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TUE HR 2 060722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 8, 2022 12:39 am

TUE HR 2 060722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 8, 2022 12:39 am

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Progressive you can get 24 seven protection even if you break the space-time continuum 24 time travel offers more than a great price will we overruled the blood production, which covers with respect to future situations and listen to the podcast WR we are back here you go over those deaths in Oregon skyrocketed one year after decriminalizing hard drugs is right.

They did the so here just over a year. The Democratic-controlled Oregon legislature passed measure 110 ability criminalizes drugs.

The number of overdoses of the state has skyrocketed in 2019 before the law went into effect the beaver state record total of 280 drug overdoses and like to 20, 21, the number had more than doubled, a whopping 260% for total of 607 Best Buy drugs, mostly shocking the date of 2021 is a complete only covers 10 months. The final tally for 2021 will be higher once it's all said and done, just yeah. Unbelievable.

Here, enacted in February 2020 measure 110 Bill was a way to provide assistance to drug use by easing fears of punishment when seeking treatments treatment help with Joe, you know, again I mean this this is people they will. In other they got good intentions. They're just incompetent, stupid, no there about death. The Democratic Party is about death.

This is a another part of the peoples it's hard for people to wrap their heads around the people could actually love death that much that that would like to see innocent people dying but that's the reality. That's what the death credit Communist Party.

His is come to that's it's only about death and you know Jill of their no they don't have to stop it. If you're speeding or you're running away from a crime scene and a consultation you would as red light. You don't have to pull over. Did you know that in Ohio or anywhere else in Oregon and Oregon. Boy you. That is the that's the it's unbelievable. That's what they with enough to notice well when you were in effect at about three New York politician nano pro-life group. Forced to promote death promote appeared on the total opposite of what they were created to be one of the most absurd seeing things I've heard my life but I was looking at a stack of things in front of me. It makes sense. This last weekend. According to FOXNews more than a dozen mass shooting over the weekend left 18 people dead across the country, a mass shooting I think is for four more people shot or killed, not including shooter.

That's the definition we know in Philadelphia had 10 shooting and 48 hours three Chattanooga, Tennessee three people dead. 14 people injured Phoenix shooting at a Phoenix small 14-year-old girl dead, eight injured high school grad party South Carolina.

One woman killed seven others injured, including a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old. There were nine other shootings in New York, Georgia, Texas, Nebraska, Virginia three masher in Michigan and another shooting in Arizona and all of this according to the gun violence archive and I'm working through the stack of stuff going back to little bit. 14 dead, three shot at Shooting South St., Philadelphia, TN, daycare workers, overdose children with 10 times the legal amount of the sleep hormone.

This is how they were taking care of children in Ohio. Grandparents arrested in unimaginable child abuse case.

Police said made him totally sick. I don't want to go into.

It was horrible what happened, and then in Tulsa here back in June 1 five dead, including the gunman in the hospital shooting and the stack goes on and on and on. This information that is prime crazy pastor Ernie, it has lost its way. This kind of sex and violence are killing over arguments. Anything setting people off this gang shooting. This is where are watching insanity.

We are watching our society come apart and it's all because the country told God we didn't need them anymore.

Jill my thing Jill notices number mean two and a half-million to half million lives saved to have Billy live saved you know where that comes from that comes from a crisis pregnancy centers know that comes from last year in America because people were armed and they protected themselves tell vibrate out you had 200 to have million people that were saved because they were armed and protected themselves against criminals. You won't hear that on the fake news media. You won't hear any of that elevator that that no because it again. They don't want gun control, gun control is a firm grip.

