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TUE HR2 053122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 1, 2022 12:01 am

TUE HR2 053122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at All right we're going to play a clip by Chuck Baldwin and this goes back to I believe right about 2017 when Trump just gets into office and the uh the deathocratic party out there is pushing uh you know what they call a gun control measure it's not it's confiscation it's gun confiscation and the reason that we are going to hold on to our firearms is because i consider joe biden my enemy joe biden's my enemy because i'm an american i'm a christian first and i'm an american and joe biden and every single democrat out there wants to take away my freedoms they wanted to and if you're a christian and if you're a patriot in this country they want to take away all your freedoms and they actually want to depopulate many of them wanted to literally take away your life and so with this this is uh chuck baldwin and i think he did a pretty good job go ahead and take it away andy here is my open letter to our legislators judges and lawmen pertaining to the potential enactment of the red flag gun confiscation law sb senate bill 7 that is now being discussed in washington dc an open letter to our legislators judges and lawmen senator lindsey graham has announced that the senate judiciary committee soon will be conducting hearings on senator marco rubio senate bill 7 the extreme risk protection order and violence provision act of 2019 otherwise known as a national red flag gun confiscation bill i know i'm speaking for tens of thousands of my fellow montanans and tens of millions of my fellow americans when i say what i'm about to say red flag gun confiscation laws violate every principle of liberty upon which our country was founded there is no due process associated with red flag laws a judge's order to seize the firearms from an american citizen who has not been accused of a crime charged with a crime convicted of crime or who never even threatened to commit a crime based on the accusation of a single individual is anything but due process our accuser could be a disgruntled employee a bitter ex-spouse or relative a vengeful neighbor an anti-gun liberal or even an anti-gun policeman by definition red flag laws use mere suspicion of what one might do as justification to seize a person's firearms tactics such as these have been used in virtually every despotic regime of history in the name of protecting society the rights and liberties of individuals were denied eventually these repressive governments included political or religious persuasion as triggering red flags which led to their disarmament all in the name of public safety of course you know as well as i do that when the rights of one american are abridged the rights of all americans are abridged this is not yet a communist nation where the rights of the state or even the rights of the majority of citizens supersede the rights of the individual furthermore it is a fallacy to suggest that a mental health diagnosis by itself indicates that someone is automatically a threat to himself or others dr an bukaczak a highly respected medical doctor in the community in which i live recently wrote quote mental health diagnosis given by physician or other mental health care workers do not predict firearm violence as a physician for over 30 years who has treated many patients with mental health diagnosis and some autistic spectrum patients i have not had one of those patients commit an act of gun violence i did have a patient who bludgeoned a man to death with a blunt object and that patient carried no mental health diagnosis psychopaths with no conscience especially the more intelligent ones usually escape detection and or a particular diagnosis close quote this doctor's examination of the issue reflects reality besides under these red flag laws exactly who is it that determines that someone is crazy is it one judge who bases his or her conclusion on the accusations of just one individual is it up to politicians or government bureaucrats to define who is and who is not crazy there are some people who believe that anyone who would even own a firearm is crazy others believe one's political or religious beliefs qualify him as crazy heck we've all read the documentation of various governments local state and federal that have assigned all kinds of crazy to the kinds of crazy even dangerous definitions against people based on their interpretation of bible prophecy or the association with political candidates such as congressman ron paul or their opposition to politically correct ideologies etc does the judge who issues a warrant to seize a person's firearms under a red flag law provide the accused with an opportunity to defend himself before violating his constitutional and natural rights no does the judge provide an opportunity for a close examination of the accusations against the accused including investigating the accuser before violating his constitutional natural rights no does the judge allow the accused to face his accuser before violating his constitutional and natural rights no red flag laws turn the rights and the fundamental legal doctrine that a man is innocent until proven guilty completely upside down red flag laws are a mockery to every constitutional principle of liberty since the magna carta seizing a citizen's firearms by force and thereby rendering him defenseless without a crime being committed or even the accusation of a crime being made is old-fashioned tyranny such a act presumes a person guilty until proven innocent then there is this after the guns are seized it could take years for the victim to prove his innocence or competence and have his guns returned and in what condition would they be when and if returned furthermore will you legislators judges and police officers who collaborate to strip an innocent person's ability to defend himself accept any responsibility when the real bad guys take advantage of this person's vulnerability and invade his home and bludgeon or rape or even kill