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THU HR 2 062322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 24, 2022 12:14 am

THU HR 2 062322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 24, 2022 12:14 am

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Drivers is which is a with progressive save over $700 on average in the savings at up. Imagine what you could buy so you can console and progressive 10 years ago. I can't tell what's real and what I think is the future so switch to progressive and save big because the savings in the national annual average in terms of customer survey to see the progress of the podcasts that you are all right. We are with them or go to vote would you want to give the would you like your website. It will people can contact you to have you as a speaker. I work for an organization called creation Michael Bay was a martyr and down it spell K OL DE though our website is WW W.Oglebay center K OL DE and if anybody has questions about any of think about the day, they're welcome to reach out to me you are a contact all right thank you very much. Go ahead, though, and the answer Randy's question. So many US you know why wire fetal cells used in vaccine development. Something I can pick on him.

I've heard you speak at the Ohio right to life Diablo the national right to life, but I was thinking that I thought the people would find it most enlightening about the fact of why aborted baby parts are used in virtually every vaccine. And if you could you'll get like a brief synopsis of like the history of the sinister history of this stuff because most people don't realize we probably all have some yeah so there's really made an organization I high school called children of God for life and they publish on their website our and they publish and update pretty frequently. A list of unethical vaccine and they keep track of exactly which vaccines are produced with aborted field felt which people peel color.

You can look back and how their youth and they provide all the documentation on their website on anybody anything or have a question about any of vaccine or you know you know you know I don't want to get my character like that and you camera which one you can go to the patent and calendar charts. One page PDF prequel but I think a little bit about like how aborted fetal color used in production, and then which vaccines you support fetal cells and then just a little bit about the history that Duncan John yeah and so they are currently on the market will limit my faith. First, how how they're used.

So many vaccine or actually live virus vaccine include chickenpox and NMR and evil and mozzarella hepatitis A and a number of other vaccine and so of virus is really really complicated piece of molecular machinery enters the debate over whether there alive or not we can go on about David really relevant to the point if you can't actually build a virus and attempt to, you have to build a virus and tell him to get viruses in nature when any defect or what they're doing is a hijacking machinery of your own self and causing yourself to make a lot more copies of them felt that there is or does are going on to infect other cells. So you need help to make a virus and if you are making a virus in and in animal cells. You can have problems when you use the vaccine with allergies. Some people have allergies and so they they can't take vaccine because of the presentation.

I there been some issues with packing their produce and monkey fell in. Some viruses that can cross over from from monkeys to humans and their conducting that Emmy with viruses and people have actually been injected with five monkey viruses, as well as vaccine virus is a lot of problems. No matter what you you grow your virus and for your vaccine. But the problem in my opinion is actually when they started using human because they were looking for a source of felt that was you know, easy to obtain a relatively you know one with no end and then also free of any kind, viral contamination or any genetic defects and it actually goes all the way back to the 1930s would surprise a lot of people because they think awoken a portion of the legal 1970 yeah how could we be happy people be doing aborted fetal tissue research, 1930s, but this is actually developed in part for the poliovirus.

If you think in the world poliovirus but one with a sugar cube you've actually taken a vaccine that was produced and developed using aborted field felt and are quite a few abortions you because the fell he developed that was looking at a a new way to grow viral vaccines. He wanted to do in human cell and they started contracting with hospital that were doing forced abortions on women he redeemed onsets agreed which was actually a practice that became common after they the buck personnel decision in 1920 were a number of states implement model eugenics laws and they were trying to make sure that they people only had babies that were going to be in a healthy and parking productive members of society and you know that the same people that they you know or are working on birth control vaccine. Now people are collecting now are probably deciding to fit in unfit children back then, so it is kind of a continuous unfortunate legacy from the beginning of of even the polio vaccine development that we've we've taken advantage of people. He redeemed lecturer deemed deemed unfit.

