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THU HR 1 063022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 1, 2022 12:25 am

THU HR 1 063022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 1, 2022 12:25 am

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Parlor your premier un-cancelable free-speech platform is back big tech try to limit you to their mediocre social platforms and they failed to or download the app and join the uncensored conversation parlor speak freely. The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now and wanted to and arising Lyons Star broadcasting, hoping to build his resume on producing the legendary voice of the Christian resistance. None other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody weren't ready for that where you all was okay. There you go hoping that this would be the night. This would be the night they moved from apprentice to pro and the radio show right here. No other than Haley. Randy gave a B volitional stress everybody and live and in person. There looked always good evening everyone, you just to say that will tease over Satan already very good. No, we got a lot to cover tonight, so we argue that when we got there we got lightning round lightning round right. That's exactly worse but I just wanted to remind the folks to get out there that that we we asked for miracle we got a miracle and no voiceless capable we can't we can keep doing this all the time so again, we were able to work out which was which I never thought would happen because once you went you announce that you got out stations they they rush to fill that airtime and we were unable, we were able to undo it, which is is a miracle.

He asked for miracle we got a miracle there. But don't stop giving because the meters still taken boy and live in this.

Yes, and so we, the days were living in what they are some perilous times of the non-will really get right into our Scripture tonight and remember the title of the seed of the serpent, the enemies of Christ and his church, and we pick it up here. We read last night. Romans 24 through 32. Let's pick it up here and will do a verse or two at a time socially ready they all know that I can read but you go ahead and rewrite read verse 24 wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanliness through the lusts of their own hearts to the their own bodies between themselves. Okay now let's take a look at them. Let me ask you this. If you refute if you think about uncleanness today. What examples would you give me that we're seeing extreme uncleanness today economy side of me that's exactly right side of me leaving the alphabet mistress called the alphabet. It's all bad it is.

What about let's say in politics. What about would you say Jesus said remember what he said it's not what goes in your mouth that defiles the body, but what comes out yes when you have these horse women like the squat when they're using vulgar language went in when they're using the F word. Another when they describe their own body parts out there no that is coming from within.

Would you say that that's an extreme uncleanness, yes it is. What about that that TV program called the view would you say that would yes yes okay so what about a guy like Howard Stern's absolutely wrong probably calling Wishart job. It will have at sea we need, when you say that there a lot of shot checks out there. What about the seated and whatever may Medco okay would you say shack shock. I would say yes. Is there do not not not journalist by any way shape or means the gate did not not bringing the truth but was coming out of their mouth is our lives including gang absolutely and totally uncleanness.

I would you say that we're seeing with that what they were calling the select committee would call the lawyers club would would that say that a fitting fitting title for the letters Kate enhances it.

It's now who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the creator who is blessed forever. Occasion them to change the truth of God into a lie. How about so examples of that out there today. Look through the guy God says how many genders is gutsy. We have two 2007 whole process of the cutting and pasting of people trying to make them into something that they're not. That's so many genders do they say we have well that I don't know. I think it did California expect something like 80 of them as LinkedIn is filled with facilitators and God change into the got intellect.

What is God's word with the very first command that God gave us the free-flowing multiplication and fill the earth right so they they are telling you that we need to do exactly the opposite. We need to depopulate a gate when they claim God says, and the word of God is very clear doesn't stutter that creation came from God.

Six days of creation right. This is what do the fools and this is what the fools they wish. There will always be a greedy revolving that's what the fools they say revolving that God isn't done yet. I God's will is that deny God, but you know what I'm saying that it's not done yet. It will turn amended some new all-time low.

The process is called degeneration. When you thought it was at the beginning yes okay so now he says who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped the creature more than the creator. Okay what creatures a document. It's my body and you know I have the right to order whatever you want to say it's my body so quick creature of a worship in which my body worshiping themselves do so when they're talking about that. That's these women that are who are pregnant have a child. How many arms to do their body have hit to do but if if the lien of the other big difference there. But it's the forearms of the baby in their it's for Isaac. There's a baby in there for years, and it may be other settlement. Remember, it's not a baby it's a comp sales and well I was listing to one of these very boorish women screaming one of those that were out there in their underwear at the Supreme Court and she's screaming it's not live till it takes is for his breath. So here's the question because I debated years ago. That was when the question is that the when I was debating the Spratly's pro-death women in ice as well. And if it's not alive. Why do you want to kill it. Can you kill something is not alive and they had no answer to that and I had to tell like this. I've I've got to share with you, for your own good.

