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TUE HR 2 080922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 10, 2022 12:20 am

TUE HR 2 080922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 10, 2022 12:20 am

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Quinn never objected what is the driver know that you're the one that we take, but it held her clerk.

Remember micro yellow. There was one more quercetin, quercetin, how effective they were against the cold and of course they do try to shut him down because he was curing people he he cured thousands without a single death was a single death in the not making any money and with those that they needed were they could depopulate the planet to make money, get rich by killing people or making them sick and so before he died he made this this clip that I will play you here.

It's about a 10 minute clip but listen to what he has to say.

It's very interesting.

Go ahead while we have to understand the mentality, the philosophy of the enemy to be able to answer where dealing with people that don't do worship.

They also don't believe in an afterlife world and if you asked him one simple question. What happens to human consciousness from God goes away to extinguish nothing of this letter and the one thing that these degenerates up to this point haven't been able to accomplish his death.because there's nothing here. There are powerful right, billions of control's humanity. So there last 34 years working spending billions working on acknowledging that they believe on the trip if possible or not. They believe that they can create new iPhone. A hybrid organic inorganic platform with artificial intelligence, but more importantly, they can download their consciousness into that humanoid life and so you know they have a problem. This physical body. At some point and so everyone surveyed want to transfer their consciousness to this new artificial body like form and escape the men will not machine the breakdown is downloaded to the newer version 2.0 sound like fantasy sounds like science fiction, except except that's what the message was at Elon musk listen to Ray Kurzweil, futures, or you will know arriving on this is a bad boy about him. He is called profit by Clow Schwab, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Obama called him his favorite author stated on CNN. So what is the you tomorrow. Just one man short but he is messaging influencing the thought patterns of the richest, most powerful people plan committee was know what is.

He said the following verbatim humans are taxable items.

If you can hack an animal you can engineered with intelligent design from God. Intelligence above the clouds with human intelligent design. We are now God is no free will. There's no soul and my favorite: 19 will be an inflection point in history 24 seven digital surveillance went under the skin know in 2016.

Clow Schwab given interview on the French media platform. Sgt. certainly extremely puzzling.

Don't figure it out. That might in 10 years. By 2026.

Every single human being will be tagged with a digital identifier, internal so before, after, why not ask how I really just get 7 billion people to willingly get injected or implanted with some type of technology allows for them to be surveilled. Finally, you manufacture a global crisis. Create global fear is then offer a useful solution which is nothing to do with over 19 Pacific did, why would we vaccinate six-month cultural go to the CDC, children have a 99.998% chance of recovery from code section safer than the flu.

There's no medical reason to do to inject him with something that is leaving the shirt and Marshall's child's play compared to what section of carnage.

Why would injected into a child not for medical or other which will discuss but one of them is to physician the world to a world of maximum control surveillance in another words slavery. One of the last generations of Homo sapiens in the coming generations we will learn how to engineer body and brains and minds know how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like this will be decided by the people on the data. Data so important. It's important because we've reached the point when we can hack not just computers. We can hack human beings and other organisms know what you need in order to hack human being. You need two things you need lots of computing power and you need a lot of data, especially biometric data, but control of data might enable human elites to do something even more radical than just build digital dictatorships by hacking organisms. Elites may gain the power to reengineer the future of life itself.

Because once you can hack something you can usually also engineering life fulfill billion years, dinosaurs, amoebae, tomatoes, humans life was subject to the lows of natural selection. Enter the lows of organic biochemistry, but this is now about to change. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design not intelligent design of some God above the clouds.

But our intelligent design in the intelligent design of clouds. The IBM cloud and Microsoft allowed these out of the new driving forces of evolution and in the same time, science may enable life after being confined for 4 billion years to the limited derailment of organic compounds. Science may enable life to breakout into the inorganic real human now habitable animals. You know that the whole idea that humans have you noticed that they they had these soul spirit and have free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me. So whatever I choose weathering the election weathering the supermarket.

This is my free will. That's over free will.

That's over let's move today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale yelling everything is being digitalized, everything is being monitored. In this time of crisis. You have to follow science, it's often said that you should never allow a good crisis to waste because a crisis is an opportunity to also during the reforms that in normal times, people will never agree to, but in a crisis.

You see, we have no tonsils.

So let's do it next thing won't help us help. Yes, of course, it will make things more manageable people hundred years and they didn't define the coronavirus if examining is the moment when you regime of surveillance over especially surveillance under the skin, which I think is maybe the most important development of the 21st century is disability to human beings to go under the skin: biometric data, analyzing, and understand people better than they understand themselves.

