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WED HR 2 072722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 28, 2022 12:27 am

WED HR 2 072722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Thursday night, so sure points with 1313 but now there was a Pepsi and lace will also equal a free regular number 13 or can equal a regular free number 17. If you want okay so Kathy amaze now, are you more points towards free sobs. Simple math really that ends up exactly the jersey. My dad and earn rewards toward free sobs with every Pepsi laser purchase date it was.

You are already Joe we go back soon.

Here's your or so. The five pictures that I should Joe tell me describe how you think the wizard or which would be addressed. How would they look with it. What would you say recall what Walker through the long ropes and ordered out most of the stronger childhood memories of her work. Your work from about, but you know Joe, witchcraft and wizardry are on the rise.

Right now, more than they've ever been. And now today if I was to tell you these wizards, Joe, you know, many of whom were three-piece suits and dress that way themselves warlocks determine their that's right I'm going to be preaching lives with Lord's will in the slow changes in apartment be preaching at witchcraft on the rise in America today because people don't understand who witchcraft is taken over corporate America now and I didn't tell you that in the sense that when we know that far McKee out where we get the word pharmacy from far McKee means wizardry means witchcraft. But will go into that in more detail this but right now I want to show a clip. This is Tucker Carlson. He does an excellent job of exposing one thing and before your equipment. I have one bit of good humor you're talking about what the chatter was about China.

I don't think anything is going to happen until next year. The reason being the has got to get voted in for 1/3 term next year. I think in the first part of 2023 and I don't think he's going to do anything till he gets reelected reappointed on the third year our third term is the head of the Chinese Congress party and after that I would really start to worry but I think it's so then they have to stop the election.

There's no way if they understand we have a fair and actual fair and honest election.

The Democratic Party is going to be decimated. I mean if that happened okay and more more state legislators is making a warning were watching the good work and me watching you all of the red states and in the blue states are still totally corrupted. Again, think you're right. Biden administration is trying to encourage private. That and by look what we did in Afghanistan. We gave away a lot of our military review, $85 billion, with the we gave to the enemy we arm the enemy cutting our military are soldiers or National Guard are ready reserves and all this going on, but I think the Chinese are, fall for the trap. Well, they didn't find out they just purchased more and more than several billion dollars worth of farmland throughout America by our farm mother to control the food and it's been done.

They Biden crime cartel family, the Biden crime cartel family is working hand-in-hand with China with the drug card to Mexican drug cartels and with the the human smuggling cartels.

The Biden crime cartel log with the Clinton crime cartel and all of the working hand in hand with the other criminals and to destroy America. Drug cartels have made $13 billion here because of the drug trade and the human trafficking and army were talking that's bigger than the GDP of most the countries in the world and Biden has to communicate his team has to know what kind of money they're making and are doing it with his permission and his perusal absolutely happy by accident or Made by stupid it out. And believe me, all of those where there is the Obama regime. All of those that that the corrupt FBI that the corrupt FBI's cover note for money is flowing in large amounts of money and is going to write to the right people and that the cover-up is being bought. The cover-up is being paid for. You know what my non-okay for him to play the clip will be back right after this one single tragedy that's produced the highest casualty rate in the United States will probably have to the opioid crisis of the past 25 years opioids have destroyed entire regions of the country, mostly rural areas is populated by people who built and fed this country for generations. Hundreds of thousands of them have died from opioids and are still dying on the hundred thousand remedies. Just last year, mostly professional sentinels imported from China smuggled through Mexico if you live for. You probably know someone who's died from fennel, probably someone's child what you may have forgotten in the face of all the sadness is the opioid epidemic was not organic didn't just happen one day because people in sparsely populated ZIP Codes in Kentucky and Vermont and West Virginia only felt satisfied taking dangerous drugs now this particular disaster was created drug companies that's true.

