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MON HR 2 062722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 28, 2022 12:14 am

MON HR 2 062722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 28, 2022 12:14 am

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Macy's Fourth of July thing have everything you need to make a splash at the barbecue great deal of length 50 to 60% off swimwear for and dry off with flesh try to cut accounts for 40, 40% of honest I think those mounting the great sandal down NBC Star awards members can earn rewards even faster dream start many bonus days Macy' savings on a regular sale and clearance prices. Exclusions apply welcome with the with the US and UK war with Russia placed great works are directly. This is been accompanied by an information war which is intended to demonize Russia and especially Pres. One repeated theme is that the Russian military is carrying out ruthless campaigns of murder against civilians. The destruction of residential areas, often referring to the Russian military operations in Syria, claiming that they had done the same thing in Syria, especially against Aleppo. These are supposedly examples of their war crimes and crimes against you have been a leading spokesman internationally for many years exposing the lies about What Took Pl. in Syria and the world. So first let me ask, how did how and why did Russia get involved in Syria militarily and how does that contrast with the US and NATO supposed justification for their military intervention in Syria again if I could buy telling our listeners a very patriotic I volunteered to join the Marines.I volunteered to go to Vietnam. I thought the bloodiest Marine campaign of the entire war and I was helicopter pilot flew 269 combat missions. My aircraft was hit the ground fire formations. I then thought on the ground with the first Marine division and during one of the 70 patrols combat patrols that I made.

My radioman were both killed and I was wounded while we were attacking and trying to rescue a surrounded Marine outpost so I am very pro-American. I actually was a part of NATO and was prepared to die in Germany to to defend against an attack by the Soviet Union, but don't but I I do not feel you know Russia is not the Soviet Union at all. People don't understand that because the media has not made it clear but the rush is not a communist state Soviet Union was a communist state. Now one of the things I've seen claimed that head has been particularly irritating today because of my experience with Syria. You know I have.

I have been in Aleppo sitting Aleppo city is the biggest city in the in Syria or it was, at least before the war began, and there was a tremendous battle system. Some call it the Stalingrad of the Syrian war, which is not bad comparison. It was a it was a terribly bitter battle that went on from 2012 until 2016. In the course of urban combat.

Any any forces that are fighting are forced to destroy buildings. Buildings are blown down on a massive scale and this happens any time that you never read combat so I have walked the streets of Aleppo while combat was still in progress. I have looked across through through a slit in the sandbags at the enemy -controlled territory. I stood alone on tanks that were blown out in this type of thing come. What I do know and I can tell you about Aleppo is that Russia Russia was extremely reluctant to get involved in combat in Syria.

The war began in 2011 when the United States landed Central intelligence operatives to begin coordinating with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and we had been unwavering supporters of Al Qaeda since before the war formally began at. We are supporters of Al Qaeda today where there bottled up in Italy province. The CIA supplied them under secret operation timber sycamore.

We gave them all their antitank weapons all of their anti-air missiles and Al Qaeda has always been our proxy force on the ground day together with Isis have carried out the mission of the United States, together with the great number of affiliates that really are kind of interchange we have the free Syrian army soldiers moved from Isis to Al Qaeda to free Syrian army rather fluidly and down so we we store that war, but but the United States has a strategic policy of using proxies to engage in war and our objective was to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria and in order to do that, we employed proxy soldiers who were the most vile of all terrorist something very similar is happening right now in in Ukraine but going back to Aleppo. The the Syrian army together with with Hezbollah, which was very effective. There were some some troops that were organized by Orion. Also, I was pretty much a Syrian show certainly directed by Syrian generals and they had thought this bitter urban combat. Very brutal, very deadly and they had fought for four years before Russia ever join about.

So after four years the city of Aleppo had enormous destruction and at that point the Russians at the invitation of of the legitimate government of Syria entered the war, but unlike unlike many of the media reports they did not enter the war as a ground force. They had some small ground forces and military police. They had a few artillery units a few special operations people and did quite a number of advisors and that sort of thing, but they were not.

