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FRI HR 2 052722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 28, 2022 12:12 am

FRI HR 2 052722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 28, 2022 12:12 am

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

This is Sarah's O'Reilly auto parts story country with two young children is ambitious to say the least, check engine light came on plea floating around the art of heart and that it was multisensor.

They referred us to a great mechanic just down the street and we were back on the road in no time.

Auto parts donate and listen to podcasts WR were back in so a couple of notes, was that news people always told those were your churches up so doers of the word Baptist Church is located at 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH. The service starts at nine no actually started to 830 no. 8:30 AM with the praise and worship and in depth Bible study and then the regular times of regular service starts at the 1115 and that's in the morning and then okay you go up to our website. WR dental up on the website.

Okay, it's all up on the website WR

If you don't have you not on the Internet.

I'll give you Ron's phone number you call him and is rebroadcast on the phone already. Anyhow, those their ego, so the Navy service starts at the often we have videos but nobody told me about a video for this week and so we normally have one about 5 o'clock so leaving service starts at about 5 o'clock on Sunday and know the we usually have a class story that classes the Bible and current events. So we show you how the Bible has predicted perfectly publicized tournaments things as having everything that's happening around us here in God's Word, the Bible is told you that this way we can be so we always have a class in the Bible and current events and then at the regular service starts at 6 PM that's this coming Sunday and then were off on Memorial Day right with a golf Memorial Day already know you have something you want to read there yet. This will take office a couple minutes but it's kind important falls into line with you know how much more biting. Can we tolerate but it's if you guys haven't seen the €2000 video you have to watch her pastor Sanders is going to be getting more videos and you will sleep well next week.

We just went out.

We just sent out a whole lot of okay. There's also some really good short snippets

Just go to the blog search murals in our nursing homes and help you can prevent 4.8 million illegal votes and there is some good news in Wisconsin recent County Sheriff is investigating meals in the nursing home. The fraud was so egregious that Sheriff's mailing cited elections that you statutes.

I'm sorry, was in fact not just broken but shattered by members of the Wisconsin elections commission that folks voted and cast incapacitated folks voted and many were forced to vote in the staff actually filled out the balance in Arizona you Yuma County Sheriff is open to 2020 voter investigation, fraud that includes false registrations duplicate voting fraudulent use of absentee ballots and same thing there. The staff requested the belt and filled out the information without the consent of the voters not true of the vote helped to Mr. Sousa with this movie and they are giving us a chance to exit do something about this fraud instead of just shaking our heads and doing nothing.

So I can urge this enough right if everyone could go to true the and select get involved.

They have five free training courses on signature verification election integrity and becoming an election observer. Also, this is the most important part of it. They have it's called the Ivy three project go there, sign up and then you can exit cleanup your local voter rolls. So the way it works is you sign up there and then they'll give you access to ballots are not balanced, but actually records that are suspicious or could be duplicate records or it could be a bunch of people in one household. Or whatnot, but they are. She provided the records to review, you'll look it over and if it does look suspicious.

You'll flag it they will then in turn, review it and then send it off to your local board of elections. I did something real similar to this in 2012 with project Veritas and in just five hours a week I would like an hour every night I would find usually at least 100 suspect records so like the bottom line is the globalists and the liberals set a dangerous presidents with the rampant voter fraud in 2012, 20, 20 they literally stole the election.

If we do not fix this now. This will become the new standard and they really want even have to campaign, they will have to waste money because the results will be predetermined. This ultimately will exasperate the ultimate form of tyranny is a politicians will not fear being voted out of office. If we don't reverses. Now we wait may as well sit by and tell her children and grandchildren what it was like to live in the USA where men were free as Ronald Reagan warned us about 50 years ago. So just bottom line is, remember one illegal vote cancels your right to vote and this happened to 75 million trump voters in 2020. Absolutely in the focus again anyone and everyone is says there was no election frauds, a liar knew that a bit of truth in them and you will find one of them out there and be willing to come in here and sit across from me and this might that I thought a lot about Massena since 2020 okay and and a challenge man that and I'm talking about those in those in Fox News that really betrayed us to that we really thought we were count on him yeah and Nate and they and Natalie that not only that Fox News will not promote a well promoted but but but this is even a bigger shame. This is even a bigger shame. Guess who else will not promoted Newsmax the Republican Party failure.