You're a fool. You're an absolute.

What about this note that now. A man can give birth solo master question if you give birth. Are you a man no no no no no.

Sometimes when you talk with liberals. Do you feel extremely intelligent with household yet yeah I BIA it. It's like there are some people that are really stupid when you do handles the really stupid yes. Well, the Bible calls a civil mind does it really refers to him as the light now for this cause God gave them up to vile affections what it would you think that would vile means wicked evil and shameful passions of shameful passions, but vile of something is vile okay is is that offense of the gun.

No absolutely reprehensible. So here for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature. Give me some examples of how they change the natural use should we give that when the Craig oh come on, you know AAA to come get you your new home as being the man lesbian issue is the S&M homosexual to remember the minutes as I think known as you naturally as this attitude is there amongst the these people that have been given over to a reprobate mind in the we see pedophilia running rampant rampant rampant in the Democratic Party but what about Vichy reality yeah yeah that's that's represents another abomination of the leasee that often a lot of these women are given over to be still younger you.

The males are more to pedophilia. So here we look at that and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the women burned in their lust one toward another man with man working that which is unseemly in receiving themselves into the recompense of the error which was meet and so will eat we look at that and leasee unseemly for those that don't know what went unseemly means what is unseemly mean that it's not worth it. It's beyond it's a turnoff. You shouldn't even think about shameful thing and shameful in recompense of view recompensed. That means you pay penalty is what is called being your penalized your penalty. So here he goes on, and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind that it but you know I was always told that if it can't disappoint even for God backs away from you and that if you give up you give over and you give in, then God will ultimately give you over to that to so another word for reprobate is deprived near the rally in and so do we see the when they're out there screaming and enraged to raise leasee depravity. If we did okay annexing med. Maxine Waters, we seek to leasee depravity yeah yeah okay.

Did you have ever have any fears that if you went into a gasoline station that you might jump out from behind one of the thin-skinned scream in the there was a fear that that that old, which he did that she loved the nettle Wickham flight offer had a boom right on your face is got you, and that's a nightmare and it yes it is occasion whenever I pull in a gasoline station that I think look to see if Matt Max's is not mad Max as he sees it. Hello baby we will hear from the gate so the goal on is theirs to do those things which were not convenient when you think that means things that were not convenient proper problem, probably the right image proper) locate being filled in here you you have a whole list of attributes that they're not good, but don't you think that definitely a progression to like if you look at that list it. It's a progression to get progressively worse. Given over until unrighteousness of fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, believe that that you don't locate how our hour would you say the Democrats envious of us. What what is it about us that there envious of envious about effective one went with the rightful people that should be it in the White House and don't tell me they don't envy that they hate that they don't they do everything they can to make sure that that's not mentioned. The truth is not mentioned about the election, the real people are not they want to be loved like we didn't get it and people know what's right, they vote for Portland web.

You think it's got to be ever notice how angry they are angry and their angry at us because were not angry where happy right there angry because they know that someday, and I hate to it in a limited they're going to have to stand before God and be accountable for their sin and they know that that we have already that once we got saved Christians are not going to have to be at that the judgment that white throne judgment right there angry at us because we have the truth and they don't like the truth. That's right there angry at us because we remind them of their sin.

Yes, so here now he goes when he talks about murderers, boiling murderers, debate, deceit, malignancy whispers, backbiters, haters of God, haters of God, despite full proud of both peers and inventor of evil things, and disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful.

That is the Democratic Party platform right there.

I didn't read you that you get. Who know, in the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them and so here wanted to know over to Jeremiah chapter 2 verses 33 and 34 readme verse 33 and 34 Jeremiah chapter 2 3334 – siphoning just about live why trim is now thy way to Siegel.

Therefore, hast thou also taught the wicked ones that ways also in the outskirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents. I have not founded by secret search but a form all these okay so this is why trim is the only thing that Ms. Crimmins them get ready prepared repair man to prepare to seek low why trim is that of repair to seek low therefore has stuff to do. Also taught the wicked ones that I wait so is this is this love or lust. The third they're preparing not less than send us additional data. Also in my skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents with wood that apply to Antioch. Yes that apply to Nancy Pelosi yes yes would that apply to what to name Elizabeth Warren, OFM Gabe would then apply to Jane Fonda yes Hanoi Jane McKay so here now. So when he says I am not founded by secret search. We think he means that it wanted to get his ideas obviously it's it's hanging out it's all hung out.

