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FRI HR 1 052722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 28, 2022 12:06 am

FRI HR 1 052722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 28, 2022 12:06 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

They sailed on all weekend or bring it even more with your coupon and prompt liver and military personnel enjoy an extra 10% off is doing just still a valid military of the idea checkout shopping JCPenney five 3520 6530 and excluded from comforting to the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded right now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left this will assume this is 27 May €22 already tonight we have these on the board is the nonstop board up our produce your career.

You just Craig. Good evening everybody still encourage already know you got out here. You've got the will America's John's. That's what they are there Americans. John's and the there what's right what's left alone time contributors.

John returned and John Holman will drop what you all want to thank you all already very good. No writer live in a studio.

I got our radio okay. We will hit the rich and we got Ron Moritz was here tonight. Good evening everyone, okay so are you ready to go now, John, John, you have been with us this week, so I played the same song four times as part of their last day for little while yet all you know okay you talk directly into your life because of his sound like you got marbles in your mouth so I better now. Yeah, that is better. Now you ever been. We played this song played again and you'll understand why because I would have some questions for you guys who we get back. After the song and then no take a look at what God's Word, the Bible has to say about will sins of old mission, let's go for it seems this opportunity to fulfill the long held promise of a new world order for brutality will go unrewarded just in case you know that Joe Murray and they call way back in 9317 also sends small guidance and and and how many names recall the Proverbs 24 verse 10 develop faith in the day of adversity by strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn into death and those that are ready to be slain. Thou sayest building or not… He the pond with the heart considered that indicate with us, although they not know it.

Surely not rendered to every man according to his works.

Proverbs 28 the wicked flee when no man pursue with, but the righteous are his old as Lyons the transgression of the land.

Many are the princes zero, but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state to show therefore shall be prolonged. Proverbs 29 to when the righteous are in authority.

The people rejoice, but when the wicked barrel through the people mourn right John and John and run run run and gun Celtics run run okay in Alamance you guys this. How does that apply. Proverbs 24 if thou faint in the day of adversity that restricts blood flow. Let me ask you two guys this when what we just heard about in Waco they kill those little children. They purposely kill those little children, that was an active commission committing the crime. But what took place there in Texas. They stood back and they failed to rescue the little children is failing to rescue those children the same as killing the children if they allow someone else to do well yeah I yeah normally know what it will.

There been calling back for critical well it was their duty the responsibility just like now listen, I don't have any doubts right now. Right now I don't have any doubts if it's a situation we were there. I know I have no doubt even if I if I was unarmed and that was going on at school. Even if I had no arms.

I would go on and try to find a way least to get the drop in the guide is to get up behind him where he couldn't see me up but I would I would go in there I would run towards that as units one of the first things we learned in the military when you come under fire is to run towards the fire, not away from it. If you try to have you run away from your sitting duck and if you stand still the best chance you have is to the bob and weave and run towards the target and that's what we would've done. I have no doubt that the three of you here that I would've done the same thing. So why, why in the world and here for two days Tuesday and Wednesday only her was praises praises praises of the police the way they act nice and I can think of something very, very wrong, something very, very wrong here and will you and I talked about the job when you call me you are you are totally beside yourself and never skirt sinew that way before you are almost running out of breath. He was so angry about what took place tells what wrong. Because it's becoming more and more clear.

They ran because of being shot at and they left while Mount 1919 little baby's children. They left them to the unconscionable pastor believe about the I called your office and I spoke to someone in the recommitment I serve immediately after resigning immediately. No.

No way wiggle room out of the I called the department I am getting recording and I said that the police and whoever was there.

After resigning immediately. There there not fit to be awkward trouble right now. Would I call to and when I called they said that both numbers you call go right to the police department. Even the sheriff's number and so I called tuned and they said there was no one available to speak to me and person I have is that I'm just a phone operator. I'm just as no one here notes available to talk to you and so anyhow Bernie yeah where else to crops particular you and John and I all know the blood you should Mills as the same type of crops that protect baby killers of the abortion centers out exactly what they remind me of an obscene amount action. Oh yeah you guys had your dirty cops in your PA. I have mine here in Cleveland and I am united front of the mouth know for nice not only delayed for those that were taken bribes.

I went on the radio gave the names and badge numbers out in our office number for those that were being paid off by the blood abortion mill. They were there to think the run is like only people on average upper hand in a weapon in the authority when it comes to no brokerage zero the I know that's what that's what happens when you get when you go dirty and you guys so that New York PA they went during was about the whole after Police Department was on Planned Parenthood's payroll.

