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THU HR 2 060922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 10, 2022 12:16 am

THU HR 2 060922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back in John Glidden village. We were sitting all my memory serves me correct known Ernie little on my part of the woods. They use the Secretary of State of Colorado was bought by Sorrels and the warning was given them were were all talking about it.

How this guy is a woman oversee collection and I don't know the year. I just remember that the equitable started speaking holy. I remember Julio remember that one yeah and you got 75. He own 75 Dist. Atty. for Atty. Gen. of state of throughout throughout America 75 and look at the having direct with those business attorneys American authorities vacant, they can turn the city into lawless jungle.

That's exactly what they've done. John exactly the letter just did their job is to reduce America to Third World status. But you know here's what the chatter is the photo not telling you that this is going to happen, but I'm in a tie.

This is what with the chatter is been out there other saying by November.

By November of that that this country could be invaded by me were being invaded. Now bite bite you in this. This is an act of war that's taken place against America in our military is standing down there, standing down and work with the chatter says that by November were going to be invaded again by this time by delay major military probably Chinese and then again our military will standdown that we will surrender that Biden in Austin and Millie will say we can't we can't win a war with China and just surrender American sovereignty. They been paid already, folks.

That's what happens. The Chinese is actually bragging about how they'll bought Leon Washington DC.

There you go. So again, like I said that's the chatter I'm I can't say for sure if that's going to happen, but to apologize hundred that was really caught my attention and someone was talking about all right plug online and the person said I want the same right as the iron Ernie would summon enormous amount of AR 15's and that the school that Biden gave to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan so he he armed the terrorist with our weapon and not only that, jeeps and armored vehicles and helicopters and an old artillery and also we Americans want the same right that he gave the Taliban and all are AR 15 and there was something I don't know the number customary 3 million of them more 30 million would summon enormous amount of guns. Biden gave Caliban service. What about the about the same licensee with his nose at the Biden crime cartel is working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels and human smugglers. What about them the same rights as he gave them. Remember Obama's Atty. Gen. he gave away all of those go does the density drug cartels and ended up using in our old border patrol yeah I would call back and every reader, Eric Holder, festive. Yeah now and then. Memo number after Ernie, we had to really honor the legions and the wage and were coming up with the gun shooting all and make could increase the more they configure what was going on and then there was a shooting at the border patrol agent was killed and they found one of these guns.

There so what it would do in Kuwait is working separate on separate things, but there was always the same time California will I know that Arizona so this agent put together what was happening.

The government was providing open doors for all the weapons to go right across the border to Mexico. The government was behind I know with the provider and the supervisor said no, anyone of the line anyway. Katie went to the US attorney in the US attorney denied what was happening in the meanwhile was all true and blindly got behind in the media and it did explode was exposed in the meantime Stansberry. They were trying to fire him. The feds were trying to fire their own people. Whistleblower delivery: the truth and went into Congo. Congress got a hold it and they brought Holder before any glide about it and he denied any contact with Obama so Holder claims that the federal doing is running me going in Calexico and that Obama knew nothing about. Yeah, I know illegally expose that it just like you would would happen there. Remember, the FBI led with ploy kidnapping hopes all of those FBI agents were involved in that and that was again it was it was again sure false flag put on by dirty cops. Jury, not guilty. I know inside me insisted unbelievable humming that they because it's you who would've ever thought. I mean it out years ago. You know the date the FBI had some integrity and Gillick is that I have friends in the they could held her head up.

Now that they've turned it completely dirty all right listen I was relieved when originated in New York I had.

I have friends in the FBI and they were on a requested minimum literal honorable thought I would concern and now I I I I buy from 99% sure I could work for spiritual kolel. There will morally repulsive. They are against the American people.

They are that they have a whole crew in there now that our new world order.

They, the patriots are the enemy of the FBI. If there's any clean, any clean of the agents of the listing to us today would like to give us a call. Even if you're not if you think you can justify what you're doing. Your behavior call us at 888-677-9673 you know it. What did the Democrats are trying to do is the seed of this message to trying to send like they just did with Ryan Kelly is that anyone anyone that challenges their lives or anyone who challenges their powers, they will destroy. That's the message that trying to get out to the public. We have the power to anyone who stands against us to destroy and the really really taken a sleeping dog birthday. While I hope the American people realize that the we would like the Alamo. We have them expand. There is no you can only backup folklore, folk can eminently neatly can't go any further and bigger and quicker so it would still leave, expand, or with nothing left after Ernie, did you cover any chance of going on at the Supreme Court and the threat against the judge Cavanaugh that we haven't got there yet but let me go.

