into the military, defense, security, our monetary system. I can't get my head around the idea, we're committing national suicide, we're giving away the company store, we're giving away our national secrets, we're sending our businesses to China, our money to China, and people should be getting very angry at these politicians, very mad, but I don't see the anger out there yet.

And then you look at our cities, the crime, the violence, the stupidity going on in every one of those major cities, we've talked about it, is run by a Democrat mayor, a Democrat city council, and look at the way they're governed, look at the people that are fleeing some of these cities, some of the states, and yet they're going to keep electing some of the same Democrats back to office. I call that insanity, don't you? Well, no, I call that insurrection. Insurrection, but a lot of the voters, I don't think, realize what they're doing.

I think it's some kind of insanity. We've always voted Democrat, my granddaddy, my great granddaddy was a Democrat, I've got a vote. I think there's still a lot of idiots that have this kind of thinking, and they don't realize the Democratic Party has left them, and it's a Communist Party now, and I think there's still a lot of people out there who are ignorant, Pastor. Well, yeah, there is no longer, that Democratic Party that once existed no longer exists, it's gone.

Right, it's long gone, but not everybody's figured that out, a lot of people haven't. Alrighty, we're going to open the phone lines, Joe, at 888-677-9673 nationwide, that's 888-677-9673. The phone lines are now open, if you have a question or a comment. I know that we're probably going to get a lot of calls tonight, so we're going to try to limit them to no more than three minutes, because we've got to get as many calls in as we can. Alright. You know, there are people out there that actually have withdrawal when they want to call in if they can't get in.

Well, they have withdrawal, what do you think? Well, I'd like to ask them. You know what I'm going to do real quick, though? Let's do this.

I'm going to give an invitation now, and that way we won't have to hurry up like we do every single night, and if we have time, I'll give it a second time, because it's more important than anything else we've done today on this radio program. If you died today, would you go to heaven or hell? That's the question. Well, if Jesus returned today, let me ask you this, do you know for sure if you would go to heaven with him or hell, or suffer with Satan and his minions? Realize that, one, if you belong to the Lord, he loves you.

Two, and that's because for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have everlasting life. That's whosoever. Now, God loves you and has a plan, if you're listening to me out there. Now, here's the best part about it.

It's absolutely free. The Lord Jesus has done all the work for you already. He's done what you could never, ever do for yourself. The Bible says that all men are sinners, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That's Romans 3.23, if I remember right, and here we know that God made man in his own image.

He gave man the ability to choose right from wrong. Now, we sin when we choose to sin. Our sins often do what?

Well, they kind of separate us from God for a time. God's Word also says that sin must be paid for. So, do you know the price to be paid for the wages of sin is death? Romans 6.23, Joe.

Wage means payment or price. The price of sin is death and hell. Separation from God forever. If we continue in our sin, we shall die without Christ and be without God forever. The good news, Joe, is Christ paid the price for our sins. But God commandeth in his love toward us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That's Romans 5.8.

I know that one. And all our sins were laid on Christ on the cross. He literally became sin for us and took the wrath of God upon himself in your place and in mine. He paid our sin in debt for us. We must and what we must do.

We have to personally, each one of us, remember what we talked about yesterday? The communists say that they believe the socialist gospel, liberation theology, that salvation is collectively. No, no it's not.

It's individual. And we must personally pray and receive Christ by faith in our, as our Savior. Thou should confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thy heart that God hath raised him from the dead. Thou shall be saved, for with men the heart man believeth into righteousness and with a mouth confession is made into salvation.

Romans 10, 9 and 10. So folks, it's very, very vital to realize that each individual, each one of us individually must call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is real. What I'm telling you is for real.

Okay? You know, we've got 6,000 years of recorded history to know that it's for real. All of that other stuff out there that you're getting from the fake news media and Hollywood is so temporal.

Alright, who do we have? First off, someone wanted to ask you why some denominations don't believe in the rapture. Because they've got people that are not teaching the rapture. In other words, the Bible is pretty clear it doesn't stutter. I mean, I can't, you know, you can't deny what the word of God says about the rapture of the church. Okay, so, in fact, the answer to your question is if you go to 1 Thessalonians and read chapter 4, starting in verse 13, and that answers your question, it's either right there, you're either reading it right there from the word of God, or you're not. So, if you have a question about that, and there are those that are false teachers, and they don't, and that's why they don't, they're false teachers, if they teach there is no rapture, then that's a false teaching.