This is significant ground force on the other hand, they were significant and very effective Air Force that supplemented the Syrian Air Force but it really was just the last year of the war that the battle of four Aleppo just the last year that they entered and their airpower was was very effective.

And by this time the Syrians are pretty well worn down the. The terrorist forces and the the the Russian assistance was able to tip the tip the balance and Aleppo was the grand victory of the entire Syrian war but to blame the Russians for the. The massive destruction that took place within Aleppo, with its bazaar because they they were not there.

They were not even present when this happened so the need. This is simply another part of the propaganda narrative which is the which is been very effective for the West demonizing Russia and making claims that have no substance but people don't remember the history of these things are rather complex, so no rush. It was not in any respect responsible for the massive destruction of the city of Aleppo. I would you contrast the methods of warfare followed by as opposed to be US and allied forces in Syria. Well first of all, the, the American involvement, the United States war against Syria is a war of aggression.

We we put the central intelligence is a highly secretive CIA special activities center. These are kind of the James Bond guys of the Central intelligence agency.

Total Machiavellian.

They will do anything they have.

There is no it's no holds barred with these guys. We said that man and we started the war in Syria.

The warden exist until we sent the CIA to coordinate with Al Qaeda elements, so we began the war and we were not invited into Syria. In fact, the United States is seized two significant parts of Syria. One is a very major part.

The of the Euphrates River bisects or doesn't bisected it carves off about 1/3 of the northern part of of Syria United States invaded that portion we actually put troops on the ground illegal against any standard international law war it was. It was a just a seizure and this was this was something that was referred to by John Kerry who was in the Secretary of State and he is he was frustrated at the tremendous victory by the Syrian Armed Forces against Al Qaeda, Isis, and he said well we we probably need to move to Plan B. It announced what Plan B was that it had it unfolded over time. Plan B was the American seizure of that northern portion of Syria. The importance of taking that part of Syria is that it is the bread basket for all of the Syrian people. That is where the wheat Syria actually had a significant week surplus and the people were very well fed, and Syria before the war.

We wanted to take the wheat away to cause famine among the Syrian people. The other thing we were able to do is to seize the major part of the oil and natural gas fields, those also were produced in that northern portion beyond the Euphrates River and the idea was that by stealing the oil and gas we would be able to shut down the transportation system and at the same time during the Syrian winters we could freeze to death. The Syrian civilian population, which in many cases, were living in in rubble were worthy. These terrorist armies with mechanized divisions that attacked and just totally destroyed these the cities and left people just living in little pockets of rubble.

We we wanted to starve and we wanted to freeze to death. The people of Syria and that was Plan B. Now we became frustrated and certain like that somehow these Syrians a darn Syrians at the tiny little country and why are these people resilient their fighting against two thirds of the entire military and industrial force of the world. How can the Donation of 23 million people possibly withstand this for over a decade and so we decided we had to take action or we were to totally lose Syria and so the U.S. Congress imposed the Caesar sanctions Caesar sanctions were the most brutal sanctions ever imposed whenever any nation I meet during the second world war sanctions were not nearly as strict as they were one Syria.

We were at war with Syria and yet we are and we had we had a naval blockade around the country. We devalue their currency through the Swift system for international payments, making it impossible for them to purchase medications so you had Syrian women who would contract breast cancer just like we have here in this country but instead of here in this country where breast cancer has become relatively treatable. We cut off the medical supplies so that the women in Syria would die of breast cancer because they could not get the medications because we slammed there there there dollars through the Swift system. Note 1 of the last things that we didn't and the evidences is vague wanted, but there was a mysterious explosion in the harbor of it in Lebanon and it was a massive explosion of shipload of ammonium nitrate fertilizer they killed hundreds of Lebanese people get done and wounded thousands and thousands destroyed the economy of Lebanon and, most importantly, it destroyed the banking system of Lebanon which was one of the few lifelines remaining to Syria. I don't think that explosion was accidental. I think it was orchestrated and I suspect that the Central intelligence agency was aware of the nation that carried out that that action to destroy. They were harbor, but throughout. You see this this Machiavellian approach, where we use unlimited force and violence and at the same time we controlled the global media to where we erase all discussions of what's truly happening so donate to the man and the woman in the street.

