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THU HR 1 072122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 22, 2022 12:25 am

THU HR 1 072122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 22, 2022 12:25 am

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right, What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the un-barnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance. I think it's the 20th. It's the 20th. Okay, 21st? 21st. You sure? Yes.

Okay, we'll verify that with courageous. Yep, it's the 21st. All right, there you go. I got 21st twice so it must really be the 21st of July 2022, right?

Yes. Now let's see if they know what day of the week. Today is what day of the week? Thursday. There you go.

Okay, folks, that's right. It's Thursday of pledge week and that means we only have one day left after tomorrow, right? Yes.

It means we have less than four hours, right? Yes. All right, now back in the boiler room we have none other than Randy. And who's that guy with Randy? Is that Eric? It is. It's Eric, the young fellas back there.

Of course on the board we have courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. And you heard her.

Talisa. Good evening everyone. All right, now we have a whole lot. Now out in Missouri we got Pastor Joe and in California we got Pastor Z.

So if you put the two of them together we got Josie and Josie Wales ready to go to war. There you go. All right, we got them. Now here's where we're going to start tonight. We've been having the devil's children. Satan's children have been trying to block our phone lines and trying to tie them up to keep people from being able to call in pledges and I got to admit folks we haven't had so far a good week. And so we need to start by praying right now. I'd like to have both of you men ask a prayer. Pray that the good Lord would keep those Satan's children from tying up our phone lines and that the good Lord would keep the prince of the power of the airwaves from trying to take down any of our stations tonight as we're always under attack out there. And so I'm going to ask Pastor Joe would you start and pray that the Lord would come against Satan's children and then Pastor Z would you pray that the Lord would come against the prince of the power of the airwaves? Absolutely dear Heavenly Father we have had this enemy attack us before. Satan's children have been trying for a very long time as you know to knock us off the air to take away stations to cause whatever trouble they can cause and Lord you know better than you know better than anyone how much they hate you and that's why they hate us because we preach and teach your word we praise you we give you the thanks we give you the glory and we tell people to put their faith and trust in you. So tonight I would just ask Lord that you would clear the problems we've been having with the phones with people being able to call in that you would clear up the lines for the callers that you would reach out and touch the hearts of the listening audience that as we do your will Lord that you know that we're totally dependent on our listeners we have no sponsors and that we count on the brothers and sisters in Christ to make donations to pay the bills that so tonight we need your help father and I'm going to put it in your precious hands you know how to best how best to fix our troubles our trials and tribulations we thank you Lord for what you will do in Jesus precious name amen amen Joe I didn't I didn't want them to know that they were causing us a problem but obviously they know and so again I thank you for that prayer and Pastor Z would you pray that we stay on the air tonight because they like to try to jam us absolutely father God we come before you right now and we just claim the authority of your precious blood over this situation God your word tells us that we are more than conquerors in Christ and we know that the enemy comes to lie and steal and to destroy and so that is his goal is his goal during this time and God we just pray that you would raise up a scammer God against this enemy and Lord I pray that the airwaves would be wide open to hear the gospel that we would not be hindered tonight that you would do a work of your grace Lord and father your mercy on your children we know that you love your children God and they desire to hear the word of God they desire to be blessed and ministered to this evening and we just pray against any attacks of the enemy right now God you are faithful you are holy you are righteous and God we just again we ask you just to raise up a standard against the enemy of our souls and that you would just protect your children tonight that there would not be any hiccups in the transmission of this radio program father I also pray that you would open up the hearts of people to just desire to give to sow seed into this ministry Lord and that you would be glorified God in spite of the enemy's attacks in spite of the threats of the enemy may they come to not even now God as you are going to do a work in and through pastor Ernie in and through your word that you are going to speak to people you're going to speak to hearts you're going to do a work of your grace and that we can come through courageous and our faith in Christ we have victory in Christ and we stand in that victory we love you Lord thank you for my brothers and sisters that are on the on the phone part of the team that you would protect them as well and God we know that we can be David's against Goliath when you're with us Lord and that he that our power is not in the flesh but it is in the spirit and we we pray God that you would just bring down these strongholds