This I believe is maybe the most important event of the 21st century by hacking organisms.

Elites may gain the power to reengineer the future of life itself. Because once you can hack something you can usually also engineering in the coming decades. AIM biotechnology will give us godlike abilities to reengineer life and even to create a completely new life.

We are about to enter a new era in organic life shaped by intelligent design intelligent design Elon musk listen to Ray Kurzweil or you will know arriving on this is a bad boy, or that about him. He is called profit by Clow Schwab, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Obama causing his favorite author did on CNN. So what is the you tomorrow. Just one man short but he is messaging influencing the thought patterns of the richest, most powerful people plan committee was know what going back and got I got a feeling show that you will are using for extremely rude awakening because somebody's been listening to all of that. Remember that fellow named Nietzsche Prof. Nietzsche, the great philosopher and corporate color. Remember what he said. He said that Tim man had God had created man in his image, but now through science and technology in favor something that Barclay said he said no man, God will be what man says he is well and you notice that she had decided T2 could live forever. Okay and he blamed God for giving him such great intelligence and with his great intelligence having to to be responsible for the future of mankind. He gave himself this title as their Savior. During that you know how he ended remember something side or poverty are there in Europe during here they would allow you if you had if you had at that time a relative that had become crazy insane mentally retarded, they would put them in these these places where they would keep them and his sister would poverty would actually charge people to come and watch him acting like a complete animal it was some terrible things terrible terrible things they did in those days with with the mentally retarded, and so they would they would put them in there together in charge people to watch how would they would do with each other. It was pretty bad. Anyhow, her totally good prayer for later prayer speaking are totally depraved. The Association of American medical colleges unleashes a new curriculum standards that force medical students to go to to go walk Joe in order to practice medicine. This writer arrived here. It's not. It's an article about a naturalist by Eden health and nieces in order to graduate from medical school. The United States students know will be required to embrace the woke dogma of antiwhite racism among other far left left-wing values, the associate of American medical colleges, new diversity quality inclusion DEA competencies is supposedly just another valuable skill set in the physicians education for graduating medical students. The competencies include describing the impact of various systems of oppression and health and healthcare colonization white supremacy acculturate creation assimilation reports the national Association of scholars will master this again do think people really continue to put up with that they have lost the a.m. the law, a numeric medical college has lost all credibility. Remember how people used to laugh about. You got got the reputation of a used car salesman.

Okay. Our people trust you well and I was used car salesman and the lawyers and politicians people have lost just like they've lost all you know all credibility in the FBI or hold our Department of Justice. The they have power because they have guns and the boys, but they have no authority. They've lost all legitimacy they have lost all legitimacy when when they go after a crook is just one crook taking down another. That's all it is okay. They've lost all legitimacy in the AMA now this is why you know we have the people like Wendy Wilson, Dr. Peter Glidden Maura Mauro whom are getting more and more praising the Lord of these doctors are leaving the going homeopathic medicine getting away from Lisa. Just like people are trying to get away more more teachers to try to get away from the NEA. The teachers unions that they want to go there when I get some credibility back in the bullets was happening.

Mrs. this is what our job is would I don't think God is good is going to wait much longer, and tolerate much more. Remember during the flood exactly what this Ms. Ferrara was talking about exactly what he was talking about was was basically taking place, actually a Anna a more natural scale back during the flood and the we saw God dealt with that right.

Paracrine house.

He certainly did. Even listen to this fact that wire was a big screen absolutely here. History repeats itself.

Death the cancer using tactics of the mark consists of 1917 in Russia. Their final assault on America begins today.

You know was an interesting thing because I'm I'm looking at these these rebels these revolutionaries out there and there standing there and it's the. The women there women are topless and I was thinking about who will and that's exactly what happened some years ago when we were, we would go out to the abortion mills we would try to weed rescue when and try to ship the abortion mill down those horrors would come out topless they would come out in the deep road that the pro-debtors would come out and they would have people with cameras and they would come topless and then they would push up against you when you pushed him away. They would grab your hand and hold it and then yell that you were molested on this is this is a tactic yeah but you know they really never got away with it. I mean like I can think of one time when they really got away with it.

The elevator try and cry and cry and cry quicker during the crop right now. Jonathan Turley character Allender Ritz are both law professors so Turley's cattle liberal.

Alan is very very liberal and they both are saying this the rate were supposed to be a last resort, but you know when negotiations fail to recognize the judicial system.

