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FRI HR 2 051322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 14, 2022 12:27 am

FRI HR 2 051322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 14, 2022 12:27 am

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Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means cooking out diving and soaking up a whole lot of sunshine. Home Depot has everything you need to start your summer right upgrade your cookout game trigger grills and smokers then gather around the new Hampton Bay patio set with family and friends. It feels like Memorial Day at the home savings on summer five the Home Depot. How do was get more done donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back and I got this coming Sunday. Doers of the word Baptist Church will we start out in the morning at 830 knows that nine clock at 830 with praise and worship in the we go into it in the Bible study and then we have no net that last for about 10 o'clock and then here we have a fellowship time and in the morning service starts at about 1115 and this week do we do have in between services. We have a class that would teach practice two classes going on 01 of his current events. The Bible and current events Bible and and so really take a look at it two things this week. Witchcraft. Witchcraft is on the rise is really unaware. I panders it like an in-depth study on that boy's really did a great job showing you the other is 2000 mules will be showing that 2000 meals. What we've been telling you about the documentation now Fox News is too embarrassed there too embarrassed now to even promote 2000 meals because they let their it's those people we told you the little light red bear. He lied about when he said there was no no evidence new caboodle line. Chris Wallace lied, so was the name Sandra Smith flight date. They knew that and you could tell by the look in her face in their eyes when they were saying that they were lying and so there so Fox News now you should be ashamed of themselves. There really should be ashamed for not promoting 2000 meals. All the evidence is right there all but you know what else the Republicans here and you're not hearing and the of the rhinos of the Republican Party's right now you have Republicans, Democrats and conservatives. Where were you a party just above ourselves now and so really showing that the one on witchcraft and for him in the 2000 meals and five in the evening service starts at six so will pretty full day all day on Sunday. Doers of the word Baptist Church.

The correct one thing about a young but I started up a forlorn rhino and from my neck yeah go ahead.

Talk about censorship. You're basically Saul John McCartin was born so we were trying to restore the nursing home residents rights. We visited our newly elected Sen. is a promise that he would be very interested in helping them out. Long story short, brought them all the evidence that their rights were being violated and you know what Sen. John DeSanto did. He was appointed the chairman of the aging committee and the Senate. And so we held a hearing and a covered up what was being done to these people never brought out any evidence about it.

Not only that pastor Arnie there is a federal court decisions that states that elected officials cannot block people from commenting now you can corner make threats and person carrying on about, but you can descent make comments on their official media pages so wanted Sen. rhino DeSanto do a blocked all of us pastor Arnie for making any comments.

And as far as I know to this day he is still blocking its goods, constituent octaves. We are not allowed to make any comments about you know trying to restore the elderly's rights in Pennsylvania and what he did to thwart that.

So there you go Mr. rhino Mr. DeSanto people please.

I think you spend on districting out of his office. Hopefully please do not vote for this man.

He is bad bad news. All right, you know here in Ohio that we just had our primary and I gotta tell you here they did there not even not even write out in the open of the aggressor, not even primary writer Mark did not even play their dear Kelly, new date posted and say telling the Democrats to register as Republican get a Republican ballot were running our people as Republicans is the easy way out because the vast majority of people out there to vote. They they know the going and will see your name in the both of the now and not and this is why we keyboarding people and and know they did that here in Ohio there going to be doing it all over the country. We only have 30% turnout from Chuck County yeah 30%. He only had a 30 deal if if that's true see the problem of that is we can trust anything anymore. Look what went with the numbers we got were in our county. There were approximately 13,000 register Republicans in 6000 registered Democrats yield little more than that, but what happened was when he came down, we had about 130% Republican voter turnout. They don't want to come here you had 16,000 Republican balance in overcoming and only 3000 Democrats. It's only half of those that were registered Democrats voted as Democrats and don't devote as Republican Jim and so that's what they're doing folks out there. There running their people now and then I could build a do that I'm thinking of primary are in the need to know in the general yeah because they but will he very done the ones that got elected, we had hardly no conservatives got elected Upjohn. The County none none none any conservatives that he had rhinos but no conservatives. And so you get a figure there was something very shady about the whole thing. I mean really shady so now is that he does that he would have liked. Name the REIT Republican Party chair. This event there not been on their involved with the with election fraud like everyone else nowadays. So so that's the way it is you are living in the evil day we see all the signs their fellows of the Lord soon return very like neon light at night shining Christ return Christ return Christ all converging all prophecy and the psychodynamics of the bring Christ to the end and climbed properly.

