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TUE HR 1 072622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 27, 2022 12:31 am

TUE HR 1 072622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Good evening and welcome to another additional what what was left. I'm radio pastorally senders and indeed on this 26th day of July, 20, 22, this is the voice of the Christian resistance and would we have a lot to cover tonight so I want to get real issue on the board or producer's courage, Craig. Good evening everybody" I just took a drink of well it's it's up throat coat Katie and I want done wrong to and we have none other than the one and only Pastor Joe Larson reported everywhere. We got it we really gotta get after to the joke we got so much to cover.

So do want to say quite of the shoot. As you know we mentioned before, we did not make our our goal for the pledge week and this is a very very serious time and again were doing everything we can understand all the stations is very difficult, very difficult because even though Salem was there backing us of a supportive. They want their money is that simple and really how whatever you can do to help you whenever you can help us, we'd appreciate so that address you one, all you are WL ministry 147811 4781 Sperry Rd. PE RR Y Rd. in Newberry any WP you are why OH 44065 WR WL ministries 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 or do like I do today and went on WR and I found it very easy to do, pay online with a credit card and the first time I've ever done that and that was quite easy and that you will really like the new website set up so I would do likewise.

Very good title. The message laws that are now and I want to just read one verse, and that's it. In chapter 23 in Matthew chapter 23 Matthew in this verse four for they bind heavy burdens and gravy is to be born, and lay them on men's shoulders, but they themselves will not move them with one of the little fingers and so here I want to go and take a look at and compare the hypocrites of that and we will take a look at the Lord thy Lord Jesus, by the way, I am no way is far as placing Donald Trump on the level of our Lord Jesus Christ. No way in all but there are so many similarities to the board's unlawful, unlawful trial, and that of Donald Trump and so here Joe wanted to say before we get into the woes and and by the way there's there's actually a woes mentioned but because two of them are about the same thing.

This is referred to as the seven woes seven woes and Jesus mentioned seven ways to guarantee these are seven ways Joe to guarantee God's anger and that's they were called the seven woes not correct, bad thing got angry and feel like you would want to study those and avoid them at all cost. Well, those of us that understand there are those out there that the God that he got that love does remember what he said all of those that hate God, love, death, they they love, death, and the entire Democratic kindness party, NBC, ABC, CBS, all the Democrats, all of all of them hate God and they love death. And here you see them out there. You say will how can you say that why say because it's true. If you love abortion you love, death, and you hate God. That's what God says God says okay so children are those made in the image created in the image of God. You want to destroy the image of God together, blasphemy. Yes, it is so here Joe we take a look at that Simon to do some commentary to just let me go for here as we go. The Pharisees and there it, their interpretations and applications of their more than 600 laws that they laid upon the people you know Joe wiggled just to the EPA itself. We got thousands. I mean thousands today, there is this not. There's no way that you can go out if you're on your farm out there and do what you have to do without. And by the way, you can't even be in compliance with all the EPA's mandates you will laws without violating others.

You can't do it. I do so many there's so many America so convoluted and they have these attorneys teams of attorneys. It's been weeks and months trying to go through this stuff.

Search for so how could one person have any idea of me were never even heard of most of light. So these these Pharisees were called the separated ones and they took command made rules. Joe mandates as seriously as God's laws and Jesus told the disciples and the multitude to obey what they said the laws but don't do what they do, don't do it with the they do like that pride and make salon is so proud himself I'm already I'm important in civil law.

I felt very careful about right. And we know what pride goes before the fall.

Do as I say not as I do okay and like to January 6 committee who are facing in their forcing Joe therefore seen there heavy burdens, and gravy is to be born illegal illegal laws upon the patriots that have been denied a defense. So as we take a look at that, the Lord Jesus Christ. He had unlawful trial and only had a prosecution or defense here, the very same things happening out there and I live in a play that clip. I very very very corrupt Mary Garvin and I mean extremely corrupt Joe Hite.

