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TUE HR 1 071922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 20, 2022 12:10 am

TUE HR 1 071922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 20, 2022 12:10 am

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July 19, 2022. That was the squeak again. That's little Lisa. Good evening everyone already know know Lisa is manning the phones tonight along with will along with who's back there. Let me see. Well, how about Randy and Eric back in what we call the boiler room, sitting back committing of telephones and the other side of the window. Always alert and ready for action is none other than our own courageous Craig good evening everybody him and try and also it's Frederick that's right, then last but not least by any means, that old country preacher let another passion Joe Larson have to say all airway redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and ready to go to work cross we can. We got a lot to get done tonight.

Only currently deer it would take a week but will try. Alright, so really get after it.

Tonight we're going to look pick up where we left off. Remember the title of the message was the dark Prince said he would transform American intent, but we gotta remember this is pledge week and telephone numbers. Right now they're all set there and here you see the Yankees telephones and they got the little lights on and they sit there and I look at this lights open the lineup when they line up to get tween cage and help us stay on the station at your list into a son right now, which were which were really quite hard to stay on this tough and so the number is 88828111108882811110. The other number is 281C notes 888.

The other numbers 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 and so those other numbers are set by their staring at those phones.

Hoping that you call.

Don't disappoint on disappoint portal Pastor Joe or me either.) Joe you already thought the point. Bob want to really charge about all doctors support our Lord. Amen.

That's what that's what really counts that the only thing that really counts already. Here's let's get going here and we start tonight in will one commentary that we desired Romans chapter 1 right right so let me do a little commentary. First, remember when Pres. Ronald Reagan said something like, to the extent that red will. He said it seems strange that those that have the most to lose will often do the least to preserve it and what we we have seen that a cost in America today. You know, when we read from Deuteronomy 28 that described how God has dealt with America so clearly just unbelievable. Note seems as if Joe people told me that I have. I seem to have little tolerance for people that are non-activists that everybody can be an activist pastor, you know, the very same people that tell you will are you not just I cannot do that. I'm not cut out to to get out and be an activist put you know when when things get really bad and food gets Garris and that the persecution comes when you think of me complaining the loudest man activist and so one of the reasons Joe's I spent most most of my life fighting to preserve the freedoms like you have that those same people they enjoy the same freedoms we do, but they're not too much to preserve and so many out there doing so little. But I do think to some extent, that has changed. We see we seem to see the righteous becoming more righteous in the wicked becoming more wicked out there today. Everything those that are going to be activists of the same ones that don't really go out and work for the church and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Either there well I wasn't cut out for that either you absolutely how many times have you heard well I just called the braided so I'm called to do right right you know what I find out those people that say that they do the least of that to Eric. Don't do much about air unit. Tonight we had a tea party meeting it was. It was standing room only.

Every seat was taken back here. We predicted out all over the country let you know we looked on some of the border. We see people many many people dying losing their lives. Just trying to get into this country because America was once a great great nation. Why America was the most prosperous nation in the world is ever seen. The freest nation the world is ever seen and the most powerful the world is ever seen. And the reason America was Great American was good but it's lost so much of his goodness hasn't turned out great, great, a lot Edmund Burke once said that all is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing on that was such a true quote one And so here I remember being told one time and and I was amazed by this by a pastor who had been well it was a long time mentor mine that if if I were to continue being so aggressively against the killing of the unborn and outspoken against a corrupt government that I would brighten the government down on all of us and that I was really taken back. I was taken medically by that statement because this fellow was World War II combat veteran and it actually been with me from from time to time he would actually go into the killing centers when we out there and it was a very, very drunk pro-lifer varies well yeah but that I would say to the very scholarly man in here.

He buddy he didn't. He was not used to the abuse you have to take sometimes when you're out there preaching of their day abortion because you are then do some of the most reprobate people coming in out there, especially those that worked there at the abortion mills and it wasn't used to being spoken to the way that you had on her head thrown out are all kinds of other bad things then going on. I was equally surprised to hear him say that the time is going to come. The time will come when the prissy preachers he didn't say that it said he Jesus of the preachers but I put the prissy preachers in their will be forced to stand up like men and resist tyranny. He did say that he said the time will come when when the be forced to stand up and resist tyranny and that they have for so very long, pretending not to be aware of when that time comes.

