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FRI HR 1 062422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 25, 2022 12:06 am

FRI HR 1 062422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 25, 2022 12:06 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is currently no welcome to another additional what's right what's left I radio poster and he said the this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 24th day of June 40 2022 and boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight. We really do and so well you know what it was 49 years ago 49 years ago.will you said to me early.

I don't think I will see will be weighed over Turner my lifetime you will probably see it or you may see it in your time, and he was right. And tonight we have peace.

He's courageous and outrageous on the board. None other than courageous, great, good evening everybody way out yonder way out yonder will actually sit right across from me here.

We have what's right, what's love contributors. None other than the Ritz. Ron ricks good evening everyone on this most joyous day already way out yonder in Texas. We have none other than the cofounder cup for Christ international and national Jeff and John return ERNIE God bless you always got one for already in like a rose between a bunch of thorns we have with us tonight, Ms. Kate macro from Ohio right to life in Ohio. Pope life action committee and I did make a quick correction. I'm from Cleveland right to life we don't like to be confused with Ohio right to life.

All I said I may claim the right to life.

We really don't delete okay thank you okay yeah okay you're with Ohio pro-life action committee to write the right action coalition about hiring after you and I know I'm part of to even if I don't pronounce the right video you are you Jenny. I've been in this battle.

49 years. We will wait for this day is a long time coming, hesitant, got our pastor. I can't even explain here that the joy that had gone like a ripple effect throughout the pro-life community. And of course we had a little sneak preview last month when that is leaking on the graph, but I kind of thinking well maybe they just floated out there somebody leaked it out to test the waters and know I just kind of like okay Amber to be a doubting Thomas at one occasion, and I'm waiting till you know the really actually happened and today was even better than I could've possibly imagined. I took about five minutes to cut the cry tears of joy and then I had to get to work, but it was amazing and I'm just so blessed that I can be part of this organization and end the pro-life community and on such a special day will have you we need you for sure is Scripture tonight.

The title of the message tonight we start. Sold to. Why do they rage and whether he is arranging even as we speak.

The arranging are you there John return Ernie folks. We have kind of a sad thing in the sense we got good news and bad news.

The good news is it looks like John Holman may be improving a little bit when you say return Ernie on the motor neuron and the other would be moved toward him from the medical people working on him and Monday or the going to take him out of the 20: the gifting of the word of the Dacian nation and the see if they can house heart respond because I found out today for Ernie that he was the target stop. Three minute well and revived them after three minute though they are concerned about brain damage in the prayer and he was so he's a soldier. He was a warrior was arming for the baby and then for the overload and Katie are here with some old-time vets. We've been in this battle for for the beginning John. Both John and John John return has been a real leader in Pennsylvania, especially where he took on a very very corrupt Planned Parenthood beat him and sued him in one and read more in the everything was overturned. You'll and we won running on it. Let's get into that later list right now I gotta tell the folks to this little bit of sadness. John's mechanical Bible is as I look and now he's got to go back to the book, and he's on on factory Gutenberg currently prescribed right and he wasn't quite didn't quite remember how it worked but but now he's in.

I could have them start up John, would you read Psalm chapter 2 just read it all away through well-crafted Ernie I told you before the show that I have mercy on me, and apparently you will burn though you have been my computers down and I have to go back to Berkeley to read the Bible you can do it.

Yeah I go in Rego. Why do they even reading and the people imagine being thing the kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, let us break their stand thunder and cast away their cords from heaven shall laugh.

The Lord shall have them in the region and then shall he speak on them in his wrath and backspin for leisure advice for my king on my holy hill mount Zion on your pestering I'll take John, I will declare the decree. The Lord has said unto me, though, are my son in this day have I begotten, the ask of me that I should give me that he that, for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession, thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. Be wise now, therefore, all you teachings be instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling justice unless he be angry and you. For the way when his wrath is kindled but a little blessed are all they them put their trust in him. So we go back here to verse one why do the heathen rage and people imagine a vein thing in the kings of the earth set themselves in rulers take counsel together against the horns.

So those are out there right now.

Tonight they heathen, either in a rage and tonight and is there is their fight against us or their fight against God earning their fight against God and resident mediator between them and God right now.

Very interesting. I can't quote I was unable to pick up too much today.

Ernie because of my computer being that, but I was able to pick up from some quotes from Clark left abortion people, and they clearly were saying its religious from the Christian right in America so they are ending this to us, which I consider greater yeah yet well here, just John and Katie, you just jump right in.

