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FRI HR 2 061022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 11, 2022 12:34 am

FRI HR 2 061022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 11, 2022 12:34 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR that the nullification project to try to nullify a legitimate presidential election and 16 that's a notification project that the Russia hoax which in I'm I'm still the most interviewed.

I think individual in that a topic on court, but I was most interviewed for that were interrogated and interrogated Oceanside by the FBI in molar also has intelligence and intelligence on and on and on and on and on. I got the legal bills to show for which I paid in my own pocket so that was nullification project then had the phony Ukraine situation which we started the show because he said hey the coming form on this Ukraine fit perfect phone call.

He was a perfect phone call particularly go back and look at history of what's happened since then an insulin ski. The complete total promoter right enable any conservative Inc. is put up the things and I don't need to name names because the audience this is a hero. He such a hero such as complete promoter okay nice back begging for more money a part of my thing begging the broke again. Oligarchs are broken, but no oligarchs put a penny take no Ukrainian oligarch is put up a penny aggressive just announced the other day that the double date of the human affair the human rights and the minister of state that was on MSNBC and CNET nonstop about the mass rapes and all the atrocities she's not got bounced.

She's got bounced other government because you can't back it up. Also, she's got other issues with the width of the Russians with the Russian-speaking people being taken back to Russia.

She endured job there. My point is, that's another dumpster fire.

He's coming back for money.

Here's the thing, no money, go to Germany go to France go to Italy talk to them and those guys should stop buying his gas merit their economies on fire right now because the oil and gas resources, just like Saudi Arabia, just like the mullahs in Iran. Just like Venezuela every bad actor in the world economies hit on all cylinders. Nothing I state the exact opposite this thing or go back. Kyle Cheney is the lead account of legal guy the files all the stuff all the investigations what he said is in their brief Americas this week. They had two performative things they recharge this this ragtag curve. The deed beer drinking guys are the proud voice right. Also there like like the SS just take a look at it just you judge you be a judge to get had to charge him with some Elsa dishes whatever this week performed before and because the FBI's totally corrupt the justice Barbara's telegraph forget all that work in a peach Mayor Garland, and I believe Linda get initially eventually criminal charges against Ray and Mary Garland all these hats over there in Michigan yesterday right inside the gap is you can get involving 45 or 50 days before election for the primary they rollup the guys pulling at 19%. Remember, he's pulling in 19% would have a bigger field. They were ready kicked out the top three or four candidates. I think it's tutor Dixon. This guy and this guy scanned the lead in the and what I call the medical freedom is, Naomi Wolf, acolyte right and in the role him up after FBI resting for what a misdemeanor okay fund right before the show starts. This kind of a curtain raiser illegal tapestry was going to happen totally, completely politicized. Here's what I want to see where you guys on the federal agents I want to know every aspect of intelligence were to get to the bottom of it.

You should not the other things you understand gauges here yesterday. There inundated with whistleblowers from the FBI, patriots, hard-working patriots down at the working level. The SB FBI are blowing these guys up thousands of whistleblowers thousands let me underline that thousands of whistleblowers on malfeasance and politicization of the American Gestapo.

The FBI I don't care if the operator like year, the Gestapo your American Gestapo you're going to be taken apart, brick by brick, and whether we need a federal agency like that. Hey, that's for people side.

But you are going to be deconstructed because the rot that you have and we should have done it after 9/11 was beyond us.

Their performance in 9/11 but they also been fired and I think criminal charges should been broken. Some of those guys for what happened what went on absolutely still never live over the disgrace of 9/11 that is it too horrible in the spinning and ending cover each other's ass right in the end of what they did present trumpet even leave the site just 9/11 itself doughnut never lived off the shame that the day of infamy for the FBI was their responsibility. All we did talk to CA that I don't care about all the crap that's it. Enter the interagency process the sacred interagency process. Member Trump was impeached he was impeached. The first because he didn't this the fetish of the interagency process the interagency process it's it's it's in the interagency process is just the flip side of the postwar international rules at least order. That's another fetish the fetish. We don't care about that that all that your interagency process in your postwar liberal rules-based order allowed a transnational criminal organization called the Chinese cows party rise in power for my Third World our fourth world country in 1999 after the bushes bail them out after Tiananmen Square incident Scowcroft school crop over there to tell Deng Xiaoping. Don't worry, we got your back and give us a decade will have you in the WTO will give you most favored nation. You know the make any changes you know the fact do what you gotta do you kill tens of thousands throughout China that they tens of thousands were wiped out.

