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MON HR 1 080822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 9, 2022 12:19 am

MON HR 1 080822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 9, 2022 12:19 am

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Exclusions apply the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio brought just what's right good evening and welcome to another additional was what was left by radio both early senders date. This is the voice more than ever, more than ever the voice of the Christian resistance on this August 8, 2022 and tonight we have a whole what to bring to really get right to it.

Producer denies greatest grade and we have what is out there none other than Pastor Joe Larson, Bible believing flag-waving gentlemen, roaring.

And I'm glad to be here. We're going to go to war yet we are, Joe.

Today America suffered a shameful treasonous raid on the home of America's legitimate president the legitimate president of the United States of America under the orders of the Chinese puppet Joe Obama Biden in the dirtiest, I mean the dirtiest and the most corrupt Atty. Gen. in the history of America is treasonous head jackbooted thugs called the FBI. Well, I be speaking of Mary Garvin and Chris Ray to commit a treasonous act against the family of the legitimate president of the United States and treason against the vast majority of the citizens of this Republic of America. These traders are broken every article of the Constitution have betrayed God country and they betray their own families to I'm sure that most of them. The family members of these people.

Today, many have to look away and discuss in shame with Joe I went let me ask you question here tonight. We talked about legitimate and illegitimate. If I was to say to you, Joe, that Joe Bala, Joe Biden is a pastor president if I was to say to you that Nesta Pelosi Eric Mary Garvin Chris Ray Adam shift for all humor Chucky Schumer. If I were to tell you that these were all sinful laws mastered. What do you think you think that would raise up big fuss even on on this even on the stations network the world record. Her because again the majority of people in this country have very little knowledge of Scripture. Do not understand the gospel of the Bible and they would not understand that this was very biblical like you just that. Our sinful loss pastor and that's according to Scripture, well, according to Scripture, and again I would. I would say that there's many love so-called pastors out there and I mean so-called pastors who don't really have a real Bible reading from the New Age versions that don't really have have the Bible versions and they really don't know what Scripture has to say and so because of that on that because her anywhere 49% of several thousand were interviewed didn't believe in two or more of the five basic tenets of the Christian faith so you don't really have a lot.

Well, there's a lot of out there that read from the NIV, which is you know they've taken in the and as we go through the Bible study this week will see just in many cases, how they've they've taken from the word of God or added to it as far as the NIV goes. They've they've taken away 260,000 65,000 were out of the out of the out of the Bible, but within the home. So if you were to say well how would you justify that statement.

I would say let's go to Hebrews chapter 1 and Hebrews chapter 1 Joe Raby verses one through three. God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past, under the fathers by profit In these last days spoken unto us by his son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the world being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had it had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.

Right. So we see this we see a couple things.

One, Joe, at the time that this was written in the Old Testament and the new we had for Telus prophets were known as for tellers to today. We don't have for tellers. Today we have fourth tellers and this is what he is telling you that in the past when the Lord spoke to these for tellers. He spoke to them through a lot of things with Jacob. It was a dream I spoke to Abraham and Moses face to face and body spoke to Moses, also the first out of a burning bush right now. Maybe spoke to bail amount of a jackass.

Then also he spoke to the people.

If you would through the Psalms and Proverbs, but as noted through the angel of the Lord right but today today. He says that the prophecy that we have as fourth tellers as we are speaking the prophecy that we give is the the words of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The Bible is God's word so were not talking about just the letters that are in red because the entire Bible from cover to cover and I'm talking about the King James Bible is the inspired word of God is the word of God and so it refers to itself throughout now here after saying that when I say by what authority because if I say what I just said that if I were to say that Joe Biden is at best a president and Nancy Pelosi, Mary Garvin and Chris Ray and Adam shift and injecting Schumer that these people are so very, very sinful and corrupt pastors, without which they will all be there people out there that you know what I've said this already.