You guys have a cottage is celebrated. He says let's play their hands asunder and cast away their cords from us.

In other words, they want nothing to do with God's people want nothing to do with God's people.

They want nothing to do with with God's word and civil law. And so here so there again were saying that he that looks look, you've got Joe Biden Joe Biden in the way that Joe Biden is a pedophile is unknown. It's a known fact that he is Joe Biden claims to be a good Catholic Joe Biden's a good Catholic.

I'm Dolly Parton, Joe Joe Biden is is is nowhere near our nothing to do is as far away from being a Christian is. You can be Joe Biden is a is a here than to the core okay. He is pro-death and when I when I tell you that I don't I don't make this look we have well what we have there.

You can put something up on the Internet here sooner to bring others videos out there pretty much on YouTube that shoot in rumble, but there is a compilation of about 10 minutes of Joe Biden, literally groping children through doing a photo shoot for the Senate confirmation. The new senators coming in and in every instance you connect to CM push the parents awaiting grandchildren. Sirs got his hands all over him, and when you watch 10 minutes of this, if you don't think he's a pedophile. Then you should never be around children because it it's it's clear as day one by going to try to campaign for one of the senators, younger guy who I don't think he made it okay and that here he had gotten his hands on the little girl in and his wife pushed Biden away pull the little girl tore down, but that here.

I think that was Sen. from Delaware.

Was it okay yeah it was a good one. She was a blonde blonde haired lady very pretty and the girl's name right about that. That was the daughter from the Sen. of Delaware them, but you know the most damning thing of all is Joe Biden's daughters diary. Yeah, we read. We read from the diary here and it was. She said her father made her take showers with him it as an adolescent is in his teenager and that that really affected her. I mean, it really affected her mentally and and gave her a very perverted sex sex life. Later rented out the actual minutes. Turn her into a horror okay and so here he goes on the listen to this. Listen to this. Nothing want to think about this and just try to close your eyes and picture of this next verse he that sent earth and the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall have them in derision. Did we say nasty policy DeLisi Chucky Schumer did we see no screaming over here we have a picture out there today of what what took place at their you've got these these hordes of screaming women.

You've got this one and she's in her underwear she's out there in their underwear and she's got red paint on her private parts.

Okay, but that here. These people are in total derision total derision okay and so he let sit of the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall have them in and derision then shall he speak to them as wrath and vex them in the sore displeasure look at what you think the effects Olympia think about this with the red states. The ones that have gone pro-life and death dates. The blue states that have gone pro-death. You're going to say crime horizons unit is a craggy to see the drug addiction and all those blue states is going to be just like the major city.

They're going to deteriorate, that the said Navin Bryson, the Bible says I've set before you this day. Life-and-death blessing and cursing. Choose life and a blessing they're choosing to be cursed there. They're choosing to be cursed by God and other vermin like. Something you learn certain jets where you and I know why don't there are pure gold and words of wisdom but you brought it up several times that I mean that Richard X governor of New York. Cuomo and when the assembly of of New York there voted to have abortion unfettered right up to the moment of delivering even after that.

After that they celebrate they thought they didn't get that New York only thing that would warrant the is right up the delivery boy when he signed it. It was like a circuit.

It was a celebration celebration. They were cheering and clapping and and then he call he had the audacity to say that the pro-life people are not wanted in and then in New York State and they should get out that I wanted yeah it was Virginia. The governor of Virginia, who was a doctor former doctor said he was the one that said people should have a few days after the child born to decide whether or not to keep the child Anna but now that that that bill in California.

I don't know, was assigned in the law yet know what it is. Bernie like to think that how House of Representatives approved it and it's going to defendant now and what that is like to be 28 28 days in Maryland the same way to Maryland in the Senate 28 days. 20. That's is that's is evil is evil. Get seven these people are even there, asking God to curse them and and you know that's why we pray those imprecatory prayers against the New York and Maryland and Maryland and Virginia and California against the state legislator. We are asking like David did like the psalmist it that they do they want death.

The Bible says all of those that hate God and they hate God, love, death, so we are asking God to save the innocent to visit that death upon those that love to visit that very death upon those that love so he says here, I will declare the decree. The Lord hesitant to me though art my son, this day have I begotten me that happened one time will never happen again. Okay, that's a one time one in a lifetime happening when forever where God the son was begotten of the words he became the only well let me see divine if you will set a God nicely with that mazes like all everyone is saved our sons and daughters of God, but yeah but but Christ is not only the son of God. He's God the son, and so here we go on.