They're both saying that they're both saying that the law is very clear and they shouldn't be doing this and that will not hold up but all this is happening. I want to point out to people to remember pastor. Anyway, back when Donald Trump was leaving office before he left a release to venture records related to the tropic of the Russian collision operation. What was at the cam member the name Kate opened up all the records and for the declassified now. Judicial watch is suing to get those records. Because the government is keeping them will not release these records crop declassified said they would be made available.

So here we have the rating, Trump steered me their rating. Rolando they're going after Crump about record. In the meantime, boxes of records he declassified on the Russian disinformation Russian collision operation I can't think of the name of that they called it. He open all those records and the government.

The DOJ will not release these documents so this is one of those you that hypocrisy couldn't be any more evident all the stuff that was supposed to be turned over to the press to the people. The Biden administration is keeping will not release even under freedom of information act Stephen under a lawsuit. So far are being served and yet they're going out to Donald Trump for some records that he apparently That they think he shouldn't have. So I this is one of the big stories.

It's not being promoted out there. I didn't see it on the major news edges. I don't know what you think on that. To me it just explains everything that's exactly what I would expect them to do would, but here's the main thing Jim. The reason they are so afraid of Trump.

The reason they are self rated Trump is because the Democrats are there flexion I'm talking about the heads of these agencies like this judge, the so-called judge.

The they were all involved in pedophilia.

They reflected entire Democratic Communist Party and from the top is flush with pedophilia and dropped one way or the other that right, have other corruption and corruption and and so they know that a lot of this is going to be coming out the whole letter. This is coming out and having little by little, look, you know where exposing it, you know, just like with with the clips that we been playing here just recently more and more like they're trying to hide it now Trump was using and he didn't this never hit the news because well he couldn't really do it. He was using certain special forces in the military to actually going to some of these guns down there rescue these children you only heard a little bit about very little bit about it. They had to keep it in onto the bell because of the entire unit the whole. If you look at so-called Justice Department these days people if you look you know why always saddened shift.

Keep your hands off the little boys had them shipped to Kate. All of these things will look at their leader Joe Biden and and his son Hunter okay I'm in there. There are just a few examples will great example. I think I just had a rabbit out of the bay right now could be around not act right yeah and so anyhow think they just had another article which would've been typical, and that was that.

I can get a Democratic Party high up lawyer you know was just the just actually lately. One afternoon every now and then will throw one of their own under the bus and I think that's what they did with F with the F statement through have seen under the bus and so and and believe me, if he is really dead.

He didn't commit suicide okay and that he was art and design are covered up for all kinds of people who were there working Bill Clinton's trips there.

Hillary Hillary was known to go out, especially to his ranch in New Mexico.

She was, she was known for being visiting their lot. Bill was known more so for visiting Epstein's island orgy island after about that again. So here Gregory there's no investigation known news national news on a no inquiries, no questions people haven't figured out this one sided justice system, everything that the left is wonderful. Everything that the right does is terrible. They are now the brightest bulbs in the basket and then a conservative is wacko crazy. Having it there. They've been lying for so long that the lies are not even they were almost funny for a while and it's beyond that now there's just so bad. You can even stand to hear, let me let me just plead this 2020 privilege to inflationary public all three branches of government are in peril because under say an election in 1917 forecast election here in 2020. Here are the elements from 103 years ago years of preparatory work was spent in misleading and misdirecting propaganda the app contesting the voting resulted in hard results more the elections, finality, and ultimately his dismissal claims.

The poor were going to be just disenfranchised by their votes.

The schedule voting was extended by two months division of violent slander and libel were widespread.

A delusion cutting conniving campaign made unrealistic promises to win the population angry mob violence were deliberately stirred up against privilege possessions and status deceptive claims persuading a majority. They were robbed of their electrophilic victory like toiletry inevitable civil war was part of the elections and because linens group failed to win the majority the dissolution of the Allstate in the transformation of new system was promised to lead the true socialism, but upon history's worst along this really entire it has exacted the type of things happening today in America know are there one of the differences between them and us.

