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FRI HR 2 062422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 25, 2022 12:06 am

FRI HR 2 062422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 25, 2022 12:06 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right, we're back. And we know that the founding of this nation. We had what was called the Black robed Regiment.

These were the men who lead in the battle for independence for the freedom and that they used as their manual. God's Word the Bible right here. King James Bible and these were pastors they were all pastors. The let the in the battle for independence and John words where the judge will begin the help of the Lord forever.

And in that house. What is a begin in the pulpit right lumbar group medical and so we need we need some courage because no place, no place, no place is our Lord been more dishonored than from the pulpits was supposed to be churches. Those were the people that were supposed to be bold and brave. The Bible says that the righteous are as bold as Lyons but what we've had their and those pulpits, as we've had as he says in Isaiah 5610. They were like dumb dogs to afraid to bark.

We have pastors that are feminized. There there they got no courage. They fear the government more God more than God but we need bold, courageous men to lead and take this nation back to one nation under God.

Would you pray and ask the good Lord for that attorney, Rober waved back and thinking for me.

There's been a small element within the church that have Microtel and the vast majority on. I don't think I've know they're not for abortion, but they are knives not on the radar screen killing the baby but it is concerning Oregon traders and integrate abomination to him. It is the shedding of innocent blood and the end of Leviticus week of English in this last week. Leviticus 18 it says that since God vomits out the inhabitants what's happening now is the baby killers there. I look at them and what we're seeing is like the French Revolution, the way the French Revolution will the French Revolution was against God and any concept of anything of God were coming up again.

Now and they going to be coming at the churches they going to be coming up the politicians pro-life centers, pregnancy centers and all that and we have to stand for 30 no longer can this be ignored in the pulpits we need fire in the belly of the preachers to stand for the Lord to stand for righteousness stand word. That's what I would like to pray. Go ahead John.

Father, we we thank you for your word. We thank you for all the word telco school and the word tells us stand for those that have been quick.

You got your word tells us what you do to nations that shed innocent blood, like American Lord, your word, we we are in the true spirit of your workload of fear is to obey you.

Here is to hate what you hate and to love what you love and Lord. I think of Proverbs where it says you hate the hands that shed innocent blood. You hate those that an imagined wickedness and that's what the abortion did so Lord, the weight has not been evenly cold month people would only benefit relatively small remnant and were asking now for a move of your church, Lord, fire in the belly of the pastors the people given leadership will because we have the French Revolution living in our midst is no doubt about it.

That combined with the homosexual movement are both energized now so Lord.

This can be defeated by you through prayer and intercession standing in the name of Jesus and what I want to thank you for all the pro-lifers that's good through the years will may have gone to be with you. We thank you for somewhere acting for a move of the Holy Spirit in the church to stand Lord this is out in front of us is no time to cut and run.

The time to stand in the name of Jesus, and face evil pray for the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for victory: Lord, I don't know the church is his chocolate salt will that it doesn't stand blessed soul you know what the word says about losing salt will been thrown out into the street to be trampled under of so Lord, and I want to thank you for Pastor Ernie who stood all these years. Never once turned left with the right all these years and the mighty things she's gone and in pro-life would. Another thing that would direct pro-life will bless him, Lord, protect and protect Mr. Texas family and that he may remain a beacon of truth. Now in Jesus name, amen and amen all that right back at you John here not far from here to college: Oberlin. I would simply die there today, but at one time Oberlin was a very great good college.people God's Word, the Bible and there was a fellow named Charles Finney and that he was kind of a great evangelist and John he would agree with what you said because back in 1873, he prophetically stated herein. This is the last paragraph of his servant called the decay of conscience and listen to what Charles Finney had to say.

If there is decay of conscience in the pulpit, the pulpit is responsible for. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for Boyd does our public press lacked desire public press to the mainline media today lack of my #discernment late at night. Everything Ernie everything they lack again the Alexander than the pulpit is responsible for it at the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it.

Well, we see inadequately if the world loses its interest in Christianity, we have an article right here where is saying in 1948.

They take a poll in 98% of the people. 98% of the people believed in God. They recently took a poll and that I think is a plot actually worse than that and now only 73% of the people believe in God and so here in and I don't think that minimizing next to high again.

He goes on to say if the if Satan rules in our halls of legislation, Boyd Desi, the pulpit is responsible for.

If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for well Charles you hit the nail right on the head and there you said Katie now where I know in order to be going to be going for the human life member from life at conception or we were going for.