There you go, that's all I can tell you, right? So, who did you say we have next? Howard. Alright, Howard, you're in the air. Yes, I was going to ask you, I find I work with a lot of ministers, I'm an ordained minister myself, and a lot of ministers believe that Trump disobeyed a subpoena, but Jay Sekulow and his son said he did not disobey a subpoena. And I wondered, can anybody elaborate on that so that I can elaborate it to some of these ministers? Well, actually, we did tonight already.

Well, I just turned you on because I've been working, I'm just coming home. Yeah, let me go back and catch, see if I can catch really quickly, one of the articles that we read, it just talked about that, and by the way, one of the articles, if you remember, there was a very, very corrupt judge named Amy Berman Jackson. Well, what happened when they got Bill Clinton's records, when they went in, when the FBI took the things that Bill Clinton had, he had actually kept some things, some personal, some of the records in a dresser drawer, okay? And when they came in and they took it, this judge ruled on it that it was up to him, that it was the President had the authority to decide whether he could keep that or not.

So, in this case, with President Trump, they ruled just exactly the opposite. Now, he didn't break any subpoena, in fact, I'll tell you what, listen to me, play that clip we have tonight. I'm going to play a clip with Alan Dershowitz, it's a short clip. You got it, Craig?

Can you pot that up? One second. Okay. All right, here, we're going to go over that. Dershowitz, who's an attorney, he explains this, but he's also got another one on there with him, but we'll have it potted up here in just a second, I think. But, you know, even saying that, look, say he had disobeyed a subpoena or whatever, if you're giving it to him by a corrupt government, the Bible says that if it's illegitimate, you have no obligation, okay, if it's an illegitimate and corrupt or illegal law, to obey it.

Okay, all right, go ahead and take it away. ...the Trump team today, and you raised four big questions. I want you to go through them for our audience. Yeah, in addition to asking for a special master, a neutral, independent person to step in, review these documents and return those that they illegally seized, they also make four important constitutional arguments. This is the 21-page court filing in the Southern District. Number one, they raised the question, did the FBI and the Department of Justice lie to the magistrate in order to gain the warrant? Did they omit exculpatory evidence that Trump was actually cooperating?

That was vital information for the magistrate. Number two, did the FBI disclose a protectional reason or a dual purpose, an anterior motive related to January 6th so that this was simply a charade over documents? Number three, they argued that the warrant was overly broad. Same argument I made today in the column, and it was. Take a look at the warrant.

It's a general warrant that is specifically forbidden by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and the Supreme Court has said general warrants violate individuals' Fourth Amendment rights. And finally, they used Garland's own words against him when he stood in front of television cameras and he said, oh, it's our standard practice to always use the less intrusive means to gain evidence. Well, they didn't do that, and Trump's legal team pointed that out. Let me go to Professor Dershowitz.

Professor, first John Solomon's report, and that is that the Biden White House knew a lot more than what they told us they knew. That's number one. And then the court filing and the analysis of Greg Jarrett. Do you agree? Do you disagree?

And where do you think that's going to take us? Well, these are very, very serious matters. You know, the whole issue of whether or not there was full disclosure to the magistrate hopefully will come out when we see the affidavit. There should be a special master appointed.

This has happened in the past. A special master, a former judge, can go through all the papers and decide what's privileged. The one thing that clearly is wrong is the Biden White House should not be able to waive the executive privilege of President Trump. That would make the executive privilege a nullity. It would mean that no president could ever speak to anybody in confidence without knowing that two years from now or three years from now all of it will be revealed by the current president. That's just not the way executive privilege was supposed to operate.

So there are lots and lots of questions. I hope they'll be answered by the affidavit. I think we ought to all keep an open mind and hope and expect that so far Judge Reinhardt, Magistrate Judge Reinhardt, has done the right thing that he minimizes the amount of redaction, maximizes the amount of disclosure. There's one argument that the government is making. The theory of the case shouldn't be disclosed.

Why not? What's there to hide about the theory of the case? I understand cooperating witnesses.

I understand undercover. I understand maybe names of witnesses. But the theory of the case, what's the secret about that? Let the defendant, let everybody in the world know what the theory of the case is. So I hope Judge Reinhardt allows the public to sit in judgment because after all, who will guard the guardians? If we don't have ultimate authority to look over things like an unprecedented, as the judge said today, unprecedented in our history research, when something like that happens, we the people have the right to sit in judgment over our judges, over the Justice Department, and over the government. All right, professors, thank you.

