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MON HR 1 053022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 31, 2022 12:10 am

MON HR 1 053022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 31, 2022 12:10 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's what was left. I'm a new pastor and incentives. Indeed, this is the voice of the Christian resistance on 30 May 2022 and tonight I want to wish you all a blessed Memorial Day and we have with us tonight course of our producer tonight is no courageous Craig good evening everybody and it's fitting tonight that we have that old patriot Pastor Joe Larson pleasure to be written here this night.

Her highly unpaid professional is ready to go to work, but we have a whole lot to do so to get through tonight.

So let's get on it in the title of the message that is in memory of better days and those who made them better in memory of better days and those who made them better. Where to start. Nehemiah chapter 4 Joe read verses one through four.

Then stop right but it came to pass that when found invalid word that we build the wall.

He was wrong and Graded dictation and mocked the Jews and he spake before his brother Aaron, and the Army. Samaria of Samaria and said what do these people, Jews, they fortify themselves or they sacrifice slowly making and in a day will they re-revive the stones out of the heaps of rubbish which are burned down. Tobit Tobia Lambright was by him and he said even that which they filled box grow up facial even break down your stone wall payroll, our God, for we are despised and turn their reproach upon their own head and give them foreplay in the land of captivity. Okay, now here Sandel was the governor Samaria net region Jill North Judea where Jerusalem was located seven valid hope to become governor of all Judea is will Nehemiah's arrival spoil his plans. In fact, if you go over to Nehemiah to verse 10, when Sam valid the horn night in Dubai. In the sermon in the Ammonite heard of it.

Degree them exceedingly that there was come a man to seek the welfare of the children of Israel, and probably had this man came with the full authority of the King. And so here I rebuild Jerusalem was a threat to the authorities of the Samaritan officials who had been in charge of the land since June is exile. This was the third time Joe, the third time that a group return from exile in the increasing number of people in Jerusalem made seven valid until by the angry they did not want to return XL's taking control.

The land is threatening their secure positions. The here and that phrase welfare of the children of Israel that's kind of unusual because very few leaders are concerned with the welfare of their actual citizen returned with their own power and control and well almost 300 years before Nehemiah's time, the northern kingdom of Israel was conquered and most of the people we carried away captive in 727 BC S argon of the Syria repopulated Israel with captains from all these other lands.

You know the beginning, they were called illegal alien show Nelly captains eventually intermarried with a few Israeli I Israelites who remained in the land ended to form a mixed race of people who became known the Samaritans. Those who return to Jerusalem and southern region of Judith during the days of Israel and Nehemiah would have nothing to nothing at all to do with those people because they were racially impure relations between those people kept getting worse and getting worse and getting worse and about 400 years later the Jews and the Samaritans.

They literally hated each other, Joe Paterno, John chapter 4 and read verse nine John four verse nine and the woman of Samaria under him and being Jesus. How is it that thou manage you asked for drink of me which I am a woman of Samaria for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. Okay so here he's telling you. And of course that's a hold of the message over there that and this is where you get the story from the good Samaritan the Lord Jesus was making a point. Because these people often thought they were better than any anyone else they thought that the righteousness came from their bloodline.

Now here right it's noncommercial, but from what was it also had the same thing with her audience how Herodias would have preaches to and so no here when you go back to verse four. By the way here when we tightly look at the buyer.

The Ammonite indent Tobias and these people were there were like today like the dirty cops of today, they would be compared to Mary Garland note or yield the people in the FBI also inherited them. Name the former head of the private all around a senior moment with the one that's there now is not any better. No way.

Yeah, the one before him like a fish way yeah I know you tell you about the six Platonic, yeah, but did their dirty they were dirty cops and he says now listen hero here, or God, for we are despised and turn the reproach of on their own head and give them foreplay in the land of captivity and cover not their iniquity, and let not their sin be blotted out from before the for they have provoked the anger before the builders now here that that that is an imprecatory prayer sure isn't it jumps from buyout. Nehemiah credits not really required a lot of people what happened between three and four verse four Nehemiah spring was because what they tried to do. They try to intimidate them remember what we just passed, what are they tried to pass Biden a law stating anyone who speaks out against the kill shot city when it speaks out against abortion anyone speaks out are going to be charged with a crime. This is what right Joe Bob until Bubba is an extremely wicked evil criminal. He is an extremely wicked evil criminal extremely and in the pastor should be preaching this and and the decent people in the media should tell the truth by John the Baptist when he talked about hair red. Okay like the Lord Jesus. 21.