The Republican party the Republican party and any of this is why people are sitting by the safe what's wrong with those people. McConnell these the outlets while they they sat there for two summers in a row and they watch burn load murder formally black lives matter inactive for burned-out cities burned out cities and they did nothing. They did nothing.

Okay, that's the Republican Party. This is why you know where we are in the patriot were the conservative party in an blended tire. It's it's pitiful, you know, just to makes me makes me sick to cities rhino cell.

One thing problem. Bernie and Greg getting paid off 1/4. The Democrat yes there may have been tied up in the Ukraine are there quite often the corporate money there quite up in the pharmacy department. Money that they're neutralizing their new clothing. There is nothing in them other than their political they need to have a chronically elected and then they use that for political or financial gain by giving the perfect example. McConnell is married to a Chinese woman caller is a big time shipping magnate in China and that they would know as long that specifically help him just like it was laws passed that help close because when they are in the fishing industry and not long ago. His wife got a little behold eight $30 million menu more I thought was $30-$45 million from our announcement about father nice back turning has been lifted by this old payback I got $45 million. Still another country already here we go this distance fast as we just can do headlines in the lightning round shocking per New Mexico auditors Dominion voting systems can fill in ballots that was uncovered 2019, the United States audit confirms this case that there you go. Let me just read a Monday evening. Then in New Mexico the auditors of 2020 election audit. Addario identified the don't Dominion voting systems can fill in ballots. The machines using on his have print Building capability is seen by the picture above using the capability ballots can be filled in by the machine itself that you don't suppose the Democrats would do that. They don't need that. Okay, here's here's some other things very quickly. Don't like here the other night we were talking about John and as far as I know we were the first ones to question hey what is going on what is going on.

Why are you did it take the place along to get in there and so the pill get upset with because you know there for two days straight to place a bid may nothing but heroes right well the same thing with what's happening Ukraine in elite, we sit and wait a minute what you're hearing for the.

The fake news media you're only getting one side and you which are not hearing is just as important as what you're hearing case. In fact, more so is one official Zielinski signs a law banning opposition parties in seizing their property and this goes back to about the 14th Ukrainian president of all the Morris Zielinski signed into the law, signed into law number 7172 – one that will ban opposition parties and sees their property in this this would be out last Saturday. This is what into law last Saturday. The law targets opposition parties if they deny the armed aggression against Ukraine. The law includes actions would support the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus and 280 countries. There is one that you not hearing about here you go. Here's another what we were talking about John. The art of this information. Western lies about the war in Ukraine. This is my buried at Larry Johnson if you want to know how the war is going Ukraine you only needed to take note of one piece of news last week, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called his Russian counterpart. Remember that John.

We talked about that US is yet US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Russian counterpart the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon announced on Friday. The call lasted approximately an hour and was at the request of Austin who use the first call between two and 84 days to the defense minister. Synergy should I go to implement an immediate cease-fire. According to a brief read out of the call. The to last spoke on February 18, a week before Russia lost the invasion into the Ukraine. If Russia was losing it completely stuck in the grain, one would expect that Sergio Chagall would be the guy calling Austin and begging for mercy well is not that is not what's happening. Note it was Austin. The place to call, apparently unconcerned about his recent public called to we can rush not want to stop there, but let me just add to this again folks, we have to use common sense aware where over there. We got a support Ukraine because guess what their borders have been invaded their borders to be crossed by aliens okay by now let me ask you this, when a country is being invaded by foreigners when the country is being invaded by foreigners. Is that not an act of war and if you have a military what is the the responsibility of your military when you are being invaded by foreigners in the country. What is Austin and Millie doing my current what are they doing, what are they doing to to put defend America against all of the wall. Bernie, I cannot really you not been accredited in the Congress because we have against civilian years and all they were authorized by the president to go down there and within law. Yes, they could defend absolutely, absolutely added time of war if the president is not authorizing defending the country. The president is committing treason this this is that we have a constitutional right and or and or legitimate government that could be remarkable already, but we don't have a legitimate government doing now. We are probably corrupt from every angle you look at the federal government is corrupt everywhere you look at it then million years corrupt all speaking of corrupt, here you go. Corrupt Obama AG Eric Holder indicates he is involved in a January 6 jam the walls and the snakes are in the henhouse and they just won't leave abominations first corrupt Atty. Gen. Eric Holder was on the DE face the nation over the weekend. Is this the article is a two weeks old. He indicated that he is involved in the effort to prevent president come from running for office in 2024 having his 2020 election stolen by gangsters like older.