his family of course you won't but mark it down you will be held accountable and responsible in the eyes of almighty god and in the eyes of the citizens you have victimized and are you really going to try and tell us that police officers are more competent and mentally stable than the rest of us are you kidding me the examples of improper unsafe careless and even homicidal acts of cops with guns are ubiquitous it was an fbi agent who was armed at a nightclub in denver and then started gyrating and dancing like a madman until his handgun fell on the floor discharged and wounded a fellow patron but no official even questioned this officer's fitness to possess a firearm even after that event took place then there's the case of the dallas police officer who walked into the wrong apartment and shot and killed the man who lived inside where was the red flag regarding this officer and what about the two police officers in st louis who used a revolver to play russian roulette and one of the two wound up shooting and killing the other one why wasn't a red flag raised about these nincompoops these stories could go on forever where are the red flag laws for the policemen and sheriff's deputies in this country the only difference between them and the rest of us who are being victimized by these draconian red flag laws is that they wear badges and we do not and the other difference is the vast majority of private citizens who carry firearms are not nearly as stupid and incompetent as the policeman mentioned above so much for equal justice under the law it has taken many of us a lifetime of hard work and labor to be able to obtain our gun collections we have successfully passed fbi background checks local and state requirements and obligations for responsible gun ownership yet our guns are going to be confiscated overnight by the word of someone an anonymous someone at that who claims we might be unsuitable to own a gun again such an act turns american history and our bill of rights upside down chris kobach is a former secretary of state of kansas he's a former professor of constitutional law at umkc school of law he wrote an excellent analysis of the constitutional violations of these red flag laws and i quote number one the seizure of guns without any hearing at all the laws all contain an ex parte provision that allows the state to temporarily seize a person's guns without even notifying the gun order or giving him a chance to be heard this is the quintessential denying of due process the fourth amendment makes clear that a person cannot be denied liberty to exercise one's constitutional right to keep and bear arms without due process of law this conversation is temporary but it can easily lead to long-term or permanent confiscation number two based on the testimony of one unrelated person the confiscation order can be based on the testimony of only one person claiming that the gun owner possess poses a risk to the safety of himself or others the law proposing kansas deceptively says that it has to be the testimony of a family member but family member is defined to include former dating partners and anyone who has ever lived with the defendant so a jilted former boyfriend or girlfriend or even a roommate from years ago could easily set in motion the disarming of a lawful gun owner number three using a very low standard of proof the standard for obtaining an ex parte order against a gun owner is absurdly low one only need to show quote reasonable cause to believe that the person may pose a risk that's even lower than the probable cause standard for obtaining a search warrant in addition the judge is forced to rush his decision and issue the confiscation order on the same day of the ex parte hearing within two weeks of the ex parte hearing a hearing with the gun owner president must occur the purpose is to put in place a long-term confiscation order but even at that hearing the standard of proof is far below the beyond a reasonable doubt standard used in criminal trials rather it need only be shown by a quote preponderance of evidence unquote that the person poses a risk of injury to self or others what kind of evidence things like the reckless storage of firearms or drinking habits can be considered if you keep a handgun in the bedside table and drink a beer you may be in trouble number four shifting the burden of proof to the gun owner the long-term confiscation order lasts up to a year but it may be renewed indefinitely once it is in place it becomes very difficult to remove to have the confiscation order lifted the gun owner must prove he does not pose a threat to himself or others proving a negative is nearly impossible adding insult to injury the bill even authorizes local law enforcement to charge the gun owner a storage fee for confiscating and storing his guns the inflammation of red that's a close quote the implementation of red flag laws at any level is unconscionable and totally unacceptable and i'm here to warn you that there are millions of americans who will never submit to such oppression none of us wants to see acts of violence committed against law enforcement personnel in america but when law enforcers begin carrying out these draconian red flag laws they will begin lighting the matches of resistance in the hearts of freedom loving people in this country like hasn't been seen in over 150 years we have already heard about gary willis the maryland man who was killed by police officers in his own home as they attempted to carry out a red flag order to seize his gun this man had committed no crime he had not been accused of committing a crime he was given no hearing and no due process mr willis did not attempt to harm the officers he merely resisted their efforts to disarm him and he was killed on the spot in his own home by police officers who had taken an oath to protect the liberties of this poor innocent man i assure you mr willis will not be the last american to resist the attempted confiscation of his firearms do you legislators judges county sheriffs chiefs of police sheriff's deputies city policemen not realize that red flag laws