There we got to handle with her mouth and eyes a baby because because of like you said, biblical illiteracy, so let's go over to Hebrews chapter 12 and I want you in Hebrews chapter 12 to readme verses seven and 8.under drug dealer with you as with friends for what son is he whom the father chasing or not but if ye be without chastisement or of all are partakers, then ye are then are ye, pastor, and not sent.

So we watched this corrupt state.

We have watched this corrupt Joe Biden commit treason, but is not in prison we seen Hillary Clinton Weasley noted cheese behind the murder. We know that Hillary Clinton is behind the murder of maybe as many as 100 people, but we see that she's not in prison. We see Chris Ray and Mary Garvin corrupt I mean dirty cops really really dirty cops. How they're protecting Hillary that there protected her with everything they have wide well because you know Hillary is not Saddam she's got enough on those two.

She's got enough of those to put them away forever.

So when the first ramp are united this on the radio when they first went into the office on the first things of great characters, president and Mrs. Pres. was to go through and secure different FBI files on everybody and kept the goods and all these people with their affairs and their legitimate children and their hidden sodomite tendencies or theft or whatever it is and basically they use that to keep everybody quiet. Absolutely. And so today I wanted to say this before we go much farther.

My advice right now. July I used to have a number of friends in the FBI. Unfortunately, most of them have passed away, but they were honorable Joe. They were honorable people. They were not ashamed they can look you in the eye and say you know what I've done. I've done all I could. We stood up against criminals. We stood against the godless antichrist communism and we we upheld the oath we took to the Constitution. These were honorable honorable men and women in effect July did with three radio programs with agents sitting right in the studio would okay and they were honorable people in those days and but today Joe is not the case today. The FBI weather is simply whether simply a thuggery, the other a branch of of the very corrupt branch of the death of credit Communist Party collective. They become the very communist these to fight the mighty bite, but that also doesn't that bring about a full-blown constant personal crisis, but my my advice to them. Joe would be that any FBI agent out there listed to me tonight that may still have any honor any decency in the integrity in order to retain such you must resign and and before you do that you need to blow the whistle on all of those above you need to do the right thing. They're hurting your country they're hurting the country that you took an oath to defend and so ask yourself this. When you look in the mirror.

Do you see a person there of honor do you see a person of integrity. You see a person who does what they say and says what they do you see a person that that your Lord would say well done my good and faithful servant or do you see someone who just turns her head looks to the way and goes ahead, whoring themselves be no more than a horror for corrupt system you need to ask yourself that question can you live with who you are and again, if I were you out there I would leave that corrupt agency and blow the whistle on all those above you that you know to be corrupt committing violations against our Constitution against the American people there you go hide a sailor here reactor that anybody in the Justice Department, everybody, and certain other branches of the government sees what's going on. The deep state in their branch. Whether it's Department of Education IRS State Department. I think it's time for anyone out there who is an American patriot to say this is a constitutional crisis were becoming basically a banana republic were in the middle of a communist revolution.

They are trying to take over and totally destroy our constitutional Republic and turn a Cinderella Constitution communist democracy. I like to see half of the government resign in protest after that many decent people in Washington.

Most of those run the school boards in this country did and Mary Garland, Mary Garvin should be in prison, he will never find anyone to prosecute. That is as corrupt as he is. You will never find anyone to prosecute.

That is corrupt as he is not worthy to tie the shoes of Donald Trump need a Donald Trump's integrity. Mary Garvin's is not worthy even to tight issues because Donald Trump is a man who have these not perfect like an endless but one thing he did what he said is that what he did. He was it was a man and is a man who stood up and fought for the best interest of his country right back to renew our user patriot or 100 may believe what was good for everyone in America was good for America.

Not to know what is good for the few rich elite which is what's happening in our being controlled by a few elites think they know how to run our lives better than we do and I know more than we do, and they should be in charge of all the decisions.

Donald Trump believed in freedom they believed in the American people and believed in the concept of our own self-government absolutely. I want to show you something here generally see where will we know this. This came right from the pit of hell itself and as we go, we see that the betrayers those that have betrayed.