He said when that time comes they are going to need you to lead them and if you keep calling them cowards. They will follow you will said tell him why the world what I want to lead a bunch of cowards. They would they would cut right with things. Get real. And so in one well because so many they turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the corrupt judicial when they expel God from the government schools in Helfer again ruled that that the Constitution guarantees a woman the right to kill her unborn baby.

Remember that they found that emanations of Oprah number in the Constitution. Another word venerated up right there never was and never will be. Well I'm never really come across to the emanations of Oprah number anywhere in the Sumter word recall word salad with him for the folks out there don't know what that means. Emanations are like little pulses of energy are light in the penumbra is the time of of like a shadow like a shadow and silicone and silverware shadow barn pulsing light through a shadow yell somewhere within that he found that in the Constitution and any home now our generation. Jill has been asleep at the wheel while corrupt politicians have been usurping our freedoms one by one the station Flickr parade director. Many are just afraid they know what they act like they don't because they're afraid well the point of it is the they know that if the they recognize with the situation is then they'll be forced any decent person would be forced to stand against and stand up against the corruption of right so here this nation was founded on godly principles. We were warned by the founding fathers that it would take eternal vigilance to keep America as one nation under God in the indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Right. Well, I still feel animosity. I still feel animosity for those who would say these are conspiracy theories, the things that will we will were telling Willy Brandt to liquid all of all of what we've been telling about the corruption in the public school system for years and years. We were telling people about the culture, Marxism went we would hear of those conspiracy from. Remember, NBC, ABC, CBS, all of the fake news media. Those ages conspiracy theory conspiracy theory right and so here when we take a look at that and we see what we come to know no. And when we look back and I get letters from people all the time saying you feel vindicated you feel vindicated everything you guys said would happen happened every single thing well again. It wasn't because we're we're smarter than anybody else, and that we we knew more is that we we knew that we were obligated to warn the people we were to be watchmen on the wall and we did what God's Word, the Bible called us to do and so that's where were here today and let's pick it up or we left off in Romans chapter 1 starting with verse eight adding one thing that happened because we were obedient. God takes those who were obedient and then he seated her equipped to do what he will start off by being obedient and rolling. That reminds me chilled right now I'm wearing this T-shirt that I wore to the tea party meeting tonight in the T-shirt shows is black and is got into inch letters on the front. America needs Jesus and the red white and blue, red, white and blue American. He, Jesus, and that on the back is guided into inch letters resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. And so when I wore this last Friday over to when I spoke there at we the people in Canton number of people called send emails.

Want to know how they can order one and well tonight same thing the district. Can we maybe order the two of them out for a certain donation felt like I want one. Yeah well for small, medium and large and extra-large small medium large. It's it we ask a donation of $40 or more donation of $40. These are lesion real high quality teachers. By the way were not selling the mud, we need money to stand there we don't sell anything affect.

There are people that are absolutely destitute and kind comes when we give to them free because they are destitute in its and that you just feel bad but anyhow for extra forward too large for the 2X or 3X large. We ask a donation of $50 and not in this for extra into action.

Three extra-large $50. Now we have the same thing and I have to says America needs Jesus and that had we asked for donation of $25 for that week eight folks we not making any money on all of this all the money goes right there time so that we can continue to bring you what we've been bringing you by the way, the phone numbers are 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

Let me see we got places coming in.

Let me see where we start. Did I lose them all right. We have Claudette pledged 400 and extra 400 on top of before and that we have of Vince in New Jersey pledges 150 rows in the New York pledges 50 and Betty in Michigan pledges 100. Thank you think you think Joe started in and Romans chapter 1 removed verses 18 through 22 for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness, because that which may be known of God is manifest in them.

For God hath showed it under them for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools joke that new telescope that they've got. Where there you keep seeing on the news with her showing you the old and the universe, and not all the way back to creation right right what they're saying will generously thing because on the left. Those on the left of come on and they're saying with all the extra information no knowledge they're getting the new tilt that proves that there is evolution in the creation and how in the world could somebody come up with them on the other side of that some of those before that leaned towards the evolution theory are saying now with this new telescope. It's absolutely completely clear. It's it would be impossible, impossible to have such a complicated such a complicated and vast universe without an extremely ultimately intelligent creator) of all from absolutely nothing.