After telephone somehow they could get involved with Cleveland right to life, and in no how pro-life action and actually because the right-click action coalition of Ohio.

As you may recall, Pastor Ernie, it is that wonderful grassroots organization and a collection of pro-life organization. All throughout the state of Ohio and it was born as I'm am and I'm learning and I would not hear at the time that my mentor and presidents of our organization. Molly Smith you know Ashley tells me that it was kind born out of the frustration about what was going on with Ohio right to life, not my kind of jokingly corrected you at the beginning of the show because Ohio right to life a you know from when I went hearing their very very close with the governor and now the establishment politicians and now they now I can't think their motives, but all I can say that sometimes their support, lack of support that. Let me let me go there I was on the board for 21 years were 20 when there okay to get out and capture him to let you go then started let me tell you started going downhill when they brought in the facilitators and then things started going in the direction to the point where they fought us on our pro-life legislation where where plan predators actually said they don't have to give testimony on the heartbeat. Billy guested because they had a highway to like to do that and so they got they were how my going until I urge people not they were infiltrate. This is how the opposition works.

The parasitical they get within an end. They've got patients even if they take a long time. The lead a healthy body from within all a lot of Linda thighs myself.

Many of the people Jan Porter.

Many of the people who were on the board of Ohio right to life, no have come over the ones that have left their and that there working for the pro-life action committee, no.

And so with the they've gone bad. I wouldn't I did I either urge the people out there not the support of because there there actually are. Opposition now and so that's how working yet when you copy when you talk to them. No. Are there represented. They don't the court tell you that everybody said oh well I'm finding wrong side of life is really interesting and I was in Columbus four times over the last month a night with the testimony on latest at the time to call the trigger bill, which is now they were having hearings and and that it was interesting because the right-click action coalition of Ohio are organization you were sort of like the anti-Ohio right to life in that we take a position begin at the right thing to do or not, because it's politically expedient or popular and right like it's supporting the trigger bill even though it has that a number of exceptions and affirmative defenses in their that basically would enable the know the abortionist to come up with any reason for performing abortion and to justify it so you know the article.

The content will wait a minute, there's just too much language in there that could be exploited by the abortionist so we know we can't in good conscience support so right before the summer recess and there were some hearings and I'm pretty interesting. You know, interested to see what happens when they come back in the fall for the Latino lame-duck session because it we will work with legislators that they take outcome of the language you know that we that we find objectionable.

I don't know how were going to see because they think they can't get the action coalition started that you know the annoying upstarts and in eyewear that graduate pride because at yeah we we may not have all the politicians in her pocket like many other people, but you know when we make no way to get hurt and we are slowly building, organization, and as I said in the grassroots organizations that were always looking for pro-life organizations, large and small you to join us on so if you have anybody interested in learning more about the organization he could go to RTL a RTL a Ohio that work or you could go to Cleveland right to at my organization and I'm the director of and Cleveland right like is a member of the action coalition for that time involved there but if anybody out there interested in learning more about Cleveland right to life, I would be happy to talk you just please feel free to email me my email is KK HTE Cleveland and were always looking for good people to do enough to help out the cause. So thank you for let me get that plug in their Pastor Ernie appreciate. Let me know when, in the beginning I was I was there with limited mission statement and back in the early days we had Willie had 88 counties granted a chapters with Ohio real life, and those were contributors. I think now they have from what I've been told that I have. I don't have any proof of this, but they have about eight deep pockets that support them, and that's the problem when you get into a deep pockets. The apposition one thing that our opposition to the death movement has a lot of money don't and that yeah that vendor and they know how to and they got to spend that money and so here again we are right now. How many how many chapters do we have right now.

The pro-life actually have. I believe at last count. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 organization wrap yeah and a couple more that better coming on board and egg have to finish no finish completing the requirements that you that you know you don't have to be in a large organization like legal nightlife or Cincinnati right like to be a member.

So I will want people to understand that in a rehab very small organization that you know where EA could it could be PO to our people have decided that they are going to have their own ill pro-life league, and they want to do their part in their neighborhood. While there certainly welcome to join as well so it know it definitely made up of groups of the large and small and something I love about it definitely from the ground up enough so it's not like there is this big hierarchy at the top you like you feel it coming together organizations which shall remain nameless, and you know we do we get our marching orders in and we get input from all of our members and and then based on that, then we make a decision put out today and the members and tell them why were doing what were doing and on its history.

It's really well run organization. Everybody's respectful and what I love about it is that everybody they are because they believe in what they're doing.