They think things are fine, everything is is being done for altruistic reasons but is not part of your military service was as the IJ officer and four.

Time you were the Army's criminal head of the criminal law to visit the Pentagon and in that light. What do you see as the of how the Caesar sanctions.

How would you look at those from the perspective of international law and military law well know that I was not the international law expert is the criminal law expert, but I would say that making war on the civilian population is a crime of great significance, and in the law of war. One of the things that we did as we as we allied ourselves with Al Qaeda and one off with ice as we we fought Isis in in a very serious way, but at same time, we often employed to use against the Syrian government was kinda love-hate but we have always worked with the with the terrorist. They were that they were the court. One of the policies that was followed was that under this extreme version of this long this Wahhabi-ism. It was this notion that you possess a woman that you seize with your strong right arm in battle.

This goes back to the seventh century and so we facilitated the movement of of Islamic terrorist from hundred countries and they came and they joined Isis they joined Al Qaeda they join the free Syrian army. All of these different ones and one of the things that they knew when they arrived, is that they were lawfully entitled to murder the husbands are not talking about military civilian they could murder the husbands they could kill them and then they could possess an own their wives and their children, and they did it in Bast and so there was if there was a campaign of rape. There was an organized campaign of rape across the nation. Syria and there there actually were slave markets that that arose in certain of these rebel areas were they.

They actually had price list of the different women and interestingly the highest prices went to the youngest children because they were great number of pedophiles in the pedophiles wanted to possess small children because under the laws that were applied. They were permitted to rate these children repeatedly.

They're able to rate the widows of the slain soldiers of the slain civilians and possess them environment seldom among themselves. This one on. I'm not saying that the CIA created this policy, but they understood that it was a widespread policy they condoned, they never criticized in any way. This was so bad that I spoke with the president of Saad who shared with me that they were in the process. When I visited in 2016. I was in a number of battle zones and in the capital.

I met with the president and he said that at that time they were working on legislation in the parliament to change the law on citizenship.

They had always followed the Islamic law which was that that a child citizenship derived from the father but there were so many tens, hundreds of thousands of Syrian women impregnated by these terrorists were imported into Syria that it was necessary to change the law so that they would have Syrian citizenship and they wouldn't have to be returned to their Isis father in Saudi Arabia or in Tunisia.

They could be retained in in Syria and I checked later and that law was passed and was implemented literature shows that the utter cruelty.

When we fight these wars, we have no limits on that the cruelty and the inhumanity that were prepared to impose on the people making them suffer so that somehow that will translate into overthrowing the government and perhaps taking taking their oil taking their their resources. Clearly the policy against Russia today by the current administration. Yes, yes, you Russia. Russia is perhaps more and more blessed with natural resources than any other nation on earth. They are a major producer of grain of oil of aluminum and absent of the fertilizers of an immense number of things that tie into the whole global economy, and no doubt there are people who look at this and say you know if we could somehow break up Russia itself, there will be fortunes made to were truly in heirs will be made by the dozens and there. There's some attraction to that certainly seen some of this taking place already with foreign interests taking over Ukraine and taking their vast resources, but the wheat we have we have, we began a drive towards Russia almost immediately after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 the Soviet Union dissolved the Warsaw Pact dissolved and unfortunately one of that one of the great tragedies of history is that we fail to dissolve NATO the sole purpose of NATO was to defend against the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union no longer existed. We NATO went toe to toe with the Warsaw Pact.

The Warsaw Pact was gone and no longer existed. There was no purpose and NATO continuing to resist. However, we retained it and it could not exist unless it had an enemy. Russia was desperate to become part of the West date. I met with the head of gas prom that the largest corporation in the in Russia. This was shortly after the demise of the Soviet Union and he described for me how they were struggling to to have their media be as free as it was in the West and they they perceived as being much more free and open then we were and he said you know we got this problem because we have this uprising in Chechnya, which is part of Russia and he said that they Chechnya and rebels send videos to Russian television and we plan on Russian television because that's the way freedom of speech works. I said are you kidding me, I think you are your publishing the enemy propaganda films. He said you did not do what you do in the United States.