We have jagged let limit yes to the Philistines go to Jack's projector near you know what happened to Ryan Kelly. The message it could happen to any of it.

I was amazed at the number of network that carried the special event tonight when the network do the commercial free daily revenue, but CBS, NBC, ABC, FOXBusiness MAPI 557.

FOXBusiness carried the whole thing live MSNBC, CNN and C-SPAN, PBS, and even Newsmax data screen so I mean everybody carried it amazing that death is equal to power. When you have power over the media like that to spread propaganda and I believe with what happened to Ryan Kelly before the presidential election can happen to trump. I think they'll arrest them to make it spectacle of it put them in Legoland and down depending on where they are paralyzed, they might even take into Guantánamo, waterboarding, and get them to confess like you know for him to confess to something he didn't do. I don't put anything past the people which is why I agree with. When you get that when the elections come in November that the Democrats will probably retain their power by hook or by crook, find a way and then I would just want to give a warning to everybody. Remember, the government had no problem violating property, taught it, they used a helicopter gunship and tank against those civilians that Waco and don't think they're not preparing to do that again probably would love to make an example like that of the proud boys or some organization like that with a good role in with tank and helicopter gunship everybody to death, which is why I'm trying to get the red states and and there are National Guard Armory care now you're going to need Javelin missile going to need rocket propelled grenade you didn't need finger methyl and probably more certificated things because if this thing goes to the Civil War. It's going to be relative against relative it's going to be Democrats against Republican. It's going to involve the factions of the police department. The FDI FBI and the military and they're going to be using heavy weapons on and if you don't have a way to respond.

If not, can have a chance at the time to prepare is now in time is short.

All right, I totally agree. This is why we told you how a lot of counties are doing it already, you have the tea party groups in it and I know that there meeting with the County Sheriff and the teller look you were here to assist you. We don't want to burn lewd murder coming in here. We don't want rogue FBI agents coming in here and is what happened in Ukraine. The military had to hand out weapon to the pavilion and one thing that the easiest way to get the type of weapon or the governors of the red states to make sure that there are National Guard Armory are filled to the brim with everything they might need in the Civil War. Being that he is probably going to have actions of the military fighting other factions of the military. I think the military but right down the middle and yet it is going to be a blood he met yeah I agree but in but I think again I think that by most of the Millie would be quick quick to surrender at 70 and our freedoms to the other for an early for little bit different that Biden would surrender to China and Russia.

Russia and China would put the United States and in Biden would be in the family be taken care of, but the rationale is going to be that we wanted to prevent an all-out nuclear war, and it better that we surrender and your family and your homes are intact and you go on with your life only going to be answering to Russia and China and that with her option and that's why we chose to surrender going to go something like that and it is a good question for your audience. If the commander-in-chief would with faith with threat of all-out nuclear war would you would you want complete all-out response to total annihilation.

Would you want to to survive and surrender you. As for myself I go by that motto live free or die hard, I hear you listen. Thanks for contributing. Get a move on legs… Did you have next January in the year hello Dan, are you there hello Dan, are you there in Pennsylvania will be guide that Greg there out there tonight, for they work where we get until Walmart way we get until lightly.

Already there, you know that's you know what that's that's a typical that you know the decades registered Democrat. That's exactly the type of things they do right. Let's go Randy, go ahead, Randy or near all, I'm sore perspective of your program. It's like a radio for your plant in the 50s and 60s were getting information that we can't get anywhere else. Anyways, what I wanted.

This lady is up on the last things change. We are headed for a Bilotti civil war. That's not me saying it that if Donald J. Cropp and of recent comments and points or looks that way the patriots are fed up, but II also want to say that who Albert passed the first stone loses. We have to be on the right side of it all, otherwise we lose we will lose in the war of public opinion and militarily everything out what Jack was there and that's all I want to bring up tonight and and thank you so much and God bless thank you for: thank you very much. The one about all that John (it was very important going on a project here is about the Supreme Court of what happened and the Supreme Court now was on purpose biblically about the Supreme Court decision and that was done to an end and in the address of the of the judges that would vote against Roe versus Wade Rowley, so they had these groups that you can find it easy on the Internet Internet where they live in these groups in the going pretty well right doing that leak and a gunman left California and went to get justice like capitalist home and the police got them outside with a gun and knife in liberal paraphernalia and he said he was there to kill capital so here's the thing Catherine states again.