They're not getting a big paycheck or anything like that in a week. None of us ate her that were doing it because you were were all growing in the same direction we want to affect legislation and we wanted to make a difference in the state of Ohio. You want to save babies lives in so it really been awesome to work with so many wonderful people and not the know tainted by that. The stink of corruption and it's very unite very very pure to me and that I love and I'm just so grateful to be part of the organization really well.

You're one of the reasons I'm grateful to be part of the organization and thank you pad 39 think I appreciate that well yeah and I gingerly remember when we first got started that we had little problem getting getting the chapters to come on with estate.

There were a little hesitant to leave Ohio right to life, the one by one they did in the now by far. We are the major pro-life organization, Ohio, by far the largest and so the fact with the with Molly and and what you guys there. Clearly I delay put on every year bring America back to life.

I think that's one of the that's I think that's actually as big as the national right to life convention. I used to go to our use of spoken, a member of the national right to live conventions in the past, but like I believe would with Molly, will you guys put on what you claim the right to life is every bit as big as the national convention. What you think I agree with you 100% tax attorney in fact and in Elkhart. I'm a little biased because I work for the organization and put it on and we work very very hard to put on the amazing cotillion for people that I also you know I talked people I spend time much very much time talking to people who attended and I can't tell you how many people come up to me and said oh yeah, I think that you like invented all of the country and this one is by far the best and I can pay how often it makes us feel because in a week working on that and at the end of the year so usually in March. You know of every year so that your two days in March and on. There is so much work that goes into it.

You have no idea if it deftly labor of love that so affirming 50 people come in and just a theater I opened and we have been controversial speakers this year and that's one thing I love about working with Molly met because he is unapologetic. You know she she knows what's right and wrong and you know some people tell her now. Maybe I should tone it down a little bit you know and you just he just kind of rolled her eyes and said no were not counting it down were not toning it down until things change and that it is I die, I get so much inspiration from from Molly because you know she no holds barred man she'd know you probably know better than anyone. Pastor Ernie, but she's really been a great mentor to me and see what what she and the organization have built for you are this convention is concerned, and I am this is my first one that I took part in this past March and I can't wait you know I'm already making plans.

I can't wait till the next one because we people coming in from all over the country and yet we have world-class speakers and provocative topics that some people are afraid to touch and it it's really really exciting. It people innocent of feedback and they say gushing out. I did know about the particular speaker, but I learned so much and you know we were not afraid to tackle topics you like the vaccine and you know we had father Fedor Altman who is the third of the crafters of the Catholic Church and Eve blasted the church you know and understand fun in a homosexual send out you know, so we know were not afraid to go there if you know what I mean yeah yeah I believe you know all about that with you 50 years.

Linda you wouldn't believe some of the names that the opposition is come up with me that they used to call me the pro-life attack dog.

I was the that's with deposition, call me but anyhow: I know I were you I would and I hope you get a compliment like did.

Yeah, I would made it to a bit of with it already there.

You know. We had one of the things I like to say before Molly came along, I was the four years I was the only strong pro-life voice Northeast Ohio or the Ohio coming I was the only real pro-life radio program that was our main emphasis is saving babies until she came along and that when she came along where I we were multiple multi-topical unite talked about all different events. She was strictly pro-life and that really really added between the two of us of you know Justice Thompson since but not let me go back to Molly, one of the things for years and years that I was a look when it comes to endorsing these candidates.

McKay don't we.

This will in this ministry were in from day one. We've had a policy of no compromise.

None no compromise and and that's what I always wanted to do. I wanted to say here here's our requirements to get our endorsement. Here's our requirements. None of this for the life of the mother.

None of this for rape or incest. None of this book. First of all that that life of the mother things I think they did a going back to what was a John from about 1975 to about 1985 they did. They had where comes to life of the mother. There wasn't one case, one documented case one documented case where baby had to be killed for the life of the mother. I don't know if those exact dates when it was somewhere around that area and that was put up with the health department one not one so that that whole thing life of the mother thing or will rape or incest, rape and incest that does not justify you don't kill 1/3 party. You know you don't kill an innocent person for the crimes of somebody else. Okay, that's lunacy you might as well one is a Democratic congressman. If you give me that crazy so and that's that's how bad this was so that was that was my policy and and praising the Lord a random Molly hope. We had we had people send me letters some nut cases for, try to get us trying to get me off the air and this guy. They said that the he said before just before Pastor Sanders is on their Molly, a woman named Molly. She must be his wife because she's as crazy as he is itself and I thought you know what Molly is a lady. She's a lady and she kind of reminds me of some of who was the English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to cut reminds me a little way like Margaret Thatcher Chilton shall stand her ground. A man in red and you know what Katie till all of you ladies there on that board you are that way you that's one thing that on that on our board. All of the women are ladies there. All ladies and boy I tell you, I've had my rutted with the opposition of the like to tell you they're not ladies. I know that you do know Hillary Clinton made me to be a lady and I always will be on the day I die. I meet some of those some of those women I meet it with well back in 2007 team that was the we were there when they had the woman's March after truck got elected and elsewhere that that was that the, the dirtiest thing I've ever seen.