Well, one of the things Joe between the differences between them and us. You have 100 million armed conservatives in this country hundred million they didn't have that gay and here's another thing Joe we we were used to. Freedom is a is an old saying you don't know what you have until you lose it right, we've we've used to freedom. We grew up in freedom and overseeing those freedoms being eroded. We don't like it and you get to see a lot of pushback now what they're going to start trying to do. Joe is going to try to bring us back under the mask and this this is a part of their plan and it's already happening out in places like Oregon and some of these other places are already doing okay now grow. Teachers unions are pushing for all kinds of stuff now vaccination for the care, social justice and everything else before kids can go back to school through three everything the power play right Ohio State University wants to go back to the masking and the people as a note, when I couldn't do it when I can. Don't know, I know in our county sheriff has said very clearly that that whole thing. The mass and that the mandate is not a law and it will will not be enforced in this county. And so, but where and this is what I'm telling people out there to start meeting again prepared because the communistic to come back with everything they have and they are scared to death of Donald Trump and they realize this, that sate the Republicans pretty much what I handle. You got you got people like Jim Jordan Ted Cruz, Dr. Paul was his name Ron Paul rent Rand Paul Mac gets that little big green woman Gomer Lori agreement with Louis Gomer yet. So you got a handful of Republicans and that of cats of mental cancer. Monica has some integrity. But the vast majority of them are pretty much worthless. I'm in the days off in a puffin when it comes time to really doing that they stand out and and so any people get really tired of that date.

Now if I can take this. If in fact there is an election say there is actually an election in November and it's it's halfway honest, the Democratic Party will be pretty much gone but the Republicans will not, they will not let down the promise to the get go after these people, but the get bought off the get paid off unless unless there's a Donald Trump. There remember Donald Trump taught him they could actually win unless that list is everywhere and get things done or the people that was victory. Without the people were kind of country we want to have a fair decent country where people are free warrior neighborhoods are safe for you can have good living and all of the good things that Trump showed that could happen one person and a lot of things happened that a lot of other people believed in what he was saying could be achieved. And that's what they're afraid of that, the people start believing that we can really restore America.

We can have that our great nation back and hope their creditors see this evolution and if we stop the revolution and put an end to it. That's the last big hurrah it's going to be a lot harder to get back in the position of power because will know now who the enemy really is and is easier to see how I just hardly be right back after this ceaseless opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order for brutality will go unrewarded just in case you know that any jugular movie and change they call the way, back in a room and I need to be 17 to assume the same as all guidance, senseless dad's and a how many names the name is already we are back is, according to Dr. Theo shatters one of out of every 800 people over the age of 16 to get jabbed for the funky flu will die because of it.

This is astoundingly high death rate and one that the Western media refuses to acknowledge what he's a Dutch Texan neurologist okay and I got news for you. Dr. Theo is going to be much higher than that, it already is much higher than that you you understand your study, but there's others that that is shown that the death rate is is much higher in this going to be as Dr. tenpenny and others say that is going to hit the hardest.

In about 5 to 6 years after the, the kill shot right organelle open the open phones and taking calls at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we got Jack in San Diego provider have declared state of emergency in regards to monkeypox. I have the governor California and so has the president United States declared a national health emerges emergency due to monkeypox so there you know I think they're getting ready for the emergency order now. There are something that are troubling you don't hear about. There is one case of polio in New York and there's pain because of that one case, there may be hundred 50 in New York of polio.

This is the problem when you have people coming across the border that you don't know what diseases they have. They don't get vaccinated. They don't get any type of chest x-ray or health examination as you would if you're coming here illegally in their spread all over the United States on dirt. There is a disease that has been around for over 20 years that I don't think people realize they changed the name of it, that leprosy we have leprosy back in the United States and the reason why you may not be aware of it because it's now called Hampton and die, and there is a website I don't know how to get to it, but it shows you the hotspot United States where there is Hampton disease outbreak. I first learned about it my wife with the public health nurse for the County and I went to one of their party like a Christmas party or something. I was talking to one of the nurses and I asked her what you do is this one on the head of the Hansen clinic that leprosy and we have a we have a clinic in San Diego for all the people that have leprosy and you think you don't merely think about things like that and downs. In any event, they're going to have probably several different avenues to go back to emergency orders right now to monkeypox what's going to happen of polio prophetic control evidently must be highly contagious, Jackie get dies something I click click here that you understand. Here's what God says and he really does know what he's talking about. Deuteronomy chapter 20 know this.

