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FRI HR 1 061022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 11, 2022 12:34 am

FRI HR 1 061022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 11, 2022 12:34 am

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Mattress firm opinion does the latest clinical Pres., King Queen Queen between them as something that I think was that really does knowing they know the latest CSI was a simple single medicine is make what is my custom knowing they might do something. I don't think I saw your mattress firm mattress firm for the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded right now who live in the welcome to another digital was right was left radial poster and incentive to do this is the voice of the crystal resistance of the June 2, 2022 and tonight we have a whole lot mean a lot to talk about so we start. We have a producer on the board with the dials with a smile. None of the courageous grade.

Good evening everybody have a good we can already hear live in the studio.

I have run Rich everyone how you doing Jonathan Broadbent everyone well younger and PA. I have no other than John Holman, Warren Lord strong and way out yonder in Texas where 10, Guillen had no other than Billy John return all already we have what we have a lot to get through tonight so we can have some like to start with to start with this passage of Scripture whom you often heard about deathbed testimonies that the last thing someone tells you when they they leave you with this often when people are dying though will leave you with a charge something for you to do is is the last words of this importance and it will. The Lord Jesus before he ascended back in the heaven to be with his father. The last words he said to the apostles were this all power is given to me in heaven and earth go you therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And low I am with you always, even to the end of the world. Now here John that's called the great commission is so tell me, how does that work tell us what we've been doing in Pakistan will earn you wrong several years.

I got a minute.

Impact of primitive and very very critical and in the last cold butter year we focused on the in Pakistan.

The exact number of them is not molded somewhere between six and 10 million there and they are very reset. They are amazing how they are truly coming out of Hinduism and confessing Christ in mass numbers. So since January.

In one particular area. I've been preaching in numbers of induced of the Lord and Master mass number and we preaching to them by administrative members as disciples of Jesus Christ.

You need to be baptized in America after earning you can be baptized 10 times and no one really cared in a country like Pakistan when her water baptized that is ideal. I mean, you're telling the world that you're a disciple of Jesus Christ. Elcon and sometimes that can pay a price for that. So we set up the back of them for yesterday and lo and behold 1500 came Catherine clean concrete almost came and the most homes would not allow us to baptized minute River or a canal, but we did find someone that they had an old irrigation. Muddying and pulling dirt and make the will to get the water running in all, you can use it so we can get it running and people came and got out the good and all. All during the night the water ran and we got in the morning and there was all so we held about autism and hundred 1500 going to be baptized but the mobile good comments about the week we got about 600 and the past that I work which culminated in the morning finally validated much going on only occur in the morning and said they want you to pray over them. They want you to pray over so here I am laying in bed praying over the 1500 Hindus that want to be baptized. I was a wonderful wonderful experience.

I've got great video love it that I'm going to be putting on my website my action. My blockage on the current insight and in. We have the second event and that was again all gospel preaching.

You know how many were coming, and 5000 Ender's Game and the word is spreading Catherine about doing anything keep hearing there are turning their minds pretty quality people are oppressed of the devil and it being free and the word is spreading. We had about 5010 in the middle of the service, the Holy Spirit felt like it like an old-time revival United and they don't know really anything about and Dave always started dancing and singing and shouting and crying, and it was amazing to see the main thing and all of them. As far as I know almost all Christ again to be the Mongols came and they made us remained close up, but not before we had mended the Lord in Pakistan among standard. Some maybe I got video along with it's amazing to see Lino John with the blood of the martyrs of the siege of the church and we noted the more they persecute them in China. The more the church is persecuted the more believers they have in the same thing.

We know with the with the NME in their severe persecution in North Korea to consume all these things here are signs again. There are signs of the last days with the Lord is about to return with even with all of the new people you know, getting saved new converts still.

That's going to be.

Is it say a minority, the Lord Jesus said many, many are called but few are chosen. Many will come up fuel into and so right now is where out there getting you talking about that we start out by baptizing. I got here is Satanists have thrown in with LGBT Q, Luke goes belligerent transgressing queers and their having their park where they go out to the park and they have the parades and their teaching there. How do unbaptized to try to get people that were that were baptized to get unbaptized enough, especially if this this is satanic rituals that they have.