We start out with the very first betrayals of that was when Satan betrayed God then we see how Judas betrayed Jesus and then came betrayed able Saul betrayed David a little. Phil betrayed David Delilah betrayed Samson and on throughout the Bible and all of those betrayers and and I want to and I'm talking to you folks in the so-called Justice Department you listen to me listen to me okay God dealt with these betrayers. He dealt with them and don't laugh. This is not something Friedel affect you better pay close attention. God is in so you saw God dealt with everyone of Ohio constantly starting right there at the top. Satan was what thrown out of heaven out of a neighbor thrown out of the garden carrying retraced off Judas said how hard he himself, Saul ended up badly in and Kara that the ending of these people is nothing that you would want for yourself or anyone you cared about what good was now was a good one to take you to the words here and this is the words of Hilda Marilynn and he says this it is necessary immediately for all legal communist parties to form ill legal organizations for the purpose of systematically carrying out ill legal work. Joe listen to this. This is where nasty Pelosi. This is there. This is their book. This is their manual. This is Joe Biden McKay, Joe is owned by China. He's owned by China. He has to do with child and he's willing to sell all of America out for China because this is says that is necessary immediately for all legal kindness parties to form ill legal organizations for the purpose of systematically carrying out illegal work and fully preparing for the moment when the Bush was a today that's that they referred to us as Republicans are our patriots resorts to persecution illegal work is particularly necessary in the Army, the Navy and the police. Boy have they done that in this country have or are not limited let me keep raining here now listen to this.

This is a given volume 11. This is on organization. Page 95 of his book in working-class agitator who in any way shows talent, promise should not work 11 hours a day in a factory. We should see to it that he lives on the funds of the party that he is able and good time to adapt legal are ill legal manner of existence that he has the opportunity of changing his fear of activities otherwise you will not gain experience. He will not broaden his outlook. He will not be able to hold out for most several years in the struggle against the police. Does that sound like antiphon and black lives matter. Okay there you go along with that long ago you and I both were doing this back January 10, 1963. The current goals of communism in America goals of how there were going to create a communist state were published in the Congressional record and the information came from playing on scouts and Dr. clearance Callison who is the FBI's leading expert on communism back when they were like you said when they were fighting it and you and I have set these out. Talked about them.

There are 45 goals and I think almost today, almost every goal listed has been accomplished. He goes on to say you and I have gone through. I can't think of one that is not pretty much fulfilled literally goes on to say, it is not enough to take sides in the questions of political slugs. We must take sides. Also the question of an armed uprising. Remember what Obama said that he was going to have a civilian army. They just ordered what 1/2 a million firearms for the IRS and how many more 80 8700 new 87,080 7000 new IRS agents McKay made circuit breaker agency in the federal government yet they go against it. We have what 20,000 are 19,000 on the run on our border, trying to keep stop the war. The invasion by foreign countries and I boarded at her thousand.

Client will actually it's millions of people now I got a couple million. But think about it. They also have white, white 5 million rounds of ammo and they ordered how many I can't remember the number but a tremendous number of guns.

What does the FBI are not enough.

You IRS agent looking through taxes and receipts need that kind of arms and ammunition for ask yourself that question listeners what do they need and hundreds of thousands or guns and millions 5 million rounds of ammunition, including assault rifles, what does the pencil pusher that basically is a bookkeeper during audit, neatness, weaponry okay so he goes on to say is not enough to take sides in the questions of political slugs as well as take sides.

Also the questions of an armed uprising. Those who are opposed to armed uprising. Those who do not prepare for must be ruthlessly cast out of the ranks of the supporters of the revolution and sent back to the race of the enemies if the traders are cowards for the day is approaching when the force of the events and the conditions of the struggle will compel us to separate enemies from friends.

According to this principle in so this is what would the whole point. The Democrats and I know when I when I talk about this today.

