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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 23, 2022 12:09 am

WED HR 1 062222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 23, 2022 12:09 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Family Policy Matters
NC Family Policy
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content resistance by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening everybody is when the Wilson Wednesday Wendy Wolf Wednesday we have Wendy are you there Wendy good evening young lady.

We got a lot to talk about tonight luck and the first word we have some very serious things to do. One of them is wanted to get worse most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Josue Eric Josue leg was a longtime longtime friend of many, many years. He was active he would was a pro-life activist who would come out.

He was well a missionary to the unborn would come out to the abortion mills even in the senior years and now Joe was about 88 I believe and he went home to be with the Lord. Monday and so Joey was going to miss you a lot.

I noted the last couple years. Your health is not been very good but you stood in there and you fought a good fight really good race and again most sincere condolences to Joe and his family. Also, I wanted to say tonight. We have Tracy, who has there in Texas and she's in the hospital and she's got some kidney failures in season serious condition and they've asked for prayer for her so were in the same prayer for Tracy right now.

Heavenly father Lord God.

We don't know all of the we don't know all the situation. But we do know that her family is requesting that she has prayer cheese not in good condition so we just whittled Tracy up and asked father Gubler that you might touch her Lord, that you might be healed and were told that she she knows you. She's a Christian. And so we just would again hold her up and asked father Gubler that you would bless her with all of the blessings that you would have four.

You would touch her that she would be healed and Lord. No and I want to say a man no I want to say to we have a another very serious situation but I'm going to wait to the bottom of the hour when John returned joint service and gives us the entire story folks John Holman who has been a one of the well. One of the contributors cohost. This radio program. Every Friday night for a long time. John Holman died today and it was that he was. It was brought back to life and then apparently he died again and they have not been able to resuscitate him. But there been on from the last I heard today. This morning it was on the equipment to save tried to just keeping going put more information. Were going to only the way to the bottom of the hour to John returned Joyce's because he hears more of the story and so will tell you then we want to pray for for John Holman's family, his wife and his family and just as Lord only follow a God that you would be a comfort to the wife and the family at this time Lord and again you would be there be a comfort to them and again, our most sincere condolences in Jesus name we pray. Amen will be hearing more when John calls and tonight it's about an hour now anyhow want to get started tonight we have Wendy Wilson listen and that now is a good time to stock up with natural world natural medicines folks and will give you this phone number out during over the program tonight but it's 866-229-3663. You see the way things are going.

You need to stock up on food, water, medicine, real natural medicine okay and guns and ammo because our nation is being pushed to their trend of the climate is collectively death mob the death mob the corruption they're pushing this nation to a Civil War so Wendy I encouraged folks to do to use good common sense stock up and again Wendy's number is 866-229-3663 I would get the natural medicines while you can because that may be hard to do to it as we get closer to the Lord's return and closer to what's happening here so with that, Wendy. The title the message was the fatherhood of God and man. The fatherhood of God and man and we started out with the fatherhood of God has we should go with God first, in and so we we talked about the fatherhood him in the fatherhood of father the natural father of all men he DO the fatherhood of Israel and the fatherhood of the Gentiles, and the father the Christian, so tonight we go to pick it up with the duties of a father toward his children, the duties of a father toward his children where to start. In Genesis 37 Genesis 37 and ripping it up with verse three and so here now Israel loved Joseph Israel with Jacob is another name for Jacob was Israel loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age, and they made him a coat of many colors and when his brother and saw that the father loved him more than all his brother. They hated him and they could not speak peaceably unto him, Wendy, is this will we take a look at Joseph's family here we see a dysfunctional family should parents ever outwardly show favoritism now look it's a natural thing just in something that you can help often that you're going to love one child more than another, but in doing that is apparent and you know because you're a parent as I am. Should you ever another words outwardly show favoritism towards children, other than for their behavior are all correct and we may not realize were no uncertain thing and you also with children differently based on the child unique in unique and different failure approaches may be different based on the child permit the Bible don't provoke your children to welcome so in this case here. You know it's it's not an unusual thing for the youngest child. The baby child sometimes to be spoilt to know and hear and in this case that this child he will. He didn't have. You might say he didn't have really good human arm. Personal skills were comes to communication and Joseph came to dream and he told his brother and they hated him. Yet the more and he said to them here. I pray you this dream which I have dreamed for behold we were binding sheaves in the field below my sheaf arose and stood upright to behold your sheaves stood around about and made of sealants to my chief and the brother said to him shall doubt indeed reign over us, or shall doubt indeed have dominion over us and they hated them yet more for his dreams of words words is that was without a kind of a smart thing for the youngest brother to tell his older brothers at 11 (a two that can be run with more of an intellectual and he was more introverted and very bright. I delete well and he he was honest but he didn't use his people skills very well that he hi Kate look your youngest 12 brothers. The last thing you want to tilt our 11 brothers. The last thing you want to do is get them all angry at you right and so any dreamed he had another dream, and he told his brother and he said, behold, I dreamed a dream or in behold the son of the moon and 11 stars made up seems to me, and he told it to his father. Okay now this is where he really goes closer here and he told it to his father and to his brother and his father rebuked him and sent him. What is this dream that thou has been shall I and my mother and my brother and it did come and bow down our subtlety to do the to the earth, and his brothers envied him, but his father observed the same know what you think what you think that Jacob wasn't more harsh and when he had observed the saying of his young of Joseph was saying was that the father and his brothers were all going to bow down to him dream okay yeah well I reflected a little bit got you now Kate by dream sometimes so you probably wondering what plan Lord have in store for him to see my Jacob had some of those dreams himself deadly okay so that he understood that God communicated with dreams and when he heard this, he was thinking who I wondering what if there's something to all this right well here we see that the his brothers this cause as well as to be so jealous they were. They were willing to to they wanted to kill them, but the one brother, said notice not to that list. I do that okay and so they sold him into slavery did not.