After the Pharisees, like the apostle Paul) he called him names right to their face like Peter right and that so when they went after these people. They need to dispose and called in on the way it was.

But today is such a dearth of courage such as such a dearth of courage from the pulpit and so he goes on to say, so we built the wall and all the wall was joined together into the half thereof, for the people had a mind to work to go ahead and read verse six all the way down through 12 700 but it came to pass that when Sam valid until buyer and heart vaccinated but caring that is 12 years. I am, my brethren have not eaten the bread of the governor, but the former governors that had been before me work chargeable unto the people, and it taken of them bread and wine.

Beside 40 shekels of silver day. Even their servants bear rule over the people, but so did not. I because of the fear of God PA.

Also, I continued in the work of this wall either but we any land in all my servants were gathered together unto the work. Moreover, there were at my table 150 of the containment or less from among you that now that which was prepared for me daily, one not six choice shape also falls were prepared for me and once in 10 days. Stories of all sorts of wine yet for all. This required not I the bread of the governor because the bondage was heavy upon the people think upon me, my God, for good according to all that I have done for this people you did you leave off their pilot without verse 19.

Okay that's what I thought we got a little ahead. I was looking at the weight I jump, I turned to pay. All I know what I did.

Sorry I turned the page I was wondering because you where we may go back to verse. Just outside the pages stuck. I could report that I okay I'll stop back in verse seven and read only through 12, but it came to pass that when Sam valid until buyer and the Arabian and Ammonite – dendrites heard that the walls of Jerusalem were made up that the breaches began to be stopped.

Then they were very wrong and conspired all of them to gather the common fight against Jerusalem, and to hinder. Nevertheless, we made our prayer under God and set a watch against them day and night because of them and Judah said the strength of the bears the burden is the case, and there is much rubbish, so that we are not able to build the wall and our adversary said they shall not know needed to see till we come in the myths among them and slay them and cause the work to cease and it came to pass that when the Jews which drove by them came faith that Ender was 10 times from all places when she shall return unto us they will be upon you that you now here with us as we will come from with in them that's that's parasitical. That means to filtrate infiltrate from within, and give us some of the examples of how that Is Taking Pl. in America today and how that took place great corruption in the deep state of reorganization started becoming corrupt along long ago when leaders started wanting money and power and realize that was the place to procure it and make a long story short, we now have this deep state government that is totally different from what the founders envisioned and the deep state promotes its own man's and at some people take care of itself and continues her corruption so we take a look at that we see we see the public school system infiltrated destroyed. We see the institutions will started out with it will take a look at that. IP and socialists get into the Columbia University teachers College way back the 30s and 40s. In fact, it was a Fabian Socialist that was in charge and only had to quit trusting in God had to start relying on man in our logic and our wisdom to do things and this is how they changed education from within the casing start their 13 and deleted all only through the end of 23 okay, therefore, that I am the lower places behind the wall and on the higher places.

I even for people after their families with their swords, their spirits and their bows and I looked, and rose up and said the end of the nobles and to the rulers and to the rest of the people. The not being afraid of them. Remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brother and your son and your daughters, your wife and your houses and it came to pass, when our enemies heard it, but it was known under less and God had brought their counsel for not that we returned all of us to the wall.

Everyone on Teresa's work and it came to pass.

From that time forth that half of my servants brought in the work and the other half of them held both despairs of the shields and the bows and the hydrogen and the rulers were behind all of the house of Judah bank which building on the wall and they that bear burdens and those that were related everyone with one of his hands a lot in the work and with the other hand held a weapon of the builders. Everyone had his sword girded by his side and so building and hated sound of the trumpet was by me and I senator the nobles into the rulers of the rest of the people. The work is great at large, and we are separated upon the wall. One fire from another and what place therefore you hear the sound of the trumpet research each other under less our God shall fight for us so we labored in the work and half of them held the spears from the rising of the morning till the stars appear. Likewise, at the same time that I am to the people that everyone with his servant lodge within Jerusalem and in the night. They may be a garden terrace labor on the day of neither I nor my brother nor my servants the men of the guard which followed me.

