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TUE HR 2 062822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 29, 2022 12:15 am

TUE HR 2 062822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 29, 2022 12:15 am

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At that point, Bowden saying that that armed Ukrainians with weapons to kill Russian troops were literally on their borders, decided he had to strike first. You can see that this was not this was not some preplanned attack. This was not like like Hitler's attack into Poland were the standard rule of thumb is that you always have 3 to 1 advantage when you are the attacker you have to mass three times as many times in artillery and planes and then as the other side.

In fact, when Russia went and they they went in with what they had what they could call together on short notice and they were outnumbered by the Ukrainian forces Ukrainian forces about 250,000. The Russians had perhaps 160,000. So instead of having three times as many they actually had fewer troops than the Ukrainians and what they were forced to attack to try to preempt the battle that was was looming where the Ukrainians had passed these forces against the Don Bass of the Don Bass is adjacent to Russia. It is a portion of Ukraine that did not join with the revolutionary government that conducted the coup in 2014, and overthrew that the government of Ukraine. The they refuse to become a part of the new revolutionary government of Ukraine and so they did. They declared their independence and Ukraine had this enormous army to attack against the Don Bass and so Russia was forced to go and to preempt that that planned attack by Ukraine and you could see that Russia very much hoped that they could conduct this special operation without unduly causing casualties for the Ukrainians because they they they think of the Ukrainians are least they did think of the Ukrainians is as brother slobs that they they wanted to have good relations, but there there is a famous picture with a Russian tank that had been stopped by a gathering of maybe 40 civilians who just walked out in the road blocked the road and the tax stopped. I can show you in Vietnam if we had a bunch of people who who stood in the way of an American attack going through that tag would not have slowed down in the slightest. It would not alter foreign-born or done anything when a fire warning shot.

It would've just gone on and and and I think that's more typical, I'm not. I'm not criticizing the Americans thought I would. I was there I was fighting I probably would've would've driven attack straight through myself. But what I'm saying is that the the rules of engagement for the Russians were very very cautious. They didn't want to create a great deal of hatred and animosity. They, the Russians did not go in. They did not bomb the electrical system, the, the media systems of the water systems.

All of these addict the bridges and so forth.

They try to retain the infrastructure of Ukraine in good shape because they they wanted to get back. I just wanted this to be over with. Get back to normal. It did work. The Ukrainians that the resistance was unexpectedly hard. The Ukrainian soldiers fought with with great great valor, great heroism and and so now the date the game has been bought and it's become much much more serious, but the it is amazing to look and interceded Russia dominates the air. They haven't knocked out the train systems they haven't knocked out power plants. They haven't knocked out so many things they never bombed the, the, the buildings in the center of Keefe, the, you know that the capital of the of Ukraine. They haven't bombed the buildings where the parliament beats the defendant incredibly reserved about the same, hoping against hope that peace could be achieved, but I don't think I don't think Ukraine has anything to do with the decision about these war.

I think the decision about peace or war is made in Washington DC as long as we want the war to continue, we will fight that war using Ukrainians as proxies and we will fight to the last Ukrainian death you project the potential of the war breaking out directly between United States and Russia and what what would that be like, you know, if you go back to the first world war in 1914 the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, he and his wife were killed as a result of those two people being killed.

You had a domino effect of all of these alliances and anger media hysteria and before was over, I think it was 14 million people had been killed, is always hard to get through numbers but anyway it was an enormous number of millions of people died as a result of that, we need to recognize the risk of playing these games of chicken were, for example, the Turkish Armed Forces are they the Turkish media just published an article saying that there at variable where there was a great siege that did the Russians. Ultimately, one the one area they haven't taken over. Is this tremendous steel plant there a lot of a lot of Ukrainian soldiers were holed up there, and now it has come to light that apparently there are 50 French senior officers who were trapped in that steel plant along with the Ukrainians, the French soldiers have been on the ground fighting directing the battle, and this was kept under wraps. Ultrasecret because of the French elections that just occurred had the French people know that there were a large number of French officers trapped and probably going to die in that steel plant.