The most unclean thing that I couldn't believe that woman's March would they did that was that was just no you had, you had these Muslim women covered head to toe out there blaspheming God and glory speak against him from and you had the Democratic women. It was about 45░ out and they were out there topless top 45░ what they were topless but that was the worst part with the part that angered me so much was they had nine and 10-year-old boys and girls. They hold up lacquers with the F word on it. You drop you if you drill, and they had these kids screaming that out. They had these little dental.

They should have been charged right there. They should be charged with child abuse.

But since is lawlessness, but anyhow that's that's what I like so much about the organization I would come to that.

Finally, we come to the position of no compromise.

We should have been. That's what I want to do all along but at that time and help.

Please know that would one. The first thing that I noticed when I joined the organization and I did get jumped out at me and I found my guys is often no we don't make apologies for the fact that we do not endorse any candidate you know who will make allowances for exceptions and I gladly brought up the whole rape and infect fallacy because you don't II just incomprehensible that they can look at one human being who may have been conceived know as a result of the sexual assault and say you know you you don't deserve to be here now you have no right to be here. I mean who will be the tell another human being that based on the circumstances of their conception that they do not have a right to live in alchemy that is just II just I can't even believe it.

And so now that's one thing that we accurately have to try to educate the public about you know because the left. They love to use the whole rape and incest crotch and the reason for keeping abortion legal and remember back in the old days they used to say all we want abortion to be safe, legal and rare, but then delete the years go on a begin making more and more allowances and pretty soon you know we had guys like that the former governor in Virginia who want to basically let that parent decide even after birth. If the child deserves to live so you know anytime anybody in the left try to make the argument about abortion for rape and incest victims.

We handicap them okay well let me give you hypothetical it you know if we were to do that know and just make that exceptions would you agree then that abortion and every other circumstance should be illegal and they quickly shut up. Let me tell you enough because I tell you right there. It's not about rape and incest. That's just a little crutch that they used. To try to sway public sentiment and you were not bound for and I think that people are wising up and you know thanks organizations like the action coalition. We have to keep educating people about the tactics on the left and how they are. They are false and people cannot believe in them because as Dr. Seuss said a person is a person no matter how small, and that kind of our little a little unofficial motto and we know were to push for and were not give up until we get it is gotten so bad.

I mean we talked about Leslie with her just a little program last night know you the horrible horrible thing is for University with her doing with with these babies that are born alive full-term babies in their their dissecting and selling her body parts me this is unbelievable. And now you have these women who are getting pregnant on purpose and a conceiving carried to determine because they get 10 $12,000 for a child that were more that so and for my God full-term and they're doing that it is happening and it's a lot more common problem with the people know that's with the very project Veritas when they you know going to and investigate into this that David deleted you when they expose the submitted since its horrible, horrible things that are happening there today and note very few people he want to talk about the they really want to think about but yet it women will do that now they sent me this is pure evil, humming you don't even a mother, a mother lion mother mother bear will fight to the death to protect her cubs and today we've got these women that are so wicked I mean is is just unbelievable what it's come to. So God has raised us up for such a time as this where here and out to run to this battle and that's what were doing were going to run to this battle.

Hey tight, will be back right after this already were back and oblivious limited question because you know you hear this is my body is my body, what you know.