We see asking me and I should give the that he than for that inheritance in the uttermost parts of the earth that I possession that as well he should get it because he created it didn't okay and here thou shalt break them with a rod of here that Joe Biden you hear that Chucky Schumer hear that Nancy Pelosi, thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them into pieces like a potter's vessel. Be wise now, therefore, all you kings be instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trimming the potato that court of 1973. Every one of them are nonbelievers say there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell in both heaven and hell, you're a believer right and and so they're all believers now and I get a feeling of lack. No.

And Marshall and the others. Seven of those nine right now on very very hot place in hell. A special hotplate and help on several occasions. Blackman said that he was going to take route 3 great women yeah no regret, no regret, and he was grinning was great well and ernie wrote the opinion on Roe versus Wade. In the law then of vent to his opinion legalizing abortion. So the way I look at it and pointing at him as the woman wrote. It is also God is going to hold them accountable for every single abortion that took place on the Roe versus Wade. He says their blood will cry out and bear witness against the millions and millions be held accountable for every one of those baby quote quote legally died on the road versus squared water.

Water all my goodness that's turning all what he's accountable for no before the Lord and Ernie like to jump in here for minute and I am also an attorney that when I went to law school that we studied.

We studied that case very carefully and then and I remember court on my my liberal professors and logical thought, with the greatest thing ever and then in 1992 UK which was the companion case to that which is Planned Parenthood indicating that then went on to expand even what row held it out. So then they came up with that whole undue burden on sent and opened the door for women to say that any any time that it would put undue burden to carry that baby to term that they had like 10 QM commit murder. Basically an people talk about real bad and I was just that the first step of court and get the connect Planned Parenthood to KKK kind of defendant rolling downhill on it and all downhill from there and I I cannot tell you mean I even talking about the evil and that that histrionics of the people that Piedmont outside and I I held a press conference this afternoon in downtown Cleveland and I thought I got to experience a little bit of that first hand because I we were out there just peacefully. No staying RP and this small small but very noisy and obnoxious group of people came over and were trying to scream at us while our press conference is going on and one woman came over with and and we were speaking and she actually reamed out. I can't wait to kill my baby and I can I could even believe what I was hearing now. I thought there is no other explanation for it other than that the devil had a hold of them now and evil is very real, though I know one is recorded at me accurately. How do you know how you react to that. The people that are shouting and screaming and everything I can about my kitty then and begin date can't recognize the truth and so we will pray for them, but you know in and affected them decide where they're going to spend eternity and I will have a lot of hope. Of course I'm not the final judge site. From what I thought today it was unbelievable. Many people are really digging in their heels and they had no fear, no fear of God whatsoever and it really is bad. I do pity down that you lead we have to buckle down because these people are going to get even more vicious and more violent style.

You would need to be on her car and I just pray for everybody safety in all of us in the pro-life movement in all the churches all the pregnancy centers you know we have our work cut out for us for sure.

JD goes back in the early days right when it was passed. I was one of those activists that would into the abortion mills I would go into right excited preacher heaven swing how hot. Back in those days I was shot at three times they try to run me over. I don't know how many times one guy try to stab me in the eye of others tried to flatten the tires on my car. I even had I had. I got into it with dirty cops who were on the payroll of the blood he abortion mill and I went after them. They actually put a contract on me in the clean cops with a once it came out and and set and watched in and told me look because I went on the radio and what happened is I was out preaching in front of Lettie Martin Radix abortion mill when went to Horace came up from behind me as to how do you know he will. Horace will all you had to do. If you'd been there you to know anyhow what happened.

They sprayed me to Manage shortness sprayed me with with Mason my eyes so I called the cops and when the police came down. I told them and they would in and guess what they do. They go into the abortion's office and there is an envelope filled we Sit in on the table and needs to to cops was really stupid because they picked up the envelope walked out with where I can see it with the cat sticking out of it and they said a pastor if they don't want to hear. They don't want to hear. I said you guys don't make enough money as police officers. They said no who know we don't make enough they were laughing. I say I'm going to help you out to worry about cyanide their names and badge numbers. I went on their I selected guys are making enough money. If you've got something where you need cops, dirty cops with with absolutely no morals. They would sell their mother Graham. Maybe you have cockfights a dog fights, or maybe maybe child porn and you want some dirty cops call and I give their names and phone numbers out right over there and and and then I went in and I went out to love press charges and when I went in then the commander was in office. If you can see this John there was probably about 20 desks in their and all these women said that the best and this guy says to me pastor you know they don't hear didn't want to hear ice so I ice again like really loud. I said yeah that's like John the Baptist when he said right. I mean I was so this guy got all the panic coming see you gotta stand up to these people and I hear you had this I remember you had their prosecutor would come by.