The elections would've gone the other way Marie Le Pen would have one and done so it is very important for the entire deep state that it not come to light that these French officers were there. We know that there are NATO officers who are present in on the ground in Ukraine as advisors and so forth.

We run the risk of my guesses, and this is this is a guess I could be wrong, but the the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet the loss God was sunk as a result of being struck by anti-antiship missiles. My guess is that those missiles, I think there's a good chance they were fired by the French.

Now, that's it, I could be wrong but those missiles are so ultrasensitive and so dangerous to our ships that I don't think that NATO would trust the missiles to Ukrainians or to anybody else. I think I think they have to be maintained under NATO control and operation so I think that it was probably NATO forces that actually some of the most bought and you can see were taking these very reckless actions, and each time we sort of the anti-wheat we have to to Republican. I have to be Republican to Republican US senators who have said that while we might just need to use nuclear nuclear weapons against Russia that is insane. I think it's important that people begin to discuss what a thermonuclear war would would mean now we need to understand wheat we think over we were big and were bad we have all this stuff.

Russia is roughly comparable to the United States a nuclear power. They have hypersonic missiles that we do not have that can absolutely invade any any detection any timely detection and fire missiles from from Russia and reach San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City, and if you think about is Virginia where I F if if there were a nuclear war and keep in mind they also have a very large and effective fleet of nuclear submarines that lie off the coast of the United States.

They have a great number of nuclear tipped missiles and they can evade any defenses we have so just in Virginia. If you look at it. All of northern Virginia would be essentially annihilated there with there hardly be any human life remaining in Loudoun County Prince William County Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, the Pentagon lies in Arlington County, the Pentagon would simply be a glowing mass of molten sand there would be no human life. There and there would be no human life for many miles around it, just across the Potomac of the nation's capital. There would be no life remaining in in the nation's capital. The capital building would disappear forever. All the monuments. All of these glorious thing. Nothing would remain.

If you go to the coast of Virginia you have the Norfork Naval shipyard. You have the port of Norfork you have the you have that the greatest accumulation of naval power on the face of the earth.

This is where we parked all of our all of our aircraft carriers in order nuclear submarines. All of those things, there would be nothing remaining. There would be nothing remaining of any of those shipping industries. There and you can carry this on you. You talk about New York City, probably New York City itself.

Not only would everybody be killed, but it would probably be impossible for people to inhabit New York City for hundreds of years afterwards that not only would it cease to to be a place of of vibrant human life, but probably going out for you know maybe half a millennium, it would not recover any sort of civilization we need to understand the gravity of what were doing. Perhaps if if life if it were a matter of life and death for the United States. What happens in Ukraine that would be one thing.

Certainly one when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba that targeted the United States that was that was worth taking the risk because it was right on our border and threatened us and it was it was a battle worth fighting for, and a risk worth taking. The Russians are in this and exactly the mirror image of that situation because for them, but life of Russia depends on stopping NATO from moving advancing further right into Ukraine right to their borders. They cannot afford not to fight this war cannot afford not to win this war so I think I think toying with with this constant escalation get awarded really in a place that has no significance to Americans. Ukraine is is meaningless to America that has no no impact on our day-to-day lives and yet we are playing this reckless game that that risk the lives of all people in the United States and Western Europe for nothing is absolutely for nothing any many great officers certainly understand the consequences that you just described in a rather hair-raising way.

Why is it that while there are some generals speaking out of Italy and France and Germany of warning that we are pursuing a course that would lead to your work. Why are there not such voices from my great officers saying what you're saying here today retired. Perhaps you know there's been a tremendous deterioration of the quality of flag officers going back to. Perhaps you know after after the time that you help. Certainly the 90s we had spread very fine flag officers during the time I was on active duty by I left and 94 just superior quality people.

But what happened.

This is subsequently the bid we had.