A steady aim at what they want is they want to disarm. They want to disarm the American people, like they've done in all of the other countries and that they're afraid the death of Krantz are afraid of us. They're afraid if it's because they want to take away everything we have and they know we're willing to fight the know are willing to fight and the death to preserve our freedoms and that's with the that's what they're afraid of, and select good health on a recruitment so simple, so clear it hidden for most people they're getting there. I don't know where they get their news, but it's not from a truthful source and factor very hear those places left right well I displays the deadline for the. The ones that out there look like us and they're growing actually growing in number of their that I getting the truth out that they do have the courage to stand and tell the truth is example of insanity. California State Senate passes a bill that ends the mandatory reporting of threats made by students. That's right that crazy insane California State Senate on Thursday.

Let's that last Thursday passed a bill that ends mandatory reporting on students who threaten violence against the school to law enforcement.

In other words, in its they're telling you that they don't even have to did you don't have to call the law.

Other cells according to language the bill endorsed by the ACLU antichrist union there.

Once students make contact with the law enforcement they're less likely to graduate high school and more likely to wind up in jail or prison. This is these these people are idiots. I mean, this is insanity. The law was authorized by Sen. Steve Bradford was endorsed by ACLU California action: a win for racial equality quality throughout the they are fools the cosponsors or Ellie for allies for boys and men there you go and ACLU California action black organization project black parallel school board. Coleman advocates for children and youth disability. On and on and on. This again unbelievable.

Of days after the evolving massacre in California State Senate has voted to repeal a requirement that schools reported threats of violence by students against his workers. The bill that repeals it. It is supported by the ACLU. There you go. I remember back in Dearborn without collective member program Biden Kevin. Trumps all, or put all the outward things done around started to crush around because there were loading out producing nuclear material. Yeah sanctions legislation yet sanction thank you senior moment well right now the Aransas pursuit of nukes is crossed a dangerous new threshold and this comes from the daily caller news foundations Michaela Burrell Aranda has now stockpiled enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb analysis concluded in a report that the confirm the findings by the UN nuclear watchdog published it in essence it's broken out slowly by accumulating 60% enriched uranium.

The Institute for science and International security, wrote basically they are now at a point were within two weeks they could take the 60% turned into 90% from the what they call HEU to you have sex anywhere that would produce 90% produces a big nuclear weapon grade bomb 60% will produce an atomic bomb.

But a week when and if that they have enough for care nuclear weapons within one month, and after that they will be able to produce like one a week is scary stuff. We are now getting some of the most radical terrorists in the world now have they have muscles that can strike Israel already.

They have the technology and now they have they have the bombs and now they have the material to put in the bomb to threaten the entire Middle East. The world has now changed as of today you know one good thing happened yesterday. The truth about January 6 documentary premiered yesterday. Jill the Gateway pundit narrated by a political prisoner Jake Ling from inside solitary confinement. That was a highly anticipated documentary, the truth about January 6 and then the groundbreaking documentary contains never before seen footage of the commentary on the January 6 and so I think we may be showing this this film unmeasurable seminar. Know this right now is up and I don't know if they've gotten a DVD yet okay so I know that that streaming on the Internet right now.

So the film is historical and the fact that it was coproduced and narrated by January 6. Political prisoner take long solitary confinement laying is arguably one of the most persecuted January 3, defendants. A political prisoner in America today. The documentary begins with lanes powerful their narration America. You deserve the truth, you deserve the full story you deserve the view that historic events of January 6 beyond the sensor lens of mainstream media. Hello, I'm Jake Ling 27-year-old political prisoner that has been locked up in solitary confinement for 17 months. The footage you see on concrete personal) write the footage you are about this. Doing this is never been seen by the public. It is the law and I got to the January 6 the day when three men and women was stood unarmed against tyranny dirty cops. I mean dirty, and that dirty Congress from Nancy Pelosi down the you talk about complete and total antichrist corruption the day when free men and women stood unarmed against tyranny who were brutalized and even murdered in the steps of our own capital. The patriotic event of the century where brave Americans came together to defend the Constitution and free and fair elections. Remember Pres. comes with less than we need about 40,000 National Guard that there to make sure that that this thing because it is really and they nasty Pelosi would not allow them to be there to. This was all set this whole thing was set up and you had Road dirty cops from the FBI dirty cops from the will of the DC police and it was set up by the Christ, the Democratic Party, the death of Kelly Kime's party and that whole board. Do you know that January 6 reported that they have. I mean, you have out you have to go to hell itself to find more corrupt people than than sentence on the board decay laying has been like it I can say that part 15 a rain of citizens against political persecution.