are tantamount to a declaration of war against the american people are you so removed from the laws of nature and nature's god that you cannot see this do you not realize that in spite of all of great britain's abuses of power our colon our colonists forebears did not openly rebel against the crown until king george sent troops to lexington and concord to confiscate the colonists firearms you do understand that right and you do understand do you not that the blood of the colonists flows in the veins of we americans at what point do the american people come to believe that you truly do not wish to wish to honor your oath to the constitution or behave in a manner that truly honors america's second amendment and the heritage of liberty that we all share as americans at what point do we americans lose all respect for our civil magistrates and peace officers for many americans that point will come when policemen bang on their doors at 5 a.m and attempt to seize their guns do you not realize that every single instance of an innocent person being subjected to a red flag gun confiscation order will only magnify and strengthen the resentment and animosity in the hearts of the community against these laws and against the ones who are creating and implementing them do you not understand that this is a powder keg that could explode into an all out rebellion at any time do you want that i don't want that i don't want that for my wife and me my children and grandchildren my friends or my community why would you legislators judges and policemen even think about doing such a thing in the name of all that we hold dear in the name of the brave men at lexington green and concord bridge in the name of every american who's given his life in defense of the principles contained in the declaration of independence our constitution and our bill of rights including many of our brave police officers and sheriff's deputies and in the name of the natural laws of our creator please stop this madness before you literally tear our communities and our country apart as a legislator you must not pass any semblance of a red flag law as a judge you must not issue a gun confiscation warrant on the basis of a red flag law as a sheriff or chief of police you must not order your officers to confiscate a citizen's guns on the basis of a red flag warrant and if you are a sheriff's deputy or city policeman you must not obey an order to confiscate your fellow citizens guns on the basis of a red flag law i beg you to realize what you are doing i beg you to refuse to participate in this madness i beg you to join your fellow churchmen clubmen neighbors friends and townsmen and help us turn back this dastardly attempt to transform our constitutional republic into another repressive regime that in the end would require the people to tear it down again i beg you to think about what you are doing about the pain you are causing about the lives you are ruining and about the and about the potential harm you are inflicting on our country red flag laws are on the wrong side of history the wrong side of our constitution the wrong side of liberty and on the wrong side of the laws of god all right there you go folks in them now joe i want to just ask you just what do you think of if just a couple of those uh teachers at the rob elementary school have been carrying guns that they had been armed uh when this guy came in let's just say of all of the teachers they they would have gone to uh where the they heard the gunshots or even if you just had two uh security guards there they would have gone to that now but they didn't now here's an article and this article is by mike adams and it's going to be a little shocking for some people but i think it's right on uh uvaldi massacre was planned was a plan to stand down operation law enforcement they saved their own children while parents were being pepper sprayed and handcuffed uh here it's now 100 clear 100 clear that the uvaldi mass shooting was a stand-down operation meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place uh the goal gun control of course i absolutely totally believe that i'm i'm 100 100 i believe 100 percent well the headlines on fox news right now chief concern police official who held officers back from texas school shooting not cooperating with investigation uvaldi police stood outside you've all the police stood outside school while parents urged them to go in this inside during the shooting declares the title that give me a vest and i'll go of an article of look you know as i was speaking about this in the church and i said i'm i don't think there's one man in here every man in this church right here uh i know that if that would happen and if joe i don't have a bit of a doubt in my mind if i'd been there even if i was unarmed i would have gone in and at least tried to get the drop uh on that maniac but uh you know and and these cops were well armed that's what they're trained to do that's what they took a note to the constitution but they're ordered to stand down now go in there go in there women shouted at officers as the officers stood there and did not go into the school to intervene and prevent the carnage according to the ap the gunman was barricaded in a classroom for 40 minutes where he murdered 19 children and two teachers a father who lost a daughter in the massacre raised the idea of charging in him themselves without weapons while the police stood by idly let's just rush in because the cops aren't doing anything like they're supposed to javier cavera said and more could have been done his daughter jacqueline cavera cazares was killed inside when he heard about the shooting he raced to the school only to find officers standing outside we also have a story from the left wing media outlet msm declaring uvalde police officer amidst cops saved their own kids from rob elementary before stopping shooter a police officer admitted a police officer admitted that the police went inside the school to save their children first rather than stop the shooter the officer said there were some police officers families trying to get their