It's unbelievable here.

I've got an article here. Three talking about the new Benjamin Fulford Satan has returned to the original creation received absolution. There you go you got this mindset out there. I recently member the Earth liberation alliance delivered a handwritten note to senior Jesuit that read Satan's return to the original creation received absolution. Thank you for keeping the candle burning all these years and so these people really really believe that this Satan is going to have victory that he's going to defeat the Lord God not that's an interesting thing.

Many of those very same plans that will tell you that the they don't believe in God, but the they believe in Satan that they don't believe that there is a God who made Satan right right that's interesting. So when I have bought earlier wanted to add one more thing through 100) while I collated my ministry to look for 18 minutes.

Because that's what I've been preaching in Pakistan India, Kenya.

All of the African country of Nigeria and if he gets the ministry of Jesus Christ. I follow it exactly and fleet outlook for 18th is my ownership.

Luke 418 of intersection.

The first section says the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel critical work I gospel, the good news, so I do is when I'm preaching, I coldly get it.

John 316, and I preach a salvation message through John 316. Then I come back to the second part outlook breaking benefits. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind side of the critique to them that accrues the Christ, and when I bet there is really meaning about those that are oppressed of the devil, because the thing I'm driving.

The only translation well the new King James, but all the modern translations leave out yet sent me to you brokenhearted this message from the parade committee could not be great Western Albany under the King James and the people are responding in huge numbers amazing to see their hearts are broken, like many American hearts are broken, and in this matter. Who would take out after earning out of the ministry of Jesus Christ is for me to give the brokenhearted would take that out of the Bible. Certainly not the Holy Spirit.

They get out quick look at outcast learning, and help you logically cost. Of course it was the Democrats don't tell you orate within it that we could heal the brokenhearted name man praising the Lord will again the most important thing again with without the said this when everything happened and everything coming down right now me things are happening and people.

A lot of people are frightened are very frightened and there'd been thinking about will I guess I company I have food again at water but none of that even comes close to measuring up against the reality is the most important thing to them what they need to check is a salvation they really need to make sure the salvation that or they've got their priorities all run Jesus said what is it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul right and yet the mindset you see people out there to see things a vast majority of people out there Lala Landers I was talking to a fellow today and that adhesive tow truck operator and it was a no aces. People I don't know what's happening. It really he said they're oblivious to what was going on in the vast majority of people out there are Proverbs 1 there simpleminded.

They know that the pain-high gas prices and but they don't really understand exactly was how it out there and what's really behind this. This is the antichrist movement.

This is exactly what the Bible said we would see with scene exactly what Scripture said it would be like and that and so these things are happy but but again I probably placed one on that message making a salvation sure making a salvation sure, because you know John, and especially the younger people they have these plans and I've had a couple of tell me that well and when they when they get older they going to get saved repent, get saved, but for right now they want to party hardy you know and a lot of them are going to get old hardly but by this time tomorrow. John, by this time tomorrow. Millions of people in this world will have died. You know that millions of people lived in the know what how many of you think have any intentions of those millions that I didn't die of dying, they don't write okay it's it's not there. Call and so the vast majority of black they're going to be clueless and so you gotta be prepared. He had to be ready and and now is the time to do it. This is why we put emphasis on his radio program.

The salvation message is the most important part of this radio program and so with that were going to love. I just wanted within switchover and start going after some of the things that some of the headlines it's happening tonight we have what is here Jonathan Broadbent and he will. Jonathan explained to the fullest with you.

Do well among other things. I am a chair and one of the territory leads for protect Ohio children were the folks go out there throughout the state of Ohio would fight back against this will garbage and K-12 education. And so tonight you been up to some telephones which you found out what we've been doing here locally, so we are fighting many fronts with K-12 education both locally and statewide and was tied in with national organizations. We are going to talk this evening about what we call the academic accountability project that has been a work of love and passion to try and bring education back to American schools and really think that Gwyneth talk about that a little bit later in the hour right well I know now, and this know you're up now that you get into it and nice nice so I thought I was teasing.