None of us put off our clothes, saving that everyone put them off for Washington to Joseph you know he's talking about. He he set the lower place by the will the higher places even eyes of the people after their families after their families. George Joe with the swords with the spears with the bows now here what happens when you take for example I remember as a young man in the neighborhood we lived with in that in the neighborhood where houses were fairly close together and that there was an emergency or something at one house and we would see we would see it maybe a fire. Maybe the garage some kind of fire the entire family everybody all the families would rush together to put out that one and so what happens is the idea of wood with Nehemiah new that this would would you night it would unite the people of very, very closely families unite people. Okay, this is why the opposition wants to destroy a suit dependent upon Peano determined to destroy our families and could offer communication and so here the family of God. Basic unit of government right so now when the opposition out there found out I guess what they're unto us like what's happening say right now with the school boards. The school boards are starting to figure out the people around to them and we've had situations here even in Ohio and other places where now they've agreed they've agreed to, and in Florida to to rewrite the textbooks to take all of the falsehoods the lies out of the text with the textbooks have to be approved like a by the by the state by the Gov.'s office as truthful now. To be truthful. There and and I think they're working on at Virginia here. Also, Ohio. We got the critical race theory and all this.

This is absolute antichrist communist lies from the left right so what happens is, this is what you seeing the parents and if you go to these of meetings with the school where I've been to several of them by the parents get onto the get to know each other didn't know which they know each other now and when when the trumpet is sounded together and form political union and put people up for about Arcadia all progressive liberals out put in somebody with morals and values, and their place in the case and now he says that you know they still with his sword by the side so well there working in a little and hand the other the other has got a sort on them so they are prepared. In other words their way.

Can they know what's happening now how does that flight what it should Jefferson say about what the Constitution safely country become so corrupted when it become so corrupt that it is no longer in step with the Constitution and violates everything. What would time is is time to do something. What is that time for revolution. It's times for new government is a time to tear down so so what we have now is become so totally completely illegitimate. We don't recognize that we do. We recognize no legitimacy at all because there is no legitimacy. The FBI has been totally corrupted. The Justice Department corrupted the CIA of the supernatural education, the White House, especially in there that is, they have lost all legitimacy they become abashed third government form of government and so we are instructed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would buy something even more much more much more authoritative than those two to to rebuild and start a new government. What is that God felt God's Word, the Bible here.) Maribel was a member of the first Supreme Court. The only real security of liberty in any country of the jealousy and circumspection of the people themselves. Let them be watchful over the rulers, should they find a combination against their liberty and all other methods appear insufficient to preserve them. Re-they have thanked God a remedy ultimate remedy, which created the government can destroy it for the government on trial be found. One amendment amendments could be made in a regular method and mode prescribed by the Constitution. We have the security in addition to the natural watchfulness of the people, which I hope will never be found wanting, or wanting today.

We lost a lot of that watchfulness didn't waste yeah Joe he says this and he that sounded the trumpet was by me occasion Nehemiah kept the trumpet the trumpeter by him that it was a good reason that he did that no matter where he was when that when he sounded the trumpet it would be to trumpet it would be one thing.


Trumpet three blows at me and another. It would be come here or go there. Okay.

And the people would know the enemy would not know what the people would know over know exactly what the orders were so that was a way of communicating with the people and I would then apply to us today here in America reading out the pastors should be ones who are the watchmen on the altar give the warnings to warn the people what's happening when their freedoms are being taken.

The chains of slavery locked upon them, and we do have Christian talk radio right so today this radio program here. Yeah I heard tonight I watched on a lot of his world Jesse Watters drift through and and eight, I was amazed that he did something he talked about the five crime families. The five American crime families here and AE called on the crime families.

He did know that it was talking about the Biden crime cartel the Pelosi crime cartel the Schumer crime Caddell the Clinton crime cartel and they carry, and actually showed you what we've been talking about for years.

Joe but nobody nobody was was going and and and focusing in on you, not just their criminal activity, but we we told you about that we were telling about a Chucky Schumer elite when he has his family working for the different media height when he caught the Facebook and others in all not right, so he held the holds of legislation we see they have incited a the Pelosi is with insider trading of him. But it has been made millions and millions and millions of dollars insider trading every kind of criminal activity. You can imagine the you found the Clintons the Clintons were involved in every kind of crime.

I mean never for murder, prostitution, pedophilia, selling uranium to our enemies.

If it's a crime driven office people down where you have old senior moment. You know what I'm talking about where they had the big big hurricane came through that very poor poor poor nation, where the island of Haiti, who was Haiti athlete, you they they joined with that of the bushes and ripped those people off. I mean big time and so so here now but we we told people we were on top of the stuff for years. I double the three year and so but but we were in it. I don't know. I know others out there had not been allowed to exist up with.