And Greg Jarrett, thank you. Let me disagree with him a little bit. We don't have the right. We have the obligation to do that. We are obligated to do that.

Not just by God's word, the Bible resists his tyranny, but by our Constitution. All righty. Did that answer your question?

Yes, it does. Thank you very much. All righty. God bless.

Have a good night. I have something. There were a couple law journals and several Constitutional lawyers go back to the original documents in this Presidential Records Act. The Congress at the time made it quite clear that the President, it was the Act of 1978, and he can have custody of records that he has declassified. Once they're declassified, even if it's the last day of his office, they are declassified forever and could be released. In fact, Trump had said he told the Justice Department he wanted all those records dealing with the Russia collusion and the crossfire hurricane released to the public, which they don't want released because the truth had come out how corrupt everybody was and how Trump was right. So all of this is nothing more than trying to keep all of those declassified documents classified to protect the Democrat Party and their... Well, it's the FBI and the Justice Department, Joe. Operation Crossfire brings them, it shows you, and it goes all the way back to Comey and all of them. Just how they've broken law after law after law.

It's the deep state hiding all of those declassified documents to protect themselves. That's why the Dirty 30 showed up themselves, because they're all involved in that. In fact, Durham has already... He's got charges that are going to be filed. All of the Dirty 30 are under investigation right now. The thing of it is, Durham's doing this, so what are we going to do? He's got to be able to bring that to a court.

If he can bring it to a court and keep it away from the Justice Department, somehow he's got to get it into an actual court, because Merrick Garland is the dirtiest cop of all. Alrighty, let's go to Debbie. Debbie, you're in the air.

Hello, Pastor Ernie. I want to thank you for the truths that you bring forth, and I want to tell you there's one thing that you need to make known as far as another truth, and that is, every time something's coming out of this White House, I don't care if it was billed back broke or the Income Reduction Act and now this thing with the student loans being forgiven, that is not true when he's saying that the government is going to do this and the government is going to forgive that. Let's start saying what it really is. The taxpayers are paying this. You're paying this. Don't say the government anymore.

Don't give them their credence. Start telling it like it is, because we are the people that are paying back these loans that these kids won't be paying back. We're the ones that are paying all the extra taxes, even though he said we never would be.

So that's a truth, and we need to let that be known. Well, you're right, Debbie, and right now taxpayers are paying for the wall being built around his mansion. You see, he wants to make sure he keeps all those illegal aliens that he's bringing in and setting up his cell groups, that he wants to turn loose on the American people down on a border that are robbing and stealing and raping Americans.

Well, but he wants to make sure that his castle's protected and the taxpayers are paying for it. Yeah, those folks need to be going to Delaware. Yep, absolutely, you're right. Abbott needs to send some up there now.

Yep, you're right. They need to go to the Congress in the White House. Yeah, well, they've been going to D.C., but you know, they don't mind going to D.C.

The immigrants don't mind going there, but they need to go to Delaware, because I don't think they want to go there. I hear you. Well, listen, thank you for calling. God bless.

You too. Let's go to Timothy. Timothy, you're in the air. Good evening, Pastor and Joe. Good evening, Timothy. Other guests, I was kind of late to tune in tonight too, so I'm not sure who you have there. I listened to their voices, but I didn't catch their names.

Just Joe and I. Yep, just me tonight. All right, well then bless both of you this evening, and the words that are brought every night are very strong. I hope that everyone out there that is a listener this evening, if they haven't listened before, may this be an awakening for you.

May you continue to plug in, because there's getting less and less outlets that we have to turn to for truth that's based on divine principles. And I want to also say that I was reading the Proverb for today at 23, and there's a couple nuggets in there that apply to everything that we're dealing with, and also three Psalms that, as Christians, the power that we need to rely on when we're going through everything that's being revealed every day. We're finding out more and more things that are coming to light, and that Psalm 109, Psalm 91, and what's my other one? I think it's 121.

The protection that, here it is, 121, 7 through 8, 91, and 109. I was reading those this evening while I was listening to the show, and it never comes back, boy, every word, all 66 books, every word and chattin'. Well, right, Timothy, it's the only thing that we can absolutely, completely, and totally trust is God's Word. God's Word will never pass away.

Every single word will be fulfilled. He's got our back. His Word says so. He has our back.

He does. I've got to move on, Nook. I've got to move on because we're just about out of time.