No, these researchers were looking for a line that they can grow their vaccine and and they wanted human cell line and you know if you have an adult donor. You have issues that the health won't live as long they won't they might be infected with viruses or some other kind of problem. I have accumulated consumer mutations because of the dividing and even buying longer there an innocent little bit harder to culture, but you know from my perspective, the moral aspects of of using adult felt far outweigh the slight advantages from a biological perspective of abusing younger self. So how old is this just like the technology you talking about know this is how many years comedy almost 100 years. I think the first paper that I have evidence for aborted fetal spelling is from the 1936, 1936, so it's been 84 years, so this is going on and this is all leading up to where we are not one that is natural yeah and I worry about though. If you view it if you start killing people to make other people well know that that leads to really bad thing. You know so these new signs were obtained and read a quote from the paper here that bring America back to life. A quote from research paper by Albert Bateman working on developing the vaccines and again in 1936 so 84 years ago. Her 86 years ago and he spent time on making selling me for the new approach was made by the use of 3 to 4 month old human embryos which were obtained aseptically via their infection and most people are very shocked when I say that the babies that you know were were used to make the fines were delivered to their infection because her label.

Their infection is used to deliver like babies and and why would somebody was going through divorce and have their infection while if you if you do it is another way to recognize literature is abdominal hysterectomy. So which is a generic term for cotton abdomen so you can sterilize people while your Heather abdomen open and there are a lot of forced sterilization of the road going on the model eugenics both to put something the kill two birds with one stone kind of practices like enough somebody had been deemed unfit to have children will have an abortion will sterilize all erratic, but also you know people think through all the way quite when I think okay will. There's aborted fetal elder you can vaccine both came from an abortion is obviously bad but they usually think.

I think of you know well the baby was dead and then they cut it up and they need a line number horrible thing to do, but they don't realize that that would involve actually having but basically resurrecting that tissue in the laboratory. You can't make a living cell line selling is going to continue in the laboratory.

To reproduce and enter grow you know for her 40 50-50 years on a you know and in laboratories around the world. You can't. You can't have a cell line but does that if you start with that fell you just oppose of the new one because I can't get something to you, but first we have just this Monday. One of our contributors here on every rococo hose, a John Holman had a massive heart attack and John returned from 4 cups for Christ International is here easily give us an update on John's would you bring John returned okay John did was give us an update on John Holman. If you could earn. You will in the on the results of the bill in critical condition.

They have accorded a pacemaker in an increase in his heart of the check them over and I still know the woman, and of the three days and then try and revival court can function so for what is said he actually died with you buddy back of the Brearley would know his heart is not pumping there pumping artificially in smart little more learning about it began to develop test solution paying really like heart problem anyone to: Dr. the right and the doctor, clear know your client except the hospital in the wood around like a light on here and, second, third, handbook or law school from the mall you only couldn't breathe. The pole will hundred I think is called the ambulance EMCs family cook, but also on the way to the hospital as part of the report in the hospital in the on the way to the hospital.

These big rooms.

This means that the they believe that there is a chance of recovery. Right yes already, those please keep them in prayer.

Please keep you in prayer. I want to go back to John.

Say hi the pebble lacquer alone, no, I want to. John is a long time. A pro-life activist John his effectively disease battle.

He's been in the battle.

Like all of us in the over the years I've probably been sued morning buddy, I know for being on for buddy abortion mills charge with every kind of crap you can imagine for preaching the gospel and saving babies, but in John also and and John Holman to have.

This brings me to something that I know is happening is a horrible, horrible, horrible feeling and that's what I believe that these women will like would just recently passed out there and in the California with a pass to New York where where baby that is born is alive and even you know, I mean babies are liable for the born to. Obviously you wouldn't care about so but now they want to be able to keep a list as long as five, six, seven days after the border war and they kill him, but I have I have a bad feeling that was happening. There are some wicked wicked people out there that these women will actually bring alive child brave and deliver the baby alive and sell it for research and I know that when they when they use these babies parts they will give him anything for pain.