I know there are Democrats out there and say listen, wait a minute now were against him against this to. I'm not for what they did. I don't care as far as I'm concerned if your Democrat unless you come out of there near just as responsible the FBI and so anyhow have made it clear what pride thereunder on the antichrist right there. There is no way you can be a real born-again believer and be a member of the Democratic Party Democrat party with the lies and deceit. The pro side of me. The pro-death all the things that they stand for all antichrist. This is the time where we all have to draw a line in the sand and say I'm on the side of righteousness of right and wrong and righteousness, and I will fight evil if we don't, evil is going to prevail. I wanted to say this to my Jill had the judge County tea party that will be taking place tomorrow at 630 in Chester Lind Ohio on Cedar Rd. in Cedar Road 1/4 mile rep. West of the Route 306 on the Metzenbaums center is the Metzenbaums center tomorrow night. Now with Neil Peterson who is a candidate, an independent candidate for governor of Ohio, Neil Peterson's is a candidate he sees and ordained up Mr. Pastor and he is a governor that will be in the exact mode just like Gov. Dean Santos of Florida and again if you like Gov. the status of Florida you loved Neil Peterson hate now they're trying to stop the rhinos are doing it. The rhinos are doing all that they can to stop them. They do not want him in because he's for real and he's running as an independent and so that's 630 tomorrow. The judge County tea party meeting now were going to meet earlier, upsetting the Republican Party that are in Ohio, but you're going for the well not right. Not not the most of the Republicans were not the best majority of them believe that he and we have Jim Jordan. We got some very good Republicans here. In fact, we did very well in this past primary care but the double the rhinos that managed to weasel their way up to the top. They don't really have that in and point out American video they call themselves Republican but it name only the really a moderate Democrat in disguise and many people got supported by Democrat money and Democrat people. Okay Joe, I'm going to have to have to step away from the mic for a few minutes and so when I minute do we really go to the sun. Listen to the song very well, folks, and then if I don't get back in time to open the phone lines. I think we owing to the people tonight because of what's happened today.

I think we owed to our listers tonight to open the phone lines early in now and that and I want to tell you… The phone to get a jam so you can stand there forever. No more than three minutes but we can open the phone lines early tonight because you deserve to have your voice heard out of the same line that we use electric yeah yeah I all the lines indented via lines going to be open it. 888-677-9673. This 888-677-9673 McKay go to the break in, and that if I don't get back in time. Joe you have to handle the calls got take her away seasoned ages and things stand in the door is me. Now is the main thing the three, the police man. The reasonably believe you got no distinction. Please believe me they property is in getting you may not be a family please be only daddy leaves me I say condo in the state.

Believe me, me and the back already.

With that the music made better on, I'm up. Okay phone lines open list when we have we have our cohost.

I would now he may be Cliff here, but he Joey other place Ajo 1.more about how start the negotiation that might people and Lot 1 and I think that's an example of a downward slope that but it that when the Angels came.

Now that would like they had just rested down south. There what you think about that. It wasn't as very playful. Once the complaint. Here's the thing the Lord, the Lord knew what would Abraham was can ask you he was well aware that in the new there was an 10 righteous men.

In fact, a lot actually was because of Abraham's righteousness with the that lucky. But let himself did try to turn the Angels away or to to break amends. Try to try to spare them, not knowing that they were angels.

Okay. And so what I say about why I would say the societies very much like today in America today. You have you have been pushing the public. As the pushing what they call LGBT to God because of their abominable heads and abominable abominable thing it's it's the stench of rotting flesh in the nostrils of a holy God's is one of the old Hebrew definitions of sodomy and you have a course they child sacrifice there. You got a horrible check child sacrifice here in America today. One of the reasons that these people are so afraid of Donald Trump as Trump is aware of what was going on. They know that and they know he's going to he's determined not exposing all of the child. Human child trafficking and a lot of these agencies like the FBI and others are involved in that and they they don't that's that's why they are scared to death of Donald Trump and I meditates of the folks in America you got you got to get ready. I know by what I'm doing here tonight. It might be the might bring them down on Jaime my family, but I'd rather be dead than red, and I would rather fight to my last breath against this wicked, evil, unclean corruption in the and I can tell you something else to when they start coming after God's people. God will take notice of and hunger to tell you he tells expressively in his word… She is annoyed. Don't touch his anointed, and so but we know that his people have been martyred in, and I'm willing I willing to do what I have to do another car you still here yet what we, 8115 by memory that the Lord those that hate the Lord now and I'm trying to take another look at at from the angle of people not only hating canals.