Joseph was he was one of those people ever come across people that are in it. I mean, it's a good quality.

To be honest okay and say what you mean but and there are people that will say the right thing, but they'll do it at the wrong time in the wrong place differently than I recall. People people skills have yet in and so here Joseph was that way and so he gets sold in the ends up in Potiphar's house and so part of for patent had a wife and they now days they would call him a hot wife or what they would call a cougar right and so she did. She she had plans for her and Joseph would show Joseph didn't go along with so Joseph was very was honest about you heard the old saying a woman scorned is no hell have no fury and so she had that she was.

She was angry at him. She wanted to get revenge because he innovate turned her down, he rejected her and so he ended up spending more and half his life in prison. As he grew up before he got out and did his dream come the past and present. I believe he was. If I remember right, for about 20 years, you and so anyhow so there you go. No doubt that the thing here was love.

Okay this is what his father was to love his children. That's one what's one of the duties of a father is to love his children out.

Where did that come in here. What was the. The love here in this letter to show favoritism project that Bennett did well with the other boys help in or equal playing field and they got rid of one that they were telling right and so is his. His job was to to try to show them to try to show that love equally hung in here with and so he made it right here. You're right about that unite families were united, they youngest get away with more. Yeah yeah yeah we deftly that's usually the way it is him and so I wonder why I get older and your don't want to put forth the effort widens that what I've done since some studies in the it seems like the firstborn male. The first formulas usually someone who looks towards their very goal oriented. The goal the end of usually been engineers or in the case of an out very goal and and pretty usually notices, and in all cases but this is a tendency in this direction where the usually like the middle the middle. Let's say you had for three or four sons. He's usually an entrepreneur in Asia is the more the middle son usually gets involved in this is again like I said I one of the studies we had and the youngest usually stays at home lives at home.

The longest believes that the house, the latest and usually does not is not that motivated as the other two. And so that's according to the study that I read and so yeah and you know and when I think about that when I start thinking about some of the families I know that kind of applies and lovely cases and so now let's go over to instruct. Let's go over to Proverbs chapter 1 and Proverbs chapter 1 were going to read this, my son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother for they shall be an ornament of grace into the head, and chains about thy neck.

Okay so here when we take a look at that these instruct you and the father constructing the son and to well one of the things when he talks about, and forsake not the law of thy mother. What you think he means by laws of thy mother probably acting white matter. Tell a lot about people and how they treat their other family members or parent yeah you desire tendency for women to favor their sons more than their daughters and tendency for the fathers to do favor the daughters more than the mothers that okay so here yeah I've seen that a lot to Soviet instruction of thy father, the instruction of thy father in as we see that God has given man.