We had President Clinton take over. Later we had Obama we got done by now and they apply a very strict political screen to their military officers and we now have yes-men that these these are not people whose principal devotion is to the United States and its people there principal devotion is to their careers and their ability to network with other military officers upon retirement, there is if there is a very strong network that can place military generals into think tanks where they promote war into organizations like Raytheon and northern Roman at all of these defense operations where they can get on board boards and things like that and so there's there's quite a personal price that you pay for saying hey stop, you know, war is so war is not in the interest of the American people.

If we had we had a better quality of of individual we would have people with the courage you would say I don't care what it cost me personally but it is very difficult to get into the senior ranks. If you are an individual, guided by principal and patriotism and devotion to the people of this nation. That's just not how it works and at some point we need a president who will go in and and and shake the tree bring a lot of these people falling down from it because there there dangerous and very dangerous to America is at LaRouche and the solar Institute have a conference on April 9 on the same scene. Being that the only way to really stop this dissent and help and potential nuclear holocaust is for a new piece of Westfield.

In this case, the international conference to secure a new security architecture and the new development architecture the right to develop for all countries in like the peace of Westphalia, one in which also all sites sit down together recognize their interests. Their sovereign interest as including the sovereign interests of the others and forgetting GRIPES anything sorted that is going to keep this division of the world and the war in blocks just like I asked what's keeping the generals from speaking out why and what will it take to get Americans to recognize that we can and must sit down with Russians and Chinese and with all other nations and establish the true just world based on the dignity of man of the right to development and security.

I think unfortunately there's going to have to be enormous pain to drive that just as it was with the peace of Westphalia, a nuclear war would do it a an economic cataclysm of unprecedented proportions resulting from the from the unbridled printing of money that we've engaged in over the last 20 years. There are things that they could bring it about, but at this point of the media has been so totally censored and so biased that the American people really don't don't have the perception of the need for anything that sort of is going to be different. If you do something at some theater something that interesting. That has happened here in this country you would like the entire world is against Russia is not in fact there are major countries of the world that lean towards Russia in this war, starting with China within Brazil. You got South Africa, Saudi Arabia and wide array of countries in tremendous India India tremendous tremendously supportive of Russia and so the idea that somehow we we have this enormously just cause it doesn't strike great deal of the world that it is just and much of the world is not accept the latest propaganda about about war crimes. This this thing about who God that is probably the most prominent of all the war crimes discussions was Boca that there was a there was a film taken of the vehicle driving down the road in in Boca which had been recaptured from the Russian and every hundred feet or so. There was some person with his hands. Zip tied behind his back and he been killed. This was discovered. It was not announced until four days after the Ukrainian said retaken Boca now we know almost nothing about it. We we actually didn't even have proved that people had been killed but assuming they had we didn't know where they had been killed. We did not know who they were, we did not know who killed them. We did not know why they were killed. No one could provide adequate motive for the Russians to have killed them. The Russians held Buka for a month if there were any children wanting to kill them during that month and if you're going to slaughter a bunch of people when they all be in one place and went to gun them all down there. Why would they be distributed along a roadside you know a mile along the way. It makes no sense what we do know is that four days after the mayor of Buka joyously announced that the city was liberated four days after the Ukrainian Army had moved in and their special there there propaganda arm of the Ukrainian military were there. All of a sudden there were these dead people on the road. How can they want their when the Russians were there outcome. They only appeared after the Russians were no if I were you know of are looking at is this is simply a standard criminal case, and I was talking to two criminal investigation division of the BIR or military police or Summit. I say okay the first thing let's take a look at the Ukrainians it.

My guess would be and you know you start with a hunch when you're investigating a crime. My hunch is that the Ukrainians killed off these people after they moved in, and after they looked around and said, okay, who who is friendly towards the Russian troops while the Russians were here were you working execute. That would be my guess is I don't see any motive for the Russians to have just sort of killed few people on their way out of town so so you have the nobody questions each because because the corporate media is so monolithic, we know for a fact from the mouth of the head of the Ukrainian hospital. The guy who who ran the hospital he he boasted that he had given strict orders to all of his doctors that when wounded of Russian POWs when casualties were brought in. They were to be castrated. Now this is a horrific war crime admitted from the mouth of the hospital administrator and the Ukrainian government said that Lieut. will look into that.