I can get into the meat of this thing go get pretty darn exciting inapposite so we put out there group of us who really care passionate people folks that I call educational where we been going around the school districts and confronting school boards and it's it's muddy.

It's instantly money-I've learned that trying to organize parents and talk about what's good and what's there in the school district went bad and watched why they shouldn't like critical race theory and the state well the education there's so much garbage. It's just flooding our schools and if you're paying attention to the numbers you know there's $150 billion that's flooded the nation to try and fund this stuff and incentivize schools to bring it in so we got critical race theory and comprehensive sexuality education and social emotional learning and all that stuff. It's a really difficult conversation to bring people up to speed and wake them up. Lots we've discovered something to protect Ohio children.

I started saying about a year ago Hayes schools you have one job. The pursuit of accurate academic and educational excellence.

If you get graded fats, then maybe pitch your community on the extra stuff, then maybe talk about social emotional learning everything Seifert likes it but until then hush up and focus on your job in the night. I usually have been broadcasting this for year and I was make sure anytime I write it to say hey schools, here's a hint, when you do picture community.

Whatever your ideas are. Should not include playing doctor with children and potentially take a little jab at them for all this gross sexuality taking place in schools. But here's what we've discovered there's that such an easier answer if you're tired of battling all of the CRT and SEL and all that and try to get other parents awake. Here's the thing go after academics we found in Ohio Goldmine at the state website, the Ohio Department of Education. It's pretty well hidden, and you get a dig around and root for it, but we can extract the real data.

The raw data of of educational performance of academic achievements in the schools bike race so we could get white, Hispanic, black, Asian, we can get curriculum we can get the mathematics you name it we can drill down and then what were doing pastor is pulling out these beautiful brilliant spreadsheets.

The set graphs. Excuse me. In these graphs are pretty darn telling you see these graphs and you put them in front of those parents who have kids and those public schools face state drop off like a roller coaster across the board. Every school district we've looked at so far. We plan on filling the countryside with these maps and suddenly when I anticipate what we're seeing is all of those parents who are thinking well you know maybe there's some people I think kids that append you know they've been cast aside because the sexual preference, and it you know maybe they get their brain gets bogged down and mystified by that you put this chart in front of them showing that their children their peers that school that they're sending their children to is dropping like a stone. They wake up and it's pretty darned amazing. So we've gotten started, there is that we got a lawyer involved in a big team of people and we started with.

I started personally with the local school district called Solon schools Solon if you don't know the area is an affluent community south east of Cleveland, Ohio.

We've also got Hilliard schools, which is due north or excuse me, due south of Columbus Ohio and we are broadcasting the heck out of those things were pumping about getting them into social media parents reactions faster.

It's astounding.

It's like it's like what we've hoped for four year. When we told parents should mask your kids. It's unhealthy or are they those that poison pokes it's bad for your children and they donated and critical race theory. It's bad and shouldn't have in the schools. What we've hoped for is for them. The lights go on for their eyes to light up and say oh my gosh I don't want that, than for my children and we haven't been getting it until now. Now we have these charts and we can put in front of them and we can we can put this chart showing the. The proficiency dropping like a stone, and we can simply attach. I personally, I attach the expression because I love it.

Education is the key that opens all doors and parents know that any real parents out there that care about the children they know when they want a good education so we put that chart in front of them and it's got the school district name and it's got the grades broken out its Kathy the race and it shows any argument there's no argument left. It deflates all of them instantly and it shows you know that achievement gap. We talked about for years between white and Asian and black and everything.

It's not getting any better.

It's probably getting worse. So we started today it launched.

I'm already getting some feedback I expects a personally I think that that local school district Solon. This is probably scrambling right now they the superintendent and principals and school board. I imagine you probably rushing around like chickens with their heads, figuring out what to do next because the secret is out.

The district is tank so that's what were up to it.

Protect my children. We call it the academic accountability projects. Anybody that's interested in finding out what that looks like of the charts are getting more information on how to extract those I can speak specifically, we actually have released a video tutorial on how to extract and create these graphs for yourself at protect Ohio children north were on telegram Facebook and soon to be a bunch of others me. We treat social etc. so that's what roughed up to. I greatly appreciate the opportunity command and and… Many kids are learning things in the schools.