we trust in you to do it we give you honor and praise we love you Jesus and we just pray that you be glorified this evening in your holy name amen amen all right uh joe we need to get going and uh so right out of the chute you know we're called what's right what's left is the name of the program and here's where that name come from so joe matthew 25 starting with verse 34 all the way through uh 46 take her away you want to give out those numbers real quick first yeah the numbers are by the way thank you bob and new york pledges 200 thank you about the numbers are eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero that's eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three that's eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three we do need to hear from you folks we're having a very very very tough week and so remember we can take credit cards right over the phone credit cards paypal checks you can go to and all the ways you can help us uh right up there all right here we go matthew 25 verse 34 then shall the king say unto them on his right hand come ye blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for i was a hundred and ye gave me meat i was thirsty and ye gave me drink i was a stranger and ye took me in naked and ye clothed me i was sick and you visited me i was in prison and you came unto me then shall the righteous answer him saying lord when saw we thee a hungered and fed thee or thirsty and gave thee drink when saw we thee a stranger and took thee in or naked and clothe thee or when saw we thee sick or in prison and came unto thee and the king shall answer and say unto them verily i say unto you in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me then shall he say unto them on the left hand depart from me apart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels for i was a hungered and ye gave me no meat i was thirsty and ye gave me no drink i was a stranger and ye took me not in naked and you clothed me not sick and in prison and you visited me not then shall they also answer him saying lord when saw we be a hungered or a thirst or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister unto thee then shall he answer them saying verily i say unto you in as much as ye did it not to one of the least of these ye did it not unto me and these shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into eternal life life eternal well we see this all through all through the word of god those on the right stands for righteousness we we know in ecclesiastes 2 10 he says that a wise man's heart turns towards his right but a fool will turn towards the left we we know that uh upon the cross when the lord jesus was there the thief on his right repented and jesus said this day you'll be with me in paradise but the the thief on the left not only did he not repent but he rallied against the lord and so we see all through scripture now today today if you believe in god's word if you believe in god and country if you believe in righteousness and and doing good and you believe in the sanctity of marriage and family then they call you a right-winger if you believe in these things you're considered a right-winger but if you believe in an abortion and sodomy and bestiality and pedophilia they call you on the left or a democrat okay today today and so here we're we're seeing how you know god's word is a living breathing document it forecasts itself so far in advance it is so accurate it's just unbelievable and so that's where we're at today uh pastor z we are what we have a lot of new listeners out there a lot of a lot of new listeners and because we have a lot of new listeners we want to take a moment a little time tonight and give a little history of this radio ministry and then at the bottom of the hour i want you to give us a history of bikers for christ but for right now uh oh i want to say janice and michigan pledges 500 in beverly in portland pledges 500 thank you janice thank you beverly amen praise the lord and the the number is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 now folks we do have i wanted to know we we have available uh the 2000 mules we have the 2000 mules available out there we ask for a donation of um what was the 60 dollars or more and but you have to let us know that you want it in other words we're not going to just send it to you unless you request it if if you're requested then you get it also for 75 if you have a donation of 75 we have a mystery gift will come with you now we have hundreds of books tapes dvds and also the cds if you request the songs that you hear on this radio program uh we we have gone through a lot of those uh dv or cds with the songs if you would like to have for 75 dollars if you'd like one of our cds and a 2000 mules that would be fine now for folks out there that are destitute and you know would just love to say well i'd love to i can't afford it but boy if i got one of those 2000 mules i'll show it anywhere i will show it uh then let us know and we'll see if we can get you for one for a little or or no charge at all and so anyhow you got to do that right and so uh i'm going to give a little history of this radio ministry and pastor joe you've been with me for a long time so you can kind of jump in on this and uh it started back well back in well back in the 70s i was doing radio and television programs as the the fire breathing baptist young baptist preacher who uh and they were referred to they would uh try to invite me on the secular programs would would invite me on because i was young and they thought and they would always set an ambush but by god's grace always always i came i got the better of them the of the