The father, the position of the head of the house and the son and the wife both are supposed to listen to the instructions of the father what he think that is the leader and Houston woman and helpmate under him and get an agreement very strong and they can raise a family very well okay so we see that God made man in his image and he made a woman in the image of man and that he made man and woman in his image. So we we see something interesting there. Here.

And then the woman was taken out of the man to be at his side okay is the helpmate and the children were to obey their parents right right and so that's where he comes what he says in the site not the law of thy mother for thy shall be an ornament of grace into thy head, and chains about thy neck out you know what a similar way, to think that the mothers are much better at us and instructing their children in some areas where it comes to I don't know having well with the call of the mothering instinct or you know taking care of the children, wiping her nose. I do think that's what he's talking about in those areas where it says wash your hands in propping rock the cradle yeah definitely at mom, you know, I probably heard their better at multitasking. Typically, not all men can multitask in a manner get it at that iron observation through people I've seen and entered a little bit more quick-tempered, a little bit more of a hothead.

Women are seem to be more patient with young children. I think yeah yeah I would agree. I saw an example that multitenant tasking was interesting things of years ago I had taken my boy out we were going out with some of my week. We went camping and when we there was this little like a little country restaurant and country store and as we went to get some breakfast. We set outside there was a very's there was a small room at a table and had about 10 men sitting at that table and these were pastors and their and one was one would be speaking they would take turns in and that outside that this little room set their wives and their wives wallet on these tables.

There was like for home and as if you look inside. He saw the glass, the one that was speaking the other would listen, but the women were all talking at the same time and I was I was watch that one table where you had these four women and at the other table behind them yet another form. Women they were all talking at the same time and the one woman who was talking to the three at her table legs back and she's she's talking GH is answering the ones behind her. Another word she was done only in the conversation with a 300 table which he was listening to the ones behind her and I said I said, I sure my son is that you see this in the sit how they do that. I don't know how they do that in the butt with combat. Think about it you're talking on your help them with homework and find a way to do all that stuff, you know, I can remember. My oldest boy when he was 10 when modeling for Bell and I had to drive him to modeling appointment that he was often being homeschooled might remember he had an audition for a TV commercial and I had to drive them all away to the beach area which is a 4 Hour Dr. and so on the way there I taught a couple 11 and then on the way back I taught a lesson. Diving and teaching at the same time. Well anybody could do it would be you. He goes on to say, my son, a citizen ties the consent, though not here's where the instruction comes in.

If they say, come with us, let us lay wait for blood letters learn privately for the innocent without cause. Let us swallow them up alive as the grave and whole, as those that go down to the pit, we shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil cast in thy lot among us.

Let us all have one purse that socialism and communism.

There my son, walk not in the ways with them and refrain thy foot from their path.

So what is he telling them here he's telling them here. They have nothing to do and have nothing to do with this world is telling them to these instructing them. The father was to instruct them in values and morals and priorities and to teach them to have a deep reference.

The most important thing is to bring them up in the admonition of the Lord. Have a deep reverence for God and so and then to instruct their children in the same matter and so a tight will be back right after this would more and John. He was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah's them by God the father claim #he was as bold as a lion he knew no fear and awesome big John. John in the wilderness of Judea.

If you could. There was regionally and it was very old generation of five hours worth the rent better listen, there's preach to the center.

The Milliron only one way out of that burning, like I truth under this righteous man knows the believing promised land that John John Joseph by the father to baptize the sun. It was there, and then Jordan saw something was, the Holy Ghost ascended his work with no mighty voice of the hundred.

This is my seven in whom I will leave John his friend. None greater than eight told people about God's son, never job was to big John John med. 2000 years later, it was glorious still being told how he was going to prison for being so bold was Martin hundred to him. It was on. He earned himself a man definitely out.

John Johnson amazingly perished in the shame John took his place in the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the Angels understood John preach repentance.

Good Baptist John.

Now there's one thing John wanted to know. It's a matter to lose your own so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man a big good at this, John John the Baptist.