Purdue Pharma kicked off they did so by aggressively marketing a narcotic called OxyContin. They sold it to Drs. Dr. soldiers their patients on the false claim. It was non-addictive was very addictive. What happened next will drive to upstate New York. Sometimes you can see the human carnage ultimately prove Pharma faced a barrage of lawsuits in the criminal charges in the end, however, not a single executive from that or any other drug company ever went to jail so no one was ever really punished for all those deaths, hundreds of thousands of deaths for a brief moment, it seemed possible that somebody would be punished. No one remembers this but during the Democratic primaries in 2019, Harris of all people described farm executives is quote nothing more than some high-level dope dealers who should quote be held accountable. Then a few months later, she went further than Harris suggested the drug companies were so evil they might produce a covered vaccine that wound up hurting people quote if Donald Trump tells us we should take it on not taken it. Harris said, and then other Democrats, including Andrew Cuomo than the governor of New York said the very same thing.

But here's the amazing part. The second Joe Biden took office top talk like that. Stopped immediately. Never has a tune changed faster, Harris was months before I called drug companies, dope dealers suddenly sounded like the chief marketing officer at Pfizer and one point Harrison asked the volunteers" door to door to promote Pfizer's products never in our history have federal officials touted the publicly held company more aggressively than the Biden ministration touted Pfizer and as a result, Pfizer stock price exploded its executives make billions gone was any suggestion that the drug companies might be capable of doing anything wrong ever instead. Immediately Biden ministration lauded farm executives as moral heroes and similar products are lifesaving that is true but the bigger truth. We are now learning is more complicated than in just the past few weeks serious, very serious questions have emerged about seven most widely prescribed drugs in America very much including the covered vaccine against night with what any normal. Would be front page news around the it turns out the entire premise behind the most commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs appears to be completely wrong destruction of the SSRIs there ubiquitous between 1991 and 2018 total assets arrive prescriptions in the US rose by more than 3000%. The number of prescriptions for the most common SSRIs hit 224 million last year, 224 million prescriptions in a country of 330 million people were genome dozens of people who were taking SSRIs maybe taking them right now. And yet, for decades, there have been strong indications that there is a problem with these drugs in the most obvious is this antidepressants are supposed to cure depression. That's why there prescribed and yet over the same. The SSRI prescriptions have risen 3000%.

The suicide rate may be most reliable indicator of all of depression has not fallen in the United States affect the suicide rate has jumped by 35%. That's a huge increase. It's a lot of dead people and drugmakers admit that their products may be part of the reason for the increase in suicide makes a Prozac for example, can see the young people who take that drug have an increased risk of suicide compared to those who took placebo.

Think about that for a second drug was supposed to make you less sad may make it more likely that you will kill your self. How is that allowed was a bit loud because virtually no one has said a word about it. One person did say something about it a long time ago with the actor Tom Cruise all the way back in 2005 is a very famous appearance on the today show.

You may remember this here we are today where I talk out against drugs and psychiatric abuses of electric shock and people okay against their will on drugging children with them. Not knowing the effects of these drugs.

Do you know what Adderall is. Do you know Ritalin you know now that Ritalin is a street drug to understand that counterexamples in might not been shown to be an example of someone who benefited from one of the all it does is mask the problem that and if you understand the history of it. It masks the problem. That's what it does. That's all it does you not getting to the reason why there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance. Drugs are the answer that these these drugs are very dangerous to mind altering antipsychotic drugs and there are ways of doing it without that so that we don't end up in a brave new world. So Chris said a few things. One, maybe you shouldn't trust the Pharma companies and just hand your children whatever they're producing, and hope for the best. Two. There's no such thing as a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes depression said that in three these drugs mask the real problems your suffering for a real reason the drugs can fix now. Joe Joe you supposed to go. You suppose that the reason that they don't talk about this. The reason that NBC, ABC, CBS see that all of the so-called and Fox News. The mainstream media really don't look into this or are they kind of fluff it off is because Joe that there are all aware of the world of the global depopulation program there all aware of that and there can and they are told that you are the liberal elite. You are the lead and and your you have to be a part of this we have to depopulate the planet we have to get rid of lesser people so that there will be more for you and these people in the media these corrupt politicians. These mad scientists they'll we all feel that way that you know maybe we have too many children or it's for the better.