They dissect will live and I got a bad feeling that that that is happening more and more frequently what you think I can that the human fetal tissue research field is expanding their more demand for human fetal tissue research. There are entire organization and other countries that innocent effect on procuring and disseminating human fetal tissue to researchers you know and you know whatever you can write to them. Carolyn can sweeten her example you can write all of your research proposal is how what kind of feel that you need. How often you need it and I'll send it to you fresh. I know so it is some pretty horrible it. It's something that goes much, much, much deeper than you know. Oh, you know, there was one abortion in the 70s and that you know that the cells are being used to test the covert vaccines right now and no you know then then it is really the matter in 50 years removed from it in a direct error that should not advocate all the others by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh or the big in Aquinas had to cover blown off of the fetal tissue research there doing aeronautical and all the details of it because it is horrible and and you know these things keep moms awake at night crying you know but there there absolutely is a market for human fetal tissue in the United States at the time their people think you know all want their laws against the first thing in welders, there might be some ethical guidelines on the books in the keep getting relaxed as we go on, you know from from the Clinton era onward and not include, but are the bushes well enough at both at the Democratic and Republican relaxed laws on these kind of things and there one an ethics committee that was set up in 2019. They met one in July 2020. They reviewed 14 different proposals for fetal tissue research. They rejected 13 of them because those did not meet their very very like you know not terribly stringent in my opinion ethical requirement and on terms the innovators are the proposal justifying why they would need you feel tissue or making sure they obtained proper consent for 13 of those proposals were rejected. The there were about 54 organizations. They got together and wrote a letter to President-elect Biden in January, 20, 21 and they said hey you know, we'd like you to remove these these restrictions would like you did an ethics committee because it having a chilling effect on scientific research and said that ethics committee was disbanded and longer that often there is currently no oversight on fetal tissue products in the United States in terms of an ethics committee or anybody like actually looking to see if anything is falling in the regulations there that are not technically on the box and a lot of those regulations are kind of like when cannot regulations anyway. You know where people can get around it by funding private funding they can taking other sought a way to get around it though unfortunately I can. I can definitely confirm your suspicion that that this is more widespread and deeper and more horrific than most people realize the special hot places over these people that do that yes in the new guys with the Bible very very clear. This transgression of God's dominion destroying his image as a horrible horrible thing and I do not look at these people University of Pittsburgh is animals by looking at them as animals. Anyone that would do such a thing and so it will again truly believe your special place in hell for those people just, you know, just to think of that John would turn want to comment. John returning the there. John, you do want to comment on them. You hold this respect of life and that created in God's image in the course that means something to them. There there. Basically all basically evolutionist and so there is no fear of God will respect human life.

So they can do anything that they want available due to the name of science, and those they would doing it to advance research to cure this disease and do something else so I I don't see them stopping this right is there.

There is no reason in their mind. It is multiple student human any other animal in their thinking will I think it even farther end and think that humans are worse than other animal you know that the thing to be a lot of people people kinda stay in the environmental movement and things like that they treat humans of their blight upon the earth goes even deeper I think than just equating humans of other animal. But at the same time that individuals that are there doing samples of thinkers like us and they might be an email regarding that.

Right now we are. They definitely deserve our prayers, because God cannot have and I know that you probably expect this in your own life and course of the Scriptures can take the worst sinners and turning the great things will you can do that is going to be repentance before they can happen in this.

Absolutely I don't see with these people already got a merit factory already ready to live full lives diesel calls.

Let's go ahead and open the listing go Cliff glared Cliff hi Pamela a little bit curious about several things but one of my main questions was. I had heard one of your interviews on YouTube and I was this idea of forming ghettos getting scenarios that were maybe a nine months pregnant Thanksgiving up the child to take corrective now.

I don't understand what, please visit us in multiple countries.

This all these woman but the mentality is a thought to believe a woman would carry a child for nine months, eight, nine months, and then give up the child format.

You know you could actually make money. Give up the child for adoption if you will looking to make money like what are they doing to these woman church so I think you're filling in the blank in in what what was said versus what was that no this was done, the delivery of babies for fetal tissue fermentation was done get their infection fired about the 1970s I was going to switch to prostaglandin abortion, which results in my delivery a lot of time and DVB there, actually usually around 3 to 4 months gestation are a nine month check patient so that said that was something that I don't think I've made clear and other interview so when you're talking about their infection.