Learn about metal detectors. They did learn about how to put on condoms. Their learning well infecting New York's public school system no they want to make it mandatory that the children from kindergarten through 12th grade where they have to attend drag queen events with a drag queen called drag queen storytelling you have an article in the dungeon.

I do so there's an article headline here is California State Sen. wants to mandate drag queen 101 and K-12 curriculum same democratic proposed build relaxed sex offender punishment for sex crimes with minors.

That's San Francisco State Sen. Scott Weiner yeah… I mean, that's the entire Democratic time this party that the mindset I know it is unbelievable how many of these people, the ones that are pushing this filth in the public school system. Yet they will pull their children out. They don't send them there. In fact, it was an interesting thing. The one profession more than any other profession that sends the children to Christian schools homeschools our public school teacher public school teachers are the ones more than any other profession by fire that send their children to private schools because they know what they're doing to the children in the public school system like if you go to a Christian school. Those children and their if you asked them what a woman is still no that they were tasty that's that's a woman there. Now the kids in the public school there taught that nobody knows what woman is not for sure right okay and so I mean that this is an insanity mindset. Isn't it out there, but that's a good language or doing pleading. I keep us up on the way I keep telling people evidence with we are at war and we have to fight back with everything we've got going absolutely. We don't we have yeah go ahead and get this has been sent.

What you might consider in the future is tossing the expenditure. How much were spending per pupil like in Solon, so when they see that in the work thing for the buck. They're getting that'll really like the boards up.

I am glad you said that were doing that as well house. I actually haven't got my start and that that I've seen like Hilliard that that's the other example that somebody else friend was actually our lawyer that ran that one and he did the full shebang including the financials so I'm really not forwarded that I think this is really good project absolute. I'm going to play a little clip on which which is been banned but I remember we had this in. This was Obama speaking some years ago. This is a very short clip and then you got an article on Obama, yes, but now we just what I just wanted this in the news just came out when I saw the article that I thought about that clip. So go ahead, mighty Craig and and play that clip they Obama to generate men and women to govern their own affairs in order in progress, individual rights for the heat about that all-powerful sovereign will is referring to is the will hello think what economic forum and the New World order, and this is what the abomination is that I cannot know the Jesse lately That and that was that was not to be heard by the people who that was to be her wedding to those who he was talking to that with the so-called elite. You have an article there. The headline reads Obama incompetent Copenhagen. We have to take steps to detoxify your discourse, particularly the scourge of disinformation conspiracy theories and hate online. So I think what he is trying to say is how we better shut up or it's the gulags for us. Well, this is the message they're trying to get out there we can do. This is the message with this this trial without with wasn't her husband. Assessment. In other words, it was blatant and endnote looked at John and John. You guys can come in and it it was blatant in your face look what were doing. This is a circus.

Look how corrupt it is the judge in the Jerry that we had on their this was rate see what we did. We really did. We can do this in-your-face and there's nothing you can do to stop.

It's okay. We got dirty cops out there if you like the parents that that will go before the school board to look at what title would you doing to our children will merit Garland probably one of the most dirty cops and influence unless I'm not trying to be mean or nasty. This menace corrupt scrub gets. It is a is correct is is you can possibly get where he sends the FBI out to harass parents who care enough about their children to go before the school board that they know enough is enough and so that's what that's the idea that they're trying to push in the ideas to threaten and intimidate you guys intimidated me that you now have a date or not at all. John and John.

John Berenson with the interacting of school boards over Rob Calder nation programs over decades and I think that's one thing that Christians have failed to do. They haven't confronted the indoctrination programs and I will encourage people to get involved and encourage people to run for school board encourage people to read the textbooks pastoring. That's one thing that I don't do.

And that's how it really I gain a lot of information about what was being taught to my children and now I confronted well Florida this sentence to go that we need governors like him all over the country. We really do.

He is pushing back and he's he's made it very clear to the publishers of curriculum you pull that pornography out you you pull all of the of the will.