Yeah, that's right there killing children their boarding babies but it is for the long run it'll be better because we'll have a cleaner planet for the rest of us right exactly Aaron Gebhart paragraph we know that there has been between these government agencies like the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration revolving doors with businesses servo while in the CDC year-end of certain drug and then they go over and they run one of the big corporations and then their back-and-forth and these people are also all covering their derrière's because a lot of this proof got really out there that be all these lawsuits because of all the people committed suicide died of the drug companies lawsuit monies that they would lose.

Credible and a lot of these people have much stock in involvement with these government bureaucracies in the company so it's a combination of corruption and the… Depopulate the less desirable people, especially Christians in conservative we see we see time and time again those in the CDC and the FDA.

Whoever plays ball with big Pharma. What is time to leave the CDC or whenever they happen to have a really high-paying job waiting for them at big Pharma hunger jog around make a lot of money back that money is the root of all evil thing that you know there's a bed takes us to the medical called in order to graduate from medical school in America you now, Jill have to conform to white privilege allegations. That's right.

In order to practice medicine in the United States, the next generation of doctors will first have to undergo an extensive right of antiwhite brainwashing. The medical school. The Association of American medical colleagues has just released new guidelines for teaching medicine that require students to learn about white privilege in America. Medical school students will also need to achieve certain competencies and concepts like anticolonialism and race as a social construct in order to pass their classes and get licensed to practice related antiwhite diversity officers are among the fastest growing job positions in today in America. Joe says the higher paying positions in the college and universities are the diversity officers since the founding of the United States to have been systematic health and healthcare iniquities grounded in racism, sexism, homophobia, class classes and other forms of discrimination that still permeate our current health systems reads a new release from the what they call the American medical colleges, entitled diversity, equity and inclusion competencies across the learning curriculum recent board since broad societal calls for social justice and desperate impacts of the COBIT 19 pandemic have added urgency to make for improved and the integration of diversity, equity inclusion and antiracism Job. I encourage the people out there to go to natural paths.

What is at home paths homeopathic homeopathic people like Wendy Wilson. People like Peter Glidden to to try to define them to use natural medicines, natural use load today, especially these new and she used the AMA used as little as possible. They betrayed you have lost you.

They have lost your trust in them because they have bowed down and they were willing to betrayed you for four big Pharma. Those that pushed the kill shots upon you and and you still don't know and they're still denying and hiding and covering up how many people are dying every day in this country because of those kill shots, but the that's why we're here for. That what you're saying is already taken place medical students story about students who currently couldn't stomach the pro-life use.

There was a pro-life professor at the University of Michigan was a speaker and there what they call white coat ceremony part of their medical training at the University there and they students had a petition to have this Dr. Christine Collier censored and the students decided to make a public protest and several thousand medical students walked out of the ceremony for this highly respected Dr. was a teacher and they walked out on her because she was simply pro life now her entire speech had nothing to do with being pro-life.

It was all about medicine. So here we have a student physician who couldn't stand it no had to walk out.

These people should be barred from medicine.

I mean if their ideology is so strong that the acceptance of human differences in a like pro-life, pro-death if you can let somebody have an opinion. How could these people ever respect you as a patient that they could respect the teacher didn't even speak on life. They walked on, under, what would they do if you walk in as a patient, and they find out your pro-life your Christian that they can walk out let you die. Jill you guys what the Bible is critical pretty clear, the Lord Jesus that I've set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Okay so choose life now. Not only that but he who goes on and remember what he says to these people that walked out okay. You know he's intelligent and down.

Jeremiah 234 that these referring to their skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent blood of the innocent. Okay.

Not only that, but those people that were well if you go back and read Deuteronomy chapter 20 and and read the first five verses there and let me just see for example, not Deuteronomy nominal of Leviticus chapter 24 yeah and if you read the very first five verses. Let's do that here in the Lord said go ahead, go ahead and expect under Moses, saying, again also say to the children of Israel who so ever be of the children of Israel or of the strangers that sojourned in Israel that given any of his seed in the Malik shall surely be put to death the people of the land shall stone them with stones and I will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people because he had given of his seed in the Malik to the file.