Federal law to the picket and protest in front of I know Supreme Court justice is probably all federal judges is against the law.

So Garland is allowing all of this grotesque which is against the law.

They are setting up these judges and I for one of them could be killed Weldon the Biden will point in a hard left Communists. Gleason they want these judges in absolute terror. This is a way of taking any judgment is any courage. The only one that they can get to know for sure beats, lonely others that you know so here we have (and by what Biden said meekly what Biden said last night he said. Biden threatens executive orders role is overturned and then during the meeting we talked about basically there's going to be right if the Supreme Court doesn't do the right. Again, this is total dictatorship. This is total charity and what I could've put up with it and in it I you know you that if that court. Here is Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland refuted two important laws protecting children, so the errors out front of the supreme out of the sprinkler home and yet they don't go after them at all to Ernie give him a precast lessee that's their way of say look again at St. Louis. If you do anything to challenge our authority. If you do anything to challenge our power. If you even talk about our lives, we will destroy you. We will destroy and that's the message they want to send them into the court did very Garland is a dirty cop. He was known known for being a dirty cop. It was a dirty judge and now he's out there and and he sold SunAmerica say that's a dereliction of duty that should be enough to remove him right there but you know what we don't have we don't have a Department of Justice anymore. We don't have a military they sold us out. We've been betrayed below. Everywhere you turn what we do have is the American people and and will we again we have the responsibility now not to recognize the legitimacy of the government because it is totally illegitimate. We owe them no allegiance at all we do. We owe them that nothing is far as to be a compliance with them there totally illegitimate and we are instructed first by God's word.

The highest authority in the universe and thereby our Constitution to now assemble a new government to disassemble the old and the start a new one.

Let's go to Dan Dan near near I don't have a Dan, are you there okay talk up as loud as you can speak of is lunging in okay.

Thank you for your ministry for you being bald hell tell the truth the way it is and I hear every day and I thank you.

Every evening I meet and up. I did have one thing to say is that I don't see how anyone who is a Christian can be a Democrat because being a very Democrat.

There belong to the party that is atheism and that is murderous day in your Christian, a Democrat, which are doing. You might even say want against abortion but you talking on the side of your neck because your supporting a party that is murderous and that's all I have to say, you know, I mean I've heard crickets.

It was a Christian I can, Democrat, how can you be your supporting a party it's murdering babies. That's antichrist and the and you're here think the blood will be on your hand you have to answer to God for supporting those murder. I might be wrong but that's how I feel you not run God's Word, the Bible says you should be a curse over the Proverbs chapter 24 that did do that is if you honor a desirable wicket and support you vote for a wicked person, then you should let should be accursed for doing that in them. So there you go doubt I could Let it already would bring God blessed the deadline. I've known the headline here National Guard "on alert with the pre-court abortion ruling the National Guard in all 50 US states and sprinkle with Dr. ready to go posture with the belt for development in preparation for the soon-to-be released US Supreme Court ruling on the board. Well, you know I'm I don't have any confidence in that court. Like you said, there's only one Lenape may be to atomic Thomas and maybe Alito okay, those are the only two on that court that that I I have any confidence in them really just Thompson Thomas, that would, he won't he will compromise. He will bow down to the tyranny. I don't have any confidence in the others. What about you all know I completely gave up on the trip report years ago Catherine years ago. The thing about the dream court review never name one liberal hard-core look good like on the current record in an old make us visions are weighted but II mean God's president if the president elected not elected but appointed Supreme Court to get in and next thing you know they're in bed with a hard left Communists only have American love that's that's the case in some cases the cases that they were sitting there like right now it's happening John all across this country happen here in Ohio you have the other Democrats are running as Republicans. Not only are they doing that what they're doing is they're these Republican candidates. Democrats are showing up and say listen, let me go out and let me get enough votes to get you on the ballot although collect your vote for you okay innately, and they tell you that were good conservative Republican, Christian, and then they go out in the end they get phony votes to get that in the valve 40 names in there doing this on purpose so that when it comes time to turn in your here names that you have that you collected your signatures. They're all phony and and is and not only that, but like out here in Ohio many other Democrats ran as Republicans. They deregistered and they can encourage they told to put the word out within the Democratic Party go out there and vote this this is a Democrat, is running as a Republican. Go vote for and they give him the list of names and we see that even in the county where I live that took place and so and that's happening all around the country now so already. Would we have sent those in Texas you're in the air fair how are you I'm okay how are you I'm great on great I just want to thank you all and I tear talk show every night and it's very interesting on the thing that you have to say and all this going on our property and trump not coming back to great president, but he cannot come back because there's people with big money that actually run this country and check to see that all this is going on is object 59 years and always have plenty food. A benefit of macabre gadget job which I still do now but I know it's coming so we expect you to be prepared because when it hit the fan and get really ugly, and it ended me. Maybe thought maybe they may have to be funded beneath the Medicare met takeover to get that bad. You know well you know again the Second Amendment is very clear and what we need.

