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FRI HR 2 060322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 4, 2022 12:23 am

FRI HR 2 060322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 4, 2022 12:23 am

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See you next time. Thank you we on all in all. See we're right now you're on you're on radio Coast to Coast right now right now. So what we need for you to do is give us give us those numbers to call and we have a very very activist audience. They are the most activist audience probably in the country and so if you give us those numbers we'll get we'll get on them and right away. Excellent.

Well the the name of the Consulate General in San Francisco there is Lisa Kupu K-U-P-U and I will ask Brent to give that number and the email and the address thereof to that because he has it right there in front of him at the moment. So Brent please give that information. I'm actually looking for it right now. I don't have it right in cash. All right let's go to the next one. It's among your it's among your texts but sometimes they disappear.

I don't have it this second but I will I will find it. Already what about is there is there another number for another who is the next person you would have us call? Yes well I will give you the Prime Minister's name and number and the Prime Minister is and that's spelled S-I-O-A-S-I that's the first name S-O-V-A-L-E-N-I and the number is 676 and that's the country code and then it's 7401351 and that is the cell and the other number is 676 country code again 7705920 and supposedly that also is the cell and the number for the director of yes go ahead Brent. Wait pardon me pardon me I have a third number for the Prime Minister again 676 7888887 7888887 I have the number for the consulate right here the consulate in Tonga I'm sorry in San Francisco Tonga consulate is area code 650685 1001 650685 1001 yeah that is Lisa extension the extension for Lisa Kupu is nine extension nine and the email for the consulate is consulate general one word consulate general at gmail dot com. All right we have a lot of all you folks out there listen especially those from California but all over I would give that call first thing in the morning and that again that number is 650685 1001 that's 650685 1001 as far as calling the Prime Minister that is 6767401351 or 6767705920 or 676 ok I know I'm going pretty fast aren't I anyhow listen Brent what tell them what you want you would have them to say to the Prime Minister to the consulate how would you have them address this?

I understand you were holding you were preventing American citizens from leaving okay and coming back to America and they have to come back okay why are you doing this yeah okay I think probably that's the main thing now if you call the Tongan consulate in San Francisco be prepared she's not going to be happy she is tired of all the calls and all the emails she's getting on this and she is not going to be happy so just be aware of that when you do call her. All right very good and again that last number for the Prime Minister is 676 now should we mention by name Brent Johnson and let me see JOH Lee Parker and who is the third fellow C? Yes definitely C do you think there's yes because they already know and have known long before anybody started contacting who this is and what's going on and it is necessary that it is openly stated as such I would also like to give you the name and the phone number of the chance de affairs which is French and basically means the guy nine positions below an ambassador and or the guy who runs the consulate in Fiji who is the one who sent that insulting situation saying that basically Brent lives in fantasy world and lala land so if your people are ready I would be more than happy to give that number because they need to be contacted also.