My sanctuary and profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do anyways hide their eyes from the man when you give up of the seat in the Malik and kill him. Not then I will set my face against that man and against his family and will cut him off and all that go a whoring after him to commit boredom with Moloch from among their people. What is happening Joe since since 1973, America has gone whoring catering. America has never met these people, these bluntly wicked abortionists and that ungodly Supreme Court not only of their unclean. You know you know but God's word says that these people should be there horse there horse that was never intended that court were horse wicked.

Now God has said that you say so now what if whatever you say what you know, I know God said that but I know that's in the Old Testament. I don't agree with that and so did God and I have a disagreement. How who's going to win that argument.

God is going to win because he tells us his word is eternal if he changes changes something like there were a few changes from the old and the New Testament God makes it very clear what they are and why they were changed so those people that walked out on her on that woman on that woman died on the pro-life if we could get them in a room and locked the door. What would you say to them I would tell them that they are headed for hell and they better reconsider who is in charge of life. Why it's important who is in control of the world, and the fact that is that they want to be doctors, and the critic are critical close to do no harm.

As you start off killing babies you're doing harm.

So would you tell these people somewhere in Maryland go from there to God's Word, the Bible has said you what you what you are doing is in sin, you are violating God's laws. Okay and that here you have you have crossed over when God gave us the divine institution would government, you know, he kept, he kept the entire purpose. Joe the entire purpose of devising the government. Point number three was to preserve the image of God that they and the child that be in mankind.

Okay. And so here would you say to these people. You have transgressed God's dominion.

God has said let's you and I would tell very clearly unless you repent of what you have done your gonna end up in a burning lake of fire, and it doesn't matter what you believe and if you continue to if you continue to harden your jaw if you continue to stiffen your neck if you continue to rebel against God, then your torment and that burning lake of fire will be the greater would you tell them that I recommend all the different biblical examples of all what happened to those who went up against God, or to fight God I can't think of one time where God lost and you know we need to open the phone lines at 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673 Liz Harrington the endless heretic was Trump's trumped spokeswoman as she says Biden is the coward along with others who tried to rubberstamp his illegitimate results from November 3.

Here's a woman and told the church he dared to tell the truth know she goes on to say, Joe Biden made up a plethora of lies about January 6 on Monday and he called the police in Florida. Biden made a sunlight trump supporters were beating the cops on January 6 and the truth shows trump supporters were helping police pickup trash at the capital if they depict cutting out for that one lady was greeted by a female cop died in the federals because she had a heart attack. The baton can't think of her name right off right Biden.

They called presidential guilty of insurrection. Biden stole the 2020 election to obtain powerful criminal leftovers from the Obama again who could win election fair and square because their policies are anti-American and destruction and they look at the economy of Afghanistan and the border etc. she goes on to say here. Biden shouted Trump was pathetic as he had zero courage and zero presence in the 2020 when this party was burning down cities across the country.

That's exactly what they were doing when the Democrats were burning down cities across the country and encourage it. Harrington said Monday on the just the new Justin is not noise TV show and you had a nasty Pelosi calling law enforcement. Storm troopers as part and burn for over 100 days and rise. She told coalesce John Solomon and Amanda head Joe Biden did nothing. In fact, he encourage lawlessness during his visit to Kenosha after the president. The real legitimate president Donald Trump who claimed that up before another city was going to burn okay by pastor Ernie Lovecraft said those were mostly peaceful protesters that we saw burning down car lots and buildings in an rating things and beating people up that was that's what they call a mostly peaceful yeah I hear you.

This quotation calls would you say we had the I'm sorry. I know we would have Cliff Cliff is here is more than I clip here and there. I got about a week ago called me nation by 1 inch works at Stanford University and a lot of black chapter 3, and she talks about Adderall and the redolent that there it went basically speed and releases and times. The dopamine that people lawfully believe in that branch and they get with the children.

