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FRI HR 2 080522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 6, 2022 12:20 am

FRI HR 2 080522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 6, 2022 12:20 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at at Yeah, I said yes, me plus the Lord is always a majority or any combination for any son or daughter.

So, there's the answer. To answer your question, the biggest need that we have right now, and I don't mean to sound Christian-ese here, but right now is the time for prayer and supplication. And because we're in this moment, Pastor Ernie, I've been campaigning for a year. It's been a very stressful, it's been a year of growth, it's been a year of breaking down, it's been a year of, you know, major learning. It's been a year of trusting the Lord.

I mean, we've had hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. But here's where we're at now, very, very succinctly, this last Monday, we submitted a writ mandamus to the Ohio Supreme Court. And in that writ, we've asked the court to rule because of the timeliness of the election and because we have not had the pathway in the timeframe to use any of the lower courts that we were forced to go to the highest court of Ohio because of timeliness is of such importance. And we have asked the court to rule in our favor to put us on the ballot, to give us ballot access. Because as of July 15, the Secretary of State with the 88 counties and the Board of Elections, as they reviewed our petitions, the reason that we did not make the ballot, according to Frank LaRoche and according to the 88 counties, was that we did not have enough signatures.

Now, the Board of Elections in all 88 counties are simply to audit our petitions for their respective counties and to send those numbers up to the Secretary of State. In that process, very quickly, we discovered an incredible amount of anomalies in consistency. We discovered things that we have presented our case that any of your listeners can go to our website,, go to news. And we just released a statement today.

And in that statement, you can find a link to our 36-page writ of mandamus with 144 pages of supporting documentation and exhibits that we have proven to the court that the roughly 700 signatures that were invalidated should not be invalidated for many different reasons. And so we've presented not only that case, Ernie, but we have also presented the case that there is not a level playing field as it relates to independent candidates, to major party candidates, i.e. Republican and Democrat. An independent candidate needs five times the number of signatures but doesn't stop there. We also have a two and a half month disadvantage before we even know whether we're going to have ballot access. And so when you look at what a Secretary of State does as it relates to elections is they are supposed to make sure that the playing field is level. It's not to sway one way or another way.

It's to give candidates the same exact opportunity as the other candidates to compete in fair elections. And so we have also proven in our writ of mandamus to the Ohio Supreme Court that the process in Ohio is anything but fair. We've proven it by other court cases.

We've given Arizona opinions. And what we are seeing now is we feel we have an incredible case. And we have a strong case as it relates to the Supreme Court justices of Ohio to rule in favor to demand Frank LaRose to put us on the November general election ballot. But outside of that, even if that doesn't happen, we truly believe that we are the histories in the making here because there's a 50 plus year precedent in Ohio for the major party to not allow any independent to have any sort of traction because of some of these things that we're coming up against. You got to remember, there is no case that we can even come bring up to the court and tell a candidate can even make it as far as we did.

And so it's in the Lord's hand. We have truly through by Monday. We have done everything we can physically do. We had to do in nine days. That's all we had the time to protest by the time we heard that we were disqualified to till the till we had August 1st. By the time we got our information, we had nine days to scour 1200 pages of documents. We had to go through 6000 signatures from 88 counties. We had to do what the 88 counties had 78 days to do.

We had to do it nine. And so the whole thing is rigged. It just is. When it talks about fair and balance, when it talks about election integrity, now more than ever, people want a and they're demanding that the two party system is exposed for what it is. If there's good candidates that run Republican, so be it.

If there's good candidates run as Democrat, so be it. But right now, people want truth. So right now, at this moment, we need prayer. The moment things are overturned, if that's the direction that the Lord's going to take us, it's going to be epic.

And I think people in anti-dewine sentiment or people that are anti-dewine in sentiment and people that want a third party choice, it's going to get real lively here in Ohio. All right. You know what?

You're right. We need prayer. And I'm going to ask the folks out there right now, all across this entire nation and whatever country, too, because we're being listened to in a number of countries right now tonight, even as we're here. And so I'm going to ask all of you out there, we are so fed up with the inequality, we're so fed up with the prejudice, we're so anti-Christian, and we just would like some fairness again, once again, put back.