kids out of the school because it was an active shooter situation the officer continued to talk about the situation while trying to justify the officers that went in to save their children initially video show devastated parents pleading with officers to enter the school as the cries of the screams of the children could be heard inside this is why joe we played 17 little children last week's four times because that was a a deep state operation false flag and and so was this i i have no doubts in my mind at all the whole point behind it was to do what they're doing now is to try to go more after more gun confiscations they're feeling there's enough dumb people in this country dumb enough that they don't see it they don't understand what's happening well the liberals always use emotion they never use logic that's why immediately after something happens they push the gun control we've got to get rid of guns while people are before they've even had a chance to grieve think emotionally grieving people do not think we all know this we've been around people who have lost mothers fathers you know children in a car accident suicides whatever grieving people don't think come on it's it's common knowledge and they try to strike when everybody's emotions are raw and that's why they have to pass these laws in a big big hurry because when people stop and think about it we know um we've talked in the past about gun-free zones most of the killing and the shootings almost always took place in a gun-free in a gun-free zone like that one colorado movie theater the killer passed two or three movie theaters uh and he stopped at the one that had a no concealed carry side up in front that's the theater he went in and shot up well that's the fellow that was just in the new york shooter just recently just he said he was depending on the strict gun laws to help him to be able to kill more people yeah exactly and we know that uh who was it oh yes it was high-ranking democrats who tried to get cops out of schools to what appease the black lives matter remember that yeah oh yeah you go clear back we talked about this senator uh lizabeth warren and chris murphy and there was some other omar they were uh in favor of trying to get the cops out of schools cops are the problems remember cops are bad and it was these democrats that wanted all the cops out of schools now in israel they were having some problems when the uh terrorists were coming over and trying to blow up their schools and what did they do they got grandfathers and they armed grandfathers who had had military training and the grandfathers went to a day and protected all the great schools kindergartens or whatever they had in israel and that put a real quick stop to the attacks on schools because there were men who were willing to die to protect their grandchildren in those schools and if somebody were seen coming across the school grounds and they didn't stop they were killed and all of a sudden a lot of the school bombings and shootings just stopped we didn't hear any more about it well joe joe the death the death of credit communist party they live off of death they they're like maggots uh they're like hyenas they live off of death whether it's abortion whether it's euthanasia whether it's a kill shots it's all about death and uh here again in the fact you just had the head of pfizer come out recently and state that their goal was to have uh 70 percent or yeah of the depopulation done within the next couple of years that 70 of the depopulation here in america should be done within the next couple years in other words we're talking about millions and millions of people is their goal is to to kill off and again these same people that you're seeing they're not taking the death shot they're out there they're the ones that you're seeing on television they're taking the placebo they're taking the saline and they're counting on the stupidity of vast numbers of americans which is working for them but now the bad part show is like our servicemen and that who have had these things forced on them against the law against nuremberg code and now they're they're dying in fact it's an interesting thing there's an article here why is the u.s military rationing meals when they have 770 billion dollar budget what's going on well that's not the right article the article i was looking for was talking about uh in the in the military they're hushing it up they're hushing it up about the people dying yeah well they're the suicides takes more military lives than combat oh yeah by far by far there's something wrong with our mill in fact that leads there's something wrong these schools with common sense could have been protected could have been set up and with principals with a security guard they could have been set up long ago but no the liberals did just the opposite like i was saying they wanted to ban police from schools what they're doing is they're trying to leave the schools open so these crazy people will shoot them up because that helps get them the motion that's needed to confiscate guns to take guns away from the people so that the people are defenseless against their communist revolution they're they're allowing this to happen we have the sixth society and it started way back when we took god out of school we took prayer out of school we took the bible out of school you know and everything in our world started going bad when god was kicked out of school there was a big article the other day i was reading it started off about uh where's the headline um why was it yeah the texas school shooting where is god he was told to get out of school he was told to leave he wasn't welcome his prayer wasn't welcome the pledge of allegiance wasn't welcome you know all righty we're coming up to a break and we will be back right after this with a whole lot more he said in the back of the church one sunday morning you could see the conviction in his eyes the preacher tried to talk to him but he never did give in he said not today maybe some other time the preacher said i know you've always been a good man but you're good enough can't keep