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FRI HR 2 061722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 18, 2022 12:17 am

FRI HR 2 061722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 18, 2022 12:17 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR thousand 600 short of our goal that we have a broad sweep of the rebels love no what to say that you budget is 25 and Sheridan New York pledges 50 happy birthday Josh when Georgie says somebody else pledges 55, but I can't read it and James in Ohio pledges 40 and Ray in Philly pledges five so folk so we need to hear from you at 888-677-9673 or 8882811110V go to our website to give you don't have a computer they accept PayPal to accept credit cards. They accept checks and also now crypto and so the address is WR, WL the addresses WR WL 14781. That's 14781. Start all over the because letter phones when he heard me give this there were looking for pen and paper so it's WR WL 14781 Sperry that's SPE RR Y SPE RR White Rd., Newberry, and a W be your why this in EWB or what OH 44065 again 44065. We deftly need to hear from you own. By the way, if you don't get our newsletter. You really should.

You don't know what you're missing. It is a good one and it's going all the time but it's free. Don't question anything so just to ask for it because a lot of what were talking about here and some of things that we don't get the cover here we have in that right of physical letter write your name down the and were weak and very even to make sure that when you write this, I want to be put in your newsletter.

Make sure that we have a complete address and is not a bad idea to put your phone. Listen, if you put your phone number. Every now and then I'll go and hug out. Give me a few minutes and I will call some of the people that of support address and I will call him to think him and purpose person and often people are really surprised to hear from you and I can't believe that I'm calling but I'll do that. I do it because I loved to talk to the folks out there that are like-minded and so now were going to John were going to play the clip here that will get to come back all you and I asked that question before the break down. No, I don't know Lavinia and let me say this to go ahead and beat the cream court. And length of time, time, and 2014 that recognized quote homosexual marriage is they said that there was nothing in history. They actually said that the resulting in history that they're making up something that never happened before. So that shows you know I think the only time it happened before you know what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah, but it happened in the days of Noah. The Bible tells us that the before Christ, and will be like the days of Noah, so we really out on a limb earning never happens all made up. The institution of marriage with me before God before man fill in consent. I attempted To God created the marriage between a man and a woman and now and in the arrogant of the Supreme Court of sin. The made up something that had never existed a direct 100% contrary to God's word. Well, for the first 200 years of art history, baby killing child killing was was illegal fact if you go back in the back of thousand years.

It was illegal because it was a lawful but that that ungodly court that that was supreme only in their sin, and only in the rebellion against God. They they found according to them.

You remember what it was that they found in the Constitution, the sinner woman has a right the King about privacy Fairburn well it was emanations of the penumbra you see that I looked all through the Constitution very badly when right here with me and I looked all through their and is no emanations open number in their and and you know what emanations of the number is emanations is like little flashes of light and balls of light in a penumbra is when it's it's like Dawn when is is like a shadow is like it the it in the evening when linear, you're just a desks time and is like a shadow there. So in, in the shadow they found these little impulses alight. This is a woman's got a right to kill her baby. What would you say that is they all thought that because they didn't know when life began account personal right were not provided for the baby and the one in the airport with the nonperson and you could do to it what you want that back back there legal reasoning will be the Constitution did not allow the right that we all are supposed to enjoy the baby in the will, and therefore could be killed, but I think I have seen in the Bill of Rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The very first one was life sold and then they were lying through their teeth. The baby not born so according to the Supreme Court of sin has no right only have to be born and now even though you're born in California.

They want to be able to kill a newborn baby during the process of legalizing it up to about a month.

That's very month, Yahoo statement of the site for you to monitor the girl boy is born welcome.

All it would say that's not really what it's about Jim this not what it's about role what it's really about is these these newborn babies fully delivered babies. Their body parts sale in the market by the most wicked, evil, ungodly right from hell itself Democrats.