He was a black man heavy duty bigeye and driving his Cadillac and he would would flip me his IQ. So one day when he did that. I was just about to leave my fault he went over to his office and I went in there.

I wanted him and I walked right in and I said I want to find out why the prosecutor is flipping me the IQ of being disrespectful because and you know what they what he did. He ran out the back door and show you and so this is what you have with these people who see.

I remember Katie in the old days we had. We didn't have any boring days at all.

None paid tightly back right after this we are back and listen. I got a question for Katie. Katie, you said you went to law school's attorney did they know about this thing, the date they know about the Constitution well tournament screen right away and they did and they love to celebrate it when it you know when the decision that you know I had affected my competition a lot better later, a crazy wild feminist, though you can imagine how that went on and they were getting more and obnoxious as they are today outwardly anyway me neatly try to maintain a semblance of you know being professorial and professional, but it was very clear where they stood in fact that my second year law school. The professor brought in may be attorney who actually argued on behalf of of the L Jane Roe, and that the she came in and gave a big speech to the whole law school in nearby which hearing her and everything else and I united that there is my arms folded, and I know I younger and and quieter and I didn't. I just kind of kept to myself let on. II never gave in reality people yesterday near where the Constitution when it served their purpose to answer your question, pastor by 10 unit. It you know it is something they don't like.

For example, the Second Amendment or the First Amendment.

When you know when people that they don't like that. Speak up now, suddenly, they just thinking out. I think it's a living breathing document and that there that's their approach and I think it can be just changed based on the other on the will of know the activist judges that are on on the court and and I think it egregious by thing happening. I'm just so, so grateful to. I'm grateful to Donald Trump for appointing, making sure that we got three conservatives on that court now and that enabled the sticking to come down today so will know that he was asked.

Liz Wheeler asked Donald Trump about here now are you please are you responsible for this with your appointment of those three judges and he said no no no give the credit to God. God not Donald Trump gave the credit to God for doing the how and why at great but Joe Biden was given the credit to Donald Trump.

He was out there today talk about this is the trumpeted Trump judges Trump judges is what he was saying. Let me ask you to situate the law school in the night they studied the because 26.

I studied Constitution to but I could never find emanations of a penumbra in their yeah and interesting that twisting you know I couldn't figure it out. You know they are not concerned invented the right number on the right to privacy while blah blah and you know I'm pretty I'm pretty cut and dried when it comes stuff like that you know but not fusion, then it shouldn't be held out as at the law of the land and it you know and even people on the other side of the know of the issue even repair Ginsberg herself had, had commented many times that that role with that law and young people on the other side are just no blinded by their ideology that they can't think rationally. I have really come to that conclusion that they have no no brain cells that are functioning that would allow them to be rational because they react to it.

You know the feeling and emotion and screaming and when something doesn't go your way they act like little boy little babies and that Internet scream and yell and interact out despite the disturbed person would and that we asked that my long-winded way of saying no. There is no such thing in the Constitution and that it's a travesty that we had to see that door for 49 years and move 60 million 1 Babies Way. Plus, Katie, it's about twice that number.

I've talked to a number of abortionists that come out of the business and every single one of them told me that the only it's a common practice within the child killing industry. You only claim one out of every two babies you kill. That's a common practice. Bernard Nathanson told me that Carol ever told me that is a common practice so now I also write me. Yeah, it's because of taxes in what they claim now so here that's an interesting do you know what the very very first command.

God gave was and he gave it three times between Genesis 1 and Genesis 9 the very first command. God gave to mankind. Nothing.

No room for multiple blood got a be fruitful and multiply.

That means to have babies right is there's a difference between giving birth and killing a child right I would think that there adjacent no here when they say well because the argument used to be.

If you remember John is not really killing the child because there's no proof of life and so the question was if it's not life then why do you have to kill it coming. Just leave it alone right there is not life with corseted ever had an answer for that.

But later on, go ahead and remember enrolling at Rover way, we do not know when life began.