I said no. I said this in the second world war we talk the head of the Associated Press.

We put in charge of wartime censorship and it was very strict, so this is just an example of how they were struggling. They went from being an officially atheist country to where they became the most Christianized major nation in Europe by far not only for the people the most Christianized people in any major country in Europe, but the government itself was very supportive of the church of the Christian faith. They they altered their constitution to say that marriage was a union of man one man and one woman. They became very restrictive on the practice of abortion. They ended the practice of of the overseas adoptions were some people were were going to Russia and adopting little boys for immoral purposes. So, so they became a a totally different culture and the get any that did the United States has has we have this long-standing strategy is political military strategy of expanding the Empire.

We did it in the Middle East were we attempted to create a massive neocolonial Empire. It's became rather afraid the people did not wanted and it seems to be doomed to extinction some time, but it may go on for another hundred years, but in any event, we are trying to do something similar as we roll to the east right up virtually to the to the Ukrainian border Orchard to the Russian border so deep as the US and UK position on the war Ukraine just over these last few weeks has has now become not only supporting the war. But victory at all costs. This is been declared by Defense Secretary Austin and others and they are pumping in Jude's quantities of not only defensive but offensive military weaponry to the giver regime. What do you what you see is the consequence of this policy. I think I think one thing that it will do is it will ensure that the tremendous number of innocent Ukrainian soldiers will die needlessly. A lot of Russian soldiers will die needlessly. These are kids and our kids. Kids go off to war. I went off to war as a kid, you think your country right or wrong everything they're doing is fine. I did it just breaks my heart when I look at the faces of young Russian boys who have been who had been gunned down in some cases very criminally by Ukrainian forces, and likewise I see Ukrainian young man who who were being slaughtered on the battlefield. We don't care United States and NATO. We do not care how many Ukrainians die, not civilians, not women, not children, not soldiers. We do not care. We are it's it's it's become a great football game.

You know we got our team that got our team, Rob Rob, we want to get the biggest score and run it up and you know we don't care how many how many of our players get done get crippled on the on the playing field as long as we win now we are shipping fantastic quantities of weapons and its British because the stock of Raytheon which creates missiles at Northrop Grumman which grates aircraft and so forth and missiles.

All of these defense industries have become tremendously bloated with with tax dollars. I don't think it's ultimately going to change the outcome. I think that the I think that Russia will prevail. The Ukrainians are in a very awkward strategic position in the East, but if you if you look at the way that this unfolded Pres. Putin made a desperate effort to to stop the march towards war back in December 2021 he wants for us to put specific written proposals on the table with NATO peace proposals to to defuse what was coming about because at this point Ukraine was massing troops to attack the Don Bass and not so he was trying to head this off. He didn't want war and NATO just blow it off just dismissed it.

Never took it seriously never went into serious negotiations. John, John. He was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah is by God the father claim #he was as bold as a lie and you know and also would've been a big John.

John in the wilderness of Judea. If you could. There was reading and it was very low on cogeneration of boilers were in need of the red letter listen.

There is preached to the center of the Milliron only one way out of that burning, like fire through the thunder or the righteous man knows the believer promised land that chosen by the father to baptize the sun. It was there in the Jordan this thought there was the Holy Ghost, ascended his work with mighty boys and hundred heaven above, this is my son in whom I will leave John Brandon none greater than he told people about God's never lived. The job was to big Joe John med.

2000 years later historians will begin to hold how he was going to prison for being so bold was monitored to him. It was on the earned himself a man evidently a no Johnson amazingly perished in the shame John to the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the Angels understood John preach repentance sure did a good Baptist that there is one thing John wanted to know matter to lose your old soul to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man a big good at this job.

John the Baptist Joe John that the job that John big back big Baptist John and that we we wonder will play that song tonight and will in honor and memory of Baptist big Baptist John Holden.

Anyhow, Joe. It would take a look at the book what you just heard there from Col. black beer that was he was he headed up the entire investigation and the criminal divisions of the 80 the military.