opposition you know why i had something they didn't have i had the truth and you know well i'm going to tell you the truth is is hard to beat and so we started that way and one day uh i was out in front of the bloody surgery center abortion mill and i was preaching and i thought to myself you know we need and i could tell you this was exactly at nine o'clock just before i was ready to leave that morning i'd been out there since early i says we need our own radio network we don't have any no media in cleveland all the media is is this pro-death all the media out here liberal media is anti-christian no media on our side uh and and i was thinking that's what i'm gonna do and if i do that i'm gonna call it what's right what's left because these passages came to my mind for obvious reasons and so when i got back to my office i remember this perfectly it was exactly 10 o'clock as i sat down at my desk the phone rings and it was wccd at that time calling me saying have you ever considered having your own radio program because i would go on and at that point i was doing a co-hosting a program with a statesman called sef galbreath and it was called biblical answers for secular questions and i i remember people used to write in biblical answers for circular questions but in the end and so i i said this is an absolute amazing you know god god is in this for sure because it was exactly one hour ago i decided that that's what i was going to do and they gave me made me an offer i couldn't refuse that it was uh airtime was so cheap to begin with it was just to get me going on that and you know joe and pastor z uh i didn't know you know about asking for donations i i didn't do it i just went on figured i'll pay for it myself and before i ever asked for a donation people started sending donations in and and i thought well my gosh if if this if that'll happen we can expand i can go on more more time more hours a day and uh you know i can go on five days a week and so that's where we got started now back in those days uh here we were very instrumental because we didn't have any the pro-lifers we did not have any media and back in those days we didn't we didn't even have any crisis pregnancy centers like today we're still beating up any anybody out there protesting an abortion clinic the police would arrest you beat you or other bad things absolutely and like well and the the cops that were crooked in the courts they were taking that money there was plenty of money to be made blood money and they were taking that money and up to this point no one would challenge them we did i gave their names and badge numbers out over the air uh dirty cops and uh and and uh that that got their attention and i tell you what when i did that i got i got the backing of the clean cops the good guys the white hats came in and said thank you for doing it because these dirty cops have given us all a bad reputation and and i did that now let me tell you i got death threats and everything else even i heard that they had put a contract on me for doing that okay and so that's why that's why there would instead of one car watching me all the time we were out preaching there would be two one car was watching me the other car was watching them uh because you had the good cops and the dirty cops out there in those days and so here lou and michigan pledges 200 and linda and california pledges 40 thank you lou thank you linda and so here in those days remember the legislation we passed you guys might remember uh something that they would call partial birth abortion well before it was called partial birth it was called brain suction brain suction they changed the name to make it more palatable and i worked on that legislation i was one of the people that we sat down we put our heads together and came up and after going back and forth with some late state legislators and fine tuning we got that passed and that ended up going and passing nationwide and it started right here with us and then wow uh and then later on well at the church sitting right there on the table i have a certificate uh from the jack wilkie dr jack wilkie who was a good friend of mine we got uh i was with him in the beginning when he oh ohio right to life and national right to life and and back those days ohio right to life was pro-life i can't say that today really but anyhow uh here i i have a certificate now of of um thank you for doing my part in the heartbeat pill passing the heartbeat pill and so i you know i really appreciate that we worked very hard on getting that heartbeat bill passed the folder said you were her mentor she was the one kind of the impetus behind that and she's come on this program and said you were her mentor and the source of her uh inspiration yeah well she was the brains and i was the mouth she was and she was also the good looking one you and i kind of uh we just tell them to hide the children from the website well yeah and you know it kind of was one of those beauty and the beast and i knew what my part was and so but jen jen uh she she was a little tiger a little fire brand and uh what a what a sweetheart and you're right i i got her started and and uh boy i'm going to tell you i was very very proud of her uh the way she took off and and you know they came against her with the way they came against her you know at one point and i think it might be today she was the number one target the number one target by the n o w and uh what is it nay ral jen was the number one target in the entire country by those uh vile vile uh female organizations and so anyhow so then we started exposing some of the grizzly operations i remember one day there on shaker boulevard very early in