I don't think I don't think that he could possibly prosecute anybody that's his discrepancy is Mary Garvin okay and so here find one go to one of them is 13 dank leave and they're even there in a Donald Trump today.

The speech he gave an excellent speech, but in that he mentioned the MS 13 how they took knives and skin two teenage girls skin them alive and even as wicked as they are. I don't think they could be anymore.

Corrupt Mary Garvin. He is corrupt the script gets will will talk about why the today the word Pharisees become synonymous with hypocrite today. The hypocrites try and force their thousands and thousands of mandates on us.

Everything from insane environmental mandates to words that we can say without understanding certain words anymore to the changing of words.

Joe you remember when them when we were young and women who were nursing their babies were called the nursing mothers with today. Joe, you can say that the called chess feeders because you see if you say nursing mothers, then your discriminating against nursing men, but Joe, you know what state the opposition does still doesn't understand men don't have babies you see Joe if men have babies gave birth, they wouldn't be men Wednesday they wouldn't II understand because I have science in science class we learned that a man was X Y chromosome. So all the millions of cells and I can't remember how many there are, but it was an incredible number all have that DNA and all of that X Y chromosome pattern you're female you have 2X chromosomes and that exists in every cell throughout the body. From here I found whatever. And there is no way that can be changed. No matter what you change what you cut what you do surgery. What you put makeup on Charon take it off. It doesn't change the DNA on the cellular level cannot happen and totally impossible. And all the rest… Here in the farm country will recall, there alright so Joe, the very fact that when I just said that if they could give birth and that they can. There's a baby. They would not be met. Now that is that is virtually too deep, too complicated for virtually every member of the death of credit kindness party Congress today virtually all that would be to date it would be over their heads. They they would not be able to grasp the fact that men can have babies probably, but they also are so used to line it up and it greatly with her tall great 12 alive. You're told without thinking, I found it. There are almost are between 30 and 40 trillion cells that are permanently coated with whatever you have asked why RX X chromosomes. You can't change 3035 40 trillion cells.

No way, José. Right here the force the kill shots that they call vaccines in our military will win the White House when the Secretary of Defense Austin who is forced this Band-Aid who had expelled 60,000 soldiers from the military because they refused to take the kill shot himself himself. Joe well guess what he has been putting out the word. That's right Joe. He was been exempted and correct all from from the vaccines and every member of the White House is been exempted.

Joe and the CDC, all of the staff at the CDC have been exempted and Pfizer they've all know, and so here now they've all exempted themselves remember how how nasty Pelosi remember mass where your mask and don't go out stay inside don't know they got around to getting her hair done hung her and worked out, now how about Gov. Newsom when the forest you going to jail you cut out you gotta stay home. He had a social distance you wear the mask and then he has is bigger than outerwear mask. Gov. Eddie has this big lavish party and he has all these people there sitting next to each other without masks on and the hypoxia. See old.

How about Gov. Cuomo same thing Joe and here yet they want to force all of those mandates. Remember, Obama had at his mansion had that huge gathering with that hundreds of people there and that and guess what, none of them were Mass General they didn't have yet just the servants okay and the proletariat.

Okay, so and so here they lay these mandates on people that they don't abide to know everyone that is pro-baby killing today give notice that every single one is in favor of abortion and I get this article here is already been born. They've already been born every single one and so and it's the same thing all of these that are in favor of euthanasia. Let's kill all the old folks right when they they will not lead five will not leave voluntarily. George sorrows will really voluntarily Joe Biden won't involuntarily okay and so John and and Bernie Sanders will leave voluntarily. Nasty Pelosi will leave voluntarily. Willie now know so they push you a good nap 30 report play one of the covert infected people put in the nursing homes where there the most vulnerable. The ones of the most comorbidities in the they were never asked if a wonder to die yet, but at least they did pull out their own parents out of there before they kill the other elderly do that's right. And now the governor to the governor's staff and which now is is is Biden is Joe Obama Biden staff okay. They push their immoral depravity. Joe on the children that are forced to attend the public schools and Joe almost always send their own children to private Christian schools. All right, they never knew you won't find any of these people who force the same thing in and in the Congress or the Senate.