It's all there flashing now like bright light. It's all coming down where the woods exactly what it says in second Timothy chapter 3 in Romans one where they punish good and they reward evil And there I want to say this because this is been ignored. Nobody's been talking about open Hunter Biden's laptop email reveal that Joe Obama his dad back to hundred and $20 million in the global oil plot is right, Hunter Biden select all email reveal that the Joe Obama son back to hundred and $20 million global oil plot and you see what it would day did again today or was it yesterday. He moved to shut down the Alaskan pipeline you want. She's trying to make. He wants to cut off more more of our energies are like folks at Indian you know they keep telling the of their those that are trying to justify well he just he just doesn't know what is doing now he is doing exactly what is told is told to reduce Americans of their world status and somehow you gotta find a way not to have the November election and why do you guys think. Tell me what you think is bringing all of these young guys that are of fighting age of military age into the country bus of the men late at night to certain cities and that why do you think he just crackdowns are more likely to bring bring you back to when Obama was campaigning for his first and he talked about an internal force that would be as powerful as the US military is burning. I sure do.

While there you go, and that there there is truth that I think at the right time, they might probably I would be surprised to being trained all yeah I had to burn the murder yet still transport a lot of the military a lot of the newly military hardware. The capital equipment be used against them or yeah I don't know if he can trust the average American soldier. Humility can and the others, but I don't think that they can trust the know the average American so little used these and I got become mercenaries of equal but yet what a perfect set up for them will gather either evil geniuses, pastor right sleeper cells in an more more I think of a self parking and I believe we've known all along with what they're doing. We try to tell the people out there but unfortunately most of these pulpits just like recently we had a number of new people coming to our church because they were attending one of those mega-churches would between the pastor got in the pulpit and told him not to get involved with validates and so they left there because they can see what's happening and we know that the these prissy preachers agreement hello not to resist.

Don't fight back but God's Word, the Bible tells us weird we are to resist turning up in the blood upon the death and the Lord Jesus when he told the apostles how many swords do we have Luke 22. The purpose was to the purpose was to defend one another in Nehemiah the families and they wanted to destroy our family stayed the I mean they really hate the family and the families stood together on the wall skews me.

The family stood together on the wall and and defended each beach park and so we need to probably preach a message on that some of the nice or positive. Since you can see a lot of the younger parents going to the school board meetings, we never really said that over the years. You can see the pastor mentioning people are starting to come to church different churches because I can sense with her here every Sunday doesn't reflect reality and and these are some of the positives and you see a lot of people actually waking up in and doing some salt.

These are these are good things and absolutely we haven't seen really decades when one of the go-ahead go-ahead. Bernard and I want to get out over that I did mention it you put it different or Henry Kissinger would think if you make yesterday May 12 and of course either one of the architects of the New World order going back and into 1973 him and I got good grades. Remember the Greenstein yet and oh, and those others enable anyway you speak and he's talking about the war there in Ukraine with Russia from reading down like I sure enough acknowledgment that is a medical this year.

He says oh hang on to Ernie. I know I talked about we're heading into no matter what happened to the New World order. Yeah, I know which a single grade you talk a little. I will get you what the Bible is young guys with the violator.

When you have.

I have this is what your grade 98 years old. Good geopolitical situation globally will undergo significant changes after the Ukraine war is over. Kissinger Kissinger said obvious to anyone who wasn't paying attention that a new world order is indeed being Carved out. This is what happening this was happening long before Ukraine and will continue after the war and the teacher said that this is the New World order. We know that there you see now what was there doing. Let's just calm Babylon in the Bible refers to is Babylon receiving Finland now in Sweden decided that they're going to join United Nations okay there there intimidated there in the doing this are not not this is Nate. All right okay and so here again this is all going to be one part of the world or this is one of the reasons the stuff this whole thing and you came one down Ukraine. Even the Pope now. I don't know I don't pay much attention to what he has to say. But even had now he has come out and said it that this was this was caused. The part by NATO that this whole thing was being brought about. So which we we've known this here nothing as a way of saying no to nothing. The old way that the New World order was going on long before the war even that the New World order is coming together of equipment for going on long before the only how would we know that that was was seeing now that there is is coming to Hitler call Schwab has come out recently and is that were getting close to the time when you're not going to hurt you and I can own anything you like. On the morning and you to be glad you now what is up with you regarding yeah your question. You don't own anything.