Go back and look at the Empress of a freedom of liberty look at statutes that bring tears to your eyes. What those students and young people built in Tiananmen Square to replicate the Statue of Liberty send a signal to the world. This is us word that we are with you and Allie would land be slaughtered that Bush 41 in his new world order went over there and kiss their ass that we have your back and work and let you near their economy was $1 trillion in 1999 no economy in history is ever done what they've done on the backs of the slave labor allow by sharing that your postwar rules-based international where's the rules for the Chinese people. How are they still enslave when you're making your money. I don't care you tell that white supremacy and white nationalism. All these white people he I don't care about the leaders in Europe. I don't care about. I don't care about my care about the southern border of the United States are American. I care about Hispanic working class folks down there that are being destroyed. That's right care about. That's what Maggie cares about. We don't care about the City of London we don't care about Brussels will care about dabblers you guys deal with that you would fight each other for 5000 years. We fight each other. 5000 years in the future we don't care that your problem. Figure we bail John World War I.

We bailed you out after World War I with Hoover in the in the food in Belgium. We bail you out World War II. We belch out after World War II. The Marshall plan we did bailed you out in the cold war.

We bailed you down the entire 20th century the cockpit of Europe the cockpit Europe drag us in there and do you have or do you have cemeteries over here you have cemeteries everywhere in the world with tons of troops bearing the sacred dead than a memorial day we go around the world to the center cemeteries in Europe in Asia. Do you have a know you do not know you do not United States the deplorable sons and daughters and where they today hundred thousand troops in Poland right hundred thousand combat troops right into porn more and all the time $40 billion your money. They want more than one more they want more in the Persian Gulf who is there American kids whose entrepreneur who was on patrol in the Hindu Kush for 20 years. American kids whose in the North Arabian Sea American kids whose the Straits of Malacca American kids.

Susan's in the South China Sea American kids whose that the 38th parallel American kids, your might.

That's what the rules-based orders where's Liz Cheney's kids where all the elites kids where their money.

Larry Fink taken your money and build up the Chinese war machine that now going to have a naval blockade of Taiwan that tied the Chinese told it up in your face if you try do anything on the economic side Bloomberg to take the chip suck on that sushi show me how tough the Americans are after we got that and oh by the way, we should let him take him off the island and put them in errant plants in Arizona, Texas.

The plan of Peter Dr. Peter Navarra and Stephen K. Bannon that Larry Kudlow and an end in the new Chandon, and Cohen all cynical, no, no, no Miguel at the free market screw the free market. It's a national asset of legal if that Silicon Valley was we will get that back here today and they shut it down. We don't have a copy don't have a free market.

You'll have any market. That's were sitting here dealing with and then put that stuff up last night and we don't laugh in your face because we laugh in your face, let me reiterate this. Donald J. Tromp won the presidency again on 3 November of 2020 and Mark Eliasson all you guys and let's leave the machines aside as a topic for another day. But sites Artie tells us, can be hacked.

Six ways from Sunday.

That's DHS Donald J. Tromp won the presidency and he is the legitimate prison estate and your guys illegitimate in the American people are awakening to that will care what you had to say I dear Mayor Garland to take that crap there last night and try to indict Donald J. Trump we dare you, because we want peace were when in the November ever in a peach you and everybody around you already. Go did you catch that last lonely here that what I play that the first time in their courageous could hear me okay will you here that last when the blood played that the first time I heard Woody use the word as corsets in the Bible with the elite one and listen to it and I didn't hear. We get the whole word go salute with his total minutes shouldn't be in there and it'll just like to do till you find out why people like to talk to Steve. I talked to Mike so you that doesn't make you any better doesn't make which had to say no and it doesn't do it if you impress people to imprison the wrong way. If you have to use no profanity to make your point will you you you are you supposed be a smart guy and the know people would have to use the profanity usually shows what to three things. One very poor raising up to in a very poor morals of three low intelligence really profanity is the medium of that befuddled Leo absolutely and so anyhow. Listen to this was in the Wilco Sewickley.

He didn't know, pull punches, the humility Seddon and Donald Trope is the legitimate president of United States we have that great big sign right out for the word church.

We have because that's the truth. The truth is Donald help distill the legitimate president. The truth is they stole the election.

The truth is that it was his fraudulent as his fraudulent committee and all of the mainstream lawyer media was lying about it and we were betrayed.