The force the perversion and the public. As to the pornography and the antichrist anti-American critical race theory. All of the filth that they push in the children in the public school I remember when I was there in your neck of the woods there in Missouri speaking at the big Baptist Church out there and hear what happened was, remember there was about a dozen young thirtysomething women correctly.

Heteronomy, yet they were all school teachers.

Every one of them and they can, they came to tell me how that that was their ministry that every single one of them were homeschoolers.

They do would they would never put their child in a public school and how their ministry was to go in and to do their best to see that the children in the public.

At least got some teaching about goddess indecency and some morality. But here we know this, that the one profession more than any other profession that homeschools or place their children in private school or public school teachers nationwide right when he did that many years ago the NEA and the other teachers union.

They were the ones that Hector almost never allow their children any of those red states their children did not go to the public pool system absolutely no just recently Marquis Zuckerberg Marquis Zuckerberg was record we played. It was the last week just last week we played him telling his staff and I remember Zuckerberg. Anyone that said anything anyone the told the truth, anyone the told the truth about the, the kill, kill shots with they call the facts got banned off Facebook they were they were dropped off the face bag automatically okay from him for like, but Marquis Zuckerberg was recorded didn't realize he was been recorded by one of his staff telling his staff not not to get the kill shot well again because he said I don't trust them there experimental and I think they're dangerous. Don't get them don't do it. Okay okay and then called hypocrisy that what that word means all high hypocrisy. I beg you to hear another out. He's the guy remember they gave $400 million $400 million he spent on election fraud product right and intellectually thought was enough to change the election and swing it totally to Biden's favorite. That's what he said he was bragging about the debt that he did that 400 million he spent on election fraud. Now I can by the President of the United States.

I can control the president of this country.

I am important.

I remember God right. One of the things is happening now to cross the country know remember we warn people we warn people about it months ago that the death or cast would be registering as Republicans are being told to register as Republicans run as Republicans because guess what the Democrats have got a bad name. The ride and so they say and run as a Republican and infiltrate a listless eat him up from within.

That's the way they always do it, all parasites.

Parasites do that they infect a healthy body may destroy from within the next rise in Naperville go and knock. Make sure that the rhinos are the ones who when the primary several conservatives never get into office and will have those rhinos in other words, fake fake Republicans or Democrats and Republican clothing, and so there will just watch the election outweigh no here that we did some program that we are one of the people that was waiting for Central committee here with since then.

She was the head of the Republican Party. She was she was a rhino and she's telling she put out flyers urging the Democrats to to register as Republicans so that they can and fill that's and that's what they did because she should pretty much headed up the rhino party and hear no, don't we have a young person on the January committee been begging all the Democrats to vote for her register Republicans so they can vote for her and keep her in Congress. Yeah rhino extraordinaire.

Yes, the case is now here. Let's compare Joe. Let's compare that wouldn't be Lynn. What's her name by chance when it Cheney from Wyoming could have been no could it be Lynn Cheney very well could be ethic exactly who it is. So let's compare. I don't think she's getting get reelected unless Craig not well what they're doing already. There in her home state. Very encouraging to read the Democrats to run as Republicans there encouraging the Democrats to run as an add to register as Republicans so they can vote for she's right.

She's going to have to have the grandmother right now about telling her she is your begging Democrats to vote for you. That's not saying much. That's pretty much her giveaway where your alliances live right. When lot I would say so you. Let's compare the unlawful file of like Donald Trump with that of our Lord Jesus Christ will you have to pick it up there tomorrow was speaking right up there tomorrow because wedded time for now were going to win a play couple clips Joe on the way to come back and talk in these two clips. No one of the clips is is by the European Parliament member and she drives the nuke on the universal coven vaccine campaign and here boldly you can listen to it. It's only a very very short clip with them.