The Democrats right from hell they want to take in and they dissect these babies alive because they can't give anything for pain because it would damage the parts so that they dissect them alive these of the most merciless, evil, wicked, these people would be would make Democratic senators and judges appointed by Biden in the Democratic Party. That's how wicked they are directly right confirm and Planned Parenthood was openly talking through those recorded recorded about how much money they get corn intact baby for the brain and so much for the heart and all in the abortionists were talking about full-term babies. How much money they got the part right now. When I I would be surprised if even hell would close her gaze to these people.

That's how wicked their right.

We have let me see where Whiteley love sharing the New York pledges 50 James know where he did that okay George, 55 okay Bernie, I want to put a plug in your newsletter. I get it every month and I don't know what month of the month before. Now, but you had. A couple articles in there that were I mean outstanding outstanding information, and in the fact I meant. Maybe I might have it right here at the site. I don't have but I highly recommend going on Bernie newsletter because every article that he has been there is really top-of-the-line information is what the enemy does not want us to have. We got a clipping and a plate.

I want to say Laura and Michigan pledges 25 and Pete Galvani pledges 40 and go ahead and all that's Pete in Canada and its 400 okay the not go in play that clip I got wipe up my glasses. I guess you and Dinesh just uses 2000 mules, a team with over 40 years of experience investigating election security and election fraud provide crystal clear evidence that the 20/20 election was rigged.

They did so by focusing their investigation on only 2000 individuals. A small percentage of the entire operation. These 2000 individuals were tracked via cell phone data and video surveillance cameras, which clearly shows them knowingly committing voter fraud over and over again while photographing themselves doing all acting as mules delivering ballots from Democrat aligned NGOs to official ballot boxes in the 2020 election 2000 felons caught on tape.

This movie provides smoking gun proof that the 2020 election was stolen and makes it absolutely apparent that the entire system is corrupt because where is the justice if America had any actual law enforcement they could simply arrest these 2000 mules and start an official investigation, which would undoubtedly reveal what many of us already know that the people currently destroying America from within were not elected by the American people but we don't have law enforcement and we don't have a news media on a personal note I have to say that this movie was depressing, infuriatingly depressing. Yes, it has smoking gun evidence that the election was stolen but it was also a stark reminder of how the American people have no voice. We knew the election was stolen. That's why millions of us marched on DC and the biggest peaceful protest of our nation's history.

It was obvious to us all. But after a few dozen feds fired off a couple flash bombs and murdered an innocent woman in cold blood, fake Republican grifters ran home with their limp tails between their legs submissively agreeing to never speak of election fraud ever again even as hundreds of innocent Americans rot in jail. And even as the country is destroyed from within. They have been silent all for fear of losing their meaningless jobs of selling the American people. The biggest lie of all that their vote counts for those of us paying attention clearly doesn't. But that doesn't stop the charlatans from telling you all you have to do is get out and vote, Democrats are in full support of destroying America and the Republicans are all cowards to show both sides are nothing but prostitutes to the big banks and their lobbyists happy to see the country slip into the abyss, so long as they get their paycheck will sell you the truth online for $20 and hope it satiate because that's all you get. There is no justice. The American people on their own, and the sooner we realize that the better because we the people have been praying for a miracle and that miracle is here. Time miraculously, we still have time to act, but that time is rapidly running out and voting is no longer a solution. Not until we fix this broken election system.

There will never be anything resembling a fair and honest election ever again in this country if we the people don't come together and exact justice now reporting for info wars. This is Gregory's Gregory's I couldn't have said it better myself. Exactly right. Everything you said is exactly right folks is now this is what we been telling John ill. We said here on this program. 50 years ago that it was going to be this way it was going to be this way. If people didn't act. We talked about it, remember what we did would we try to get them when they kicked got out of the public schools back in 62. We try to get people the pastors in a few Q1 down if you if you went down 73 we got a little a few more were able to stand up and at one time I went with 100 passes to the seat and add to the Senate.

But there should've been 100,000 of us but there wasn't an eight the innovate. The people did not they become lethargic. They just were more concerned about having two cars in the driveway and living their lives in an all around them. They were oblivious to what was happening.

We begged them and begged them and begged them to get you children of the public full system.