John John the Baptist John the Baptist John the Baptist John Linda out we were waiting on on John returning to call and give us an update on John Holman and Willett were waiting on that Wendy. What we would you I'm turn you loose, but just before we do, we John returning with he does: to give us an update will have to go to that I wanted to say I want to say this to. I really appreciate. I really do appreciate all you folks the recalling and begging us you know not to go off off the air.

There in Tampa and San Diego and Lent. Believe me, we want to stay on as much as you want to son. I plugged my promises. We will do everything within our power to stay on their I know I'm getting a lot of phone calls and people are saying you know we don't want you to go we want to stay in and I will do all I can. Here's what you do right now. Force keep us in prayer on this and here's why. When you give your notice like this and we were forced to do that then then that airtime becomes open for Celsus to other people and were hoping that the that the cases that we don't have to that we can. I'm going to be talking with come will only see here probably probably Monday and I'm going to be to seek that between now and then we really need to gets a good turnout. Few folks have gotten your your newsletter and return envelopes if you could Milliman early Milliman Orlando. Sometimes you wait till you know the end of the month or whatever but Milliman early that will help us a lot. We can get that, but I will be talking and I promise you I will do it all the everything we can understand the stations we don't want to go off.

We made a lot of friends I hear from you guys out there all the time so pray for us, pray for us. Would you do that okay and that that the Lord will guide us and be in this here now we have John McCartin is here with us now. John give us the update on John Holman for Ken White earlier earning and the near was real. Heart attack.

They have home on wife's report and reported not working maybe have a circulating blood and they're going to wait for to three days. The latest to take a look at it hard to see how much damage can be repaired that so that's the latest, and on life support, which really doesn't care for him is a preference for John and also for the that the Lord be comforted to his family. Mother. Mother Littlejohn's mother still alive, well 95 can be and she's a widow, John would solely go there for her and take care of her needs and that.

So the boss. Big shock mother. Let's see, she must've been very young when he was born. Then, so all right will go ahead and lead us into the prayer. Yet father we have from the drawing before you board your servant people you greatly on your word. I mean really anyone that honors your word movement and Lord. I learned a lot with him through the years and now board. The great time of need. Had a heart attack where it's going to take days for this to settle out exactly what happened and board.

You didn't take him right away and asked the Lord's prayer room more grandpa more time and that you… Mother and comfortable for sure she's in shock was speaking directly to John's heart that you would power the Holy Spirit restore his heart, so would function normally, but were asking that the power of the Holy Spirit would move forward through him. There and touch yield his heart. And Jesus and we had a man a man. The only journey I was talking to him Monday and he said his pulse would not come down.

I told you concerned about it so we went to the doctor yet yesterday and I didn't hear from American went to the doctor and then this morning I was notified by his wife that the and it was way see like text me the way it was with John, died with CPR. They brought him back in the in the hospital now. She doesn't know what's going on so but he did say he died in the back your well he did call me last Friday. He called me and said that it was that not able to the program. He was not feeling very good.

It was seriously ill and that was last Friday quite a while already well all you folks out there if you keep John in prayer, I know we'd appreciate it and I know John appreciated. We would know prayer is important very important already.

John, would you want to stay would Wendy like Wendy since she is a smart little woman and she's going to tell us about some things and so you just hang in there and cohost with us tonight if you would. Okay so this Wendy taken away below and talk about preparing for the monkeypox okay you heard about my talk and in all over the media and monkeypox is really monkey and land that were injected with smallpox and they developed monkeypox and monkeypox. Similar to smallpox but Maryland wanted deadly way to feign it and anything monkeypox will have the same symptoms that small talk with one exception. It'll also have inflammatory gland issues emphatically on your head. Try to mandate travelers to where man traveling by plane to prevent the spread monkeypox care about that. Yeah I did it. I also heard that come the 25th which would be I believe would be Friday night, Saturday they were going to the WHO that will help you was going to mandate that that we go back to the masks we going to go back to you know sheltering in and in trying to push that hold control thing on us again and now it looks like there thinking well that the people are going to fall for it again so will see if I try to extract, go ahead. They wanted people that travel by plane, demand All that fly, no pun intended.