The lies that they have what they said about that the founding fathers how they criminalized their founding fathers and that you pull it out you not going in there doing it in order to have those and that's what we have to do to and and I would encourage the people whose children in public school and get out of there if there in a get them out, but if if you don't look at the schoolbooks look at what the technical in their and make sure that you want to see the curriculum because they are indoctrination centers look you have a just a hot as skyrocketing rate of young children, little children, committing suicide because there they're going in there and you have a sick sick sick teachers telling them we you may not really be a boy you may be girl or boy's body confusing these children and this is absolute.

This is evil and is evil to the core and so will play a little clip here with Steve Scalise talking about this totally illegitimate Italian and I said it before in order to find bigger liars. If there is it possible than those those liars on that committee. Those people that are in that panel yelled you talk about corruption. You have to go to the gates to help them up and and and search to find that is the most ill illegitimate so-called here and we'll talk about that, by the way, it's one thing to the people that realized if you remember, if you remember what was taking place when all of this happened that was Jim Jordan and some other Congressmen were actually having a hearing on that day, January 6. They were having a hearing on the election fraud. They were having a hearing prior they stopped nasty Pelosi, but is a stop to it that because they were bringing out evidence in NC and in this is why you have this somewhere there saying how, put the order out to go to game lead paint that's a lie from the pit of hell effective got that here you go. Let me this is what Trump has to say truck confirms Lynn Cheney lied she lied she lied she lied during testimony. I never said are even even thought of saying hey Mike pence of their daily night. Liz Cheney lied to the American public over and over till international audience during congressional testimony that Donald Trump expressed approval did up to death threats against VP Mike pence Cheney told her American audience, you will hear the president yelling."

Really angry and advises he told him he needed to do something more, and aware of these writers chats to hey Mike pence. The president responded with this sentiment quote. Maybe our supporters have it right have the right idea again, this was a ridiculous and it was heresy. For one thing no one heard about that hang like that chance because there were only a few people saying this is second. She is declaring something based ridiculous on hearsay is absolute hearsay. The president help this morning came out untrue social and confirmed what we've known about Liz Cheney for long time.

She's a traitor and she's a little liars. She's a traitor and she's a liar and so Craig play that clip was Steve's police. Okay its load in the go ahead and say one back to the school board meetings. One positive sign is that young parents are actually going to these meetings we haven't seen that decades in directly raising caring in their exit doing it at some cost because it puts a bull's-eye on their kids when they are actually worth fighting for sensible positive sign that settlement followed positive sign, and unfortunately that bull's-eye is a real issue and that some really nasty stuff.

I've been made aware of this happening within school districts that the kids are being singled out and harassed. I know of some school districts that released personal medical information about children to damage families families have moved because of all kinds of all kinds of threats and under one last piece on that.

Unfortunately, when we do manage to get conservative board members on the school boards it's even worse that harassment is unbelievable right board members for board members and their families if they if they are unfortunate enough to have kids in the district's well and we got it taken back and like I said I've been telling people for 50 years. If you love the kids get them out of the public school hit we did we were showing your way back then I was look from 1962, when God was expelled. The public school up until then they use all the academic excellence of the school academically.

America was number one in the world.

Number one of the world. Okay. And from that point on and started going down the hill directly from the very day when God was expelled.

The door was left open and the other guy came in into the guide of the Democrats.

He came in and you seen what's happened since then actually posted on the website. There is a study from 1960 to 1990 leading cultural indicators in the document.

The same thing. As soon as we started getting got out of school. The SAT start score started going down. Divorce rates going up crime lineup drug use went up the whole caboodle.

So this is this is been a problem for half a century now you know what else went up its cost per pupil week we bring usually in the top three internationally. Yet now were wearing summer between 15th and 30th in the core subjects correct every it's unbelievable.

That's right if we can get the parents to see this there to realize everyone were not getting anything for the bucket number to our kids are just becoming dumber and dumber right wet summer and dumber and also I'm I'm really starting to dig deeper into some of the issues that are that are presenting themselves see and hear a lot about families whose kids get to a certain age were playing around middle school and they become not just rebellious but against their parents yeah and Lily that that that culminates out of education what is happening in the school, so the schools at that point so far. Now that removing the kindergarten, but that didn't last 17 years. These schools have started probably around seventh or eighth grade talking about your parents are wrong. Previous generations are they got it all wrong.