And so I'm asking all of you to join with me as we pray that God will intervene because, well, let's just join with me and pray. Heavenly Father, Lord God, I've got absolutely no confidence in the Supreme Court, but Lord, I've got every bit of confidence in you. Lord, I know that our system is corrupted, and I don't know, Lord, if this country will ever, ever have fair and honest elections again. Even here, as I'm sitting here in front of me, I have all of these articles from all the different states where more and more corruption, fraud they've found.

Here we go, machine failures being reported in Michigan. On and on it goes, Lord, and so Lord, we're petitioning you, we're calling upon you, we're asking you, Father God, Lord, to hear us. That you would intervene, and Lord, that you would put the fear of you, the fear of you, into these politicians, into Frank LaRose and to that court that calls themselves supreme, that you would again put the fear of you into those people, that they would be called to do the right thing, the honest thing and the fair thing.

Lord, these things we're asking in the name of the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, amen. Amen. Neil, we're going to play a clip now, and the clip is called Little Ones, and then when we're finished, I want all three of you fellows to comment. Now, we're only going to play about 20 minutes of it. It's about an hour and a half long.

It's very, very powerful. We'll be showing this at Doers of the Word Baptist Church this coming Sunday at 4 p.m., and we invite you out to join us. The church is at 14781 Sperry Road. It's 14781 Sperry Road in Newberry, Ohio. Or go to our website,, and all that information is there.

So go ahead and take it away, Craig. There are hundreds of children in Arizona who are missing right now from state custody, but who is out there looking for them? Over one million children vanish each year. The FBI has found dozens of missing children in Los Angeles.

It's all part of what's being called Operation Lost Angels. 83,000 each month. They found nearly 978 children went missing in 2019. 2,700 a day. 72 missing children across Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Georgia in the past several weeks.

The past several weeks. 115 per hour. In the meantime, the Arizona Department of Child Safety says tonight they can't locate 44 children who are supposed to be in their custody.

One every 30 seconds. Some in this operation were trafficked. Some sexually and or physically abused. This child trafficking thing is real.

It has always existed. My name is Nancy Schaefer, and I'm from the state of Georgia in the United States. And thank you for your gracious invitation. I will share with you on the unlimited power of child protective services. I served in the Georgia State Senate. And after four years of viewing the ruthless and unsparing actions of child protective services, I wrote a scathing report entitled The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.

The report cost me my Senate seat. This is not to say that there are not those children in wretched situations who need to be removed. There are.

And we all agree. If you have history in your past, you know of a story of an abusive child who was saved by CPS, you can't then assume that CPS saves everybody. Who is mainly involved in CPS? Hospitals and doctors.

Why? Because people trust hospitals and doctors. They shouldn't, but they do. And in the same hospital where babies are being born, the same hospital babies are being kidnapped. In the same place where people are being cured of cancer, the same place people are being killed with remdesivir and ventilators. And people can't separate that because they see it all as one.

Something's either all good or it's all bad. But tonight I'm talking about those children removed from their homes intentionally for profit. What is child trafficking? Child trafficking is when you kidnap a child for profit. In other words, if you take a child from its family and give it to somebody else for money, that's the definition of child trafficking.

But what you need to recognize is that defines what the states are doing with the federal government. There was no order. There doesn't have to be an order. My baby is fine. The mommy can go without doctor's order, but not the baby. The states are taking children, giving them to somebody else for money that they get from the federal government. That means that all 50 states are involved in government subsidized child trafficking.

It's a ring. It is the largest and most pervasive child trafficking ring in the history of the world by sheer money and numbers. Children are seized unnecessarily from their families due to the federal aid entitled the Adoption and Safe Families Act. It was put into law in 1997 by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And I said it that way on purpose. And it is a law that literally steals money from the Social Security Fund and gives this money to the states in order to incentivize them to kidnap babies. To receive the adoption incentives or bonuses, local CPS must have more children.