David handle level out the particulars, but also the Lord, but it sounds like in Maxon they could be salvaged and not to take. So when Woodson was 81 yeah yeah okay let me take the lead to take a look at Psalm 81 haters of the Lord.

So it's prophetically saying that they hated Lord.

Oh yeah, where there is another there's many places in Scripture where it says exactly that that they hate God and God will God will deal with them with those that hate him, but Lisa sees some 80 and the limits of a particular verse number 81, 80:81 civilians and Lord God our strength to make a joyful noise unto God take a song okay let me go down to where it's talking about those that hate God would what verses were those pain date of the Lord shall have the haters of the Lord shall have submitted themselves and to him, but their time should have endured forever.

Okay, the time should have endured forever, but anyhow hear God make it a pretty clear there's no stuttering and and what he's telling you right there that the there going to be there going to be humbled that those that they got it going to be humbled, and please tell know they should have submitted but they didn't McKay you had they submitted them to the Lord, had they repented than they would've live forever and you know through eternal life with Lord Jesus, but they failed to do that but there is this other passages of Scripture one says that all of those that hate God, love, death, all of those that hate got love and I was looking at the one at one of the passages that I was trying to remember which one it was, but he tells you three times you know and happily God says something three times in a row. It's got some significance and he says three times how he will deal with those that hate him. I was going to deal with those that hate the hated one that will also bring up you know Walt's quote about right right that's one but when glad yet why where you now and and and I I think it's chapter 2 of a month, but that talking about how they ripped open the warmth of pregnant woman and and I case it was territorial so they they wouldn't be able to land that was that motivation and doing that, but that was one thing that the Lord wasn't going to like go now in a house so as to its clients that aren't going to be that bypass I hear you.

Let me see Melissa to this Deuteronomy chapter 7 now therefore the Lord thy God, he is God faithful God, which keep the covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations and listen to this.

He repair them that hate him to their face, to destroy them.

He will not be a stack of them that hated them. He will repay them to their face, and thou shalt therefore keep my commandments. Okay, so anyhow it's in another words he stated for those that hate God is not going to bode well for Ms. thou direct confrontation with the Lord. Had Alex not gone downstream. It's definitely an out of state that trying to go talk about what the Lord they are. This is saying out there now when I try to get across to these FBI agents of the listing potatoes that here you know you think that you, your in the power that the you're in charge. You're not. You're not in charge and if I were you, because, again, at one point the agency had honor at one point the agency had integrity.

I have friends in a five.

I knew they could see the agency today, they would roll over harming in the grapes they would pay would be so so ashamed of what Christopher Ray knows what before you have done to the agency I would encourage those those ages out there with anybody that has any in honor and integrity and decency left and then put people some of them pastor then all you will have is the correct that's what happens when it happens that will implode. That happens every time when when you only have the totally corrupt they end up imploding on themselves. They do each other in court. Why don't have to answer quiet and night plays like a dog thinking about, probably been answering a question in any detail or what have you know that he's got that little smirk on his face. He had little prideful smirk you have the and and and it's supremely arrogant person supremely enough. You know that something that I mean if you look at the apostle Paul guy acting out depicted humility about top commander, and so forth a very intelligent guy. At least he had. He he was humbled. Paul was humbled significantly and he had enough integrity to realize that who this righteous one was that humbled him something we have move on with already have a good night God bless and let's go to Jack in San Diego. Things are starting to get interesting. Yet in order to coverage and the pride that nobody figured out why they decided to pull the raid on Mir Lago and Trump with the New York want to confrontation with the Secret Service.

