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FRI HR 2 072922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 30, 2022 12:30 am

FRI HR 2 072922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 30, 2022 12:30 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR They start with no money is in the war room posse put their shoulder to the wheel and Tina either break the music at the one and only Tina peters on here. Also I got dusk to Natrona Bishop Bettina tells what happened, ma'am. Well, we just raise over hundred and 90,000 in the last 24 hours. There people are wanting this recount in Colorado and we know that Chris Wallace staircase is now seen in all probably Rachel Maddow. Although news outlets say there will be no recount for Tina peters well you know what she subverting the will of the people the will of the people says we don't want people selected officials warning over anymore. She's targeting me again using her political power, call okay I got the publicly come to the choice it 24 hours. You raise you needed. I think hundred 56,063 somewhat 9250s at all because you raise edition 190 okay now you actually have the cash which she says that walk me through the technical process and by the way, here's the thing that this posse are heroes. This was one guy that could come and write $100,000 check. This had to be done by $1250 donations. This was all small donor. Although I understand for you folks. That's no small donation. It could be one guy, Mike Lindell can come in right hundred 50,000 will check to be smoked small donations. Tina you gonna call her bluff she says is never going to happen you got the money walk us through. Technically what happens now. So today we will be issuing a letter recount and I can do that because I have standing as a candidate and she will issue last the now and then after that we have 24 hours to after that to the money in escrow were checking on the legality of all on her side and you we get this done and used to think this is the chance you see is legitimate. You see, in honest to substantiate that Colorado is the gold standard right so who wouldn't want recount to prove that what she's been doing is legitimate and not okay okay we understand she's not legitimate she's not on his issues. She's terrible. I just want to go to the technical parts of this gummy report of a K range wars about the breakup you have shanty because you're a candidate in your questions. You also have the, the, the minimum requirement. You have to have X amount of cash in an escrow account and you have that those two things you have correct. Yes, that's correct.

What else is there needed by Colorado black letter law that says that to preclude you from getting a statewide hand recount that that that checks it next to the machine vote ma'am well so the machines are not properly certified regarding prison there is broad machines so it has to go recount the machines. The machines running the machines is going to come up with the same flawed result so that machines cannot be used in hand recount and were going after she required to do a hand recount. We say this laws is a record that she has to do hang recount he got to go to court and fight she's required to do it again recount because these machines are not certifiable and and she was one that says that the report announces the reports that we put out from her friends again.

It's these machines.

These machines deleted 29,000 you see the emphasis of sister was general fund is in Colorado you have, you represent the evidence that you just can't do the machines actually came out with a report naming 16 states naming Colorado as one of the machines were flawed in the other is no disputing when you look at the grass of my race as opposed to organic great race you will see, you will see O'Donnell on your show so you know that really what you need from what what we need from this audience what you need from this audience, starting today to make sure this happens, make your voice heard. Call splinters business tax. This is the whole United States. We will find in Colorado no mistake, this will bring down their evil empire of selection in this United States. Through these machines, so there were any legal counsel working you need to two righteous judges to stand judges that were acquainted to attack me by my terrible hearing Nathan County served me to arrest warrant in one week to arrest warrants in one week. We need people to stand we need the citizens, thank you so much on my cell to all. All people donated God said, let my people go, and this is the point in time where God wants to step three. So keep supporting my website

I just stay in touch. We're going to need help on this ongoing fight and Sharon I will be on. She will share more about what's not. The strategy, but I just wanted to thank thank you Tina you hang on for so it was reassuring to Bishop Natrona gives the overview where we can particularly we know how we got here. What happens like immediately. Now, could you God. The posse has your guys back with a 10 what's that giver so you give us some commands in Colorado because God is showing off an $890,000 raised hours by incredible patriots in Colorado and across the country who are sick and tired of selection and the political elites determining our future Valley off their hands so not to the GOP behind the political elites to keep trying to dictate our life and our elected officials. I really want to call out? B submitted a coward and a liar. So I imagine it shall refuse it or something by machine. It will go to court a lot that's Artie been waived on behalf of Hanks versus Griswold declared machines were never legally certified Colorado and so therefore they were never allowed to be used in the state of Colorado was fascinating about the situation with Tina.