Whether that whole thing where children were coming home and telling telling their parents that they should be ashamed for being white evidence and let's go to Steve's police go ahead and and play Steve producer because it's against the law to use taxpayer funds to produce a documentary trying to promote their political agenda or go after their political opponents and we haven't really heard an answer. You know who paid this guy we know who he is not only produce this video he also supposedly covered up for Jeffrey Epstein and also he's got his own track record, but how did he get paid because he's not allowed to get taxpayer money to get paid if he did it for free. That's an in-kind contribution, which is also illegal. So I think the question of who did pay him and how much did he get paid and how did that transaction even occur is an interesting question as there may be violations of law, policy, who paid this Holly already. John and John listen you guys have a set much. I'm introducing read a bit of this article here is the GOP draws light of this, and refuses order for illegitimate January 6 of the new guys dissident commentary on this GOP rep Andy Biggs of Arizona made a compelling case, why he will not be complying with what he called the illegitimate January 6 committee subpoenaed to testify. He said his centers on how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed the rig the rig to paddle investigating last year's capital incursion without allowing Republicans that shows a single member to serve on the cake. This is what coming at this time his work okay. It's like we're going to do what we want and you are guilty until you can put yourself innocence and by the way, were not going to give me the means to do that right so he goes on to say it another president step.

She denied house minority leader Kevin McCarthy selections for the committee.

She appointed the anti-Trump and anti-Republican dual of a Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger. These two are not Republicans. These are traitorous traitorous rhinos.

They are traitorous rhinos. These two insured only members who supported her desire political outcome was served with the committee of the committee has been issuing subpoenas to the public in now members of Congress without any authority. The lawmakers continued committee is required to submit subpoena request to the ranking member of the committee before subpoenas can be issued, but there is no true ranking member Pelosi removed the ranking member McCarthy selected to represent the Republican conference that said Biggs Gavin Ellis data right there. You notice what's been happening is they not allowed testimony any testimony that came in that was contrary to what Nancy wanted.

It was allowed this this is you talk about and totally illegitimate illegitimate court and that those that paddle is as corrupt. I wish there was a way I could got in there and limitation locked the doors where those panels could got out in it.

God's word okay sharpener into a sort if I could get on there. I would appraise the priest in heaven help heaven sweeten how hot and believe me I did. That was before I had an opportunity not to those people, but similar in here. That's what they need. They needed and that there were to cut a fire because guys would not return void right and so do anything about that John and John all running on the basis think what I listen. The portion of the so-called hearing my opinionated it was a well orchestrated presentation of lives in order to turn Pres. Trump into a criminal.

Simply put, where they were going to ask you to fellas why are they so afraid of Pres. Trump.

They are scared to death of Trump to tell us why that is. Well after Ernie. He doesn't back down.

He told the truth: all sorts of things that I use America first putting the American heard and he has the IQ theta power in the gel.

Probably you probably up to 100 million American on his side against them so he is probably even more now because there on the mission to destroy America Ernie which we said would happen. We said on the show that Biden Makin was worried about quality and authority of Obama, but his mission would be to destroy America, which is way down the road would stop their gender and rebirth is all going to reason. I think one of the main reason that he could tell about 100 million Americans against them at least that's how they're really afraid and so weird if you remember some years ago did you ever cast the line very lengthy wrote that book about a scenario about if America was to go to war with North Korea and I so adamant a radio program and I asked him live on the air. I said Bill and Hillary written a communist to the bone and he said well I don't shoot I don't share your opinion. I agree with that right so after the program, as were off the air now Bill and Hillary Clinton are communist to the abilities of course they are. But you can't say that on national radio that media will crucify you that's where that's why they hate Trump Krupp is not afraid of the media.

He stood up to them. They're not used to people standing up to them. They remember they keep telling you we can destroy everybody well guess what, that some of us to stands up to the very corrupt NBC, ABC, CBS, the fake news media. We watched and by the way, did you know all of them fell in line.