I would have to very quickly was so hard-core there that were about three sure your leg upgrades Planned Parenthood to be there with their uniformed guns and chlorine badges in all nine are never given a restless yeah well I know what that's like. I did my jail ministry for both sides of the bars there. I matter how many times I was arrested at therefore preaching against child killing and murdering him. They tried to charge me with everything, but by God's grace we beat them every time we won every single time a premium Attorney in federal court will reappear will be more internal court repealed the Court of Appeals and we won and I write a letter knife for violating my constitutional right of course.

My attorney got almost solely repeat the fact it's on my at home concerning this case, we would return versus the York president and been caught I found out not too long ago was being taught in law schools located yet is all right. No master this okay and what way is the media responsible for these mass shootings while the copycats absolutely so what they know run. You gotta just jump in here in this field, because these guys think they won't let you get a word in a menacing job alright so here but for the what I doing by showing you 24 hour coverage. They're basically telling these these these sick kids look look world treated you bad, you know, I mean there kicked you around.

You have to take this.

If you just you know you go out and shoot up a school and we will give you your 20 minutes of fame. It will be on 24 hours a day will just keep talking about everybody will know who you are. Everybody will know you are in another's. All all these other young sick kids. You'll be there hero to be just like you want to do exactly what you do and so that's how the media with a 24 hour coverage is responsible for this is so you years ago that we do know that didn't happen when when something like this happen you didn't get 24 hour coverage issue. Now I just want to and really didn't happen earning years ago.

Not like it does today.

No, not one I remembered was that Texas power sniper and I can think of the year within the strictly and unpopular in the police they couldn't get him because they didn't have any right of a man walking to have anything all that was conditional. They would try the tower and high-powered rifle scope. People will tell you that old man whose revolvers back in those days that it the crime wasn't at that level and I remember that very well like to try and remember how today finally getting it. So when humanity can't come up inside the teller yet. Yeah, they made good because they think enough of the power and the will to get up there and they shot it out with the McGill's will.

But here again, so sorry that the worst one slaughter in schools occurred in 1927 so mean it's more frequent. Today was that was that the one where they intentionally lock the doors and set the place on fire.

I remember that was when they intensely that was that was way back in oneness with a couple of mom's a blow up the school and killed 38 schoolchildren global here.

I remember that to us. This is more frequent absolutely more frequent today because they've destabilized her children and also with media coverage so he's clear and two children around the nation very very sad situation. What has happened since we've taken the Lord out of schools that no the children of the ones now that suffer and live in fear and anger murdered. Well, you know you keep hearing that will there's really nothing that can be done about this. I buy probably heard that dozen different talking heads in the media city is really nothing that can be done about this but the problem of it is is people don't pay attention because God's word tells you that there is a lot that can be done about this want you guys turn to Deuteronomy chapter 28 in when you get to Deuteronomy chapter 28 home and you read from one tonight at 8128 and and and return would you read nine through 14 is Deuteronomy chapter 2828 okay 1391 through eight come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently onto the divorce of the Lord by God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day that the Lord thy God will subsidy on high above all nations of the earth and all these blessings shall come upon the and overtake the if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God bless shot that I'll be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field blush. I'll be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of buying time. The flocks of thy sheep blessed shall be thy basket and I store blessed shalt be blessed shalt thou be when thou comes down and blessed shalt thou be when thou goes down, the Lord shall cause blind enemies to rise up against me to be smitten before thy face, they shall come out against the one way and flee before the seven ways the Lord shall command the blessings upon the advice storehouses and in all that self-satisfied hand on onto shall bless them the land which the Lord thy God giveth the Lord shall establish the holy people unto himself as he is worn onto the if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways. Return in verse 10, and all will be held. Thou art called by the name of the Lord. They shall be afraid of in the Lord shall make the clunkier than good by body and the fruit of the cattle and in the fruit of the ground like now and the land which the Lord swear on my father's clear with you as you and the Lord show opened on convenience good treasure and heaven to give the rain unto the land in his possession and complex. All the work of thine hand, and that thou shall lend to many nations now shall not borrow in the Lord shall make you go ahead and not fail in the know shall be above only, and thou shalt not be good. Need thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God which I command thee this day, to observe and to do that. Thou shall not go aside from any of the word which I command you to stay to the right hand or to the left to go after other gods to serve them master this.

Does God always honor the commitment of his people absolutely is God still able to do this today is a city that she did admit they and then so the reason that things in the country is in the shape that is in is because people have left off.