Abortion you're not talking about an economical baby that just about be delivered and ending would be, you know.

Otherwise, you place the foundling and in a production or something like that there. This is this is this was actually done their infection method of apportionment done on much younger babies and it was done prior to newer methods of abortion that we would be more familiar with in our day there.

The chemical abortion and then they don't use the portions that involve forcibly using for skeptical baby out of the of the woman one when they're doing fetal tissue research because they want to make sure that the best specimens are unmatched rated they are not cut or torn because that would involve trauma to the tissue that covers a lot of different changes in gene expression changes regarding expression and they also don't want to introduce any possible infection and the tissue space. Darrell so you know you make any assignment like why, why would it why would women choose to have an abortion a Y. The question I can answer but it made a little bit more understandable, not understandable, I would agree with it but it is you, you're not.

Women who are caring for an eight or nine month and right and their children. With these particular sets of so-called submitted through this. What's the process what they using what appears to be in them such as the what it: the various chemicals that are alleged to be of nanoparticles such as breast-feeding side, the luciferase was that within their trials, or do they subsequently add that to the product after they did not use them in the trial about abortion vaccines and II can't come in right going to move on with things. Cliff, let's go to Rick in Chicago hello Rick you really are good part of the child be used for these viruses so there's three cell lines that are currently using vaccine development, PRC 6W going to sporting that a 38 MRC five and 89 three and 89 three is a kidney cell line and then on to the others are long and there's one retina outline for the reason kidney tissue. Lung tissue and rented tissue to develop on the thought or wrong G so there is wouldn't have to do the newborn child arts leftover parts right.

There's an organization called the jungle research Institute and in wash Washington anything they're working on a cord blood cell line you could actually you know you could take blood from the umbilical cord and you can actually get those cells to proliferate in culture and you could use a totally ethical felon. You could use adult cell. There's a lot of cancer human cancer cell lines out there there there are a lot of humankind out there. Most of them are apical. The only the only human feelings that I know of that are being used in vaccine development actually work fetal selling and you and why I can't answer the why is it doesn't it. It doesn't make sense from a moral perspective well is it does roll Google perspective, they would. God loves the most. They hate the most and all of those that there is a God, love, death, and as a child you know the Lord said that the other angels before him continuously and he said woe unto those of that that harm a child to be better off to Millstone 24,000 pounds and run your neck there just wickedness wickedness is evil in the that's that's the reason Pam right there right thanks work were coming up to a break here and then afterwards will take a few more phone calls of Europe to with the list go to school and take the break right now will be back right after this would more. Already we are back with a paramedic you're with us in the little biologist and Pam one more time telephone so they can contact you with your questions. Your website is them holding under AOL PE orgy, and there's a contact page on that on that website and if anybody has any further questions for me to walk aright the topic tonight is abortion and vaccines early: vaccine if you will work. Vaccines in particular was go out to Jeffers, Ohio hello Jeffrey, here and there hello hello Ernie hello John hello Pam hello how are you great has been a listener to you guys for many years, night my first time on the program you have a question for them know I was reading about the Pelosi husband got charged with a DUI. You know what I know. That's does the Lord talking about. We have to stand on the topic because it doesn't fit into the program tonight with the listen is recalling the nail already.

Let's go to the so were back and we have a Pamela Ackerman family.

I give you that we is a horrible thing to think about just the thing about the children in the woods are doing and then put it, we gotta talk about it.

That's what were doing word were exposing of that tonight and would do it from coast-to-coast the little known little lucid. She's got it. She was to make a statement here go it was okay.

Says here that data from national statistics in England reveal almost 530,000 vaccinated have died, including nine covert deaths between January 2021 and March 2020 20 a lot of art what we did what we talk about here comes from Europe and other new sources because you know you cannot trust the Western media at all.

You can trust him to betray you, is what they been doing, why do you think it is rare maybe get out so that there is such an anti-life by this NFL Jeffers imagine Nancy Pelosi to hear Nancy Pelosi say that because she is a good staunch Catholic. She believes a woman's right to abortion.