We told him there. Your indoctrinating your children, your and dark into communism there to teach your children to disrespect you and that to everything you stand for the hate and they did and said no were telling them just like he just said you gotta stand up and fight back and resisted every corner make a very clear speak out be vocal about, you know, Abe Lincoln said for men to remain silent wishes because it makes cowards of men and destroys nation.

São Tomé is an abominable sin and those involved in those that accepted God has said, are an abomination and listen you can argue with God. But you can't win in the Bible says all of those that hate God, love, death of rightness, they would really love no gay data Michigan pledges 100 Carolyn Illinois pledges 100 Andrea from Adina pledges 40 Patrick in Ohio pledges 100 and Sharon in New York's late 55 inches. That happy birthday to Josh. When George, I got it out right. Okay now okay here's where were at right now. Weird. We need about OTC. We need 3800 we need 3800.

We are 3800 short of our goal and we have approximately 32 minutes 33 minutes, so were 3800.

We need more than $100 a minute. We take we do take credit cards.

We do take a PayPal credit cards, checks, and even crypto now and so again this is this is what we have to do in and by will or going to believe in a miracle okay right now. Again, I wanted to tell you, and we we told you long. This is summertime things always drop off where where we want to believe that that maybe we get a miracle from God but unless God chooses not to be going off San Diego, Tampa and Atlanta. We don't want to do that and I know a lot of your call and beg and say please the golf week we want to stay on as much as you wanted to stand but unless unless God intervenes, and I know that there are people out there.

He's blessed with very deep pockets that can help us stay there and I can take this as long as we are, as long as I get any breath in me. I'm not can I will not compromise within a bring you we will stand against Joe Biden by the way, did you hear what Joe Biden said that he said that Exxon has more money than God would say that all full doesn't know that God doesn't need money right unbelievable.

Yeah, these off the gurney that the American people letter against him.

You know that I heard his enemies he was going to deal with in the Glen body that are against him are mentally ill will he he he should know something about mental illness.

I guess. Joe Biden said he is unpopular because Americans are mentally ill.

Well, he may have accidentally told the truth as far as the mentally ill part. There is well at my boo-boo but spiritually, mentally ill about them is unpopular because he's destroying America and America even Democrats don't like paying six dollars were yelling yes and even Democrats don't like to have you know foreclosures have gone up 181% foreclosures, 181% you they don't like losing their homes either do they. And you know what a lot of them don't like going to the stores and pain. Huge huge prices for food and guess what is going to be massive shortages, massive and Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party BlackRock gates is the largest landowner in the company country. He's been buying up farms to shut them down so they can produce food. They want to be in control of whatever food is left, the elite, they believe that when you can destroy America. Nancy Pelosi invited the so-called elites believe they'll have enough money to take care of themselves and provide themselves with the security let the other people died. This is the mindset of these extremely wicked evil people had long, but what were saying here is something that happening by itself on sacred happening directed by policy directed exactly by policies coming out of Washington and Joe Biden.

The Democrats and Republicans. Many Republicans going along with them. I mean the border is wide open and was vital on the trunk we were exporting gas and oil on the trunk now importing it and that's what was striking against the sole expense of the policies of the store that matched destroying the foreman policies that are making it difficult performing on the list goes on and on and on. This plan, this is plan.

This is an agenda that we warned about that the Democrats have they want destroy America as we know they hate us.

They absolutely need a Native American day God they hate God, you're a playwright absolutely right and I don't know how much longer we can sit by and let this happen. Folks like you get to the point of no return so early this year inflation doing it sucking the life right out of the middle class sucking the wealth out the middle class and day by day more people will be going into poverty and then I can have all her savings will be gone. The exhaust of the debt and they can't make ends meet between food and and gas and other expenses so would be slipping huge numbers of Americans enemies looking at the request are exactly what Biden and his henchmen want exactly top of that you know they want to discern the American people that let tugging gun control indictment disarming this and they want to have a 1000% tax they want to put a thousand percent tax on handguns thousand percent tax earning. We have a constitutional right to own a weapon to defend ourselves correct, now called Second Amendment right amendment which the Supreme Court has ruled on correct correct and build the Democrats have to go along with the Supreme Court because the Supreme Court is no other higher calling for that know they got to do the club dinner houses and scream and yell threatened and they don't have to worry about being arrested because there is no they didn't get the credit Communist Party date. There is no independent Department of Justice. There is none.