They must have more merchandise to sell. Every child, once you've added it all up, is worth approximately a million dollars to the state. But we've been told that this is a 60 to 80 billion dollar a year industry, meaning the federal government is taking 80 billion dollars a year and giving that money to all of the 50 states to kidnap children. Parents are victimized by the system that makes a profit for holding children longer and bonuses for not returning children to their parents. But their own statistics state that 83 percent of all children who are taken by CPS, Child Protective Services, are for unsubstantiated allegations, meaning never should it have happened in the first place.

So imagine anything else in the world where you know you get it wrong 83 percent of the time and you admit it, but you just keep doing it. Case workers and social workers are often guilty of fraud. They withhold and destroy evidence. It doesn't make any logical sense as you study this all across the country, and it specifically doesn't make any sense in the case of my grandson, Baby Cyrus. Our journey began in May when Diego Rodriguez reached out to me to expose to the world what Child Protective Services was doing to his grandson, Cyrus. At the time of this interview, the parents of Baby Cyrus were gagged by Judge Lori Fortier under threat of imprisonment. And after starting to dig in, we had no idea how dark and how deep the rabbit hole would go.

What is this about, sir? So this all started when my son, Cyrus, was having prolonged vomiting episodes. We had taken him to many different specialists to get checked out.

Nobody could seem to find out what the problem was. We had just brought Cyrus back the following week from the hospital, from the ER. He had been discharged and everything.

He was doing great. And then that week, we had follow-up appointments with our specialists, nurse practitioners and such. That morning, I woke up with the sore throat, and I was going to try to go to that weight check anyways. And my husband was like, you know what, just cancel.

It's fine. And so she called in and she asked them if we could cancel the appointment, and she was just going to reschedule for that following Monday. They didn't answer the phone, so she just left them a voicemail. And apparently, 20 minutes after that, they had called CPS and reported us just for that. And I woke up from my nap, and there was a text message from a social worker. My dad told my husband that the law enforcement had showed up at his home looking for my son and looking for us. In the evening, my wife was feeling much better.

We went and we had dinner with our friend that had already previously been scheduled. That moment we pulled out, my sister spotted an officer, and she said, oh, there's a cop right there. I think he's following us. And when I looked forward, there was a second officer that turned in in front of us.

And immediately when that happened, I just, I knew, okay, this is not going to be good. The police officer said, you know, hey, I just have a bolo out in your truck, and I need to detain you until Meridian Police come. We got a call from Meridian Police Department, okay, and for whatever reason, they're looking for your truck. And then it was just more and more and more, and pretty soon there was probably 10 to 15 police cars around, 20 different officers or so, right? The detectives came up, and they told us, hey, you know, we have a CPS referral for you guys.

It looks like you guys missed your appointment this morning. If I do anything, step out of the car. No, how much did I step out of the car?

Not right now, son. Get out of the car. Get out of the car. I'm not going to spin around with you, okay? Get out of the car right now.

Get back now. Are you going to go to jail? I'll be for what? I'm not going to school with you, you understand? What time do I commit?

A felony injury to a child. Get out of the car. Hey, you can't abuse me. I'm getting out. I'm getting out. Let me get out. For what reason?

For a felony injury to a child, okay? And I knew what was going to happen at this point, but I didn't want to accept it. The officers come around to my side.

They open the truck door, and at this moment, when this is all happening, I remember what I prayed, and immediately I knew, I had no doubt in my mind they were going to take it, no matter what happened, they were going to take it. Give me the baby, okay? I can't. Okay.

Can you please help me right now? You understand that? I'm against the law right now. We know. I really need your help right now.

Tell her. We'll give you that opportunity, okay? We're going to take him to the hospital. If you want to go, you can come along. Can I ride with you? Yes, you can. Can I ride with you?

Yes, you can. You can take him away from you and get him back. Yeah, totally. We are. We don't want him anywhere to be in the hospital.

No. The fear that I had at that moment was, like, absolutely paralyzing. I'm so scared.