Let me, I think it's on I'm looking here to see Willie listen to what she has to say. She's telling in this. Her name is Christine Anderson she's a the German MP. I think that's the equivalent to one of our congresspeople out. And M. McCarter okay so here Parliament step yet since she is she is telling people that this coven vaccine is vaccine that they put out is going to be good on the history is the biggest scandal in all of medical history.

It will be known as the biggest crime that was ever committed and humanity to go ahead and write them quite a while back on the radio. The Aydin we did.

We said that in 2019 in 2019.

We tell people what would happen and that it was going to be so go ahead and play that clip. If you went there exists vaccine campaign. It will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history, and moreover, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity is so rare. There are charges brought against Pres. six Jake accused, how you way also is a constitutional law. Nothing. No person can't say nothing prosecution factors which prevent us criminally responsible. You are a liar and there's not a bit of truth in you. Merrick Garland you are a liar when he says, no person is above the Lord supper.

Hillary Clinton old Dave Mary Carter managed it to have that whole thing rigged Hillary Clinton is above the law, because Hillary could bring a whole bunch of them the rats down with her out of the swamp. Yes, what about Hunter Biden. Oh yes, right now they're trying to interrupt you go hand way back.

We talked about Hillary Clinton. I remember years and years and years ago, one of the first things she and Bill did was get a hold of all time. The FBI files the government files and all the opposition and even their friends and they been using it ever since two counter claim the nuclear option well if you think on us. Are you telling us will bring you all down with this will empty out all these files and all the dirty little secrets you all have and we talked about that my mind can't go back that far back. What was in the mid-90s somewhere yeah yeah Hillary said if I go down everybody's coming going down with work this out and everybody's going down with this and the here. In fact, that was that was said first by Ron Brown and Ron Brown said in this way back that if he was done with him. Everybody's going down with them all right up to Bill and Hillary, if him and the sun go down and and of course he went down the get go down that he was murdered.

He was one of the more than 100, but but Merrick Garland, Mary Garlin came out and eat.

He just made you just heard him. He wants to go prosecute president Trump in this corrupt.

He is extremely can corrupt corruption gets out there for him to do that and again Joe I I think it would be very hard for him to find someone is is as corrupt as him to prosecute look at their what are they doing they're doing everything they can to cover up the Biden you know why that is Hunter Biden because all a lot of those people there from the FBI and others had a piece they were. They were all given a piece of that money piece of that Chinese money and that remembering and security. Fly in an airport on a director course throughout heroes on airport through all those people were involved in what he was doing so you have to pay off people to get aware of that kind of thing.

What does this tell you in Revelation 21 verse eight about all liars. Mary Garlin of their place in the lake of fire. There you go, Merrick. You need to know that you need to keep you better think about that Mary Carlin now writes they shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. Okay so here no, let's go back to the this is Parliament member as she goes back and she's talking about how this is going to go down in the here Christine Anderson. It was an interesting thing because Moishe she really raised a lot of hackles. She said the vaccination programs were implemented to coerce individuals into taking experimental jabs in the end it won't even be close and it's a claim: vaccines and therefore scores and will go down as the worst medical crime ever committed. I keep in mind she's she's from Germany now that that's saying something right, but I'm fairly all right, but I think that he thought that I don't think about about it was also the biggest example of one world order assuming control over peoples and nations all across the earth finding out just how far they could push people, how far they could order people into submission to the government how much freedom that they would give up and almost every country that people gave up their freedom and there was no rebellion hardly goes a little rebellion in China but they just they just lock people and buildings shot and locked buildings 11 guys that protect the conflict on the revolution in China. Yeah anyhow we good to go to Maria Whaley now cheesecake.