We were the ones of the only ones that I truly know of that ruminant adapted showing you the different crimes they were involved in even like right now, today you got Biden right now. Biden is the seizes control over domestic food materials using Korean War era emergency powers out all talk about this later. Another what this guy is doing his is criminal but to be back right after this rambling order. Try to become a ruler, but one thing to not only did they talk about the crime families Tucker Carlson had her tapes of Herbert Marquis and a cultural Marxist out in California, University of Berkeley talking about how markers we were the first people on radio to talk about cultural Marxism explain about the school of the Institute for social research in Frankfurt Germany Germany where the first. Once Renate when nationwide telling that story and it was on TV the other night with clips and talking about how Angela Davis was one of the first real good bright students from Herbert Marquis leading the Black Panthers.

She was a communist revolutionary and and a murder stuff that we've been really did that for years.

This is we've been talking about that for 50 years. J and some anyhow will be back right after this took away and this is a you we and they and you and me and Rosalinda Jonah got some commentary. Joseph is going take a little while you go to just have this let me get through this okay all right okay as I sat down to write this sermon. My eyes focused in a photo of three ragtag young boys.

The pictures was taken around 1954.

The three boys were my inner brother Ray, my cousin Wayne and myself. By today's standards. We would've been living below the poverty line with eight children have one home there and at home.

There were no fear of being spoiled by material goods at all that a bit that we never own more than one pair of shoes or at any one time or never had more than one coat at any one time and I would dare say that my little grandson today at the age of five.

His more toys, more close that all of that my eight siblings in our house combined during our entire childhood was in fact here at my house you got a room filled with that little fella clothes and toys and next door. My son's house the same and that his other grandparents the same but again even though that was a case. We did have a roof or for head. We did have close in her back and she was in her feet and we were happy in here. It was because back in those days that we had a house and it even had a fairly new car in the driveway that we were considered middle-class and as of the entire neighborhood was considered middle-class. And guess what housing starts housing was with blooming all over the place today in America. In fact, foreclosures are up 181% in housing starts are down almost 13% K but things were so much better in such a way that here would like to parents. That was 10 people in a very small house in a small house with one bathroom malfunction. When you have four women in the house lately come up with this term you may have heard it called woodsman and these women try to convince his boys. It bathrooms were only for equipment that the woods were for the men and so I hear is boys we got used a lot of that because those those women credited the kind of just took the bathrooms over but we got through it okay. We got through it and here there were better days in so many ways. Back in those days. Now, in those days anyone that was spewing the lunacy of gender identity, and transgendered Waukomis where they would've been in danger of being committed to a mental institute. These God hating Democrats of today are both mentally and physically abusing children by pushing their transgender LGBT Q if that if we if we today if we had a legitimate government of we actually had legitimate government today legitimate DOJ they would had they would be charged with child abuse and sexual abuse. But we don't have a legitimate cover.

In fact, the entire Democratic Party Democratic Party is seizing with pedophiles. We were so blessed back in those days that they have smart Alec cell phones we were aware of our surroundings. We we walked around outside you can see things you we were looking at.

We were looking at all around our surroundings.

We we communicated with each other verbally. I remember sitting at the dinner table and we we we spoke to one another.

The kids all talk to each of the parents of and what happened was the we would converse on what was happening in all of our own little private worlds and that today we are went to dinner like cyborgs carrying her mind control implants in our hands were at constantly being monitored by artificial intelligence. While the simple minded think that that's the way it's supposed to be. Life was so much better in so many ways the country believed in God the parents love their children.

Abortion was considered murder in all 50 states drag Queens, went to jail. The children knew the children of who their fathers were, and they had respect for their parents, we boys had respect for our girls and their sisters and we watched our language around them. I remember how often when you went boys we get together, especially does 10 to 1112-year-old and they learn a new word and they would try to impress each other with no one was listening by using his words would we were taught when girl come by.

He didn't use that kind of language because we had respect for girls.

Back in those days that when a girl went to the beach. She didn't go naked.

She didn't uncover her whole rear end. I mean, they had to wear a bathing suit if they had back in those days that they had gone out and exposed himself and for the were flashers stated on data been arrested. But listen to this. In those days that I remember very clearly pastors feared God more than the government. That's right, pastors feared God more than the government they would preach against the sin of abortion against the sin of sodomy and pedophilia.