the morning it was still dark out and so it had to be around i think it was around december and anyhow i i got there very early and the lights were on and the abortion chamber the wall the the wall and the window was only about 10 feet not even 10 feet off the sidewalk and as i heard a scream and i went up there i looked right in the window and they had this young blonde-headed woman now they would used to have a lot of strippers a lot of strippers would come in the abortion mill you could almost always tell them they always were thin well-built and usually taller girls most of these girls were like five seven five eight and they were all blonde okay and uh whether it was real or bleach they were mostly all blonde and so the first thing i thought were when i saw her was she was a stripper and let me tell you they had her in a chair she was stark naked she was stark naked and not a not a bit of clothes on her at all and she was bleeding profusely they had gotten her in early and she was bleeding and she was fighting them she was fighting them you had the bloody abortion and i believe his if i remember his name was biskin biskin and what happened was they saw me looking in the window and saw that i was that i saw everything and they were trying to strap her down and they turned she jumps up out of the chair and she runs right out of the room leaving a trail of blood behind her and so i ran around to the back because i knew where they had to come out and but i had to climb up over a little wall uh to get to get back there they had there was a wall a block wall and so by the time i got up over it they had the back door of his cadillac open and they were pushing the two of them the the biscuity abortionists and i don't know if the the other the woman was a nurse or she was just a ghoulie or what but they were pushing this girl in the back seat and they took off with her and i don't know if she they took her to the hospital or what you don't know with these people they're all about death but i would start reporting and we would report on these grisly events that were taking place i remember one time too over at number five seventh circle they had a young girl she was about nine or ten years old uh they came in and they grabbed her and they pulled her by the time we i got to them because they they were right close to the door of the bloody abortion mills they had pulled her in and locked the doors and so uh and they she was kicking and screaming and and that's some of the kind of things that they would do out there i remember one time joe as i was out there preaching a pickup truck pulled in and this blonde had a woman who had two black eyes and she was uh crying she come in she looked at me and she was crying so when he parked i walked over there and i said i knew what it was all about i said you don't have to go in there and uh this punky boy who was driving the car told me to mind my own blankety blankety business and i told him i said i just made this my business do you have a problem with that problem with that and uh he took right off boom he was gone see it's a lot easier to beat upon a woman than to fight a man and so the punky boy took off but here's what happened pastor see about a year no it was about two years later uh i was out there at the same place still preaching and a woman pulls up and she said i'm looking for you pastor ernie sanderson and i said yeah that's me and uh she showed me a picture of that baby the baby was born she said my sister had the child he's a beautiful little son and she got rid of the bum she said she got rid of the bum and she wants to thank you she and she wanted you to see the picture and uh and so praise the good lord for that but hang tight we'll be back right after this once a man's home was his castle only his foes would buy and late and the border of his property was the moat around his estate all these kingly rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by god have been lost somewhere in history in the fine print and the fraud once a man and his religion was protected by the law in america the constitution formed a verbal wall now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached now the worried watchman on the wall is crying heavens under siege heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and then the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government but heaven's under sea heard the watchman sound the warning call back in 1992 when they murdered dickie weaver just like they'll murder me or you when they stormed the church in waco women and children burned alive and now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and then the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under sea now a voice cries in the wilderness as the lord prepares his church well it's called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth will we pass the test of heaven's quest never counting earthly loss will we fight like christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and then the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege i said corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege already we're back and folks let me tell you heaven's under siege and so is this ministry been under siege but guess what we never quit we dude there ain't no quit in us here uh you know so the number here is eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three the bible says we're more than conquerors in christ do we believe it eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero uh pastor fred z tell us about bikers for christ okay you got about three or four hours i'm kidding um bikers for christ actually started