Remember Holder he brought all those guns and gave the guns to the beginnings and the human smugglers so that they could kill our border agents that will you bring they were taking the weapon from United having them in a long way that they would ship to Mexico into the hands of the game so that later they could create when they were at you think they were letting the guns will and the actual reading the report I found out that Hillary Clinton was also behind that they wanted to destabilize Mexico American gun and use that as an international incident to go after the Second Amendment began to courageous BATF agent unloaded in Arizona and I don't know the other one was the Lewis audit that blew the whistle on Macon. I think the Justice Department divided and lately persecuted those who agent within the truth came out all right and that was recalled and he sincerely answered it would give the record company withheld an attempt to Congress in contempt of Congress right now. What he did was any old operation of the work that I think you eat right now he's stuck to his eyeballs in DC dirty DC dirty is the operation of template against the Patriots in January 6, and here you go, exclusive footage, secret video recordings leaked from inside the hole of DC Gitmo first footage ever released of cockroach and mold infested sellers of January 6 political prisoners, a secret video recordings have been linked exclusively to Gateway pundit from deep within the walls of the DC gulags. The felting facility is notorious for inhumane and torturous condition. It is where many political prisoners from January 6 to being unconstitutionally detained by the dirty cops and the government for a pretrial.

The video recorder below the featured Brandon fell a is 27-year-old January 6 prisoner who is been in the gulags since last June 2021.

According to Phyllis's cry was taken to hits of marijuana in the capital after having a conversation with police and told him he could go inside there you go there to try to make you want to make examples out of us and I don't think is going to work very well formed you that if we let them. Okay here here's another good article and this one very quickly is from the old keepers. If so, should a stinking deal with being gulags in Siberia. I can deal with this jail in Virginia, US political prisoner, an old keepers founder Stuart Rose speaks with a Gateway pundit on January 6, 2020 when several members of the old keepers/up the US Capitol steps to the line and sang the national anthem with the with tens of thousands of patriots outside the building. The old keepers organization is a nonpartisan Association of current and formally serving military police and first responders who pledged to fulfill the oath all military and police take to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic Democrats see men and women like us as a threat and in the words yet because they are the enemy near the antichrist Communist Party and so there you go. I just praised the we ever get you agree a really hard and I could allot a real leader, and maybe in a bad but a lot of leaders have a good example in IE had the beer beer out. They call it an important bill for and in jail he ended up writing mine constantly came out that the calamity was reported coated with, but in this case, they could be really stealing PEL be used.

Patriots sold them when they come out man not backing down from anything you know that they've been out broken is strengthened by and 11 when we get back. When we get Congress back and and again like I said the death of Kratz and their they are to voter fraud crime the Arctic crime when Elvis was the lack of role Mohammed Ali was the boxing. That's what they would. They Arctic crime if it's corrupt. There is nothing about the death of Patty Kime's party today. The collective that is not been totally totally totally completely coat corrupted and so when we get Congress back and we had to stand.