I don't own anything. John doesn't know anything and in the other, probably written and overlooked. Don't own anything wrong government or the UN. Eventually Babylon will no longer own. So then they want everything every ounce of wealth in the world they want every ounce of power in the world one so they say anything and you to be very happy about it like the little get your allegation yet with her trying to tell you is this. Those of you that are left because they did their duty, their planning and depopulated in this planet that's we told her this. That's what these this whole thing about the so-called vaccination is what it's all about it's all about the population they're not telling you about how many people have been killed and dying and still the fake news media is still covering all that up and yet here I've got this article right here. A guide to writing cold cancers increasing like wildfire following: 19 vaccination so people are getting increasing cancer's insistence, moving like wildfire. After they get the poisonous Pope here instead of trying to normalize young.

I don't think 19 years old on that never, never very very seldom ever have heart infection.

Things like that. At the heart damage at the date now. The kids are light beer and highschooler playing ball in the running: dropping down and they can't read.

Many of them now. They can't ever play again because of the damage to their heart and they trying to normalize the and say that what was rare was extremely rare. Prior to 2019.

All of a sudden now it's normal for a 21-year-old Trakstar or soccer player pull over and killed dead playing on the field that is normal for me reading this article is why I know that having it's about death. There there about death, death, and death, and death.

Here in this study confidential Pfizer docs prove covert vaccine shedding has been and still is occurring with dangerous consequences. He goes a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity have absolutely no choice in the matter of whether or not they will. The wish to get the coded 19 injection or not because the vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols another with the breath, the finding should however come the finding should should however come as no surprise because the confidential Pfizer document had already confirmed exposure to the mRNA injections was perfectly possible by skin to skin contact and breathing the same air as someone who had been given the: 19 jab. They also unfortunately add weight to the claims by Dr. Philip fun will burgeon who demonstrated the graphene and alleged it undisclosed ingredient of the common 19 injection that is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the nonvaccinated and destroying red blood cells and causing dangerous blood clots you should. I could hear any of that.

An NBC, ABC or CBS area. No flow path, earning all criminal people may be turning turning of the first time never heard it like it's almost too much to believe but when you look at the cures over 19 suppressed and family time spouting. He said you don't need to mask you need to master you don't need them asked me to mask of the masterwork evidence that is scientific evidence. The mass don't stop by written and they still go with her pastor earning all the people that had the shots and can grant they died right now let me do the government keeps a record of reports of phone people died from inoculation and turning to it right now and I can fill you up to date.

How many people and have died since the covert got started and the number is through through April 29.

The number is 27,758 people know that earning all all vaccine since they started to get records in 1990. All the other vaccine from the beginning in 1992 April 29 9648 people died and scolded the people were given cold shot 27,750 8F.and I make a government. The government recommended Hackett. No one ever attacked the government record-keeping on vaccine until covert game than anything. It's not accurate. These records, they just ignore it, they say, although that's all made up, made up, no one, no one challenged these records until covert came.

No one was never challenged will unite here again is that the illegals like the CZ they go off the CDC because the dares report and they only do anywhere what I thought I could give you that that one evening the record coming from the Bears report the latest update is according to April 29 27,758 people died directly associated with taking that extracted they've they've admitted that they never given more than 10% of the actual number. So when I tell you that over million out of guide from you world, you know, 201 of the number would be 300,000 have died from a past Melanie yeah I have personal knowledge of people and I know that I've got and are getting blood clots and the FDA. This was known about a week or so ago. FDA limits use of J&J covert fasting over blood clot concerns so it's a choice of last funeral. You can't get anything else. When you go ahead and take the spot to make it a blunt cotton maybe die, and then they just I have personal knowledge of and I don't know if they got the J&J people getting blood clots so in the same sorry vaccine that's a misnomer and not a back enough to live from experiment yeah you actually write the again, the media will will back this up, but now the main thing is that this is just the beginning. I mean that people are going to start. They stated that the beauty had the main did the most is not between five and seven years after you.

They've got net so were going to see a lot of dropping and this is all part which we've been talking about the depopulation progress process.

Over the years that night and I know a lot of people that have gotten that the poison spoken here is a funny thing that is they've been told that we, the ones that haven't taken are spreading it now. What was it didn't it was. Was this like this where I currently was everything that came out admitted that more people are dying who have called it the vast majority of people that are have died from are the ones that have gotten the VAX is Israel's a textbook example of the most vaccinated people and the planet near the highest death rates in an not only that, but they get the highest rate of my recondite is yeah part yeah those the voltages that only that, did you see Clinton full 30% of the airline pilots that took the shot have suffered for my recondite have another okay yeah I was going to mention that earning about a week ago a commercial pilot landed the plane just landed the plane and he started to talk incoherently slumped over dead and they were directly associating that there will try to fight it.