It was an update on the situation with her trying to keep her house a working give her a few minutes to come on tonight and give us an update. Maria are you there Gil go ahead and give us an update on what your situation is and how people can help you on track. Thank you for lengthening and file and get me In any e-card, I better story on me right now we find out and around on it sitting in an inflated coronary lien filed on a motion to stay engaged Gary Weiner based on the letter that we try to get out of our house. We felt happy ethic without that doubt and for having my mind crack down keep on praying on it is happy at their quite outstanding and the half-truth allegation that the well with board what he anything well. Victor tried, I gave the ground, never stared at and think that they lack on me and even that the rapid documentation.

He bragged that there is proof that white board and now they're going through athletic, not Wheaton packing everything out and I confronted Eric anyway, you guys can count back on packing our financially or I are not so they say that they're going to come Friday that you again Friday so you you would really need a lot of people to come out stand with you. Give your and give me your address. Give your address out there again folks where you could go and stand and be a witness for her because blended to wind when you have enough of the citizens of the sheriffs is the sheriff out there. He gets elected, he would be realize that and I didn't write it off doesn't bode well to go in and you know anything people from the property, especially when there's so much corruption and boy is there corruption in the judicial system today. I mean there is so much corruption so go ahead and Maria give the give your address out there were people could come and stand with you and maybe help you pack. Or maybe help you financially. Okay 29. Laurel, you are) thick Ohio for court hearing and you cannot how enough you might like that than men brought okay are you there so you can call. Given the number to me. They can call to the number at 33 tell 833-0723 328-7234 extension on me directly and I remember sure on it went. Planning 9425 and telling Horrible camera, not a supply. I've got that address I got 2930 Tomorrow Laurel What Rd. and Brunswick. That's all. That's the name of the town right yeah right right distracting to some people become slow writing that other number was your attorney that 330.

Now gather and plan the client maintaining any court okay extension to number 330-723-3287 extension 234 folks you need to call just leave a message as to say this is just wrong is flat out wrong.

This is on.

This is not justice is tyranny and this happens in a very corrupt system that could get your last name Maria Ike I got Maria but I didn't get her last name. Well, LOL there and I thank you all and I get what you're doing by Maria Walling that her children. That's how the people expect a call me okay and when you call that number should you not call to this talk to the judge, leave a message for the judge. More ER. I W that same number on their number and I think now is streamline 330 BC. That would be 330 Vincent difference is extension 231. Okay right right parts of the report.

The number will be 330-723-3287 extension 2312 extension of okay all right very good already and Joe, would you would you ask in prayer, would ask the folks at the list and all around the country today all run by the way Marissa is you been on here. We've had other people money send me letters with similar problems promote from different states, all wanting wanted us to help them so go ahead Joe, would you and all the folks around the country out there listening and remember what the word of God teaches that those who show mercy, receive it today. A search is losing her house and a lot of times you hear people think I wouldn't II never thought it would happen to me. I never thought it would happen to me but go ahead and the and asked lead the people in a prayer for Maria, and against the corrupt judicial system, your heavenly father we come to you, Maria. Her children and argued no every single thing that's going on board were so tired of the corruption not only of the legal system, but the corruption of our society. The corruption of the hearts and minds of people that have turned away from you. We have many of your children. That's the thing.

BP put homeless and be harmed by corruption by crime and we ask a special blessing for her that you would come to her aid that you would somehow take care of the situation the Lord. I will always have to add up the feet I will that this evil would not triumph of righteousness would prevail and that the attempt in the court for the truth to come out with the be found and righteousness restored that she would be restored to her home and she and her children would be taken care of and Lord Regis. There is so much of this corruption, lies, deceit, evilness, and just everywhere around us and we just ask you to be with all of those that are right. Consider having to fight this evil and Lord I ask that people would come out with the brothers and sisters in Christ would come out for Maria would be there to help her to aid her in any way they can.