They no longer believe in God is that right to purchase, demonstrate some of the answers right here it's right before their face the people again. Their self-destructing doubt, turning Wendy Wilson had a request and that is I play this song for you will be back after this is so certain about surveying my hand in June when King Jesus is then as I made a teen genius in hell's role is for when is not never make a right. We are back in the drama courtesy Wendy Wilson said that was her favorite.

So that's how it know that was her favorite song, and she with a satiric reason me to play that song for you and so I did.

I would she give Baker that you want, but there is what I thought Eichelberger one long and now I remember perfectly know Ken well that's the first time you've ever complimented myself I did not exaggerate one long I was kidding you would. Many years ago you never forgot that learning was that this John. I don't remember the song but I know you tried to call her cold and driving typical on your side that she agreed with me that you had a serious note on the five that I have a meltdown of innocent nonresponse to say something he doesn't get much of a chance of the legislation say something back to the Scriptures we stopped calling on the Lord in the 1960s, especially in our schools and replace them with metal detectors and counselors and the results are just terrific. This is what we can expect pretty much hears of Brumback in 1962 when they spell God for the public school right When they did that the door was left open and the other guy came in. Yet the enemy came in and the enemies been ever since. Now from that very year from that very year. At that time John John and John, do you remember the status scholastically of the American school system the night as I was a world where we were number one in the entire world at that time from that of the now we were corrected pretty much right now were ranked 15th to 30th and all the core subjects we were actually in spending per pupil in the top three or four every year but are the results for getting this horrific but worse than that is is what it's doing to the souls of the cost of the children that this is just mind-boggling what we see on a daily basis anymore for 50 years you know what we been telling people if you love your children get them out of the public school adjustment turning you billing me for many many years. It was there ever a time where we didn't tell people that we create. If you love your children get them out of the public school system and I learned that we certainly can't only remember, I couldn't get home and and now people are starting to awaken, but it it's almost in tears is how sad it is in New York City where they are requiring in the public school system to bring in drag queens and let these children talk to the drag queens said in their labs and tell the stories that have story time is required. Now let me ask you this. Parents that would keep their child in the New York public school parents that would keep the child at school did do they care for their children are all today should should David be able to do, only to have those children that they would do that. Well Bernie I think from I don't know many parents you know maybe you did it baby. I could care less what they thought there sometimes there is real problem financial problems. Yeah well I know it's financial problems, but look you did your better off just to put them in the horror house done at the end of the block that you are in the public school because of their more danger in the public school and then I mean it's it's gotten very, very badly been taken over by pedophiles and note but who's responsible who is mostly responsible for this because look a dog returns to his violent you expect.

You expect the wicked attacked wickedly. Who is responsible to stand up and fight their fight against the wickedness the uncleanness of the correctness and lead the charge of the people churches yes right but it starts Bible says what judgment begins in the house of the God put it starts in the pulpit in that house right an appointment okay so now let me ask out will will give them a test job returning John Holman and Ron Ritz. If you're in a church in the pastor is not bold. If the pastor is not bold and the Bible says that he's not righteous right if the pastor is not an activist, pastor, should you stay in a church know that's my wife and I actually looked probably about five or six churches in 10 years and to fund your church and there was that very reason. It is basically you're going there to get absolutely nothing. There's no guidance there's no teaching right and wrong. There's no everything is just vanilla it's it's surprising how many churches are like that anymore. Bernie wanted current level of the pastor in many way and move on. Not really because of moral argument here the Lord in all the dependency to come right down the local people.

The people think that on so another words is the and he knows it can even be worse than that. It'll one of them ministries that the elders pastor or should do is develop people's gifts and I think many times what you'll find is that many letter to do that and get them developed or actually suppressing them and I'm sure there's people out there listening may have even experience that that they been in a church they felt God's going on in life to exercise your gift than they've been stymied on so is this pretty Baptist journey yet is very bad in the Bible.

He tells you over and Isaiah in Isaiah 5610 units. An interesting thing is what he says. He says his watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant. They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark sleeping line down, loving to slumber. The other greedy dogs, they cannot have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand they all look their own way. Everyone for his own gain for Ms. quarter so there you go, what happens is people there. Often people I run into people take effect today when I was in a post office, a lady come in there and that she was cheap heard me speaking to the postmaster to say I know that voice and she's telling me she seven listening to for years in the radio but she was wearing whendiapers and she was wearing a face and she should tell me the nights as well. Who are you, and that she took off her face diaper and show there was a really pretty face by net a pretty face by net of face diaper in a and that's a shame itself to hide a pretty face like that sort is threatening him but anyhow I get the opinion because while I was there several people. Several people came up were talking to me and then this is right because I didn't they'll recognize a face, obviously, but I'm in there and they heard my voice and it's probably for five people can walk over and but here's what I sometimes I get this feeling that this is just my feelings on this, but talking to people they say I would love to come to your church or churches kind church that them I listen to them and that's kind church. I'd like to be in.