The fake news media fellow line. They took orders from the collective. And guess what all the stations all of NBC, ABC, CBS, even even FOXBusiness gate. They all fellow line and and played that that lie that absolute fraudulent illegitimate pace that was put on last night and guess what. Hardly anybody wants to hardly anybody wants to. They got married people neglect so they're scared to death.

Now since and that we know that, and they know what will happen. What would happen right now. This infant come November. We actually had a fair and honest election without the voter fraud that we had in the last one let what would happen to the Democratic Party well after Ernie. That's why I've been playing for quite a while to do everything they can to not have an election in November. Who knows another cobra 19 type plague that they are going to pour out here so it can continually mean that they had 2020 election of massive shooting dry fascination. The cubbyhole who noted to be electric during these ruthless people will do anything to anything Pastor Ernie to win. They are really wired the Carnatic, I don't think they can tell with these people. I really don't know they are going to deal do anything so that they stay in power come November that's going to be a real challenge.*A given video. Hold my administration and his performance that to an election is going to be extremely difficult to prove that. Let's say Pres. Trump Plaza to get the same number of votes that he got before and that Biden would garner what he got again that just is not going to cut it. Not gonna make it happen. I mean, but I mean they begin the Democrats into election of voter fraud would as I often say what I was was to rock 'n' roll. Mom and Ellie the boxing they they are and the Republicans. They don't know how they'd don't know how to regulation Republican Barb and you know that may be good but the problem we have with the Republicans. The reactionary, but we have some good people. We have some good table but but very few very small there always on the defense always on the defense in response to this kangaroo airing. It has been very weak of most likely what I've read there retort is that, well, what about inflation. So what about all the things that you mentioned a little while ago how the cities were Barnett and teeth and VOM they all got away with all these crimes and so why don't the Republicans note taking more aggressive stance against this instead of a play.

Like it a cheap suit and go into a drawer, say have saved the launch. We know there's there's a few out there like Jim Jordan. There is a few like Ted Cruz or the Sen. from Kentucky up all grandpa there's there's a few of them that do have who will stand up.

Josh Holly would be a great example.

He is very very bold of their that will stand and fight with, I would probably say that there may be 10 had the most 10 Republican senators that that I would say have any metal any backbone and that US senators and it's the same thing with Congress may be a few more. You have need to have people in their like Marjorie green and that little that little woman carries the gun when they're gone after their really upset with her because she's armed all the time in the AI can those huskies from hell are afraid to make sure I can see that but the but I have it's a week right now and we been talking about this and you know what John we're talking about what the Constitution says in what I've been telling people is that we have. First of all by the Bible, God's Word, the Bible makes very clear from Genesis to Revelation. Holly. But the biggest messages in the entire Bible is resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and so we are showing you all through their this is where the doctrine of the lesser magistrate comes true likely shift from Sheila. It went when they were ordered to kill the male babies they obey God and they overrode the king they didn't need the obey God as the king. This is what where required to do you see that out.

There were comes to Daniel, will you see the three Hebrew boys Shadrach Michigan Abednego all through that and especially Chapter 11 will look at Moses. Moses decided it no heat to serve God and that he could have been a king okay but he and he became much more than that one of the most known for figures in all of history. And it became a friend got, we are obligated and in their here in this constitution right in the Declaration of Independence here tells you this, when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impelled them to the separation. So people were asking you mean we should dismantle the government. No, no, no, not this meant the government. The Constitution and the Congress that what we have is those that are occupying those that are in their.

Those are the ones that we have to separate from and we have to this.

This dissolve.

We've got to get them out of there. We got a greater nation back to a nation under God in a tenancy right here wheeled issues to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights and among them are life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness so that to secure these rights, governments arrested among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. The we have no voice, they they are dictators. We have dictators in there and again where required, we are required to resolve that and remove those wicked people so we can become enough to break when we come back for the break we have a clipboard and a plate of from Steve Bannon and that it has to do with that illegitimate hearings that those illegitimate people are having their DC so may be back right after this. Don't go away much more to come from listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries.

The voice of the Christian resistance.

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