Right now you know just like to be blowing up all of the food manufacturers, and that the DOJ does nothing far left abortion go to Jane's revenge thereof. There there making terrorist threats if they said they got it burned down all the pro-life pregnancy centers of their and that very very corrupt very very corrupt, very corrupt cop AG Atty. Gen. Garland says nothing about it because he's he's bought Hayes paid for. He is sold his very soul and and also getting much attention.

Number of refineries requires one the biggest ones in the country are pirates going to be shut down for weeks about ready to close another one because they won't allow it to be recoded very old and very costly to keep a running the government will renew like what's needed to build another refinery.

Shutting down refineries they call their shutting down rights to explore for more oil and gas. America is under siege by the enemy and the enemy is called a democratic. I'm his party awareness he earning they want to get rid of you and they want us to have like windmills and and cattle will you have to cover the country with solar panels and then after earning fate did not exit number three hot down here and were actually just hold it for one minute. One of the women I get you the numbers though because right now where we're still about what they say about 37 we need 33,700 and we have approximately 25 minutes 25 minutes we generate 3700 we are doing 25 minutes. 88828111108882811110 now Nancy in Wisconsin pledges 50 Tony and Parma pledges 100 Janice in Minnesota pledges 70 Barbara and Pennsylvania pledges 50 and Sarah in Michigan pledges 50 888281111048 right now I'll give that address out again with you that the address is WRWLWRWL1478114781 Spirit SPE RR why is SPE RR why Road Ohio. Note Newberry Sperry Rd., Newberry any WBURY this any WB you are why OH 44065 getting in the address out now, who had taken of Jan about Texas in the heat. Yet, we are all on electricity back at any moment because blackout ran out so how are right now.

Let's say 100,000 vehicles in Texas were 500,000 tomorrow or electric electricity going to come to Rome because we see that's the see that's the thing I have the laugh I have the left left. How stupid can people be they want you know you have to use coal or oil flight, you know, refineries are yeah no longer will require that a lot colder than what nuclear energy transfer know they know what nuclear either by them. We can't do it they wanted. I our economy and their doing it by what we want you clean energy lyrically electric and come about nuclear reactors, no, no more use of the most refineries for oil of the electric company.

No, Colt know so there was nothing they wanted to speak, destroy, pastor, and then when it comes to narrow the fertilizer to dipper light it like a course are going crazy and I told as well let the farmers learn how to use natural maneuver in Olympic minutes. She couldn't say that natural perlite. The reason enough natural fertilizer pastor wanted to do it tomorrow. We couldn't do it occasionally.

In the meantime the people. This is an agenda quote.

You've got to understand that they are out systematically destroying America. As you know, the right to let me let me ask you this. Okay they cannot if they cannot afford to have a fair and honest election come come November they know that they know that they have that to basically there will be no more death or credit Communist Party. If there is an election. What if they think that I didn't try to stop the election well I think they're going to go last week that that one of the things that jumps out at me and in July and August and early September extremely hot. And how about capitalizing the electric grid and bringing down electricity and very shortly you have massive riots throughout the country very shortly to be provided another type of a right to be no heat at me. No air-conditioning and things like that so they could declare martial law and saving the election is suspended because of the rioting and you can't go and we know will be suspended until a court of the control which it never will be. So yeah, that's one thing that comes to my mind.

Learning with these people also all flags no continued violence so shooting up school, things like that make people really afraid he were a big increase in crime so it is very things they could do and I would protest about trying to destroy. I only articulate a little what you doing.

So if they're trying to slowly store angular regulators.