You know Mike is in no big sign I can think of more horrific horrific war crime ever where you hear about it on ABC and MSNBC, CNN and Fox news, not a whisper and yet the proof is on deniable. We had we had another clip where there was a POW gathering point where the Ukrainians would bring POWs to a central point for processing.

And this is about a seven minute video and Ukrainian soldiers simply gun them all down and the and they had probably 30 of these these wounded Russian soldiers lying on the ground. Some of them clearly dying from their wounds so that they put plastic bags over the head. These are these are guys who are laying there sometimes fatally wounded with their hands. Zip tied behind their backs and they got plastic bags over their heads, so that making it difficult to breathe. And because they can't raise their hands.

They can't they can't take the bags off so that they can they can read and end date at the at the end of the video they that the Ukrainians bring in a band and their three unwounded Russian POWs and without this slightest thought or hesitation is the three, and their their hands are bound behind their backs to gun down to write on camera and a full over the third one gets on his knees and and bags that did you know they won't hurt and then they got him down just in these these are crimes and these were not refuted by the Russian by the Ukrainian government, but you never even know that they occur so far. I will tell you that the only proven I'm not saying that there were crimes happening on both sides.

I'm just telling it the only ones where I have seen fairly irrefutable proof of war crimes have been on the Ukrainian side now often use you hear it said well the the Russians of the another destroy this or destroy that well I got to tell you if you go back to two.

The wars that we thought when we when we invaded Iraq, the shock and all we destroyed we destroyed virtually everything in in Iraq. Everything of significance. Every week we bombed military and civilian targets without much discrimination.

The coalition flew hundred thousand sorties in 42 days. Compare that to the Russians who have only flown 8000 sorties in about the same period of time hundred thousand American bombs versus 8000 not not bombs but sorties upon hundred thousand versus 8000 and about the same time and I and I think the.

The Russians have tended to be more selective, whereas we went out with the shock and all the the the philosophy of shock and all is that you destroy everything that is needed to sustain human life and to forward for a city to function. You knock out the water supply electrical supply, the, the heat, the unit of the oil the gasoline so that you knock out all of the major bridges and then you just continue and you just destroy everything so it is really ironic that an eight. Keep in mind Iraq is it is a relatively small country.

Ukraine is a huge country hundred thousand sorties in 42 days.

8000 sorties in about the same time a tremendous difference in violence between what we did in Iraq and what they have done in Ukraine so there's there's simply no credibility when you actually get down to the facts and you look at at the the way that the war has been conducted well.

Sen. black black. I think the way you have described the Horovitz already taken place in considering the we can't wait for a nuclear war to provoke peace of Westphalia and I would suggest that what you describe is already terrific enough and when combined with the hyper inflationary breakdown now sleeping.

The Western world, which everybody is being affected. We we believe that we have to take that as the adequate for an recognition of its descent into a dark age to motivate citizens in Europe and United States and we are finding that there is a waking up of people who have not wanted to look at their responsibility to the human race as a whole.

In the past who now are forced to consider that which is the basis on which we call for this. In this petition for an international conference of all nations with the US, Russia, China and sofa sitting down to end this war but to also bring about a true true peace for mankind. In an era of peace through development and we thank you for for being giving this so this this breast of ugly truth to a population which needs to hear it and if you have any final thoughts I ask you to give your final greetings understand one thing. I think the chiller Institute for the tremendous effort that you made towards achieving world peace.

It's so it is one of the most important efforts ever made, and often I certainly applaud that you know, if you look at Russia. The Russian troops they wanted to battle in Ukraine. For the most part had never experienced combat, the this is a peacetime Army. Russia doesn't fight over seas were safe that Syria is the only significant overseas engagement that they have had you compare that with the United States where literally speaking if it's a if a soldier retires today after a 30 year career in the military.