The killer child where in the world you think that comes from well there's nothing quite so bad that Catholic but yet to represent any of the true beliefs of the Catholic faith and you noted to say that you believe in a woman's right to choose what is that even mean what are the terms that mean you know like I believe in a woman's right to flavor ice cream she wants, but like I mean you know you can't you can't say you believe in someone's right to kill somebody else or not violating you so it is well-built when it when I say that somewhere in the Constitution was in the nations of the number this in a woman's got a constitutional right to kill her baby and I looked out the vision with from the first word to the last and doesn't mention know it's not in the love as to this here is what else is another.

It's my body is my body not listen. You know what, I had a mother. I was born I was in her body, but they keep saying this like it is my body, let she's got one for forearms four legs four eyes right now her body at all.

It is actually a separate entity from the moment of infection that baby has its own unique genetic signature. It had intercourse as if it is a boy. You know I'm not her body could we do believe that you know you can tell the difference between a boy and girl you know the least we can wait thousand.

I don't think the Democrats can live their lives. Supreme Court justices can't and they the PMA, the AMA said they didn't they didn't know how to do. They didn't know how to find gender and human chromosome but will have to figure out on their own unit, there's no there's no you know there's there's no reason to take an human life because you don't feel like supporting that an human life if you don't want to get pregnant, don't do the things that make you pregnant. That that's your that's your moment to choose you know when people are going to want to say what about Ralph what about this not what about you and whatever okay the woman been raped but the horrible violation, you're going to go in and kill the baby that was conceived during out another world violation of her body and also murder.

That doesn't make her feel better.

Well, you're right, but I did like you said you have someone who is a perpetrator crime you want to take the innocent victim, and kill the child that is that is insanity is what that is. What it doesn't feel any any justice. And it really doesn't actually take away the pain of the woman being raped too much as I think people think I will will. How could she possibly you know you deal with the situation and pain of the situation.

Unlike you got understand that that nothing happened in the role without without God's consent believe in all parts got right and if we really believe it is all-powerful, we really believe that he actually will that baby to exist if you didn't know that baby to that baby when the and so people that maybe it's not just for that baby think it also for your sake, what is a mindset of God has to conform himself got as a conform himself to politically correctness or whatever there. I mean, there is this this mindset out there is intelligent Proverbs chapter 21.

The Lord refers to the simpleminded in this list go to Sally Salyer and their silly Seo sleep seal your and their yeah I was wondering not dictate that it may take you on the effects are less that arch was much wondering what would the nurse response would be to that you hear the question you want to know if you did, if you take immediately. People take a leap boys the spoke and and some people say that to pardon the cop shot the clutch out.

That's a good be a very good clutch out with women when you're told that it's is not going to affect you or some people say will affect you. How do you know if is going to affect were not when they when they respond that if not, effectively a vaccine or two that much. What would be response is going to kill nine months of my company. Show me the data that demonstrate that the today show me the long-term thinking that it's it's been it's been less than two years no evidence that this shot is not that much. All right.

Thank you.

Let's go to Carolyn San Diego. Returning board meeting the night that my questionnaire single shot you have any stem cell. There's one version of shingle. It done use aborted fetal cells and the other does not know the burden that is's pretty by Merck on the version that is ethical, the one that enhanced her cell is Shane Rick by GSK, you get the shingles shot which you know I don't necessarily recommend anyway but I'm not a doctor to take my word for it, but if you if you do get it, you cannot ethical version which is Shane Rick and if you forget that it is posted on that children got to like what I mentioned earlier don't have all of the unethical version of the vaccines and any ethical alternatives you can test your website that you're referring to that I can go through it and some serrated blade in your get that that EOG FOR and they'll have a page it is under their their upload section that useful chart that were continued backing and you can download a one page PDF that has all the data on a separate page on the cobra backing the cop shop on so that that nothing that the separate page, but none of the ones that are available in you after ethical know none of them are safe and I don't think you think you list go to them.