We have to fight we have to expect every we have to inspect the ball every lowly trick in the book. Okay. And they did and we have to expect them to try to stop the elections so and if we get Congress back in the Senate. We got a part of the our knees in the back of the next, and as Republicans we have to buttered and our knees and make him impeach Biden got a remove him and them and then with their Oregon argument. Yeah, I know I hate to be a naysayer and if we can get Kemal and are yeah but you see will tell will convince her that that she's the King of the some other country chase the quiz as little about what she could be a quick she could be the king to segment anything she wants to be now.

He had a right) Ernie Obama. Biden running the country. Problem that I will screen their Obama, positive, and of an Obama's people would like the New World order with Searles running the country. So I figured scenario be the same thing their Obama be no different skill to coordinate acutely Biden really got to do a dual impeachment.

She was a vice president load out "reroute good week. You have a penny on McCarthy. I don't know… No, she will be the speaker anymore after after the congressional McCarthy will be yeah he's a Rino visiting all and so I don't know why I tell you the good Lord has given us a challenge has any he's given us a mountain to climb.

Why think we asked for it when we correct amount of our country and society.

Well, we didn't kick them out some pigment of many of the Americans. Yet we many of us fought with everything we have had and the but there but I tell you again. The pastors failed.

The pastors failed. The pastors failed to pass his failed they should a marched on Washington DC. They had the responsibility they had the responsibility to come up that thought came back to my mind when when I heard Donald Trump say in January 6 Mike do the right thing. Mike Mike do the right thing. He said in pants failed fence was afraid to do the right thing pants had the responsibility that was his duty to make sure that that everything that he did not certify that election with all the corruption and he had the responsibility to say look, let's take 10 days just to look into it and let's look into this application after the 10 days that there's nothing there. Then in a will certify this, but he didn't go.

He failed okay and now he wants to run for president no way and in here.

You think they might just artificial Rino party thickening medium. I had the right a little over 100 normal homecoming graph learning and knowledge. People gathered repulsive.

It's you know of going back to the church leaders. I think I'm resigned like everyone else to the fact that there is no more founding fathers meant a virtue and all that. And over the years.

We kind of accept that politicians are corrupt and BCD assist. Hopefully they don't destroy the country and the part in the meantime but the religious leaders were the ones that were supposed right the ship guide the people and we need the church now more than ever and and they're just failing well there's a handful God is The revolution. Believe me know. I blunted the UBL unregistered Baptist Fellowship and I would say every state single one of those people would stand up with you know, those are all they do.

Those are the people just about every single one of them that I know have been arrested for us for going out and doing pro-life activities in and preaching and speaking up when they were around when they were ordered to remain silent. So those you do have some other shepherding the flock in the right direction. Right you do have simply had a guidance waiting for the governor here in Ohio who it was one of those who is them. Neil Patrick Peterson and he's running for governor in Ohio and is an independent and that he is pleased patently heading near the radio program. He sounds like us and so there are some out there okay and so anyhow let me see we get… More like Iran's most look at this when fellows now study finds more than 25% of an increase in emergency cardiovascular events and and ages 16. The 39 groups and guess what they all have in common vexing vaccines.

They all think so there is a 25% increase in emergency cardiovascular guess where is the worst reasons that Israel revealed more than 25% and calls of Israel's national emergency medical services concerning emergency cardiovascular events. There you go there because they were the first ones, and pushing on the young children's and now the young soldiers are and that's that. You can't reverse that I think of the most vaccinated country on the planet and they suffered. They've been hit hard. Okay you guys want to comment on that. John and John by ear. Her name, Israel's luggage argument and the doctors Olympic meeting familiar Dr. Wolinsky. Oh yeah, we played in several times right right all relate to the Israeli government and he got I don't know people connect Yahoo at the time he got all it took. Many members of the government. I watched Wolinsky's talk on it. They will all warned they were all warned about the danger the shocking ladle cleaning out the room and made right through him, and with full speed ahead and demanded that the quality is really telling you they heard it from Zelinski himself, and they they ain't going right through the red lights gold. And they force the people to click on it, related reports, but they ended up working people they could take a shot. So Israel's shock rate was very high fragment on 90%. I know there was a number of us we had that set up. We were going back to Israel. We had planned to backed Israel in the lot of us in them and they all cancel because we all refused to take the shot wanted to take the chance that they'll cancel BF Israel number one in them because the our military.