Even the Democrats were against communism. I met JFK when I was a young man I was in one of those little model type airport airplanes in a small airport) was nation Ohio and it was just the two of us might myself and my friend Bob is dead only airport or manage the airport and we were in there and the simulator was a simulator when all of a sudden the doors burst open, nine, 10 years old and here they come in and you got all these people. They got this care was with these big flashbulbs I guy points at me and that simulator says voiceover is that photo op photo op. He shouts this out and I thought, I'm not a follow-up went with the photo okay and so they all come marching over so here they go. JFK's got his arm around my soul my shoulder and is a look at his ways are looking this way and were looking in, and they're taking the pictures and then they said to me you know this man is that the no they said it could be an ex-president.

Are you going to vote for value 10 years old. You are surrounded by a group of adult men and in this that big fella's got his hand on his shoulder. When you get to say no I don't think so any height yeah yeah I'll vote for never minding that I would know that of the boat but it didn't look at Eric is the here but listen I remember the time when even the Republican Party leadership had some backbone. I'm not kidding you. There were some in there that had some backbone, some spine that actually would go on the offense of not just sit back and talk collected the death of grandson beats push them around America was the envy of the entire world. She was great because she was good she was one nation under God with liberty and justice for all that we season citizens and that means we old-timers here often set in and we recollected the days and the nights when we slept with her windows open our doors unlocked. We know who our neighbors were we. Capt. we kept that I and each other's property would when things where weighing of strangers came around America was good, but we were infiltrated from within by a parasitical enemy started within the church. That's right. I remember back in the 1960s the antichrist teachings of Karl Marx worked combined with the teachings of Juergen both amend and Ernst block no multimineral was the professor, the Dean of religion and Ernst block was the Dean of Marxism at the tomb of gin University not hear these two got together and they had decided that the Christianity and Marxism were compatible. Not only were they a compatible but there were literally one of the same and that's where multiple arm ultimate had written his book, theology of hope that Joe hears with a base that on the basted on that well.

Jesus said to feed the hungry house the homeless, clothe the naked, visit those that are sick and in prison. Marx said to the proletariat that you should feed, feed the hungry and the proletariat should the house the homeless to take care of those who need but there was a difference you see Marx taught that it was all right. It was ethical in fact necessary to go and take from the bourgeois J the wealthy because if they were wealthy. They earned it off the backs of the proletariat, so it was it was ethical to go and kill these people and trait take their property and have a transfer of wealth skylight. When Obama teaches a going to transfer the wealth for those did that earned it to those that deserve it. Those were his words.

I remember hearing him say that and so there's a whole big difference between Christ and in March fact, Marx was an antichrist he was a Satanist.

Karl Marx was a practicing Satanist but again this is this is what came out in this stuff started hitting the seminaries and so here I remember starting each day back in the public schools back in the mid-50s with prayer. But even then in effect we would do it in the morning you would come in and there would be a prayer over the loudspeaker and then you go to your homeroom class and then each each class. The teacher would lead in prayer teacher would lead to prayer.

The teacher fled in prayer and Herod now remembered of the Pledge of Allegiance, but even then the communist parasites were hard at work putting their antichrist propaganda in the textbooks. I remember Nikita Khrushchev beating the podium with this you anyway. Saying we will caulking you from within. We will us right we will rise your your youth. We will give you dose after dose after dose of Socialism until the day that you awaken to find out that you are communist now in those days he was referring to Jane Fonda. He was referring to John Kerry. He was referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was referring to Joe Biden.

These were the ones that he was referring to in those days.

These were young at that time, but they were raised in a month and so what was once the Democratic Party is gone. There is no longer a Democratic Party is a democratic Communist Party. There is communist is in jail, Joseph Stalin. There is communist Karl Marx and so here it is been totally completely to look at somebody tells me their Democrat out alone. He just told me is what you just told me you just tell me a registered Democrat.

Just tell me your communist. You just told me that you hate God which he just told me this and more than likely your if you're not a homosexual. You believe in that, or you have no problem. Pedophilia. You said that I did end and by the way, that when you say that like jealous blowhard will be clinician. You're telling me that you got your very vulgar and your women are unclean because that's the entire platform of the Democratic I'm his party. So show me one woman okay within the death. The credit Communist Party and leadership that is not pro-death that is not according to God's Word, the Bible Romans chapter 1 continuing in their uncleanness shall be one whose is a Jeremiah to 34 whose curtain I filled with the blood of the innocent shall be one man who is not like a Chucky Schumer or Bill Clinton or Joey Biden, who is not completely corrupted, completely corrupted and and so more. By the way, Jerry Nadler, by the way Jerry Nadler, Jerry Nadler, this is God's got no voice in Congress. Jerry Nadler, you are in for an extremely extremely rude awakening. By the way Jerry Nadler God's Word, the Bible says that sodomites will have their place in the lake of fire. Jerry Nadler, God's Word, the Bible, God has said that sodomites will have their place in the lake of fire, and so here from Afghanistan to Iraq to Vietnam to Korea to World War II to World War I to the Civil War to the war of 1812 to the Revolutionary war, the American soldier in the American patriots have kept their integrity and kept their kept our dream of freedom and liberty alive and we are ready right now is a whole lot of us were ready to do it again now. This is from Ronald Reagan. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Joe, you got a call by Ronald Reagan to don't talk or hear. Talking, I have no illusions about what little I can add now to the final testimony of those who gave their lives willingly for their country. Words are even more feeble on this memorial day for the site before us is that of a strong and good nation stand and found three members.