When is referring to the well-regulated militia is talking about civilians not talking about military is not talking about the National Guard. Let me read that the well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

That when we talk about well-regulated that means trained and supplied and again were seen.

I went I was there the day. I have a friend that owns the gun stores and he is one of the huge huge huge place any bias for $5 million with the firearms in their and that place was busy it which is packed people are arming themselves all across this country there. There are mean and you're right is going to get is going to get nasty but you know what say we a lot of countries that have never known people never known freedom they'd never been never known the date they figure well, it's better I guess to be alive and be a slave than than not to be. We've known freedom and were not going to give it up, easy, were not going to give it up and that's exactly what the Democratic Communist Party wanted to they want to control every bit of our asked our life. They want to decide for us what we can do what we could drive where we can live and who can live. That's exactly what nasty Pelosi Chucky Schumer Joe Biden and every one of those ungodly antichrist Democrats want for this country and that's how you handle the Republican and Democratic are the same page. The whole world is on the same page. So that's where we have to realize we have to pray every day to keep eyes focus on pray every day. But do not worry so as were praying the meal we just have to pray. We have to be ready let the Bible recognizes two kinds of people. Those that are saved and those that aren't.

That's what a blow that on to you. You write about that already will. Thanks for: thank you and God bless will be back right after this one more don't go away when the British army came from Maine to Charlotte and the Lord with them is very tiring the farm and admired the man not afraid to die. I know that G and G and a you know the only things in the community is now my now getting not only in no and and they were back. John you know that the Bible talks about seven books that are that are mentioned in the Bible mentally, but the 66 books of the within the 66 books they mention seven other books in the Bible and every one of them in significance because it all has an application today. What would would sing God's word. How it applies to current events was happening in this country today and Lord's will end unless the Lord changes that up on me. I'm going to be preaching on that now in 50 years. I can't remember preaching on those seven before but maybe I have led to. That's the board's willingness will be preaching on so anything about that what you mean like the book of Enoch know well known, will you got the book of war. He got the book of remembrance. She got the book of life. You get the book of living all that, you are right there you go, allegedly to the book Rita already on the political you can do it. Let's see, let me go to. I'm sorry. When we have next Steve you're in there after any call throughout the 50 years.

Congratulations to Joan everybody there greatly every night and God surrounding technical ministry is your commodity now and cleaner than oil your clear the natural gas and item of these leaders as cleaners and peer driven snow summer and I don't want well I haven't felt this claim in a long time thinks the hood on. If anybody remembers to set the audio by guided Rush Limbaugh and tell you all and I'm digging at his regular website. No instance everybody knew what God is little quotes and stuff. I turned on February 2 10 monthly compliments industry to complement Sartre's article to get a hoarse voice. I turned the market (but everybody knew it, just like everybody knew what was being cooked up against companies is different because of I think his last paragraph, phone calls, talking about socialism all about, but his first book he wrote was called the way things are supposed to be in youngster talent on loan from God seven years old, one month into being 70 industries he left he got enough of everything on his website and sucking everything.

The second thing Gary Geiger's looking pretty good about 40 years all know that the second book is see I told you so 1992. 30 years ago and between yourself and him after Russ left, everybody said. Emily knew anybody but I don't get it. I don't understand how the I mean people just don't know anything about Gino Socrates, Secret Service, Geiger means making all kinds of sentinels claim Bartram's and other smart guys with produce people to think with numbering together and there's a lot more of us than people think that you're right, there's a whole Lotta Lala land is out there that is a mindset that is ignorance and apathy. I don't know about. I don't know about it and I don't care that they insist like it's almost a mindset that if I don't know about it. He can't hurt me and therefore I'll just let you know that the Bible tells in Proverbs 1 refers to those that are that way is simpleminded that they're the simpleminded and they don't end up well the things Eli gotta move on Hulu. We have next Georgian and to be careful because the last Portland. One was that that nutcase George Rainier.

Okay, okay, I recognize you, dear the non-not okay go ahead George, go ahead.