He is literally facing almost half a century in prison for January 6 and being harshly persecuted for speaking out against the buying regime cannot truly want to use that were now from from solitary confinement.

Most human beings would just shut up and fear. But not Jake. The harder they come for him. The harder he fights, it's a David versus Goliath again. There you go, are forming after there are so much happening in the world. I do have some good news Rhonda sentence has made the news.

What happened well he has set up a program the dissident program launched Monday was inspired by legislation signed by Florida Gov. defendants recognizing statewide victims of communism day annually requiring schools to teach students about the evils of communism. So this project was sent set up by immigrants who fled from Venezuela, Cuba, China and North Korea. Other nation that suffered terror to radical socialist regimes and these people are preparing to travel to school schools across the nation to warn students that socialism is deadly be found of the project, a Venezuelan born economist Daniel D. Martino said the speakers came to America for freedom and it is our duty to preserve that love for freedom among the youngest generation.

That's why were stepping up and doing our part so Americans never forget that this is an exceptional nation that free enterprise and rule of law made it great and that socialism can and will destroy it like it did in our native countries and this bill. The Senate bill was about honoring the people that have fallen victim to communism and to teach our students about these atrocities is the best way to ensure that history does not repeat it.

Amen. And I hope these people are invited to schools near you. Every listener out there. Hopefully lookup dissident project.

If something is just getting started going to be growing and we will will keep following it and I is a long article in a talk about how communism kills they take everything they tell you what to think what to fail. They control the music you listen to that quote from different people are going to be getting these talks now what happened in capabilities other countries and that's horrible and make the people are really scared because they see it happening here.

It communism. Everything they want to do is control, which is what the Democratic Party is trying to do right now we are in a revolution that's happening all around you. This very day right, absolutely. I've got an article by Jesse Martin here, the FBI altered the statements into 2016 alleged DCC hack based on Michael Sussman's input course we knew that. I mean we we talked about playback blending of the more evidence that the FBI is corrupt to the core has emerged during the aftermath of the alleged intrusion into the Democratic Congressional campaign committee network in 2015, the FBI sought the help of Michael Sussman to produce a statement I have to during an initial statement, the FBI said its assessment who represented the Democrats for review and Michael are press offices. Once again getting attentive calls on DCC matter draft responses provided below wanted to get your thoughts on fire sending out Jim Traynor, assistant director for the FBI cyber division road to Sussman on July 29, 2016 Sussman zeroed in on the first sentence which he said seem to undermine the DCC was saying about again the the DCC refers to the Democratic Congressional campaign committee, the Democratic convention in 1900 right and so here he goes on to say Sussman zeroed in a sentence with sin seemed to undermine the DCC was saying about reported intrusion to draft you sent is only the FBI is aware of the media reports it does not say the FBI is aware of the intrusion to the DCC reporter.

Indeed, he refers only to the possible cyber intrusion that way undermines which DCC said in statement. What would it say I mean it just the just absolutely corrupt to the currently well, well, we've got calendar correct is no conservative theory of a liberal legal mind. There are four graduate of Harvard Law school and he cannot, charging the Department of Justice with acting illegally and indicting interesting Peter Navarro and advisor to Pres. Trump and at the gate stone Institute where he's one of the foundation fellows beset the indictment of Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress violates several provisions of the Constitution should be instantly dismissed and he talked about how it's all partisan politics and the Navarro has a strong claim of executive privilege.