People start pushing back because they understanding that it it it it usually transferred through body fluid. Though now course probably heard some of the infection. These experts on the TV being interviewed thing that you can you can catch it through droplet interbreeding and droplet would happen faster if you were taking care of somebody that was infected with smallpox in your rent for a while, long time so I'm that typically how you would get it, breathing it in his if you are a caregiver for someone when now wanted to mention that in 1977 probably noticed 1970, 70 smallpox abolished a quick given the vaccine rate and here is a quote from Andy McIntyre after exit the in epidemiology at Estrella University in New South Wales.

He that this can happen and spread around the world in week remodeled our worst case scenario Kate impact on the world would be worse than a nuclear attack it would take over four years to control the epidemic their priming the pump with fear and dad that your right eye think their patient to another lockdown more control and all that but you know when days of announcing this monkeypox infection is the rheology expert and bioterrorism were already signing an outbreak lien for world leaders so you can remember, cooperation is pretty critical and it is a that world leaders and it except prevented that. I expect people to comply like they do but cut Prof. McIntyre said it's critical that all effort and resources focused on the source of the epidemic on the area of the world which struggle to achieve containment so that, in compliance going to be noted now. Prof. McIntyre also says in the United States. There's enough smallpox vaccine on hand for all the US population and this in itself should tell you that my pastor yeah should I instead they had the they had that they already had a supply of this monkeypox back.

I don't think they had enough of the world. They had a supply back in 2019 back have very short shelf life smallpox short shelf life now.

Three when pandemics were not quite yet in our world, but they were off the financial meltdown think like that. This report from UCLA department at the genealogy school, stated that due to a lack of demand you have destroyed over 81,000, which is 810 filed smallpox vaccine file containment and the smallpox vaccine and 90 day shelflife and expiration date, the smallpox vaccine nonreplicating strain is $4.85 replicating strain $28.50 and trade of constant training to distribute the next scene is $257 and 44. Government has invested 82,000 $500,000 to cover our youth population with Lompoc Prepared to use it. Short shelf life.

So on. I believe they hope to get people vaccinated with this before the end of this year. They hear something so incredibly interesting in and standards and after John checked it into three demand Department of Public Health received $1 million to run the smallpox campaign. Although it didn't include the cost that I think given the next team by the federal government and the director of the national allergy and infectious disease, testified before the Senate panel in 2003 that the nation had 15 million to the smallpox vaccine in reserve and that testing showed that the available vaccine would retain potency, even if they diluted it to create as many as 75 million down there that that was an interesting statement, though it that at the vaccine diluted 500 person saying it's still potent enough to protect you from smallpox, so that tells you is the original data is very toxic what it sounds like to me yet.

Now, according to the LA Department being out people the public health. They said smallpox was officially eradicated 1977 with the last naturally occurring case reported in Somalia, but the attacks of September 11 as well as the arrival of latent letters. Remember the space-age young old steers has fueled fears of rogue agent attempting to use smallpox as a tool of terrorism is another interesting little bit so the cover 19 experimental vaccine thing and Jim Some devastating effects and reports of effectiveness hearing the smallpox monkeypox & stand that the vaccine is safe and there and say well at night and experimental vaccine. It's been around for so they're going to negate that argument. However, in on the smallpox acne distance from UCLA department epidemiology. They said smallpox inoculation campaign was hampered from its inception, first by concerns among healthcare workers over who would pay their medical bills built from the vaccine and whether they would be continued to get paid while recovering the vaccine they say is generally safe but compared to patients widely given today. It does have a higher risk with previous experience showing 1 to 2 recipients per million down. I as a result of receiving but I do have other statistics after 29% of those vaccinated with smallpox have been templated of the brain swelling of the brain and die, and 5% get what it: vaccine necrosis and I killed yourself and felt dying and you die so those are very different.

Statistics in one or 2 million well so you know what the side effects are from the poxvirus know that we currently don't know well and apparently itching: left armpit at the injection site and yet sore arm at the injection site, fever, headache ranch keeps the life-threatening reactions are cute egg ranch.

No one with eczema should ever get this vaccine.