What is his name first? His name is Tony Grubel and that's G R B U B D L and the country code is 679 phone number is 772-8649 and also the last four numbers 8049 okay all right we're going to do that folks if you got all that get on this thing first thing in the morning and we're going to switch over now go ahead. I have one question I have one question for CC however there is one complication and that is okay that Brent Johnson is my professional name but it is not the name okay on my passport so you know how I mean if they mention Brent Johnson they'll probably know who it is right like they will of course they they know and will know and that and the thing is is right now the only people are getting contacted about US citizens being held are the two of you there are others that I have heard of but so yes they will know not only that but Lee Parker that is not a Nanda Bloom and or Nana Glare what do you what do you see suggest you heard what I suggested what do you suggest people ask or say when they call these places well what you said is is very well put I would like to give some more information which may add to their thought of how they want to address it so it is well understood Tonga has a treaty with the United States and it's a receptacle meaning that we'll look after your citizens and won't harm them and you won't ours etc etc so what they are doing is against international treaty law it's also against a multiplicity of international laws it is also against what has been established by the Geneva Convention from 37 and all the other like nine that have been added to it it also is illegal in Tonga as Brendan said and the United States to force someone to in fact take the mRNA injection or any other type of injection that they do not want to do the thing is is that this actually under international law becomes a hostage situation because they are being held against their will and they are not allowed to leave unless they do a specific task that is being demanded that also falls into the category of extortion and also ransom because these shots are in fact bringing forth money to the Tongan Kingdom we have been made aware that is between ten and eleven thousand dollars per shot so that and where is that buddy coming from well I'm glad you asked so everyone understands earlier I said that Tonga does not have really anything to stand upon they have no natural resources etc so they have their hand out the largest creditor and or Tonga's greatest debt is to the Ex-Im Bank in China which is owned by oh yeah the CCP now in addition the CCP is the main contributor and string puller of the World Health Organization now the World Health Organization and the CCP are incredibly strong you could literally use the expression tied at the hip with the Tongan government so when you start putting all these things together you start seeing why they're not wanting these US citizens to leave then if you add in one other very important quotient it even makes much more sense and that is that a couple of months ago there was a 60 page dossier constructed by brand Johnson that made it very plain and visible all the different aspects of the mRNA what has taken place what it is and all the scientific breakdowns exactly point for point he wanted to deliver it to the king and was told that the king didn't want anything to do with it he didn't want to be involved well you know we now know why he then arranged to get it to the Minister of Health and the Governor of the Vow now here's the pardon me pardon me pardon me pardon me pardon me it was the Prime Minister not the Minister of Health it was the Prime Minister I gave it to his Oh assistant very good my error the problem with that now is is it puts them in a real sticky situation because prior to this they could just claim that they had no knowledge and it's called plausible deniability since it was given they cannot say that they did not know about it so besides the fact of getting paid the money by them forcing and extorting Brent Johnson Lee Parker Joshua Moa to take the shot the mRNA they could say well obviously he didn't believe what he said or put down because if he did he wouldn't have taken it so no we didn't think anything of it that way they have an a way out and it doesn't look like exactly what it is and basically that you know this is a situation of extortion and that's all there is to it that's why nobody will claim their rightful position with their rightful name well let me let me jump in because here tell those is all across look we know people have been dropping dead left and right from the kill shot that's what it is kill shot we had the we had the top virologist in the world on here and everyone of them said is that a vaccine it's a bio weapon it is a including the fellow that vented it he was here and said it's a bio weapon it's a weapon we had the vice former vice president and head scientist of fire saying don't take that it'll kill you okay and so here we know people are dropping dead we've had we I've known personally several of them that have dropped it after they took the shot and so here of course this is being kept out of the media the media will go though whatever whatever lie they're told to tell they'll tell that lie they don't call it lies they call it narrative but it's a lie now what is this like there in Tonga in those islands where you're at what is the fatality rate do you know it's hard to say however okay funerals are a big deal in Tonga okay when when somebody dies okay there's a whole thing they have a big party okay for several days people come they eat they eat they have the funeral and for like between a month and a year they have purple ribbons around the house and everything I mean it's a big production police come out and and lead a parade of vehicles you know up the streets everything it appears to me to Lee and to others both Tongan and non-Tongan that the number of funerals happening here has increased substantially just last week I think it was Wednesday of last week we were sitting in a restaurant and saw four funerals going on all at once this is definitely not the norm you know so it's Tonga is claiming a very high vaccination rate we don't believe that either because the local schools have said that you know most of our students are not vaccinated the parents won't let them get vaccinated so it's it's very hard their official statistics are something like 97 98% vaccination rate they are not talking about the funeral rate but it very much appears to have increased substantially well let me just tell you this because let me tell you this early around March in a in a eight-week period I preached six funerals in an eight-week period and the the funeral homes are there they are running at full speed and again people had to wait actually waiting you know instead of like three days four days for a funeral they were waiting for two three weeks and you're talking about the corners are telling you they're really backed up and so there's they're dying very quickly here in this country too again the fake news media is keeping it quiet but the insurance companies they're talking about it okay they're out there they're telling you that it's it's like a forty percent rise in the people the the amount of funerals in that that's taking place yeah it's definitely definitely in effect and of course of course nobody is saying it's it's the vaccine okay I mean it's it's it's something else you know we don't know that it's a vaccine yeah right well here's the reason the CD said CDC says that when you take the kill shot that and it takes 14 days for it to take effect this is what they're telling you so up until that 14 days you're not you're not even considered vaccinated up until that 14th day so most of the people that die die before that a lot of them die you know three or four days we had two two prison inmates we had one and I and I told him do not take that do not take that and they gave him extra food and ten dollars he took the shot on a Tuesday he was dead Thursday we had same thing