It should be decided by the courts. Either the Justice Department our Congress should seek a judicial ruling filed claim of executive privilege is valid and activities that they have no right to do this is unconstitutional without a judicial order. He cannot be indicted, he cannot be hero held or charged and going on and on and on this people are totally every time we turn around Pasternak. They just ignore something in the law and the Constitution and know whether it's in the courts or the Department of Justice is the things you lease what happened with assessment thing that it was it was placed in in-your-face they had jurors on their that word. They all should've been excused to keep that judge the corrupt judge was involved in all of that should have been closed and somebody refused to do that refused to do that and so I mean that they show you look look at this, look what were doing here. This is in your face. We can do whatever we want and we can get away with, and whatever we want. And here the Clint, let me just reaches another Clinton associate who vowed to expose the elite pedophile ring found dead okay of the Clint body count is increased following the suspicious death of a second Clinton associate who vowed to expose that details about elite pedophile ring involving Epstein and the Clintons will again. Hillary is not to say I'm above the law. I'm Hillary, I'm above the law.

Don't don't don't think you can come after me. Now this is why they're scared to death of Trump. They know of Trump gets back in that White House. He's got the guts, not like those that those we can need wormy Republicans and in that set it out there. Trump's got the guts to go after and dictate into drain the swamp and and they know he'll do it, and this is why the Hillary he was an actual which allocates you belongs to which come and she heads up what was coming.

Here is the let me go and she's there scared of Trump and and here again the message that they're trying to send the American people as look we are in charge of the law is what we say it is. We will do what we want to do and there's really nothing you can do about it.

Let go on.

Says here, Ashley Haynes, 47, was found around in Arkansas, a river with an extension cord not around her ankle and attached to the concrete block.

She had been seen just months before visiting Clinton advisor and longtime Epstein pal Mark Middleton, whose body was discovered earlier this month hanging from a tree with the same style electrical cord wrapped around his neck and a close range shotgun blast through his chest stunned a business associate who knew Mittleman and is calling for an independent investigation into his suspicious death told reporters that it is not a coincidence that Hayes, 47 had visited Clintons now dead pal office to discuss an urgent matter goes on to say, I saw her in Mark's office. The business associate told radar one. I was leaving and he Middleton was telling me that he had a very important meeting and that the woman who came in the city of get after a massive search ligament they they skip the line here on this when you have after massive after a massive searcher corpse was discovered four days later by a family friend submerged in 10 feet of water source close to Haines limits of this is the word for a charitable organization group that was supposed to be feed and clothe the homeless tells let me see, this is really hard to read here whenever they says they did, she would never have taken her own life, let alone a banner bordered on the river lugging 50 a pound for concrete block.

Think about that.

I mean mind carrying your own concrete block on a river float amount not likely that's over 100 people that could cause the Clintons problems have been the park inside and people you know always stricter coincidence I just don't believe in that kind a coincidence or not. I am living in was very we've got beautiful rivers and people go river floating all the time and you might have on canoes and kayaks in small boats. You don't even carry out offering throw over and hook around a tree or something on the bank you don't carry big heavy pieces of concrete on a river float that nobody does it well know most people never carried the big pieces of concrete, especially they hardly ever time around her ankle relative. Okay, here's an article by Kevin Hughes and another will leave in a huff of BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near total control over the future of food supply in America. This is what we've been warning people about the many, many people are blissfully unaware of what has happened with the global food supply has been largely taken over by the oligarchs, including financial giants BlackRock and Vanguard.

It turns out the BlackRock and Vanguard have been gradually growing a gobbling up ownership of the means of production and no intent to lord it over the masses by centralizing all food production technologies and wonder if that to has something to do with all of the food manufacturers being burned down.

Here wonder about that.

That's kind of an odd collection, errors, and it might by centralizing the food production technology. The United States and enslaving everyone under their control. The top three's as shareholders of CD industries only the world's largest fertilizer company include both BlackRock Vanguard BlackRock Vanguard also the top shareholders and Union Pacific Railroad giant the most fertilizer and other agriculture inputs all across the country, the world's top 10 food companies are also largely owned by both BlackRock and Vanguard. These include Nestlé, Pepsi, General Mills, Kellogg associated British foods Mondello Mars. Then one unit lever and Coca-Cola. What happens when what happens when they cannot all of the seeds.