Not all the Bible was written to us, but was all written for us and he says this it shall come to pass that without you hearkened diligently into the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and do all these commandments which I commanded thee this day that the Lord thy God would simply on high above all nations of the earth. That's exactly what he did with America because we had founding fathers who believe the word of God, and they were perfect by any means, but they this nation was one nation under God and and that's what that's where we want and we became the greatest nation above the earth but then he says this he said, but if he took underpass of that will not hearken into the voice of the Lord thy God in observe all his commandments and his statutes which I commanded this day that all these curses shall come up on me and overtake the and he says the Lord to send the cursing fixation and a rebuke in all that set aside had to do. He said the large of a pestilence cleave into the until has consumed a from the land and whatever goes and that smite the wood consumption and with a fever and with a probation with an extreme burning as I was he describing the coven. 19 and these other things perfectly, and this is what we have and and we were wondering what's going on. Well, I'm not wondering I know. Hey listen, thanks for: are any particular you to God blessed list go to our other this cottage to the other Joe tonight okay yeah what would my mind couple of things. One point the fact what you saying about polio that the bucket should got called a snarling allusion to get the audiobook databases really good about what they suppressed with polio is they found out that you could take intravenous vitamin C and get rid of it three days or you could take very high thousand thoroughly of vitamin C and they pointed out one factor that the worst form of that which is like the enteric and anterior bulbar of the spinal cord that caused full-scale paralysis, leaving it even got rid of that.

So they suppressed that polio now that Jack should look at that. Another book that I'm leaving right now that's commanded is called the psychology of totalitarianism at the German author Phillips translated came out on the laudable, but I accidentally rate this book it incredible how about the magic formation of the rise of mass settlement while you were here yet again yet so really what it explained how they talk about. Like for example he gave an example of a woman from Russia is now take a car uncle and her father to the school. Can I ask her about it.

Now that she's older people around that well the pros and cons to it. So how people can't just into this magic formation and a lot of it that that that taking advantage of people and a free-floating anxiety and that's really what it talks about the book of Revelation.

Fear and preying on fearful people and getting them to the foreman to light. This collective had not like it's like a hypnosis of the mass follow the stock and the guy really related to what's happening now that the writing is tremendous and one other thing is kind of guy O'Reilly is telling you exactly what what always people are thinking this has nothing to do with health 0.0 everything to do what what that guy and I click that if you look at that got us onto report propaganda have 330 for an Interview with All Antiphon from Morocco and Explain That You Know What the Planning and Most of the Damage of These Vaccines with Liquid Crystal to Get the Brain and It Trying to Manipulate the Brain with the 5G Way and She Has a Very Harrowing Story and Narrow down How She Want to Get a Haircut for with Her Mother for Model and like the Girl in the Back Coming up Front and I Never Bought It Back to the Haircut and Then She Went Back to My Girl Was Staring at the Wall Now and Then I Went outside People like Zombies Walking into the Street Line and She Thinks They Were That Vaccinated at Night.

They May Have Raised the 5G Waved Goodbye Last Point I Wanted to Bring out the Handout Feel If You Look at the AMA I Coupon to the Day of the FBI. Psalm 84 It's Talking about You Better off That Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord and Being an Attempt to the Wicked Suck. What Would You Say That for Someone That Works in the Aft Be on a Lawless with the AMA Will Which You Will Have. How Would You What Would You Say That Which Is Today with with People That Are This Depraved Ball Which You Have To Separate I Would Wonder, That Would Really Depend upon What Position Immediately or Somebody That's an Extremely High Position Where They Can Make a Difference in and Makes Them Change Their You Know That Would Be Them up for Them to I Would Say Do Do What You Can While You Can, and the Other Side of That People That Are Not in a Position Where They Can Change Anything They Need to Come Out Of There. They Need to Come Out Of There and Irving and Pablo Are Ready and Yeah There Is a Again Where Were Seeing Society. What What It's Being Reduced to. We Were Seeing What Used To Be Agencies That It Had Some Modern Some Integrity and Decency. But They're All Going Bad Thoroughgoing That Even the Big Corporations Today There and This Is Mystery Babylon. This Is the New World Order Taken over, and These People Are Totally Clueless. They Are Somehow They've Got a Mindset like This. Aurora That That That If You Wake Know God Jake Ignore God If You Just Ignore God and That He Will Go Away.

That's Not Going to Happen.

Okay. And These People God Has Called Them Fools. He's Called Them Fools. And He Says Why Do the Heathen Rage and Then He Says Why Do They Imagine a Vain Thing and That's Exactly What Is Referring to Here. Why Do the Heathen Rage and People Imagine a Vain Thing. The Kings of the Earth Set Themselves, and the Rulers Take Counsel Together against the Lord and against His Anointing. That's Exactly What Is Happening Exactly Saying Let Us Break Their Bands Asunder, Cast Away Their Cords from Us. In Other Words, Let's Cut Them off.