we had a fellow that would attend our church believe me he would attend the church but not very often and he came in and we showed the film on these vaccines we showed you what they're doing okay what they're doing and the corners made a film and they're looking at as they were doing autopsy they were saying these strange things the way that the the bone the veins in that were like coated like with a clock type or a rubberized material but we had another fellow like his same thing came in saw that film still went out and got the shot and in two days he was dead with blood clots and so not to mention all the all the healthy professional sports athletes you know some of the most some of the most healthy people in the world suddenly dropping dead I had a guy letter from a fellow who came from a large family his siblings were all in their fifties and they all were talking about getting this they were going to get the shot he listened to me on the program talking about that book and he told him no let's not do let's not get the shot and they all gotta put him and he's the only one that's alive he said every one of them died exactly if I may interject in regards to the mRNA they first started patenting it back in 2002 and then in 15 there was some more but the majority of them were in 2017 if you look up the patent and read what it says it states that it begins to be and take effect within 24 hours so the statement of the two-week thing again is just an excuse so they can say that it is not the shot they died of something else whatever they come with up with at any given moment thereof and this is in the patents for the mRNA itself so there is no denying that this two-week situation is of course a complete lie and policy okay let me ask you this brent tell me about now you know we we went through this whole thing here with with the masks you had the masqueraders out and you know people people push back and I mean and here you know I had several boxes remember Dr. Parker who attended our church when Dr. Parker passed away he left all his equipment in that and he just left it all to the church he had nothing nowhere to put it so in there he had boxes and boxes of these masks and the ones that they hand out to you at the VA and that well and I use them out there when I would plant grass seed or I would cut the grass because I'm allergic to that but other than that I would or when I was in the shop because of the dust they were real good for stopping the dust but you'd have to change it pretty often but on the box right on the box it tells you that these masks will not prevent the spread of any virus tells you right on the box but what it does say is that it's good up to five splashes of blood okay so I wondered I wondered how do you measure five splashes of blood so when I went I was talking to these doctors one day and I asked them and they of course they had that on the boxes too and they told me they never were able to figure that one out either and so anyhow so let me ask you that did they did they force you to wear the masks there? During these during the time of the lockdowns pretty much they did now right now okay you still see people wearing masks all over the place including in their own cars it's absolutely absurd but you see a lot more people now who are in stores and such who are just walking around without the mask all of the merchants are wearing masks okay they all wear the mask but sometimes they will take them off their nose or off their face and just just leave them hooked around their ears so there's a lot less use of the mask but there are still tons of people who wear them for no reason whatsoever okay let me read you this it's not important there's no more enforcement on it here's an article by Jesse Martin okay and he writes this article from the UK it says horrifying horrifying study finds micro plastics in the lungs of eleven of thirteen living patients in the stool of newborn babies a study from UK found micro plastics in surgical lung samples of eleven out of thirteen patients and masks that are masks are the culprit the small pieces of plastic not yet negatively impact the environment just as much as a bottle now these are the very same masks here that the everybody's running around out here wearing okay he said but they they can have harmful effects as an individual's health as well the plastic found and inhaled and the masks disrupt natural sex hormones posing a risk to the health and the fertility of developing children especially micro plastics can be inhaled from the day-to-day exposure to air pollution which must most people encounter however it has been really exasperated by the endemic face covering during the COVID so they said it's really been and and there were about half a dozen parents in Florida who did an experiment they took the masks that their children had been wearing and brought them to a laboratory and in every case they found that there was all kinds of garbage in those masks that had been on the faces of their children they stopped having their children wear them there was also the state senator from I think Minnesota who put out a video which was taken down very quickly but I saw it put out a video he had three eighteen-year-olds who were in perfectly good health and he had a respiratory device and what he did was he put the respiratory device he had device he attached it to one of the eighteen-year-olds and turned it on and it showed very good respiration and all that and then he gave the eighteen-year-old a mask and he had him put the mask on within ten seconds and this happened with each of the three eighteen-year-olds within ten seconds the device gave off a warning okay of problems with respiration within ten seconds well that's interesting you should say that because on one of those boxes taken down very quickly one of those boxes that was talking about don't not to wear those masks when you drive heavy equipment and even the what is it OSHA OSHA on their website said you did not wear those masks because of oxygen deprivation if you're doing heavy heavy work you know manual work hang tight we'll be back after this with more I had this crazy dream about some folks who love this country who all began to dream the same dream and when the morning came there arose across this nation people thinking one and the same and they all find their freedoms and all their liberties had gradually been taken away and when they realized the danger to their posterity I heard those patriotic people say we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore remember golden days when the stars and stripes forever symbolized her glorious name America now it's all been changed and when we gaze upon glory it's hard to fight back feelings of shame politicians and greedy corporations who have sold us out time and again and we're sick and tired of sending our soldiers off to wars that we were never meant to win we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back she's been driven way off track we're wide awake and we're madder than hell now and we ain't gonna take it anymore no we're not gonna take it anymore now we know our cause is right and our victories on the way and we won't give up the fight till we hear two hundred million say we want this country back we ain't just joking jack we want our liberty and our dignity and our freedoms and our rights restored we want this country back and we ain't taking anymore week and the matter the needle now or no gonna take it anymore right gonna take it anymore we spoke a
There can't really be people like that that want to just depopulate the planet, and if there was, our trusted NBC, ABC, and CBS would tell us, oh yeah, okay, well, guess what, your trusted NBC, ABC, CBS have been, for many, many years, have been betraying you folks. Okay? Dummy up. But anyhow, I'm going to be preaching, Lawrence Williams. And just one thing to say, Ernie, okay, something for you and everyone to remember. When you're sitting there saying that I can't do anything, okay, what I'm doing is not enough.