They diagnosed children and attention deficit disorder and state that Daniel be able to focus better but she says like the claimant's mouth operates under a reflex and fiddle back to the other direction like it's none of the conscious control. Just on the reflex and what happened, the more you take, the more tolerant like alcohol. You say people get tolerant donated mortgage Frank so it goes in the first place, people end up with actually more pain ultimately and then I remember reading an article at Yale University kids with students at the Outlook at its prescription to stop an outstanding that they had to face the and then I went up selling it and making extra tell the other students, but I wanted to go to the study were quipping before our next study we talked about in this radio program way back there were some of those kids over there called hyperactive. They were taking street drugs speed and found out it calm them down. They were studying better and whatever.

And that's where they got the idea for using Ritalin for the students in school and all started when some of the kids change their wild behavior by taking street drugs called speed so that we talked about that many times on the radio and warn people that these are all originally street drugs and the percentage of these these school shooters. The school shooters tissue disease teenage shooters.

The percentage of them that were had been on Ritalin or some of these other right. We talked about that anytime 100% just about just shy of 100% of them have been on that drugs what is that tight time but it's not like that's made sure bloat the functioning of the brain and like you said, it's just a reflex.

It's like a lateral local RC Sarkis goes off in the other direction and that's when you get trouble get out right when you take those drugs with children of Veronica after we now offer dinner usually takes 3 to 6 months to wean them off and Michael is the boulder and his buddies. They had quit taking their drugs together and within days. That's when they committed their big school shooting because they got crazy, violent, because they didn't taper off of their drugs.

That's that's funny… Office that she was addicted to candy erotic novel, and that she wasn't The same brush, she said she was get dopamine Rashi.

She spent most of his free time lately acknowledgment. So the woman that wrote the plot problems already and had to move them quickly about the study that man involves right in next study. And if you look at Jeremiah chapter 8 verses 1 to 7 almost plays right into that both you know about that man's bones Jeremiah chapter 8 OJ seven is interesting that that Carly bones of the proponent of the princes bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets of the inhabitants of Jerusalem is out of their greater Olympia hear what he's talking about is God had watched the nation. There he saw people living very very very sinful lives by choice, deceiving themselves and that there would be no comments. The idea that would just like to listen. It couldn't be more like it is today because they were they were doing this, but they were deceiving themselves that there would be no consequences there was going to be no consequences. They had totally lost the perspective concerning you know what God wanted for them. The will for their lives and that you and the fact that they were trying to instead of trying to minimize their sin. They did they would merely the other direction. In the book of verse six. No man repented him of his wickedness, saying what I've done everyone turn to his course as the horse rushes to the battle but advised that I am done anything that's denial right right right right right side should've with promise right from the market and we found out what they like weeks. I got more complaints and every other shot history of mankind is what he says.

He says, but my people know not the judgment of the Lord and that's what we've been that's what we been trying to preach here for 50 years trying to work right right right you know I am one of the thinking of specialized for look at France and the angle of the enemies you know not only of David. For example, the Lord, and I found it five Psalm 37 first 20 it says right in that five enemies of the Lord, absolutely. Absolutely got to move on. But thanks Cliff, I would just say we had next Natalie here and there hi, click on the book of Revelation about Babylon having Babylon and Kentucky and of the boy thinking that Alabama got a rank of 2024. They don't burn a copy of the limiting thinking that warming my scarlet colleague every now and when it America has become.

Babylon the great America actually America. You know what you write, mainly because of the many many places in the world of New York City has been known as Babylon over uniform for a long long time but but America, in the sense will they have because look, the Babylon consists of three parts scout the political the economic and the religion now in New York City on 9/11 the World Trade Center's representative, the economic gate new United Nations building represented the political and housed with in the United Nations was the world Council of religions. So you had all three there in New York City and so and so you have that that you have the three elements there that that make mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth like a man now of the saints in our American bully.

Anything around the wild wind and for not killing prospecting now well skilled if you read Revelation chapter 1817 and they put up especially chapter 18 anything about 9/11. If you read that nothing about 9/11. Think about New York City. Think about what happened out in the harbor.