Everyone is different gifts and different things of value that they would make the phone calls that they would come and help. Personally, am the Lord that you would just handle the situation that do what we cannot do we assess in Jesus precious name. Amen thank you Liz, the way things work out for you think I'm ready to bless. We have to move on. Joe here you on in 40 days with no they're going to destroy all of the ballots from the 2020 election unless we stop them in the five swing states. The five swing states where you have all the controversy when they keep finding more and more corruption and is more and more more more people that denote lawmakers as a unit we got it we got to decertify the selection to gain some here. We gotta try to do what we can to stop that from the destroyed nose because we know you know and I know that that that election was fraudulent as fraudulently can get. We told people remember on the very night of 2016 when Pres. Joe had one that likes we said the election of 2020 is going to be the most corrupt in the history of the country and it was there was now here a part of that conspiracy.

Obviously all the main stream news media and including Fox News including Fox News is a big part of that to know here Joe we have those DVDs 2000 meals and we set out several hundred already, and folks were still still sending those that you can get a waistcoat that we ask a donation of $60.

Now for more. You here and I would ask donation. It's that we know that there people out there destitute. They can afford that.

Let us know and we'll see we've given a number of whom Weigel for people that were distant. We just really can't afford to do that because you will hear and read to tell you where where another great financial effect right and so also, if you if you up that donation $75. We will normally we asked $20 for one of our hard CDs that we have. You know the songs is the people that they like the songs we play here that group were in the process of belittle well but putting another DVD together but right now we have three different ones and some of them have us same songs in a couple different ones. But anyhow if you would really specify that you would like like that. Also the CD you would get it for all both of them for donation of 75 mortally asking.

Risking it now here or if you don't answer the CD we have a mystery gift. If you happen to we have all kinds of books and over the years we've we've had DVDs CV CDs are all good.

Everyone on it would be something that you folks would want and we will send a mystery gift of their two-year it won't be anything that you wouldn't want and so have any more of the Bible after her every need. Call yeah yeah we could. We had a great gift that I've written for now. I love mine and everybody that seen it like for like to have one that is one of the match.

That is an excellent excellent source of the unit only covers all the topics whatever topic you talk about in the Bible it it covers that topic. You go there and there's all the passages in verses in a whether it's with God the father, the life of Christ. Whatever is there. It excellent eggs that we just call it the Redbook is the guy kind of a dark recoverable replica and the and if you would would like that for that is your mystery gift, but you have tell tell us that we know what to send now also very very important, very important. We need a very clear address we we need joy, you won't believe the people sometimes will give us an address and no name this thing hired for. I believe it. Remember, I've been set up restoring America and at memberships and people. I went through that same thing at the end all the time and be sure. Be sure and ask to be put on the list for the newsletter you want to receive the newsletter.

It is great stuff that we put in there that doesn't get out on the air and its information that you need to know, and we try and make it special for all our hard-core listeners that after that newsletter and then do like I do I get my copy. I take my copy machine. I make copies for people at church for family members or neighbors other friends in the government, church and now. Then I asked them to pass it on to their friends and neighbors and hopefully one newsletter turns into maybe a couple hundred kernels absolute that we get more positive feedback more positive newsletter every day we get requests for newsletters and fellowship. The free doesn't cost you anything. We send it out. We pay the postage but anyhow also Joe this coming Sunday were going to be him showing Lord's will and do the doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry at 4 o'clock, from 4 to 6 were going to be showing a film and is the real story of January 6. The real you see it you'll see it, just like you did with the 2000 and meals.

There is there is the evidence right there. What what you won't get when NBC, ABC, CBS, all of the Democratic Party own the communist all of the communist collective old media with they would not show you another will be quick to God and culminated her dog and pony show walk.