you out of hell he said why don't you just give your heart to jesus he said i don't know maybe someday i will but he ran out of tomorrows today he died all alone out on an old highway no one knows if he had the time to pray he ran out of tomorrows today i remember how he loved the gospel singing sometimes he would even sing along but one night we thought he might go to the altar when the singers seemed to reach him with their songs then the preacher gave another invitation he said sinner without god you'll surely fall though his face was wet with tears and the lord was oh so near he walked away from his final altar call he ran out of tomorrows today he died all alone out on an old highway no one knows if he had the time to pray no one knows if he had the time to pray he ran out of tomorrows today he ran out of tomorrows today all righty we're back and uh you don't want that to happen to you folks you don't want to we're on the phone lines phone lines are now open at eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three let's see if somebody can beat cliff is there anyone out there that can beat cliff 888 doing that oh go ahead go go ahead i was just going to finish what i was mentioning about the you know kicking god out of school and what you're not hearing at all from the liberal press is anything about our sick society the collapse of the family the collapse in marriage not having children the huge amount of drug overdoses and deaths the highest the suicide right now suicide is the second leading cause of death of young people 34 and under we've got you and i've done shows where we've talked about the sexual addiction gambling addiction drug addiction alcohol addiction sports betting i mean we we did a thing where there were a hundred and what 35 134 35 million americans that had some kind of mental health disorder problem we have a society that badly needs god jesus christ uh the society when we rejected him as a nation said we didn't need him in school all these problems come back to a very simple thing uh is the breakup of our society because of the pulpits are not preaching the people aren't going to church they're not learning the word of god and i know joe is the judgment all righty coach dwayne you're in the air coach god bless you pastor sanders and god bless you pastor joe hey coach hey you know good to hear from you thank you gentlemen and with all this stuff that's going on in the world you know we've got this progressive christianity movement this false christianity well i turned around and i tried to send a an editor a letter to the editor here in the great state of ohio to the gazette in medina county which is a population under 76 000 so i wrote what true christianity was well i didn't get no reply for a week they didn't print my editorial so i contacted the chief editor and i left the voicemail saying what is it is it community hate speech or censorship then later that day went down and i sent him an email because we're only allowed 250 words so you got to try to get everything involved in it i still have not heard back from so then i wrote a bigger article at the time and the epic times contact he said today forwarded to their editing board so it might make the news and i said all that to say this we have all this christianity floating around there with a work system that jesus really was in god they're attacking the deity you really don't have to repent anymore all this stuff coming on and i wanted to make it perfectly clear that the only way of salvation of a true christian is well according to you guys what you stand for both of you you can't embrace homosexuality and sex perversion you can't embrace a force because it's murder killing an unborn child you can't embrace cussing gambling lying seeing and cheating like all the democrats so i've made it perfectly clear that a true christian needs to repent and trust jesus his death his burial his resurrection and the blood and i want to thank you gentlemen for a wonderful platform that not only gives the truth but you exalt the most important thing that jesus christ and him alone is the only way we can escape a burning hell i love you guys well thanks coach god bless you good yeah we love having you when you get to join us it's exciting it's fun and i encourage people to watch the fire because that is a dynamite program that uh coach puts on i'm going to get off here so everybody else can have a platform because there's not a whole lot of time but i would tell all of you right now folks send your letters to the editors even if they don't print them because that's going to be against them at the day of judgment that they hid the truth and gentlemen we need more financial support to support what's right what's left because they hate you they hate us christians they hate us conservatives and they hate our trump trump supporters and we're at war and we got to draw closer to jesus i love you good night god bless god bless you too i'll tell you what else they hate they hate our newsletter they don't like our newsletter at all and uh folks if you don't get our newsletter you should it's free uh and uh i mean it's you know you can't beat the price it's free we ship it out to you and there's always articles in there that they do not want you to know and and we encourage you to make up copies and hand them out also uh we are temporarily temporarily out of the two thousand mules but we expect to get a shipment in any day they want like hotcakes and i encourage you people that got the two thousand mules please show them show them in your church show them at the library show you know this is our house invite your friends neighbors family over you know this is how we get around the fake news media let's go with john john you're in the air yeah i i think that there's something of a contradiction here because i was listening to that judd baldwin stripped there and he was not mentioning the corruption within all the repressive forces within the united states government including the police and so i don't trust them uh in our schools heavily armed uh as well and there's a real evidence