Here how in the world could they say that window if it was their body defective like forearm for late for either me know I had a mother and her body and my body worked to complete different things. So help were you, I mean, is there no common sense, with these people that directed me then it would be early because I turned it pretty quick. I can break it down on yeah you have finally autonomy when it comes to the matter of another human life and in stock there. Once that human life comes into being. Then all better off know you have no say over you know it's up to God and you know we we have no business deciding to live and die now and so yeah if your body up until the point there is another human body inside your body and then you have to keep your hands off of it and keep this abortionist or theft off of it as well. So yeah, I like the micro-woman and her doctor and everything else on well there human nightmare and I go back to now shall not kill. It's pretty simple. Even people who are not people of faith and understand that killing is wrong and I will try to break it down was possible because most people they love to hear little talking points are little catchphrases and repeated over and over again and really don't think about what they're saying and you remind them that there is a human being in their pretty hard to breathe hard to deny and admit that they apparently are psychopaths and they have no problem killing a human being. And that's where you people like that. I'm just afraid to pray for them, but they cannot be reasoned with other some people who are reasonable and you can talk to them and they maybe after speaking of fierce fighting, start thinking that way but there are just some people just so far gone that you get think you had anything you know I'm not going to engage with this person used by David Scott Downing Freeman my body, my choice and keep your band off my body. No, no, you're really not getting anywhere and only God can change their heart and a human being can only guess what God says about Katie Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34 also in my skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents.

I have not found it by secret search, but up on all of these. In other words, Katie.

He's telling them that he didn't have to look upon their heart to find the guilt that they'd killed the innocent descriptor filled with the blood of the innocent their own miles by their own modes. They convicted themselves in here. Note it's an interesting thing because you see, you had all these nurses which we set out religious exemption forms for people who were against the poisonous punk the vaccine. They called okay the bio weapon and so because all of these nurses.

I mean, we had a ton of nurses were asked before that we set amount to them and because they and they try to explain tilt they didn't want that was their body and they didn't want the boys and thereby I don't want to poison my body the row very clearly with right and just like him you had one third of our Navy SEALs quit because they didn't want have the poison in a large large percentage of our Marines and Army resigned because they didn't because it actually was. Their bodies see it actually was the but the so the very same people that are talking about pro-choice when it comes to completely individual.

You know they're in favor of killing the baby but then there silent the same people are silent where comes to taking the poisonous pork what you think that there were I'm sorry your billboards down Southard had the same theme. It was my body, my choice and it was an anti-barracks billboard. It's it's really that simple. And then when you were talking about trying to reason with these radicals you simply just can't rationalize with the irrational. It's really that simple.

There's nothing you can say that will change your mind. There's a word for. That's called reprobate given Willie. They could no longer distinguish between good and evil was right was well they've been given over that. This is why you see them screaming and yelling and of their amended back in the early days of our operation rescues in the these people limit him to be preaching the Lord's will in this Sunday on the seed of the serpent.

Okay and the Bible makes a very, very clear.

These people that you see out there screaming in and burning these are the seeds of the serpent in the seeds of the serpent so it help was take a fast couple calls for a quick list go to Cliff Cliff you are near. Well folks were here okay I think what he's going to have some cold: zero: but the here is what we got. Justice Thomas says Scott is what why would go there. You know I was gotta say I was wrong. I thought John you know I told you that I thought that the only Thomas and Alito would be the only ones that would stay underground. I figured the others would back down with with antiphon and burn load murder put the pressure on. But I was wrong.

I was wrong, but here just Thomas says that's the Scotus should revisit rulings on sodomite marriage. Sodomy and contraception. What you think about that.

I think good, like conclusions 01: a like opposing opinions of what is really coming to talk with Bill of being adjusted and that's why the left but a tremendous tremendous rent on our side. Katie asked also. What I like about our organization because we're not just about pro-life babies abortion were where we we are pro-life, pro-God pro-life, profamily, and where we were for life were anti-euthanasia from a cradle-to-grave week. We stand for life but will assist in for all okay the photos and look what I you you were on the phone yet you were okay. Let's take one give me who the first guy, Cliff. Okay, let's go with Lisko Jack with quickness visibly one minute calls after Ernie the Bible quickly referenced abortion utility with the Bible does say about the subject well yeah probably the best passages would be.

There's the if two men get into a fight and a woman, the wife of one of these men whose pregnant if she interferes and jumps into the flight and it causes the fruit of her womb, which is the child to depart from her that if the child is alive and if it survives, then the husband of that woman will find the opposition but yet the child should die then the man who caused the death had would have to forfeit his life because he destroyed for that innocent child, a baby writer so that tells you right there that the note in any case, when you purposely aborted child you're guilty of death affect going back to what we just read in Genesis chapter 9 the entire purpose.

The entire purpose of divine human government is to preserve the image of God that be in man and he tells you three times by the time you get to Genesis 9. To be fruitful and multiply.