Tell absolutely and so speaking of that, you FBI agents who covered for Hunter Biden is his Russia collusion hosts are now. Sen. Grassley Sen. Grassley stepping up. Hopefully this is for real. I'm I mean I'm hoping this is the real real and just like you will because we've been so many times we've seen these shows were these guys have done the huffing and puffing acting like they were real. Today the money was tell me about the Durham Duro. He's got it like 120 indictments and not I said yeah I saw what happened when he went after Hillary's lawyer did we we saw what happened there. That went right and so again Marek garlands, the so-called Department of Justice is so correct. It is completely and totally corrupt. There's nothing about this not corrupt in here. Sen. Grassley outed dirty cops that the FBI which there are many if not all at this point. These croaks have been protecting their criminal handlers in the corrupt DNC while persecuting conservatives like the January Sixers locked up for over a year in the DC journey and the journey and I mean dirty DC jails. Our protest and become prison work little tiny individual cells are negative. Rotten and horrible that both conditions I mean. Something like 1/3 world country would have not. The United States got to be ashamed were very very corrupt mirror garlands, so-called Justice Department, they look they don't prosecute at the file or burden of murder if they can go out making burned down cities when I'm down to Kill cops and they won't they won't prosecute them. You have these dirty cops that that that right there at the January 6 that them killed will let me just wait here. This is an article Joe from Andrew take of Houston, Texas will be playing the clip here little while about him described to us with the pretrial detention is late for non-conveyed to trump supporters and president of the Biden regime at the United States penitentiary in Lewisburg made well. Actual convicted murderers and rapists in the prison are treated much better with access to amenities that the January Sixers are prohibited from using the January Sixers this the nasty Pelosi. This wicked old woman is extremely, extremely wicked and corrupt.

The woman what would her thugs with her Gestapo did the January Sixers are apparently deemed too dangerous to mingle with actual murderers and gangsters at the penitentiary and are instead forced into a secluded unit where they spend their small allotments of recreation time in individual cages surrounded by razor wire.

These are Christian patriots.

For the most part you January 6 times or further exercise outdoor time that you know basically like a telephone number only made a wire that's maybe a little bigger than a fiberglass out picture of it and that's what they get. The standard amount for our out sun leather Joker one man cages is this is not how you treat the 45 years jail I was in the prison ministry is in 45 years I was up on death row ministering to those on death row and over those years they had at least they had arrange even on death row.

They had arrange for they can go back and forth. They were isolated from the other inmates. Okay, but they had a lot more freedom than the January 6. Patriots have the cake out well because this is a political prisoners and they are trying to scare all other patriots are sending the message or cucumber against our administration if you come against this revolution we will destroy you and what they're doing is using these people as intimidation. They're making examples out of them and the idea is to terrify everybody from standing up and speaking truth to power. And I think it's what it's doing is angering in the good people the decent people are becoming more more angry to see what was happening and once these these decent good decent people get out of their they think they need losses they need to go after Mary Cardinale to go after nasty Pelosi.

I mean really go after him and now need the Republican Party to stand up and yell and scream. This is not constitutional.

This is not legal. This is a crime against the Constitution against the people's rights, the Bill of Rights, and we need people to be standing up in the Senate and the House of Representatives and the governor's office screaming. This and all I'm hearing is cricket.

I am ashamed of the Republican Party.

I'm ashamed of the leadership and this we have a bunch of gutless wonders running around listless give no give some credit to Jim Jordan Wright Max one of the next gate gets K to to the green woman Marjorie Greene Goering and Gomer yeah to Gomer and to invite Nella in a here and he's starting to come around now. Grassley is actually getting in Ted Cruz speaking out the doctor the eye Dr. oh you know I'm talking about.

I just looked out from Kentucky from two glycan Rundell ran Rempel crazy good Lord first for the people, like them, for we have a handrail boat have a handful of real patriots and Lord and that's what we needed in the military are.

These funds are to listen to us really need to put the fire to the feet of the Republicans to make them go after these corrupt Democrats the way the big one after the good people are people. We're just talking about what's going on. Brian ought as the FBI analyst that is so corrupt. He is one that Grassley's going after and I was thinking.

He is the one who was a key figure in crossfire hurricane that alleged the Russian collision. He was the one who failed to tell his colleagues about the unreliability of the steel dossier. He had been told by then check all the stores that Hale this is rumor. Nothing was verifiable yet he did not tell his other agents.

He went ahead and press for the surveillance warrants that the FISA court knowing that was false information. He was involved Joe because the heartbreak will be back right into this Google wave right back with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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