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WED HR 1 081722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 18, 2022 12:49 am

WED HR 1 081722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Turns out general is a quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years since you rhetorical general auto insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out.

Indeed, this is the boys know more than ever. In the last 50 years of the Christian resistance. The resistance today is stronger than ever.

And so vote for them tonight is night number three of the pledge week and that will get right into that.

I want to give you right off the road up to shoot the bull numbers because everybody in his been telling me get the number give the number give the number it's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 already going from left no there is no looking for right to write here tonight actually out in the boiler room. We have out there tonight.

We get Eric Randy and John over there manning the phones ready to roll there just sit there hoping those phones will ring and then we have the rising young star in radio as our producer tonight. None other than courageous great good evening everybody and then here. She'd been waiting all day to say this, we can't lock and load. Lisa thinking everyone okay there you go and no course we have well in Missouri. We said last night if I was Batman, he'd be Robin.

That's right if if I was if I was the Lone Ranger HEB Tonto if I was Roy Rogers, he'd be Dale Evans. No, no, not like to go there but no listen, Joe, probably. I'm ready to go to work. All right, we gotta get outta because there's a very, very pretty young woman who had been trying to get a hold of all day and she and her phone is busy busy busy busy. And I texted her and she didn't return my text and that may be very very worried about her but she's here now. Ms. Wendy Wilson yeah you didn't get it.

Know your phone's been busy all day long.

It's right now if I were to call you and it would come up busy that they just called a few minutes ago, all phone right now and call their yeah this deliberative call.

Only one of those nights yeah so well. There's been some very strange things happening around here like normal so with with my phone with the text of everything so but the abnormal is what is what is normal around here so there you go. But now, after all that you ready to roll. Ms. Wendy okay there already totally give out the number again. I just give the number out. It's 888-281-1110 and 888-677-9673 Amarillo pledges $50 with burial from the owner.

Oh okay. All right.

Murray from my church. That's why they didn't put words don't spill okay first name story already. Well let's get ready Wendy. The title of the message was do you remember Joe, our God is an awesome God he sure is is any and so really get into.

We left off in first Peter chapter 1 and start in verse 17 we been talking about all the attributes and the characteristics of God, not not actually reviewed. If we want with all of them with the Bible has to say about God I be preaching on this all year long project we started out we start out with God is the creator went absolute God and with his absolute authority God who is eternal had no beginning, no end, and that we went to God, who brought eternal salvation. We went to God's faithfulness. We want to God's favor and yesterday we were talking about. Will God's glory in God's goodness and today we speak it up with God's justice and so again, our God is an awesome God and if you think about the fact that excuse me. We are his children.

We are his children now two things. One should knowing that God is on the throne in complete control. Should we have a real concern about our future at all.

Now but no did you see there's a lot of people out there very worried now. Is there a difference between being concerned and being worried Victor okay we we kinda know it's going to be a cold dark winter deli okay but not limited to this. If does it do it ever ever do any good to worry about any situation doesn't often do a lot of harm so so the we we don't have it prepared knowing what's coming to be prepared why Scripture is full of people who were prepared for something that was coming. You know a joke. We had to take a quick stop here because Pastor Rachel Bester, hell, the other Larson is as a family emergency and he is driving these on the road right now heading down towards Maryland and so let's let's pray for him to scold him (right now it's a family emergency and siliceous pray heavenly father will God. We just want to hold Pastor Hal's situation, his family, everything concern of tea right now.

We just want to hold it up to you, Lord, you told us very clearly in your word all things work together for good to those who love you. We know Pastor Hal loves you with all of his heart, so again we just want to hold him up in the situation Lord and that you would intervene and that your perfect will be done in Jesus name, amen already. Let's start there and go ahead and read Joe from first Peter chapter 1 starting with verse 17 all way through 21. Call on the father without respect of persons according to every man's work half the time of your soldiering here and here for as much as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by the tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you by him do believe in God raised him up from the dead and gave him glory, that your faith and hope might be in God, already so here and if you call a father who without respect of persons judges according to every man's work faster than what it would you think it means without respect of persons got disrespectful. Just doesn't judge one person about another where all the children we are all precious to him on an equal basis.

Well, when you say we are all his children unless you're talking about God's children coming race where all the world and serve children all those that are born again believers are the sons and daughters of God. Okay, so would you try to make you specify between a natural born.