He will not have served a single day when the United States was at peace.

Kind of an amazing thing and you contrast that with the with the Russian military were with few exceptions that the in the country has been at peace. So we we really need to start thinking about peace and about the the limits of warfare and this idea that somehow we need this zero-sum game were were we take from you and and that enhances us wherein it in a in a world where everyone can gain and prosper by peace. The that but III I'm concerned that the hyperinflation may be the wake-up call that that jolts the world into a recognition that we must have a new paradigm for the future and I think the peace of Westphalia at that point might become a possibility. So I thank you again for the opportunity to be here and the beginning of there's always open. I think of the good things in the future, with the blessings of God is there is we is a way we only staying on my name is a right one. Weatherby right and wrong folks to tomorrow to get those written notes with concerning the delayed deadline for those those stations that the well I'll tell you tomorrow, but I believe we're going to have really good news for the folks of their so keep us in prayer. And here's the thing to of those we want we want to keep all of the station feel we want to keep all the stations that we know folks we we need well just like what we just watch it tonight. We don't join. I don't make any money on this is that actually causes to do all this were doing it because there's a cause we've got a bring you the truth, what you just heard here. You will not do. What would your hearing is on the fake news media is what they're told to tell you you and again that's why were here weird to be the end run around the fake news media, but listen for those of you we we can't wait to the last minute and keep doing this and keep trying to keep the stations near we need to hear from you on a regular basis. He needed to support us if you can in a just helpless like you said Joan.

I don't take wood were not paid for doing this. What we are here it is subcu it is worth it and decide that our newsletter to were brand-new that newsletter. If you don't get that newsletter you should win morequickly and that is that the those of you that are waiting for your 2000 meals.

We've got that.

We just shipped out 200 we just shipped out 200 and so many of you should be that having got near that we got another hundred coming you'll be getting you be getting your mule pretty soon those of you that haven't gotten it will begin within a few days. In some places there. They get him in one or two days, others a taste for five days. But anyhow will be getting those of Joe very quickly on those two in California with the the drugs there hundred and 50,000 pills of the original Bob could know him. The do you have that article. Five.

There were courier men and the they were, but during a traffic stop in south-central California and they found 150 packages per thousand Sentinel pills the above $750,000 worth of Sentinel, but enough stuff to kill more people would care to think about the Sentinel elusive but 100 times more potent than morphine. That's about 50 times more potent than heroin and it's good been mixing it with all kinds of things and it's causing chaos and we know the drug cartels are getting rich.

They put it together but the material comes from China. Time is behind this is about administration who never mentions that will talk about is Joe Biden administration is working hand-in-hand. This is what it's like. If you're you're a bank in Newark on the inside and you set up you know it's good to get rugby going on like the doors form that's with the Biden regime does is this a crime but letting him with the regular collected turn their head and not pay attention to who was the judge did these guys free with do you have his name the judge become free. No I don't. I couldn't find out. Well, I'll see what you have that's well because here in other words, the think of this.

Why would use cut these two guys free unless there came a list they can really drop a dime a rollover on some very important people right and so what is it because she's the only thing I could think of that, though, that much drug through the ghost you would put those people away from major traffic. So what is it because the by the judge know they feel or written to be less and less… Let's take some calls and flow lines and open 888-677-9673 let's go to judge engineering there was a major hear of the previous interview with the Col. Richard blackened last night and I ate.

It's amazing how hundred degrees opposite the truth just heard on those two interviews and contradicting it with you you a prostitute prostitute American radio, television and newspaper cake cables and legacy in this country are absolutely great fundamental war criminals who were blind people could enter these kinds of disastrous wars on all side to American beta lesion. Koreans are the killing of millions of Koreans agreed lead by carpet bombing the year after year and now plunging us into this totally unjustified war based on lies were were supporting actual not in Ukraine and sending them the most. The latest weapons and even the Department of Homeland Security. This was covered to Christians in another alternate source like yours tonight called global global and the gray zone the gray that increase treat people like the Col. Richard got black at you that I like up of Ray McGovern who was the club mowing breaker provide presidency was with the CIA and he gave him the true information in the user for the warmongering crocuses to make other world were more effective than more effective than greenwashing American cocoa. We were white. We were warned by Gen. Eisenhower about the military-industrial complex and and you have a right now, they've all got all of them have big money involved in this those the below sees the Biden. They all have big investments carry you name it and this this would work were talking about. It's there making a lot of money.