He knew exactly what he was talking about and everything that the he was saying here and he was talking about the military-industrial complex and all those profiting from the war over there and see what word were braying to people of their hearing for what you hear out there by that the mainstream with the call. The mainstream media that's the narrative hits whatever whatever they're told to say whether they know it they know that they're not telling truth. Joe one day we can count on. They will they will betray the American people.

They will betray the emir they will do exactly what you told it's unbelievable. You know you wanted to 70s capable of been at the left-wing media run until out there in the streets of place and and yet you know folks you can trust them only thing you can trust in to do is betray you with the with they called the narrative. The whatever they're told.

Remember when Chuckie Schumer told the president 12. If you take on you take on the intelligence you take on this. The CIA and out there if they've got six ways to Sunday to get you remember what happened with JFK when he tried to get rid of the CIA that good and the CIA was the one to did it while they were behind that line facing the 37 moment near head of the Army says UK must prepare, be prepared to fight and win to ward off potent as NATO increases the number of troops on alert sevenfold the 300,000. The general says he likens the current political situation. The run up to World War II, the so-called 1937 moment for Britain. They want to know what the narrative is there it is there calling on the world to go after this horrible man is going to try and take over the world and we have to stop in Murray Hill look about for all of Europe. There is your narrative and the military-industrial complex number isn't just.

Dates written in Israel and several other countries make some very powerful arms and rocket missiles and even France and Germany manufacture a lot of weapon with Josie the very poor. The mainstream media.

They give you this impression that Russia is, by itself, the potent Russia is by yourself and in all these other nations are against him, but that's not the way it is allied with Russia in this right now, obviously, is China there allied India vitamin E oil were in the you the outline India is allied, North Korea is allied and factors a number of love even central American countries are allied with Russia, so as not to know Syria is that the way Iran is not the way that the they try to portray it. Russia is not alone in the flesh is if this thing breaks out to nuclear war and that's what Col. black is telling talking about their he's he saying that's what the death accredits and that's with the UN is pushing for their pushing for a nuclear war. Effective actually talked about the possibility been talking about. Oh, of having the use of nuclear weapons, possibly against Russia on being things like that. This war would be long and drawn out and I'm quoting here comparing the situation to the dictate of Nazi Germany Mr. Johnson that permit poster of England required to put a limit on UK support point would make to the people is that I would make the people as I think that sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying and he goes on to say that you remember it took two democracies in the Moa last century long time to recognize they had to resist tyranny and aggression. It took them a long time. It was very expensive.

Well, let's just remember is the enemy now is really the enemy with 10 with the one world order and the one world government will what happened in the past is no longer the same premise right there is a different set of rules now that you could hear because of collective new set of rules with a whole new ballgame because of the one world order and this is what's behind all of this book, pushing the effect of military doctoral complexes. Part of this one world order and the they find money and impetus to all this going on. I know absolutely no big corporations or big part of this to big take all of this. There, this is the antichrist system.

This is the new world order.