We Will Were Going to Rule This Earth and We Will That Will Do and Believe Me, This Whole Thing about These 87,000 IRS Agent Is to Totally Eliminate the Middle Class. That's What They're There for Two to Be Westernized against Us.

And so in Our Military. Up to This Point Has Stood down and at All Realized the Company Destroying Her. Her of Their Own Daughters.

They Destroy the Middle Class They Succeed, They Will Really Ruin the Future for Their Own Fate Where They Are Been Blinded Right We Get I Get a Move on Cliff but Listen Thanks to: We've Got One That This Is the Last Call and We Have JB Lightning near the Last Conference and I GB Justin for Trumpet. All the Current.

They Immediately Netted about Word That the Trump Blowgun and Egg Guns Are Always Welcome and Prevent Well You Seen I'm I'm Telling You, People Are Buying Because They're Arming Themselves Divine Ammunition. They Look at This and Again They They're Looking Now at the Federal Government Has Becoming the Enemy and Even Even Some Prissy Preachers in the past That Would Not of Had Ever Had the Courage to Stand up Even There Now Concerned and They're Looking around Saying You Know You Gotta Do Something Meeting, We Mean Pastors with More Courage and a with Courage but Anyhow Even Their Concern. In Fact, Is Gotten so Bad That Cuomo Governor Call Agricola Calls out Garvin's DOJ at the KGB Style Raid on Merrill Argo Former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Called the Department Of Justice Did Quickly Try to Find a Way to Justify the Rating Former Pres. Donald Trump K and so Anyhow, Were Out Of Time for Tonight's Joe Grabner. You Got Bless You GB Joe You Got Three Minutes to Tell Us How We Can Get to Heaven and While Her Things That Are Important Honorary. The Scripture Romans Chapter 810, but Ye Are Not in the Flesh but in the Spirit so Be That the Spirit of God Dwell in You.

Now If Any Man Have Not the Spirit of Christ Is Not of Heirs and of Christ Being near the Body Is Dead Because of Sin, but the Spirit Is Life Because of Righteousness. And We Have Galatians 2, Verse 20 I Am Crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I Live yet Not I but Christ Liveth in Me and the Life Which I Now Live in the Flesh I Live by the Faith of the Son of God Who Loved Me and Gave Himself for Me.

We Have This God That Is so Awesome and Wonderful That He Went and He Realized That Because We Were Simple Because We Live in the Flesh, the Became a Living Sacrifice for Us Took Our Place upon the Cross, Died, and Paid the Price for Your Sins for My Soon so We Could Be Born Again, Made New.

We Could like Scripture Said Therefore If Any Man Be in Christ He Is a New Creature, Old Things Are Passed Away Behold All Things, All Things Become New. When You Become Born-Again.

You Have the Indwelling of God Himself through the Holy Spirit You Jesus That I Am in the Father. The Father in Me and I Am in You.

We Become the Sons and Daughters of God We Have We Become a Temple Dwelling Place of God Himself, and to Have This We Have This Personal Relationship Them with Our Heavenly Father. What We Have To Do to Get There Is, except That Christ Died for Our Sins.

We Have To Repent to the Father That Our Sins Placed Him on the Cross We Have To Be Truly Sorry That He Had to Die for Us Pay That Price and Then We Ask Him after He Asked to Be Forgiven. We Asked Jesus to Come into Our Life to Be the Lord of Our Life. We Give Ourselves to Him without Reservation, without Doubt, and Then We Ask Him That We Want to Become a Born-Again Believer Son of God and He Will Give Us That Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The Spiritual Baptism Then We Become That New Creature That New Creation That Born-Again Believer and We Become Change for All Attorney, Not Just for Now, but for Eternity. We Become a Child of God, and It Is the Most Wonderful Thing That Can Ever Happen.

The Happiest People I Know People That Are at Peace. The Most Joy for All Born-Again Believers. They Are Assured of Who They Are with Their Father Is What Their Future Is Don't Get Any Better Than Having a Better Insurance That Passes That the Peace That Passes All Understanding Wealth Were Out Of Time for Again Tonight so until Tomorrow.

Good Night Night. Glenn Always Always Always Keep Fighting. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right. Left Posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to Learn More about Our Ministry. Please Visit Us Online at Www.W IW and Not on the Student Next Time for Another Edition Was Right to Left Preceding Sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and Is Responsible for Its Content

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