But thanks. Let's go. Okay, let's go to Sean. We've got time for maybe one or two more calls.

Sean, you're in the air. Hey, thank you guys for what you're doing. Keep telling the truth.

I've been telling people about you guys, and I've been having a few listen to you, and I'm like, thank you, because you're standing up for the truth. I think it was last night you were playing a recording about a guy who was talking about the Joe Biden money. I mean, you're hearing this stuff, and people need to wake up. You know, they're doing this stuff in a subtle way. People think, oh, it's okay, or, oh, he's going to give us $10,000, X amount of money. Yeah, he's going to give, but he's going to use you, too. You know, but people need, first of all, they need to look to the Word. Absolutely. That's absolutely right.

Absolutely right. The good that you're doing is true, but yeah, and I tell people, look to the Word. Look to God.

Pray to ask Him what He wants you to do and how we can change things around, but people got to stand up. Amen. God bless you guys. Thank you for what you're doing. Thank you.

Thanks, Sean. Okay, in fact, I just wanted to say real quickly before we take the next caller, folks, we're living in a time where if the Church of Jesus Christ is going to get any kind of justice, we have to provide it for ourselves with, of course, the Lord will give us the strength and the guidance to do that, but we have to do it. He's raised us up because we're not going to get it from this world.

This world is anti-Christ, especially the lamestream media. Let's go to Cliff. Cliff, you're in the air. Yeah, you know, I was looking at the end of Psalm chapter 9. It says that they'll know that they're just men, you know, and you think about Noah Harari and stuff he's shooting his mouth off about.

He's been shooting his mouth off, hasn't he? Yeah, yeah, you know, and if you look at the elite or what the people have considered themselves the elite with Daniel, in one day they were just taken out. I mean, really God removed the protection from them. Remember that? I mean, you know, it's like these people mock God, but they can pretty much end their situation in a moment.

Absolutely. All right, well, thanks, Cliff. What you were talking about, I know those verses very well in Psalm, the last part. It says, For the Lord is known by the judgment which he executed, and his wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God. God is right. Okay, you're absolutely right. All right, we're out of time, so thanks for calling.

Well, let's see, I already gave an invitation, didn't I? We've got time for one more minute call. Okay, well, no, I guess we don't, after all. So, I just want to remind you folks out there, again, God has raised us up. God has raised us up for such a time as this. And we can trust the Word of God, but God has given us an opportunity. I know things look bad and things, we're going to have a dark winter, we're going to have a dark winter. But the very fact that we're here at this time means that God has raised us up for such a time as this. And this is the time, this is the time, right now, it's the only time that you're going to have, it's now or never, to place up crowns in glory. What God's Word tells you is absolutely correct, and that means we run to this battle.

We keep your eyes open. You do not, are not conformed to the world. Not, not a bet, not a, don't ever agree with any of this thing. Even if you're, you're the only one, and everybody has turned against you. Listen, God is a majority of one.

And so, don't ever compromise, do not be conformed to the world, no matter how, what the pressure is. Right, Joe? Right. We can, we've got, we have kingdom authority, and we have, we are the sons and daughters of the living God. We better start acting like it.

Absolutely. This is, this is the time, and I know, I, you know, I never know at any time, you know, we could have our doors knocked down, and the jack-booted thugs coming, marching in here. This is why I've been telling the FBI out there, now is the time for you to repent. Look, look, the reality is, uh, you're gonna have to stand before God. Those, those corrupt people ahead of you that are telling you, you know, we can get away with this, we can, we're beyond the law, and we can go, we can persecute God's people.

Well, let me tell you something. You're gonna die, and when that happens, you're gonna stand before God. That is real.

That's the real thing, which you're living in, you're living in La La Land. If you think you can get away with it, if you think that you can mock God and get away with it, He tells you not to touch His people. Don't touch them. And if you think you can continue to be lawless, and the corruption, the corruption that you, you have out there, you've got these people ahead of you, let me tell you something, they're not gonna be able to help you on that day of judgment. They're gonna be there with you. They're gonna be right in there with you. And so, anyhow, I'm telling you folks, and the FBI, keep, those of you that have kept some integrity, like these whistleblowers that are blowing a whistle, those of you that have kept some integrity, now's the time, it's the opportunity for you to stand ground and do the right thing. I don't care what you're told. Do the right thing. Joe, remember, we knew one thing, that when we were given an illegal order, we didn't obey. Until tomorrow! Good night, God bless, keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content.
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