We were betrayed by my parents. We were betrayed by many of those who the Senate who should've stood up and did the right thing. They refused to the courts records state legislatures and courts buckled, all of whom are illegal latest incomprehensible surrender to black lives. That's where loot murder formally blood close matter. Pandering Chicago public school announces automatic higher grades for black students even if they skip school and failed to turn in assignments is right Oak Park River Forest high schools in Chicago apparently believes the black students are dumber than white students must be given special grading privileges.

I mean here in the light. The idea is will him and him part of the school's doing through Eric equitable grading system includes giving students with dark skin meeting nonwhites automatic higher grades because they cannot perform to do the same endemic academic standards as light-skinned students. A similar thing occurred in San Diego several years back and title transfer made of educational professional development grading. That's what they call that I call it abusing those black candidates. It's destroying romance, destroying him.

The plan was presented at a this is why you get your kids on the post school get your children out of their the plan was presented at a May 26 meeting, presented by Assistant Superintendent for student learning. Lori Forlenza, the plan calls for what would they call the proof of OPR. If leaders describe the competency-based grading illuminating zeros from the gradebook, encouraging and rewriting growth of time reports and splitting teachers are being instructed on how to measure student growth while keeping the school leaders politically.

Political ideology in mind this is unbelievable but their shifted gears from quality to equity sorts. Instead of guaranteeing opportunity there. Guaranteeing outcomes now you and that's the way yes or a direct correlation between the absolute current community in the United States and the collapse of the educational system and one thing I do decades ago inside gathered. Commencement addresses from the Ivy League schools in the very first ones that if you read them you'll see they were.

Many of the most great sermons that were preached to the students when they graduated and think last year or so though I get into a debate about a person about the purpose and function of public schools, and so I looked up the history of his very first public school in the United States, working from a member to think it was in Boston I think was called Austin preschool or something like that. So I read the history of it was originally set up to be part of the school. The students must read Scripture understand the gospel is received and read the history of the school how it finally deteriorated and collapsed into socially no place of indoctrination. You can see the church retreat all across the board in the educational system and when the church retreats the devil comes in and so we have now educational systems of pretty much fully in the hands of the devil. And so I you know I just see the whole thing the government educational system all cried to the church collapse and retreating from the responsibility that God gives them in this world and the other thing character hernias. Scripture teaches us what went wrong with our children teach them about awards for the education of the children starts in the home and when they're educated on the principles and precepts of the Lord they can take that and there are students that do and that students can confront this propaganda agenda in the school so I would encourage people trainers train your children at home and what is will you know what happens within the public school system. In many cases very hostile environment for Christian children and so what happens when you when you do that and your children: and they stand up for their faith. When they're told there is no God or you should apologize for being white or whatever or maybe you're not a boy. You know maybe you maybe you just think your boy may be a girl or boy's body and in these things in the Christian students to admit they did when they stand up and say no then there there persecuted their bullied by the establishment of their but that will more and more of them are terrific. With the history of our educational system that can be armed with the ammunition that they need to confront them with our personal growth. However, the first address, your commit commencement exercises was, and you can print them off their own archives.

There was a great sermon. And so we know comes to my mind some great sermons were preached to the graduating classes of both know they can research the history of the very first school was called public United States and they can engage in an educated way and confront these people on the way to overcome this pestering away.

The truth always prevails.

So I really encourage people to get an education about the history of our educational system.

Well, you're right. And that would have been much it would apply much more to likes college students who would have much better opportunity but even even the college students when they speak of any right you telling truth and you're educating these people that you're going to depraved a price for it but that's that's all right. People have to learn to do that we have to stand up yet to stand up and tell the truth he was speaking of state until the truth of massive John return John you know I we were looking at those pictures of the 80s of troops that were at January 6. These were these where and by the way folks when it whenever we remember the opposition will always excuse you doing with her doing the always accuse you do with her doing and that goes right back to Satan himself as so when they're talking about the keep tub of these whites up there was widespread was widespread was look here. They had the 80s of Nazis that from the Ukraine who were trained they came where and they and they were out there at January 6 two right now. The deathly transfer the ones about them here and so flows with the heart anybody knows the delay John learning and I will like me other than what going on. We know the New York Times so brought out go.

I don't know how many years back about the Nazis within the Ukraine and within Ukraine government Ukraine military and we as Americans well as the government had no problem training and supplying them and then there's pictures but then applied as Ukrainian Nazis that the January text, they will, maybe I sent you that the article pestering you a chance to look at it though. I couldn't find it. Will I never did. The legislator explained it to us.

You know what fascination with agreement forms and in the 90s and the in the Ukraine name every white person here in America. They're claiming is the migrations literally.