Are you there, he got disconnected call back George call back.

He got disconnected, who's next Ryan you're near pray to the people I'm afraid for them.

People judgment beyond. One study all I find what you sure you spend up to going to but to your audience is never stand up to the pump prerequisite to be a boy of three. Gotta be a coward and what I've been up to believe in my life I just melt before your eyes and you can't take any confrontation and you want to help you bring your pervert being a homosexual pedophile frame the Bible where it but women rule over you there. There are slaves to women. Isaiah chapter Isaiah chapter 3 verses starting with verse 12 Probert like our Biden department. Every woman probably Hillary Clinton and who we can Hillary Clinton never run into a pillar with you and she she's the queen of Maine and God haters to and their work in their take mankind ago but your your cohort that one night when promoting hatred everywhere regularly promote hatred wicked people to come out for hatred. They want you to hate God to want to follow God, who question I shake well you know what the Bible says that those that hate God, love, death, and they you didn't notice the entire left.

They love it. Probably portable Q you probably portable at all deplorable, you there.

The curse woe to them. The constant good evil and evil good and accursed life for me about how delighted are perfect curse of the ground on top of it but actually doing them a favor to stand up to them because they're like people to control their crates with their power and out-of-control.

Okay will thank you very much. Let's go to Dave Dave you are near that thinks Remi on Pastor and God bless you John return administrator. The government knew no thank you. Based on what Janet mentioned a little earlier talking about the protesters out on the front lawn judge I got Maybe a little humorous solution to that whole issue and it involved your lawn sprinklers.

I think it would be a fine time with a little adjustment on the sprinkler head to just turn them on full blast and just leave my and you know you have a kind of a wet time there.

Their cell phones with you worried about their fall I think that would really help in its legal course. You get it you can water your lawn anytime you know you to two problems with that one with the water they got in the water of the people. My stenciled bars of soap that only my get cleaned up with the second probably would have is the you have all of the federal agent standing out there to protect the judges so they would be the was a get wet. All I see we wouldn't. That would be kinda counterproductive. But like another thought along those lines. If social media gurus really wanted to do something good and decent pay with they could easily take down all that garbage on the taxing you know those idiots that are rose posting their addresses as the judges and stuffed them into second they could hire their technician to get to clean all that garbage off the Internet but yet they can all now the Ayatollah Khomeini to have his twitter account and in these other evil terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. They go unfettered. You know they're able to know to go about their dirty deed did Caliban need all of them. They all got twitter account and everything. It was again as the opposition so you have been any updates.

Thanks for: Howard, okay, let's try George again and we did George drop yeah you're in a direct quote from you on my unprovoked attacks by leading Democrat against me in a very cold shoulder to his lawn and space facts. I intend to vote Republican in November without well very good.

That's an indication that you want. Mark may not be the New World order number two there is hello Steve from communion. He was blocked from becoming a cardinal by the Pope to the Pope appointed a person who is lower rank than him and has to move the Pope is an antichrist hope is that even if he is at the now here's one last thing were talking about them wishes governor discount is looking for a new director for the new Florida civilian state bird 400 men. So far in the state militia alien militia that was covered in the census yet that's exactly what we need to do so. Kate gave a speech about the founders did not want a professional standing army they want. Because what happens when I think I dictator at claimant get control of it handing army at the end of her freedom. So we need have absolutely and malicious and I think if you have enough for like 30 more seconds I believe that the power the county is where we should concentrate our effort, and that the County Sheriff's should deputize the militias and and I talked to Sheriff Mack about it. He said that Sheriff can deputize an unlimited number of citizens as many as you want to do any of the shares once.

I think this is the solution.

So there was the minute the Michigan militia.

There's now the Florida militia conforming. They have at least 400.

I know that Michigan wishes at least 650 men forward on any lot more than out so that I think this is the way that they go I think this is a solution to protect our liberty and freedoms in the right very good.

You're absolutely right. And that's exactly what we're up to his will will been doing so.

Thank you, ready John wanted, in any event. That is the best way to do it would be to have the Sheriff's within the law called for all militia Creek County and then have the governor with the state police and the National Guard all merge together to defend the state solo like Ohio would be defended by the governor with the National Guard state lease, and then each County could raise up an unlimited amount of local people to defend the Ohioan within the United States. We have to have each state that still functioning as that is America that the defendant is best that best way to do okay very good, absolutely, I totally agree that the right now though the most important thing to folks out there. We always have to remember this. You know you have it. We went to the list of things talking about and we judge about it stack up.