They could care less in the CIA. This is why this is what God Pres. Kennedy killed. He wanted to eliminate they have gone deep dark and bloodied platelets. Who do you have next.

There okay all right there you go with things were: John, but that that's what was going on there. No, let me see what we what we have on the agenda here. The seven scariest coded 19 posts vaccine adverse events we have in the covering is a lot lately that are becoming more common. Even though vaccine industrial complex in the mainstream media won't cover them at all. The CDC and the mainstream media: vaccine hesitancy but is far more about vaccine science than shows the coded 19 gene unit mutation jabs are experimental, dangerous and ineffective is not hesitancy. If this the statistics reveal that getting a clock shot is far more dangerous to the majority of the population actually catching the latest coronavirus is not a conspiracy theory that the clutch shots are experimental at best with emergency use only approvals of fraudulent clinical trials and reveal commonplace nightmarish side effects and adverse events.

Just because mainstream fake news media doesn't cover the facts does not mean they are not happening all around us. If a tree falls in the forest and you don't hear it hit. That doesn't mean it never fell when perfectly healthy athletes, pilots and military members drop dead from blood clots. My recon died of heart attack strokes just days or weeks after getting the injected gene therapy: ID shots there is a very very valid reason to be concerned.

This is what we've been telling people all along the way from right from the get-go story after story after story. Study after study after study the mainstream. It brought out there know that said again. When looking at was there somewhere you Hide the truth the tribe. The employee is able to be found. If you're willing to look. Here's a lab cultured GMO laden fake meat is a toxic abomination to be avoided at all because it's an article today by Ethan health and here he goes.

He says that other natural news. It was never enough just to temper with your protists, protists, and grains. The biotechnology by the way, this is Bill Gates is behind this, and if anything he's behind can be good could the book the biotechnology industry is no stated sites of replacing all meet with genetically engineered GMO imposters to believe, poultry, fish and dairy products are all on the chopping block is the architect behind the great was reset shift society away from real nutritious food and straight into laboratory abominations from hell using technologies like synthetic synthetic biology of precision permanent fermentation mad scientists are concocting culture meet synthetics along with other cell based in Jean, edited parodies of real food black. Okay I mean this is this is the man things this go to Jack Jack here and there. It was interesting would be very important at the fate that we could end up in a nuclear war or some type of catastrophic financial crisis, but in either case, I think that to write that the military hasn't made any move to court-martial the commander-in-chief and nobody is talking about that possibility. But to me that the only salvation if things remain as they are. I think you can expect the worst outcome will first of all, the military, you've got people like Millie in Austin and there. These are these guys are bootleggers.