They're saying know anyone that doesn't agree with the return in your white your white races but have no problem supporting Ukraine that has been the elements of my face and then they go back to World War II, pestering no Nazis court against the communist and Ukraine remain married to this day. So what fascination with the American government and the other not Ukraine.

I don't turn the other than they probably think alike about what Dan had said then and it would talk to that, he said about them.

The lower level FBI agents who are fed up with what's going on in our will and blowing the whistle.

He said there's thousands now of lower level FBI agents blowing whistles.

Any and threatened Ray and Garland said you're going to jail. So what is it what you think you think that the city's rights and that there is. I know that I know more and more lately.

Try to keep them quiet and try to shut him up right away and you won't hear about it but there's more more ovum are coming out blowing the whistle on the corruption in the FBI so anything I don't know who I really do. But I can tell you I would say anything where other than the lower and lower level rate take like Washington DC with international offices 90, 90 something out of 100 or the alternate walk down. There are left Conoco with a train. The way I trained anything like that is no doubt in my mind that they are all anti-American in the record of the lady seated the New World order, and we are the enemy of our right politically chilly here Hunter Biden's favorite Las Vegas hitter or hooker thereby wouldn't favorite Las Vegas hooker got $20,000 in federal PPP loan for female own this whole quote proprietorship after Joe Biden took office a Las Vegas prostitute who bought bought crack for and had orgies with Biden Hunter got $20,000 federal loan right after Joe Biden took office. Cheryl D. Bovis gib of those I was D. Look at the way this is spelled what help she received $20,207 loan for female own silk proprietorship, according to the daily wire and is a prostitute. The hookers loan was listed under independent artist writer said so. Federal loan was issued through capital plus financial in April. The loan status as reported by the SBA is paid in full, which includes both loans repaid and fully forgiven from payment under guidelines for co-pay report loan status was last updated in October. There you go. This actually goes back to what you're saying about their actually flaunting how corrupt they are with think after the Hunter Biden laptop.

It didn't do it.

Keep them under control.

Put an end to it. But there just basically flaunted. This is after the election the other morn where the films are coming out with Hunter with prostitutes and in the delete this and it's great that we are quite. Just think about Jimmy Carter with his brother Billy Billy mean he is.

On the tires at the airport tonight.

Your took them out of the public eye, but there they just this is business as usual. I hear the truth about January 6 documentary to premiere exclusively on Gateway pundit narrated by political blizzard Jacob playing from solitary confinement. This is a the film is historic and the fact that it will be narrated by January 6 Political President Jack Ln. from solitary confinement with wife the integrity trailer are the intriguing trailer for the truth about January 6.

I want to get that because what we do is we always show these videos when we have the we do what the Bible and current events and we got mega documentary contains never before seen footage of and commentary on January 6 Kate and I'm looking at some of it right here now screen grab from the crystal clear, new video footage of the US Capitol steps shows Jacob playing tear gassed with his fist in the air. The footage will premiere with the documenter documentary the truth about January 6 until you when they the lies that they were telling the State and every one of the talking heads he turned out to the echo chamber and unit with all the fate in the mainstream news media, and they were all saying five police officers were killed not one that's that was a flat out lie flat out live in and yet you mean they never come back and apologize for for their lives duly no nobody calls them accountable live what I mean but one thing I think even even though they did this in what they did and Liz Cheney their losing credibility had a rapid rate. People are fed up just like you know the thing with it will like you were saying earlier the this care about this latest flu. What was it the look of lower monkeypox monkeypox that was closest. He was was a go to people to know what were tired to hear from you. Nobody believes you people anymore.

Nobody believes NBC, ABC CB anymore. They just don't work for fed up with it and the same thing with the mask thing and note the whole thing so there you go folks itself were up against the brick will be back right after this would more don't go away you so slurred I'm hanging in King Jesus is then resident is a team genius in house is for when is not a member of the as is] were good on the phone lines takes and calls and will we have our fifth coast to Clifford's was a clever.

I want to go, but also on my site, that the nautical profile below 11 5/2 tempted to take it.

She was mandated to get it from his job. She got something called the JA like a rat.

Now that disintegrated a frame and I think about four months so she lasted for months, but the insurance to pay any bills which illustrate the treatment with Mark anyway. This illustrate how the company pay for the medical people yet that's that's the missing piece to the puzzle. Let's not being half the size but I want to mention proper 2519 that seems to be saying confidence in an unfaithful man like disjointed plus now I can relate that while the media that are unfaithful and unfaithful man. It's like it's like walking around on it disjointed, but like listening to these people sleep well.