Well, even when I was young I understood that you could never have a creation without a creator.

Everything that I saw. I knew it was made by someone even if it was God alone, but I knew he could make itself right if you ever seen a JIRA scenic accreted made itself to oversee the rock tomato soap about our bicycle. The right lever to self-made men right the word you ever seen a self-made man no no you never will either in and day here in its an interesting thing because none of us were ever able to choose who are parents would be we we were never eat able to choose one of the two genders to I realize and I know it's hard for many to believe it is only two genders show only to an but we were able to choose that.

So, who are parents would be where we would be born. What about when lewd born we are able to do that for curvatures arrived here her size and strength and are not who took care of all that. Who who decided that start create tour so those things didn't just happen. A random well alright so now we've got let me see we got anonymous is pledged from Dallas 200. Thank you anonymous.

All right, like I get that number were working our way towards our goal tonight. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. So here till we go back and we look at this, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools roles ticket let me ask you questions, give them the missing question because we hear you tell me if this qualifies as being a fool. The left now have or have brought us this these new revelations that men now have. The VAB ever known any man that has a.

You know I have been men don't have. To the jail about talent, they are going to because your DNA is set in every cell in your body. There is no way to change the DNA, RNA make up in your body. Just recently I shall Josh Hollywood debated the dingbat. This woman in the left was was praising her for taking on Josh Kelly and she was saying how men can have babies ride with you amendment don't have babies do. They do about they don't okay and so here now. They also brought the left is across the street. These child mutations are mutilations as since the child mutilations a call in a worthy change. They want to change the gender of a person in his cause so much pain and misery as so many of these young people that had that done now regretted they wish they hadn't done that great numbers more than mere hear about because I keep that quiet. Don't want to know now, here's the brilliance that the let me ask you question here is this the type of school that you would want to spend any money sending your child to and I'm talking about Penn State Penn State just made a man named William Thomas just made him woman of the year like the last place that I would consider letting one of my precious children or grandchildren go so Obama said that he was going to transform America is are we looking at some of his transformation out there in Oregon now in the state of Washington. These brilliant minds that mean is really brilliant minds in government have decided to put Tampax dispensers in the public school in the boys bathroom's in the boys bathroom to the public school system not what kind of bombing. How brilliant is that what you think of the effect of these young boys is on that victory would make most of it really just wonder what the world is going on, but what I do with quantifying added okay now you've got remember fusion like why is it here this is stupid. So now the end, the AMA system. Not sure they did not really sure with the genders of these two genders so they could put engenders on the birth certificates right to personal value when they grow up and decide what gender they are amended, God is not the author of confusion that Satan certainly is well. The congregation at church I pastor the people in attendance.

Sunday everyone awful was much, much smarter than all of the top liberal elite because within all of the top liberal elite.

We could not find any that knew what a woman was none of them. But yeah, I asked how many people in this congregation today and knows what a woman is every single one every single one knew what a woman was and if you say without if you see a woman pointer out to me every single person in our church. Those who would point you out that one might, so that puts them way out ahead of all the mainstream media and all of the so-called liberal elites, now we know that also here. You know when when I was growing up women nurse their babies and this with the quality: nursing mothers well today they call them chest feeders. This is another brilliant thing that came from the left chest feeders and that you know they think that men can be chest feeders to think that men can nurse babies again where we think around to nurse the baby but not a man. She just wants to be your thinks he is identified as such but same thing only a female can have a child.

She may identify as a male literacy gives birth to a child. She is female. End of story.

All the science in the world person. So, did you ever think that we would get to the point in America where we would be discussing such things as this well.