They will die from an excrete dream extreme case of eczema can remember you're the largest organ of the body, pastor also necrosis ulceration and encephalitis brain swelling and you know there's an there is a hemorrhagic smallpox version of the virus. Did you know that no I didn't know that okay so if you get smallpox. Get the doors all over your body is sore in that instance would delete okay now the thing to remember is God given us some herbs that have inhibitors to hemorrhagic fever viruses and also the smallpox K and the Native American Indians discovered herbed order plants that have been intended her to smallpox and they discover that after well I don't know how they discovered that they probably know that the smallpox was spread through and what was the other that was spread through that was brought over here from Europe and the Indians were infected with that and right. There was so fired them at your writing with the European virus they had never seen it before but the native American Indian always relied on natural plan for well so member they got blanket that relations with smallpox for me. Yeah, they had fleas.

I think that when the blankets that the spread and so they had to find something quickly said that they're the ones that covered the pictures plan has a natural inhibitor to smallpox.

I was looking I was looking up some research on smallpox clinical trials, and here it is public library of client 2012, where they stay in a nutshell, when they put smallpox in a petri dish. The virus and then they introduce the picture plan. It destroyed the smallpox but whatever whatever made him think to begin with this display at this picture plan might do that. We do think that they just look we know that something out there is going to do it in the they just started trying different plants have been interesting thing about the picture, plan it, the family and the flytrap plant fight trap planets right yeah yeah is to have one of those that I was a kid.

Okay. Client got its name because it credits into a shape. It looks like a bout to a picture okay. Pour water in a picture and there basically kind of the same kind of collar that you as your venous flytrap.

Her bright green a little bit of orange or red or yellow, it there very much an ornamental plant and that's how their ground today do not really grown as bulk medicinal you know they are grown as ornamental so they're kinda hard to get. Because of that very reason we were able to get 70s plant roots and feed from the pictures plan and that we put together a formula in which we hope to release in a couple weeks very, very good. This is what I was telling people they need to stock up on the John, are you still there with us is is Johnston County. All you always wanted. You know because you haven't said anything in this absorbing light why I thought you might have some questions know because you hear that though this is amazing thing.

So you're preparing your go to get your your medicine. Your real natural medicine and you're going to have a dose of this when they start in case they start trying to dump the monkeypox on us. From what I understand about the monkeypox.

It's is spread 98% of spread vice sodomites homosexual acts while your body fluid again mentioned the hemorrhagic version of smallpox Champion root has been inhibitor to hemorrhagic fever in the Ebola magic smallpox. So you got Jan Kenrick to have that basically been used for a long time as a digestive aid and help prevent overheating and also help food without stomach in a timely manner, but it also has this wonderful inhibitor to hemorrhagic viruses who would've known and now people want to really get your catalog because what when where they say that the folks in the catalog she explains all of these things, the different herbs of the different that you need for it looked like I'm just looking here, you got she's got a pandemic kit.

Protect yourself from mutating pathogens and a resistance to anti-German side herbs or immune boosting nerves in the kit. She has all of the Stubbins she's got American ginseng youth today should not euthanasia and getting us the it anyhow so you got all of these things then you have also a pneumonia kid you got the snakebite spider bite boys is that it was White's kit. The power herbs get you got to it.

Since I been folks get this little catalog you love it you absolutely love it and you get a point. You were Harold government now report that data available that the coveted 19 vaccine increases single 4000% to now what they're thinking is people that have contracted.

I guess coveted what in whatever way you want to think of it, probably through vaccine. I would think they said they may not have small monkeypox or or or smallpox that it could be just talk that they mistake in single really though they may be in killing people for monkeypox but it's really instigating you now reaction to shingles. The chickenpox I do know that the medical Association do you mean that the they have really lost a lot of credibility. They've taken a huge hit with her credibility began so much malpractice and in the I've got a bunch of articles here coming up to break and after that break I want to regions of these articles and have both of you comment on it. Are you ready for that. I all right there you go. So we got about 30 seconds left when we come back a bombshell wheat we just touched on this about a week or so ago of Pfizer's own documents admit that the RNA covert vaccines will result in mass depopulation. This is what we we had on this is no really I will read you some of this and have you guys, then also death claims up 6,000,000,005th largest life insurance company in the world. Be right back with more don't go away. More to come. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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