I don't think there are many things I wouldn't have done to keep him. And so he says, come into the ambulance with the baby. We just want to check on him. We won't separate you. You can go to the hospital with him. You can ride in the ambulance, and you won't be separated. I promise you, you can trust me.

The officer told me that I could go with him in the ambulance and to the hospital. Yeah, and I don't know what was said before then. I was not a part of that conversation. You can't take him. You can't. Okay. Guys, I can't. You understand what happens when the state takes custody of babies? I've seen this so many times.

I can't be that next person. It has been reported over and over that six times as many children die in foster care than in the general public. Once a child is legally kidnapped and placed in official safety, the child is far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual molestation and or rape. So you have one option at this point. You need to give him to the EMT, and you can go on your merry way with your friends and your family who's out there.

That's not merry at all. Or I remove him from you, and you go to jail. You need to make that decision.

You need to make it happen. I won't let him go. Okay. Go ahead. Please let him go so he does not get hurt, okay? Give me a little bit more. Okay.

No, she's going to jail. Okay. And he had his hands over the EMT shoulder, like, reaching out for me.

They closed the ambulance door. That was the last thing I saw. Cyrus! Cyrus! No, go in the car.

In the car. It's all right. It's okay.

Cyrus! It's okay. It's all right. These are crimes against humanity for financial gain. Rights are removed from parents.

Human rights, civil rights, and even religious rights. But this is a level and order of magnitude in terms of wickedness, right up there with abortion and all other great evils. Man stealing is a capital crime, meaning God says those people who kidnap, who steal other men by force, are worthy of death. These parents, trapped in the system, become like refugees. They're dazed and glazed and have no one of whom to turn. They do not know what to do, and the loss of their children is devastating. In the middle of us being good parents, desperately trying to take care of him, now the government's just going to step in and say, okay, you're criminals and we're taking your child from you.

After having worked in this arena for several years, I do not believe that a single child comes out whole after having been in this system. And it is a growing criminal political phenomenon spreading around the globe. This is a spiritual battle.

This is not new. This goes back thousands of years. I would say this literally goes back to the very beginning. In order to understand this present darkness, of course we had to uncover its origins in the past. There was no other man more qualified than biblical archaeologist Henry B. Smith Jr. of the Associates for Biblical Research. Archaeology is a tool that can be used properly and carefully as an apologetic resource, as an educational resource, as a biblical resource to help people understand that what we find in Holy Scripture are not stories, they're not myths.

These are actual events that took place in time and space. And the sovereign God who reveals himself in Scripture has preserved these things in Scripture for us to understand, to understand human history, to understand our need for salvation, that we have a sin problem, a very wretched and deep one that needs a redeemer. Jesus warns his hearers, and he uses this very powerful picture of putting a millstone around the neck of someone being tossed into the sea. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

So watch yourselves. Unfortunately in history and even in the modern day that children are attacked, abused, and in many cases even kidnapped and murdered. One of the first passages that we see in the Old Testament is both in Leviticus 18 and 20, and it refers to what seems strange to the modern reader at first glance is the practice of child sacrifice. Particularly we have mentioned in these passages where God is giving absolute commands to the Israelites not to participate in the sacrifice of their children, to give them over to Molech. What we see in these warnings in the Old Testament that God is warning the Israelites are not just mere inventions. The Israelites are not just making up these gods, but they actually exist. All of it, though, involves the giving over of small children, usually very small from what we understand from the archaeological evidence, to these gods.

In the book of Jeremiah we see a mention of it that it looked like it was taking place in the Valley of Hinnom right outside the city walls of Jerusalem. What's interesting about that is eventually that place gained the name Gehenna, which Jesus uses the motif for hell. Now when we think about the practice of child sacrifice in antiquity, people in the West often think of this as some barbaric practice of the world and the past. People kind of like want to close their eyes to the parallels that we have with the practice of abortion. The only distinction from a human standpoint that we're talking about is that the child is not born yet versus a child that's born. 63,459,781 total abortions since 1973.