Those who were loud and in return love their countrymen enough to die for them, while powerful works right. She is added to that is that yet we must try to honor them not for their sake alone, but for our own sake and affords cannot repay the debt. We chose these men Shirley with our actions we must strive to keep faith with them than with the vision that led them to battle and final sacrifice. I remember him talking about what a wonder and mystery. It was afternoon.

It is said so many Americans were willing to give their lives so that the people of America could be free. Joe is still a lot of that spirit right here with us in America today and again I'm hearing from more and more people asking me well how are we going to do it with.

How do we start another words again where required.

Now to replace this government has gone completely and totally corrupted and where do you start when you start locally. Start from where you're at your ground what you can control and and that is starting to happen more and more now take back your school board you take back your communities, your county. And all you start with your little towns and cities in counties you take Becky get involved and you start to react to be a people who were what capable of self-government and that's what FS attorney read long stamps left the government up to other people. We forgot that we were to conduct ourselves according to the 10 Commandments of God. We were this disdain ourselves to govern ourselves controller cellophane ourselves according to the 10 Commandments of God and we would only need a very limited small government. If we were to live that way will you write and and what we did is because first of all I didn't run for office. They try to get me to run for Congress.

Several times people at a minimum for Congress. But the thing of it is II realized that I could help a lot more people qualify people on the radio I can help those.

This is why we had the people from around the country and time and time again on the radio the best people because they're not going to get a shot and I can get coverage and none of the fake news media. We have to realize and it's very important thing to realize, to because a lot of people developments in the pastors don't have the courage to pastors don't have the courage to tell you to jump. I'm an American you're an American first work were Christians first and there were American that what I'm talking about is is absolute reality. This is reality, not because of that, because we Christians and an American patriots. Our enemy is the entire Democratic I'm his party. Joe Biden is our enemy, Joe Biden wants to take away my freedom, not a loyal opposition anymore. They are the enemy within Chucky Schumer is the enemy. Chucky Schumer was to take away my freedom. Mary Garland is my enemy Mary Carlin was the reason was to take away my freedom, Christopher Ray, these people that if they've gone… Oh, corrupted the institutions that once were were divided institutions like the FBI were people can hold her head up and there was a time that I have friends that that would hold her head up and they get what I belong to the FBI, inmate they knew their job and the job was not dirty, okay. But that's all been corrupted and is seeing the corruption just really take off.

During one abomination.

When abomination was in office.

The sky was so corrupt the dark Prince you so that habit. So you have to realize first of all, that these people are not your friends that they are the enemy. Okay, I'm not telling you to hate them when I'm telling you that you have to recognize who your enemy is okay right and so and and and the pastors very few have the courage they know that they are afraid and began them your Cooperate with them. You cannot give into them. You must stand fast to get them back. Years ago there was a historian Robert conquest.

He wrote a book, the new criterion pastor. I don't how many times in the past 30 years.

That said desperately enemy always tells us what they're gonna do, how they're gonna do it. They've done this forever, and here's what he had to say about communism is that a communist once told me his method first year explained to a Christian sympathizer that communism is compatible with Christianity you just talked about that right that I have placed you claim later that Christianity though is not compatible with communism. First, we are told the Christian morality requires this to adopt this liberal program and then when the liberal program regime is entrenched. We are then told that it excludes morality. They came out and said it communist told this historian, this is the method first. They say this, Christianity and communism were all compatible and people started to believe it and make can play the bait gel were coming up to the flakes of haying on their clinic to bring on board or come yet we do have a whole lot more to come. So when we do come back with going to come back with another with with the song for this memorial day that we have a lot more to come. So don't go way more to come. Be back right after this, here we go we were right back what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance.

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