Millie Austin they want to they wanted to shoot up as many of our boys as they can and and those that were at the Academy. The Air Force Academy.

They would not let him graduate because they wouldn't take the boys and the spoke some, some gave in and came back they want to pay back. There are now back related and the ones that refuse to take the kill shots are the brightest and the best hang tight will be back right after this man and this is you, we can and will and you and me and in the email will we won't forget you Memorial days all about. And that's what my message is going to be on Sunday Lord is willing that's what it will be on so I Memorial day and I think we can take a look back at the time I believe was the better days days were better days in those that made up that way it will take a look at back I was back in the 50s when we were growing up. A lot of us John John John things with so much different there so so different in those days and you know itself and then was started out with that picture that's on the wall right over there. You saw that in the studio that the picture the three boys in the picture One on the far end as small as my brother, the one in the middle is my cousin Lisa pay.

He passes the church wings and is out in Chardon, Ohio and the other one is me and we we start talking about how things were back in those days, and now where they're at today and again the accuracy John McTiernan, the accuracy of Scripture again prophesy using this word was seen like the timeline. The time chart we see here with the Lord describes Newman. He says that when you see these things. The time is not yet, but these are the times of sorrow, days of sorrow, so he's telling you look your spirit is so now you know where you're at and were getting very very close to his return that we can't HERNIA movably, I mean the Bible is very clear that before Christ returns to global climate sorrow to be world shaking event not not lowball the local world shaking event that it explicated current kind, and of course crafter anyway know where he's returning could Scripture be returning to Israel on the amount of all of the Bible tells us that Israel has to be a nation began drilling the nation again. So eventually everything is going to leave Jerusalem (everything is all world situation will eventually lead to Jerusalem. According to let you know presidential made Jerusalem the capital that the Biden must undo that he wants to reverse that and going back month and I needed all sorts of court throwing around him reduce rebirthing everything prompted there and it's frightening Burning side. Don't forget Monday or next Tuesday. Rather, will be able Starkey cried, but because Biden is going to sign into law making room with a cold quote item "Gay pride month and soul of the combination of gay pride month and Biden going there and perhaps tampering with the God's plan for Israel and Jerusalem. It's frightening to think be happening. If this turns out John and that is really him. One of the biggest sodomite parades ever and that that's how I was going to happen there. You probably have another huge satellite parade. Now speaking of that Russian court finds tick-tock and Facebook for not deleting the post containing LGBT Q lewd grows belligerent transgressing clear ideologies.

The Russian sanctions and big tech companies are increasingly regularly event, particularly with regard to companies promoting side of me. Can you think that having no choice either our country at least that high standards that's it surprising that Putin is actually pointing out the decline of Western civilization and actually pointing to our lack of God, which is it's unbelievable.

Coming from a former communist right well what is happening out there.

The apostate church. The emergent with a call. The emerging church. This is literally Satan's dominion.

Okay, what they called the new evangelical because we've always had the apostate church that we think of the socialist gospel church that they they have embraced every kindness and United Church. The antichrist was United Methodist. The Episcopal therefore longtime embrace send you know they have become the anti-church but today more more moving in their teaching that we need to embrace sodomy. This is what the in some of them have even gone so far a lot of mother actually teaching that Jesus was a satellite. This is again another science faculty at King David. Try crediting David also unbelievable so now in the conflict on the yeah let's like haired Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin is what I Treasury Secretary this is what we been reduced to by the way God's Word, the Bible says that those in the rebellion against God against his word okay that it's the same as witchcraft. In other words, here's what she said if you get pregnant, kill it and get back to work. If you get pregnant killing event. This is this is an extreme that we can limit God's Word, the Bible says that that woman is a witch at the actual quote God's work group word, the Bible, yet she says that that's bad for the baby and giving every baby is bad for the economy and some and so the big corporate work for a corporation and you get pregnant.