Yes, that means there they condemned theirs themselves with their almost right that Harris convinces the let's go over to Psalm five and so five will read five and six sold 500 verses five and six, five and six. The food shall not stand in my sight, thou hate us all workers of iniquity. Thou shall destroy them that speak leasing the Lord will pour the bloodied and a deceitful man.

Okay, so we constantly hear from these lesser preachers. I call lesser preachers because were talking about those it in front of mass majority of letter that are not saved. And so here they tell you that God loves everybody that God loves everybody think David had it wrong here. They absolutely give the wrong guy because God is very open about the fact that he is angry with the wicked every day.

Okay so I at what ISU did David get erosive when Davison that God hates all workers of iniquity for David to get around know he did not really doing to get that from God. Okay, yeah. And so here when the data gathered from his own life to. We know that he wasn't in good graces with God when David was out there so far so who else did he say got God said he hated all those a work iniquity, but who else saw him all of those that love to violence. Does it love death.

Those that love death.

Those that love violence okay. Would again is that the scribe would you say that describes that of so-called select committee or the liars club.

Yes, would would locate would that describe the fake news media go absolutely because they don't like truth they don't like the truth, but do they say, did we watch them out there. When you they were burning buildings hitting old men in the back and it would bricks, do we watch these talking heads staying. This is a painful peaceful demonstration yes we said yeah yeah and they did say that they did. They did say that okay so when we're watching them saying what red bear Susan Smith another saying that there was no election fraud with a line through their teeth yesterday and what did they know they were lying when they were doing your thing is silly says thou shall destroy them that speak leasing what is leasing lying is lying. You're right in the Lord Philip or the bloodied and the deceitful man and so that doesn't sound like he's in love with him. Does all riders will have their part in the microphone. Yes, it would surely not read anything in their can we say that God can hate you, but you can still repent and get saved in.

So does that mean because he says that he hates you when he says Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated is that we need someone to put what the hell no not necessarily know so we don't read anything in there right that's right okay so let's go over to Psalm nine and read verses 16 and 17.

The Lord is known by the judgment you T8 and I executed the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.

Had Beyoncé lock the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God.

McKay would you say Americans when those nations that are forgotten. Yes, absolutely. Okay. Once those lists is to be turned into hell does that mean every man last man, woman and child.

No, but let's referring to this when he speaks in generalities. That means the majority, yes, do we see the majority of people are professing Christians, do we know the good end up in hell. I don't think so. You said you asking are the majority of the PQ that affects addressing Christians professing Christians. Yet Jesus says many when they set idly call upon the name that the Lord Lord and and your name it we raise the dead and elicit a says, get behind me that I work of iniquity because I never knew you that he said what many will come. It will come professing, but fuel enter yes.

So there. He's telling them that the vast majority of the people that have a profession of faith don't have a possession of faith. That's right.

So there you go.

And so here now silly series talking about the wicked are being ensnared in their own deceitfulness you think Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi keep getting caught in their own lives because of their pride and arrogance when they talk about their deep faith in God and then everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin.

The they embrace and promote early caught up in their own deceitfulness. Yes, this yes there okay I wanted who go over to was will have to stop right here.

Psalm nine Psalm 11 some of read verses five and six okay the Lord is try the righteous with the wicked, he loveth violence his soul hate upon the wicked he will reign snares, snares, fire and brimstone, and horrible tempos that shall be the portion of their cup and so when God says he will and that he's saying is get a test both the righteous and the wicked for the righteous. The test will be a refining fire was with a refining fire do. I hate it but purifies Burns often crosses make you a better better Brittany a letter saying that everything right gets look for the wicked. What happens with them with their fire is McKay Burnham Watkinson yes it consumes a consuming fire, a right will be back right after this. Don't go away more except seasoned ages and things he stated that the SC everything the three, the police man. Please be gentle.

Please be property. Presentation is getting did not be a family please be me daddy please me say in the back were back now ready you remember the Dr. oh, the one who is started from my doctors last name is gold. She was arrested grew pretty good woman who was arrested and jailed for 90 days for just being both that the reason the real reason you know that is because she was warning people about the death John about that and so and she was arrested by thugs 20 jackbooted thugs came in to her how cheap I could whip to, but there was going to 20 jackbooted.