John in Minnesota you're in there good hello. I just want to express to you how I think you're probably one of the hardest areas to work in Christian ministry that I just I want to personally thank you for that and amazed that people like you. So I want to ask you a question in 2015 I sent a letter to the president of the University of Minnesota about the research and yet he had her defunded off to the director of research at the U of them to send me a very honest letter saying that they had been doing it for quite a while and the baby to use fetal research in that there's many other universities that do it to. And that they go by the protocols is been established. Although I even define those, of course, but the whole, just that I got out of the letter was that this is these guys are monsters.

These people are monsters in my question to you is this proliferating all through the country right now and in the other research universities like Rochester males near us in Minnesota.

There's many other that we know are doing good is it is a growing trend and if so what can we do about it politically so to be an expanding thing. I couldn't give you a list of specifically what University doing what University don't you would have to manually go through and can calm every single research paper to publish everything the lab, but they hate you and refill with her and aborted fetal cell line that one it's getting so much press calico indexing those are used almost ubiquitously, and in various kinds of basic research so I'm I would think that almost every research university in the country is, at least in possession of aborted fetal cell line is not currently engaged in human fetal tissue research and determine what we do now.that there. I don't think anything is going to stop and fill it. It is these signs are simply no longer available for you now know enough to destroy them and start over again companies are and continue to use them because they've they've developed those protocols that you were talking about, you know that there there procedures and their methods been and I would I would actually pursuing graduate degree at Catholic University and my advisor was conversely an atheist and he didn't care that the church ethical guidelines and you started using aborted fetal cells on the project I was working on enough I don't have a PhD today because I wouldn't do it.

Will God bless you for the Mila nonviolently lab you know his justification for doing that with this is what in the literature. This is what you know it were under grant pressure like you know them shut up check check graphics that the door are never going to be able to do science. I think unfortunately that ubiquitous attitude John, I have to move on, let's go to pastor health is value in their you know you'll just move they worship the devil by killing babies scream and cry in the more. They gave the baby the more they thought that Satan with the lesson for you know with pleasure the more the more pain the baby suffer. They believe that the more sexual pleasure. They would receive right and that's exactly what you got the you know if you see the value of the murder on babies to swim in the murder their babies. I can understand was somebody murder their baby that get charged with murder, but when they murder their own baby then note you know that they they get a pat on the back of all the other murderers like them that I think is an abortion get charged with murder. But as far as imitation goes stunned. I got the poster you got plenty of time it left. You could tell he okay you got about eight minutes to go ahead and use of a couple of you have a question for Pam and then talk to you guys years ago that he murdered his wife was pregnant and they charged him with the state charged with two counts of murder in the baby and the just. That is incredible how they would charge them with murder, any woman to kill her own baby and they also neglected a lifeless thing that the you know you can you can do things with not charged with murder. You know the I can understand that but anyway is a form of worship. And that's that's these people go to realize her doing exactly what the devil wants to do when they feel a baby that was made in the image of God, that's exactly what Satan wants him to do and then you know that there without natural affection is one sense in less times before Lord comes back again when you're on babies and then then then then actually Gloria everything that's madness pure insanity and she needs to be to give these people the electric chairs were as I'm concerned you know that that would do so much that the I don't how you feel about it all right will will will let her sit tell you, you have to give imitation at this is the most important part of the program. Pam was his will you little invitation for people to call upon the name Lord and receive Christ as his Savior but did you have a you want to respond.

All all that I pray every day for the women who have chosen a portion that they will repent and find mercy and got great like the rest of us have and I cry every day for the women who are to abortion if they feel desperate and scared that they won't do it that someone will come and help them so that they don't feel like this is the only 20 that's the last thing will you set a very, very well, thank you very much God bless you.

Go ahead and Avesta held to that invitation.

Okay everybody there listening to the show tonight. You've got a soul is going to spend eternity either in heaven or in health, and God shows you how you can go to heaven. I mean there's a lot of different religions out there.