Peter is going to finally require a judge to rule on the certification or not these machines in Colorado and then it will set the rest of the nation you guys showing up in incredible way, showing off right now and showing that you will be exposed. Liar these criminals Jenna Griswold in her path are going to be exposed. Remember she had Secretary of State for the entire nation into what happened in Colorado followed the country as the clerk said it is extremely important for all of your viewers to stay engaged began calling Colorado legislators right now that they're getting their method to start calling Jenna Griswold demanding this recount.

She does not have the authority to unilaterally rule your account trying to get that she's going I'm saying there will be no recount. She did not have the authority somewhat unfortunate that the county plate into her hand and gave her authority in the first place to remove an elected official like Tina peters from her position, but have to stop now. These officials need to get some courage to stand up for what's right because the stories you allow this to happen to one person.

They will do it to everyone been sending threatening letters that imply there will because the sparklers do hand count without her permission to understand there are thousands of people in Colorado were actively working in their own needs right now or I recount were not don't even know Tina Peterson never met her personally.

They just know that this result was a freaking sham going to prove it. Not count paper bill irregular but he rubbed up your oh Sharon what your house social media have people follow this 24 hours a day and were the there is no' just American Monday Wednesday Friday so I am just so excited to get the whole reason life.

Our children were under attack was born naturally from there. Election and name and selecting people who have no backbone. No. You are easily manipulated and will not talk about what matters to me. The people used there now go after and so really far-reaching ramifications Tina peters Ralph. She symbiotic ones like Sharon or just hang onto the piercing on short break or they were back in. Lewis goes right along with what happened in full County, check this out. Full County acclaimed what were talking about here. They claimed 59,143 people voted on wood in person with the date of the show that inherently have the short of all the votes that came in here and so let's go and this is Wisconsin okay let me know.

One of the jump at him for just a little, but because I got a full particleboard through to resume full code is missing. Over 59,000 belt prolix with the this is something very strange. Here also, another words the ones that showed votes were 30. See the chart by 2050 9043 so so always bells are missing that's in Wisconsin you suck another good reason word or for to keep those altered existing bills from being destroyed the skill with with only one love love to go to for lunch so we talk about about the story develops documentation retention and cores with federal law and with the 24 election season in full swing seems appropriate time to reflect and so the anomaly is a 2020 election of Earl.

We never did get an answer for most of these references over measurement may be relevant to the grand jury that is investigated this gay president Trope for his phone call with Secretary of State bread reference where all this guidance known reference worries in Georgia or the others home. His phone call after all. President Trope weighed only go through all vote discrepancies totaling in the hundreds of thousands of votes when he needed was what it was. It was only 12,000 votes. The one and so he goes in and says here in this article But like the Nelsons that produced by David Gross and his team and cross bones using the Georgia Secretary of State's own results will wait a minute I see here this other article is overhears speaking about Wisconsin okay so was because there you go. Okay so this is George apparently claimed that they have the claim to have 55,143 in person voters on November 3, 2021 2020. You can watch the segment, which I did with sucrose in the video on November 3, 2020. The phone call Board of registration and election called a special meeting to discuss election goes for in this lifestream meeting that is still available on the Internet fully coated in the room election achieved what Brower said that as of 5 PM about 14,152 people of just about phone call at the 1642 Mark Dr. Kathleen roof storyboard for the number of of four 2152 and 17.28 VR remember Mark White get again for the third time best way forward to confirm that number of 14,001 to bells every test in person election day, the Florida Getty conference with Ralph Jones. Registration also presents a present on the call admission by Dwight Brower would suggest that between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM in full and Connie 45,000 people, 45,000 rushed in to the polls to vote in person. However, as mentioned by David Cross in our interview. There was no reporting of all liens nor the Russians to the polls. In fact, the support of the report is will know local news outlet claimed you, you can hear the rustling of leaves on the ground outside the central Park workcenter polling location. The polls were open two hours extra from 7 to 9 PM due to technical issues early on but as reported.