Admit making the Association. He was forced to take the best shot. You must be just landed the plane. I mean not like two minutes and pulled me was that artifact that makes me think twice about flying L latte what would you do with an open phone line station calls the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 so you have a question or comment, go ahead and give us a call will take a couple of them here. This is a really really strange and will desire witnessed the girl maiming scar called being pushed by the vitamin and leftists who encourage young girls to have their breast sliced off with medical scallops is right, and I'm should look at the picture here girls as young as 13 are increasingly acting to slice off the rest as part of the LGBT push to turn more American children to engenders in the buying regime is largely to blame for this horrific trend. They see years of growing a government run public schools. American kids today have list concerned about enjoying their innocence more focused on cutting off their genitals and taking gender bending pharmaceuticals in order to join the ranks of the rainbow called in their own innocent children would have on their own innocent children would have never dream up perversions like this, evil adults, many of them demon possessed are the ones responsible for turning the United States in the side of the Camorra and the dump demonic work is only just begun here showing a video of these young girls who have led the rest removed. Unbelievable. Just let me know horrible well again we are we are in it when I mean we know that this stuff was coming years ago I me I never would've thought that I would heard the girls having the restroom mean things like these that are happening.

We know that there would be. The Bible says in the list. All these things there in second Timothy three but you never you never really thought it would come to this journey. I read from the headline that I have on my blog. I have a blog daily practice can go to my website USA and you can pick the blog up there leftists teachers teaching to indoctrinate kids about sex against parents will without leaving because they can't molest children's minds that Ernie tells you what they're doing there yet. I think great news.

I think it's great news that in the midst of all version being aimed at the children that this is great news that there because I can't molest them leaving in about a mile. Child protective services promotes drag queen storytime drag drag show put Kitty kitty corner to promote diversity schools remove the word women from clinic names create court of that is a good) taxes state court allows investigations of parents providing trans treatment for children's Texas views it as child abuse and the corporate holding then we go to how this is going out of school got cleared. That's quite an article, how about this one.

San Diego County passes ordinance to change the definition of a woman forward coming in the that's your criminal insanity is criminal. Fellows with a back after this PC finance officers ascended in black helicopters flying down who knew the city sees in the following to sending agencies, leaving in imprints of the combat boots in the middle down the name next to me their building and concentration camps of postage stamps to protect and defend their great democracy, the mantle in the last election didn't quite match the same projection. Maybe that was beautiful. Talking heads on my TV and when I called him to complain and I asked him to explain the distended proves that you not in the groove of the new manager – which is the conspiracy to see Chrissy D. Not to mention you in selling conspiracy microwaves and laser beams and raised in the skin side second and see the connections that fit inside think they exited me just as and make things even more.

See the constraints of new surety to concerts in Huntington disease and that's why we got the year in high anxiety, paranoid last T.

NSA tried to bring us all down the mad me this live and I solicit the staff, which is against me know so we went down incoming phone calls to the Central intelligence agency is only increase in the leaving the police tried to find some just as with Hayden behind the wall facing the people working out our salvation. The unitive and yearly pains and data to solve the that is because the media focus don't mean there's nothing relevant now. Rather, what would you do something to allow the scientists you can say that all that I'm totally screws just between you and me what all three. It was all the conspiracy all right there you go.

Very good.

I conspiracy was one Lucifer who might've been the first of liquid decided he was going to overthrow that the elect and cut it, we could overthrow God and take a strong right didn't work out well for him did not at all, but is really doing well today, but he loses in the end will you he knows what is going to be go to Cliff Clifton near it looks like McDonald take out all that is not just you know that individuals taking out whole industries you But I want to ask you guys was looking at the David Psalm Psalm 58 I could relate possibly without she about poisoning people being and being like a snake that doesn't charm and then also Psalm 56 I think it's about 557. It talks about what David says what that sees them tonight. Anything.

Something about how he's identifying people as hellish what was the life. Want to get you take on that some 56 says that Bruce's legacy she said every day the rest of my words. All the thoughts are against me for evil together so together they hide themselves.