They should've asked me I could tell no life when life began when they allowed abortion equitable viability, and you know they claim came in and they even referred to it.

I think quote potential life yet yeah yeah conform with you which Allie did astonish me because I thought well you know what went off would be a ham sandwich and a light dummy anything and do anything to advance their but here is the advancement here's the thing. The whole plant is these people hate God. These people God that made very clear in his word. All of those that hate God, love, death, all of those with a couple of death and here you will will one of the things that the vast majority people don't know and I know you want to law school, put I taught biblical law for years and there's a big difference in with what is lawful and what is legal okay there's a major difference in what is lawful what is legal in a God's Word, the Bible. If you ask, in effect, unfortunately, if you asked the majority of pastors in this country. Where do we get the divine institution of human government right the very first divine institution that God gave us was marriage and the family, and when he did that he gave was the definition of marriage. One man one woman, one lifetime.

Okay. And here when he gave us the divine institution the human government not what I when I say this I'm talking about real human government legitimate legitimate human government what we have today in this country is ill legitimate the Bible calls it a pastor government that we have according to God's word, which is the law right here.

This is the law.

Okay, according to God's word. We don't delete we have to give absolutely no credence, no credence at all to the government here that we have in this country today.

They have gone totally against the word of God. They have become totally illegitimate. No right if I was to ask you what were the five points of divine human government.

What would you say that's a hard one. I could play with the old will as pastor's okay so just take you there. Let's go to Genesis 9 Genesis chapter 9 when a region this year and God blessed Noah and his sons ascended to the be fruitful and multiply. Here we go again replenish the earth, and the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fall of the year and about all that move with upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea into your handily deliver not want to stop there for minute Katie when he gave us the divine institution in here. This is called the no wake covenant and you'll find that there are five points that he is given in here. The first point is to who did he give this to. And here you go.

Here's the answer. And God said this token of covenant that I will make between me and you and every living creature that is with you for perpetual generations. Okay, so he gave it to all mankind, all mankind for perpetual generations and no this covers all dispensations. This covers all seven dispensations. No here the second point was the intent. The intent not just read you the intent but did you really nice here.

I give it again and here he said be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and the Fairview and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth and the binary file of the air and about all that was upon the earth of all the fish of the sea at your handily delivered every moving thing shall be meat for you is your even as the green herb have I given you all things, no here. Katie is the intent. The intent was.

The man was to govern for God man was the govern for God. But here's number three this is this is the most important.

This is the most important writer number three and surely your blood of your lives will I require at the hand of every beast will I require it. Then the man at the hand of every man's brother will I required the life of men who associate with man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed for is for in the image of God made the men and again he says and you, be fruitful and multiply and bring forth abundantly in the earth multiply. There is no the third point. The third point of this is the entire purpose. Katie, the entire purpose of divine human government was to preserve the image of God, that being man not to destroy it, but to preserve the image of God our government. Washington DC is as illegitimate is illegitimate can be happy anymore illegitimate. We all know we don't owe anything to that government. We don't we'll know obedience that government not abetted all because it is in fact it would be wrong for us to be a compliance with that wicked illegitimate government watch to DC no.

The fourth point. The fourth point of the means by which man was the governor forgot God's laws got that you guys cover the Scott's ordinance got commands God's promises, etc. in the fifth point was this all nations and all people that would be a compliance with the first four would be a piece and not at war with God and one time there were some that were complaints not today. I don't think there's a there's a country in this world. That's a compliance with God's laws and okay so now that's that is the law that is was lawful, not legal. And so from here. Katie, you remember, I know we talked to the Atty. Gen. was about a month ago the Ohio now and we talked also about the heartbeat bill being triggered once, will be way filled.

Do you know you know is has when will that go into effect is supposed to be immediately actually Atty. Gen. Fabio.

It word and when he spoke with last month and he did go into court and requested that the injunction that had been no prohibiting the know the inaction of the heartbeat bill be lifted and and I guess before I called you the evening show happen to check them new stories and right across the local station that that Ohio heartbeat bill goes into effect. So it sounds like the judge did lift the injunction because there's nothing else that she could do at that point and yet as of now, we do have the heartbeat go the one that was passed on the way back in 2019 but happens kind of in limbo for three years and sent for now we have that that great and that no course as you know There because you're part of the right-click action coalition of Ohio.