But you know what it's like you guys are doers of the word. You do is of the words too much work well pleaded to.

I'm not sure that I can fit in, and I'm not sure I can do it okay guys were the Bible tells us that the 2B you a doer of the word, not a hearer only, deceiving your own self. Is there any stuttering in that it's pretty quick.

Crystal clear became. Now let me ask you this if in fact the pastors, especially these mega mega entertainment centers and they were seeing people that were going.

They were going to churches where the pastors were leading them like it used to be in this country know during the time of the war for independence. The pastors led that war. They were the ones leading them at war and in here if the people in that the mega entertainment centers were CG. These people are going to wear. They've got bold pastors and their involved in actually being doers of the word not just hearers only, it's not just about staying comfortable in prosperity preaching and playing church. These people are getting real and if we do keep keep him. We gotta get Realty. I don't think they are the backbone to do that though, I think these pastors are there leading the people down the wrong path. I think intentionally I don't think it's even convenient for making money off of it, but it's so much easier to do that way.

Like you say it. It requires rolling up your sleeves and in doing hard work and going down the narrow path and will have nothing to do with that so I don't think they would change. Do they know look the regards where the Bible job returning do they know do they do these. People understand that one of these days they they will regret when it came to being a doer of the word and they failed to do that okay they failed to put the crowns up in heaven that they chose to stay comfortable.

Remember Moses their fellow Moses PA no one thing you know a couple things. He had a choice. He can lived in the lap of luxury and ended up being the king of Egypt or he could've lived a life of persecution in such and live for the living God so much that they choose to go to her board anyone into what became Harrisburg and Midian for four years. Well did them did that work out good for them. I mean, right now I'm in Moses is known as a got a good reputation today. Pretty good pretty good so you might it might be considered one of the world's greatest leaders of all yeah all absolutely look at the Bible were in all five books are based on Moses Jeff Monet know the Lord most important early on one I've been screaming for a long time could tell you that back in 1962 that when Bible reading was removed from school yet. In 1953 on prayer was remote so there were two events tracked and 62 word and 53 was prayer. One of them means that they try to expel God from the public school system while they started their operation of church and study it expanded from the school to antigovernment everything out separation that you know it's never anything to get your little back in 2010, with a designated time is collected when they had their their convention convention it with the 2010 at 2012 English 12 are you talking about with the governor that are Ohio, where he read the they wanted get change the rules to get God basically off the platform. Yeah. And then there was a big uproar and then they actually took a vote and if you watched it overwhelmingly. They voted to get him out, but there was Strickland Gov. Strickland right, but he knew he knew this. This is not what I'm told, correct, and so he said I can't.

I can't get a pretend like it didn't go that way, exactly, and so but here's what Strickland didn't know right they could not expel God from their platform because God had left there a long time ago and that was that was fairly obvious. Okay so you guys ready were going to have a person want to wish everybody because this to be replayed in many areas comes come Monday morning and so I want to wish everybody before I forget a blessed, blessed Memorial day and so for all you folks out there. Are you guys ready for her lightning round list as a lightning round I'll do it and then you guys can comment ready and we can start out with this here former Pfizer vice president says all covert vaccine manufacturers need to be immediately indicted for fraud. I think they need to be indicted for murder to more than 17,000 doctors and medical experts, including former vice Pfizer vice president of Michael Hayden are: for every pharmaceutical company that makes Wuhan coronavirus, 19 vaccines to be immediately indicted for fraud. Thousands of people have died and many thousands more become injured in many cases, probably from the injections and Hayden and his colleagues want to see justice served.

Now I remember when when they first came out and he came out he said look, he said the stuff okay. Do not take a gave a warning do not take it along with a number of the others in antedate.

How does it make you feel if you watch on Fox News where they got these people come out dressed as Dr. St. pilot Dr. and I and and my children. I make sure my children get the vaccine that what you think their children getting saline. It's what doctors were actually selling cigarettes in the 1950s to the public to so will hear you got 17,000 saying these people need to be processed.