They're willing to pay for.

You kill it. Go ahead and kill you back to work okay is a wicked woman that God's Word, the Bible said that this woman's latch because rebellions the same. But why won't I want the pastors have the courage to stay that way when you think they could just say here's what the what if they don't have the courage to stand up the yellow and and say they say will… What God is where the Bible says that they're afraid this is so much fear of the hurricane and anger subsequently leading the flock to damnation.

Yeah, that's with her absolutely okay first ever global monkeypox outbreak happens do exactly predicted by bio security simulation the year before that. We know that all of these things are being this is all being set up in coded truths why officials did not want autopsies. Why what you think home in a McTiernan that that they didn't want autopsies to go to my proof that the cause of death was caused by the jags. 93% of those that died, who had had called in who he got in the jags died from the kill shot 97% died in here and in some of these what we watch we showed you some of the from those doctors.

The frontline doctors and lately were showing how the veins and the arteries of these people had had his materials that that was like clotting will not know was worse than that. It was, it was turning into almost like a plastic was unbelievable. Some of the things that they took all these people lately. They were amazed when they were when they went until to do the autopsies. That is, it wasn't even human. So there you go. Every week I talk to people that have become victims of this note. Death by heart attack early heart attack on sudden heart attack.

Autoimmune diseases and you quiz them as to whether they have the Dragon they say yes in the night someone will say yes. I think that's what happened, but there doesn't seem to be any outrage at all about this.

I know, let me just wait this is that is all. This was the very same things be done in the case of Cody vaccine – very few complete autopsies have been done to understand why those people died that is, until recently, to highly qualified researchers that you should she carried black guy and a microbiologist and highly qualified expert infectious disease, and Dr. Arnie Burkhard, a pathologist who is a widely published authority. Having been a professor of pathology in several prestigious institutions recently perform autopsies and 15 people having died after the vaccine that what they found explains why souvenir dining experience in organ damage and deadly blood clots goes on to list a whole lot of other sources of things. The fifth is happened to already see again. They want to in California that the that weasel of a governor wants to make this a crime to tell you what I'm doing here Biden. Biden's group who they wanted to remember he had that he wanted to have the disinformation secretary and is trying to push that they want to keep us from telling you the truth of morning you remember these are the people that that try to cut off all your supplies hydroxychloroquine and enter and I've erected anything they could save you when you had these we have these doctors on their some of them had as many as a thousand patients and never lost one and because of their using either Mac and then hydroxy so they try to cut off the supplies and it all goes back to the depopulation there you go back for, and many many people cannot cannot get back there mind around that evil unity even though all the lives of county anomaly again but all the live surrounding it and every even though all of that they do, they just can't believe that there is an agenda out there to destroy mankind they can't connect the dots in it and I think it's just too unfathomable.

Just Leave your country would do this to you.

You. You could have written this article deadly turning sacrilege aloft, it's time to walk away from a hopelessly corrupt federal government that facilitate Biden's destruction of America.

He goes on to say, historically, all revolutions arise from social disruption, chaos if you will, cases point is the rise of Nazism and we see that is rising out specially in Ukraine in the 1920 German elections. The Nazis received 2.6% of the vote in 1930. A year later after 1929 was a crash.

The Nazis received 18.3% of the vote by November 30 two. The height of the Great Depression. The Nazis were dominant party with 33.1% of the vote, but we are now witnessing in the United States is a plan chaos by to lay the foundation for revolution.