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth and a foot out of joint. Here well yeah I mean it means exactly what it says what were talking about unfaithful that he's talking about amended's got no faith in God was referring to people putting confidence. Basically my media and demonically inspired teachers look with the doing this month is sodomite pride month. So what what does God say about sodomy. What is he say about pride okay and so here there is saying and I'm talking about all of the media. I will go to Taco Bell anymore because Taco Bell took part I don't watch I won't watch the baseball games anymore. I feel that I feel that I better than that. I won't watch the NBA games. I used to love to watch football. I don't watch it anymore.


Because of the standard. They took I won't like Coca-Cola. But here's the thing about this this the very first time the word was used abominable abominable was use abomination was described, satellites in God's Word, the Bible very very clear all through Scripture that that sodomites will not have their place in the lake of fire or they will have their place in the lake of fire and makes it very very clear and factored into place of the referred to as dogs so there's no stuttering going there. So what are they start when they start with the very first time that that word term was used and then pride. What is God say about a prideful look in a prideful heart what comes before fall pride there you go.

When you think about all that returning there you might go to structure an audience. Before all go right. Big signs date pride.

Pride big Gay pride month decried this cake right every time I see it I think of the earth. Pride with instruction and a haughty spirit before all here. You know now I was watching closely all all the fake news media all the Juniper promoting or pushing this and placing what God has called it abominable thing, unclean thing they're embracing it, but here I noticed the spectrum, one new seems to be the be more into sodomy than the others again lately seem to be more into that thing and then that makes you wonder just how many how many sodomites are there right a lot of its coercion to so anyhow there you go now. In other words people putting actual confidence and in the immediate it's really zero reason to do that.

Well, I can assure you I have no confidence in them at all. Already thanks for the current there you go, let's go to San Diego hey Jack, so we had an election Tuesday and everybody in California with Mildred ballot and on the election with 18% of alterable voters voted even though they were spent an envelope so now I take you to get on month purchase of Twitter. Twitter represented that 5% of the accounts with lots of the old ugly not to go through could be on must believe that figures probably more likely around 90 to 95% of the accounts are fake, thereby, and I think that's where people gone wrong in the in the election between Trump and Biden. There's no way that 80,000,080 5 million.

Whatever the figure was to come out and vote for Biden there would the guided campaign and come from you to be able to.

I know where they came from. They came from Dominion is my point. I don't think you're going to be able to fake millions and millions of paper value ballot. I think that the computers feel, and that the people voting not real people. They were bought and I think that because done about this and it goes against his purchase of Twitter that the thing can happen if you can have, you know, maybe 15, 20 million baht voting for Biden or whoever the Democrats put up by the election again well they're planning on it since there is, is there an election that they know they cannot win a fair and honest like you can do so they have to come up with something but know from what I understand all of the red states have the have a kinda hardened their defense against the election fraud.

They been working on that thread states. I don't expect the blue states would okay let them grow 73. I've never owned a computer or cell phone. I don't have an Internet present never have never sent an email never received an email and some people family, but I don't think so.

I think that the Internet has been a complete disaster because I remember before the Internet didn't have all these problems that you didn't have identity theft and now there's a feeling of home title. Nothing is safe. Nothing is sacred out there and it is all due to the Internet and I mean my 348 he's totally into computers got all the devices when it comes over to visit me. The last thing he does before he goes to sleep.

You got all the tablet and the phone in bed with him last checked everything out. When he wakes up, got all the defined in bed with them and I said you not only addicted your present and I think a lot of people are put that by the Internet, and are so concerned about the present that this really does more harm than good and and I think this can be an awakening if there's ever an attack on the electrical thread and you go months without electricity could you will be able to access the Internet. You will be able to use your cell phone will be like a junkie withdrawing from you like a heroin. You see people actually going through withdrawal.

That's the truth and you know it's going to happen.

They turn will have to go back to an actual Bible with paving the pages and it would get rid of that that I don't know what you call it that 10 but I had a certain height of the Bible. I read the Bible, after on the computer that the main reason I like okay so my wife had a telephone prepaid minutes because of the burner but we leave it off we go on a trip and will turn it on and we have it for emergency purposes. Think I could use for everyday opponent is a landline which I think an emergency would be safer, more reliable than telephone only recharge the things every day.

Think about because you know another thing with inflation and everything people need to tighten by think some people might save a lot of money.

They didn't do much on all their Internet services they can live without it. Well, I think you know that might just happen.