All those bells were to be voted on provisional goals. Everywhere you turn what they keep telling us was another article that you have Wisconsin you so did another investigation and basically the state of Wisconsin allows anyone with a smart phone or computer are able to order an absentee ballot online in someone else's name. We can have that absentee ballots sent to America's other than the registered voters. All you need is a date of birth, so this is two stories here should compel everybody in your audience more people decided not to share this article you talking about huge Wisconsin discoveries.

This covers use of harvesting used in both online election bells aligned is nothing short of shocking. Okay this is a very close look. I was looking for the article were another another state representative knows sign on for a recall is Wisconsin election to reimburse the investigator Harry recently discovered that the absolute use of harvest elixir bills in the state of online is important. Short of shocking is that it was because it always allows anyone with a smart phone or computer is able to order an absentee belt on lines in somebody else's name. They can have their seatbelts up to Beatrice other than register for this summarizing what I mean.

That is, voter fraud is absolute good worker, nine person household will grow because I tried following torture always going on there trying to follow our own Wisconsin and Colorado, is the point is, complicated, and yet the people many times of being in the Republican rhino windup with the Democrats causing the old problem okay very good job would like to several more time should compel everybody in the audience to go to true true the sign up.

Just volunteer maybe 1/2 hour every couple days or whatever you can do to go through your voter rolls you basic don't give you a list of duplicates doesn't look like a duplicate and then you can check and then you sent it off to true the vote for the summer to your local county board of elections and then they will purge these people from the roles of we don't do this in the next two years. There's really no need to have another presidential election because this version up all the stuff that we just talked about even more heaven only knows what their country. Don't for the next two years.

But here's here's another one Wisconsin solar article here you have more more Wisconsin. Another third is five states now you got Colorado, Wisconsin to other states of the petitions to resend. Yes, go to decertify the that would make this election that was fraudulent. Anyhow, I mean we know that Joe Biden is no more, more, no more little legitimate president of the United States that I'm Peter. Peter. There were okay okay here you go. Racine County Sheriff calls on Atty. Gen. spend election belt harvesting option on Wisconsin's official election website is what we just talked go so there's a move there that's going on praising the Lord for that. A lot of the stuff, basically as a result of true the vote in 2000 mules.

Yeah that that right and we gotta get that we have the 2000 meals available notes but when the people show John returned the people with each when they get the 2000 meals is it's extremely important is extremely important that they show that that they corporately go to the public library taken to the church. They show to as many people as possible know we could to know that we could all around the yard. So here's the thing that drives to the lame stream media.

The fake news media crazy when we could get around half because their job by the collective. There told make sure that story does not get out.

Do not let the people know and then here we come along and we let people know exactly was happening now working to do the same thing to the Sunday doers of the word Baptist Church from 4 to 6 will be showing the film of What Really Took Pl., January sixth the real story January 6 the real story. What took place in their you see it live yourself closely you can see it so there's a doers of the word Baptist Church. Now let me since I'm there a people are always asking what times of the services will we start at 830 in the morning we moved it up to 830 in the morning with a Bible study this week. We start with prayer, worship, and death. We go into an in-depth Bible study and then after that we also going to have another class I believe will others others in the class starting with your tape taking a look at the Bible teaching on what you know the legitimacy and the word of God. Okay, the truth of God's word and of course we know there's only one real Bible is King James Bible to help then at 1115. We start with our morning service and then at 4 PM this week is anywhere between 4 and 5 PM. We have a current event we have the Bible and current events Bible and current events class and then the evening service starts at 6 PM so that the addresses is doers of the word Baptist Church. It's doers of the word out of church is 14781 Sperry this is PE are our wide road that's Newberry any W you are what OH 44026 where an actual New Testament church. We are not a 501(c)(3) corporation where part we belong with the Fellowship of the unregistered Baptist churches and what we are actual New Testament church so come on out we hold to God's Word, the Bible would take it literally. We are policies no compromise. And when you pull in our driveway and take a look at the Marquis out front. You'll see what our positions are wheedled. That's where we stand. So pleasing what all that run was the best church I've ever attended my concert refractor you're not beholden to the government or any sponsorship whatsoever you're allowed to speak the word without compromise and without fear of retribution for you to can stand all the time we've worked just like will refund you when we do that, which were defined as law.