All those that are natural born in all of those and spiritually born right okay so so here now when he says he's not a respecter of persons in judgment. Okay according record every man's work past the time of your sojourning here in fear why or what.

Why should we be afraid of God, where his children their strength and respect.

Not being afraid that sense but all in respect of his Majesty's power is Gloria everything about him. When did you just jump right in and you don't have the easiest templated okay so here for as much as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things such as silver or gold what what is that word redeemed me in the when this was written that the time redemption to be redeemed, usually referred to having what general plan. Your mentor do it.

That's right, you were.

You had your debt and you were free, right if you are a slave. So just bought back right.

So now, many were in slavery or conservator and were bought back out of it right. You had your freedom so no no and they were when they were redeemed with silver, gold winter okay.

They were with money, but now for us to be redeemed. It was a whole different thing because several gold one another, silver and gold in existence to redeem us.

So our redemption has to be, not from being in servitude record in slavery but from sin from sin. We were under the bondage of sin and to be freed from that bondage of sin because the bondage of sin. Well, the wages of that sin was what and death meant what eats eternal separation from God that God okay so now we can only be redeemed with the most precious quantity that ever existed. Something that was that. That again all of the money the diamonds and gold, the silver, all of the wealth in all of the universe could not match nobody there was no whatever anyone rich enough to buy even one drop of the blood of Christ is or one in the world observed nothing like it.

There is nothing out there that can reproduce all the gold although silver and copper.

Whatever he wants.

All throughout the universe but we had to be redeemed by a blood sacrifice.

What God demanded Al through the Old Testament to serve in the regular just were paid temporarily by the shedding of blood, and it was the most perfect sacrifice that could be found. So here we have Christ to Roosevelt them.

The most innocent of all surety is evidence of blood to pay our sin to love, then I'm in the what made what made them blood so valuable. What made that blood was made so valuable because it was the only only begotten son Noel was the only thing that could purchase eternal life by eternal life was the most I mean the master this, what would be worth more eternal existence eternal life. For one individual or say one of those planets of the millions and millions of planets that are out there.

What would be more valuable the one the life eternal life of one individual or one of those great big old huge planets eternal life of one's soul, you're absolutely right. And so that's what is Tony here now. He goes on to say who who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you, who by him do believe in God and raised him up from the dead and gave him glory, that your faith and hope might be in God saying you have purified your souls in obeying truth through the Spirit with unfailing love.

Okay, so let me ask you this. The implicate. I mean, the fact of it is where God's children are we not exactly well known that were God's children become the adopted sons and daughters of God. When we become born again okay so Wendy knowing that we are God's children coming you'll you are the daughter of the most powerful omnipotent king that ever existed. The king of all the universe and and Joe and I are sons should that should that make us cocky.

She doubtlessly will you know you know who we are diligent when you think highly up to. Not to be reminded humble okay so when when we raise our children up and release our children for children were to say you better you better watch out who I am because you don't know who my dad is and I was to hear that what what I what you think I would do. How would I respond to that. That okay so when he says here the race is something to fear.

That means reverence and that means we really really really need to pay close attention and we know what what pleases God and what does not please God. Right. Can we community. We went every every week and Sunday church. We have a session work we have praise of God. We call on and everybody has a reason to praise God every single day.

All three of us right here have a lot of reasons to praise God. Okay, a lot of times people forget that delayed they take things for granted they really not should really should never take for granted and you know when you ask a blessing over your food when you do that you know you you you have to realize that there are a lot of people in this world that have never had not one, not one meal of good clean food not want that had scraps and things they could gather here there. There are people in this world that have gone through their whole life without really having any really clean drinking water. There people in this world that are never really had a roof over their head or shoes on her feet and we have all of these things we take for granted now. Do we have all of these things because of our merit or because of God's grace. After looking out when we realize how blessed we are.