What happens when they control the seeds and produce the meat to as Cory Diggs. What happens when produce the meat are all gone inside. This is what we were telling you about before whoever controls the food controls the people right now. I think equity and why they want to get people out of the country.

They don't want people like me living out on a farm in the middle of nowhere because we have our gardens we can raise chickens have our own eggs around chickens to eat.

We can raise hogs, we can raise cattle. We can have an orchard and we can trade back and forth. One farmer may raise a lot of cattle infiltrated with somebody who's got an apple orchard raises or turf apples, peaches, and all were very self-sufficient. If I want to write alright, alright, alright, quit your bag it will be back within today's save you all to see. They will a maintenance that is once you see the old man they go down the time I don't mean time, man and man marrying. Now I know the man one God, how bad the compromise.

I'll find you and we that's already in now and man I mean a man in a no he will do you a and B and I know now you are ready. We are back legs are open 888-677-9673 post listen may still be time that the doors closing America. We've got to take America back soon culture near Larson that evening. You know for years. You gentlemen have been warning people what's going on and I was sitting here thinking tonight let you guys like I do every night. How all the topic you guys brought to the forefront over the media you had emailed document yelled out. Think we've had the Atty. Gen. that turn our back on America, even some stuff from Laura King Brown and Carolyn Hannity years ago how they would expose all the stuff in and even you that I would explode all the stuff and not been ever happened like the communist market the socialist under Barack Obama, he acted back to make sure that if they ever got caught and prosecuted him who's going to bring the trial. How is anything going to get done to break the will of the people by the communist yet is it is again, we don't have a Department of Justice is filled with dirty cops of the FBI's gone totally loud. The fake news media out there.

You know that one of things that they think once they destroy this country. They got to realize that that they can live hereto okay and so it is going to come back on them other than to get bit by what they're doing here. And here's what God's Word the Bible, he gives them. This tells you to repent or perish. And you know they have time like they have time to repent, yeah, or perish.

They betray God they betray country and them you know and I just wasted.

We had more pastors that had the courage to stand up and and preach the with the way they're supposed to do that out there.

They need to be hearing it.

They need to hear it everywhere they turn the radio and television telling the character well I Brian for the past couple years, a 15 year.

I've been trying after standard like that and what you and your other get you when I got those before we talked about the ride to the forthright. We talked about how they got control of the schools in the media. One of the things all the Democrats will lie after lie, lie, and they will never deviate and when the Republicans get empower they want. At night the people they could be bringing them to the court felt the American people that we got fighters but now we've got our ghastly right you know we've got too many Lindsey Graham's out there that they are not. When it comes down to it when it comes with where the rubber meets the road when the time comes for them to do with this post to do then they sell you out is what happened in every time, but that you you I element have been called the lion all these years on the radio you have done nothing and I'm not your back. But I'm telling the audience that America is wrong Larson rock through branding K Ron John McCarron and Ron John Homan Roth wrong thunder walk. We have been all together has been telling you on what's right what's left Mikey regional department to report what's happening in America we need to America, we need to repent. We need to tell people about vomiting you're bringing abortions, bringing the right theory and all the stomach, bring it judgment. In our last when we end up inflating unite together. We are on hold when we become outward.

We are guilty are we not, absolutely. That's where again the Bible says the righteous are as bold as Allianz but the fearful one when even though man pursuant you absolutely again healed. What would you have to fear is dying in your sin, that's that is what people really have to do, and they don't understand that this is a time for honor. This is a time for dignity. This is an time for integrity. This is a time for people to stand up and do the right thing and again you like.

We talked about yesterday when we were waiting in the message where out in Deuteronomy chapter 30 where he was talking about those that say well unite I want to obey God. But he's he hasn't tell me what to do.