Another was exactly the opposite of what what our government tells us to do today. Okay we got whose next Clifford you are near Cliff. What we gotta go quick quick points wanted the imprecatory prayer thanking you just match forth and you look at days that if anybody had me force back in time to freshen up with David and yet he was thoughtful and precatory prayer. So you Will be some time where he says I will forth the wondrous works of the Lord is given credit toward the statutory prayers is bringing about the work so he could get out you have to do the imprecatory trespass to bring about enforcement. Another point is that the another verse in Psalm 8518 it says with the Lord says he wants to quicken the people I went with it. People going to realize number 1 x 100% abortion. You know, and they want to force the force field name that every pregnancy and I want euthanasia on the hundred or so they wanted to the degree suggests that it's not about what they're saying it's about like even with the fact that it was about, you know, not bargaining.

The nurses and doctors in New York. They fired all them shots so you know you're right.

It's about depopulation again. The Bible says intelligent Deuteronomy 30, I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

I've said in the meetings with the World Health Organization, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood of the ACLU and their goal is to depopulate this planet.

They don't know they want to reduce the population and this earth. The 500,000 where almost at 8 billion. So that tells you there about death. They are the deaf culture that I got a move on whose next to him of the year and there you got but a minute yesterday evening finally get to fruition of what we been waiting for and I just wanted to say that God's word where there was reading again that you are either for me or against me this date. We will serve. They all have a chance to repent before they perish, except for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and not he can. The fee could renew all the wrongs that were done that people get on your knees and accept him as Lord and Savior, and I hope that this is a turning point for this country take Civil War Democrats be damned well I guess God wins in the end he gets the final say do not like it when it comes to let me just say this very quickly because we were not in time but this thing didn't happen by accident.

They they they cannot afford an honest and fair election in November.

They cannot afford that. And one of the reasons that the state was leaked was to try to activate and motivate the opposition. The deaf culture knew that it would come, but they wanted it now. They think that this is good. Activate their side with that but you know what when they get out they start burning and looting and killing it's going to activate our side more so. But the things Timothy one last call was an excellent Savior and their peer group.

All road years fighting cheat sheet got caught with we could find out that women would write 25-year-old that's where it all lies from the street. Donald may know, very scared, running, martial law.

The only one. John's home is blessed. Use the all right thank you very much, chaplain, electronic we've got four minutes. Can you give an limitation. Katie, I want to thank you for being here with us and chaplain to give an invitation tonight. Ernie could I pray for God's mercy of the nation absolutely showing up in a simple absolute father. Where before you will.

We have been all night.

And Lord, we think of the untold numbers so babies that have been legally slain in this nation or nation will look will you and when Cain killed Abelů His blood cried out from the ground.

Lord ancient Israel dilutes children and that's one of the reasons the main reason should the blood of its children that it was sent into the nation was destroyed and they were sent into punishment. So Lord where before he worked where admitting the guilt of America before, and were asking for mercy where asking that today would be a huge changing point in the Indian-American and that your church is to raise the your people are going to see what we're facing with the horrors of blue so evil that is infiltrated and its powerful powerful nation is your people will cry out that you will send a mighty move of the Spirit were asking for Lord and the Holy Spirit will move in a mighty way winning souls changing hearts the reading of godly leaders will greatly know people will bring down to stand that's were asking for. Otherwise, Lord. If we don't defend our children if we don't defend not only the abortion mill board with try to indoctrinate little kids in kindergarten board wanting to whether their male or female wanting to slay babies there could be born Lord up to a month now will take you to Desha they wanted five months ago Lord will we need to rise up, we need fire in her belly board. We need strength from you not to give not to retreat to stand in the name of Jesus and face down the hill in the power of the Holy Spirit board. I want to thank you for Pastor Ernie show and his influence court, especially in Ohio for pro-life Lord. Amazing, amazing continue to bless and protect them to protect his church and Lord of I forget her name with the woman it's golden era and gave great information stating in your organization. Katie yet, and thank you for her Lord and everyone standing for pro-life Lord everyone want to thank you goes those babies are near and dear to your heart. Children are a heritage from the Lord whom is report.

In Jesus name I have payment. Amen. Thanks, John and Ryan Katie got about 15 seconds yet closing, I Ernie, and I'm proud of both so powerfully tonight. Thank you for your witness and thank you for your Light and heat on your parents everybody you know all the way will K Katie Katie, I'm out of time and I want you got an open invitation to be in this program when they are open but until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always always listen to it keep writing like thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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