What if instead of sacrificing children to the sound of beating drums on blazing altars, they merely concealed themselves in discreet brick buildings with forceps and vacuum pumps? In 1984 one of the most disturbing and underreported cases of child sacrifice was discovered in a Los Angeles shipyard. In a repossessed shipping container workers discovered over 16,500 aborted babies.

One of them fell down and hit me right in front of my feet and it was opened up and there it was. It was a mutilated body. And the more closer I looked at it, it was a human body.

And when I came to work the following day, I saw it myself. I couldn't believe it. And just, you know, just little baby babies, you know, just all poured pieces.

My hands chopped off, arms blazed. And as bizarre and demented as that sounds, in December of 2020 Indiana authorities discovered a total of 2,411 medically preserved fetal remains in the possession of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer. There seems to be no logical explanation for such a volume of deceased babies until you learn that each one can yield thousands of dollars when sold to various institutions. Planned Parenthood is accused of some disturbing crimes today. Anti-abortion activists released an undercover video filmed last year. It claims to show a senior official discussing how the organization sells aborted baby parts. The value of the fetal brains alone in that container was $35 million.

Yes, $35 million. The official narrative is that they were preserved due to an inability to properly dispose of them at the time of abortion. A far more reasonable conclusion is that they were moving product. In the past, sacrifices to Moloch might yield better crops or victory in battle. This evil has evolved into a capitalist enterprise where the blood of these little ones translates into millions in profit. Perhaps the particulars have changed over time, but the spirit is still the same and it has a thread through all throughout history. We're going to sacrifice this child so we can get what we want in return.

So the question is, is Moloch being paid today? Our archaeological research shows definitively that this practice took place for over centuries. So why in the world would we think that it wouldn't persist today? My name is Brandy Brassell. I work with Warrior Bride Ministries. We are a ministry that we administer inner healing and deliverance, but we specialize in some of the most traumatized survivors of satanic ritual abuse and human trafficking. I think that satanic ritual abuse is a lot greater and a bigger problem than most realize, and probably even myself is as immersed in it as I am. Every neighborhood with 250 homes in it, 14, had satanic ritual abuse taking place.

We had a client come in that his grandmother had brought him in. He was, from what I understand, fairly high up in ranking in a satanic, I guess, congregation or coven, and he talked about killings and murders and rituals that he had experienced in an army. He spoke of it like it was an army because it is. The enemy is after our children at whatever cost and whatever avenue he can get to them at. I'm a satanic ritual abuse survivor.

The Christian church says all the time that they fight an enemy, but I don't think they're aware of how organized and strategic the enemy that they're fighting is, that there is an intentional plan to break their children and tire war for their offspring. The things I've heard from our survivors are the very things that you read about in Deuteronomy with the children being passed through the fire to Moloch. It's not something new.

It's been happening for ages, and people want to stick their head in the sand and act like it's not happening or this is not true or it's made up or it's a conspiracy. I've met too many people with the same story from different places all over the world. We've got clients in New Zealand and in Canada that tell a very similar story, and there's no way that they could have made that up. They're too similar in circumstances. The rituals are the same. The torture and the trauma is the same. We started investigating these secret satanic cults when a British member of parliament linked them with a ritual murder of children.

In this day and age, it sounded too far-fetched, as did suggestions that the same thing might be happening in Australia. But then we met Teresa. Teresa is now 15, but at the age of two, she was left in the care of this woman, the grandma she called Nan, and that, she says, is when her torment started. During these ceremonies, was Satan the devil ever referred to? He was called Lucifer. Um... What did they say about the devil, about Lucifer? That, um, killing the people made him happy.

Sacrifices to please the devil. According to Teresa, the worst rituals took place at a house somewhere in the country. It was big, you know, expensive.

From the front, you know, like a castle. You know, it had a long drive and big double wooden doors. Do you think they were rich people then?

Very rich. People don't understand how organized it is. It's a satanic calendar. Grand climaxes happen four times a year. Those are major festivals. Think of your Christmas, your Easter. Big holidays. We're talking major rituals. The September marriage to the Beast ceremony. And if you look at the dates, the majority of kidnappings in the United States happen a week before, because there's a preparation. Each satanic holiday requires a specific sacrifice, whether it be blood or sex or an animal, newborn babies, whatever they needed for blood.