I think people will be there is there is interesting times coming here to this country and I think in the very near future and that this is what I'm telling people they really really need to make to salvation.

Sure, because things could get pretty pretty rough, pretty quick and I admitted that maybe 60 million people turned out to vote for Biden in the rest of the votes were bought and and I think that's how he won through fake vote on the computers when they tallied it up just like with you on month is going through. You tell what the real vote and how you tell what with the fake vote and I don't think they went down that road and I think that's how they did on such a massive scale anyway because done about it will happen again. Not first of all, probably the reality is, those people didn't really vote for Biden since many of voted against Trump and did they get that many votes know that that is not possible.

Those those it's not possible those boats were were fraudulent. They were made up. You have every dead person is tied to the Civil War, voted for you. They had all of these fake addresses. You had all these fake drop boxes sometimes you had as many as it is several hundred applications with the very same name on it you had that the election fraud was stifling. It was a mountain a mile wide and about a mile deep. It's you remember back in California even though everybody with me on the road in California that only 8% of the eligible voters voted and you know I'm just saying I don't think that there was that much interest in voting for Biden, and because he how do you not campaign and you get 85 million vote, I hear you.

I got a move on Jack is I have led to their teeth prettier than you is going to lend us their correct I don't know. Go ahead and I think you and you time.

Hey Linda, I told him to do that you could go to UNC UFA and find everything up not making these youth ways. When you go through it in my flawed job. Since I clicked on it right.

I have the way to contact me with any financial I really appreciate that. Thank you very much Ron alive.

Yes I go to Iran having a wonderful turnout for the Lord. There goes into Pakistan so light that nobody can you know matter how crooked the government and they can't stop the satellite from coming to people, thinking A good ministry.

When you dictate.

We find the and Packer fan running wide open going to like people think of Hindus and Packer fans. The there there somewhere up to 10 million on their very be the ones that we are working with a particular clinical and the work of the owners of brick factories in there and that they can't leave their life to so you and they are without hope that we come with the gospel in the Lord. It's amazing.

Amazing. Yeah, yeah, written by Leanne Lee three weeknight 32 and she did cry type of depression. There is very demonic oppression of the people to do and will are coming in great numbers.

Once they find out about Keith. Wonderful to be a company believe that they are so happy to find God that answers prayer, and Linda were were at that time tonight where that's what we gotta do we get to tell about him and so listen, thank you for calling Linda's cheek is our representative out there. She's our contributor in San Diego with John Holman last night may turn and was here and he gave the invitation last night to John Holman at your current tonight you ready you got four minutes, I am pastor Ernie so I will have to find something that John's ministry preachers and that is for 18 the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. So here is the preaching of the gospel in the following part shows you what the ministry and what the effect of the gospel is in this is I think very, very emphasize the father's ministry.

He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised told folks were presenting here is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and many, many, many people took you know I have have their hearts broken the world that we live in a Devils goal is to steal, destroy, and for that results of broken hearts so. But the gospel says it's preach to deliver the captives covering the site of the blind, to set at liberty them that are purely so that ministry right there. The healing of the broken hearted putting broken lives back together making you complete is the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And when you believe in him and will you need to repent of your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. So that's what we want to emphasize here, not just the fact that you're going to be saved, which is wonderful, wonderful, great news. You will spend eternity with the Lord and all the saints, in the alternative is that you spend eternity in the lake of fire and everyone should want to avoid that. But in this life you can be made whole again by the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. So folks that is true in this impact on people because of broken heart can manifest its way anyways. People anger, bitterness, all manifestations of the works of the devil that can be overcome.

That can be administered to an and you can turn can minister to people out of your experience with having your heart healed by the Lord Jesus Christ and who doesn't want to have the broken heart healed. Who doesn't want to be made whole. Who doesn't want to be made for in white and the Lord can use people like that. But when you do not allow the Lord to have his work and his will his way in your life. You cannot become fit for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. So this is the great and blessed anointing that is on the Lord Jesus Christ preach the gospel and I can come on you.

And as we talked about earlier admission then be to go into all the world and make disciples in a benefit for all these people is that they can have their broken hearts healed and minister to others. So folks, please, please get delivered. If you have a broken heart get delivered and you can come to Abba father ministry and we have people where it will pray for you to have your heart healed, but folks, there is nothing better in this world becoming a service of the Lord Jesus Christ came and did there is and you know you and you get that peace that passes all understanding that excelling until tomorrow.

We want to say good night God bless, always, always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW and next time was right, left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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