proven evidence uh released by an insider of the national uh security agency super cia uh and it was called the uh gladiocrimes of the u.s empire you can look it up gladiocrimes of the u.s empire one of them really shocking stuff that they don't want americans know about was called operation northwards that was the code name of the pentagon for its uh evil plot during the 60s to murder a mass murder americans shoot them down the streets cause of false flag terrorist attacks and all of it to be blamed on cuba as a pretext to massively invade cuba and the uh in these documents that uh james bamford the insider of the national security agency brought out he said they could rely on the uh media to incite a helpful way of indignation the key to the success of this evil plot to have the pentagon kill americans and blame it all on cuba to uh justify an anti-communist invasion of cuba was the media they smugly said we can rely on oh yeah yeah they could they they always again the media is owned by china and they're owned by the communist party so i mean these people that look like you look like me they sit there uh they look they stare in the camera sometimes you'll run out and you know they're they'll tell you i i don't really believe all that we i don't believe all that we say but we have to we get fired you know that's our job but i gotta move on thanks for calling let's go to cliff cliff you're in the air yeah hello guys i just uh want to go to isaiah chapter 27 verses 12 and 13 where it's talking about one by one i would ask you if that seems to talk about individual responsibility uh you know you could say i'm a staffer for joe biden but are you individually responsible for for being there uh how do you see that that's kind of obscure did you say isaiah chapter 27 what verse 12 and 13 okay and it shall come to pass in that day that the lord shall beat off uh from the channel the river into the stream of egypt and you shall be gathered one by one new children of israel and it should come to pass in that day that the great trumpet shall be blown and they shall come up with which we're ready to perish in the land of isaiah in the outcast in the land of egypt and all and shall worship the lord in the holy amount well here god's purpose in judging what he's talking about the earth is not vengeance but purging he wants to purge he wants to uh he wants to correct his people he wants to bring his people back to him but god uh when god punishes his people he does it for our good okay but for those that the the wicked those that completely refuse him uh he does it actually in a sense he does it for their good too because the more time you leave them to do more wickedness uh the greater their punishment is going to be in the lake of fire and he's talking about coming one by one in other words how do you get saved how do people get saved one by one by one by one one well 27 is all about the assurance of israel's deliverance so it's a deliverance and when it goes one by one it means deliverance is a individual thing yep all right yeah we're we're kind of really short on time tonight okay all right well thanks thanks cliff all right all right jack you're in the air so there's been a lot of uh troubling things about the school shooting um many different stories but one of the things that trouble me is the state of journalism today that there's been no questions about um getting to see the police body cam footage there's no mention of it uh the same with the security footage from uh the school inside the hallway inside the classrooms but the problem with the status security cameras today is that after the fact they review it the next day but there's a new technology by amazon it's called blink and it's uh many homeowners have it now and i could envision outfitting all the schools with this technology where you get to see in real time the video and you can have a link to the police station if there's uh an emergency if there's a a shooter on site the um police department can hook up their video link to the school see what's going on in real time there's also two-way communication you'd be able to communicate with the teachers and the principals in real time and i suppose you could also have this technology for police body cam footage but um if that footage from i don't even know if the police had body cams i don't know what the deal with i'm sure they did but here's the point they were ordered to stand down look it doesn't take a genius to understand that they were actually there 78 minutes but for 40 minutes while this guy's killing the police standing outside now look okay did there's you got to be a total idiot not to understand that they had orders to stand down now and and the governor there of texas is furious that he was being lied to after he comes out and for two days and give all the acclimate to these police officers thinking uh that they had gone in early and finding out they stood out there while they heard gunshots while the kids were calling on their cell phone begging them to come and save them this again it was a false flag uh it seems like these orders were coming from different directions if we had the police body cam footage we'd be able to hear what they were saying to each other who actually gave the order now i'm thinking it's we don't have it they have it we don't have it well but but the journalists don't even ask for it and it's not being offered by the police so oh yeah oh they're believe me they're no you're not they're not being offered by the police for obvious reasons oh yeah but they're trying to get it even even uh our enemies are trying to get that but are you saying that the stand down order would you are you saying that this came from the federal level yeah why i i absolutely believe that i believe that you know i think it is i think you're right because i don't believe in coincidence look what trudeau trudeau is doing in canada right i mean there is confiscating guns to do with gun confiscation but this new order does everything else he's going after the handguns and i think he's giving cover to our congress to do something