They have they are following the antichrist system. This in here. You know where what we just brought you those believe me you're not going to get this out on any of the other of their you only get it on the conservative Christian programs like this when there's in by God's grace war. There are more coming on line as we try to fight back against the their position but it's not what you're hearing. When you turn on NBC, ABC, CBS unit, I kidding the truth okay right now the headlines tonight Russian Ukrainian shopping mall filled with about a thousand civilians, killing 13 and during that talk about it's impossible to imagine the victim. It's a horrible thing but I thought the story this afternoon and in the story this afternoon was a piece where different people were saying know the Russians didn't do this because a they took pictures of the parking lot in the parking lot was pretty well empty and I'm looking at some pictures now are the firemen are all out there and I'm going through this post be this huge shopping mall and they're very, very few cars and I don't think the whole thing is on fire. Firemen are still fighting this fire in these pictures. Firemen are all over try to put up displays and yet huge parking lots, just a handful of cars they get the best in 2000, you don't have thousands of shoppers with two dozen cars in the parking lot and they talked about how they thought this might've been a set up for propaganda well now I'm looking for stories itself. Now is not one word of the possibility that this was the staged complete change to different stories saying the daily Mail United Kingdom London daily Mail antithesis stories once afternoon is quite different than the one I tonight if all Russia is terrorists. Thereafter everybody and now Russia Russia Russia France I found a very interesting yes Ukrainian Pres. volume and Zielinski claimed Monday that the Westerners right destroyed a course credit shall be mall. We casually count. It's impossible to imagine just exactly like you said strike which Ukrainian says has so far resulted in two dead and 20 injured. Apparently to play just three days after Russia's Ministry of Defense warned Ukrainian forces were coordinating with Western media this stage a false flag to blame all narrative, without close and cursing the famous recording story is promoted and like" forgot change but it is interesting that a look at the total all the thousands that fit yet, but are they actually reporting right now they have a number 13 people 13 dead in their bringing out some other bodies but to that same number of the people there were this afternoon until about 3 o'clock central time so that their account hasn't gone up, found that interesting with this horrible horrible splash pictures of fire of all this going on destroyed buildings from what I'm saying it's early but inside they would be dead or just horribly, horribly wounded wrong with this whole story Leo again like I said it's the narrative it's whatever they're told, they will they will come out they are contracted to lie and and you look at it and they did their very professional attic. But here we can switch into this unit were talking about when we say the antichrist government and that's that's what it is. It's the and is things that a lot of times you know we can't even really tell you about because it's so bad.

People wouldn't they do not ready to hear it yet, but what took place there and in Seattle when you have these Democrats. These are pedophiles, pedophiles, naked men pedophiles parading through the streets of Seattle and the pedophiles.

The mom were riding bicycles and that it was so so bad Joe that we could know you could never show this stuff on television today.

It is even hard to even talk about but here you have these pedophiles in the parade. There in Seattle and here you had. I mean, stark naked, stark naked, riding bicycles and in front of children, you had these these people that hate their children each parents. These parents that bring their children out there.

These are the most disgusting lowlife in the world that would do that to their parents to bring the children and let them see these Democrats.

These naked Democrats did you know that those paired should be jailed black tape to get you so angry we need. When you see this liquid would took place there in San Francisco with those brain-dead grandmother standing there with her grandchildren little kids six, seven, eight years old watching sodomites to pick her recall them with cameras taking turns fighting Nancy Pelosi. I wish I wish there would've been away we could get that on national television were nasty. Pelosi was standing 1 foot away from two naked sodomites sodomizing each other and she standing right next to them. This wicked wicked unclean old nasty old woman and she was telling him.

Jesus would be pleased with the way you showing love to each other.

I wish there was a way people can see that to know just how evil and just hope the wicked, the death of Greta Kime's parties become how totally reprobate they become. It's it's it's a terrible happy I can't believe it.

Yeah, I guess you can I can deliver. We've been fighting this battle for a long time ago on the need to examine zero rotary way everybody the way to the ruling. Everybody's in arms the statements Satanists are claiming they're entitled to a portion because it's a religious right favor release that they are recognized by the IRS that their satanic temple was recognized by the RS as a religion and fixture considers abortion a ritual procedures must be allowed under federal law, and anywhere they go on and on and on and instead of spending a lot of time. I want to read something way back early in the founding of America, the US Supreme Court. Commonwealth versus Nesbitt versus Linda Mueller versus the people identified the actions in which the government did have a legitimate right to intrude upon religion. These activities included human sacrifice, polygamy, bigamy concubine each and this infanticide and a couple other things, and the promotion of them were reality. Since such acts even perpetrated in the name of religion would be stopped by the government, since according to the court.

They were subversive of good order and overt acts against the good order of society that was one of the early Cretaceous. It's never been overturned, but the Satanists are saying they have a right to murder children as a cousin to root ritual and their religion, but apparently the news commentators. The don't bother to read or study, or Look something up and I didn't see one thing out there about what the Supreme Court is already ruled. It's amazingly ignorance in this country and the line media. They lie by omission to see if they don't tell the truth that still alive right got cold little lie by omission. And I think it's even worse sometimes than a boldface lie that God looks at it is it's a lie.