Years ago will. We've been there for a long time and we have new people come in all time. Because right now people are there so you know what we gotta get real. This is this is no more time for entertainment. We gotta get real people not realize something's wrong already in here something is very wrong in Florida files a lawsuit against the bar that hosted nude drag shows for children.

The Florida Department of business and professional regulation served a lawsuit to the owners of the bar in Miami that host drag shows children to get a picture and there's a new Dragon thing I knew they were walking kids on the walk. Walking children down the aisles earlier this month. Footage of a drag queen attempted to entertain a tablet with while parading around topless in the our house bar in Windward Florida begin circulating across the Internet and the state.

The Lutz investigation, I noticed that as would not put up with her.

No, I think is behind that actually are using behind him praising the Lord for the real Gato and Franco regarding we want to get behind because you set up where you can have holography and whatever else connected with the youngsters loaded for school to start by the structural marital to have this overturned so that they can fill the minds of right now. Yesterday, I think it was to file suit mobile law that's protecting these kids on the clock. Here's another so like to send us we we have a lot of faith and that's Clarence Thomas Clarence to the statesman no longer teaching at DC law school after the communist demand justice, that he be fired. The jet that the justice be fired over the role overturning Roe V Wade Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will not be teaching at George Washington University Law school. You're too good for that school. You're much too good for that school.

Clarence Thomas this fall. After students demanded he be fired over this role will return will be way and I would I would not if I would be a parent I would be ashamed to send my children to school okay close. Thomas, 74, was one of the conservative justices who voted to overturn Roe V Wade last month, praising the Lord will one of the decent ones in the car think is the best one there I think is the best justice on our two fellows also said that the court should reconsider sodomite marriage and birth control over Roe V Wade was overturned and will be loosely considered gay marriage and birth control. After review, Wade was overturned and that the levels of Learning Ct., Finnair made abortion.

All right then. Good thing thing where personality sodomite marriage garden thing thing birth control.

So the court that the court's job is not to make the right and invent things. The court's job is to interpret the law so absolutely right and got got them running scared that they may do the same thing though sodomy is not the left escalated their attacks against Clarence Thomas and and they're trying to cancel justice with his wife, Gina, Thomas coming to students at George Washington University protested Thomas and forced him out. Okay, so I can if I were a parent I would be ashamed, absolutely ashamed to send my child that school already. We are working to open up the phone lines is ready to open up the phone line and what folks have bunch of questions for McTiernan because here's the thing that was tonight so you do a lot of parking there you were showing videos of all. I responded when you asked me already. My Scriptures from Revelation 18.

All right, that's good.

You did that what it will surely give them about what I would say maybe it be a B+ B+ fertilizer open at 888-677-9673 nationwide 888-677-9673 report 83% of Americans concerned about election integrity and midterm elections. 75% concerned about cheating majority also believe that the 2020 election was stolen. Of course they do not absolutely. There's that famous picture there and in Georgia where the children of people going to the tables afterwards and I said and when when they asked all of the Republicans to leave. They went so many things illegal across the country really even with the monitors you have to stand in no time for you to wait 12 feet away, and then they are sick pick the Republican monitors out there counting ballots, or to a German direction shipping pallets across Stateline coming we've never seen in Michigan was horrible to me. Michigan was with a word they would kick the Republicans were not allowed to see what was taking place in the covered up the window.

They use the police 30 cops during The helpful right wherever he is to break will be back right after this and the phone lines are open will take your calls right back with more. His words are pure gold tried seven times in the fire. His words, though heaven and earth will pass will stand for ever. You've got that and that's was taking calls Ellen here and there. I don't look okay. It's good to hear you how you doing okay Mike, my concern that I've been reading much on the Internet about doing things about having people produce a valid identification of voting when they do send votes in the vehicle of the male why would they be able to meet the male how much like okay you know I know programs for people who are know that the election was stolen So folder thought it was Matt and I would see it. Well, you know, the bottom line is to us. Voter fraud as well as its crime and its assent to do that to be dishonest, but not to them. Remember these are the people find no problem with killing babies thinking they think that killing babies are good. They think that pedophilia is good Melissa children is good. These people are car corrupted people and this is why they come up with.