Now strangle. Why not do it quickly put in the grid, pastor and bring it down quickly: the law and that's the end of the voting. I don't know this and they just might do that that's that's what he may do okay Joe instead. Nine pledges 100 and anonymous in Pennsylvania pledges 500 and okay so that probably raises down to about 3100. We need about 3100 and we've got approximately 20 minutes.

20 minutes to raise 3100, how we gotta do it. We've got a doing plug-in show. Now I don't know.

I know that Michelle was on the cutting edge about 19 and what was about. He is a liar and an we had doctors on here date: fibronectin and all the things that could protect you on the cutting edge of that and showing your also on the cutting edge of what's going on with which I just articulated about Democrat party and I would systematically destroying the I don't hear that on really any person we will hear in the May meeting you on your maybe maybe a little bit but this is from a long time ago bringing this forward to the people when virtually no one else was Alex Jones of the lien that a couple others so you your reading cutting it. Is there any unit you're not on the people going to be deprived of a lot of knowledge they need a lot of knowledge so I'm imploring people to pay attorney can eat. It has to be by you to do it Corporation they associate with him. They'll still be attacked and everything else so it takes for people to support him and told you that come July 3 stations and I have to go down there and co-authoring the support of the committee, more more likely ended on covering their cause, so please keep an open and to get vital information out to you else else important. Please note that on those three stations, Tampa, San Diego and Atlanta put Denver is right on the coating line. Denver is very close to that to sink any outflows keeping this power in prayer power in prayer and we we deftly need health permit. Anyhow, and a needle again. Ernie if you could call it a little earlier tonight I'd like to pray quickly about the nation what's going on in precedent cry out to God for this is Gay pride month and how that offense and Catherine well we will do that in a pastor now is to break pastor hello he's called into he wants to give the invocation tonight and so again delete will do that we need limitation tomorrow in Chardon, Ohio tomorrow. The sodomites are having their their satellite parade out there and then. Good people really come out and they're going to stand there and hold the gospel's messages. All right, so here's what we need right now. We need approximately 30 relevancy. We need approximately 2500. We need 2500 to make a goal right now and so we want to see Ivana Pennsylvania pledges 50 thank you you Yvonne and Joanne NER pledges 300. Thank you Joanne and pastor Hal, let me see pledges 100. So thank you pastor have a right and note that bring him up.

But in my near a right hang in there healthier urinary and not so for the rest of the program with John and I your cohost okay but I wanted to say this to you want to make a quick announcement to Wendy Wilson from apothecary herbs is having a Father's Day so folks. We were telling you look food is good to get the price of food to go up and it's good to get more more scarce.

Just like and here's what we advise you to do stock up in food you really need to stock up on food. If you have if you have firearm stock up on ammunition. If in an would be good to have resources of water where you can get good clean water and it would be good to tend to. If you can. I know gas prices are hybrid Phillipson cans of gasoline also is a very good idea to have natural medicines, natural medicines and the best natural medicines. You can find out there are right from Wendy Wilson. I've been using for years and folks, that number is 866229366327 Father's Day sale and I think is up to 50% off some things 888229 Notes 866-988-8866 229-3663 or just go to the power and now would be an excellent time date to stack up because Wendy is is having problems getting supplies to them by the way, the reminds me the wheat we bought and paid for another another whole shipment of 2000 meals and I know was happening out there. What took place. Remember, with hydroxychloroquine never met then how there were those in the post office holding them up and shipments were being lost.

This stuff was being done on purpose by the deep state and I would not doubt that the folks don't worry about my cough, but when I had to do a lot of radio and that they just you wear not your voice cake and what's what's happening. I I will not be a bit surprised that they could be surprised if they were trying to hold up shipments of 2000 meals and so there you go. And with that the school we have rain California pledge of 500.