Let me get this right now. Are you saying that you saw more than one person killed in that house? Yeah. I seen, um, loads of babies killed there. Just newborn babies. Or aborted ones, which were only small. No four-year-olds.

Any age, really. One-sixth of Georgia has 37 comments. Thirty-seven comments, four grand climaxes a year that require the sacrifice of a child or a woman. That's a lot of people. Where do the kids come from, the majority?

They're used to that. People don't want to know their answer. If you're finding this hard to believe, so did I at first. If there is an expert on satanic cults, it would have to be him. Do you believe Theresa's story? I believe Theresa's story. It's exactly the same story as I've heard from men who says they've done it. You've dealt with other cases like hers? Yes. Twenty-one cases like hers, he says, in the past two years alone. Remember me, you're taking all my money Remember me, you gave my job away Remember me, or am I just a number Whose white and straight doesn't qualify for an A Whose white and straight doesn't qualify for an A Remember me, I helped you get elected But you haven't done one thing you said you'd do Even though you'd rather not remember me I'll remember you I'll remember In November As I step into the little pool I'll remember In November To vote for anyone but anyone but you Remember me, I served my country proudly Remember me, I love the USA Remember me, or am I just some bumpkin Who you didn't think would notice The bounce checks and midnight breaks Remember me, I wrote you all those letters Thinking that you cared what I thought too Even though you often just forget to remember I'll remember you I'll remember In November As I step into the little pool I'll remember In November To vote for anyone but anyone but you We'll remember In November As we step into the little pool We'll remember In November To vote for anyone but anyone but you We'll remember In November To vote for anyone but anyone but you We'll remember In November As I step into the little pool I'll remember In November As I step into the little pool I'll remember In November To vote for anyone but they We'll remember In October As I step into the little pool I'll remember In November to the Senate but here's the story in that it allows how can some how can a baby be alive born and then later said it's aborted but it was going to allow the baby to be killed by the mother they call it an abortion up to 20 out of 28 days after birth okay I mean so again it doesn't matter before or after it it's murder either way that's what God says that's what the word of God has let me tell you when we're in a book yeah here well let's see where this goes from and and here again it says it's evil it says wicked and evil as wicked and evil can be and you'd be surprised the witchcraft some of the emails I get from people because they're so angry that we're exposing this we're exposed and they're so angry because we're doing that Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 18 thou has defiled the sanctuaries of the multitude of thine equities and by thy traffic we're talking about human trafficking here therefore will I bring forth the fire from the midst of thee it shall devour thee I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee and they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee thou shall be a terror and never shall thou be any more well he's talking to Satan he's talking to the devil and those Democrats out there that worship him and those rhinos too okay the wicked the ungodly the unsaved that that worship Satan and that's what they do you know in in their works and their works and and it's you talk about we just talked about in Galatians 5 about all the sins of the flesh out there it's as evil as evil can possibly be now what you folks heard here we're going to be showing the entire the entire movie Lord's willingness of the word Baptist Church this coming Sunday at 4 o'clock and now we have another one too and some people say well pastor this is horrible stuff we don't want to see this horrible stuff well you need to know this hosiah 4 6 is my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge lack of knowledge folks and what does it say in Proverbs chapter 1 verse 20 that those people with the simple-minded hate knowledge they hate knowledge there was some our job is to tell you to explain to you what's happening out there and that's what we do and boy I'm gonna tell you when we do it you know the ungodly the the Satan's crowd out there well we definitely get their attention for sure but folks at least we know we're over the target right but anyhow that's doing to the word earning yeah job I I posted on my blog today and here's one of the articles that I posted they're building alters to celebrate sacrificing babies to abortion this is in on YouTube it shows you how to build a an altar to for sacrificing your baby to abortion I think if you dug a little deeper you'll see it's the safety but anyways that's this is just like bail worship and Moloch worship and it's reverting exactly the way it was under the pagans that's the way it's heading right now pastor well Satanism that the Satanists have joined up with LGBTQ and Planned Parenthood which are a major part of the Democratic Communist Party so these Satanists these child sacrifices are just a part of