Should that. How does that make us feel should that make us feel more confident or should we we feel more brusque, thankful them blood. Hope you guys would get it corrected what we but also same time. Most of them daughter of God also walked through embolden us to go out and testify witness and do all the other things that is asked of his children, and do it with courage. Right will split out with courage speaking out the truth and so would you say the Bible clearly clearly teaches the that God has expectations of us. We have obligations to him. This is a correct word be very very true. Okay so would be a good thing for us to remember the daily think about it. Anything temporarily guided the treasure in order to own something, you get to be able to take it with you when you leave this world you write to get Mark pledges 100 that you dig in Mark Bob and Lori in Michigan played 75 Susan Staten Island pledges 60 thank you thank you thank you this and that number is 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 November 8 11110 number is the one you can use your credit card yet. Very easy and convenient for you and that works for us or feel of tour website tells you all the different ways you can you help us donate now. Also, I got a remember to tell the folks we have caps Wendy wherever I go to speak.

I wear And caps a black. It is gotten big bold red letters. America needs Jesus and he gets a lot of attention. I don't care if you go into the stores or whatever somebody got everybody's got an opinion. Let love in others the like so much okay then we have the shirts in the shirts of the black T-shirts and had the habit on red white and blue big red white and blue letters on the front.

America needs Jesus and on the back and white letters in their large and so is resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and I've spoken at two places where when I've talked about the three missions that God gives us the three missions and the first mission of course is the great commission and that's Matthew 28, 18 to 20, and the last commission he gives us is the one where over in second Thessalonians to where we are to hold to the retained of the traditions of the apostles stand fast and not give up any ground and then I sit as far as the third one goes and I just turn around and they see the shirt worse is resistance to Terry is obedience to God and people stand up and applaud when they see that that's good because there's there's the spirit rising in this country.

The division between the righteous and the unrighteous is becoming greater and greater exactly the way God's Word, the Bible says it would be and so anyhow we have these athletes these the caps. We ask a donation of $25 or more of in the T-shirts for small, medium and large donation of $40 and and for double art double X or triple X donation of $50 and then you know if they add. We also have the 2000 meals DVDs. We still folks and we really need to get the rest of these out the 2000 and you this is November is underway in November is coming very very quickly and we really need to get these and and showed him and here's the good news.

Wendy they were hoping to in the beginning to build and sell 2 million only sold over 20 million of them. That means that means Wendy for every every DVD just two people solve that each one of those 20 million. That means that 40 million people in this country have seen it and it's driving the fake news media crazy. They have not been able to keep her quiet and Fox News refuses to show it and also of the RNC.

The rhino Republican Party refuses to promote it. They don't have the guts of the integrity and the other piece of promoted pardon racks about promoting well we got higher standards here much higher. In this way were promoting and everything in their identity to find something in there is not true of a lot of work went into that and not you need to see that and and again and I was listening to Neil Kabuto today and the anti-he is one of those anti-trumpeters and he had some somatic tightrope are on their talking about.

Well, they really shouldn't really shouldn't open up the and idealists the F the search warrant soup. We really should not be oversee what was in their white what was in that search work to unseal the affidavit, the Trump affidavit the truck wants it out.

He wants it all out because he's done it but did all of this.

Nobody in the government wants that to come out. Nobody, the government wants you folks to know what was in that so hang tight will be back right after this classified 44% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and this is a direct quote from the report Pfizer address against document released by the FDA.

Second, like information government releasing this information under court order right process that is your tax dollars paying for the release of this information reveals. This is on July 1, 2022.

Duties court order right midfield Schilling data showing 44% of pregnant women participating in Pfizer's mRNA curve.

The Batson trial suffered miscarriages and vers the link right section of the document on page 3643 called listing subjects reporting pregnancy after just one says that 50 women became pregnant during the internal trial. However, when listing through the rest of the large document and this is why worship and left these volunteer they are doing right to learn that 20 Q 50 women who got pregnant.

Separate quote abortion spontaneous" quote abortion spontaneous complete" which means miscarriage quote abortion, spontaneous, incomplete" or quote miscarriage citizens losing your baby when you don't want to doesn't go into an abortionist, it means you're just kidding.

Perfectly normal, healthy baby. As far as anyone knows and you lose that baby adverse events reported cutoff date was March 13, 2021 and this will blow your mind. And after he received the report from Pfizer on April 1, 2021 silk guys that was I'm sorry I was overhearing and cited. I know were not supposed to cry and were in fact over a year ago. EFT received this report that out of 50 pregnant women 22 of them lost their babies and he did not say anything desk. EFT was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021 and were silent and Pfizer was silently kept up their drumbeat and checked the pregnant women injected pregnant women. Your baby doesn't hurt your baby in and out predictably as you and I have discussed in my set stack drawing on other Pfizer reports called.