in 1990. back in the 70s i was a motorcycle guy and i had gone in the navy and i i actually started out you know getting into drugs and alcohol at a very young age and i'm really ashamed of much of my testimony because anybody can be an idiot for 20 or 30 years and so i was i was one that just made a lot of bad decisions i was raised in catholicism and uh you know as i and i'm not here to bag on the catholic church i'm just here to tell you my story but as i saw a lot of hypocrisy in christian then the only the only real exposure that i had at that early age um i pretty much rebelled against it and my testimony is actually called rebel with a cause because james dean was a rebel without a cause and so as soon as i met jesus christ as my lord and savior i decided to become a rebel with a cause but um so anyway i was i was a drug addict drug dealer i started hanging out with outlaw motorcycle clubs going down those roads i joined i joined the navy as a result of basically avoiding a drug bust because i sold some drugs to an informant my dad was friends with the chief of police in the town that i was growing up in and he basically told him he said your son needs to go in the military or go to canada he needs to do something because we're going to put him away and so i felt real patriotic and so i figured jail would be a much worse option in the military i went in the military and uh god has a sense of humor because i went from being an absolute hell raiser on the street on the street and god put me in va 174 it was a navy air squadron called hell raisers okay so i went from being a hell raiser to being a hell raiser to being a pastor as i went through the premises of what took place in my life um and basically i had visited you know a couple of churches didn't really get anything out of them because my heart was not open to church or any of that um on may 5 1977 i walked into a church in anchorage alaska after traveling from massachusetts where it was born out to california partying with a bunch of people my sister invited me to go to alaska i ended up in anchorage alaska and i was working for the post office for a while and then i was working for the city of anchorage well a cute girl invited me to church that's the only reason that i remember even going to the church i walked in there i had a jean jacket with pearly wings had ripped up you know jeans with passes all over them this is back in the 70s so you know a lot of hippie folks and the rock and roll folks were all you know sewing passes all over their jeans and i actually had a billingham police department pass sewn on the rear quarter of my jeans so you know what that meant to the world i'm sitting on you that's not good so anyway like i said i was hanging out with a bunch of outlaw motorcycle clubs and my goal in life was to become a one percenter okay i wasn't you know it wasn't a little kid that wanted to become a cop or a fireman or an astronaut i wanted to become an outlaw biker and so you know the bible says there's a way that seems right to a man but the end era is death okay so my goal for my life heading toward death and so that's not where i you don't really want to go so anyway i'm in this church this is after being a drug dealer in hanker is alaska after i got out of the navy and so you know i thought the navy was going to change me and the only thing that it did was it helped me to not be racist okay because i was i was a little white guy that was five feet tall that weighed about a hundred pounds and i'm in with you know mexicans and blacks and everything else and we all got along because we were all on the same team so anyway so that was a blessing that god helped me weed out a lot of the racism that i had in my heart because i i never grew up around those kind of folks so on may 5 1977 this cute girl invited me to go to church and i'm going to tell you that my motives were terrible i figured i'd go to church with her she'd party with me later and that's not the way it happened uh the preacher got up i was sitting all the way in the back of the church and you know i'm the little outlaw biker dude with an attitude and this guy got up and he started preaching about how people rent you inside how they try to fill up the emptiness with drugs alcohol sex rock and roll whatever and this is kind of funny but i wanted to slap that little christian girl because i thought she told the pastor i was coming and so i didn't do that of course i didn't slap anybody i got slapped down by the holy spirit because here this guy's up in the front he's wearing polyester he's got one of those preacher here who's from the 70s i didn't like him as soon as i saw him and i just i have that attitude and yet the holy spirit was able to cut right through all of that right to the core of my heart and show me that i needed what these people had and so the to make a long story short they did an altar call i went forward in front of you know a few hundred people um and accepted christ was baptized in water and god changed my heart and changed my life and when i came out of that place i came out of that place like a 50 000 watt jesus light bulb and uh it was amazing because god took away the desire for drugs and alcohol took away all the things that i was all about and one of the humorous parts of the story is that because i was a drug dealer people were calling me at all hours of night and so after i accepted christ people call me up and go hey bro you got anything i'd say yeah come on over then come over and start telling them about jesus yeah i remember i remember when that when i started doing that i got a similar background but uh you know i was when i was young uh i