This is like in-your-face really committed voter fraud and like the whole binding regime, and that merit Garland with what they're doing in January 6 January 6 two say look, we can do whatever we want to you people and there's nothing you can do about NS.

That's the point. That's the message of trying to get to so great that it I would find out because of your bike from being stolen.

The equivalent fraud. I think average human being and level of virtue would would want to be with a can to expose voter fraud related or anything else and take Beckett Altman that he was trying whole thing the whole thing was January 6 I just paid much attention as I know what's behind so right very good.

Thanks for calling Ellen.

Let's go to the cliffs and their yeah I got I think it was that Dr. was in my calendar from no I think you're right.

I have a question for John you look at Psalm 42 for some 41st floor, 41st, see that being related where people like Steve Stauffer was suspected people right to take orders, turn aside for lives, which is not one first for first lady says I have the Laurel not secular formants written in my heart. What you think of to first let your one (graded graded they're not not going to compromise.

Why they don't want you in my heart so could strengthen the two. I got so far in the Lord gives us the power not proud. Follow my you know what you read that verses one through four. He gives you for benefits for benefits of obeying God one lifts them up out of his despair to his feet on solid firm ground is saying here three establishes his goings and he studied him extended him as he walks.

Before you give them a new song and there you go see for benefits letter benefits of obeying the Lord God that's that's very good for benefits) get back on it. Basically a man we got we got to get to move the whole board lit let's go to Mac Mac here and there after long time.

I can't talk to get you to. I've been every time I call about the quoting message from Kyle trying With my print that thing down all kinds. I wanted to live in Chester County. Beautiful one about well-to-do areas of the state and that the place where you have land near some good fishing.

Well, you can keep your options open. I'm coming, I'm coming back from Yellow Springs revenue the company there that I've been trying to find out about. I went in I John and I, there's a property or land built colonial house and add the settlement right now and basically should. I'm going to make related in Chester County and get up in the morning and will work well yeah and the company I used to work at. I'm going to be resigning from really in a pickle right now the owners need to pray for him that they might Junior Commitment is often preformed and some really thin but I think blessings from this because of this kind of slipped by nothing but my prayer that my prayer is that more American to know Christ as their Savior would get because is not 54 with a demon child state government like that, according to Luke 18 18 78 among the brethren on the enemy amount removing removing them that we can get our country back.

In Jesus name. And thank you amen thanks you know what you are my demand. Like there's something sure go ahead spiritual component that we can't look at the spiritually we the countries like that many ways. We need great outpouring of the Holy Spirit's well John, you know what that what you talking about. We're working right now and I want you to get involved with this on this for 9/11 on 9/11. We're going to have. That's the Sunday were were asking all of the pastors to play on that Sunday night 11 for repentance and revival for repentance of revival work and so I want you to be a part of that were going to try to make a national ministry were to kick it off next week. Now, but since Mac told me about praying here I forgot and I'm glad he did this, I had my note here, and it fell off and I was just looking for when he remind me of prayer. There is a mandate John Grayson John Greeson the hospital in Michigan and I talked to his mother today and his lungs are filling up with fluid and his guide to covert and he's got other health issues and she is she's called and she asked us please, please pray. So would you pray for John Greeson for that thing the Lord would intervene, touching that he might receive a healing and and I don't know. I never got a chance to ask her if he was saved. But if you would input that he would be's for sure is salvation first and then a healing would you do that you can't learn.

Yeah, your father would bring on green for new problem or long going out and that I can be fatal. So I'm asking the Lord now that you would cut him in the name of the Lord.

Also, we pray that whatever is happening will bring salvation to him or it will bring them closer to you because he needs salvation Lord we all need eternal life in Jesus Christ. So were asking now for that you would have eternal life with you. This incident would draw them closer to you and that is that you would stop me lungs filling up with fluid. In Jesus name we have. Thanks, John, Larry, Larry here and there, just want to let you know the great thing Mac was the left thigh by God.

Scripture was he trying to quote near the end he said verses 1 to 8 thinking maybe too close to his phone or whatever, clearly I couldn't call you before, I'm not trying to be critical, but I'm just wondering what the Scriptures was recording what we can really come in the got deals with people and most harsh way. If you have an precatory prayer will scriptural reasons why we can pray that you so well know you've done a number times and I agree there. You know I wasn't.