There's people to different ways that you know you get to heaven, but God is the one that actually knows the slick until this truck drivers. If you want to go from here to Boston you might have 20 people get 20 different answers. But if you're smart, you get a look at the road atlas in the road atlas is going to tell you how to get there. Will God's will.

That was the heaven is the Bible that condemns Bible and he says right there that, except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God in born-again happens when you go to God in you, but by faith asked Jesus Christ to come in your heart and be your Savior and of God. But Jesus died on the cross and pay the payment for your sins and mine because he knew we couldn't pay the previous payments once and to keep the other heaven and we sin every day of our lives in order to so we gotta get those sins washed away and the only thing that does. It is the blood of Jesus. What Jesus did for us on the cross. The Bible says, in whom we have redemption through his blood through the city's water system, not to some church or church leaders, not to some folk given your priest giving absolution and knowing all this other stuff that it wasn't them directly on the cross was Jesus Christ pleased that I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father but by me.

This John 14 six wasn't Mary, it wasn't Peter wasn't ball wasn't dear uncle John ran Mary and that it was Jesus Christ and it is a free gift. That's what really got me when I was a brother, Luther and I thought you had to work your way to heaven is like most Catholics think that but the thing is is Ephesians 289 says, for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves as a gift of God. Jesus did all the work to get us to heaven and that he said it is finished. That means all the work necessary for us to get the heaven, he did force and he's telling us that that was accepted by God the father as payment in full for us to get the heaven, but the payment doesn't become ours automatically done one thing you don't want to also. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God. You have to believe that Jesus got on the cross and shed his blood in your place for your your salvation and then pray and ask become in your heart in simple childlike faith and he'll do it, and Revelation 320 says behold I stand at the door lock. If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him. That means right now want talk to you. God hears me talk to you right now he knows was going to your mind and your heart right now you can be the worst sinner that ever lived, but the blood of Christ and wash away all your sins so you can be the best person to ever walk the face of the earth, but once that would still give the other heaven units when you come to God is a God, you know I'm a dirty run allows us to consider and I hear and I will ask you to come in the motor and said me that he does that. Jesus said that except you repent, you shall all likewise perish, and that submitting some the God that he knows already anyway that we need is salvation.

We need his blood atonement. So if you want to receive salvation through Jesus Christ. Tonight he hears me talk to you right now and if you pray that the company already said in Romans 1013 for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

So if you'd like to do that with God watching you and knocking at the door.

Your heart right now. Let's pray only a few words of the time if you like that even the were praying together strictly between you and God. Dear God, I know I'm a sinner and I need your forgiveness.

Lord, I believe you died on the cross and shed your blood for my salvation and I here in the Lord Jesus ask you to come into my heart, forgive me for all my sins and save my soul. I'm trusting you right now you and you only my salvation and I thank you for saving me in Jesus name I pray this amen. Now you just prayed that prayer perched on 513 says these things were written unto you that believe on the name of the son of God, that you may know you have eternal life is a free gift that God gave you the moment you sincerely estimate them in your heart and sorry about the vector center police that believe on that since they believe about even the devil believes about that you know that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save your soul. But the devil didn't want you to reach out and receive it just like in view of the ocean ground and so might be a life preserver. You can believe the recent reset receive that it was Savior, but less you reset receive that you still ground was a million miles away, and in this way receiving Jesus is really was looking to save not just know the bottom, but receiving them, receiving the Bimini baby on the cross so according to God's promise in your prayer if you were sincere when you prayed that if you died right now you know you can know you have eternal life because God made your promise and he cannot lie. But best, all right, very good. Thank you sent one to make a couple of very quick notes considered due as of the word. Oh, we will not have a name.

The service were going to have baptism will be a church picnic after the morning suit service and also Saturday at 10 AM.

All you doers of the word I would need the cleanup crew to come on out at the pavilion and the pull some maintenance some cleanup work on pavilion and sold there you go.

That's this week and doers of the word Baptist Church will not be an evening service and so and so where at that time we get here overnight where we sign off by saying good night God bless and always always always really close.

Get it done.

I thought I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WNL not on the student next to another edition of what's right and left receiving program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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