I really didn't. I saw you hold you and I've been preaching about the evil coming communism would change, but the stupidity of thinking you can be transformed from one sex to another, know that that was beyond what I can imagine a red Hector in Michigan pledges 50 and Marilyn Florida pledges 40 think you had to think you Marilyn will be back right after this once and then this is casting and the bull's property consisting all this getting the rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by God have been some thing once a man and his religion is by anime the Constitution will now the law is set's daily briefing. No CDs will see by my hands as lapsing ranging heaven is sound morning back in nine when they just like me. When the stone church in Waco, women and children survive and see now is by the government now voice cries and we as Pierce's will is called and chosen sentence be found on this pass have an accounting like Christian with our IE's own avenues and CDs will now have an eye ranging when heaven is back. And you know heaven is undersea. Heaven is really under siege know Jill, the Lord has raised us up in the Bible says who will fight in the Lord's side. How are we to answer that we are to say I am here so the Lord says the new shall I send send me send me get now I'm going to relent because you I'm on the right to life action coalition of Ohio. I'm a part of them since the beginning and that we're sending them there sending Leonard. Here's a copy of the letter they sent to Mr. Rodney McMullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of corporate affairs department of the Kroger Company. Joe before I go any further, I do want to say folks phone lines are open. We gotta keep the pledges covenant right now we need 6000 and see what was a 6000 was that number you okay 64 646-2000 406,400. We need right now and we've got about loan would get about one hour. About one hour in a couple minutes to get any help. So here.

This is a letter with sending that was sent from the right to life action coalition of Ohio to Kroger. Another reason was they sent this to Kroger is because Kroger and giant Eagle to big grocery store chains have decided that they're going to subsidize the their employees.

The women, the women or for maybe they got some of those Democratic men they can have babies there to, but I think get pregnant, but whatever of the $4000 to kill the child to kill a child pacing up and say they call that killing the child healthcare do you think that killing the child is can be construed as healthcare. I don't think God is anywhere near healthcare terror when you're trying to help strengthen the body bring it back to normal good health. Sending something to that is not healthy. Here's the letter very quickly. Dear Mr. McKeown, we represent in Ohio's stately group of pro-life organizations work decimated by Kroger's recent corporate decision concerning employee benefits for abortion, killing little babies. Specifically, we note that in the wake of the US Supreme Court's opinion Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization Kroger announced that its associates can receive benefits packages that include affordable healthcare and travel benefits of the $4000 to facilitate access to baby killing the baby killing, among other services, as you know now. No medical procedure designed to specifically take you in life can be considered healthcare while we actually are, where or why we are accurately aware that acutely aware that there are many women in Ohio who are so-called crisis pregnancy situations. Abortion is not the answer. In fact, the vast majority women choose abortion as a last resort because they have no one to support their pregnancy and the resulting child, now Kroger wishes actually wishes to take a stance on this issue, we should consider donating the money to pregnancies care centers throughout Ohio which far outnumber abortion facilities and work on a shoestring budget frequently with volunteers and have many members of your board or senior management or ever visited one of the centers might be very revealing visit. We are also aware that your Kroger community rewards program at least one of your member organizations has canceled his participation in the program as a protest against the recent action. Finally, on the economic note.

We hope you are aware that United States population growth is steadily slowed in recent years to the point where it is now effectively flatlined where you expect Kroger's future customers come from. If you subsidize abortion we own employees and how many more customers would Kroger have today that United States had not aborted some 62 million's actually twice that folks would believe me, believe me I know 62 million infants the last half-century's if you wish to consider your associates as part of the Kroger family. It's hypocritical to effectively encourage them to terminate the lives of their future family members.

We sincerely hope that you will reconsider this decision to stand for life after all the dead have no need of help know Jill. Here's what happens. The left the communist they spent all the time, usually because they get subsidies from corrupt corrupt officials sucking off tax dollars from hard-working American and these people spend their time getting on the boards of these corporations to make corporations woke they're not out there like the average person unaware of people out there fighting and working and earning live and no there like bloodsuckers.

They they live off other people's labors. Now here Kroger. Here's the executive hears from us. They are not hearing from us, but they need to hear from us and you would think any kind, any person is decent show any just a decent personnel I'm going to let Kroger we need to let Kroger know I'm will fight we've already done it, called and not just Kroger but giant Eagle. Let them know that that to if they're going to do that.