We see this more and more we see them going after anyone who is working with Pres. Trump absolute stone has a busted into Stone's house and just arrested them again just arrested another is Simone gold had that was her name is Ramon Goldman and that and so here we remember Waco. We remember Ruby Ridge where there there using the jackbooted thugs. It these gotten these men have no integrity, no integrity at all okay and then you know they and not only that, but the there is shame when it comes to people like Ted Gunderson who were before honorable people who it was an honorable FBI agent whose men of integrity and mental honesty, manna, decency and and what they do is they bring it to bring shame to the profession and and Mary Garland would be in a Chris way I would say be two of those that went shame they bring a lot of shame to the profession. They're not them. You don't hear you got burned out and murder. You got these these these. He then these were rampant and that he then rallied back, FBI, CIA and antiphon yeah you help up with these people are well.

Example I just had an article here will here you go right there. Never forget at the front BLM leader really you never get antiphon BLM later areas picture.

It was filmed inside the US capital on January 6 he broke a window and organize at the for rally at the Capitol. He spent one day in jail holding a whole day in general how it's as if some people that are still in. Yes, we probably got got paid well get long short and yeah yeah there you go, the crooked cricketer.

I love them as is there there comes a point where you can become any more crooked you become so crooked this could mean we get worse. Can I don't think so okay and I think that's that would be that so-called select committee on yeah yeah yeah the liars club. Okay, here's something that the you will hear on NBC, ABC or CBS majority of Americans support reversal of Roe V Wade, the majority of Americans support that you like to hear that on any of it. Okay. And so here we were almost Republican voted 75% approved. Among the death of Kratz, 71% disapproved. That's why they call death regrets and that's exactly what is the when they the Bible says those that love death. Hey Ghana yes and those that hate God and if you think there's any chance of them avoiding the lake of fire. No, no new ball released by the rest Metamucil has revealed that the majority of Americans support the Supreme Court's recent overturning of Roe V Wade contradicting the story that's been told by the fake news media that Americans of abortion believe that is a right there you go. Okay, you have an article anywhere, yes I do Jim God that they before the Jason Jason Jane restrict committee hearing. FBI agents raided the home of Donald Trump Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark and pre-norm rate forth in the resource industry is in his PJs. Maybe ABC be NCUA BC FBI agents raided the home of ex-cop Department of Justice official agent Jeff Clark Wednesday morning Clark worked with Tromp on a plan to replace the acting Atty. Gen. and pressure pressure the IGA.

The and lit legislators to overturn Biden's victory. The US Atty. Gen.'s office in Washington confirmed there was enforcement activity in an area near the area where Clark resides accordance of the spokes of the US Atty. Gen.'s office. We have no comment regarding the nature of the activity when a particular individual.

All because Jeff saw fit to investigate voter fraud. This is not American folks.

The weaponization of government must get it. That's an interesting article well yeah how many jackbooted thugs that they use it on any get there were dozen of them on one man in his house at sunrise. Imagine that you again and I had friends that were FBI agents and you know John McTiernan was a US treasury agent for special US treasury.

I have friends that belong to the ATF.

Okay, one worked with the he he had to leave because of the corruption it was. It was so bad i.e. city unite in a good conscience, he couldn't be there is the lack of integrity, ill, and I feel bad for those agents that that had honor and integrity.

You know they knew right from wrong is that you they were not ashamed.

They were cowardly.

Okay does it take much guts to rate a person's house when it's 20 of you does it take a lot of guts to for 20 thugs to go in and break doors down and break up furniture and to rest a little Jewish woman like Simone gold, but the it does wear you out when everybody around you is a crook and you want you in a way out and and and that's it's it's like corrupt police if you're in a corrupt police department. You got the same issues. Yeah well you see that's what FBI agents are there police these exactly the group during but here again now. Even now, today, there are some whistleblowers in the FBI that that tell you that the in and for them to go and come out and tell the truth and customer jobs absolutely yeah yeah I mean you don't know what else it might cost them either because when think about it like when your you're a policeman turning on the police and we know that the police are about Balboa above the law.

They are there. Well, you know, again we want to see. We don't want to make a blanket statement that there's a lot of good cops out there migrated aggregate but today it's like is like there's so much corruption. It's exactly the what guts were to buy was that it would be like no here for the leases. Just look at her. She wants to write who had a proposed Senate bill would imprison Scotus leakers and impose a fine of $10,000.

Oh okay right here. We have Joe Biden caught running secret lists used to prevent outspoken political opponents from owning guns.