He's literally spelled it out intelligence right there. I spell it out for you and folks again. They don't it's and again it's repent its parishes either get you born again or wish he had. That's what happens right here offering real quick. I'll get off, but future gentlemen, I want to thank you for the year. You know you guy that taught me, iron sharpens iron unite. Don't give me some courage to stand up and take somebody that I get for they kicking off yet a part of it will even print my know more.

Why, because I think Jesus Christ down 40 feet thick that the only way homosexuality is an abomination is a bomb in a legal life that conversion. Abortion is watering unborn babies not even that, and they won't reprint anymore. It didn't tell me one time. What time did that little boy little girl commit in its mother's womb to get receive the death penalty so therefore great risk of being paid. He's intolerant.

He's one of those religious fanatic but what yes I'm a fanatic for Jesus Christ because only Jesus Christ.

They I clear my God and I love my God. But you know what, I love you too guy.

That's why continue to support what like what Colette Rupp radio ministry and God bless both of you. You got your warrior might look like. All that right back at you coach things God blessed movement already. Let me see coach product from Pastor I need you to read. This is from the London daily Mail charts are scripts back so spent $40 million collected 75 progressive prosecutors in America over the last decade, the now one in five Americans live in areas covered by his criminal justice reformers. We don't have time on Monday bring this up again tomorrow, but here you have one of the most evil men in the world's one in five Americans live in an area controlled by a socialist communist antichrist. The one of Virginia.

The one of Virginia says he doesn't care what the law is a Virginia need city does a Gary Duggan prosecute crime already. I we have John and their genuine near yeah I don't know. Between again Republicans in the Republic Rensselaer both through use of the military-industrial Shiite motor murder Inc. complex and the last caller will talk about the danger of luck, a repeat of the Nazis, and I think it's exactly the opposite. Because if you take out this article: directly the latter you glad I will crimes of the US empire.

One of got out one of the things that will open people's mind is that United States business power structure establishment in Marbella Nazis during the second world war and brought in clouds and not to war criminals covertly under operation sunrise in operation crêpe paper click and put them in that propaganda confusions and radio free Europe radio Liberty so-called and much of the American media so I believe we we covered with covered that job in a number of times we talked about that fact. I tell you what, I'll tell you who actually talk about that was Eisenhower, Pres. Eisenhower, when he gave a story with strong warning okay against the industrial military complex and and in the because he was totally aware of what was taking place and they had brought in all of those Nazi scientists but we gotta move on who's next. There okay will go with the cliff very quickly. Click here and there.

I 25, 12 and… Was like the Lord strike that sound like I was thinking what about faith that want to kill you amply with latest Sunday and it's also talking about the pride bringing down the product that I think it thanks I think it pride against people looking for food that is God's go and arrogant told people about inflation okay for you at a price public-private, but it's also arrogant to think of God in a well. It is again the military LGBT Q is getting there going to go down guys going to bring them down and all of those that support them. All of those in the fake news media that promote that and the entire Democratic Congress again.

Pride goes before fall employment. There pushing that out there, it's like that like to say in your face God but the things we gotta move on, let's go with Timothy. Timothy you are near a break they make my current. I know I agree with everything and I reiterate what and equipment.

Everybody else that the listeners and called in on a regular basis that well standing strong and not in agreement with what God's word says financial additionally absolutely, and we have the absolute that he's coming back. We have the absolute of God's word and that it is all you hold on and meditate on outward everyday intelligence to manage their basic instruction manual before leaving earth that the everything in it where we are in Ezekiel 38 and 38, 39 right now and I believe the guy get Magog of the present day, as Russia and China signed on to keep an eye on what's going on there. Everything is going to reveal itself to grand Israel Stanford Israel bless Israel and you will be blessed you curse Israel and you will be cursed going.