Talk about food stock up on food stuck upon medical equipment would be good to have some extra gas cans of gas around. You need to stock up because things again. Biden's job was to come in there and was to reduce America the third world status. That's exactly what he's been doing that he's he's not the one needs a puppeteer pulling his strings. Sometimes Joe Bauman got even the worries that but he's got people pulling his strings out there and he's listing it and remember, like what you saw tonight with all of the state TV station carrying this propaganda. Folks there bad that the logon they bow down to whoever is giving the orders from the collective. And so again I don't trust anybody that works at those stations anymore. None. I meet my know a couple people that are that are Christian, but they feel about it the same way I do about you got it. This is why this radio program is so important.

Okay in 50 years we've never betrayed you. Not one time in 50 years. Where out here were not in it for the money put into that's a good thing did because it's not here we we fight with everything we have just raised the funds to stay on the air is the cause and the first cause of the cause of Christ and that's why we we really have to hear from you like is that I've got an important announcement and I think I went away to make that Monday is a very very important announcement and so any help. Stay tuned.

I know we were running out of time has passed, Rachel called yet that Craig he usually because I know he wanted to on Thursday night.

He always calls he wants to give the invitation hello if you're out there listing you going to do it you better call so I know is not okay. Let's go to Colorado take Sean Sean you're in the air going with you going to work with you differently another country. A lot of memory being a Christian third party will talk about yet he needed to be stopped immediately. I handled it if he killed a lot of people like your mother was a girl you thing about how you trying to, like, I can look like to give people groups or 290 the top of their kind kill them in number over the Republicans fault or something amazing how people lease income from a life they want control and I determined to not ask him to have more latitude missile mental Biden. He commented I would like to come in about would be to pray for families with mostly good thing with the kiddos when on the table 1. More often wanted to talk about God more often about family, the incompetence Mack you want all the restrictions on weapons about how many kids get killed from car accident of drunk driving strike reasonably in cars and other stuff we had a pick and choose what he wants to do with political game, but that's what people in Tampa laden, and I got got in a ground you're absolutely right in doing.

Thank you. Thanks for calling John. You've got four minutes to give an invitation. Can you do. Do we have one anymore because frequent note okay.

We got 4 million we don't have time and in John four minutes. Can you give an invitation to attend. While we are. Floyd Bible prophecy unveiling right in front of our very eyes about how the world is going to be coming of Jesus Christ and I like the faith of the listeners that there is trouble ahead.

I mean we need a blind man could see, so do you have the faith to endure. We don't know when Christ is coming across. We lived at the blessed open looking for is coming.

But that doesn't mean that there might be trouble ahead before he comes. So are you anchored in faith is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, have you repented of sin and standing right with God and God gives us a real internal strength. The truth only stand when Christ is our Savior and and were looking for is coming. We want to back them for anything we we want to stand for the truth so to face what's coming.

What's needed is believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ that that that means repentance from sin. Sin is living a life without Jesus Christ, and turning to him like an about-face and his word to center your life on him and your word and then to believe that God sent Jesus was without sin to take our sin on them on the cross. That's what he did he shed his blood paid the penalty for our sin and then the Bible says that is righteousness is given to righteousness means we can stand before God without any guilt that the righteousness of the trade on the cross, Jesus takes our sling sin. The penalty and then God imparts are his righteousness on us and that's how we can cut go to heaven. That's how we can stand before God as our father. The fact the Bible says we connect with a tender relationship with God as our father. Daddy. Daddy, but it is no way that any of that can happen without coming across so is done by repenting of sin, realizing that Jesus paid the price for our sin, confessing him as your Lord and Savior. Realizing now only because of that, and you have assurance of eternal life. God now becomes top of the father, and you can get God's strength through the power of the Holy Spirit working throughout that we won't submit the lines. We will stand through the Bible, so you should know the truth and the truth shall set you free. That's about it. After again, just as as anyone ever regretted playing the sin is for receiving Christ as his Savior Ernie. I can tell you own 1/4 1974 I did and I never regretted it for a moment, not one little look back little to write a letter always walk with Christ and close.

Let me tell you, John, either a lot of people that we state had done that wall by learning all those reject God hated God will even lie now but during the years I spoke to many people and abortion factors that work there and network supporting abortion, then find some of the mold when they died now live long dead. I thought I often not often, but I think of them sometimes about what their fate is now gone. Where time. John a lot of time for tonight I think should tell about good night God bless, always, always keep fighting the light. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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