When when when this planes hit the Coast Guard made every ship out in the harbor drop anchors they had to had dropped the rake right where they were. The ships were loaded, they were loaded, they were loaded with with the shrimp and loaded up with fresh fruits and loaded with you things that would spoil milk and cheese and stuff but they had the state they had to drop anchor right there and what you think happened because it took days and days and days before they could inspect all those ships and that's what they did. You'll find it while if it doesn't say exactly you don't sound like exactly like here in Revelation chapter 18, practical yeah and travel yeah and that yeah will Revelation 19 when it starts with verse 11.

That's that's where we're looking for will course in verse six it talks about the merits of Landgraf, yeah, you're right.

I we are late with a lot of us are looking the Lord said he's returning for those that are looking forward to return, and a man and a minute early on in January on 911 and September 11 which is the Sunday were looking for pastors all across America to preach a message on repentance to reach to and that and ask the good Lord okay asked the good Lord to it. Well we we do that the were going to do it on a national point and national point and 9/11 and that you'll hear a lot more about that were going to be starting national campaign and and were setting that up for 9/11 and so were going to be praying tonight and do you get our newsletter, we are very welcome for the fidelity of telephone set there what you think of my newsletter that you Larry newsletter we are going to is free. It doesn't cost you a thing rescinded to practical and I like Avril 2009, but that got Obama on the TV and pointed to get back on Michelle Obama going to rhyme the president in 2024.

Thinking and they call this confusion began to come. Can now back in the middle of traffic face you know what you're right and I'm sorry to hear about your husband.

But he knew the Lord right now name, email, and praise the good Lord for that. And that's the important thing will dive with but you right when it comes to Obama.

If you were to ask me pastor.

What would what evidence. In other words, if you would say, according to the Bible, what would be the best candidate for the antichrist. I would have to tell you it would be Obama for because his name is in the Bible.

Okay, and he may very well be the antichrist will know this many places.

If you start off in fact, if you go to over and Isaiah chapter 14 for example in you read and maybe I get there very quickly and right Howard. The fall from heaven to Lucifer's in the morning, how art thou cut down to the ground that we can the nation for thou I said in my heart I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars.

I will also sit on the mount of the congregation of this in the sides of the north to listen to this and I will ascend above the heights of the clouds now here is very important because the clouds always referred to the saints. The saints, including angels, but that word heights there in the Hebrew is Obama, it's spelled you GBA MA UG Obama now is pronounced Obama now the definition is the elevated one. The elevated one, but if you take the UG often just have Obama Obama religious bum a the definition is the elevated place in the high place does got two definitions one is whether this is that the the primary one is heaven itself. Okay, but now if I go over to, for example, I will try and I believe it's in Ezekiel chapter I think is chapter 20. If I remember right, court would be 20 or 20.

It's either executive 20 verse 29 Ezekiel 29 let me see okay you here you go.

This is Ezekiel 20 and verse 29 then I said to them, what is the high place word to you go, and he named thereof is called Obama until this day Obama and to this day, and that means that I the primary places that is heaven a high place but the secondary definition here wherefore say into the house of Israel, thus saith the Lord God, you are after the matter polluted the man of your father's, but let me go back to let me go back to verse 28 for when I had brought them into the land, for which I lifted up mine hand to give it to them they saw every high hill and thick trees and they offered up their sacrifices. There they presented in a provocation of their offerings and also they may dissuade offered support out there drink but then it goes on to say here for when you offer your gift, you make your sons and daughters pastor, the fire, you pollute yourselves with your idols so the high place that Obama is what a sacrifice to children. Barack Obama was the most he is the most pro-abortion senator that was when he was a senator.