That's true, absolutely. Directly, will present a problem if they died to a restaurant of the going to have a problem with the Secret Service Secret Service is very loyal to Trump's detail, they would probably have to pull the detail and put a new detail of Secret Service agent for Trump.

They intend to arrest him, which I think that words ultimately going to lead indictment direct humiliation solitary confinement and and conviction tradition which, by the 14th amendment would prevent him fronting for any federal office. That's where this is all leading to his words leading to 100 million armed Americans.

Let me ask you this. How much what does your freedom mean to you.

That means everything.

Are you willing to fight to the last to defend and to keep your freedom will not only that, but after what happened today I'm pulling my support for the Fanta and am fully supporting Trump I think it's imperative we all do that because it just Trump now, but take a look at what's happening with the IRS on will tell you what's behind that. So they passed a bill doubling the size of the IRS.

There adding one another 85,000 direct 887 87,000 yet know maybe go there tonight they're okay Joe if you can find the story but the IRS is buying millions of rounds of ammunition 5 million every three just a little while ago 5 million in their several hundred thousand weapons are being issued including assault rifles throughout Borchers monitors leading to the leading for a split between the red state blue state and and what you think going to happen when the red state folder support the federal government and the red states are going to stop payment contact and you know that's already happening in some of the countries right no effect in Britain. In Britain, are they going to be a huge, huge boycott of tax revolution has begun 75,000 breads are going to stop paying the bills admittedly coming and we need to protect herself and I wanted directly to what happening in China, either through provinces in China were the people cannot get their money out of the bank China. It actually brought in tank to keep the people under control what I'm saying to you tonight in your listeners relative there's a better place to figure out that in the bank. Don't wait for a run on the bank will be too late by then, and a lot of people are pastoring the money in the bank that are strictly only exist in cyberspace even have a physical location on the banks, what are you going to do what this is why people are more more need to other countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and that they're going back to the gold standard. Going back to the dumping the dollar back to the gold standard wanted to alert you in your listeners to ploy by Nancy Pelosi.