They mark my steps and when they wait for my soul will then send Jill they escape my iniquity iniquity and nine anger cast down, the people of God will guide says he hates all of those who commit iniquity, and so know they're not going to escape it, not none any of it around here. I mean, don't you know how it's going. In God's Word, the Bible has been act 100% perfectly accurate up to now, so we understand this because the work group were given the mind of Christ with the world out there. They don't even bother to read the word of God. The end date and those that are have turned antichrist, those that have decided to follow Satan there in the apostate church. And they've decided that you know they're going to go with. When Satan cast a lot with him and is a lose lose situation incident. Think of American white English radio show.

I know you know I am probably with electronic benefit ration. He said all American companies that do that really I know you talking about it and I was talking with him to the national broadcasters think of using the Noel listen we gotta move on the whole line is that the listener how they okay we have AC next AC here and there hello after Casey.

I was thinking your program about this time last week and you were talking with your cohost about the pre-tribulation rapture versus post-tribulation rapture God show me something really interesting little over two first Corinthian chapter 10 verse 13 read the whole verse to get the part that I found interesting because God is faithful, who will not offer you to be tempted above that that you are able, but will with the temp Tatian also make a way of well you could relation rapture. This first government. Well, that's that's that's one of many verses in Scripture where he tells you the church will not go through the time of the testing, the tribulation. And so the resonant number of verses in their seat here. There is no reason for the church to go through the tribulation and purpose of the tribulation is to purify the nation of Israel for purification and to punish those that have rejected God. That's that's approximately cake and so things is not the that the churches know no reason for the church to go through their own, but they have very good analogy with a broader application. As you pointed out, so yeah so already will the go ahead AC) know I know in the egg and like you said there would be no reason at all for the church in relation. Besides that, you know, if you take a look at look at that, after gently Revelation chapter 4 where John is taken up a desolate type of the church take me in taking out you don't hear about the church again until you go to 19 where the church is coming back and so in order to in order to come back to a place you first have to leave that place so that they have already left the earth.

That means they were taken up in the rapture and then you'll hear about until the 19th when the coming back already very good time to work hurt the app I got it I got a movement is no more billboards that were running out of time. List okay George, you're in the air. Hello hello I'm caught number one.

I contacted Sheriff Richard Mack before that I have a mean number for the constitutional and peace officers know all I got is I get Sheriff Max number. That's the only contact okay. Could you give me that number again.

Okay, hold on a minute and try to try to find this is that normally where I do this dumbly done to the nearby lessee, let me go under Tennessee. When will he be undersheriff or would he be under Mac. I'm looking here probably Sheriff this so I gotta go under essence of safe really quickly, we can find that number. He is the he is quite a fellow charismatic anti-he had me start yet me speaking to 250 County Sheriff's and they wanted to know what God's Word the Bible as a say about how there are you doing more willing I I have to get invited.

I can by myself. I will with 50 has become done, I be glad to do that so anyway.

Maybe I just contacted CF POA and want to say that by an idea occurred to me that there are some wishes that are performed in the United States of America and 1/20 century such as the Michigan militia. They had only 600 and several years ago in a course they were under attack by some congressional lackeys.

You don't answering to their oligarchical masters. But the thing is that the idea is to free people wishes of the United States of America.

Just like our founders thought of the militia, the Minutemen, each state only in this case each day. Each county each city. Each community has their nurture their garrison of Minutemen and militia meant and the idea is to get them deputized by the County Sheriff and that gives them some legal legitimacy and the bony FBI cannot arrest them or the US marshals or whoever the corrupt communist leaders of St. George County Sheriff's most case can only do that if it's an actual case of emergency was visibly declared they can do that. We've discussed this many times we County Sheriff's okay. They can't just go out in cash like design of Ohio here will hire macro campaign minute, we explained it to me okay cutting that artwork right here in Portland, Oregon or Sheriff's like I said on your program a few days ago any of their being overwhelmed with client and this is the idea I I see that there are overwhelming the police system with crime so that they can handle it.