It doesn't make a difference. I want you all to know that we do a show like this, okay, you do a show on whatever it is, you make your statements at whatever meetings, you plant a seed, and granted, some of those seeds will not take fruit, but I guarantee you, some do. So whenever you get into a space of wondering whether or not what you are saying or doing is making a difference, because there's so much crap going on out there, okay, know that it does, okay, because you do plant the seed, some take fruit, and somebody comes forward and is affected by what you said and starts to open his eyes and open his ears and listen and look and watch and comes to the conclusion that something's not right and suddenly you have a new soldier who is fighting for what is right, and that's how we really do change the world. If I may, I wanted to ask Si a question, because, Si, you were about to tell us before, we got a little off on a tangent, but you were about to suggest an additional question or questions or statements that people who call the consulate or the Tonga officials can ask or say. Well, yes, and that's basically that it's breaking every law that Tonga, the United States, the treaty between the two, and international law has established. Why are you keeping these people? They do not have a criminal situation, there are no charges against them, how can you in a right mind of any sort even think to do this? Because that's basically pretty much it in a nutshell. Well, you know what they might say, Si, they might tell you, well, to find the answer to that, just ask them how they did it to the patriots in the January 6th, 2020, how the patriots in D.C., how the false flag, how the corrupt, and they're having trials today for patriots that simply went to Washington, D.C. to protest a stolen election, their rights are being violated left and right, they live in barbaric conditions, unbelievable with what they're doing. And that's exactly, maybe, go ahead.