wasn't the nicest person uh you know when it came it came to the to that to getting a wong and i too was a biker but uh there was only two of us well we didn't ride with a bunch we we couldn't get along with a gay but anyhow anyhow so i i know exactly what happened because when when i got saved the same people that were afraid of me when i was unsaved were even more afraid of me when they saw me coming uh because i was going to tell them about the lord they they thought i had lost my mind okay and hang tight because i want to pick it up right there we'll be back we're going to take a break we're going to we're going to take listen we're going to take a break and we'll be back right after this for just a minute here okay what we're going to do is i've got to get the phone numbers out at 888-281-1110 i want to hear the rest of this story because i got a feeling i know where it's going but uh it's a great testimony folks and this is this is really what it's all about what what pastor fred z is going to tell you 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and so i'm going to go back now the phones are ringing we want to say um and let's just go right back to pastor fred z and let's pick it up for bikers for christ amen thank you um yeah so anyway i accepted christ i had people call me i'm trying to share the gospel with people they're avoiding me like the plague and uh so i lost a lot of friends real quick um but god was doing some powerful things in my life i ended up leaving the first person that i'd like to christ was a guy that i used to slam dope with and he saw the change in me and he said whatever happened to you i need it and i told i whenever i'm sharing my testimony i share my tester running around the world um i tell people that quitting drugs was easy i did it a thousand times okay because i quit and i'd go back and i'd quit and i'd go back and quit then i'd go back so anyway god brought that young lady into my life i never saw that gal again after that night she was gone okay and so god had me right where he wanted me i had an old an old uh beat up ford van i had my motorcycle and i was going to this church and at first they're telling me you know what you got to cut your hair you got to wear polyester you got to get rid of your motorcycle you got to get rid of your electric guitar all that stuff i did all of that okay and i was trying to fit into the christian world and it wasn't working out real well because i did all of those things and yet every time i looked in the mirror i go who is that guy you know and god to me i was going to bible college and i read first annual chapter 16 verse 7 that says man looks on the outward appearance that's the way that he makes his judgment but god looks at the heart so i started challenging the pastors in this bible college that i was going through and they basically kicked me out of bible college because they didn't like getting challenged by the word of god and so anyway to make a long story short i kept going to church i took my van i would get gospel tracts back in those days they had the chick tracts and they had all the different things that you could get to go tell people about christ i would go out with my van a bunch of different men and women from the church saw that i was very evangelistic because i kept bringing van loads of kids to the church and street people and so they said what can we do to help you and i said why don't you make some sandwiches or something or find you know find some used clothes and so i started a street ministry in anchored alaska in the middle of the winter and started going out and sharing the gospel so anyway fast forward to realizing that god didn't care what i look like on the outside i decided to grow my hair back i got another motorcycle i started riding my motorcycle and sharing the gospel with people and fast forward to 1987 i was actually invited to go to a prison fellowship convention and it was in the anahim convention center and that's where i picked up that tag rebel with the cause because i went and i shared my testimony and this guy jim tucker who was in prison ministry he invited me and my friends to ride our motorcycles into the anahim convention center and so there was a crowd there it was a big prison revival you know ministry thing we rode our motorcycles and they could hear the thunder coming through the corridors we rode our motorcycles into the convention center got off the bikes and i ended up getting up and sharing my testimony and they put it in the full gospel businessman's magazine the voice magazine it went literally around the world two million people read and so that was exciting then in 1990 is when god called me to start bikers for christ he gave me a vision for the patch he gave me a vision for everything we have a sword on the path with the bible behind the sword it's got seven seven seven on the patch and it says bikers for christ and i asked god i said god there's some radical motorcycle clubs out there so i'm going to need a radical patch and he gave me the design and since that time it's it's absolutely amazing because we started out with a handful of guys in northern california now we've got about 1500 to 1800 members we're in all 50 states we're in 24 countries and now i minister to all leaders of all the outlaw motorcycle clubs on the planet and so i have a little church in oceanside it's called rushing wind ministries that's where johnny and heather go by the way um and they are avid listeners of pastor ernie sanderson and uh anyway so you know i have a small church in oceanside but we have an international motorcycle ministry that god has given us favor with all the bike clubs