the Democratic Communist Party folks so you vote for a Democrat that's what you're voting for when you vote for a Democrat that is what you're voting for now here let me just I wanted to just say this very quickly okay doors of the word Baptist Church 147 81 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio we'll be giving we start at 8 at 8 30 in the morning with an in-depth Bible study it's an in-depth Bible study and then we add 930 we have another Bible study very it's on a different topic and then at 1130 or 1115 wait with the morning service starts at 4 p.m. we're going to show that the class the Bible and current events and there will be two films one on what we're talking about now the child and the other is going to be on the truth the real truth behind these so-called vaccines and what is what is behind it what's really taking place and folks so that's because we're an activist church we're not a 501 C 3 corporation we're unregistered New Testament Church we're an activist Church and that the night the name of our church is doers of the word Baptist Church and that's what we believe in and so Neil again tell the folks out there how how can they help you how can they help you get elected oh by the way deal before you answer that let me just say this a number of people out there these so-called prosecutors attorney generals and prosecutors are refusing and to to do their job and close down these bloody abortion mills in states like Ohio that have that have passed the heartbeat bill now in Florida Governor DeSantis has just relieved some of those those corrupt very very George sorrows bought and paid for whores prostitute whores prosecutors as governor in Ohio when it comes we have the heartbeat bill and I've worked so hard to get that passed and and so and and we're we're working on life of conception if the prosecutors and I'm talking about like those in Cleveland and Columbus that they refuse to do their job and prosecute these bloody whorehouses of death called abortion mills as governor what would you do well there to be held contempt and they should be held criminally responsible and charged criminally not just be disbarred or relieved of their duty I think we need to explore all options because this is the adage that we were speaking earlier of lawlessness you can't decide as a prosecutor or whatever position you hold what laws you decide you want to uphold of which laws you don't and that's that's the whole point of our of our legal system and so absolutely they are to be held criminally responsible in contempt of court and so you know and I say criminally because if they if by their nature of not shutting down these abortion clinics well what are they doing they're complicit in murder and so they're involved in a crime that there's a crime scene and I think it's so easy even as believers to become so lukewarm as to the absolute atrocity of murdering babies in the womb well it is murder and so if you're complicit in it especially when a bill like the heartbeat bill begins to shut down all abortion clinics that that are murdering babies after a heartbeat is detected well they're complicit so that's exactly what I would do very very very quickly about what you played it was absolutely always it rips my heart out I have three daughters 1912 and 10 they've grown up too quickly and my 10 year old you know she you know I I just when I hear the stories and I hear the audio and I can only imagine watching the video I can't imagine having any of my children not just ripped out from my covering and ripped out from from the covering of the father and the mother but then to be turned over to a system that is going to prey on them sexually it's going to prey on them from a soulless standpoint to destroy their soul but then to turn them over to a demonic hordes of hell to torment them and outside of God's covering and his redemption and outside ability to restore you know they are left to having their lives completely destroyed and this is why the Lord takes it so seriously about a millstone being being a millstone being wrapped around their their neck and so I we just we have to and Bernie is the name of your church the doers of the word we have to be not just hearers of the word but in this hour Christians need to ask the Lord this tonight Lord what do you want me to do you may not think you have any skills but I'm gonna tell you there's only one of you in the world God has made you unique you've got a set of skills whether you know it or not there's something that only you know how to do and there's only someone that only you can reach do not think about reaching the stadium do not think about reaching the cities if you haven't started with your neighbor and so every one of us when we understand that God has called us to be the light and the salt of the earth and so right now we need to do something say something step out step out in faith and step up as the Lord is calling all of us for such a time as this all right very good and Neil we have to have you back on this program between now and November at least another four or five more times we got it got it you got to keep your name out in front of the people and let them know and this in Ohio this program will be played four times on come Monday it'll be played four more times well actually Sunday and Monday okay and so anyhow we've got to