very draconian in response to this shooting uh i did want to ask you the the speech that you played about 20 minutes speech who was that that gave that speech that was pastor chuck boldwin oh really yeah oh my goodness that was and guess what trudeau was doing that sounded like something our founding fathers would have said that was very elegant yeah very good the uh trudeau was doing something besides wanting to confiscate guns he's also making i think it was cocaine legal in canada so he's going to make drug use legal and confiscate guns uh the canadians have no idea what's getting ready to happen to them no they don't but they're they're being they're precipitating that they're going to be a civil war they're precipitating that we we are not going to sit back and because we know that they're going to try to steal the election in november we know that there's a revolution going on the beginning of covid that they told us you weren't essential you couldn't go to work can't go to church you can't go to the beach don't you think that mentality is going to just comply and say go ahead take my guns well yeah but most of those people don't even have guns okay uh the ones that that that what's going to happen is you're going to have somebody who's going to stand up like shulson leason when he wrote in his book about how when the kgb would come out and they would just come out and people wouldn't resist one day they came out to the square and they went and they grabbed a woman and she fought back she started screaming and kicking and some of the people saw that you could fight back and they picked up shovels and rakes and they went after the kgb and that was the start of the fall of communism in there when when they realized people realized that they couldn't fight back and so that'll happen here now and again our enemies are not chinese they're not russian they're democrats the enemies here are democrats and many of the democrats feel that they'll they're held uh captive by their own party they're afraid they're afraid if they were to actually say what they feel then the nasty pelosi aok and all of these uh screaming bad cheese would come screaming at them and old jessica waters would jump out and scare them at the gas station you know well it's worse than that the liberals don't place there they'd have people lose jobs and not get into certain colleges and yeah you know there'd be a lot of rough cut repercussions well so i'll leave you with this whether it's the taliban or whether it's the ukrainians um you see the type of weapons they needed to resist whether i hear you the united states and afghanistan are resisting the russians and ukraine and i'm saying that americans are going to need heavy weapons if you think you're going to resist the federal government i hear you we're out of time for tonight and joe there's a whole lot of veterans out there that know how to make those heavy weapons huh and so i know how to use them i was just thinking one thing congress has a less than 20 approval rating i think it's down to 19 and yet 90 of the incumbents get re-elected and you know what joe okay what's the only thing that's going to matter to all of us all this stuff is going to be over someday very quickly and i mean it's coming to a head and again folks many of you know many many people out there listening tonight to us right now tonight have no intentions of dying but they will they won't be here tomorrow you don't want to be one of them uh you really don't and so this is why we wait to the end of the program because the what we want you to the last thing we want you to hear and remember remember is that many people are going to close their eyes tonight but they're not going to wait awaken tomorrow and because it's it's their time it's their not their call god decides god decides when we leave this ball of dirt called earth and so the only the only good thing happened about uh that rope school is those children that died those innocent children that died go right to be with the lord but you know what once you become at the age of accountability then then that no longer applies you have to be born again you have to have repented of your sins you have had to call upon the name of the lord and so folks have you done that if you're listening to me out there tonight and you said well you know i did that i did that sometimes i did that two three times i got baptized and everything well what are you doing how is how have you changed how have you changed i really haven't changed i used to go out to the bars and that well then you're not saved it never took you didn't mean it and you're in real danger you're walking over a a lake of fire on a tightrope what you need to do is you need to make your salvation sure there's nothing ever that will mean as much to you and you need to do it tonight you need to do it tonight because you might not have tomorrow and guys where the bible doesn't stutter it tells you very clearly how to do it it's not difficult thing to do he tells you that repentance is necessary for salvation repentance is absolutely necessary and so you prayed to the father you asked for forgiveness you pray to the father you ask for forgiveness of your sins then you ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life all of your life all of your life without any reservations he look he says he's got to be first god's got to be first remember what jesus said the less you come before mother or father you have to put him first put him first in your life and you will become a new creature you will become a born-again believer and you will be changed in folks in the air of the kingdom and you will be indwelt with the holy spirit how much time do i have and so folks you have got god's word on that no one ever ever ever ever has ever regretted receiving eternal life you won't either so you got to get it done tonight i would do that tonight we are out of time for tonight so as we do every night at this time we say good night god bless and always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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