We are no were knocking out there for 78. Keep working to get a person who bill going in the Ohio Senate, Angelina, we want we want that unborn child person who recognized as a protected status so you know that that's something that will working on Bergen keep pushing parts of her neck and when I can give up until there is actually no murder of innocent intent, Ohio is one of the problems we've had for the very beginning was whatever you regulations that they had in these these buddy abortion mills. They just never we never kept up. They never did it.

They did apply, comply with the laws yummy Catholic the buddy abortion mills in the state were running without a license and no license for years in the so are we going to be able to enforce that to think well very good question and yet, as a matter fact that talking about that hamper prior to the petition coming down we know we had that surgical abortion facilities in Ohio and as of you know last time I checked the genetic last month, all six of them were operating under expired like and if so, it's very frustrating. Could you bring this to the attention of the Ohio Department of Health and nothing happened. Now the Ohio Department of health and the one supposed to be overseeing this stuff and they may continually grant you know variances and extensions and everything else or they just flat out ignored altogether. So there we are now at Cleveland right to life and their action coalition at one of the things that we know we know that we Do to work on to the kind of get down to the enforcement issue because your ethically correct. Great to have the heartbeat felt like you know who knows if it can be important and so the next few know the next frontier. Once I feel heartbeat is detected. Now they're going to start pushing the chemical abortion pill that's that's something else that we have to keep an eye on as well and leave you. We've talked some legislators on Columbus to have agreed that that what's going on with these abortion clinics in greediest and no work were talking to Eminem about half of at least holding some public hearing because I think a lot even on Columbus have no clue what's going on.


And so it To inform them memorably horrified when we tell them about the things that are just going by the wayside. Nobody, nobody turning a blind eye to it so it is it is very frustrating because we get the plot on the books and then you know whether there actually to be enforced. The way they're supposed to is anybody's guess. That's can it be our next neck battle at work in a fight that we have a couple of you know we have a couple things going on were going to do our best to try to hold their feet to the fire. I think they know that all either to be on them and you know whether they know start complying is going to be pretty tough because they have all the money Planned Parenthood and ACLU and everybody else behind them and their neck. I want to give up that you just you just gave the answer to this cultivator play. Look, I wondered you know that is what they do you remember a guy named Joe Scheidler (pro-life actually got to Chicago.

The grandfather of the pro-life action he was. He was out there the very first people back will weep when Roe V Wade was passed. Joe was the he led were kind to commit out against these buddy abortion mills and preaching out in front of him and speaking to going into and what happened was he had he made a DVD back in those days it was billed out the DVDs but will they call the old cassette VHF yes you and so when he had he had these women that had come out of the abortion industry. They were working in their and they they gave testimony and how they actually had workshops on how to get these politicians in the bed how to bribe him how to blackmail what they would do is they would they would seduce him.

They would go and get them in a motel room. It was right in the video was a long video it always women given the testimony, and they would take like a washrag or an ashtray anything that have even a little below tablet. Whatever had the logo of that hotel on it and when it came to legislation, they would write him a little letter said that peace is a remember this night and say you, you're going to sponsor or vote for this bill or people will find out about this okay, that was one of the things they do.

I was I was just absolutely dumbfounded. I don't like the wind 40 years like Mike and George were division I spoke together. Many occasions and he was adamantly pro-life adamantly pro-life and then all of a sudden he appoints Amy actin of what happened here. What happened something.

This is totally completely wrong.

Okay, here and so and that is why with her than her successor is the reason why they're not enforcing these laws and know that that's why there these these are wedding without licenses at all and out the corruption what you think about all that well you know I can't make any any corruption it currently going on, but I know like you, I am. I'm a little surprised because even I've only been with claimant right to life for a relatively short period of time.

I know I been in Ohio until I always thought of. Make the wind being very pro-life and he loved to waive his pro-life credentials around and you know how many kids he and Fran have everything and then that's great, but I was just totally shocked at the way he totally buckled under when it came to all pandemic nonsense and everything that happened and shut everything down and and he maniac in person call the shot on everything and I was really shocked. I thought hey we have a Republican governor were knocking on looked like New York andshut down in and out and in and in fact that he was letting that Obama activist who is Planned Parenthood's to his involvement (arrival so I mean yeah I just MC and Mike and and George white of July we spoke together pro-life events several times and just amazing what were coming up to a break and we come back after the break we have a whole lot of stuff to cover.

I mean what we really do week we got a we got layout are battle plans and gently turn What would you get ready to say a prayer because we need some courage. We need some courage to write so will be back right after this. Don't go away lot more to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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