I'm sorry to announce genocide is the scale at evidence of this horrific cover up this mingle type cover up and I'm Jewish. I can see that lately. If you extrapolate globally all the pregnant women who were injected in explains it could explain what was sitting out of the baby die off to rise in menial tasks or spontaneous abortions, and miscarriages in Scotland sorry on 86 babies died in Ontario many usually have five or six, and in Israel, a 34% rise of spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, Trachsel already were back in them you Wendy that was daily wolf and out from the receipt. Her beauty given interview which he was crying.

She was crying during mental thing that was just a very small study that they did a very small only in 20 something out of 50 women had miscarriage.

The babies died, but is estimated that over 25,000 over 25,000 women have miscarriage because of the poisonous poker with the call. The vaccine here.

I have read here. In fact, US government data confirms this is the US government data contempt confirms a 140 143,000 143,233% increase in cancer cases due to covert vaccines. That's right, the use government data confirms that cancer begins with genetic changes, interferes with normal replications and replacement of cells in the body cells start to grow uncontrollably and may form a tumor is the number two leading cause of death in the whole United States all right. Judy and Indiana pledges 50 thank you, Judy. The number is 888.

Foes haven't been reading listen foes guttering they have to ring or will be gone. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Ms. Wendy what you have for us tonight with New York University school of engineering publication had a write up on it. Basically they've developed software pastor and a device that can reach her mental health date again. No okay so on. You may have noted there's a lot of technology that entering the medical field and were moving towardsto face visit with your practitioners on to conduct exams. They wanted a virtual visit that this is really another push to use her phone apps your emails your virtual visit that are really going to the doctor but hands-off medicine is really becoming popular and it won't be long before artificial intelligence really is conducting the exam in your virtual visit.

I think human traditions have a lot to worry about face down but basically there cover the basics think they've got an algorithm and a computer program here and this is the school of engineering, the New York University and they have right now, a wearable device that they want to eventually move it to end, to scan and devices rollout in people can get them at clinics or their fake offices and did the project. It works for seven years and the program and created is been to read your emotional state, and it's called the novel interface engine and this is designed to monitor your brain activity through electrical impulses that appear in your skin that has Morse code of body signal similar to polygraph but all wireless so when they were testing the device unhealthy volunteer they gave the team the code that are the brain signals are pattern that they have called electrodermal activity, so your pastor conduct electrical activity and it changes based on you know your motions and what you're thinking so it'll change if you're feeling a bit stressed. If you're having pain or your eye if you have fatigue or exhaustion, or you're feeling a little rushed or pressured so that this electrical impulse and we have electrical impulses in her body or brain uses it to heart uses it so that nothing new. But here's a quote from one of the biomedical engineers at near Kent University rose Baja. She says we have developed the first reference engine that can monitor brain activity through the skin in real time with accuracy and has a high scalability important scalability and no tell me okay so you have to wonder really what they plan to do with this scalability given you a little hint how how the technology may progress and do you think Kent could be used in many types of businesses that could be used in the legal system retail banking politics in education give example, if you going to retail store and you're walking in and they scanned you to make sure that you didn't have the intention to shoplift Out or here in the court system and you give a testimony understand and they scanned you to make sure you're not lying, or the political leaders keeping close tabs on their challengers may scan or the educate to prevent meeting on The probably endless areas that this can be used in an people may not know it, even happening and I went to get past the wearable device and just to scan it may not even know it's where did me indent that all got published in the August 2022. Journal of computational biology and an aspect of this debate. They intend to use it to control a person's emotional state that you well that they describe it as a person supposedly back on track and want them that they will know a wall you know or post also mentioned in the device has the capability of doing. They named this technology mind watch and according to Principe, he says we hope to eventually have the device that cannot only monitor person's mental state for magic to help them get back to a more neutral state of mind when under stress and inferring atomic nervous system activation from our wearable device in real time, opened the door for new opportunities for monitoring and improving mental health and cognitive engagement with my control that the device has the potential for says for other health benefits beyond adjusting a person's mental state while you think about that that you would start paying people getting technology like this and using it to brainwash people in remote them to do their bidding. For example, someone to jump off the building to collect the life insurance.