It never comes back voice and not understand on the premises every day and Psalm 37 and I James 417 and Ezekiel. Ezekiel like a headset and Philippians 419, and so on and so forth that it says right there, he tell you everything is going to happen. I was can happen and bottom line is God is laughing at the wicked, and I know that he is going to put his foot down and raise a sword and it's all so can happen when he feels it's necessary for it to happen so it was just cut and believe. Keep right on across and wait for his return.

Very good year you Dylan had things to do the jack kick you in the Gov. Christie known without Dakota warning of food shortages, but also she's warning that we blocked control of the food supply for an interest so she's talking about what you guys are talking about earlier and I was wondering if you are familiar with your warning and what your opinion is why we've lost control of the food supply warning this freak three years is 53 years is done on purpose that when Trump was in.

He was turning that around that was going the other direction.

But when the communist got back in this whole thing that the impeachment of Trump. The election that this was done because again the Republicans could have done if they had done this to the ground and done what they were supposed to, we wouldn't have that Trump would still be in the economy would still be good and again we would be more more pro-life legislation would be passed but they didn't date when the time was right, they failed when they should've stood their ground and and stopped that and that certified that that election that was stolen when they failed to do that. This is a the consequences right here will suffer the consequences of that but him. They go blind you should know that years ago Warren Buffett by controlling interest in majority of the railroad guy know that our food is transported also include background codes it today. You can on the new vaccine were coded made by nova back though him. We haven't really discussed that yet.

I haven't really looked into that. I didn't know your opinion on it. Safety well I don't trust her.

That's fine that a vaccine, and by what we've seen again. People someday history is going to tell what we've been telling people out here, and as it has for 50 years we've been telling you the truth, and for 50 years. It's it it limited. It comes out, we might come out years later becomes out and again all of the people that are dropping dead right now. More people are dying money more from the facts with what they call backs that ever died from the cold itself but to begin that that won't that won't be made known, will it is to two people and listen to his radio program and others put probably wanted to pitch it will be in the history books until we get until we take America back but I'm out of time and thanks for: Jodi got four minutes right now for minutes to give an invitation right blocked her himself said, verily, verily, I say under the except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. Jesus also said I am the way the truth and the life no man, unto the father but by me. He said truly, truly, verily, verily, I say and do you either believe upon me hath everlasting life. He said in John five verily, verily, I say do you hate it here. My word, believe upon him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death into life. Jesus is the all in all and he basically made it very clear unless you are born again and Jesus came from even begotten came forth from the father to come and die of substitutionary death on the cross. We know that the he said matter earth that in Matthew 26 Jesus in verse 28 for this is my blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins, not for all. For many of those.

It would accept his sacrifice, that sacrifice of the substitutionary death on the cross and to be born again, we have to accept his sacrifice and acknowledge that he went to the cross. He took my place as a miserable rotten sinner took my sins on his sinless, spotless soul paid the price. The wages of sin God that her death he died in my place so that I could be forgiven and to be born again. I must call upon the father and I must confess that I'm a sinner that I'm sorry that my sins, I must repent in the heart. My sins put Jesus on the cross he died for me so that I could be saved and have everlasting life, and then you asked Jesus I want you to be Lord of my life to commend me through the Holy Spirit and be Lord of my life. All of my life without any reservations completely give myself over to him to become a servant, and when you become given the Holy Spirit that your down payment on everlasting life but also makes you a joint heir with Jesus. It makes you a child of the kingdom of born again believer, a son or daughter adopted of the living God and all his promises.

He said once you know you are in his hand is no power that can take you out know where you can lose your salvation once consecrated. You. This is the most important decision every living human being on earth will ever make whether to accept the Lord's offer of mercy, forgiveness and eternal life or reject him and suffer the horrible horrible contents. It shows the most important, the most important decision in the event it doesn't matter what people believe that the reality is what God says and that's what we God says so. We are on nighttime part of the matter rightly.

We are out of time for tonight so until tomorrow. Good night God bless our planet always always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

Left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on a student next time for meditation was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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