This is Biden region wishes to impose a global 131 party totalitarian state retrograde hybrid governance model combining the most tyrannical asked aspects of the Chinese Communist Party in the world economic forum in which there are no nations but only one land and people to exploit his neo-feudalism world of lords and service that's that's right that hit the nail right on the head. Keith got it so that I think were gonna hit here in his will. More one last one liberal media freak out after Pres. Trump shares response to El Salvador's Pres. Tweed on enemy from within, destroying America and pushing country to Civil War America under Joe Biden wide open borders, 2 million illegal immigrants played in the country in one year more than this year a more this year. Surrounding surrendered Afghanistan, abandoning the essential base arming Caliban with $80 billion of US weaponry and soldiers and retreat shutting down energy sector failure to approve any new drilling projects record spending the record inflation nearly 10% annually.

Highest gas prices in the history new records every day. Now, destruction of First Amendment led by big tech and deep state corrupt media gas lighting, public total destruction of working-class politicized and broken Justice Department and political prisoners in March the president of El Salvador nailed Buckley posted a's cutting remark on Twitter Buckley pointed out that the elephant in the room, Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying America and its and it's likely on purpose humidities over the weekend. Laura Logan read re-truth president comes to eat and Trump truth user added Civil War okay there you go for now. Which one of you two fellows gave the invitation last week I died say they both think they did okay I know I he did a cattail what we have we have a prayer request right now for Clint in Ohio ordinance works. He's received these responding nicely and transfer, transferring to a facility in Columbus again. He had that he was the one had that heart was then he was, and he's actually actually pulling through this facility in Columbus is actually designed for specific his condition was rich. The outlook looks great.

Look, it will display for mentally following that we just went hold them up and asked for Laura guy the continue to be with Clint that he gets a complete and total healing finally got and then we asked this the week that he turn his desires toward you. More and more every day in every way in all things at all time. This we ask in Jesus precious name. Amen. Okay where that point where week we get to seat when we get to this part of the program.

I had a fella tell me I listed here program every night aces until you get to the religious part. In other words, he waits till we go through the Bible study and then that Lily we get the invitation and so here's what he said. He claims to be a Christian.

He attends the United Methodist Church, but he says my faith and my religion is something that is very personal, is not something that I share with other people that make any sense done no learning. You don't have a minute you cry for your Savior and and all the blessings you want your marsh article from the rooftops. Yeah yeah and me unbelievable but again they have close to listed to us.

Can't you see I can't you feel the kingdom coming everything around you is shouting out shouting out that the return is getting closer every day a lot of folks out there a lot of you listing tonight and all of the world are going to run out into mouse tonight. A lot of you, especially young people, young people get the idea that well will live forever. Well, that's not the case because it's not your call. God decides and when you've been given up opportunity. Time and time again when ever the pastor gives an invitation he's just the messenger. The invitations coming from God. Okay guys get an actual really good memory and he knows and there be so many times that you can say you can rejected maybe just once and then he went out into mouse tonight. Don't let that happen to you to let that happen to the here's reality you gonna dive this could happen everybody you know is going to die right get one sooner or later, you okay and then God says this thesis is appointed to all men once to die, and then the judgment then write that okay and so was going to happen. Fellows and this is what God has said you going to go to heaven or hell to go to heaven out is no in between. There is no in between. And believe me you don't want the letter and so what you do.

God made it very easy did the heavy lifting. I mean the really heavy lifting. Jesus took your place upon that cross, he suffered like no man ever suffered lives the sins of the entire world was laid upon him and here I mean he suffered pain because of your sin because of your sin.

Now you need to be very sorry for that you need to be set will if I could undo that I would under that will here's what you can do you get except with his pain.

You can you can pray to the father. Like he said and asked for forgiveness of your sins. Then you can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and asked him to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations and you've got God's word on it. Guy will always always recognize that and if you do that you will become a new creature, you will become a born-again believer will become an heir of the kingdom and you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and you will be on the road to eternal life.

You've got God's word on you got God's word and that that's the only thing that exist today that you can absolutely trust 110% and that's the only thing that you can trust is the word of God and so folks there you go right right John and John Calvin learned vocabulary but my word right or not doubtful it will erratic type for tonight. Tell them I would say good night God bless, always, always keep fighting the fight might thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right.

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