Yes, I was referring to when they call the consulate general in San Francisco for Tonga, that's what Brent was talking about when they call there, what do they say, you initiated the question. And I was just saying that they could add the fact that it's against all these laws under what right are you keeping them there? They're not criminals, they haven't been charged, so how does that work? So the other thing I would like to bring to bear about the masks, yes, they are very foul, the ones that they were giving out, the M95, which is the medical mask, hence the M that's used in surgery, is not meant to keep out viruses, it cannot. The COVID-19, as they call it, is 0.30 microns, the holes in an M95 mask are one micron, which means three and one third of the COVID can get through each and every hole.

So there is no advantage to wearing the mask, one, two, there are multiple, as you've mentioned, disadvantages to wear it. And they all knew this beforehand. It just adds to a conjunction, if you will, of making things worse and the people sicker. And they were able to do all of this, of course, as you're well aware, and all of your listeners, I'm sure, based on fear.

And there is the problem. People, because of the fake news and all of the politicians, which is just a nice fancy term for professional law, making and goading them into guilt and the fear thereof. And it's a sad state of affairs, like that prisoner that you mentioned. What they did was actually illegal. The law says that you cannot take and coerce someone to take a vaccine or anything of the like, that it must be totally and completely of free will. Well, more food and money is not free will. That's coercion. That's it.

Absolutely. I have our San Diego or California contributor to What's Right, What's Left, Linda. She's on the air. Linda, bring Linda up. Linda, are you there? Yes, I am, Pastor.

Thank you so much. We really appreciate it out here in the 49th District of California that you had a candidate, Christopher Rodriguez on two, three weeks ago. And he was doing very well in the polls. And his nearest competitor launched a spear campaign against him. And I would ask that we would pray for him now, because it's only the Lord that's going to rectify the situation, I believe, even though Christopher is innocent. I believe they launched a lawsuit and they're claiming that this claim of the lawsuit is validated and has not been adjudicated. And it's just a claim. And Christopher says that it never happened.

And so it's a smear campaign. And so I called tonight to ask for everyone's prayers, especially the people here in California, because we need Godly men to represent us in Washington. And Christopher is the most Godly candidate I've come across in a long, long time. And so would you offer a prayer with me, please?

Yeah, I would. Now, tell us a little bit, Christopher, if I remember right, he's a veteran. Yes, sir. And he's, he has several, he's married, has several children. He's pro-life.

Yeah. And very effective as a councilman here locally in Oceanside, and he is starting a homeless shelter for people to, to turn their lives around, and they're not going to take any government money because the government wants it to, wants them to let drugs into these homeless shelters. So it's going to be run by a Christian, a relief organization. And I think I'm going to go teach a Bible study there.

And Christopher Rodriguez got the whole thing started. So he's a real good guy. He's very effective. He's a strong leader, and we need him. Well, you know, let me just tell the folks real fast, because you're out there in the land of fruits and nuts, and I know we have a lot of good people, but the California State Senate just passed a bill that ends the mandatory reporting of threats made by students. In other words, if a student is walking up and down the hallway saying, I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to shoot you to other students, they're not allowed to call the police and report that. That's how insane, that is how absolutely insane California has become, because you've got a nut, you've got a demonically possessed fellow as your governor.

But let's go ahead. Well that's why these elections are so important. I know, you know, we've had a lot of corruption up here, we're dealing with too, and what they're doing, they've been going around and they're volunteering, in other words, I want to work on your campaign, let me go out, let me get signatures to get you on the ballot, and they purposely go out and get false signatures, purposely, in other words, this is what they're doing for some of the best conservative candidates.