They're not going to get any of my business and I'm to let as many people as I possibly know not to shop there to boycott them and that they say well we're so big we really don't need your business. That's good is you and I can get any of it. Here's the number the Kroger and folks remember you Christian when you call.

Don't ever reduce yourself to this to the standards would the others do, that we know, that I may know that to that the Democrats will because they were Christians, and then no let out with a flurry of profanity and even people from Kroger would know that they're not Christians when they do that right so any help. Anyhow, here's the number you call and and Joe tell people why why they should be doers of the word and not hearers only white when were calling them to do these things work. Why are we calling them told why were calling them to do these things to get up to be an activist Lord Ashley commands us to dearly tell us to be at their word of the word and not a hearer only tells us to be at the world work and he told us to be a durable law and and is why he says what God is basic research shall not most, I cannot, will not shed innocent blood, clear there that a unborn child is pretty innocent and God says a lot about cannot, will not must not shed innocent blood.

So he's made to stance pretty clear and free. Don't follow him. We deserve hellfire and judgment.

Okay, so how many lifetimes do people have of their listing 2 Is Pl. of crowns in heaven. One silt for the people is to assuage now.

It's now or never write right and so they need. I mean they need to do everything they can.

If we look at Hebrews chapter 11 and that's called they're called that's the chapter the heroes of the faith heroes of the faith where they heroes for obeying God's government fail.

God didn't obey the world that in the very government they obey God. So would corporations like Kroger or giant Eagle tell you will. We were going to get to do this we really don't care what you Christians think, what is the response which should the response people Christians are doesn't say anywhere in the Beatitudes. Blessed are the stupid no real elected every word about there so when the Scripture talks about. We are to fight like Christian soldiers with their eyes upon the cross. Does that mean resistance to tyranny is obedience to God all away all away. The way the Lord is that word we are to run the battle to fight the fight stand in the gap. Witness testified reprove review is got a whole list of active verbs there that he tells us he wants done right you give this will quickly we have built Boston pledges 25 Connie Florida pledges 100 Marine in Ohio pledges 100 and Stephanie in New York pledges 70 thank you thank you thank them both. Here's what you need to do because we have a lot of information we want to get out here, but this is very important and that is this that you call Kroger recall Mr. Rodney McCool McMullen from Kroger and intent let him know that you not going to shop there anymore. If it lets a change of policy and the need to make it. I have a public policy change they need to come out publicly and just say if they say will you know what wheat we know you. You think you're so big that you not. You don't need my business was good genetically get my business again and here's the number is one 801, 800-576-4377 is 1-800-576-4377 and out for giant Eagle during would still be calling her running back on this take you to this this take you to their their home office which is in Cincinnati, Ohio are okay so and and you can answer Mr. Wright and McMullen.

I don't think the bodies of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer right through right, but that this lie will put you through. And you can leave a leave a comment now for giant Eagle for giant Eagle the number is 412-967-4551 in blue that's that's enough Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That's 41296745511 more time for giant Eagle 412-967-4551 the give you a litany of things will for this for this for this but eventually you get you get the comment line already there you go. Now you know what Joe Ted Cruz said this to Chris that legalizing gay marriage was clearly the wrong thing to do you know who said that before Ted Cruz did there was a Supreme Court justice sector and before him the Lord and that's it. That's right, God said, God said it. Okay. And so here because what there's no such thing as gay marriage. So, since that is a perversion of this incident because throughout America. The oxymoron. You cannot have a gay marriage who gave us the definition of marital union, but God said marriage is his instructors so would would basically guys get a couple of the words for that what they call gay marriage is called what fornication is and it fornication and sodomy is in it right so there you go. For convenience, not God has ruled on that if God has ruled on something. How long does God's ruling stand for. It was called subtle walk because his work last forever law is forever will not change cannot change all right. Very good. On Saturday Texas Ted's Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that he believes the US Supreme Court was clearly clearly wrongly legalized same-sex marriage in over and over juror Phil versus Hodges, the court chose to legalize gay marriage in a 5 to 1 ruling in June 2015, the Supreme Court decision made it illegal for any state that this pre-Columbian US territories to deny marriage, district certificate same-sex couples knowledge elements of this cake.