I don't want people to think that what she did with something patriotic and all the buttons she became known noble. What she did with plan. I know that Lothian Biden and others are being blackmailed because they been taking money from the Chinese. Oh yeah, I know that,tocallforcallingfamilyhundredbytwopointknowhe'sbeenovermakingdealsinbusinesswiththeSouthKoreanswiththeHongKonghewastherewithNancyseeingpicturesofthem,buttheydescribedhisnameoffthemanifest.Youwon'tseeitonthelistofthepeopleallthese85peopleorwhateverthatwillreturntheentouragecallPelosi'snameisinfairwhenoneofthespeakersintroducedNancy.ShereadthelistofthetopdignitariesthatwerewithNancyinthelastname.ShereadallPelosithat'shersonandisbusydoingexactlywhatyourdaughterBidenwasdoingduringJoeBiden'svicepresidencypaysuptohisneckandallkindsofbusinessdealsandheknowslessthanhundredBidenwhichisahardthingtodowhatIwanttofocusonwasyourtriptoTaiwanonshedidandallthesonshavecomepatrioticfeelingsforTaiwan,whichshewaswhatIthinkeverybodydidn'treallylikereversepsychology.Theydidn'treallygetit.WhatjobwaswiththeGoldbergTaiwanandginupnationalisminChinaandsowiththebetacompletethatChinawillinvadeTaiwanandbeardollarstotellmethatTaiwanwillbeinvadedbyChinabeforeNovember2election.Youknowwhatyoudon'tyoudon'tlistentoeveryprogram.WetalkedexactlyaboutthatlastweekjustlikejustliketheysayTimwillheartoUkraine.TheysentherintheretoagitatepotentthecenterandtheretopokethebeartomakesurethatdoesinvadetheUkrainethatthat'sthatwasthewholepointoftheirwellandthestorybecauseitthinkaboutthatinthelastcoupleweekswe'vebeenthreatenedwithnuclearannihilationbyNorthKorearanRussiaandChinaandworknonotanywhereclosetodeathgoingtotheBidenministrationthatuporsurrenderyeahexactlytalkaboutthatmanytimesI'vebeentalkingaboutthatforthelongesttime,andNovember2.Thisisthetimehisweightaroundwhenthey'resupposedtosurrenderusthat'sthat'swhatwe'vebeentalkingaboutthewholeidearightnowsoI'msayingisthatpeopleneedtoprotecttheiraffectonthefoodsupplythroughtheirmoneyinthebankonwhateverisimportanttoyouisbeingthreatenedtodayandyouneedtoyouneedtoprotectit.Ipointedinthemilitiasthey'vebeen.Idon'tknowapplicantno.I'mjustappointedinthemilitarythatthemilitaryhasbeentakencharge.Idon'tthinkthatthequickestwayoutofthisisforthemilitarytocourt-martial,thecommander-in-chief,andothers,andtakechargeofthecountryhavetostartwithBidengoalgoingallthewaydown.They'vegottogetridofAustinandMillieDave.TheybetrayedustheseguyswhereBarackObamaObamabootliquorsenoughthattherealsoobjecttocourt-martiallimitary.ThisdategotoJRNyquistgotoJRNyquistgood.blogJRNyquist.bloggoupthereonhisblogandwhatyou'retalkingaboutaboutNovember.ThewholeideaisthatAustinandMileyaregoingtodoeverythingtheycanbetweennowandthentocontinuetoweakenourmilitaryandwhenwhenthishappens,ChinawillthreatentoinvadeandweregoingtobetoldwecannotwecannotwinawarwithChina.Weneedtosurrenderandthentheywanttohurrythisup.Iwanderaroundwhichrecruitbad.Imadeahabitthroughouttheworld.Ithinkwhathappenedtodayreallynotyouthinkuptotherealityofthesituationandnotaconspiracy,it'snotaconspiracytheoryisreality,it'sactuallyhappeninginyourfaith.Youcandoaboutwellwe'redoingeverythingwecanwarningthepeopleweretellingthepeopleandIcanjusttellyou,youknowwhatI'vegivenamessageouttherefortheFBIwouldtheyneedtodoandiftheydidn'tkeepanyoftheirintegrityinallthegettingthemoutofthere,formostoftheBiblesaysbeyouseparatefromthem.IthinkifyouhavearelativeintheFBI.Youneedtobreak.IthinkweneedtopublishtheaddressoftheFBIdirectoroftheAtty. Gen.FBIagent.Westartprotestingattheirhome.Ithinkyou'reright,absolutely,Idonotbelieveyouright,yougotitremindedwellknowthatthattheleftiswinning,butletmejustgiveyouthisGod'sthroneiscompletecontrol.He'sacompletechargeandallwehavetodowehavetodoisobediencetohim.Webeeninthissituationbeforewetake.Infact,that'showthiscountryhasstarted,butstartingon9/11wereaskingpeopleon9/11thatSeptember11thatallthechurches.That'saSundaymorningforaskingallthepastorstopreachupasermononrepentancerescuedinthefastandprayandpreachaserviceofrepentanceandrevivalonSunday911Sundaymorningwhereasyouallthepastorsaroundthecountryandonthatdayforallofustofastandprayonthatdayallacrossthecountry.GodlistensyouguysgottheanswerswegottheproblemsandgotalwaysdoeswhathesayshedoesitbuthewilldoandsoifwecangetpeopletobesmartenoughtobeobedienttoGod.Wecanoverthrowthedarkness,butwerecominguptobreaksothanksforcallingJackandwillbebackinyouknowIwantyoutoknowthatIreallyappreciatewhatyouandJoearedoingandIthinkyou'reverybrave.Thankyou.What'sleftthevoiceoftheChristianresistancetosupportthisministryhadtoWRWL.orgthat'sWRWL.orgmailyourdonationstowhat'srightwhat'sleftministry14781SpearRd.,Newberry,OH44065ifyoumissedpartoftonight' The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned.

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