I know that sounds a bit macabre but it it sounds like to me artificial intelligence this world of AI is being developed and we want to not only be aware of it that you can take know your wealth, your freedom can take your name apparently this is what the international Journal of clinical experimental analysis said in 1963. They said a study conducted in the 1960s found a high positive correlation between basal skin resistance and the depth of hip not escape. I was like okay, they get better though.

According to the research on your hands in your state are the best places to scan for electrodermal activity that makes life Santino. If your motions change the ticket nervous and make it a little 28. So hand people have bought one around the public to the public with whatever you hear is these scans are harmless, and it can determine important health conditions like if someone can have a seizure work mental health phone vulnerabilities like schizophrenia or physical performance, lie detection and diagnosis of their own, but I think it's a good thing, but here's some history. This is national library medicine Center for biotechnology.

This electrodermal activity, research has been going on 1817. I was like well in a frantic time to they were the one that looked at the link between the sweat glands and sweaty palms when you're nervous and you know what have you ever been outside when there's an electrical storm and a big bolt of lightning hit the close by for some help happens and you get a little spooked and you get goosebumps you goosebumps and that's called galvanic skin reflect as an electrical thing and basically it's been around in most research in linking the electrodermal activity to the psychological application so they got the algorithm software is very mathematical in assessing electrodermal activity to the research and the technology being used in social science, engineering, and medicine so your electrodermal activity, pastor is pretty consistent on your skin. Technically, you have an AC voltage on your skin and this allows them to click signal so you, like your in there collecting which are broadcasting interesting, very very interesting as the people who were working with this are not Christian and nowhere did I hear anything about and all the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, making us the unique people born again believer right right right. I'm sure that all the sudden that all those of us face are going to react differently to situations than non-Christians and that immediately is going to show up as a defect not as a blessing you show the general remember and forget there is go after the Christian he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world and so wonder how 5G may play an 5G's plane into a whole lot of things we've done some programs in the we we first did our first programs in 5G about three years ago and we haven't really had visited a lot because it's been so much written about it out there today, but to any health 888 I got a get the numbers out because the phones of silence we gotta get some calls coming in here because we've got to less than one hour left. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673, so really attach their technology. People don't want to get that up so the course is pretty set here.

The loss of privacy, freedom and prosperity.

So our life will change but so will our ownership of it. That's what they want they want to control and any you heard Greco III pledged to hundreds or maybe somebody out there can match my pledge will recoding them both you and Julie say something like really brilliant and extremely brilliant because people to give to give a unit without holding back coming to give continues to hear that folks be ready for it. Okay 888-281-1110. Did you hear Wendy pledged to hundreds said no forget that easy. Okay you know what the Bible promises sound mind if we stay close to the Lord and we were the whole armor of God for your mind is protected. Lord created the mind can protect the mind. Also it's a good thing to make sure you know were getting good nutritional elements in our system because then we can handle stress a lot better without worrying without being concerned that we don't want to worry they were having a sale. It's our last summer sale 25% off orders of $50 or more and it prints through the 21st that people go on our website. Reading call to find out more about it right looks.

Wendy pledged 200 we decent people to mess when these 200 will you do that when you match that little ladies 200 no Wendy, Jill and I came up with a plan to block them. When they tried to monitor our skin and what were doing were black and it would age spots that that's right okay so you you you have the company. So you know where you're going be smart enough to know Teresa, but technology is not a sales pitch about what's going through the worst knowledge. The Holy Spirit gives us insight we can see how these things are going to be used as tools to control the citizen to control people to brainwash children and adults to totally change society body couldn't come up with a more perfect idea than to not have a doctrine of total control over an individual in any situation and the more were were Darren is a strategy folks have to realize this is why you been the watchmen on the wall for almost 50 years warning the people spent in step-by-step you're not good on the radio for a long time I was on before I met you warning people you've been warning people and this is the progress we've been doing step by step by step by step around. This is just one more thing to watch everything that we have predicted everything we talked about this come true.

In fact, you and I are on a new list the Department of human services.

The FBI has now come out and cast the conservatives we are domestic violent extremists found there was a bulletin came out here the other day by project Veritas and splints of local law enforcement across the nation's regional warned the others of the violence because of what happened that Merle Milagro and everywhere the they have now classified certain people should be zero terrorists.