The yes-men they're not real military men and and here this is where we kept telling you remember when abomination was in office for eight years. We told you, you see what he's doing now. He kept the kept going after and purging high-ranking officers both 11 four-star generals and then from 260 flag officers altogether right and so it will repel any of the Greek and conservative right and right pull God 12 American pro because to and he replaced them to go right. He replaced it with bootleggers sliding a lot of people don't realize how devastating hyperinflation could be. And you know I botched the Federal Reserve very low walking with the need to do I could to the inflation really getting out of control nor the financial system almost collapsed during the great recession of 2007, and eight and with this crew in charge. I could see that actually clapping. I want to ask you you guys consider taking sponsors. He always considered it is why we don't have sponsors who are sponsors, they would be they would go after them a long time ago but we've been on the air 50 years you had George Soros is sick to his on us and they would call all the stations try to find out who that is, sponsors, and it drove me crazy that they didn't have sponsors because they wanted to go after a sponsors particular sponsors and and sponsors will come in and when they feel the pressure though tell you look will sponsor you and you got it you know you got them make these bills you gotta make the payments will help you but but do not even have to tone down the rhetoric so I would have been known to go in what your your guest with pain would apply to San Diego and that if there will the nuclear war there so many military target in San Diego. I'm right next to Camp Pendleton would be nothing left of San Diego standing San Diego would be totally demolished and what he didn't mention it when the target of a place like they can Pendleton circuited targeted with three or four warheads just to make sure that it completely taken out in Oceanside. There is a type of a gun shop is called firearms unknown they would probably interested in sponsoring the very provide the parts for the so-called ghost gun and a few years ago they were under the name of Mary's armor and they were rated by the BATF that they took all their part. They went to court and the wonder case they had to get older the parts back and they're still operating, and they would even if not a sponsor Lutheran make a good guess you would actually get the truth of why you have a right to manufacture your own weapon. Please see here's the thing Jim we do have people that own these businesses that do support us, but they don't they don't want their name out there because not only will they be set upon by the Communists, but by by the corrupt government at the same time there. You have to try to understand where not we are not like to display God's grace were still in the air here because they want us off the corrupt government once as of the air in a worse way coming look at elite come out we've exposed beards near corrupt DOJ very garlands, guys.

That is, it is script scrub gets and there's not many that are doing what were doing out there today. The way we go after him and so will because they unit the BATF in court and they would tell you how they did it and why they're still operating yeah well you can do it. You have Dennis then we have a much more corrupt government now we do not have a Department of Justice it's got nothing to do with its totally corrupted. You'll notice they're burning down right to life offices they've but there what is the FBI doing nothing. What are they doing they're going after the patriots that marched in Washington DC because they wanted fair elections because they wanted fair elections, and that's who they're going after. You have to understand we don't have a government anymore. It is no longer a government of the people by the people. Right now, what we have is an illegitimate communist run government against the people. That's the reality of and the people have to take it back.

We have to take our country back to the name of that group once more a monitoring contact.

Okay, it him swear that point. Right now John, Joe, you had all of these corporations that I wanted to hit on the little bit I just want to play because they they want death and in guys where the Bible said have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Life-and-death blessing and cursing there asking for death when when they start saying when they and we need to get this word out will pay you $4000 to kill your child of folks this is did you say 30 seconds of three minute okay and so folks, this is this is again we are living in a time in a horrible time. Right now the most important thing and I gotta get to this point shows up folks.

We got it. We gotta take our country back, but the most important thing to each one of us is this battle will be over with soon and when when the battle is over with is going to be a lot of people that are alive right now Holland that will be and God's word is very clear. God's word doesn't live in a free 6000 years, we've seen the word of God we seen over 1800 prophecies of the vast majority of them now have been fulfilled exactly when exactly how it is the only thing God's word with everything else in heaven and earth passes the word of God will stand the function again.

God always does what he says when he says how he says it doesn't matter.

You can believe whatever you want, but the bottom line is this God is said that you that you're going to die and he recognizes two kinds of people. Those that received he gave you a way out he gave you a way out and that was the son, the Lord Jesus Christ, God the son he took your sin he took your place upon the cross. He died his substitutionary death is the only one I could've done it. This is a real reality what I'm telling you is a reality you are free to believe whatever you want, but that's the reality. And here's the other reality. The reality is this guy recognizes two kinds of people. Those that are saved and those that are lost and everyone of you out there listing to me is going to die. Whether you want. Like it or not. And when you die, you can end up one or two places in heaven or hell. People are eternal beings. It doesn't matter what you believe.

That's the reality. So here's what you need to do exactly what Jesus said pray to God the father ask for forgiveness of your sins asked the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation, God will honor that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer and the nearly kingdom until get any better with hardware and so that that's just the reality, Joe right up against it. So as we do at this time every night.

We want to say good night God bless and always, always, always keep fighting the fight fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WNL not on the student next time bring meditation was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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