They don't have the manpower. The sheriff said already here, let me let me just tell you George with the sheriffs to County Sheriff's essay is there telling people get yourself a firearm. Protect yourself. That's what they're telling people that we have we have two Sheriff that I know about here. That's exactly what to tell him he would get yourself a great idea because they're planning on their planning on again causing this side there's sleeper cells being put together. They want to declare martial law because they want to stop yeah I got a move on the public were running out of time. Okay, let's go to Jack, Jackie Rainier yeah I heard about procedure and sort of an evil clone of the street and got Brzezinski is one of these evil types are controlled by the Rockefeller guy capitulated, who up actually created Al Qaeda either first alias was moved to Dean and he had bragged about the fact that I that he spent billions of dollars just like were spending millions or billions of dollars right now to support bad Nazis in Ukraine and he admitted he did not 2000 and the French magazine bragged about that. He created Al Qaeda and all of its aliases from the Al Qaeda attack Aisha to elders for the rest to attack countries that displayed the military-industrial complex in United States and I think that's exactly what's happening right now.

We got a situation where the media is covering up back at work supporting Nazis would billions of dollars arming them to what I got Russia in the same way that the original message at that question killed 20 million Russians in their aggressions not tolerate God that the only alternative will be pushing me and I and goading the Russians to finally strike back at Natalie to World War III. We need the information that is being completely eccentric in this country like the gray zone the gray zone are quickly being censored in all the resins out of visibility quick check out the gray zone and global research because up. These are really evil because I love you to World War III and doubt the United Nations that had a resolution. The other gate condemning not and do not the only two countries in your entire world who voted against that resolution was the United States and Ukraine. All right you know what Jack thanks things that I'm running out of time. We got time for one fast last call. Go ahead and and this is the last one John in Minnesota you're in the air. A guy trying to tell your story about God going abroad Martin Fenner today at Planned Parenthood.

Hearing a lot of support, even in Minnesota, which is very liberal and one of the local police officers one by thy kid's fog horn really loudly gave us a thumbs up, which I not supposed to be doing for him, but it was great and then a woman walked by with her husband and child seven months old and she was telling us that there were about seven of us there and she was telling us that she was breast-feeding at night pro-life breast-feeding and I was just really need to hear it on and then he said he's saving a lot of her milk for her friends to Give formula. They can buy formula because they can't find in the stars. Yeah, I know Jan, but you know there are home and get that give that website I would be legal and find out how to make baby food yet it's on Facebook. It's called Perry County real news DER RY County COU MDY real news. I have attend to the top of the Facebook page of the history of breast-feeding and help. Women can make it be a last resort, but how they can make food for the baby, so it's real important that I have a blessed weekend you to John Wright which one you guys get the invitation last week I got an Jan I don't remember.

Okay which one of ED don't remember… I think I just wanted to quickly mention of the brochures that I have that are really winning souls all over the world and there they were taking fire here: America you can real forming brochure you can email me at MC. and in the subject brochure and I'll send you a sample and if you want more and I can get in today or tonight. I should say we heard tremendous information of the evil of the hour is increasing every week here were recording out with getting worse and worse and worse. The heart of man are really being manifested and were beginning to see with our eyes in a massive scale exactly what the Bible says was going to happen and what the human heart is like now, in spite of our human ugliness and sin. God sent Jesus Christ into this world to die on the cross and shed his blood to pay the price for our sin, he anyone whosoever, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, and it takes repentance from sin, repentance means when living a life without Jesus Christ. That means one way or another were in certain we do an about-face and were now living a life with him at the center and his word. Repentance is an absolute must to have assurance of eternal life, and the second thing is that he was the only begotten son of God.

Sin was born of a virgin, he had to be born of a virgin, so we didn't have the sin nature narrative from Adam and on the cross. Then when he died and shed his blood, God laid the sin of all of us on him and actually to transfer Christ's righteousness was imported in us so that we now stand before God free of judgment, because Jesus Christ took our judgment on the cross and furry. I think that's a good deal of the owner of the century know about that are in the Lord takes our sin we take is righteousness, which allows us to go to heaven and we need a better deal. Yeah I turn it down right and been part of that belief is that he also bought a bottle.

He rose from the dead and each coming again, and that is how we have assurance of eternal life, and that if any of the Bible Cisco. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, shall be saved. So calling on the name of the Lord means repentance, believing that God sent Jesus Christ to die as of the only begotten son of God, to die on the cross, taken penalty for our sin is righteousness is transferred for us.

We wait we believe a bottle. He rose from the dead, according to the Scriptures and now we're living waiting for his return to Caicos to heaven with him outside of that past earnings. There is no salvation. If we reject Christ. It's a way of thinking that will, we can be righteous on our end and II don't need Jesus Christ will inure to create your own penalty for the wages of sin is death, there is an eternal hell.

And God wants only know there is making the offer right now and having time so we get is a good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on me next time for meditation was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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