and so we share the gospel with the people you know you know uh there was a quote some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells we want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell and that's the the motto that we took on for the motorcycle ministry of bikers for christ all right hold it right there for a minute i want to say uh well thank you to sheila and texas pledges 200 bob and linkwood pledges 50 what now listen to this wildly coyota wild e coyota a coyote and in arkansas i got a feeling that this is the same guy that was formerly bugs bunny pledges 500 jesse and minnesota pledges 250 and randy and arkansas pledges 120 and so let me just stay here thank you thank you thank you so now we that brings us down to let me see here uh okay it brings us down to four thousand we need four thousand five hundred four thousand five hundred tonight yeah yeah oh yeah it would be good if we could do better than that because we were that's to make our goal for tonight though oh yeah it would always be better already because we've got only uh we've got uh less than three hours for the entire week to raise enough money to stay on for the entire next month and boy do we have we had to raise our goal for the beginning was eighty thousand dollars we needed to raise eighty thousand dollars and so all righty let's get back let me let me uh just give you a couple um things here it's just like this i pastor a small church in newberry ohio and yet we have a ministry that goes around the world people listen to us all around the world on the internet and so we're kind of the same there and here pastor fred z we have something coming up on on sunday september 11th don't we yes we do yes we do we're working together on this aren't we yes we are brother why don't you tell the folks about it yeah um we were talking about doing a day of prayer a day of fasting a day of pounding the throne for our nation and for the world and we live in a very twisted place right now we i mean you know god's this country was founded on godly principles we have gone so far away from those godly principles that it's time for the church to stand up it's time for the church to quit being the sleeping giant and we need to be going from the docile little kittens to the the roaring lions and then and i believe that we need to pound the throne of god after we need to repent of our sins of course as the word of god tells us if my people hello will humble themselves and and pray and seek his face he will turn things around in our in our land and so that's our prayer that we want and you know it was so funny because linda and i were talking and she goes yeah we're gonna pick a date and i go how about september 11th hello yeah what happened back in 2001 when all those people decided to fall on their faces and cry out to god and i said we need to do that that's what we need to do and it was so amazing that it just clicked with linda's spirit and with my spirit that that was the day and so you know and you know something else that happened on september 12th the 13th i can't remember but the great prophetess oprah had a gathering in new york and she invited priests she invited pastors she invited witch doctors she invited emons i mean every single false religion on the planet was there and they were crying out to all their gods and it's really obvious that their guards were not listening and you know the churches were full after september 11th and then as life got back to normal again people just weren't right back to their sin again yeah they did you know and if you read deuteronomy chapter 28 it's an amazing thing how that parallels with america today uh you know just just absolutely amazing but you know you you were talking about the dust storm there when you and by the way i was talking about the dust storm there when you and by the way on that day i'll never forget because i happened to be watching the news that morning live and the story was actually about a sinkhole in the street and they were showing how this car had fallen into this big sinkhole and in the background you saw the world trade buildings and i watched as that plane flew into it and there was silence and then all of a sudden you know they were talking about it and so but the big dust storm came not from new york when the buildings came down it came from all across the country where people were pulling their bibles off the shelves and dusting them off because they thought we were at war now and you know it's like this that's cool being um well that's true but you ever notice something too like as a pastor and i know joe you know this too even your relatives even even your relatives when there's a crisis in the family here the first one they call you're the very first one they call and and then when the crisis is they don't want to hear from you when the crisis is over with they'll they'll tell you what well thanks thanks brother for for being here when we needed you but now that uh everything is okay the crisis is over uh you know could you could you write back it's it's like you know it's what's like could you take jesus and go home until we need you again right yeah it's it's you it's humorous in a way but it's so human nature you know and the bible talks about a dog going back to his vomit absolutely we're gonna we're gonna be uh showing listening to a clip here coming up and i want you to listen close to it and then thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speery road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word cleveland dot com the word cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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