What who gave them authority. First of all, where do we get the first divine institution, where do we get that you from God from God.

Now, when God gave us the first divine did he specify did he say one man one woman united in God for one lifetime perturbing become as one, so then God gave us that in one authority who gave this court any authority to intervene in marriage because marriage can be brought only between a man and a woman so that made this court totally illegitimate didn't exactly and wonder relative about their law is whether rolling is invalid, worthless silt.

They may have some power, but they have no authority do they know that not I God has said that right according to God's word that court there only supreme in the rebellion against God. I think now they didn't have the right to create a secular civil union where people can get government benefits they could do that because that's outside of the realm of God and what the ungodly tears down there already outside his purview but to call it marriage. They had no right whatsoever on any level. Okay, here another article lesbian condemnation of grooming of children and woke activism goes viral and here you have a picture, a short video, a lesbian shares from her heart when she sees today and her reaction short video went viral over the weekend across social media is self-proclaimed lesbian woman shares her thoughts on what is happening today in the wool community. She says if I would have understood when I was younger that fighting for my rights as a lesbian would mean allowing children to drag shows attaching child molesters to our community allowing children change their sex before they even knew what their favorite color is heightened would have never ever ever done it there you go.

That's a century after a pause where never just say I understand children are special children are a gift from God, and even the ungodly understand are special, but I've got one person.

I've got a bring up the name tonight because he shows up in three different things okay wait to do it right after this, because I've got to get that number of 8882 the phones at ring out right now I can look and then I can see heads I get to see heads and their not talking on the phone and courageous crate. He's got copies of other niceties. He's chewing on ice courageous Craig anyhow. The phone lines are open at eight a boiler all open their open the phone is ringing right now. 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 McCoy had Joe pick it up because I got a bunch of articles I want to go through Dr. George Soros, one of the most evil wicked men in the world. During three things.

One well brightness during this government under the Biden administration has just awarded a one point up right 101, $172 million grant to one of George Soros's organizations. It's called the very Institute for Justice and this organization exists to help young border crossers avoid problems, get help.

In other words your help putting people help get a man get set in this contract will actually spend $1 billion for our government is giving evil George Soros is millionaire $1 billion to help smuggle illegal immigrants enter this country. Nobody verifies they are why they're here. We know that there was a 24-year-old man's was smuggled and is one of those unaccompanied minors ended up killing somebody now.

Second, George Soros is backing more left-wing prosecutors.

He's doing it in the state of Iowa and in Maine under the Justice and Public Safety pack.

There, he's donated $2 million to a committee for advertisements direct-mail polling for Kimberly Graham campaign in Iowa. This is according to the Federal election commission records reviewed by Fox digital, and the case shalt miss Kimberly Graham when three way primary for Polk County attorney and going up against Republican Alan Richards in this this kind of money in a race like that is a tremendous help committees built by George Soros backed other people Jaclyn's Toros Sartorius and others. So basically every go Soros is handing out money hundred 25 million from Soros to the main Justice and Public Safety pack and that goes again to support a Democrat candidate for Atty. Gen. and now he's given $1 million to Beto O'Rourke's Texas gubernatorial campaign and the big news is Beto O'Rourke is not raised to Greg Abbott for governor by about $2.7 million. So here we have this major donor George Soros giving $1 million to put Beto O'Rourke individual rights is hosting a look at some of these people that he's bringing in. We've known all along the sleeper cells.

George shows the financing Joe Biden in the Biden crime Katella been working hand-in-hand the been telling. Now it will be common knowledge may be a few years from now should the Lord Terry. It will be common knowledge that we been telling you all along and that is that that he is bringing in people. These are sleeper cells. He's he's got them all over the country when the time gets right now when we saw what happened the last couple years. They know they know if there is ever an honest and fair election, the Democratic Party is gone, so they have to do something about that. They've got these people we know we know that there's been several hundred known terrorists and coming in here that that have been caught so the authorities tell us that if we know that several hundred known terrorists have been caught that. How many probably many, many thousands have not been, because the only catch a very few hundred thousand giveaways per month or more of the ones that they know about someone they know there's 100,000 ways they fail tell you we don't know how many more slip. I will be back into this with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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