We told he was going to do that right yet he did. We did Job. I was caught running secret is to prevent outspoken critics of the regime from owning or purchasing guns this week, Senate Republicans endorsed the unconstitutional operation by the Biden regime and voted to give Joe Biden even more power to crack down on his political opposition here now 14 Republican rhinos betrayed us 14 one over with them. These are the rhinos the betrayed us.

Please review Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Shelley Capito, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins John Cornyn Joni Ernst Lindsay Graham Mitch McConnell Lisa Murkowski Rob Portman, how is it Romney. Those were those of the rhinos there and I'm in. I'm a little bit surprised by Joni Ernst. It looks like she's moving to the left was the season become she's earned her horn right there with those rhinos have the horn in the front.

Murkowski Murkowski was an all metal because it is that we will not be there that night and along with Rob Portman will Rob Portman is what is a snake. I'm glancing going anyway. More lies. Cassidy Hutchison also lied about handwritten note in testimony and Liz Cheney knew it. Liz Cheney knew it was a light. She knew it all along that it was a lie because the actual author of the note testified it was is this right now here. Remember what what this woman said Donald Trump of your receipt of size of limousines said it was in the beast which the limousine and yelled the but the president in the backseat. You hit the bank yet. Is that what he did. He reached for forward with a 10 foot arms 10 foot arms.

I'm telling you, he reached for Nate push the Secret Service agent out of the way and grabbed hold the steering wheel. According to according to Cassidy Hutchison Cassidy listen Cassidy. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire is that he has all lawyers for getting them now, here's the problem that an she testified to this.

With those two Secret Service agent said there's a real problem with the statement. First of all, we were in the base we were in an SUV and the president Never did anything like that case that never happened.

Okay you think that's going to change the opinion of the liars club formerly known as the select committee on Tuesday.

Liz Cheney and the sham January 6 committee brought in Mark Meadows formers Stephanie Cassidy Hutchison as a surprise witness. In other words, she was the appointed liar examined the appointed liar. The desiccated letter. You might say young Cassidy testified that she was told it of Pres. Donald Trump was being driven back to the White House after the January 6 really that he demanded to be taken to the capital and try to grab the steering wheel from a secret search server Secret Service agent Hodges is that Joe guided to the beast, and after his speech… On January 6 with the belief that he would be driven to the capital. According Hodges and he received information from Tony or not told the assistant director Secret Service Trump grew angry and he was informed that he was being driven back to the West Wing. Now the fake news media Liz Cheney ran we Cassidy's explosive testimony problem of it is Secret Service agent so that nothing like that ever happened and they just happen to be yeah and so you have an article or knowledge of the I got another one here but I got one here that begged to give him a little bit off of it here. Let's talk about the war little bit here. Did you talk about lies to me this is this is the one that I will become a child of the bit to lessen success in the dominoes accelerates when the. The study for the wars conceived in the yard you were idea that you were neocon Institute for the study of the war is reluctantly conceding that Russia's carbon of the Ukraine endodontist is an unmistakable sign that something big is happening and here's the the euro spent on it, it says on June 21 and this is a small economy like a collateral damage report and you tell me does this sound like somebody's losing the war on June 21 and attack loss by the high precision armament of Russian aerospace forces resulted in the elimination of up to 500 servicemen of the 59th merchandise brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, as well as armament and military equipment deployed in the workshops by the old Kenyan shipyard located in the Nicollet Avenue it out.

That also included and they refused to mention that though the Ukraine commandment evacuated up to 30 wounded and an eight-year-old American and British made mercenaries to prevent their capture by the units of the Russian Armed Forces in view of the the possible. It goes on to talk about how you're here. Let's skip over here and then this will just kind of tell you the whole thing in a nutshell sales and a US manufactured and 80 and I'm sorry TP to the military reconnaissance station is been destroyed near Nick Nicole school you have Dansk. It also says that the Ukraine is now suffering catastrophe. Catastrophic losses use me in case you've overheard debriefing of the Russian IDI attendee. There was significant American and British casualties and want to be easy to a text says, in essence in this is not nonaccidental bay English it sounds like the Ukraine is being blowed up and I just kinda leave it if they are well here's the thing. Note, a lot of people think because were bringing to them the news that is entirely opposite of what they're hearing on the fan. The fake news media that they were signed with Ukraine that went outside and Lederman troops worked with NetWare against both sides in a state anytime medicine people. First of all, were were against no innocent women and children being killed were against these young men in both sites as young guys out there.