And remember you in my back in 2009 member, you and I were together. Obama came out with a report right where extremism current economic and political climate fueling resurgence in radicalization and recruitment and one after people who were what ex-military people who opposed illegal immigration who opposed abortion people who work well for free flat tax developer tax flat tax and we were on the list back in 2009 Andrew's new statement coming out so well were just back on it again with new FBI listing as the final domestic violent extremists because of what we believe and what we say very good, Jill. In this in the New Jersey match is when these 200. So now we need someone to match dealership 200 okay were erected through hundred the other night.

I would like to match that the your you and I donate a tremendous amount of time efforts of the ministry of implosive equipment works in our computers and phones and things that we have to have to do the work on Mount or I have to have a satellite third information out here and we spent a lot of her own money for the ministry and yet you through the church.

I donated $200 if we couldn't give all those hours all that time. All that money and still donate to the ministry. I like to see some people match my $200.

I would too chilling not to make you and when you don't forget this week about a donated 2000 andthat pleasurable church of already donated so I like to get some people to match me okay favorite thing and are people who can only do that God has blessed them with all kinds of talents and professional practices. Businesses around the middle of the monitor political campaign slowly reaches many people all across the country and the will be promoting general God-fearing Bible believing Patrick candidates for this fall's election and Wilhelm on the radio. Joel and North Carolina pledges 100. Thank you Joe Arthur already was still looking for someone again somebody else to match. When these 200 who in Joe's 200 so good with Cardinal Pastor Jonah Wendy you ready for this. You ready for this. Okay, what's that smell big food corporations are quietly adding crickets and other insect into meal bars, cookies and snacks and that somebody was telling me that they had gotten one of those them breads that that that they make. Oh (think about in the restaurants, the football biscuit they had and it was made out of auto bugs instead of regular or high-end cocaine there very digestible and actually get past the idea of eating bugs, tired to say that there really hired for value and buried all over the world and dozens and dozens of countries around the eligibility is something that you don't know there is a certain at the end of the first is a certain disease that goes along with those bugs that people are not ready for and all that's right, and that it doesn't then understand because even the bugs are not the same as today as they used to be. Be careful when buying health food as some corporations of already begun quietly adding cricket, flour, and though there is a base ingredients to produce labeled sustainable and nutritious company actually call actually foods is now selling cheddar cheese puffs introduced that contain cricket flour in the puff ingredients.

The product was come from Canada is labeled using the terms in nutritious, sustainable and delicious. The cheddar cheese puff products are actually foods is also branded has been high-protein because as part of Christian crickets.

This suggest that being that being the cricket sorry superfood.

It turns out that in communal farms, the parent company of actual foods is on a mission to make cricket-based foods. The first choice to individuals interested in high-quality, sustainable protein, the company offers an entire line of products we cricket ingredients including cricket, protein powder and whole roasted crickets both regular and organic X protein savory meal bars and other food product that contains cricket, flowers, protein source could competitors no peers are likewise offers a quick and protein bar. This is Martin's health food product to get a label X) cricket thought rose, hiding know what some of them have gone there and you but anyhow you know I pastor a chocolate bar. Yeah okay candy places tend to have but okay. And then, and the FDA. No, that is impossible to keep bugs out of places like that so they are allowed to have so many parts per square inch of chocolate. Years ago I got a buddy, Jenna pops and then when you open the pop dear came out just like the normally does in the but the guess what the cat was only about half full and there was a wasp Alaska. My course was was dead was drunk, but that there was was in a can never forget that right to a grown-up account 888-281-1110. Lunsford dead okay and that if we don't hear from you soon. Here's what you'll hear from us.

888-677-9673 we looking for more people to match Wendy more people to mess when they we need more 200 pledges more people to match Jill in New Jersey so 888-281-1110 again 2818886779673 okay okay reminder function. All the territory. No one in this ministry has never taken any money. We are doing this to serve the Lord we are doing this is pastor and he was original watchmen on the wall. But we were called to do were not making anything on this were not trying to be rich and famous factory to put ourselves on the firing line like I just said earlier, the government is not happy where this is like this for long time, but we were willing to do this, but we have to have the help we have to have cathouse sponsors that it would run from what we teach and preach and say am a radio so we are putting okay to use the hard bring Russia hang tight. Will you be back right after this took away more to come.

Much more to come. The rabbit, thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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