Thank you Ray and Jean in Illinois pledges 25 thank you Jean is that what were getting closer folks. I think were getting close we got about one 2000 I think were down to about 2000, but we only have 12 minutes 12 minutes 12 minutes three so go ahead John you you pray for America and also pray for that we make our pledges tonight and and then hell you would give that implication okay father we are before you in the name of Jesus and Lord, we recognize that you only and that you will write in your mutable and you do not change for the hour we live in the culture or anything like that, your Holiness is the same now as it was back when we go through the Scripture and Lord of highly offended you taken your institution of marriage which you made before mantle and consent. It was the first institution in the Bible, you blessed holy and it's between a man and a woman and then thank you that it is your plan and Lord, the Supreme Court of an American mollified and tried to make what you describe is sin equal to your institution of marriage between a minimum, more businesses they create an abomination in the Bible.

The land is filed because of an Lord we are seeing things now with incredible trout that last time was like 1500 years ago the reservoirs, the drying up the sources of hydropower are ending on their no crop of the drought is actually spreading. It started in the West and attending to contact the crops of dye.

Everything is fine and that there could there have been already requires and the season hasn't started yet more the stock market is is locking in really, and all sorts of breath flashes abounded classic the market.

Now the same thing all sorts of warnings about the food supply taking place right now. Inflation sucking the life out of the nation.

This is good pride month. Their matching matching board where where humble before you crying out for mercy and more.

The answer is not political but spiritual. And we need a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

We need repentance on the part of your people. We need fire in the pulpit in the belly of the pastor than the Pope. We need your people crying out for you for mercy of the abominations that are taking place in our land that the church would come to the realization of your holiness, and that could be a true godly fear of you and our land would otherwise I think wouldn't be turned into Solomon. Like Kumar, according to the Scriptures, and that we would get the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah from earth, where pleading with you all the current out pouring a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, thank you pastor earning for the truth. Never old blackboard the tonight with the whole truth at Gertrude in your descriptions were presented accurately in contact with in your word not return void and I asked that that the great starring amongst listeners, Lord of understanding. Now we live in.

The danger were in with you the danger that the nation is in economically, naturally, Lord. It's with the food chain.

Everything is in danger board. Everything right in front of her door asking for mercy and were asking that our heavenly father would send one more great outpouring of the Holy Spirit to back that thing that eating us alive here in Jesus name I have payment name in the cable hell before you start wondering get the phone numbers out again.

The numbers eight inflow suite was still 2000 short. We've only got about well to get about eight minutes and were 2000 short and so again we we need to hear from you out there listing the number is 88828111108882811110 we never compromise. We never stood down in 50 years and 50 years, we've never stood down with never back off.

We stood our ground because we really do we really do believe the word of God. We really do want to bring America back to one nation under God and so would not like so many out there that are symbolism over substance. There's so much out there are so many hirelings in the pulpits that are that are there to comfort zone when not that way we understand look like Moses. Moses could have been a prince. He could've been a king but he chose to obey God instead and we where these were the same way we go down the same path and and again I want to thank all of you for all of these years that have supported us To send their we made.

I know we made a difference with all the letters we get from you. We had many many many letters from you out there saying they never would've known about this, they would've known about: we've had people tell us how because they heard on us about the death shots and by the way, don't forget end in March 2020 we were telling you about the kill shot in March 2020 we were telling you we were tell you about Fauci will tell you how this stuff the whole thing is corrupt and Bill Gates the idea since back in the 80s, we were trying to tell you about the depopulation we were out there when nobody else was speaking about it. We were telling you what they're doing and we were right when a percent of all it all the time and so again we we deftly need to hear from you the phone numbers are. We get with got five minutes and we need 2000 or 2000 short 2000 shortly have five minutes left. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. Hell, go ahead and and give an invitation and ain't out like what John said the LGBT Q outside of the galore that God inspired brimstone… Because what they were doing was was so bad it made got sick in the stomach in the Bible it says that the lukewarm nurse makes got sick in the stomach. Well abominations even more so and decrepit people in this country got a realized that if they go along with that they say well you know is not hurt me in on. Along with this kind can judge them for doing that they were doing that, you know that Dave is not a cause, you know, he took up authority when, after glad God is expecting you Christian after sword and fight the good fight of faith. And if you just sit back and let evil trying to hold you accountable you are doing to know the most important thing the night that when you die you want to go to heaven and the Bible says in Christ all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. But Jesus said I am the way that you like no man comes by me. She got stand was God hates sin, and no matter how much he loved you and me can't think of the heaven Jesus Christ to pay that righteous pavement in our place and led Jesus to transfer your son and all work payment for your sin in my medically many as received him, that's Jesus Christ you want calibrate and then gave me the power to become perfect God. Right now your creations of God, son of God and that happened in your heart that you repent shall likewise carry the Gotti nerves already anyway. That's without you. I come in your heart. Clean slate must make a brand-new Creighton 112 then gave me the part of God. Ephesians 289 and not of yourself, think you got your good works to THE Catholic Church caffeinated in the way the light no man can make you want that salvation. 13 for call upon the name of the Lord shall be paid. We can pray together right now. I think the time like you and God you can pray when you say we do that right now you talking dear God please forgive me. I believe he died on the cross state. Michael and I hear now my heart and give me eternal life in Jesus name, amen.