When he had mentioned that we can pray. I remembered how Mrs. Green Greeson asked if I would pray for his son. So I went to look for that prayer request and and what he was doing them. Maybe John or do you remember what passage he quoted Ron no I don't remember but you can.

We can at least go to the archives tomorrow morning so that the Friday but it doesn't matter. He was simply talking about an precatory person you know the Bible is filled Psalms are filled with prayers going through a product could be mistaken, and so it would have probably been one of the Psalms about writing. One thing I think one of the clips you displayed about 25 minutes ago, roughly, he hears she was thinking go to law new website called truth both and you can request online to get heavy law in Palestine and salad bowl of invalid both voting role for you and you can somehow I get Philomela to you, will you contribute to your appropriate election office like I live in Cleveland downtown law he went with you 25th and Euclid Ave. N., County election Board that is so familiar. I think the latest clip you displayed. I believe that basically true.

The so go to that website and the upper part.

It says get involved in. There's a project it's called IV three you'll sign up with that website and then once you're approved, you don't have to physically do anything or go downtown just don't do send you a record from the voter roll that looks like it's a duplicate or there's something wrong with it. You will review it and if it looks like it's a duplicate you'll send it back to him say this looks illegal or look your flag it and then they'll take care of it from there though luckily actually sent send it off to the Cuyahoga County Board of elections and hopefully it's purged great great again like PRUE PhD quote the old That's correct.

Absolutely. Okay. Thank you, no problem, thanks for calling. Okay, let's take this is low.

Your last call for the night. Louis are in their yeah I just want to say I called about 20 legislators here in Michigan the other day someone got back with me about these absentee ballots be mailed out and sent on request license was nice of you already have the absentee ballot on record.

One of the legislature switched on the we passed several we passed several laws through the state Congress and Senate. But the governor shot it down with more what you already have 1/3 send it's in the absentee ballot they got have a signature on file issues that are sorry law in Iceland say one more thing regarding faith brother not there. Nothing can separate you from the love of God, Amen, amen. It makes it pretty clear when he tells you that Romans chapter 8 takes you to the entire realm of life. He takes it to the realm of life. And then there's nothing in all of the realm of life that it takes you to the realm of death, nothing at all. The relevant death dictation to the entire universe is nothing out in the entire universe the dictation to angelic beings is nothing there. They can separate you from love of God is good enough for me right for compilation are already very good scourging.

Remember, already were going to would ask these two fellows right here right now listen when asked a couple questions one what is the most important thing a person can do in their entire life salvation through Jesus Christ for eternal life would turn God that nothing else matters were compared so no master this doesn't matter whether or not you believe what the word of God says is everything that God says will happen will it happen other words, there are people out there that have the opinion well you know I don't choose to believe that therefore, if I don't acknowledge it and can't can't affect me when you think about that. Well what we are really matter and I could think about my friend, or an electric socket knuckle happen limit dive from trouble. We have the truth of God's word and final the end of the line so people go to line up with God's word, then there is God's word will be the final so it doesn't matter the reality is over for the last over 6000 years we've had over over 1800 prophecies in just about all of already been fulfilled exactly when exactly where exactly how and only God only limited to an all-powerful being someone who's limitless power could do that is so we see everything that God said coming to every day, no. When we walked outside. We look around and we see the entire planet.

The entire universe is being sustained by God. None of that can happen by its own okay and takes the ultimate extreme intelligence and power to do that.

That's a reality that's a reality and so folks a few listing out there. Here's what the Lord said he made a simple is only one book that it is absolute. The greatest source of knowledge, wisdom and truth in existence and it's right here. I've got my hand. That's God's word. The King James Bible and folks I would just tell you this, do it. Don't don't run on tomorrow's tonight if you have not you have not call upon the name of the Lord your condemned already, Jesus and those that have not are condemned already, and you don't want to just didn't want to stay there.

You don't want to stay there so doing tonight Julie.

Jesus said pray to God the father asked for forgiveness of your sins and ask the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life at all times and all things with no reservations were out of time.

Good night God bless.

And always, always keep my mind.

I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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