keep your name back out in front of the people so they know and and again how can they help you how can the folks out there listening what what can they do for you so so pastor Ernie again thank you for the opportunity I love you and your shows and John so great to to talk with you tonight and thank you gentlemen any of your listeners as I said before thank you for leading us in prayer early continue to hold us up as your as the Holy Spirit leads to lift us up in prayer we are certainly in a David and Goliath scenario that we we are good at preaching on faith I think as a body of Christ sometimes we're bad at living it out and we're doing our best to live out our assignment if you are on social media Facebook is the the top way for us to connect if you just search Neil Peterson for governor our website is Neil Peterson calm it's in IEL Peter SC n or just google Neil Peterson for governor it will show up top top placement but follow us as the Lord leads you to and we right now I said earlier if you didn't go back and listen as to our legal battle but now is the time to let the courts of heaven the highest court in this in this realm that we live in is not the Ohio Supreme Court or even the US Supreme Court it is as believers we have another court and we have the great the high priest that is going to rule on behalf of what the Father wills and so we stand beside in a stand upon the Word of God and we're going to keep fighting until every last door is closed but we want to give Ohioans an alternative to Mike DeWine and man Whaley and Lord willing we will do just that when the court rules in our favor amen and okay they're very good let's we will we will continue to keep that in prayer folks out there again you know here we've got to have some godly people we got to get godly people back in office and who else is running against who else is ready for governor who's the the congressman I think that's right now he's ready for senator am I right yeah he's ready for senator so Nan Whaley is the Democrat she's running as the Democrat huh yes yeah Nan Whaley she's a Democrat she's the former mayor of Dayton she is basically turned her entire platform into how much of an advocate she is of killing babies she tweets about it multiple times every day of course she uses they you know the rhetoric of you know you women's rights and all of the other propaganda but yes she is the Democratic forerunner and the winner and she is she's no good for Ohio as well as Mike DeWine is a no-go I'm going to do this because I know there are a whole lot of Democrats out there a whole lot of Democrats that don't want to vote vote for Democrats they they kind of ashamed of what their parties turn into but they don't want to vote for a Republican and so here's the choice here's the vote for a godly man a man that God has raised up and so folks he helped do the right thing Neil you've got three minutes can you give us give an invitation to the folks out there who are unsaved out there tonight in three minutes yeah I sure can what a great opportunity well I want to say this in closing that nobody knows nobody knows when your last day on this life will be last Sunday as in just several days ago I woke up and here in Dayton there's a ministry called simple simple Street ministries and pastor Joel he's 42 years old he's exactly my age he went down to Florida he has one of the best ministries here in Dayton he went down to Florida with his family and his ministry team to minister they were walking across the street a drunk driver hit him and the other guy that was with him and he was killed this was just a few days ago my friend and I I gave a tribute to him and I gave an altar call because the reality is is even those that are doing the Lord's work if we can be called home in any given time how precious our life is and if you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior today tonight is the night to surrender to call upon the name of the Lord and ask the Lord to come into your life ask him to forgive you for living a life that's outside of what he has called you to do repent meaning turn away turn away from the things your old life the Lord has a new life not a patched up life he's not just gonna patch you back together he says that he will make you a new creation turn away from the things that have led you into darkness and ask the Lord to come into your life and he will commune with you and you will become a new creation all things will become new in your life today is the day of salvation and the Lord is knocking at the door of your heart to invite you in text so he can invite you till he can become into your life tonight tonight call upon the name of the Lord that you may be saved tonight's tomorrow for tomorrow's tonight you're absolutely right and no one no one no one has ever ever regretted receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior there's a whole lot of people in a hot place right now that wish they had I can tell you that you've got God's Word on that so folks again like Neil said do it tonight because you may not have it tomorrow we are out of time for tonight Neil thanks for being here big John thanks for being here and and thanks for any wonderful wonderful meeting Neil great already run god bless thank you always always keep fighting the fight
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