You just pray that prayer first John 513 for the writ meant you that believe on the natives that I got to make no that you have eternal life, that you may wish to think you might have that you may not have a life. God cannot lie over and I wanted to say anonymous is St. Paul pledges 50 Mr. Terry and Texas pledges 1201 Honda in Texas pledges 1000 think for right I wanted to again thank all of you folks out there. Again, we would made of the will be here for a few minutes left and if you still we could use more weed. We want to stay on those stations that will be here for probably another five minutes and so we would if we could easily help we get now wanted to say this to fathers that want to wish everyone all you fathers out there happy Father's Day and also wanted to say you guys were the Bible has a lot to speak on when it comes to father zero fathers have the qualifications and and fathers have duties and what is required of them in God's Word, the Bible.

The Bible speaks to you hardly ever hear that preach that and that's what I'll be preaching on this coming Sunday. Doers of the word Baptist Church at 14781 Sperry Rd. that's doers of the word Baptist Church, 147 81 this coming Saturday or Sunday. We started 9R8 30 we started a 30 morning with a praise and worship in the 9 o'clock with an in-depth real in-depth Bible study and then we go of the regular service starts at 1115 and I'll be preaching on what God's Word, the Bible has to say about fathers might surprise you that there's a lot more than then you know and then were going to be showing a film and believe that 5 o'clock and current events in the Bible and the pastor Hellyer to be preaching at 6 PM correct correct okay and you know what you preaching on it. The attack on the Bible. All right, very good, that's a good topic all right. I wanted to say okay before we go. We've got the let me say I had to go back to where would we leave off of. Show me where I left okay arraignment in Escondido. Okay in Escondido pledges 500. Thank you Raymond anonymous in Dearborn mentioned ledges 250 Anita and San Diego pledges 200 Robert in Michigan pledges 50 and Gail in Massachusetts pledges 100 and Annette NER pledges 20 thank you thank you thank you thank Lori, how much time do I have already I want to thank John and you have been a real company contributed to this radio ministry over the years in which you been doing in Pakistan and these other places preaching and leaving so many to the lost souls to the Lord. I want to thank you for doing that in the past, or how it's been a real major contributor to a ministry he's got his truck stop ministry where he ministered to truckers coming through the don't really have a church and you know and then months. Actually, they come because the big parking lot and no parking ring spend the night and show up in our church on Sunday morning which were glad to have my way. Sure already. So anyhow, when we leave off Nina and San Diego are these new ones. Part okay, we've got the okay if you're on hold. Stay on hold need and San Diego pledges 200 Robert in Michigan 50 Galen Massachusetts 100 okay already very good. Well work were coming up to the end you guys get about 30 seconds. Closing comments we we got it we delete you extra time to delay opening rewards in heaven any ground in everything you better get out there right now. Take your sword and then the Lord all right. John get there about how much 30 seconds. Are you still there, gently losing all right at the I guess we lost all right on working together on mono now or grouted time so until amount. Good night. God is always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW not on next time I was right left preceding by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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