These people show up and volunteer to get signatures, and they purposely get false signatures so that when the time comes it shows you had all of these, they don't have enough to get on the ballot, not only that, but what's been happening here, also you've had many many other Democrats, the Democrats are running their people as Republicans and they're telling their people to get a Republican ballot, and they've been doing that here to go get a Republican ballot and vote for this Democrat that's running as a Republican. And so, and people don't know, all they do, a lot of your people, they see the R behind the name and they say, well, there you go, we're running up a Christmas clock, let me do that prayer, Heavenly Father, Lord God, I just want to hold Christopher up and I want to hold all of the others like him out there, we are in the evil day, the time the corruption, Lord, as we see the corruption is shouting out your soon return. We know, you've told us, and your word tells us very clearly, the closer we get, the deeper into the apostasy, the closer we get to your return, it's going to get worse and worse, and we're seeing that the corruption is just unbelievable out there today, it just, our government has lost all legitimacy, it's got no legitimacy left. So Lord, we just want to ask Father God that you would hedge around, hedge around candidates like Christopher and all of those candidates out there, Lord God, who want to bring America back to one nation under God.

You would hedge them around about them and their families, and you would come against the enemies of light, the politically corrupt, and boy are they corrupt out there this day. These things we ask, Father God, in the name of the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen. Yes, Lord, and we claim the power of the Holy Spirit that was given to us after you left the earth, Lord, you said that you would send them and we have them in us, and so we bind these evil spirits surrounding the government, the whole government, the bureaucracy and the candidates, and everybody that's trying to take us away from your agenda, Lord. So we bind that evil spirit in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

Amen. We're up against the clock, so I'm going to have to give the invitation. I want to thank you guys, Brent, for being here, we'll get on these phone numbers, I'm going to take this with me in the morning and we have an activist, activist audience. And so, and Pastor Ernie, just let me, let me, if I may, let me leave a contact information for me.

Alright, do it quickly because we're running out of time. Ok, I got it, it's 888-385-3733, that's 888-385-3733, the website is,, and please pray for them to get, pray for us to get back there, I need my stomach problems fixed, we have to get back there so that we can fight the good fight. God bless you all, thank you so much for having us. Alrighty, let's pray, Heavenly Father, Lord God, again, I want to hold Brent up and ask, Lord, that you would intercede in this situation, Father God, that you would bring him and Lee and the others back, Lord God, that again, that you would come against this tyranny that we have. And Father God, I would pray too that the people out there would see what is taking place, that you would awaken them, awaken them to the shortness of the hour. And Father God, you made it pretty clear, no place in your word did you stutter. Lord Jesus, you said heaven and earth would pass but your words would never pass away and they won't.

We know that they always, the God's word always, always returns value. And so Father God, we would ask those out there listening, those that have not made that commitment, Lord, we know that there are two kinds of people as far as you're concerned, those that are saved and those that are lost. And Father God, those out there that have not made that commitment, those that are listening tonight, I pray that they realize that right now, that between now and this time tomorrow, many, many, many, many people are going to run out of tomorrows and that it's not a tragedy to die. We're all going to die, you've told us that, but to die in your sin, it doesn't get any worse because there's no one doing that.

So Lord, I would pray that they would do like you said, Jesus, pray to the Father, pray to the Father, ask for forgiveness, ask for forgiveness of your sins, realize that you Lord Jesus died in their place and then call upon the name of you Lord, that they would call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and ask him to be the Lord of their life, all of their life without any reservations and Lord Jesus, you've said, unless you put you before mother and father and sister and brother, you have to be first, that they would recognize that and they would do that and we know that you always honor commitments and once they've done that, they would become a new creature, a born again believer, an heir of the kingdom and then dwelt by the Holy Spirit. And so Father God, we just would pray that those people out there listening tonight, any and all that have not made that commitment, don't let them make the error of thinking, well, maybe I'll do it tomorrow, let them do it tonight, let them realize that there may not be a tomorrow for them. And so, folks out there, again, Brent, and see, we're out of time for tonight. And Linda, thank you guys for being here, we're going to keep you in prayer and keep me updated, keep me updated on your progress because we know we're in a battle, we're in a real battle and so, Linda, I know too, you've got a sheriff that's running out there who's a godly man too and I know Jonathan Peck, folks, remember that name, Jonathan Peck, P-E-C-K, Jonathan Peck, folks, there's the man there, absolutely, alright, and Rachel Ham, Rachel Ham, Christian constitutionalist running, we're out of time, so till tomorrow, we want to say goodnight, God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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