Both sides their fodder just like what we've done here in this country we send these young people out now who's behind all of this, the military-industrial complex.

For one, they're making tons and tons of money the Nancy Pelosi's the Miss McConnell family. These people with their ties to the industrial military complex making money. All of these arms that were sending their being paid for with tax dollars K and they have investments in all these companies so that's the reality people that you know Dan and I mean you know they talked about that this M777155 a millimeter house were the US the Ukraine. They were blown up, so that's not hope.

That's discrete near where we left and left $85 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan. They knew that that would be war used especially against Christians. The buying regime hates Christians.

There is not one Christian in the buying regime.

You could not be a Christian and be in buying regime.

How much of the Bible says how much light could how much fellowship can light have with darkness non-incident.

It's evil to the to the core and so here will actually let little Lisa go for second check: Lisa okay this is a little off the topic but as if we all needed something else to add to our worries.

A potentially catastrophic situation is emerging that it threatens to wipe out the entire supply of diesel engine all across United States leaving country with no diesel engine Alltel 2023. This isn't merely a rumor. We confirmed this is happening chemical manufacturers of diesel engine oil additives have declared force majeure and have ceased supply operations to the diesel oil manufacturers. Those manufacturers combined base oils with additive packages to create diesel engine on the right. So we're encouraging people of their list info center look the Biden regime is the goal is to reduce us to 1/3 world status to reduce his China owns Joe Biden. He's owned by China Kate of the regime and so they wanted to shut down. I've got a list over here I should go for that list that we will get to it tonight of I don't know how many now of food production plants have been burnt down. Isn't it interesting that the FBI can't seem to find the people that are burning down all of these food plants. Yes what you think that could possibly be. Maybe. Maybe it's because they kinda know who the KR probably has in Miami because they know they are already signed.

Not looking for the people that they know they are not looking for them.

There is an article by Shane Trejo Bigley politics, Democrats posted addresses of the Supreme Court justices and bomb instructions on tick-tock now is a I got knocked off of no value to for telling the truth about covert, 19, and about the lid not me right off and telling the truth but that it seems like here the twitter account lives of tick-tock showing the Democrats how who are openly formatting terrorism and social media where the FBI turns a blind eye.

Why the well the shameful now.

The shameful and cowardly shameful and cowardly. Once the once an organization that had some integrity once it was an organization were again like I said I had friends you can hold your head up and say that you were an agent today. It's very hard to do that and now I'm not condemning all the FBI agents because a lot of the lower echelon, especially the ones I get promoted are the ones that are being promoted by the bootleggers might by the corrupt and and they're looking for other people that are as corrupt as they are, that will sell their soul that they don't have any integrity, no honesty, no decency. Those were the people that they will promote up the ladder whether good people was it that the next they were hired on really believe in doing their job believing to keep in of the oath that they took they don't get promoted today. There's two different teams. There you and him will tell you that I made it did that get there really is a problem there but but the big problem to present the fix that you won't have to get rid of the entire FBI it's got the FBI and and even maybe possibly worse than the FBI, CIA, yes you're right you're right about you but I'm just saying to you. There is no getting rid of the upper-level people because all the people underneath him are all corrupted. You had that article by Poon. Here's another one that a lot of the stuff that we get we do research and we have to go into European newspapers and different sources. There because of the year.

The media here in this country again. There simply a part of the Democratic Communist Party. Okay, here's an article potent declares victory over New World order.

He charges of elites coming by the way businesses these are things even you missed last week we we mentioned, but you missed them you didn't hear a thing of anything in the mainstream media potent, declares victory over New World order, change of elites coming because humanity has woken up right global elites who have been leading the world in recent decades working in concert to usher a new world order have been defeated. According to Russian Pres. from Baltimore including used his speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum on Friday. Towards that a change of elites in the West is just around the corner. Why, I hope it is liquidity. We need to get rid of America has become the evil Empire under the corrupt MCM in laziness it has disastrous liberal policies undertaken by the EU and the US leaders are exasperating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare, but in terms of values orientation the various groups potent said and is exactly right. He's exactly right.

Such a detachment from reality from the demands of society will never lead to a surge of populism and growth of radical movements to serious social economic changes to degradation in the near future. The change of the elites in and we hope that's the case because we are in the elites in this country, especially the billionaires recovered up to break to. Bye-bye thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance.

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