He was the most pro-abortion center and all of the Senate, the most by far. Now let me let me take you to one of the verse here, and that would be if I could find that would be over in in the well let me see was that Luke 10 think it was the yeah it was Luke chapter 10 note. Get ready for this verse 18, ready and eight and he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning. Okay, that word right there in the Greek lightning is Barack yeah and the Greek and the Hebrew is brought one is spelled B a R a K of the other is to be a R a Q but it's Valparaiso pronounced Brock, I beheld Satan as Barack fall from heaven that were there in the Hebrew is what Obama Obama right I beheld, I beheld Satan as Barack fall from Obama what is that a coincidence, but I just showed you going through and what a lie that you Satan doesn't have it, the antichrist back in 2021. What kind by area and quick coming and it was like a crack at it with the big gift I get paid to the point, I could hear Nick Krugman about the blanket completed the Vladek over Albany all the rat I'm not sure I've got a move on right now because all the laser filled up with.

Thank you God bless you.

Thanks for: let me go. Who do we have next Linda year in the air. Hey Linda, yeah I can hear you go ahead here know about your many pinkeye that are not my little radio and then I and you and and I've been following you & I let you now, I have been trying recently here. I think that money spent to you at about $1700 you the problem and every time I go to I get back by the enemy and looking forward to getting going down in getting my my Jack and go to the post applicant mala you and I became come lately nonfunctional that I'm very healthy to get back on me and you know I anymore if there are long time.

I had my grandmother would like any band I lay here in Diego my family. It and I know I've been raped on that guy would know for an I have been to many many battle the Lord and I and I am to help stop evil and had to call you tonight because the brain is predicted to come on me and I happen like me as if I was a zombie out of that and I just walked around the house and even know what you and I've been praying for you now. I really don't have any support my family isn't as strong as I am date a lab gate that now that they're not really I I am a type of Christ Linda let us do this to my Outlook. Believe me I know I know what you're talking about. We are having this were real uptick in the attacks. In just like even tonight the crazies are all calling Satan's children are trying to call their legs are upset with this radio program. I've been having in our church in note in it in our church. All of a sudden there is there is attacks coming from all over where the enemies, and we expect this and that is that's what were because of what were doing. We realize we understand this because of what we're doing and working to pray for you Linda. What state are you in there and we got a lot of great California and elk from about how it pretty bad. Yeah I know I've been there. I've been there with you to keep you in prayer we have maybe if you call our office to give us today. We have a number of ladies that are good solid Christian ladies that would you could use as prayer partners down there that probably help you okay call call call our office can call number. I couldn't get the office number is 440. Let me give you the office number is 440833813674403381367 call leave your name and your phone number. There and do it tonight and will baby get the morning before we go to prayer and we will pray for you and put you in touch with some of these of the ladies right in your area right there, but we have to go because were out of time, but God bless you Joe you got three minutes and it's a short three minutes. All right, I was working that the heading of some of the hymns in Scripture. One of you must be born again and I was thinking of first John 216 for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life is not the father but is of the world and the world passes away lust therapeutic to the will of God abides forever either to the will. The will of God is that none of the loss all come to the glory of God and to do that. He must be like for him says you must be born again and cemented people I hear over time.

Well I don't like. I got believe that out get around to it. One of the hymns is called nano why not now why we pray and while we played why do you wait dear brother, all why do you carry so long as your Savior is waiting to give you a place in his sanctified throng, why not, why not come to him now. There's a lot more that him but I'm short on time. The Lord says you must be born again and to do that. It's really a very simple process, but it takes something special repentance with the repentant heart, sorrowful heart.

You must call upon the father and ask him to forgive you because it was your sense of place to sign up on the cross, Jesus took your place my place on the cross of Calvary died paid the price for my sin and we are call upon the father you asked for forgiveness.

But that happened and then you asked that you want Jesus Christ his son to be Lord of your life.

All of your life that you want to give yourself to him completely, without reservation, without hesitation, and this is how you become born again by asking the Lord to command. This is where you get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that your down payment on the Col. life, you become then the temple of God himself because he you have got growing when you Jesus that I am in the father. The father, me, and I am here and you by the Holy Spirit. You become that born again believer, you become a child of the kingdom you become the Tonight Show so we want to say is we always say good night God bless God bless. And always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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