It is prosecuted. Usually the 17,000 doctors in one country speak of course, and I could hear that an NBC, ABC, CBS, when you think John's and John while Karen Kearney. The mainstream media holding her prior and the only time people can hear the truth is from Mike showed like this so they have to hear the truth to be able to defend themselves. No realize they just hear the great JESUS backing them up endorsing them then everything going along like that they have to hear the other side promote your absolutely right. Here's one that a lot of people get glad you don't mean if people are some of the show we've given overwhelming evidence exactly what occurred here and criminal know we give proof of what appears to be really crimes against humanity. The strange thing is the phenomena is that John and I discussed this today, many people do not want to believe that this type of evil exists and is active in the United States of America. Even though they have been directly affected by it, and some of the loved ones advised they still refuse to believe that this evil is being perpetrated on this nation yeah I know it's like if if I don't if I just don't acknowledge it. I just pretend like it's not there you can hurt me if I don't I mean you had a mindset like that dungeon in either no and that's what has to be overcome by have to be able to leave that there is evil people in this world morning could murder the population may out how much more evidence that they need faster leaders see that's just it. Here's the probably have a lot of people we've been talking about the depopulation program since 1980.

Since the 1980s. We've been telling you, and we bleed naming all the players involved in it to. And again I sit in their meetings I sit right in their meetings when they know who I was and he spoke openly talking about ways of the populating the planet. They want to eliminate the population down to half a billion people, and this is the agenda 21.

This is the big reset that they talked about. And here, of course, the ways that talked about was war, starvation, abortion, euthanasia, and one of their big things was vaccines. We can kill them off vaccines. We can kill about flexing and so here. What happens is today because who would've ever thought that you could convince the entire mainstream media to go along with the populating that the plant, but there is a and some others. A mindset will that's going to be for those people, not for us and you know where remember what Hitler did when we got into the war he used the media. John to his propaganda programs even had to make in all those films and everything.

Even children here and then what happened when the war started he lined them up and eliminated them. And the reason he gave. He said look, if they will be so quick to betray their own countrymen, they'll be that quick to betray me and I thought they were above that you get to this worthy where the mainstream media. You can't do this to us the data they were in for a rude awakening winter home repair for right now little more than the end of propaganda jihad look like first second third grade level and they haven't replicated now and and the expansion of the compared clue what Hitler led the people have my PhD is in propaganda.

They did actually give you yeah they actually give classes and led to for like similar colors. Remember we used to get a lot of similar colors when calling on here but they quit after a while because we were always ready form. Okay and actually just made our program more interested by exposing them and so so the equipment they would actually give workshops in the universities and how to be a similar color and so they'll go with CIA man may have late may have like an old psychologist, psychiatrist, and all of them set up the propaganda on a level that it's beyond anything that we could even imagine the minute the art based on it, and are the claim, they have gotten to pastor yeah I know it's ability is that they created a lot of venturing candidates to just think about Joseph Goebbels had television, the Internet price Margaret Witter right exactly. I mean 20 amount of propaganda 24 seven. Yeah it's it's nonstop the right skull lightning rounds power grab failure appetite about this.

This week is people of and call me call me call me Biden regimes controversial who amendments table the Biden regimes attempt to usurp congresses public authority by rewriting the international law may have just encountered an untimely grave.

The Biden regimes submitted a number of the members for consideration at the World Health Organization with a that would bolster the World Health Organization director general pandemic authority without the consent of the member states. The world health assembly is the Ho decision-making body, which is meeting the Geneva. But the most interesting thing that happened did not happen at the assembly itself, said Michael Alexander, cochair of the law and activism committee of the world Council for health the first year law student, UK projected objected to the amendments. Alexander explained on Washington's white.

She said the courts to revive these amendments and the court rejected his symbol summarily so he repeatedly reapplied in the got a letter from the government that said 12 of the 13 international health regulation amendments have been taken off the table and will not be addressed at the assembly, at least at this time. In other words, Biden is trying to sell us out now Joe Biden everybody keeps saying Joe Biden is incompetent and Joe Biden.

His administration has failed okay now is this writers is wrong, wrong, look, look at, but they what they did with Obama Biden. Everyone said the same thing in look at how much their gender.

They got through that were the only Biden's Biden's whole purpose was to reduce American to Third World status of the in here president Trevor addressed this the day of Pres. a lot.

I don't have that article I get that we come back with them enough to break here in a minute but I hear where was it the president of was, it wasn't them will find it was one of the Latin American countries who said they would El Salvador. Yeah, that was it El Salvador and that America where American family bring the roadmap not natural said the most powerful country in the world is been is being destroyed from within.

That's exactly right. And now were running out of time for this, but we have back. I would ask you guys tell me what you think. How much time do we have left. How much time can America can America survive more Biden can we take another six months. Biden I mean okay this southern people better. Think of because were rapidly the country is been reduced to Third World status very rapidly, and so we come back last you guys and you will overwhelm us with your genius. I expect great.

Be right back don't go away. More to come you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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