Complete total right absolutely, absolutely. You know you you talking about your these people have been threatening. They're threatening to go to Christians of the threatening churches. Again, the attacking her. They're going to find out the people and again to get people to get more and more fed up and you can see them pushing back and pushing back hard to remember a couple years ago where they were saying at the phone and burn load murder was saying the go out to the suburbs and the start shooting like children. This is what you're up against. Right now I'm looking here exclusive video angry leftists around interviews pro-life Catholics outside Supreme Court pro-lifers rejoicing abortion activists paint here.

They've got these Harish women these horrors Democratic women there there in their underwear during their underwear and they've got to take their crotch with fake blood and there out there in their underwear. These are all very Harish women in their surrounding these Catholic women and their trying to intimidate and the screaming at him and if it's less I don't know how anybody could kids today could hold her head up and admit to being a Democrat or white liquid. Over time, on the left wants to demonstrate that women go topless when they're protesting the perpetrator for the ethical treatment of animals. They will naked and run the streets and do things all over Europe others.

There's something about trying to show that they have no shame that the no moral standards, and they flaunt their bodies in the face of the it's all living. This happens all over the world and it's always the left.

The hard left the desert. Leo, here's the thing went well what I talked about the fourth what they did in Seattle with they didn't Seattle was was so horrible. Okay, you had these naked son of my Democrats. They were urinating on each other right out in public and these people was standing there with the children watching and photos of the dealers that when I try to tell you something we can talk about this, but this is the reality of first. I don't think we believe what we were told was that it and I was sitting right next to you and we want this and that was just horrified related first. But this is gotta be a spoof of something know it was real. Every bit of it taken by somebody we know and like you said, it cannot be described in radio. I couldn't write about it in the newspaper is not fit to print anywhere that went with took place there in San Francisco Just Took Pl. in Seattle Saturday and it was it was every bit as bad and so well are devoid of entropy that Kroger seen our yeah it was. There is no limit to what they used to Democratic Party is capable of and that's why they must be treated must be defeated folks at the ballot box. We have to get involved politically. You have to get involved with this fight because of any. This is a revolution if you don't stop it, your children and grandchildren are going to be ruled by these idiots by these wicked, wicked, cruel people who like to show that I got a break-in because you've got less than four minutes to give an invitation right along, go.

I had been in the visible church and I thought I was a Christian and everything I had questioned the didn't seem to get the right answers and I cannot got away from the faith, because it seemed like I was lied to about different things and I had an awakening and realized that quote being born again was what it meant and when I became born-again. I was completely utterly changed and being born again means being born of the spirit being given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by our Lord and Savior, and what I had to do to get there. I had to first realize that my sins but Jesus went to the cross and died for me, took my sins upon his sinless, spotless soul, and he paid the price and when I realize that I called upon the father, and prayed that he would forgive me for those sentences are put Jesus on the cross and then I had asked Jesus to come into my life to the Lord of my life all my life, and you can't do of the venture reservations if you know if but whatever it's like. Jesus is going to be my Lord. And I was forgiven I asked for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was given and that is my down payment on the Col. life and that is being born again spiritually with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

I have the power to fight Satan. I have the power to help you change totally from the way out was to what I am today and I am now a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life of the son of God, and then later he called me to go out and preach and teach and tell you about Jesus and his love and about his forgiveness and about the life you can have everlasting life. Peace, joy, happiness, fraternity with Jesus will never regret going to the father and asking for forgiveness with you again right. Dad never heard of anyone who is ever regretted getting to heaven. Every good nights have never had a day that I regretted being born again either never have a medical regret that I could tell you it is a whole other people that wish they had in the read regretted that they rejected him because there are no unbelievers in either heaven or hell. Everyone in either place knows for sure that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord God and men, like some folks out there.

It's not the Lord Jesus made it very clear, prayed to the father asked for forgiveness of your sins, then asked the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life like Joe.

Joe said without any reservations got always honors the commitment don't run out of tomorrow's tonight and where just about anytime how much time do I have already. Good night God bless God bless. And always, always keep fighting by flying out. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on the student next time bring meditation once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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